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"I was disappointed in this game..."

I have played the original Sims plus all the expansion packs and I have also played both Sims games that came out for the game consoles.

Graphics: 9/10

There is no denying that the graphics have majorly improved. With the unique detail in everything. There were a few minor things that didn't look right with these particular graphics but otherwise they are excellent.

Sound/Music: 10/10

This has majorly improved from the original. There is so much more choice especially on the stereos for music.

Gameplay Overall: 6/10
(Since this is where the majority of my review will fall I'm dividing it into categories looking at each aspect of the gameplay)

1. Aging: 8/10 - The aging concept is the best idea they have ever had for the Sims game. It's undescribably cool to watch one Sim age from a baby till death. It is also represented in an actual life way with how little things the Sims do when their young effect them when they older. There is one flaw I found in the aging system however. The Sims life is way to short. They go through the stages so fast it isn't even funny. I know that some consider a day in the game extremely long but when you look at it in retrospect for the future of your Sims life you become rushed because of the majorly short aging periods. Maybe if each stage was a couple days longer it would have been ok. Hopefully this may be fixed somehow in an Expansion pack or patch. Until then, the best hope of accomplishing certain things during their certain stages of life is to use the cheat code to turn aging off.

2. Neighborhoods: 9/10 - The neighborhoods are really nice now with their better designed graphics. The land and roads alone are enough to impress but the new house graphics add more power to the whole composition. And it's now a lot easier to see houses in the neighborhood do to the zoomed view much unlike the original sims. The customize your own neighborhood function is a definate plus.

3. Building Houses: 7/10 - Building a house is much more customizable now. So much more customizable. And plus, you can build more than two stories to a house and add slightly elevated stairs to a house. It's just a lot better than the original. There is one problem I found though. There is way too few wallpapers, carpets, windows and doors. I remember when I had the original plus expansion packs I could scroll for a while looking at all the options I had for this stuff. Though in this game you can pick a lot of different colors for doors and windows there isn't a lot of styles in the game. It's rather dull. And there isn't nearly enough carpets and wallpapers to decorate your house with. This highly irritated me.

4. Clothing Options: 7/10 - I like a lot of the new clothes for the Sims. They're a lot more stylish for the Sims and they also have a lot more options for particular articles of clothing. I only found two downfalls to this customization thing. One, you can't change into different everyday clothes. And two, lack of the more interesting clothes from the original Sims games.

5. Stuff to do (Aspirations, Homework, skills, etc.): 6/10 - There is so much to do in this game that it's impossible to get bored. There is only one problem in this section. THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO ACCOMPLISH A LOT OF IT. Seriously. In one of my families my Teenage Sim can't even get his homework done cause I'm always filling all his needs to keep him happy. It's supremely bothersome.

6. Real Life Representation: 9/10 - They have seriously got life representation down pat in this game. From the Sims turning over in their sleep, to kids and teens getting homework. To getting days of from work and having weekends off from school. From having teens being able to get jobs and going to school less than children. They did a freaking awesome job on this.

7. Item options: 3/10 - This is one of the things that supremely bug me. There are so little items to put in the house it isn't even funny. They have like, barely anything to buy for the house item wise. I had trouble putting stuff in the house cause I couldn't decide which items to put in twice.

8. Everything else: 9/10 - Everything else about the gameplay is good. Nothing really wrong with it.

Final thoughts/words: Overall, this game is very good but they made the game sound a lot better than what it really is. I suggest you only buy this game if you're truly loyal to The Sims or are a total newbie to the Sims concept. Otherwise, I doubt you could really enjoy the game all too much without downloading stuff off the Sims 2 website or making customized stuff in the body shop.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/23/04

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