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"One of my favorite Sim games to date"

I like the game but I mean it's still like any other Sim....but I'd still play :) My 2nd review...I'm starting to get up their :) Before I start this review I would like to give a big hand to Maxis for what's it done to the PC Era. They have really came up from their mini games such as Sim Copter, Sim Ant on the SNES, Sim Tower etc. etc. Hand Clap to Maxis!

Gameplay - 7/10 - If you havn't played the sims you shouldn't start with this game. I'd start with The Sims and just work your way up honestly...I know costly but just borrow from a friend I'm sure they have it :). Anyway the game is based on real life. You just take control of a "Sim" and live their life. You eat, go to work, have kids, play games, earn money, etc. etc. It's basically a Life game. You a virtual life. I know sounds bland but it's extremely fun. The Sims series is one of the best on computer. The Sims 2 is a immensely great game. You will have a great time playing this.

Sound - 10/10
One of the best sounds on a video game to date. The Sims 2 has probably the best sounding Jazz and R&B I have heard on any game before. So, while you're busy killing your sim or having sex with another sim :), you can enjoy the musical stylings of different artists and types of music. Dont get me wrong the Hip-Hop and Techno and Pop and Latin and all that other stuff is real good too but the Jazz and R&B really stand out. Maybe because it's more of a "Soulful" type of music and alot of people can relate to it.

Graphics - 9/10
The Sims 2 took a step up from any of their other sim games in the past and went 3D so you can imagine the graphics on this game. The eyes look real...the faces look real...hell even the muscles look real. I'm one for not caring about graphics in most games but since is a life-style game I needed graphics and they delivered. Kudos Maxis!

Replay - 10/10
Of course theirs a replay value to this game! I mean it's THE Sims for godsake...The Sims! How could you not continue to play this game over and over and over again. That's the way TO play this game. You can't just play once and not play again. That would be redundant. I would play this game until my heart stopped. You should have a great time playing this game and creating more sims.

This game is one of the most cloned games in history and I say this because whenever you play a game where you have to eat, sleep, etc. etc. I honestly say and will always say that they are just cloning a sim game. Whenever you see a game like that dont they say Sim...In my opinion not for simulation but for sims. Because that's what their doing...being a sim. Just another one of the many reasons this game deserves to be not only reviewed but played to the core. Not to mention this game has more expansions then any other computer game ever made. Their are constantly expansions being made like ever 2 months just to make the gameplay for all you sim freaks even better! Another reason Maxis rules the PC genre. Not to mention the fact that they dont care that people make items, skins, clothes, etc. etc. for the sims. I mean they shouldn't care since the stuff they provide isn't always fun to use. And it would kind of be ridiculous for them to care anyway.

So in the end this game get's a 7/10. I would buy this game because it's not a game you just rent that would honestly and I know 100% of the world agrees with me. So go ahead...go get a copy and enjoy :) I promise as long as you dont mind a little repetitiveness in your games, since I mean you are just living life and life is boring right, then you will have alot of fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/06

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