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Reviewed: 08/22/05

The Sims... minus the charm and appeal

The Sims 2 is the sequel to the best selling The Sims game. You control little people called "Sims" and they speak their own little nonsense language called Simlish. There really is no objective to this game, but's that's a good thing. It's gives you quite a bit of freedom, but this game seems to just completely mess up the original formula of the game and you're left with what feels like an empty shell.

Game Play:
If you've played any of the previous Sims Games, then you pretty much know what to expect here, if you haven't played any Sim games before this, don't start with this one. I suggest starting with the very first The Sims game for PC or The Sims Bustin' Out for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube and staying as far away from this game as possible. What they did with this game is they took the original, pumped up the graphics, gave you almost full control of the camera, and gave you the ability to age and have children. They also gave the Sims aspirations, which seems the same for almost every Sim. They range from simple things like "Buy a big TV" and "Hug a family member" to extreme things like "Have 10 lovers at once" and "Have 10 kids".

I don't like this new aging system because it take so damn long for them to just die already. You might be thinking, "but, that's a good thing that they live so long, right?". No....Not really. The reason: This game pretty much just consists of the same thing going on for generation after generation. Find sim a partner, get married, have kids, kids grow up, find them a partner, get married, have kids. At least with the first Sims there was a kind of closure because once they got married and had kids, that's as far as it could go. The kids couldn't grow up, so you could say goodbye to that family and move onto the next one. This game makes it seem depressing because it's this never ending process and you can't really move onto the next family because it just never stops.

The Sims in this game are also supposed to be smarter here. They're not. The original Sims actually learned things after awhile. After 8 sim nights of telling them to go to bed, they'd figure out what their bed was and go there without me telling them. I only had to take care of each Sim twice a sim day. After they’d wake up I'd have them go to the bathroom, get breakfast ready, eat and go watch TV until they had to go to work. Repeat this whole process except the work thing when they got home and they would go to their own bed without me telling them. It didn't feel useless because they did actually learn simple little things like that. However, this game you feel like you're dealing with mentally handicapped three year olds. I can't tell you how many Sim years will go by that I still have to tell them to get out of your God damn sister's bed and go to your own ****ing room. Oh, and they have this new thing where they think they're smarter than you so that when you give them instructions on what to do, they just completely cancel them out and go watch TV. By the way, the only need that they take care of, FUN. That's it. Here's a perfect example of an average Sim Day in the life of The Sims 2:

I'll tell them, go to the bathroom. If I don't actually follow them there they'll cancel out my interaction and go watch that God damn TV. Now why don't I just get rid of that TV you ask? If I do, they complain they're not having any fun and an unhappy sim is one that won't even go to work. Oh, and here's another great example of their newfound stupidity.

One sim day, after another hellish morning of getting them ready for work, the sim returns home. They, of course, go straight to the TV even though their hunger and bladder bar are in red and their fun bar is all the way green. You know what he does? Stop watching TV for fifteen seconds and complains to me that he's hungry. He's too much of an idiot to realize that minutes before he came home, I had his roommate prepare dinner and it was sitting on the table waiting for him. So you know what he does now? He continues watching TV. He stops watching again long to complain to me that he's hungry. Continue this for a few more hours and you'll get an idea of what it's like to play The Sims 2. Had this very scenario happened in The Sims, Mr. Dumbass would have automatically gone to the dinner table and eaten since in The Sims, if they're hungry, the second food hits the table, they're there.

They're good, they're just a little too cartoony looking for my liking. They have facial expressions now and they look pretty good.

You know one thing that was awesome about The Sims? The music. Yeah, that's gone now. I mean, it's still there. But, it just sucks. It doesn't sound good and it doesn't fit the feel of the game.

Should you buy this game?
Two words: Hell. No. If The Sims look interesting to you, buy the original sims. They just totally screwed up the whole formula which made the original Sims good.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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