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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VampyreVayne

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines
    Table of Contents
    *Read Me First*
        A. Santa Monica
            Mission 1:   Get The Explosives
            Mission 2:   Ocean House
            Mission 2.5: Gallery Noir
            Mission 2.75:The Diner
            Mission 2.9: The Spawn of Janus
            Mission 3:   The Sabbat Warehouse
        B. Downtown
            Mission 4:  Elizabeth Dane
            Mission 5:  Missing Malk
            Mission 6:  Grand Theft Sarcophagus
        C. Hollywood
            Mission 7:  Finding Gary
            Mission 8:  Scary Movie
            Mission 9:  Scary Move 2
            Mission 10: House on Haunted Hill
            Mission 11: Welcome to Hollywood
        D. Chinatown
            Mission 12: Chinatown Rescue
            Mission 13: Here's Johnny
            Mission 14: Supernatural Tests
            Mission 15: Giovanni Reunion
        E. Other
            Mission 16: Riddle Me This
            Mission 17: Purging the Sabbat
            Mission 18: A Walk In the Park
        The Final Ride
            Mission 20 Part 1: Ming Xiao
            Mission 20 Part 2: The Prince
    4.Side Missions
        Ease the Pain
        Blackmailing the Doc
        A Pet Ghoul
        Thin Blood
        The Asian Vampire
        Werewolf Blood
        Lost Merc
        The Face of Death
        The Devil's Confession
        A Plague for the Angels
        Gargoyle Tamer
        Good Food, Bad Critic
        Rescuing Ash
        Imalia's Magazine
        Imalia's Bane
        Mitnick's Tangled Web
        Gary's Little Secrets
        Hunting The Hunter
        Find the Snitch
        Supernatural Food-Chain
        Silencing The Ghoul
        Fat Larry's Briefcase
        Fishy Demon
        The Hitman Imposse
        Eye Gouge Hell
        Bad Luck Farmer
        Saving Some Ash
    5.Glitches and problems
    6.Contact Info
    7.Copyright Info
    ************** Read Me First **************
    My guide is written in such a way that a person with zero ranks in every skill
    could conceivable finish the game. If you have found a way that you can do a
    mission using skills of higher ranks that's great, however, I will not be
    putting them in my guide so please do not e-mail me with them as I will no
    longer respond to them.
    *************** Intro *********************
    Welcome to the World Of Darkness(R). Well fledgling, not able to keep up with
    the Elders? Or simply trying to save your unlife from final death? Well,
    whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. Whether Malkavian (my
    favorite) or Gangrel, Nosferatu or Toreador (another favorite of mine), I'll
    help you on your way to becoming top Vampire in L.A.
    In this guide I will give a general walk-through of most of the missions in
    Bloodlines. However, note that because of the way this game was built I am 
    really only going to give one possible solution. Most of my solutions will be
    stealth and using disciplines or swords. Unless you like to carry a lot of 
    blood-packs, plenty of ammo, and have a really high strength, then brute force
    is not suggested. Leave that to the Brujah and the Gangrel, though I won't be 
    excluding those from this walk-through. Now I'm not hear to hold your hand,
    this is the World of Darkness(R), I'm just hear to keep you from losing what
    little bit of your unlife you've got left. So sharpen your fangs and open you
    vampire eyes...
    Also note, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but seeing as how this is
    a walkthrough, that's not going to be entirely possible. If you don't want any
    spoilers, then why are you using a guide? Figure it out for yourself. Otherwise
    please, continue. I also will not be including glitches, cheats, or anything of
    the like, as I do not use them. If you are looking for cheats, look elsewhere.
    If you find an error, in my guide or would like to add something (i.e. I say
    that you can't do something and you did it.) please e-mail me and tell me. I'll
    add it, if I see fit to, and give you the proper credit.
    Note: I will include glitches that hinder gameplay, such as the major glitch
    in Ming Xiao's temple at the end of the game. I will not include glitches
    that give you more XP then you're supposed to get, or a glitch that will
    give you a lot of money or anything like that.
    ******************* Feats **********************
    I wasn't going to add this section as I didn't think any of these needed
    explanation, but after seeing what some people said about them I though I should
    go on and add it.
    To find out what attributes and skills you need to raise in order to raise
    a feat just hover the cursor over the desired feat.
    Unarmed - This feat determines how much damage you do with just your bare fists
    and also how easily you can feed on the unwilling. If you like to feed during
    combat a lot, raise this feat.
    Melee - This feat determines how likely you are to hit and how much damage you
    are going to do with melee weapons. These include tire irons, baseball bats,
    knifes, severed arms, and the Katana. Raise this feat if you like to get up
    close during battle.
    Ranged - This feat determines how much damage you can do with all types of guns.
    If you like keeping your distance, or blasting someone in the face with a
    shotgun, raise this feat.
    Defense - This feat determines how difficult it is for someone to hit you. It's
    generally good for any type of player to raise this a little.
    Lockpicking - This feat determines what types of locks you are able to pick. The
    higher this feat the less use you have for keys.
    Sneaking - This feat determines how easily you can go undetected. From what I've
    read of other people this feat seems to go unused. The higher this feat the
    closer you can get to someone without them seeing you. Very useful for those
    who like avoiding large scale fights and for executing stealth kills.
    Hacking - This feat is a lot like the Lockpicking skill except that it pertains
    to computers.
    Inspection - You know those little dots that sometimes hover above items? Well
    the higher this feat is, the more of those that you see. This feat shows you
    where items are with you actually having to look for them. Useful if you like
    finding every detail or aren't using a guide for every little detail.
    Research - This feat is used in order for you to use tomes to raise other skills
    Each tome has a certain level that your research feat must match or surpass in
    order to use the tome and gain it's benefits.
    Haggle - This feat determines how well you can buy and sell. The higher this
    feat the less you pay for items and the more you sell them for.
    Intimidate - This feat is used to 'unlock' different dialog options.
    Persuasion - Same a intimidate.
    Seduction - Same a intimidate. Seduction is a very good way to be able to feed
    on people without violating that masquerade.
    Soak Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated - Every time you get hit, or would otherwise
    take damage, your soak skill (depending on what type of damage you're about to
    take) will reduce the damage by that much. Higher soak scores equal less damage
    that you take.
    ***************** Story Missions ***************
    *************** Santa Monica *******************
    ********* Mission 1: Get The Explosives *********
    1. After you complete the training mission (you don't need a guide for that do
    you!? If so, check somewhere else childe!) you'll be brought to you fabulous
    apartment in Santa Monica. Run over and check the two pieces of paper on your
    desk, get the money out of the first door and read your e-mail, and grab the
    three blood packs in your fridge. I'll wait.
    After you're all done there, head out of your apartment (don't forget to turn
    off your radio and TV, don't want to waste electricity do you?). After you walk
    a little ways out of the alley, you get a short cut-scene with a guy crawling
    into his apartment. Follow him inside. His name is Mercurio, he was supposed to
    get some explosives for you but screwed up. Talk to him and he'll tell you that
    you need to go down to the beach. Once you get down to the beach (follow the
    signs from the parking garage) a woman will direct you to where you need to go.
    Once you get to the top of the stairs, you'll notice a single guard guarding a
    small house. Get past him, shoot him, persuade him, drain him, whatever, and
    get into the house. Once inside wonder around until you find a guy or starts
    talking to you as soon as you enter the room. Start talking to him and he'll
    end up trying to kill you. (I haven't found a way around a good old fashioned
    slaughter so.. go for it, it's not that tough). Grab the explosives behind him
    and make it out with your head still attached. If you want to retrieve 
    Mercurio's money, it's in the grate beside the bunk-bed and the washing machine.
    If you want a side quest, talk to the guy on the beach without a shirt. This
    will open up the "Thin-Blood" quest, read below for a walkthrough.
    Find your way back to Mercurio (he's still in the same place). He'll ask you
    not to tell that he screwed up. If you tell he'll be killed, if you don't he'll
    set you up with some weapons and ammo later, your choice.
    ************* Mission 2: Ocean House *************
    2. After you get the Astrolite, you'll need to head over to club Asylum. When
    you get in Jeanette will start talking to you. Finish with her and then talk to
    the bar-tender. Talk to the guy standing beside the bar if you want another side
    quest. This will open the "Asian Vampire" quest, see below.
    When you get to the second floor via the elevator, you'll hear a muffled
    argument. Enter the room to find Therese. She will offer to end her feud with
    Tung (the guy you need to speak with) if you will go to a hunted house a get
    something to (a pendent) so someone can remove the spirit. She'll give you a key
    that will open a door in the sewer. So... jump on down a sewer grate and find
    the door. Take a right when you get outside and take that sewer entrance down.
    Once inside the sewer follow it to the left all the way to the end.
    Once you submerge in front of a large building, go to your left to find a
    smaller building. Inside this building is the key for the Ocean House. Walk to
    the front of the house. Zap! Did it get you? Well all you have to worry about
    in here is stuff like that. Lamps exploding and vases being thrown at you. No
    one to fight. Try not to get too scared fledgling.
    First off walk to the coffee table, oh, and avoid the chandelier, and read the
    newspaper article. Then walk up the stairs, you'll fall down.
    *GLITCH NOTE: If you jump and end up not falling down through the stairs, it is
    possible to get stuck in the basement later. Do this and you'll just have to
    reload. Sorry, it's what you get for cheating.*
    Anyway walk down the central corridor and you'll see a girl running away. Follow
    her and go into the room at the end of the hall. Break the weak wall to your
    right and crouch to enter the next room. Read the paper and the door will open.
    If you can't figure it out from the paper, you now need to go to the laundry
    room. Take a right out of the room back down the corridor and take a left at the
    intersection. You'll soon find a doorway into the laundry room. Walk to your
    left and one of them will open. Look inside. Instead of a head you'll find a key
    I know, I was hoping for a head too but oh well. Now you need to go to the
    Boiler Room... go figure. You'll see the girl run in front of the door opposite
    the one you entered. Follow her (go left) and use the key to open the door.
    If you look between the pipes on your right when you first enter you'll see the
    killer with a bat coming towards you. Run around them and he'll disappear. Go to
    the back of the room and turn on the power. Duck on your way back out to avoid
    the steam. After that wonder around until you find the elevator, and take it up
    to the next floor. When you get to the top, go to the girl across the room and
    look at the paper she's trying to show you. Walk down the hall past the elevator
    and the first door on your left will open. Walk in and look at the child's
    picture. Notice anything wrong?! Leave this room and go to the next one. When
    you walk into the room the lights will go out. Get the key that's in the night-
    stand and leave the room. Go back to where the elevator you came up in is. Once
    your a little past the elevator you should see the girl again pointing to the
    door. Go in the room and break the plywood on the floor and jump down. Read the
    newspaper you find and then use the lift to go down into the kitchen. Pick up
    the diary and get back into the lift. Wait until all hell breaks loose in the
    kitchen, it will break open the door in front of you. Run into the next room.
    Get up into the vent and crawl until it empties into an elevator shaft. Climb
    into the recess before you're crushed by the (surprise, surprise!) elevator. Use
    the ladder to climb to the top and walk on the ledge to enter the top floor. Go
    to your left and follow the girl again. Use the last door that you can get to
    and go in the room. At the end of the room are some fallen beams, use them to
    get to the next floor. Walk across the room and exit from the far door. Run
    over the hole in the floor and then duck to avoid more steam. Go to the end of
    the hall and enter room 310. Rest here if you need to, before picking up the
    pendent. Pick it up and then fall into the room below. Leave the room toward
    your left and read the paper in the recess (optional). Jump back into the
    elevator shaft climb back up to the opening and then leave the house.
    Make it back to club Asylum (the sewers fledgling) and go up to the second story
    and speak with Jeanette. If you give her the pendent like she asks, you'll fail
    the mission (she throws it in the ocean).If you've got the hots for her, give
    it to her, otherwise wait and give it to Therese. The next mission is optional. 
    If you want some experience do it, otherwise don't (plus there's $250 in it for
    you if you don't mind a humanity loss). 
    *********** Mission 2.5: Gallery Noir ************
    Go to the far side of Main St. Opposite your haven and walk up to the fat
    security guard. Find a way past him, either seduce him if you're female, or use
    Dementation if you're a Malkavian, otherwise go into the parking garage, and use
    blood buff to remove the last bar to your left. Then pick the lock to the door.
    If you want to take the charity money and then equip your knife. If you don't
    slash the paintings in order they'll drain your blood. The order is, "Caine
    Slays Able," "Caine Cursed by God," "Caine Meets Lilith," and "Caine Spurns
    Lilith." And now the first boss fight. Kill the Blood Guardian and then go back
    to the Asylum. Therese will now yell at you for giving Jeanette the pendent (if
    you did) or for destroying her art (if you didn't). In any case she'll send you
    over to the diner to meet with Jeanette.
    ************* Mission 2.75: The Diner ************
    Well it becomes quickly obvious that Jeanette is not in the diner, but there
    are four very shady looking individuals in here. Umm, wait.. you've been set
    up. Walk over to the far side of the diner and they'll start shooting at you.
    Dispose of them and then answer the phone in the corner. It will be either
    Jeanette or Therese depending on some variables. Anyway go back to the Asylum.
    ********* Mission 2.9: The Spawn of Janus *********
    When you get back to the Asylum second floor, Jeanette and Therese will be
    arguing. Listen to either side of their story and then decide who you want to
    live. After this one of them will tell you where Tung is hiding out. It
    happens to be in the oil tank of the SunCo gas company. Head over there and
    speak with him. Once you're finished talking with him you can either do the
    warehouse mission or do the side missions first. Even if you don't do the side
    missions now, you can still do them when you get back so, whatever. And if
    you're smart, you won't need ammo for this mission, but if guns are your thing
    then by all means...
    ********* Mission 3: The Sabbat Warehouse ********
    To start this mission go to the oil tank at SunCo. gas company and speak with 
    Tung and tell him you're ready to go. It's best to sneak to start out with.
    Sneak through the underground area you're in to the hole in the floor on the
    left side of the room. Open the door and you should see a guy across the hall
    relieving himself. I know it seems cruel but sneak attack him or drain him dry
    while his back is turned and you won't have to worry about him. Go back out into
    the hall and take a left into another room. You can go to your left and through
    the hole in the wall or if you want you can go straight and kill the guy at the
    far doorway if you need blood or just want to kill him. Go to the far upper
    right side of the courtyard and find a box with 6 shotgun shells behind a
    dumpster. Now make your way up to the platform with the bum and go inbetween
    the train and the fence in order to avoid two guys. Take the first left
    inbetween two train cars and wait for a sabbat thug to pass and sneak attack
    him. Then walk to the left side of the building.
    There's one guy over here but if you get into a fight with him no one
    hears assuming of course you don't use guns, so whatever you feel like. Now
    climb up the ladder. Might as well pick up the ring in the far right corner to
    pawn off later. Use the vent at the far left side of the room and you're up in
    the rafters. Make your way around by staying on the rafters, and try not to fall
    down. Drop down to the catwalk when you get to the chains hanging down. You
    should be facing a door, pick it with Blood Buff if you need to. Walk over and
    plant the Astrolite Another sabbat thug will enter the room kill him quietly if
    you don't want to have to fight your way out. Obfuscate works wonders at this
    part if you have it. Getting out without being seen without Obfuscate is
    possible but really really hard, so don't worry about it if you get caught,
    just get the hell out of there. Make it to the platform where the bum was
    before the timer counts to zero or you'll have to try it again. After the
    warehouse goes poof, you'll meet with a very interesting individual. Speak with
    him and then the game will take you back to Tung. Speak with Tung about the guy
    you met and about you successful mission and then hop in the taxi on second
    street and go see LaCroix, you have to make a detour and speak with Nines before
    you get to LaCroix, it's scripted, no way to avoid speaking with Nines.
    Special Note: If you kiss LaCroix ass really good (i.e by not asking for rewards
    and by taking his missions as soon as he presents them) you'll get a second, and
    nicer apartment quickly, after the Dane mission.
    ****************** Downtown *********************
    Make your way to the Ivory tower and speak with that fat security guard you met
    at the Gallery Noir. Then go up and see LaCroix to get your next mission.
    At this point you can follow the riddle that was left on your desk about the
    mystic sun. Walk around in this section of the city until you find a building
    with a purple/red glow at the top (it's on the same road as the red and white
    VW bus). Enter the building and wonder around on the
    bottom level until you find the Tremere Regent and speak with him. Then head on
    over to the Last Round speak with Damsel and Nines at least. If you
    ask Nines about fighting it will raise your brawl stat up to one.
    ************ Mission 4: Elizabeth Dane *************
    You'll need to go back to Santa Monica for this one. Go back there and then go
    to the beach where the Thin Bloods are. Talk with Mercurio if you didn't tell
    LaCroix that he screwed up and he'll sell you some weapons. If you want to do
    this mission the way LaCroix asked you, then you won't be needing weapons, plus
    this mission is easier if you don't make too much noise. Go over to the water
    and jump up on the boat. Once it's finished loading climb up the ladder and
    crouch when you get to the top. Sneak your way up to the stairs and go down
    them. Stay close to the wall and go through the door on your right. Go through
    the door at the end of the hall. Lockpick the first door on your left in this
    hall (Blood Buff if you have to). If you've got a rank in security, while your
    still buffed, pick the door on your right to get the ships manifest, if you
    can't pick a lock of 6 even with blood buff, don't worry about it, you can still
    get it though it will be a bit harder. Go up the stairs that you came to and go
    through the door on your left at the top. Sneak up to the door infront of you
    and then drop down to the ground when you get outside. Sneak along the crates
    until you reach a place that you can climb up, then do so. Staying as far away
    from the edge as you can, drop down to the ground, if the guard sees you, you
    might want to upgrade your stealth and try again. Hide inbetween the boxes
    around the corner and wait for the guard to pass you, then sneak up to the
    opposite side of the light brown crate you saw when you dropped to the ground.
    Wait for the guard to pass. Go around the container box and stay as far to your
    right as you can and go around the corner. Go around the next corner and you
    should see a table with the police report on it, pick it up and then climb the
    ladder behind you. Once you're all the way to the top look down and make sure
    there are no guards below you. Watch out for the one to your right and sneak
    to the small area between the two crates. Watch out for guards and sneak behind
    the blue box in front of you. Once the guard is kind of far away sneak up
    towards the sarcophagus, as soon as you get a quest completed notification sneak
    back behind the blue box or inbetween the two crates. Watch the guards and when
    you get a chance sneak over beside the big crate opposite the sarcophagus.
    Follow this crate around the corner. Skip the first opening and go into the
    second. You should see another ladder that you can climb. Climb up it, walk
    across the crate, drop down and then climb up the next ladder you see. 
    Stay along the edge of the crates and sneak around. STAY ON THE CRATES!
    See that big light infront of you? On the side of the building that the light is
    shining on is the key that you need. Sneak over and pick it up. 
    Don't move the crane or the guards
    will get suspicious and you might get a shotgun to the head from the guy who's
    up on the crates with you. No worry about him though if you don't mess with the
    crane. Sneak around the crates (stay on them) and take the first left inbetween
    two crates. Stay to your right to avoid the shotgun guy. If you look at him and
    then look a little to the right you should see a narrow gap inbetween two crates
    go there. Watch out for the guards and then drop down to the ground. If they
    don't move you can go all the way around the boat to get to that door, but I'm
    sure you can figure out how to do that, Obfuscate also works extremely well.
    See the red light? Go in there, the key you got will open it. Pick up the
    ships manifest. Exit through the door you didn't come in through. Go through
    the door and your left and then take a right and then take the next door on your
    left. Up the stairs, through the door, across the boat, up the stairs and then
    back down the ladder to your boat... simple eh? Now go and see the Prince.
    If you fed Heather your blood back at the clinic you see her again now and
    she'll be your ghoul who will stay at your apartment and give you money (like
    $20) if you ask, she can change her appearance (ask her twice for a nice outfit)
    and will let you feed on her. Occasionally (for me it only happened once) she'll
    ask for some blood. It only takes one point away from you so let her have it.
    ************* Mission 5: Missing Malk *****************
    Seems you'll be heading into the hills to check out Aleister Grout's mansion.
    Jump in a cab a head up there. Grout is a Malkavian, so I'm sure you've already
    assumed that's this is going to be eh.. different. Of course, this is my
    favorite level, it is quite reminiscent of American McGee's Alice, for those
    who've played that game.
    Enter Grout's mansion and go through the first door (the enemies are easy to see
    so I won't go over them, kill them if you wish, sneak past them, whatever. I'm
    only going to tell you where to go). Past the foyer take the first right, duck
    under the pile of uh, stuff, and go to the door at the end of the hall. Kill
    the guy playing with the lights and read Grout's riddle on the table. You'll
    need to turn on the lights on. And with the guy playing with them I can't give
    you an exact solution. Just keep trying, you'll eventually get it (actually it
    shouldn't take that long, I just did it in like 10 seconds). Now go back out
    the way you came to the room with the guy walking in circles (sort of). Go
    through the double doors opposites the hall you emerged from. At the far end of
    this room to your left is another light lever, use it and then go up the stairs.
    Follow the hall to the end and walk up the stairs. Go out the door across the
    walkway and into the other door. Go down these stairs. Across the room and to
    your right, then go down the stairs. Go out the door to your left, and then
    go through the door on the opposite side of the room. Go up to the fire-place
    and look closely, you should find a button, press it. Once you're on the other
    side, kill the two girls in here. Then go into the hall and kill the guy running
    around. Follow this hall up the stairs, and go through the door. Go to the other
    side of the library and you should see three more candle holders and they should
    all be off. If they're all off the order is (with the far left being 1): 2,1,2.
    Go through the doorway that just opened up (just jump down). Lot's of
    electricity. Flip the switch on your left. Now go into the middle and then go
    left. Pick up the Tarulfang and flip that switch. Go straight and a little to
    your left and flip that switch. Go to the one to your right (facing the switch).
    Go to your right (facing the switch) skip the first one and hit the second
    switch. Now flip the last switch to the right of the exit. Go through the exit
    and pull the lever. Follow the hall to its end and go through the door.
    Go to your left and follow the hall. Go through the door on the opposite side
    of the room. Go to the opposite side of the room and through the door.
    (optional)Sneak into the room to your right and go to the end. Pick up the key
    that you find and then go back out into the entryway. Go into the room across
    from where you entered and use the key on the freezer. You'll get some blood.
    And two of them will be Elder Vitae.(end optional)
    Go down the incline to the left of where you came in at. Follow this all the way
    down and use the double doors you find to your left. Go to your right and
    through the doors. Go to your left and through those doors. Finally go out the
    doors at the end of the hall. There's a guy right when you walk in so watch out.
    Follow this hall to its end. Go to the cell at the end and use the rubble to
    climb up to the top. Kill the guy in here and go through the double doors
    between the clocks. Climb the stairs and use the record player to open the doors
    on the other side of the room. Go through those door to find Grout.
    Go through the doors opposite the ones you came in. Drop down and kill the guy.
    Go through the doors that he opened on your left. Kill the two guys in here and
    go through the door on the opposite side of the room. There aren't any wrong
    turns you can make from here. Follow this long hall until it spills out into a
    room and use the window to escape. Now go and see LaCroix.
    ************ Mission 6: Grand Theft Sarcophagus *************
    Once LaCroix gives you this mission hop in a cab and select museum (you won't
    need many items seeing as how you're not supposed to kill anyone). To start off
    walk down the stairs and look at the raptor to your left, you'll be coming back
    here shortly. Now walk to your right around the curved hallway. Walk all the way
    to the end of the hall and go through the door. Follow the next hall around
    until you come to a door that is slightly ajar. Open it and get the key inside.
    Keep going (shorter) or go back the way you came until you get back to the
    raptor. Go inside the door next to him. Watch out for guards in this room and
    Sneak around to your right. Once you pass the camel go down the stairs with the
    T-Rex head. Take a right at the bottom and follow the wall until you get to
    Museum Lost and Found but don't go in. Instead look to your right at the white
    door and go in there. Walk to the other side of the room and go through that
    door. Look to your right in here and you should see a vent shaft. Go in there.
    When you get to the 'T' intersection take a right and drop down into the room.
    While sneaking open the door walk over and take the keys. Go through the
    opposite door and out the door to your left. Follow the wall to your right.
    Go through the door on your right after you pass the main entrance (two really
    big doors). Go through the door at the end of this hall and through the door
    on the opposite side of the room. Then head down the stairs and watch out for
    guards. If you stay on the green line you're safe (from the cameras anyway), but
    what you need is on the red line. So watch the camera to your right and wait
    until it looks at you (while you're standing behind the door) then when it
    starts to move away, sneak up and get underneath it. Watch it and when it takes
    its focus off of the door infront of you sneak in there. It's dark in here so
    if you've got a decent stealth the guy in here won't see you (use Blood Buff if
    you need to pump up your stealth for a few seconds, hope you got that item from
    the Regent instead of money). Get on the computer, password pterodactyl for
    cameras1 and velociraptor for cameras2, and disable the cameras. If you can't
    seem to make it in without him seeing you, don't worry. You can still finish the
    mission but you'll have to get past all of the security cameras the same way
    you did the first one, it's harder, but still possible. Also not that for the
    path that I give you, you only really need to disable cameras1 if that helps
    any. Go down the hall
    opposite the security camera control room door. At the end take a right and
    enter the room to your left. Get the ring and the watch to pawn in the desk
    and get the code for the door, 2358 (or, if you don't care about the ring and
    watch don't bother, since I just gave you the code). Now head back out to the
    hall and take the first right. Following the hall go into the first room on your
    left and pick up the key card inside.
    Go left when you leave the room and follow it until you see a window. Break the
    glass down and go inside to pick up the Fetish Statue. See the side mission
    Supernatural Food-chain.
    (end optional)
    Take a right outside of the room and enter the code above on the keypad. Follow
    this hall (watch out for the camera if you didn't turn them off) until you get
    to the door at the end. Go through the door and smack the metal box to your
    right with a knife to screw up the IR lasers. You still have to time them right
    but now it's possible to get through. Go through the door at the end of the hall
    to your left. Go to the end of this hall (only one door in here) and go through
    it. Now go and see LaCroix... again.
    ********** Mission 7: Finding Gary ***********
    Now you need to go to Hollywood to find Gary, the elder Nosferatu. But first
    (and second, and third....) you need to go speak with Isaac Abrams. He's at a
    jewelry shop in Hollywood. He has a couple of missions for you to do for him
    first, plus there are quite a few side quests in hollywood too.
    ********** Mission 8: Scary Movie ************
    Isaac wants you to pick up a video that he bought. So go to the Ground Zero
    internet Cafe. Once inside go to a computer with the logon name josefk and use
    the password kafka. (The Cafe is across from the Red Spot 24 hour store) It will
    tell you to go to the alley behind the Fast Buck. So what are you waiting for?
    Talk to the guy he will mention a name, go back and see Isaac. Ask him about
    Ginger Swans then head over to the graveyard, it's just across the street from
    the Fast Buck. Beside a few bums is some wood
    covering up a hole in the wall, move the wood and go through the hole. If you
    want talk to the guy in the little shack in the middle of the grave yard, his
    mission is pretty simple (especially if your female) so I won't go over it. Go
    to the end of the cemetery and into the big building. Take a left at the
    intersection and then a right then a left. One of these will open and the tape
    will be inside. Take it back to Isaac.
    ********** Mission 9: Scary Move 2 ***********
    Head on over to the Sin Bin. Talk to the guy in there about the tape. You'll
    probably have to dish out $500 for the info (I did and I had an excellent
    persuasion and seduction so) unless you're a Malkavian.
    *You can also go downstairs and through the first door you come to and access
    the computer. Go to the private folder and use the password dirtydog to get the
    information for free.*(submitted by Zid)
    So after you've extracted that information head on over to the Red Spot and
    answer the ringing phone. You only have one response, so use it. Now head over
    to the Lucky Star Hotel. Go up the stairs to your right and you should be almost
    right infront of room 2. Go inside and pick up the key to the Internet Cafe. Go
    there now. Go to the back of the Cafe and use the card, now go up the stairs.
    Kill the thing that jumps down the stairs. Enter the room and kill the three
    badies. Go to the opposite side of the room and head left. Kill the thing in
    this room and go through the door across the room. Go down the stairs and out
    the door. Go down the hall and out the door (the other door is locked with a 10)
    Go down these stairs. Kill the creature under the stairs and make your way
    across the room. Talk to the guy you find cowering in the corner. Go to your
    left and use the boxes to make it up into the room. This is the locked door from
    before so you can find your way back out from here. Take the tape (it was inside
    the room if you missed it) back to Isaac. Show him the tape.
    ******** Mission 10: House on Haunted Hill *********
    After showing Isaac the tape jump in a taxi and head up to kings way. Go to your
    right and through the door. As soon as you can go right again and climb the
    lattice. Now walk around to the other side of the house and go up the stairs. Go
    inside through the door up here. Go out to your right and then down the stairs.
    (If you haven't figured it out I'm not telling you where all the enemies are,
    most of them jump out at you and you can't hide from them anyway) Head into the
    kitchen and take a right. Go down the stairs to your right. Continue down the
    stairs and through the door on the right side of the room. Down more stairs
    and into the next boss fight. Not too hard. Ignore the creatures he spawns
    (he'll just make more) and just focus on him. Once you beat him go through the
    double doors. Crouch down and go into the sewers.
    ******** Mission 11: Welcome to Hollywood **********
    Fall down the hole and crawl into the sewer pipe. Go over and read the workers
    notes if you want. To your right just as you emerge from the pipe is a lever
    use it. Kill the creature and then head left. Go to the end of the hall and
    into the pipe to your left. Follow the pipe until it spits you out. Go to your
    right and use the lever beside the gate to open it up. Swim to the other side.
    Take a left and read the ledger if you want (there's also some ammo behind a
    locked door, lock of 5) or go right. Three creatures in here so watch out.
    Head left and a little after the hall turns right, look to your right for a
    pipe, skip this one and go to the next one down the hall. Follow these until
    you get to the main path. Continue down the path. Go over to the emergency
    release valve and get ready to take a swim. 
    See that big circular tunnel? Swim through it. Climb up the ladder on the left
    side before you get chopped to bits too. Time to kill some creatures. From the
    side you're on, look to the other side. Go through either of those pipes. Once
    your on the other side pick up one of those barrels in the corner and lob it
    at the machine to stop it up. Then use it to help you reach the pipe up above
    it. Go through that pipe. Quite a few of those creatures in this room. Make
    your way left and go through the opening and across the platform. Go down the
    stairs and to the other side of the room. Drop into the hole in the floor and
    crawl through the tunnel. Open the door and crawl out. Head up the stairs to
    the door and walk across the platform. It will break so try and time it right
    to avoid the electricity and climb the ladder. Once you're on the platform and
    have killed the creatures us the pump control lever. Now wait a second and then
    hit the lever again and quickly run and jump over the rail to the left side of
    the room (opposite side that you fell from) and swim until the T intersection.
    Go either way you please. Once you're at the top swim to your right.
    Now kill this bad-ass. Then walk up to the gate and use the lever to the right
    to open it. Crouch under the gate and walk to the intersection. Head left and go
    to the next intersection where you need to go right. Go all the way to the end
    of this hall and follow it right. Go up the incline and kill a few more baddies.
    Go to your right and you should see a gate with a lever to its left. Use the
    lever and go through the gate. Drop down into the water. In the right corner
    are some pipes that you can climb, climb up them and then jump over to the
    platform. Go through the door on your right labeled Control Station 3. Now you
    can either fight this beast or.... you can look on the left side of the room at
    the grate in the wall, shoot it out and jump in there if you're not much on
    fighting. Your call. Miss the jump and it's your neck. (you can also walk along
    the very very narrow ledge around the side, but when she's, it's a she right?,
    throwing things at you, be careful not to get knocked off).
    Go into the big tube that you see. Jump over to the ladder and climb down.
    You're going to have to fall all the way down. Make it easy on yourself and jump
    from pipe to pipe so that you actually make it all the way down without dying.
    I'll wait here until you're at the bottom. Once your down there's only one way
    to go, so take it. Take your first left. (I recommend sneaking) I'm not going
    to tell you where every enemy is, because there are a lot of them, and several
    are those things that you just killed or ran away from so.. your call again.
    Go down this hall until you get to the intersection and take a left. Take a
    right at the end of this hall. At the next intersection take another right and
    then a left at the next. Go up the first right and take a left at the top. At
    the end grab the pass key from the corpse to your right go back and take the
    first right and then the next right at the T intersection. Take a left at this
    intersection and then take the next left. Take the right and then take the next
    right to avoid an enemy. Follow this hall around and go inside the room to your
    right. Go over to the control panel at the other side of the room and use the
    pass key to open up the portal. Jump down. Congratulations, you've finally
    found the Nosferatu. Swim up to the shore and take the passage to your right.
    Follow this and take a right. Jump down beside the Luckee star sign. Facing the
    sign go left. Cross the bridge over the lake. Follow this hall to the T
    intersection and take a left. The room on your right is Mitnick. Remember him
    because he'll give you a side quest later if you want it. Talk to him if you
    want and then go out of his room and to the left. Imalia is the first door
    to your left once you leave Mitnick. Doesn't quite look the same as she did in
    the picture at Carson's eh? She has a mission that you can do as well. Get them
    both while you're down here to save some time. Anyway take a left out of her
    room and then another left across some broken catwalk pieces. Once across Gray
    will start talking to you when you enter the room. Take the door to your left
    to exit. 
    ************* Chinatown ********************
    ******** Mission 12: Chinatown Rescue *********
    Gary wants you to rescue one of his boys from Chinatown. He's not sure where
    he is, just that he's gone missing. So guess who gets to go find him? So head
    out of the graveyard and hop a cab to Chinatown. Might want to do some of the
    side missions in Hollywood while you're still here but, your choice boss.
    Once you get to Chinatown go to the temple at the end of the road a little past
    The White Cloud. Go and talk to Ming Xiao. Ask her about the missing Nosferatu.
    She will send you over to The Red Dragon. Ask the hostess to see Wong Ho, she
    will send you upstairs. Once up there speak with him. He will want you to find
    his missing daughter first. So head over to the Lotus Blossom, it's almost just
    across the street in a side alley. Once inside sneak all the way to the end of
    the hall and go up the stairs to your left. Kill the two guys in the hall way
    and walk to the end of the hall. At the end of the hall kill the two guys in the
    room to your right. Go into the room at the end of the hall. Once inside you'll
    find the little brat. Let her out of the closet and then get out of there. Then
    go back and speak with Wong Ho. Ask him about the Nosferatu he'll direct you to
    a friend of his in the import warehouse. Outside of the Red Dragon take a right
    and then a left at the intersection. Take a left at the gap in the wall and go
    to the end of the alley. Then take a right and you should see a Zhao's Imports
    sign. Go around behind the building to the door. Go up the stairs and speak with
    him in his office, after you speak with him you'll need to make your way to the
    door as quickly as you can. Don't try to fight them, you're severely
    ******** Mission 13: Here's Johnny *********
    Go back out to the main road and go left. Go through the gap in the wall and
    keep going. Go past the first door on your right and go to the end of the alley
    and follow it right. Go to the door on your right and use the code 725. Crouch
    before you enter and sneak up the stairs to your left. Make your way around the
    room to the double door at the other side. Go through the other doors in here.
    After you kill Johnny make your way back outside and go to the Fu Syndicate
    building (it's on the same road as the taxi).
    ******* Mission 14: Supernatural Tests ******
    Once you're inside Fu Syndicate take a left into the conference room. Then go
    right through the doorway. After a short cut scene go through the doors. Time
    your way past the lasers and continue to the next room. In here shoot the three
    power boxes behind the grates to your left to stop the three blades. Once in the
    next room kill the scientist holding the cross. After you kill him four Mercs
    will come in through the door at the top of the ladder. Kill them in whatever
    way you can, and then go through the other door. After this you'll be in a room
    with water on the floor. Take a shotgun and shoot the things on the ceiling on
    each side to disable them. After which the door on the other side of the room
    will open. One in here move to your left as far as you can and take the shotgun
    and shoot the flamethrower, it will explode causing the glass window to break.
    Jump out and kill the Mercs and the scientist. Then find the door that leads to
    some stairs. Go down the stairs and kill the Mandarin. Take the key from him and
    let the Nosferatu out of the cell. Go through the double doors you saw in the
    other room and take a left. Go down the hall a ways to some double doors, and
    let him hack the computer to open up the other doors. Make your way back and go
    through the newly opened doors. Let him hack the computer and erase all files
    on the Kindred. Then leave the building.
    ******* Mission 15: Giovanni Reunion *********
    As soon as you leave Fu Syndicate the phone on the wall will ring. Go and
    answer it. Gary will tell you to go to the Giovanni mansion. Get in the taxi
    and head up there. You'll need to find a way inside. You can do this either by
    killing the man or woman (whichever one matches your gender) infront of the
    fountain, or convincing them to give you their invitation.
    Once you're inside go through the door infront of you, and then through the
    doorway. Turn to your right and you should see the door that you need to go
    through. The door infront of you is where you need to go, if you are able to
    pick it (level 8) then skip down a ways, otherwise continue. Unfortunately the
    only other way to open this door is to fight Bruno in a huge gun fight. So I
    strongly Recommend getting three levels of security and using blood buff. Bruno
    himself is not that hard, however you're going to have a lot of other people
    shooting at you.
    *There is another way to get into that room. If you have a high enough
    seduction level (9 works, but I think 8 would too), you can talk to the woman
    on your right near the door. Seduce her and she'll take you down there, open
    the door for you etc. There seems to be another way if you talk to the woman
    near the piano - you can do something for her that may allow you to get in too
    - not sure yet how to (it's get some info on the other's who are in a good
    position), but it should work. *(Submitted by Apocalypse)
    If you got into the room by picking the lock the lever to open the door you
    need to go through (it's behind a bookcase) is actually a sword on the wall. Use
    the sword and the a bookcase will move to the side revealing a hallway. Follow
    the hallway to the end and you'll come to a door which you need to go through.
    You'll find yourself in a strange medical room. There is a lever almost directly
    infront of you when you walk in. The lever will make the table infront of it act
    like an elevator. Before you go down go to the side of the room opposite the one
    you came in through. Opposite the door on this side of the room is the 'Giovanni
    Book'. This is the book that Pisha wanted (see Supernatural Food-chain side
    mission). Now go down using the elevator. There are a lot of zombies down here
    so watch your back. Note that zombies can be killed in one hit by charging them
    and attacking with a knife right as you run into them. It takes some practice
    but is very useful. Make your way to the end of this hall and take a right.
    As soon as you walk through the door look left and pick up the Saulocept. Leave
    the room and go right. Go through the doors infront of you. Take a left and go
    down the stairs. Once you get to the T intersection go left. Stay as far right
    as you can and you won't fall through the grates. Follow the hall and go through
    the door in front of you at the end. Continue through the next door as well.
    Somehow the door at the end of this all seems to know how many zombies are in
    the room, so you'll have to kill all of them. Proceed through the next two doors
    infront of you. Continue following the hall until you get to a sideways T
    intersection. Take the doorway to your right and continue going the same
    direction you were going in. Go inside the second door that it will allow you to
    go into. Follow this a bit and it will empty out into a room with a few zombies.
    Kill them if you wish and then go into the only other door in the room (it's
    almost opposite the room from where you entered). Follow the stairs down. Now
    you're in for an interesting fight. This one's pretty hard so I hope you bought
    a Katana. I recommend focusing on them one at a time and just avoiding the
    After you're finished with them it will take you back Downtown, go and speak
    with LaCroix.
    ******** Mission 16: Riddle Me This *********
    What's inside the big box? Don't know yet, but LaCroix wants you to find out.
    So.. you'll need to go to the Society of Leopold in order to speak with the
    man who discovered the sarcophagus. So hop in the yellow beetle again. (Also
    you should probably stock up on ammo or a Katana). This mission isn't really
    that hard and doesn't take that long either. I will be giving, as always, this
    guide assuming that you are going to be sneaking and not guns blazing.
    After you arrive run forward a little ways and then crouch and sneak forward the
    rest of the way. Once you pass the first part of the hill in your way head to
    your right. Make your way to the back of the house and try to do it quietly. The
    first door you come to should be open. Once you're inside, sneak up to the small
    computer on the other side of the room. Go to power and use the password soc.
    After you turn off this laser sneak up behind the hunter praying at the alter
    and kill him. Wait for the guard patrolling the hall to start walking away from
    you. Sneak up behind him and into the room on your left. Wait for him to walk
    past you and kill him. Turn off the lasers protecting the armory and take
    whatever you want out of there. Go down the hall and into the room on your left
    take the journal and read it if you want. Then kill the three hunters in the
    foyer. If you can't pick a lock of 9, take the door to your right and go up the
    stairs, at the top walk into the room directly infront of you. You may need to
    kill the guard who patrols into that room but otherwise you shouldn't need to
    kill any of the others. Pick up the key inside this room and head back down the
    stairs and go through the door across the room and down into the cellar. You're
    most likely better off to kill all three of the hunters down here. After you're
    through with them go to the back of this room. Look at the barrel on the bottom
    second from the left. Move it out and go into the crawl space it reveals and
    down the ladder. Follow this hall and go through the door. Make your way down
    these large stone 'steps' and make your way through the hall at the end. (see
    Saving Some Ash for a side mission at this point if you would like) Take a
    right when you get to it and then make your way across this room as quietly as
    possible. Go through the doors you come to at the end. Now you get to fight the
    hunter you saw at Grout's mansion. He's not that hard, just annoying. You'll get
    a couple of hits on him and then he'll use his powers to blind you for a bit
    while he runs away like a coward. If you're not a marksman, try and stay behind
    cover while you run up to him and then take a couple of hits with a Katana.
    After he falls run up the stairs and talk to the professor. Once you're done
    with him you'll need to escape quickly. Run as fast as you can out of this room
    and into the next. Run almost all the way across this room and jump into the
    little boat. If you took Johansen with you you'll get some humanity.
    Go speak with Beckett and LaCriox.
    ******* Mission 17: Purging the Sabbat *******
    Well it seems that the price wants you to remove the sabbat from the city of
    lost angels once and for all. This is not a simple task mind you. This is one
    of the harder levels in the game, so stock up on your favorite items, do any
    side quests you want to do first and then head to the Hollowbrook Hotel. Well
    their leader is in the basement of the hotel, however, despite all your
    vampiric powers, you won't be able to break down the door. Instead you'll have
    to go into the alley beside the hotel and use the scaffolding to go up to the
    roof and make your way down.
    Once you get inside go down the stairs and open the door. Unfortunately you're
    not going to be able to be completely silent, so gun fights are going to happen.
    Go down the stairs and go left into the room. There's a guy to your right, take
    care of him. Make your way into the hallway across the room from where you
    entered. Couple of guys with shotguns in the room to your left. Take care of
    them and proceed down the hall. There are a lot of guys down this hall, with
    shotguns, machine guns, and a few of them are using disciplines, so watch out.
    Follow the hall to the end and take a left, kill the big dude and go into the
    room behind him, drop down through the hole in the floor. Directions are pretty
    useless on this floor, just follow the people trying to kill you. Eventually
    you'll find a hole in the far corner of a room that you need to go down. After
    you find the hole leave the room through the door and go into the hall and take
    a right. You can stealth kill the three guys in this room, so I recommend doing
    so. After you leave the room turn to your left, the door will break open and
    you'll need to go through there. Again just follow the people trying to kill
    you. Eventually this level will lead to an elevator shaft that you need to drop
    down into. Follow the people who don't like you and eventually it will lead you
    behind a bar. Stay behind the bar until your health goes back up. This is the
    sub-boss. The best thing to do is to equip your shotgun and gun up beneath the
    guy on the right side of the room. Jump up and fire at him until he's dead. Do
    the same thing for the guy on the other side of the room. After their gone
    jump through the fire on the stairs and kill the guy at the door. Now go back
    down the stairs and through the newly opened door. Go through the hall and down
    the stairs and out the door. Now you're at the main boss. Not much strategy to
    this fight, just don't get killed. Just run around the room and when you get
    a chance slice him with the Katana, eventually he'll fall. Now go back and speak
    with LaCriox.
    ********* Mission 18: A Walk In the Park *********
    Special Note: If you want to do any of the remaining side missions, do them
    now, this is your last chance.
    LaCriox has told you to go to the Last Round, so go there. Speak with Damsel
    when you enter. Tell her LaCriox wants an alliance and that the Blood Hunt is
    over for Nines. Ask her where Nines is, she'll tell you that he's in the park.
    So hop in a cab and head to the park. Once you get to the park enter the
    building and get in the lift. Once you get to the top, walk out of this building
    and speak with Nines. This is where it gets rough. That werewolf that just
    appeared... you can't kill it. You'll just have to run away from it. Use the
    observatory to hide from it. It won't keep him from getting to you, just slow
    him down a bit. You have to run out the clock and then make a dash for the lift,
    get in it and ride back down. Have fun!
    ************** Mission 19: Blood Hunt *************
    Well it seems that the tides have turned. You're now being hunted. You have to
    make it from you apartment to where Tung was hiding out (the gas station) and
    get in the cab. There are a lot of people after you, so I strongly recommend
    staying out of sight. If your stealth is high enough and/or you have obfuscate
    I'd recommend using it to get out of the alley, otherwise kill the few guys
    waiting for you at the end, these are the only guys you need to kill. After
    you're past them sneak down the street toward the parking garage. There are a
    few guys waiting for you at the entrance. Instead of confronting them, sneak
    around inbetween the Gallery Noir and the garage. The very last bars have been
    removed so you can jump through them and get into the garage from here. Make
    your way through the garage; watch out though two of the guys in the garage have
    shotguns. After you get out of the garage, you're home free as long as you keep
    sneaking. Sneak up to your right and speak with the cab driver and get the hell
    out of there.
    ****************** The Final Ride *****************
    This is your last chance to stock up on supplies, and to decide your fate. Tell
    the cab driver what you are going to do and then you can start the last mission.
    The last mission has one or two parts, depending on which fate you choose. The
    choice is yours childe.
    If you choose to align yourself with the Kuei-Jin, skip part 1.
    ********** Mission 20 Part 1: Ming Xiao ***********
    Stealth kill the two guards in here, and then go through the doors opposite
    where you entered. Head through the door to your left. Sneak around to the right
    side of this courtyard and go through the door. Go out the other door in here.
    Kill the three guards in here and go through the two big doors. Hide behind
    one of the pillars and wait until you get a good view of the guards back and
    kill him. When you get to the end of this hall, take a right and kill the guard
    in there. Then go down the stairs. In this area watch out for traps. If you stay
    to the right as far as you can you won't get hurt by most of them. Head down
    this until the four-way intersection and go left. Go up to the alter and take
    a left. Sneak around this room, killing any of the guards you need to and then
    leave through the hall. Go all the way to the end and head right. Make your way
    to the opposite side of this room. And go left (watch out for the guards on
    either side of the doorway. Stay as far to the right of this hall as you can,
    you'll trigger some guys hiding in the walls. If you're as far to the right as
    you can be and have a good stealth feat, then you won't have to fight them. When
    you get to the balcony watch out for the guard below you and jump down. Head to
    the big door with the board infront of it.
    MAJOR GLITCH!!!!! There is a handle sticking out of the wooden plank for you to
    walk into it to move it. If, when you walking into it, the board doesn't move,
    save your game where you are and then reload it and try again. It should work.
    Proceed through this door and take a left. Follow this hall and then take a
    right (the right after the right with a guard infront of a door) and walk down
    this hall. There are guards in these walls so you need to find the right path to
    walk through in order to avoid them. The correct path is illustrated below.
        | _    _  |
        ||_|  |_| |
        |     ----|
      --  _  | _
         |_| ||_|
             * Starting here.
    In this room you'll need to push a vase and stand onto each of the two different
    color tiles to move the statue and reveal stairs. Go down the stairs and through
    the door. This part is kind of hard. There are four jade statues placed at the
    four corners of this basement. You can collect them by getting just barely into
    the doorway and targeting them, without disturbing the guards. When you pick one
    up make note of the style of stand it was on. You need to place all of the
    statues on their appropriate stands. They are as follows:
    Crane    - Diagonal
    Cat      - Circles
    Dragon   - Horizontal
    Elephant - Vertical
    After you have placed all four, a portal will open leading you
    to Ming Xiao. She is probably the toughest boss. She will take a long time to
    beat but if you do it right it shouldn't be that much trouble. What you need to
    do is run at her and attack her with the Katana (preferably); then you need to
    run away and dodge her acid breath. Also, and this is very important if you
    don't want to fight another one like her, every time one of her tentacles falls
    off, wait for it to turn into a small little creature, then you need to hit it
    with the Katana (or shoot it) and it will die. If you don't do this you will
    have to fight two of them. The good news is that if you screw up and you are
    fighting two of them. You only have to focus on Ming Xiao, because when you kill
    her, the other will die as well. After you kill her walk back to where you
    entered the room and pick up the key. Then walk into the portal again. Now you
    can stock up on items again and then go and see LaCriox.
    ********** Mission 20 Part 2: The Prince **********
    Go up and speak with Chunk, then put that pathetic piece of meat out of his
    misery. Go up to the elevator. You're going to have to defend yourself from
    the other guards, who will put up more of a fight the Chunk did. After you're
    finished with them get in the elevator. It won't take you all the way to the top
    so you'll have to bail out early. Go left into the room and then go left again.
    Follow this room and kill the guard in here. Go through the double doors and
    kill the guard in here, and continue out of this room. Go straight through these
    doors as well. Once you're inside this room either kill or avoid the guard and
    go through the single door on your left. Now head up the stairs. At the top
    unless you can pick a lock of 8 head right. Just head all the way down this
    hallway, and exit through the door at the end. There's only one guard in this
    room at first, but it suddenly become more crowded when a SWAT team shows up.
    Either kill everyone or just sneak around them. Make your way down the small
    stairway and to the door on the same side of the room of where you entered. Go
    through this door and up the stairs. Up on the roof is another SWAT team. Head
    across the roof and into the vent shaft on the other side. Go through the door
    to your right and make your way to the other side of this room and go through
    that door. Couple of guards in here so take care of them. Make your way to the
    opening at the left side of the room. Now you get to fight LaCriox, sort of.
    He's a total pushover so this shouldn't take you long. After you've beaten him
    take the Astrolite he drops and put it in the elevator. Push the button for the
    elevator to go up, but don't get in it. It will blow and clear out the top level
    for you. Get the elevator back down and then take it up. Pick up the weapons
    up here if you want and then go into the other elevator and take it up to level
    7. Go up the stairs and go to your left. Once inside go right and then get on
    the computer. Type in lights and use the password hitthelights. Turn them off
    and make your way. Leave the room to your right and then take another right.
    Follow this hall all the way around and eventually you'll come to a conference
    room with an elevator in it. Kill the two vamps in here and take the elevator
    up. Now you get to fight the sheriff. He's actually not that hard... in this
    form. Run away from him until he swings (watch it, sometimes he swings two or
    three times) and then hit him once or twice and then back off. Celerity will
    definitely give you an advantage here if you have it. Anyway after you beat
    him he turns into a Behemoth. Now here he's a lot tougher, unless you can figure
    out how to really beat him. Just ignore the war-form vampires and run straight
    across from where you start and turn on both of the search lights. He'll fall
    from the sky! Blood Buff and beat the crap out of him with a Katana and he
    should fall. Also do not kill the SWAT members, as they are helping you. Only
    kill the vampires if they are getting in your way, but remember, if you kill
    them, more will come. After you beat him, you're done! Well done childe. Now
    sit back and enjoy whichever ending you set yourself up for. Enjoy!
    ****************** Side Missions *****************
    ***************** Ease the Pain *****************
    If you want some humanity you can offer to get some pain killers for Mercurio.
    Read the side mission below (Blackmailing the Doc). You'll find some in
    Malcolm's office on his desk. *(Submitted by Thibault Thomas)
    ************* Blackmailing the Doc **************
    Get this mission while inside the medical clinic.
    To get to the 2nd floor of the medical clinic, lock pick the door to the left
    (your left) of the guy who sells blood (blood buff if you need to). Then go into
    the laundry room, exit through the big hole in the wall and go up the ramp to
    your right. At the top of the ramp go inside the first room on your left and
    pick up Malcolm's Office key. Use the key to enter Malcolm's office and read
    his emails. (the password is 'panacea')You'll find out he's having an affair.
    Go talk to him in the surgery room (Room 3). Tell him you know and he'll give
    you $75 dollars not to squeal (he'll put it in your mailbox).
    *************** A Pet Ghoul *********************
    If you'd like your own pet ghoul a little later in the game, find the girl who
    if dying (across the hall from the surgery room) and feed her a little of your
    blood. After the Dane mission, you'll have your own ghoul. Doing this will also
    give you some humanity.
    ***************** Thin Blood *********************
    Get this mission from the shirtless guy on the beach in Santa Monica.
    E first tells you to check the Diner, so go there first. Ask the lady on the
    inside about her mention 'thin blood' to her she'll give you some things that
    she left there. One of which is a key to her car. Find a red car with a white
    top in the parking garage and open the trunk. You'll find a diary inside. If you
    read it, it will mention she was going to the medical clinic for blood, so you
    might want to check there... I don't know, just a hunch.
    Go to the freezers in the clinic. Go inside the first freezer and use the code
    1969 on the keypad. Open the door on the inside and you'll find a girl sitting
    in a chair. Let her out and she'll kill an nurse who walks in. Speak with her
    and tell her to go see E. Go and speak with E after that.
    **************** The Asian Vampire ***************
    Get this mission from the guy standing beside the bar in the Asylum.
    Knox will give you a drivers license the Asian vampire dropped. Go to the morgue
    in the clinic. The guy on the drivers license is in the morgue on the table, his
    stuff is in the box beside him. Bluff Buff if you need to and pick it. You'll
    get the entry card for Foxy Boxes. Go to Foxy Boxes and you'll find the Asian
    Vampire, kill him and then go and tell Knox.
    **************** Werewolf Blood ******************
    Get this mission from LaCroix in your e-mail.
    Go to the top floor of the clinic. Pick the lock. Watch out for the security
    guard unless you've got a good seduce or are a Malkavian. Go into the CIS room
    and get on the computer. Directory cs safe, password paige. Grab the blood and
    put it in you mailbox. Check back later and you'll have $150 in your mailbox
    and an email from LaCroix congratulating you on a job well done. Doing this will
    also give you a Masquerade Redemption.
    ************** Lost Merc ************************
    Get this mission by going to the bail bonds in Santa Monica and speaking with
    Arthur. After speaking with him for a little bit you'll find out that his
    bounty hunter is missing... and guess who gets to find him? So after Art gives
    you the key to his apartment you'll need to head over to the suites (where you
    found Mercurio, his is the apartment across the hall from him). Listen to his
    recording and check his computer, password imalia. Pick up the key off of the TV
    and head on over to the tattoo parlor. Also remember where this place is, once
    you get a lockpick good enough to open that chest in there, come back and get it
    you'll need what's inside for another side quest. Once you're inside the tattoo
    parlor, it's on the same street, make your way downstairs and answer the phone
    on the wall. You and the man on the phone will decide to meet up at Gimble's
    Prosthetics at the end of Main Street sort of behind the suites, so head there
    now. Push the button let him know that you spoke with him on the phone and he'll
    let you inside. Finish speaking with him, and then follow him to the back of the
    building. When you get downstairs you'll find Carson in a cell, and then Gimble
    will come out to kill you with a severed arm. Dispose of him and then let Carson
    out. You can take the arm with you if you want (you sicko!). Now head back to
    Arthur and tell him the bad news about Carson.
    Now he's going to want you to find out if some other guy has skipped town or 
    what, so you'll need to go to the apartment across the hall from yours.
    Once you get there you can either pick the lock to her place or pick up the
    key behind the plant at the end of the hall, your choice. Once inside her
    room listen to her answering machine.
    Also if you'd like a book to pawn or want some stealth skill there's a book in
    the corner of her cabinets beside the stove.
    Go back and tell Arthur and he'll give you $150 for your trouble. This mission
    will continue with The Face of Death.
    ************* The Face of Death ******************
    Get this at the pier in Santa Monica. This mission takes a while to complete.
    Go to the pier in Santa Monica and look at the hanging corpse, that's all you
    can do for now. Do the Lost Merc mission and you'll get a clue to where the next
    killing will take place.
    After you finish the Lost Merc mission, you need to head to the Skyline Apt.
    building and go to the second floor. Pick the lock (level 5) and go inside.
    Listen to the answering machine on the counter. Now head on over to the Last
    Round but don't go in. Instead go across the street from it and you find, a
    little down an alley, a white door with some stairs up to it. Go into this
    building and you'll see another violent scene, talk to the bum. After you're
    finished speaking with the bum, turn to your left and climb the boxes up to the
    next level. Walk around to where the corpse is handing and pick up the key
    laying beside him. And if you didn't figure it out from the key, you need to
    head to the Luckee Star hotel in Hollywood. Once inside go out the door and up
    the stairs to your left. Go inside room number 6. Right beside the phone to
    your left is a key card for Brothers Salvage back in Santa Monica so go there.
    Once inside the gate go into the small building. Go out the back door. Things
    will start getting flung at you and exploding, do your best to avoid them but
    remember that if you get hurt, you can just sit there and let yourself heal.
    Once you find the guy you'll start talking to him, you can either let him go
    and fail the mission, or kill him. He's not that hard, just blood buff and let
    into him with the Katana. You've now finished the serial killer mission.
    ************** The Devil's Confession ************
    To kick this mission off go to club Confession in Downtown and speak with the
    bar-tender. Tell her you drink blood. She'll ask you to take care of some guys
    in the parking lot next to the Empire Hotel, run on over there and speak with
    the guys. Once you kill them head back over and speak with Venus. Now, if you
    agreed to do it, you'll need to head over to the Empire Hotel, sixth floor.
    When you get to the top go to your left and open the door. If you want a book
    to raise your brawl skill go into the second room on your left (there are three
    mafia thugs in there). Go into the fourth door you see on your left and go
    through the grate to your right. Use the door to your right, there's one guy in
    this room. Go through the double doors at the far side of the room. Once in the
    hall take a left and then a right. "Convince" (in whatever way you're good at)
    to let him let you in. Once inside kill the guy in there*, pick up the goods
    and make your way back to Confession the same way you got in, unless you want to
    explore some. Note that there are people in here who will shoot you on sight.
    Once you get back to Confession talk to Venus, she'll take you back to her
    office and will make you a partner in the club. She'll give you $250 and you
    can come back every once in a while and get some more.
    *Or if you don't want to help her out, when you get to the Russian boss, instead
    of killing him, you can make a deal with him. He will ask you to kill Venus and
    in return will pay you some money. The choice is yours. *(submitted by Thibault
    ********* A Plague for the Angels ****************
    Get this mission from either The Regent or from Damsel. If you go with The
    Regent he will send you to Damsel but go to him first anyway, as when you
    complete the mission he will reward you with either an item or money. To start
    this mission go to the Skyline Apartments in Downtown. Once inside go to the
    fifth floor. (Notice that there's only one apartment per floor? Odd eh?) Check
    the answering machine on the island inside the apartment. Then go up the sixth
    floor and use the code 1203 on the keypad. You'll need to go up to the bedroom
    and speak with the girl there. If she doesn't tell you what you need to know
    get her appointment book inside her closet. If you go downstairs to the wall
    at the left of the door you came in from, you find a key behind the right vase.
    Use it to open up the safe in her room, she won't be needing anything in it
    anymore ($200). If you want a couple of items to pawn off go to the third floor
    and use the code 9648 on the door. Go upstairs and use the password 'jewels' on
    the computer to open up the safe that's inside the bedroom closet.
    Next you'll need to go to the Empire Hotel, if you want to save a trip do 'The
    Devil's Confession' side mission since you'll need to go to the Empire Hotel for
    that one as well.
    Speak with the concierge and tell him you're looking for Jezebel. Ask for her
    room key. If you're good at persuading, or are a Malkavian, get him to give it
    to you, otherwise take the hall to your right and go into the first door on your
    left. Use the little machine to your left just as you enter to get the key to
    her room. Then go to the fifth floor. This is another boss fight, so you might
    want to have full blood points. She's not that hard, I recommend a knife and
    Blood Buff, or a shotgun. After you've taken care of her go back and see Damsel.
    She'll tell you that you need to go talk to some bums. Go talk to the bum near
    club Confession. Convince her, either with persuasion or $20 to talk. She'll
    tell you that you need to find Tin Can Bill. He's down the alley just across
    from the Last Round so head back over there. Talk to him and he'll tell you that
    he was taken down into the sewers. So guess where you need to go next? So hop
    down the nearest man-hole you find to your right.
    Once you're in the sewers go straight and then take a right. Continue down this
    path until you get to a gate back up a little and go in the through the tunnel.
    When you splash down go to the doorway on your right. This is yet another boss
    fight. This one's a little tougher too. I suggest a shotgun. Hope you still have
    a blood back or two also. He'll drop a piece of paper in front of the guy just
    sort of hanging out on the wall, which will tell you where you need to go.
    Use the lever on the wall to open the gate and use the two wheels to open the
    grates in the floor. When you walk out take a right and climb over all the
    rubbish. Follow this path and jump over the hole in the floor. Continue down the
    hall and take a right at the intersection and then climb into the little tunnel
    in front of you to reach the surface again.
    If you remember seeing this
    symbol on one of the buildings go there. Otherwise go to the Last Round and walk
    down the street looking at the sides of buildings until you see it (should be on
    your right). From the Last Round (coming out of it) take a right, at the end of
    the street take a left, follow the street right and then take a right at the
    intersection. Go around behind the building and through the black door. Give
    the guy the paper you found and he'll let you in.
    This next part is the hardest part of this mission so be prepared.
    You'll have to enter the crackhouse and make your way to the top. Best way is to
    just run past all the zombies, if you do it right you shouldn't get hit until
    you reach the top. Once at the top you'll have another very difficult boss
    fight. This guy uses a shotgun and uses Celerity, so unless you have Celerity
    level 4 he will be faster than you. I'll walk you through the building up to
    him, then you're on your own beating him.
    Go up the stairs and once you're at the top take a left and run all the way to
    the end of the hall and enter the room on your right. Go through the door on
    your left and the take a right. Again door on your right, door on your left,
    go right. Make it to the end of the hall, and go in the door on your left.
    Jump through the hole in the floor and jump through the other hole in the floor.
    Go out one of the doors. If the way is blocked off to your left, wrong door, use
    the other one. Now again, make it to the end of the hall. There will be double
    doors on your left, enter them and get ready for the big bad boss fight.
    Just hang out for a few seconds after you beat him and it will set you back at
    the entrance of the crackhouse. Now run over and see Damsel. After you speak
    with her go and see the Regent. He'll offer you either money or an item. Take
    the item, it will double the amount of time your Blood Buff lasts.
    ************* Gargoyle Tamer ********************
    Get this mission from Isaac.
    Go to the theater across the street from Isaac. You need to either kill the
    gargoyle or convince it to join with Isaac. Trust me, you don't want to try and
    kill it. Basically all you have to do is tell it that Isaac is against the
    Camarilla and their rules and he will join with him, assuming of course you have
    a good persuasion. Otherwise use bashing weapons (your fists, tire iron, or a
    baseball bat) to slay him. Guns and slashing weapons are practically useless.
    After you do one or the other go back and tell Isaac.
    *If you want, before you kill the Gargoyle you can go and speak with the Regent.
    If you persuade him enough he will tell you that he was the one who made the
    gargoyle and will give you a special object to raise your defense against it.
    After you defeat it go back and speak with him and he will give you $500. Note
    also that if you're Tremere that you can get a new haven this way. *(Submitted
    by Thibault Thomas)
    *********** Good Food, Bad Critic ***************
    Get this mission from LaCroix through an email he sends you.
    Seems LaCroix needs you to make a critic give a restaurant a bad review.
    It's not that hard. Go find the guy (he's near Isaac's jewelry store) tell him
    you're a fan, and then tell him that he'll give anything a good review. Check
    your email and mailbox after you're done.
    ************* Rescuing Ash ***********************
    Get this mission from Ash, he's on the second floor of the Asp Hole club.
    Seems that Ash has some hunters after him. You can help him out one of two ways,
    you can either trick the poor smuck downstairs who looks like him to switch
    clothes with him or you can try to escape through the sewers. Needless to say
    getting him to switch clothes is much easier, but if you don't have the
    necessary persuasion go with the sewers. There's not really much to describe.
    Just run through the sewers and kill all of the hunters and make sure Ash lives.
    Not that easy but simple.
    ************ Imalia's Magazine ******************
    Submitted by Thibault Thomas and Beelzebubbe
    If, while you're speaking with Imalia, you make her mad and then appologize for
    it and ask to make it up to her, she'll ask you to find a magazine with her on
    the cover. You can find the magazine at the Sin Bin. Just ask the guy at the
    counter, though it might end up costing you $500. 
    ************** Imalia's Bane ********************
    Get this mission from Imalia, she's a Nosferatu now so look there. She wants
    some dirt on Tawni so she can ruin her career. Go to Tawni's apartment across
    the street from the Luckee Star Hotel. When you go in, go up the stairs on the
    right side of the room. Walk past the table and take a right. Put the camera on
    the table behind the guy on the couch. Wait for him to leave the room and go 
    into the bedroom and place a camera on the nightstand. Wait for him to leave the
    bathroom and then go into the bathroom and place one under the sink. Go back
    into the bedroom and go behind the screen and get on the computer. Use the
    password cleopatra. Now get out of there and head back to Imalia. Imalia will
    give you $400 for your work. (Notice how in this game news and mail travels
    really really fast?)
    ************** Mitnick's Tangled Web ************
    Get these missions from Mitnick, he's the computer geek Nosferatu.
    Mitnick doesn't give you any specifics in person. After you get the mission go
    back to your haven and check your e-mail. The first one will be Megahurtz
    Computing at the end of 2nd st. in Santa Monica. This one's really easy with no
    one you have to watch out for but I'll go over it anyway. Make sure you pick
    up the key card from your mailbox and head on over to Santa Monica. The store
    is behind the Asylum. Once inside go straight ahead into the room with the open
    door. Climb the boxes and go into the vent. Follow the vent into the room and
    turn on the power. Go back through the vent. Go out that room and head right.
    Go through the first door. Get on the computer and use the password 'Gil Bates'
    Type in schrecknet. Now go back to your haven to get Mitnicks next email.
    The next network you need to link is at The Nocturne Theater. You've got to
    plant a camera and then activate it with the computer downstairs. Unfortunately
    you'll have to enter the theater through the sewers, so head down there. If
    you're using the haven at the skyline apartments, there's a sewer entrance in
    the basement. Go around the corner, through the door and up the ladder. Go
    across the catwalk to the other ladder. Crawl to the middle and then to your
    left. Place the camera and make your way back down the way you came. Time the
    guards and make your way across the stage. If you're following the guard when
    you get a chance go into the first door on your left and wait for him to pass.
    The door with the computer in the last door on your right. Type camera and then
    net cam. Then type net security password this time is break a leg. Now make your
    way back to your haven and check your email.
    Now you get to go into Metalhead Industries (if you're interested in Gary's
    Little Secrets mission below, there's an item in here you'll need for it) which
    is in Hollywood, so jump in the magic yellow beetle (the taxi) and head there.
    Same drill as last time, don't get seen and don't kill. (make sure you pick up
    the key in your mailbox). Best to crouch before you open the door, just to be
    safe. Watch out for the guards in here. You should be okay if you stay against
    the wall to your left. Right before you get to the fork-lift, turn inbetween
    the shelves. Go to the door across the room. Go inside and get on the computer.
    Type operations and use the password codpiece. Unlock the door to the office
    and then head up there. Once inside get on the computer and type safe (if you
    want the item for Gary's mission) and use the password Turbo Lover. Get the cd
    out of the safe and get back on the computer. Type in net security and use the
    password Bang Your Head. Type schrecknet and get out of there. Head back to your
    Now you get to go to Chinatown. Mitnick needs you to go to Kamikazi Zen. Get the
    key out of your mailbox (notice that not only the name is Japanese but the key
    card also sports a Japanese flag on it) and head to Chinatown. The building is
    right after The White Cloud. Sneak around to the right and go into the second
    room on your right. Get on the computer go to the 'power' directory and type
    hooligan. Now you've only got ten minutes to do this in, but that should be
    plenty. Head out the door and go right. Go right through the double doors and go
    down the hall. Go until you get to another double door with a keypad use the
    code 4567. Go up to the intersection and take a right. Get on one of these
    computers. Type vault password nippelhcs and open it. The type net security
    password nirvana and then type schrecknet. Now get out of there. You should have
    plenty of time. If you're not that good at stealth and you don't, don't sweat it
    you can still get out. Leave through the double doors and go into the third
    office on your right. Type in mitnick! and then rescue and he'll open the vent
    behind you. No go back and see Mitnick for your reward.
    ************** Gary's Little Secrets ***********
    Gary will send you an email after you meet him with these.
    Gary has some very nice posters just hanging around underground, and well, he's
    willing to part with them in exchange for some items. The first one he'll ask
    for is a tape called Tap Hotel. You can get it in the Chinese Theater in
    Hollywood where the gargoyle was. It's up front right infront of the screen. 
    Drop it in your mailbox, leave and come back and wham! you've got an awesome
    picture of Jeanette (it's already hanging in your apartment).
    To get the second one you'll need to do Mitnick's mission (or at least the
    first three parts) it's the CD in the safe. Same deal as before, in the mailbox
    and boom! poster in your apartment. (Damsel poster)
    For the third one you need to go to the first floor of the Skyline Apartment
    building. The photo's that you need are up the stairs in the bedroom on the
    table. Put it in you mailbox for another poster. (VV poster)
    The fourth one is the hardest to get. You'll need a lockpicking skill of 8,
    without using Blood Buff*. It's in Carson's apartment (across from Mercurio) but
    you can't use Disciplines there, so you'll have to just buff up your Dex and
    security the old fashioned way. Tape + mailbox = poster. (Ming Xiao Poster)
    *Correction: You can use Blood Buff to pick the lock. After you
    start to pick the lock you will then be able to activate Blood Buff.
    (Thanks to Curtiss)
    ************** Hunting The Hunter ***************
    Get this mission at Vesuvius exotic dancing.
    The first time you go there VV will talk to you. She'll ask you to go upstairs
    with her and then she will give you this mission. After VV gives you all of the
    details, head on over to Sin Bin (if you would have listened to her you'd
    already know where to go now wouldn't you?). Ask the guy upstairs about her.
    Now head downstairs and lockpick the first door you see. Go inside and get on
    the computer. Open the directory 'peepshow', the password is sinner, then type
    lockdown. Now head back out into the hall. To your left is a coin machine. Lock
    pick it and take the money. Wait for a minute until the other guy leaves (it can
    take a little while). He'll eventually run out of money and since you took all
    the money out of the machine, he won't be able to use it so he'll leave. Now
    pick the other employees only door. Talk to the girl in there and get her to
    leave. Then go into the dancing room and kill the girl in there. An easy way to
    do it is to blood buff and then feed on her. Now go back and see VV.
    *************** Find the Snitch *******************
    As you're about to leave VV will start talking to you again and give you the
    chance to take another mission. To start this one off go to the Luckee Star
    Hotel. Talk to the guy in there. Convince him to give you his script for his
    movie. That part is the easy part. The harder part is convincing him to give
    you the name of his source. Once you do that (which may cost you $500!) go to
    Santa Monica beach. The source the Hatter was using is the Thin Blood with the
    speech problem. You can either let him go and gain humanity, or you can kill
    him and get experience, the choice is yours. Go back to VV after you're done.
    ************ Supernatural Food-Chain **************
    Get this mission by going into the abandoned hospital in Downtown. Go through
    the gate beside the white and red VW bus.
    Go down into the basement of the hospital and Pisha will ask you to find the guy
    you met when you first came into the hospital. When you return to where he was,
    you should notice that he is gone but has dropped a business card leading you to
    the Skyline Apartments first floor. You'll find him cowering in his bedroom
    closet. Tell him it was just a joke and he'll go back. Now go back and talk to
    Pisha and she will give you another mission to do.
    After you've completed the Giovanni mission (see above), bring Pisha back the
    book you found in the medical room. In exchange for it she will give you the
    Key of Alamut. Also, if you retrieved the Fetish Statue from the museum, you
    can give it to her in exchange for the Odious Chalice.
    READ FIRST!!!: Give her the Fetish Statue first, otherwise you won't be able to
    give it to her at all.
    ************** Silencing The Ghoul ***************
    (Submitted by Thibault Thomas)
    If you've spoken to that really annoying ghoul in club Confession (the first
    girl to your right when you walk in), you can go to the last round and speak
    with the black guy upstairs. He will tell you that she needs to be silenced to
    protect the masquerade. Go back and speak with her and tell her you found her
    master and that he's outside in the alley. When you leave club Confession take
    a left on the road and go into the alley directly infront of you. Kill her and
    you'll lose some humanity but gain some experience and get a masquerade
    *If you haven't finished the 'Supernatural Food Chain' but have talked to Pisha.
    You can tell Patty that her master is waiting for her in the old Hospital.
    *Submitted by Beelzebubbe and Adrian)
    ************* Fat Larry's Briefcase **************
    (Submitted by Thibault Thomas)
    Get this mission from Fat Larry. He can be found Downtown down the street
    from Club Confession. Right next to the parking garage entrance. After you buy
    some stuff from him and do some of the missions in the Downtown area, he'll
    give you the chance to make some money ($500 to be exact). You need to go into
    the parking garage to your left. Make your way through the four level that are
    full of people who don't seem to like you much. Get to the bottom grab the
    briefcase and get the hell out of there. Take it back up to Fat Larry and he'll
    give you the money he promised.
    ****************** Fishy Demon *******************
    Get this mission from Yuki in the Ramen shop across from the White Cloud in
    Chinatown. If you speak with her she'll tell you that she's hunting a Hengeyokai
    demon. Tell her you'll help her and then go speak with Ming Xiao and ask her
    about it. She'll direct you to the Red Dragon. Go in the Red Dragon and go talk
    to the guy sitting in the corner in the bar area. Tell him you want to kill
    Zygaena and he'll tell you to meet it at the fish market which is beside Zhao's
    Auto Import. Go back and speak with Yuki. Stock up with ammo and/or a Katana and
    then go meet Yuki at the fish market. Go inside and after a brief dialog you'll
    fight it. If you shoot or slash the tanks on the walls it will freeze the demon
    if he is close enough giving you a few free hits. After that Yuki will thank you
    and then leave. If you want a quick $200 you can find it behind one of the
    ************* The Hitman Imposse *****************
    Get this mission from the Lu Fang, the drunk guy in the Red Dragon after you
    complete the Chinatown Rescue mission. He will tell you that he's got some
    money stashed away but needs a key that his old partner has. He tells you to
    kill him and bring him the key back and he'll give you 20 percent. Go and
    speak with Ji Wen Ja, the fortune teller near the Golden Temple. Tell him about
    your deal with Lu Fang and he'll tell you he'll give you 30 percent of the money
    to kill Lu Fang. You can repeat this process until you get to 80 percent which
    turns out to be $1000. If you decide to kill Ji Wen Ja you'll loose some
    humanity, but if you kill Lu Fang you won't so it's your choice. You'll also
    get 4 xp. But, if you can convince them to be friends again you'll get 6 xp
    instead. So it's your choice over money or xp.
    *************** Eye Gouge Hell *******************
    After you complete the Chinatown Rescue mission go to the White Cloud gift shop
    and speak with Mr. Ox. He'll tell you a story and ask you to go get some eyes
    for him. The are located behind the ramen shop were you got the Fishy Demon
    mission. Go around behind the building and go through the door beside all the
    posters. There are two guys inside but they are extreamely easy to sneak around.
    Go through the door to your left and select the corpse. Take the eyes from him
    and give them back to Mr. Ox. He'll give you $150 and the next mission.
    *************** Bad Luck Farmer ******************
    After you complete the Eye Gouge Hell mission for Mr. Ox he'll give you this
    mission. He wants you to take a bad luck talisman and put it in a locker in the
    Lotus Blossom. The lockers are downstairs in the back so go around behind the
    Lotus Blossom and down the stairs. Go through the door to your right and you'll
    be in the locker room. Find the locker with the black circle on it and put the
    talisman in it. The guy who's locker you just put it in will come through the
    door behind you, unless you're a Malkavian you're probably going to have to kill
    him, but he is human so he's not that difficult. After you're done go back and
    tell Mr. Ox that you've done what he asked and he'll give you $250.
    ************** Saving Some Ash *******************
    Well, it seems that Ash has been captured by the same hunters that captured
    Johansen. Do this mission while doing the Society of Leopold mission. Instead of
    taking a right like I tell you to do above, go straight. Kill the two guards
    that are speaking to each other and walk over to the cage and speak with Ash.
    If you have it give him some blood (in the form of a blood pack). Unless you can
    pick a lock of 10, you're going to need to find the key. Wouldn't it make sense
    for the guard standing near the cage to have it? Well, it would, but then that
    wouldn't be much of a challenge then since you already killed them right? So now
    you're going to have to go back to where I told you to go right and go right.
    Go all the way to the other side of the room and kill the last guard (the one
    patrolling) to get the key. Try to do it quietly or you're in for quite a fight.
    Get the key from him and go back and let Ash out of his cage.
    ************* Glitches and Problems *****************
    Problem: Can't move the board in front of the door in Ming Xiao's temple;
    Solution: Save your game where you are and then compleatly exit the game.
        Start the game but up and load your save, you should be able to move it.
    Problem:The boat at the end of the Society of Leopold mission is not there;
        Beckett tells you to wait but then never appears and you can't move;
    Solution: Load your most recent save game and go back through the level.
        If it still doesn't work you may have to load an even older save game
        and try it again. It sucks but it seems to be the only way.
    **************** Contact Vayne ********************
    Please read the "Read Me First" at the top of the guide before you e-mail me.
    I will not respond to questions about cheats, go somewhere else for those.
    If you desire to contact me and ask me about something in the game or want to
    make a correction to my guide you can e-mail me at ryuujin@programmer.net
    I will respond to questions about parts in the game that I didn't address
    but I will not tell you where this or that item is, unless it's for a mission,
    or if it is possible to have sex with Jeanette or other things of that nature.
    If you put something of this nature in your e-mail I will not respond to the
    e-mail, regardless of anything else you may have asked.
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    Copyright (c) 2004 Thomas "Vayne" Darnell
    Vampire The Masquerade copyright (c) White Wolf Inc.
    Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines copyright (c) White Wolf Inc.
    Game Code copyright Activision.
    Developed by Troika Games, LLC.

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