Review by Velkan600

Reviewed: 01/03/05

The Sims are back!

The popular game is now back, but is it better? This review will tell you all the ups and downs of The Sims 2 and whether or not it's worth your money or whether or not you should barely care that it exists.

This game is a lot more fun to play than the first one. You now have much more freedom over your characters. You now have more colthing options, more facial options, more hair style options, etc. You can also decide what clothes your Sim wears for occasions. You can decide what they'd wear on a special occasion, if they went swimming; you could decide what they wear when they're in their underwear (???) what their pajamas look like, etc. That's just creating a Sim, and already it's a huge improvment. Also, when you create a Sim, you can choose an aspiration for them. That means you can choose what their main interest in life is out of fortune, knowledge, romance, family and popularity.

You don't always have to build a house. If you want, you can move into a house already made and change it around and sell the stuff you don't want. There are new things that you can purchase, but some of the stuf f isn't necessarily better. There are new kitchen appliances, new brands of toiletries, different types of beds, and different types of entertainment.

You might be asking where your Sims aspiration comes into play. Well, here's how it helps. There is a rewards menu and you can purchase things with your Sim's aspiration points. (aspiration points are earned by your Sims completing their goals.) Some really neat stuff can be accquired from these items which can really help your Sims in their life.

Like real life, Sims do eventually die. In older versions, they could die from drowning, if they caught on fire, or they could die of starvation. Yes, they can do all those things in this game too, but now they can die natural deaths. The stages in a Sims life can go from baby, to toddler, to child, to teenager, to adult, to elder. Once someone has been an elder long enough, they will eventually pass away.

The graphics in this game are great. Everything, including the Sims themselves, looks more realistic. In the first Sims when a car or school bus came, it would just appear in front of the house. Now, it drives up to the house and slowly stops. It looks so real you'll pretty much have to see it to know what it looks like. This doesn't really apply to the graphics, but I just think it's funny. When people die and the Grim Reaper comes, he doesn't make some small hand movements when he takes people's life away. Instead in this one, he takes out a cell phone, reads off a list and points, and other things. I just think it's a little funny how he does it.

This is a bit about the Sims 2. The graphics and gameplay are improved, especially since now Sims can marry and have children with similar looks. Determining what job they'll have and how they do in it is up to you. Also, kids and teenagers now have homework to do after school. If they don't do their homework, they'll fail school and get taken away. Is that what you want?

This is my review for the Sims 2. I thought this was a very good game, despite the fact it takes up a truckload of memory on the computer. But, if your computer can handle it, then get it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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