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"It's impossible to disagree that The Sims is one of the most influential PC games -GAMES- ever, so can it be improved? The answer is..."

It's impossible to disagree that The Sims is one of the most influential PC games –GAMES- ever, so can it be improved? The answer is: Yes!

Let's face it, the original had good graphics back when it came out, but the sequel is the first time the graphics have been updated on the PC. Yes, there have been 3D Sims games on the consoles, but they cannot compare to the PC version. Somehow, a mouse and keyboard just MAKES the sims. Back to the Sims 2. The graphics are pretty good, but not excellent. The new options for changing your Sims are superb, but there are so many options, it gets hard to choose the width of your Sim's cheek the length of his nose. One glaring problem is when you boost the speed up to the third and fastest setting. At this speed, the game experiences MASSIVE slowdowns in framerates. It slows down to literally to somewhere around 10 fps, and I'm being nice. In the slowest speed, one Sim-minute per second, the framerate is fine. Being able to rotate the camera in any direction is a great addition too, and allows easy placement of objects and viewing of special events in your sim's lives.85%

Simmish is back, and… about the same. Seriously, the Sims sound exactly the same as before, and there haven't been many sound improvements. The one improvement I've noticed in my time playing it was the stereo. Many new stations have been added, but I'll let you find out what those are. 70%

The gameplay is similar to the first Sims, which is definitely good. Although all of the new elements such as the ability to adjust your Sim's face are cool, there are so many that it becomes a little tedious. But if you liked the first, you'll like this at least as much. It is fun having your Sims get married and have kids, especially since the kids will have the traits of their parents. Also, Sims get older every 30 Sim-days. They start as a baby, then a kid, then a teen, adult, and finally elderly. It takes quite a while for even one change, though. 85%

The game is obviously incredibly replayable because there isn't an ending, except if you kill all of your Sims, which I know quite a few of you will. It's kind of weird because you can't win but you can lose. Way to go optimism! But as I said, extremely replayable. 95%

Side Notes
There's one thing that I found that really disturbed me. When your Sims first “Try for Baby”, it shows something along the lines of how a porno film would probably start. Really, really weird. In addition, there isn't any multiplayer in it, which is a letdown, but not expected.

Overall grade: 90% (Not an average)
I would definitely buy this game if you liked the first one, but if you didn't, this probably won't change your mind. The graphics are good, but someone who's played a game the likes of Doom 3 or Farcry won't be impressed. Audio is good, but the metal station on the stereos is weird. Simmish screaming sucks. The game's best aspect is it's replayability, which is almost limitless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/20/04

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