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"The most addicting game ever!"

This game is very fun, and mostly, addicting. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can have a tiny little shack, or a three story mansion with a courtyard with a huge pool. The cheats allow so that you aren't always stuck as a guy who can barely make minimum wage at the golf course.

Game Play

You start out by making a family (or choosing a premade one) with as many people as you want. You can have a single guy, or a family of like ten (bad idea!) In creating your people, you can make them look like ANYTHING! You can have them with no eyebrows, a huge chin, a mouse nose, or puckered up lips. Then you move into a house, or build one (very expensive). You can place hundreds of items in it, from flat-screen plasma TVs to a child's stove. Then live. You have to get a job from one of many careers, from a golf caddy to a test subject. Then you must work to get promoted, by gaining skill points like cleaning, cooking, logic, charisma, mechanical, and body (there are probably more that I can't remember. You can also fall in love, with all kinds of romantic options. Then get married, which can be as simple as putting on rings in your front yard to having flowery arches in the backyard with all your friends, then a party complete with a bartender, hottubs, and dancing. You can have kids (I won't go into detail about how) which change from babies to toddlers to children to teens to adults to seniors. Along the way, you can meet tons of deaths, such as electrocuting yourself or burning your house down because you can't cook for crap. There are a lot of possibilities, and tons of different lifestyles you can have. Very fun. Extremely addicting.


These graphics are very, very, very real. The people can be seen from any angle, they actually have facial expressions, and their movement is like real. The items are also very real. You can see what's going on TV, or watch your sim play SSX. You can change clothes, get a makeover, do anything. You can see every last detail, from the cockroaches to the carpool drivers. Very real.


There are some stories that go with this, actually. I'll start with Veronaville, which is my favorite town simply because the entire town is based on Shakespeare's works. The main story is the feud between the Capps and Montys, in which two teenagers (you guessed it, Romeo and Juliette) fall in love, while their families hate each other. Also, I find it interesting that there is a family called the Summerdream family (Midsummer Night's Dream) with the father being Oberon, the mother being Titania, and the children being Puck and Bottom. Pleasantview has Bella Goth missing, Mortimer almost engaged with a younger person because she wants his money, Cassandra Goth trying to find love, and some other things, like a bunch of men competing for Cassandra. Strangetown has weird things, like aliens and a group of lab partners. The weirdest thing about them is that one of the MALES is pregnant. The male gives birth to an ALIEN BABY! Ok then! It is rumored Bella Goth is there somewhere, too.

Play Time

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...This game is what the tagline says: addicting. And it really doesn't have an end.


Ah, traditional simish. Hey no boom rally dee, o a goam day cheeto baday? No, I don't think you got it either. You get the cartoon bubbles, which say if they are talking about love, crime, government, anything. You can also tell what they are thinking about. The music is very good, it goes perfectly with the situation, such as building, buying, creating, etc.

Replay Ability

Well, since this game truly doesn't have an end, for example, you can just continue with generations of sims, on and on until the end of the world...the replay ability is great. You may get stressed out at controlling four or five people at once, in which you will enter what I call "a slump". That's when you don't play this game for a while.

Buy or Rent?

Buy! Right away! Steal it! Kill ten people for it! Get the expansions! Everything!

Game Play: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Play Time: Most of your time
Sound: 9/10
Replay Ability: ???
Buy or Rent: Buy
Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/05

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