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"The freshest and most original game out there"

For those who are interested in video games or even those that aren't too interested but play video games, should have heard of the game "The Sims," the best selling PC game ever. So chances are, if you're reading this, you have heard of it. And with that said, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the sequel of that best selling PC game. I won't spend much time talking about the here, I'll let each of the sections do the talking. And with that, here's the review!

Like it's predecessor, you control your own Sim, a little computer person, and live your daily life. The daily life can consist of work, sitting at home (one you built or a pre-made one), or doing absolutely anything you want. But before you do any of that, you have to make a Sim, or choose a pre-made one. If you choose to make your own, you practically have total customization. From the size of the eyes and the lips, to the type of hair and the type and size of nose, there is nothing you can't customize. With this new feature that was not in it's predecessor, you can make the person look like anything, or anyone, as you like. You will go through this customization stage and might even have fun and spend tons and tons of time on it your first time through. Depending on how much you enjoy this step and how picky you are, you might actually spend hours upon hours on this. After all that work, you will finally get to start the actually core of the game. First, you will have to choose one of three towns each with it's own story and families. When you choose the town you would like to live in, you need to choose a house to live. Or if you want to live in a custom built house, you can choose an empty plot and start building. Although you can't do much building because you only start with 20,00 Simoleons, so you have to budget accordingly and make sure the Sims have their basic needs.

Like in The Sims, you will need to get a job, eat, sleep, and do all the usual stuff...but this time with a twist. This time around, there's a little something-something called aspirations and fears. Depending on the personality you chose in the Sims customization creation, their aspirations, or needs, and fears are different to each Sim. These personalities can also apply to your own personality. Depending on your taste of what you like to do, you might actually enjoy one type of personality over another. From focusing on making friends, or being great at your job, these "seem-so-small" factors of the game, will and can affect the gameplay and enjoyability depending on each individual.

Now, back to the aspirations itself. Fulfilling these wants will fill up or aspiration bar while experiencing or encountering fears will lower it. Doing what your Sims want will get aspiration points for you to buy special items, and the best of which is an item that will prolong your Sim's life. Ah, the lifeline of the Sim. This time around in the sequel, your Sims will age and grow old, and die of old age. So if you feel like letting them die and don't care to prolong their life, you have no inmidient need to want to do what your Sims want, but that option and that point of gameplay adds depth and a little challenging aspect to it. I'm sure there are more to this game that I'm leaving out. That's how much there is to this game. So basically, experience for yourself!

SOUND 7.5/10
Once again in the world of the Sims, the little computer speak will speak "Simlish" or gibberish if you will. Although you can't make out anything they say, it's quite entertaining to listen to. The interactions between your sims and objects project different sounds, which makes it more 'realistic' and fun. The only time you have music is when you turn on the stereo in the game or when you're in "build mode" or "buy mode." And since that's the only time there's music, it can get really quiet and boring as there's no music or tunes what-so-ever so it is suggested that you turn on your own MP3s or radio and put the Sims sound/music on low setting.

The score says it all, the graphics are superb. It's colorful, it's sharp, and it's in full 3-D. Once you start playing the game, you might think that the graphics aren't that good, but if you zoom in and look at the objects and the Sims themselves, they are really sharp and have full detail. It is amazing how a game can look like when they don't use polygons anymore. Thank gosh for that! Besides all that, I was pleasantly surprised to see that when character models and items interact, they don't have the effect of looking like one is going through the other. Or in another words, there isn't any overlapping of graphics. Because we all know that if that happens, it looks really goofy and silly.

This game will and always will be one of a kind. There is no other game like it (except the first Sims of course, but this one is even better). There is a reason the first Sims is the best selling PC game of all time. And it was the concept that drove it to that status. When a company makes a game like this, it is obviously a risk because there was nothing else like it, ever. It was either going to fail or soar. And boy, did it soar. This game (more so the predecessor though) proves just what creativity and originality can do. More people and companies need to take more risks and hope it does well. Conventional is out, and creativity is in. Go people with ideas, go prove everyone wrong and don't be afraid to express yourself!

OVERALL (not the average) 9/10
With it's still unique gameplay and great graphics and tons of other little things that you can fool around with that will no doubt take hours upon hours to do all of them, this is a great to play and experience. Although this game will probably won't have as much as an impact as it did the first game, there is no doubt that this game is one of the most original and refreshing games out there.

It really depends on your taste in games. You will either hate or love this game. So, just like almost 95% of games, it's always safer to rent or borrow from a friend to try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/02/04

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