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"Would be better....if not for all the loading times! Why loading times!"

The Sims was a great game. It had such a huge impact on the PC gaming fact, along with Myst, it's the best selling PC game ever. I have both, in fact. Sims 2 is a long, fun, addicting strategy with some flaws.

Sims 2 is for basically control freaks(me!) without a life(me too!). Along with the first game, you raise a family, and try and keep them happy, and keep money good. But Sims 2 made a hell of a lot of improvements. In fact, I was talking to my friend about The Sims, like 2 years after Sims 2 came out, saying what Sims needs to be better. One of my ideas was homework. That got in Sims 2. Also, I thought you should have to go shopping for food, which they added. The only thing missing is laundry.

The biggest improvement is aging. You have 5 life stages: Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult, and Elder. You can now construct a person's face completely, along with lip thickness, eye size, and even the bridge of the nose has tons of options to edit. They could have improved more on the body construction. All you can choose is shirt, pants, and weight(skinny and slightly fat). That's basically it. They could've at least added a shoe choice option....the only good pants come with sandals(blech!).

You can also download Sim skins onto it, like you could in the original(I'm currently married to Tifa Lockheart, yay!). One of the most impressive features is the ability to impregnate a Sim when you....Woohoo...Woohooing is self explanatory. When a mommy and daddy love each other they get under the covers and giggle. The impressive part is the actual accuracy of the pregnancy. Your Sim will be VERY hard to take care of your Sim for 4(I think) days. Your Sim will be constantly puking, her(or'll find out more if you buy the game) mood will drop constantly.

The graphics are just awesome. But when you get a lot of Sims on a screen, it lags horrrrrrible. You need a good graphics card to get the most out of the graphics. With a decent graphics card, you will be shown little scenes, of like, a proposal, first kiss, or a birth.

Now onto the bad parts. The bad parts are bad. If you don't like bad parts, don't read ahead.

The loading times. Phew. SO LONG of loading times. It's like loading music on dial-up. I sometimes watch TV when I'm waiting for to go into a house, or to go back to the Town Map. It even takes a long time to close out. If you minimize it, and bring it back up, it will take FOREVER! One more thing. I was disappointed when they took out the new features of the previous expansion packs, such as, pets, or certain jobs, it's just a bummer. They could've at least kept the party stuff. Maybe they're just saving for the new expansions.

Sims 2 takes a long time to install too. It usually takes from an hour to an hour and a half. If you have a really fast processor, and a smooth running computer, this game is for you. But if you're forced to use the family computer(me...grr) then it will be slightly frustrating. But it is a big step from the original.

Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/21/05

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