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"The Sequel of The Sims... Is it any good?"

Maxis, the company that makes The Sims, began several years ago with SimCity. (Called Sim City Classic, these days). After that a record breaking game was released. The Sims, was as it was said, the number one PC game. It was in sales anyway. When they realized the sucess of The Sims, they released a series of Expansion Packs. Each one added new elements; such as pets, and also added more story telling possibilities. Can The Sims 2 live up to it's original? Can it live up to the hype? Read below to see my opinion.

Game Play-

The game play is pretty much the same as the first. You make Sims and build houses. However, a few new things have come in. Like Aging. Each Sim goes through several stages before death. Each one is different from the other. Along with aging comes Family Trees and Genetics. This is my favorite part of the game, so far. Though it's a slow process, but it's worth it. One day you'll be playing a certain Sim, while another day you may be playing his grandchildren! It is a really cool thing, and adds lots of replayability to the game. One complaint, though, is the fact that most Sims will look alike; meaning that the grandchild won't look much different from his brother... As if they are all twins. The next new thing is aspirations. The asperations are really neat, and it's nice to see how a Sim will react to there asperations. Like a Romance Sim, cheating on another Sim when he's already married. Sims now have Wants and Fears, which either give of take away points from the asperation meter. If an asperation meter is filled, it will go platinum. When the meter is platinum, the Sim will be in a better mood, and may achieve an locked item.I really like the new game play aspects, though the game isn't really fast paced... Except for the Wants and Fears; which change a lot.


The music is okay, but I enjoy it. (Especially the Salsa music!). However, if you don't like the music in the game, then you can put your own music in it. Which is easier then in the first, because now .wav files work! The Sound is well fitting, and is often funny. You can hear Sims walk on the ground, and lots of stuff like that. You can also hear a male Sim pee... Yeah, it's wierd, and I want to know why it doesn't do it when a female Sim uses the bathroom.


The graphics are nice and smooth... If you have the proper computer, that is. Which I don't... If you are a graphics lover, and don't have the proper computer then you wouldn't enjoy this game. Don't get me wrong, if you have an awesome computer, then you'll have awesome graphics. I can't see them, though.


This is where the game strikes the gold. The game is full of things you may have not seen the first time through. Sims vary a lot from each other, besides looks. The easter eggs in this game, and the videos add a lot. This game will suck you in forever. I personally played this game ten hours straight the first day I got it.


There is no story! However, this deserves a 10/10. The thing is the story is for you to create. That is the magic of The Sims. It isn't any different in The Sims 2. Maxis made a few stories you can continue, but they don't force you to do anything. This adds a whole lot of creativity into the game. If you don't like games that make you do something this is the game for you!

Buy it or rent it?

Seeing as you can't rent a PC game, I don't think it's a choice to rent it. If you loved The Sims, or liked what's above, then you should buy this. Make sure you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements, if not much higher, or you'll be stuck staring at the box for a while. If you don't like The Sims, or don't like what's been said above, just don't waist your money.

Bottom Line-

Maxis did a great job on this sequel. Seeing the Sims actually look alive is an awesome thing. This game isn't really different from the first, but it is not bad. Most sequels to games these days aren't that great. Maxis deserves a big thanks for this awesome game. From the minute I installed it, I saw how well everything was made. Good Job Maxis!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/04

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