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"The Sims 2: The Best Sim Game Yet!"

Well where to start, The Sims 2 is simply a brilliant game that Maxis has created and it is the #1 selling PC game of all time. The Sims 2, of course is nothing short of that. It has great Game play, in-depth re-playability and insanely good graphics. Well Lets Begin

Game play 10/10

The Sims 2 game play is incredibly updated since the original Sims. The many new items, villages, characters, and new game-play elements make it insanely fun to play. First off, the new furniture really is "da bomb" and is all very nice. Secondly, the new wants/fears aspiration bar is a incredibly useful and well thought out. When you complete a want it gives you "aspiration points" which can get you cool new items and use them to boost your mode. Creating your sim is now easier than ever, with a huge variety of new custom hair styles, faces, and clothes. Well of course, marriage is also updated in this game as well as the "wooHoo" the Sims can do. I'll let you figure out what that means :) . I also have to say that building a house is incredibly easier in this game.

Graphics 10/10

The Graphics in this game are very different from the original Sims. the camera angle is new and very well put in. Instead of a bird-eyes view of your Sims you can now get up close and personal with them as you never could do before. The graphics themselves are console style graphics (which of course means you will need a good video card for this game) and are so incredibly realistic. You will never play The original Sims again when you first see these amazing graphics.

Re-playability 10/10

This is what the Sims are all about. You will never want to stop playing your family when you get the game. You'll want to fill there hopes and dreams, and advance them in their careers. Not a big job guy? Focus on romance and get married! Have kids! Have Twins! *new feature* and as always have fun when you play your Sim family. I have to say I have never had this much fun while playing the Sims. Go out and buy it now!

Key Elements 10/10

This is a game with so many key elements in it its not funny. First of all, making a family, building a house, furnishing it, and fulfilling wants and fears have made this game what it is. The awesome new interactions with objects and other Sms is also a huge factor in this game. Well, the Sims keep on rolling and will never stop.

Rent or buy

Defiantly BUY! If you are a true Sims fan. You should stop reading this review and go but this game now. If you don't you are failing me. Just kidding, anyway combined with all these key elements, The Sims 2 packs a punch so go out there and get it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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