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"Graphics better than the last, but is the game?"

When I first heard that this game was coming out, I made a mental note to myself to buy it. The day before it came out, I checked to see when it came out and got the necessary money to buy it. After installing all 4 discs, I started playing. I started up in a pre-built house and began playing for the first night.

Graphics- 10/10

The graphics are brilliantly made, even down to the minutest details, such as the minute hand on the alarm clock. Every meal that you prepare is distinct with its preparing process. Instead of seeing preset cars for the level of your career, there are different vehicles for every job, which all are detailed on the inside.

Game play- 7/10

The game play is the same as the previous Sims, but altered slightly enough to lower its score. Periodically through the game, it will lag, regardless of what resolution it is set to, and regardless of what type of computer you have (computers meeting the minimum requirements will lag like crazy, super-computers will lag occasionally). The camera angle can become very annoying in this game, especially with the better graphics lagging the game when the camera changes. Also, your characters will age in this game, having only 29 days until they become a senior from when they become an adult.

Sound- 6/10

Nothing too impressive, but the sound does retain basic qualities, like distinct sounds to different objects, but very minimal background music. I assume that if they added more background music, the game would lag so much, each day would take a real day.

Replay Value- 10/10

With an infinite number of family generations, this is the best feature of the game. Unfortunately paired with a rapid aging process, this is still a great feature. With the millions of different sim combinations, and the infinite generations your Sims can span, every game will be different.


-Outstanding Graphics
-New dating system
-More interaction options


-Very fast aging process
-Game lags at times
-Sim farting right before proposing

Total Score- 8.3/10

Even with the lag and the poor music, this game pulls off an 8.3/10. Making houses up to 5 stories high and the ability to change the colours of furniture makes this game have limitless possibilities. But remember, with 5 stories comes incredible lag.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/19/04

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