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    Experience Harvesting FAQ by Rotschreck

    Updated: 03/08/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Title: Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines
    Written By: Rots the Gryphon
    Email: rotschreck13@hotmail.com
    Platform: PC
    Version: 1.0
    Last Update: 08/03/07
    Copyright 2007
    Experience Harvesting
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Useless Abilities
    3. Abilities
    4. Clans at Character Creation
    5. Character Creation
    6. Quest Introduction
    7. Recommendations
    8. Quests, Experience, Required Stats
    9. XP Cheats
    10. Copyright
    1. Introduction
    I love the TableTop version of Vampire:the Masquerade because there are many
    solutions to the same problem. In addition, though you can be given experience
    on how you solve a problem, there is alot of flexibility to do so. Not so with
    this game.... Grrr.
    In V:tM - B, there are many areas/quests that close after certain events happen
    so you can't go back and complete them. The experience awarded for these quests
    are therefore lost. Even if you follow a traditional walkthrough, they normally
    don't tell you that you need a certain skill and at what level. Those that do
    only do so at the moment they mention the quest. Normally I wouldn't care, but
    if I'vebeen happily boosting an attribute/ability or working on that fab new
    discipline,I probably don't have the experience needed to boost up the needed
    stat to completethat particular quest, therefore losing out on experience.
    To further complicate matters, in many areas of the game some NPCs can give you
    a stat boost, but only if your stat is under a certain number.
    And we haven't even gotten to the free experience from the books....
    What does this all mean?
    That if you turned on the game for the first time and played, you probably have
    a character that's struggling to complete quests and/or survive simple combat.
    2. Useless Abilities/Disciplines
    - If you are reading this FAQ, then there is a good chance you've read the FAQ
    for the passwords in this game.
    - Being that the only thing the computer ability does is to 'hack' to gain
    access to these passwords, you obviously don't need this ability.
    - I would only recommend working on this ability if you are doing the game
    without help from walkthroughs, or you are playing a Nosferatu, which lessens
    the cost of this ability.
    Open your eyes and look for things on your own. Though this makes looking for
    things alot easier by making little stars float upwards, it is ultimately
    useless as if you take the time to search and look around, you don't need this
    Afterthought - This ability doesn't show containers holding items, and most of
    the items you'll need are in containers.
    I'm sure there are more places that allow for intimidation to be used in the
    game, but most people who can be threatened will most often do the opposite of
    what you wanted them to do. There are only 2 cases at the beginning of game that
    I find important for money early on and you only need Intimidate of 3. Since you
    can get this with 3 Intelligence, NEVER put any points into this ability.
    For the love of Caine.... I have never found any use for this ability... ever.
    - If you want to feed, there are plenty of places other than bars and Elysiums
    where you can lie in wait to ambush a human for food.
    - I've looked at the walkthroughs for this game and you NEVER need seduction
    to do any of the quest related things.
    The ONE exception - Seducing Jeanette. If you really want to have sex (which
    you don't see as the screen goes black) with a nutty schoolgirl Malkavian which
    causes you to lose out on 2 experience, then feel free.
    What a dissapointment! When I first started making notes on XP expenditure, I
    conjured up the combo Strength 5 + Melee 5 + Potence 5 = Killing Machine.... 
    I was SOOO wrong. Potence adds to your Strength score and that's all. Which
    means that the most you can look forward to is Strength 1 + Potence 4 + Melee 5,
    for a Max of 10. Granted that Potence lasts much longer than Blood Buff, but
    Potence doesn't have Stamina. And if you really want to have lots of Strength,
    buy it directly. It will cost lest blood, will always be on, and it will cost
    less XP. There was no real difference in damage between Pot 4 + Str 1 + Melee 5,
    and Str 5 + Melee 5. Even the mythical "The Damage from Potence cannot be
    defended against." doesn't seem to make any difference in the damage.
    3. Abilities
    The next 3 tables are for you to see the point allocation for the ability sets.
    As you can see, I don't tend to pay for many of my abilitiess with experience
    points as I get alot of them free from books or 'learning' from various NPCs.
    Note: As of this first wrinting, I still haven't played the game with all
    characters so Benefactor 8 is currently guess work that I'm reading from other
    FAQs. As I understand it, not all of his bonuses apply to all Clans.
    X	Either points allocated at 
    	character creation or experience 
    	allocated during play.
    (#)	Benefactor from list below.
    (_#_)	Specific Clan Benefactor from 
    	list below.
    B	Books. When you find a book, sell
     	it to Fat Larry. Since he's not 
    	inside a building, and his 
    	inventory doesn't change over 
    	time, anything you sell to him 
    	stays in his inventory. When you 
    	buy it and use it, another 
    	appears in his inventory for you 
    	to buy.
    nil	abilities I don't put points 
    Ability Allocation
    Brawl		X-(2)-B-B
    Melee		X-(4)-B-B-B
    Firearms	B-B-(6)
    Dodge		B-B-X-X-B
    Security	X-X-B-B-X
    Stealth		B-B
    Computers	B-B-X-(_7_)-B
    Investigation	nil
    Scholarship	X-X-(5)-X-X	
    Finance		X-(3)-B-B
    Intimidation	nil
    Subterfuge	nil
    Benefactor	Bonus[Ability level] 	(Event)
    1.Beckett	+1 Protean[2] 		(If Gangrel, after Warehouse)
    2.Nines		+1 Brawl[1-3]   	(After 1st Venture Tower visit)
    3.Fat Larry	+1 Finance[1-3] 	(After his Traffik quest)
    4.Nines		+1 Melee[1-4]   	(After Elizabethan Rendezvous)
    5.Beckett	+1 Scholarship[1-3]	(At The Museum Basement)
    6.Romero	+1 Firearms[3]  	(After His pimpin/zombie quest)
    7.Bertram	+1 Computer[1-5]	(If Nos, after giving the CD)
    8.Beckett				(After The Giovanni mansion)
    		+1 Investigation[1-3]	
    	     or	+1 Security[1-3]	G,
    	     or	+1 Scholarship[1-5]	
    	     or +1 Subterfuge[1-3]	
    	     or +1 Humanity[2-10]	G,
    	     or	+1 Discipline*		G,
    * - Beckett will teach clan members Fortitude[2-3], or Animalism[2-5]. I've no
    idea about Protean because I normally have it maxed out by this point. Since
    this is an experience harvesting FAQ, I'll recommend going for Animalism 5 since
    it would cost 20 XP otherwise. :D
    4. Clans at Character Creation
    I use Character Histories with my game. It's fairly simple and available in most
    other FAQs about this game.
    Ultimately, the only Vampire Clan that doesn't work with Experience Harvesting
    is Brujah. None of the Histories available allow for the ability point
    allocation required. They have 3 points to allocate in Talents when we only
    need the 1 in Brawl as everything else is free or useless. Though you could try
    putting the points in Intimidation or Subterfuge, it will ultimately hurt your
    ability to harvest the most experience possible.
    The Abilities of the Gangrel are a bit off and can be made to fit with the
    History 'Eco-Terrorist Hacker'. As Beckett will give you Protean 2 after
    blowing up the warehouse, I recommend Discipline: Fortitude.
    This clan is one of two clans that are good to go without any Character
    Histories, though if you want to change it up you can use 'Degenerate
    Gambler' or 'Cut-Rate Clown' if male and 'Gymnist Turned Stripper' or
    'Woman's Prison Guard' if female.
    This clan is one of two clans that are good to go without any Character
    Histories, though if you want to change it up you can use 'Eco-Terrorist
    The Abilities of the Toreador are a bit off and can be made to fit with the
    History 'Corporate Schmo'.
    The Abilities of the Tremere are a bit off and can be made to fit with the
    History 'Mortician'.
    The Abilities of the Ventrue are a bit off and can be made to fit with either
    the Histories 'War Profiteer' or 'Corporate Schmo'.
    5. Character Creation
    There are really only 3 attributes you need to worry about at character
    creation and for the whole of Santa Monica:
    - Dexterity: though you can use Blood Buff to bypass the need for this,
    it costs alot in blood everytime you need to lockpick something. Not to
    mention, there are times you need to lockpick while in Elysium, which
    doesn't allow for Blood Buff to work.
    - Charisma: needed for Persuade.
    - Intelligence: a good start to up your Research stat, which won't increase
    otherwise until the Museum in the middle of the game, and also gives you
    few points for a low Intimidate score which helps early in the game.
    - Brawl(Talent): the only Talent you need to worry about at character
     creation, and only 1 point at that.
    - Melee(Skill): if you have 3 points in Skills,
     put your third point here.
    - Security(Skill): whether you get 2 or 3 points in Skills,
     put 2 points in here.
    - Finance(Knowledge): if you have 3 points in Knowledges,
     put your third point here.
    - Scholarship(Knowledge): whether you get 2 or 3 points in Knowledges,
     put 2 points in here.
    6. Quest Introduction
    WARNING!!! This is not a walkthrough!
    I'm not writing a walkthrough. There are other FAQs out there for that. My
    intent is only to present the order in which to do quests, where to apply
    your experience, when you get extra stats from benefactors, where/how to
    acquire books and what skills you need to complete which quests.
    IMPORTANT!!! If you chose not to use this FAQ and would rather worry about
    experience allocation on your own, remember to do all side quests before
    continuing on the main quests. Main quests are usually given to you by the
    Prince, his agents or people preventing you from easily completing the
    Prince's quests.
    Seeing as you either have Haggling of 1 or 2 when you start in Santa Monica,
    I strongly recommend that you sell NOTHING except weapons and/or the book on
    stealth and that you buy only the books on range and computers.
    You can only hold 1 of each type of weapon, so selling them and then picking
    up another during combat and selling it again gives you a small income that
    helps to buy books. Remember to sell your .38 pistol as anytime you pick
    another up it adds to your ammo, but if you don't have one in your inventory
    it gives you another gun to sell. Since at this point you do more damage
    using your unarmed combat, weapons are useless.
    Trip's store modifies it's inventory back to the original at various times.
    When you sell the stealth book here make sure you have enough money to buy
    it back twice. Remember to buy, then read the book, followed by talking to
    Trip again and buy the second copy of the book. This strategy works with
    all the books, though Fat Larry will keep copies of all the book until the
    end of the game for you.
    Chapter 1 in Santa Monica is the 'Great Equalizer'. In short, this is where
    we balance out all the characters to resemble each other in stats so that
    they can all do the quests further in the game. Though it may be tempting
    to put points into your disciplines now and see lots of cool effects, trust
    me that those neat tricks can wait.
    By the end of Chapter 2 in Downtown, you are set to receive the remainder of
    the free stats from benefactors or books. This leaves you with more than enough
    XP from various quests to increase any attribute, ability or discipline.
    Your Minimum Stats after Chapter 2 should look something like this:
    Str		1	Cha		4	Per		1
    Dex		3	Man		1	Int		4
    Sta		1	App		1	Wit		1
    Brawl		4	Firearms	3	Computers	2
    Dodge		2	Melee		4	Finance 	4
    Intimidation		Secur		5	Investigation	
    Subterfuge		Stealth		2	Scholarship	5
    That should leave you enough XP to max out all 3 of your disciplines and round
    out your character a bit better in Stamina and Wits while allowing you to add
    points to Strenght or Perception depending on your combat preference, by the
    end of the game, making the last battles truly wonderous. :D
    7. Recommendations
    Combat Stats
    It's the bread and butter of the Gangrel. Their claws are their best weapons
    as it does automatic aggravated damage, and the Strength & Stamina boost
    don't hurt either. ;)
    This is the best skill for most clans. Melee weapons are the best against
    supernatural creatures, not to mention you get the Tal'Mahe'Ra Blade which
    causes aggravated damage.
    These are difficult to wield at low levels because most guns have kickback.
    To have a steady hand and make decent damage you need high Ranged stat. Certain
    clans lend themselves well at increasing Ranged for free. Malkavian, Toreador
    and Tremere all have Auspex, which increases Perception and Wits by an
    increadible 3 at Auspex 5. So for the low cost of a 4 XP for Wits 2, 4 XP for
    Perception 2, and a blood point, you can have an awesome defence and be the
    fastest gun in the west!
    Malkavians are probably investing in Dementation. So Ranged may be a bad
    Tremere are probably investing in Thaumaturgy. I feel that anything higher
    than Thaumaturgy 3 carries too great a blood cost for the return. Blood Shield
    coupled with high Auspex can help you sustain damage while you whitle down
    your enemies using your latest gun from Mercurio's secret stash. :D
    Toreador have Auspex with their Celerity. You do remember Bishop Vick don't
    you? In my opinion, the Toreador is the ultimate gunman. :D
    Clans XP allocation recommendations
    - After blowing up the Sabbat Warehouse, Beckett teaches you Protean 2. He
    will not teach anything higher or any other stat.
    - After getting the Ankaran Sarcophagus, Beckett can teach you Animalism 5.
    It's the most expensive free stat in the game. :D
    - Because Gangrel get these 2 awesome stats, I recommend that after you spend
    the XP in the areas I've suggested, spend ALL remaining XP to increase your
    disciplines Protean 3, Fortitude 3, Animalism 4. That way, when Beckett wants
    to teach you that final discipline after the sarcophagus, you'll be ready.
    - Beyond that, spend the remainder XP how you want.
    - If using Auspex 5 which gives a bonus 3 Perception and Wits, do not
    increase your Perception and Wits above 2.
    - Bertram will only increase the computer skill of his own clan. So consider
    spending the 6 XP on Computer 3 as all the others are free.
    - Bertram gives you +1 XP during the computer increase.
    - In the Giovanni Mansion, you cannot get the 3 XP for helping 1 of the 3
    Giovanni hopefuls climb to the top.
    - In the Giovanni Mansion, you do not get the Dodge 2 book in the library.
    - Since Auspex 5 gives a bonus 3 Perception and Wits, do not increase your
    Perception and Wits above 2.
    - Since Auspex 5 gives a bonus 3 Perception and Wits, do not increase your
    Perception and Wits above 2.
    8. Quests, Experience, Required Stats
    Jyhad for beginners
    +2 XP - When talking to Jack, I recommed doing the whole quest as you get a
    few weapons to sell and the lockpick. If you don't care, or have played the
    game alot, pick the option for the bullet points as you'll get the XP.
    Chapter 1:
    The Regents riddle (part1)
    - No gain.
    Carnival Of death (part1)
    - No gain.
    A bounty for the hunter
    +1 XP - Read the Location File on the computer in Carson's apt.
    +1 XP - Kill Gimble.
    +1 XP - Report Back to Killpatrick and get 201$.
    Jumpin the bail
    +1 XP - Listen to the answering machine in the apt across from yours and get
    the stealth book under the sink.
    +1 XP - Report Back to Killpatrick and get 150$.
    Where art thou Mercurio?
    +1 XP - Talk to Mercurio for the 1st time.
    The pain of being Mercurio
    +1 XP - Give Mercurio a bottle of Morphine you found in the hospital.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Make sure you have a minimum of Charisma 2.
    Thinned Blood
    - Look for the vampire with the vamp-smiley face T-shirt and talk to him.
    Persuade him that blood and a stake are valuable. Talk to E to get the quest.
    Remember to get the stake near the edge of the water/pier and have the 3 blood
    packs from the refridgerator in your have, then talk to the vamp-smiley face
    and sell him 3 pints of blood for 120$ ea (360$ total) and tell him to buy the
    stake too just in case for another 100$. If you sell him the blood and exit the
    conversation to go find the stake, you will not be able to sell him the stake
    when you come back. This is an all or nothing deal.
    - When getting Lily's personal effect from the diner, persuade the cashier
    you're the health inspector for 50$.
    +1 XP - Take Lily's Diary from Rolf's car trunk
    +1 XP - Convince the male nurse to give you the code for the freezer.
    Requires persuade 4. If you acquire the code any other way, you do not get
    the XP.
    +1 XP - Free Lily.
    +1 XP - Talk to E.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Make sure you have a minimum Intelligence of 3.
    - Blackmail the night physician, Malcom, in the hospital for 150$ that you
    can pick up in your mailbox. Requires intimidation 3.
    - Threaten the man in the suit between your haven and Mercurio's Elysium.
    First threat gets you $. Threaten him 2 more times in the same conversation
    to get his watch. Requires intimidation 3.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - You definately have enough to buy 2 copies of the computer
    book and gun book that Trip is selling and also sell the Stealth book you
    found and buy 2 copies. Remember you can only buy one copy, then read it, then
    buy the second, and read it.
    Surf's up
    +2 XP - Get Astrolite.
    +1 XP - Report to Mercurio with the Astrolite.
    +1 XP - Give Mercurio the 250$ you found in the laundry room vent.
    Bloody Mess
    +2 XP - Take Werewolf Blood from safe.
    +1 XP - Read Email from Lacroix, then go to your mailbox for the 150$.
    Explosive beginning (part1)
    - No Gain.
    Replanting a Lily
    - No Gain. But you do get to keep buying blood if you want.
    The Hunter Hunter
    +1 XP - Get Foxy Boxes key card.
    +1 XP - Kill the Kuei-Jin.
    +1 XP - Report to Knox.
    !!!USE XP!!! - By this point, you should have Dexterity 3, Charisma 3,
    Intelligence 3, Finance 1, Melee 1. If you don't, simply use XP until you
    do. This evens character out regardless of clan, and helps me continue
    writing this FAQ without guessing what stats you have now. ;)
    NOTE - Dexterity 3 and Stealth 2 have been sufficient for me to complete the
    game and performing all sneaking missions. Just remember to remove any armor.
    I did not have the +1 Dexterity from the Fae Charm for Fat Larry's quest or
    Mitnik's quests as it is found after finding the Nosferatu Warrens. :D
    The ghost that haunts midnight
    +1 XP - Get pendant.
    +1 XP - Don't give the pendant to Jeanette.
    +3 XP - Kill the Blood Guardian. Remember to get the 250$ from the cashbox.
    Spiritual release
    +2 XP - Give the pendant to Therese.
    Bad blood
    +2 XP - Kill the 4 thugs in the diner.
    Sibling rivalry
    +3 XP - Convince Jeannette and Therese to work together. Requires persuade 4.
    NOTE!!! I keep reading that you need to use seduction with Jeannette for this
    to work. If you've been reading this FAQ you know I -loathe- seduction and
    have no respect for it. Seeing as I have a seduction of 1 (lowest possible
    score) and I always get 3 XP for this quest, I think that safely proves you
    don't need seduction for Tourette.
    Explosive beginning (part2)
    +3 XP - Complete Sibling Rivalry Quest.
    +4 XP - Blow up warehouse.
    +1 XP - Report to Lacroix.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - Gangrel Only - 
    Chapter 2:
    !!!USE XP!!! - Get Charisma 4.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - After talking to Lacroix, talk to Nines and he will
    teach you about brawling. Giving you Brawl 2.
    The Regents riddle (part2-end)
    +1 XP - Talk to Strauss.
    - Persuade Fat Larry to lower his prices when you report back.
    Requires persuade 5.
    +1 XP - Grab the briefcase.
    +2 XP - Manage to grab the briefcase without anyone seeing you.
    +1 XP - Report to Fat Larry and give him briefcase.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Get Intelligence 4.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - Report to Fat Larry for +1 Finance and 500$.
    Fun with pestilence
    +1 XP - Talk to Hannah. When done, remember the 200$ in the safe.
    +1 XP - Get Jezebel's key by persuading manager or from back office.
    +1 XP - Kill Jezebel. Remember to get book on finances.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Sell the finance book to Fat Larry and buy back 2 copies.
    Now that your Haggle stat is at 5, it is the max that we are getting in it
    this game and so feel free to sell and buy anything you want. It's the best
    prices we care for without wasting precious XP on a few more attributes and
    +2 XP - Persuade or kill Milligan.
    +1 XP - Report to Pisha.
    Attention whore
    +2 XP - Persuade or kill Patty. Because Necromantic is open, you can send her
    to Pisha. NOTE: Though it says you gain 1 XP for dealing with Patty on the
    top of the screen, checking XP before and after doing so reveals that you
    actually get 2 XP.
    +1 XP - Report to Skelter.
    A confession
    +1 XP - Persuade or kill Igor.
    +2 XP - Report to Venus.
    And her name was Venus/Venucide
    +2 XP - Kill Boris/Venus. Remember to get Brawl book in the room with the TV,
    200$ and ring in Boris' room, as well as 50$ in Confession's vestibule.
    +1 XP - Report to Venus/Boris. You'll get an income from Venus or 1000$ from
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Sell the brawling book to Fat Larry and buy back 2 copies.
    Brawl is now maxed out at 4 and we didn't spend any XP on it. :D
    Mudd hunt (part1)
    - When in Skyline Apartments, apt 2, remember to get the melee book
    +1 XP - Talk to homeless man about what he saw in the building.
    More fun with pestilence
    +1 XP - Take flyer from the floor after killing Brother Kanker.
    +1 XP - Talk to the crackhouse doorman and show him the flyer.
    +2 XP - Kill Bishop Vick.
    +1 XP - Report to Damsel.
    A plague for the angels
    - Talk to Strauss for the Bloodstar. Do not ask for the money.
    Elizabethan rendezvous
    +1 XP - Get police report.
    +1 XP - Get ship manifest.
    +1 XP - View sarcophagus.
    +2 XP - Get back to boat without killing anyone.
    +2 XP - Report to Lacroix.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - Talk to Nines and he will teach you melee.
    Giving you Melee 2.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Sell the melee book to Fat Larry and buy back 2 copies.
    Melee is now at 4. While you're here, consider getting the fireman's axe. :D
    Calling Dr. Grout
    +1 XP - Solve candlestick riddle in library. Remember Dodge book on the floor.
    +1 XP - Reach Grout's inner sanctum.
    +1 XP - Find Grout's remains.
    +3 XP - Report to Lacroix. Persuade him for 300$.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Sell the dodge book to Fat Larry and buy back 2 copies. 
    Patron of the ancient arts
    - Get security book in the security office in the basement.
    +1 XP - Get key from desk.
    +1 XP - Get Fetish Statue.
    +3 XP - Find Beckett.
    +2 XP - Avoid killing any guards.
    +1 XP - Report to Lacroix
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - Beckett teaches you scholarship, raising it to 3.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Get Scholarship 4.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Unless you are (clan), get Scholarship 5. With Research 9, you
    can now learn all books except 1. 12 XP for Firearms 5 is cheaper than 16 XP
    for Intelligence 5 so you can read the book on Firearms and get Firearms 5 for
    free. You also have Persuade 9 which allows you to complete any persuade
    dialogue you require. Clan (x) receives Scholarship 5 for free after the
    Giovanni Mansion, so you save 12 XP but lose 2. That's a net gain of 10 XP
    you can spend elsewhere. :D
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Sell the security book to Fat Larry and buy back 2 copies.
    Security is now at 4 and we didn't spend any XP on it. :D
    !!!USE XP!!! - Get Security 5.
    The epic of the Ankaran sarcophagus (part1)
    - No gain.
    Occultish personality (part1)- Item
    - Report to Pisha and exchange the FETISH STATUE for the ODIOUS CHALICE.
    Chapter 3:
    Hot Stripper Assassin action
    - During the quest, you need to lockpick the cash machine. Get 150$.
    +2 XP - Kill Chastity.
    +2 XP - Kill Hunter without loss of innocent life.
    +1 XP - Report to VV.
    Mudd Hunt (part2-end)
    +2 XP - Find 'Muddy' Mike.
    B rated writer
    - There is 200$ in a room on the second floor that you can lockpick.
    +2 XP - Persuade Hatter to give screenplay.
    +1 XP - Persuade Hatter to give the name of his collaborator.
    +1 XP - Kill Julius.
    +1 XP - Report to VV
    Carnival of death (part2-end)
    +2 XP - Kill the serial killer, who happens to be a gangrel with Warform.
    Hunters hunting
    +3 XP - Persuade Ash to change clothes for 250$ or escort Ash in sewers for
    Pimpin for Romero or You only die once a night
    +3 XP - Kill zombies for 5 min to prevent them from crashing the gates or find
    Romero a nice prostitute. If you chose to kill the zombies, you also get
    Romero's Gun, Jamie Sue.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - When you complete either of the above quests, Romero
    will also teach you Firearms. This raises your Firearms to 3 without having
    spent anything. Your choice if you want continue along this vein.
    Dead ex
    +1 XP - Read email in Ground 0. Remember to get computer book.
    +1 XP - Meet with courrier.
    +1 XP - Get tape.
    +1 XP - Watch snuff/porn tape with Issac.
    Gargoyle removal service
    +2 XP - Tell Issac that Strauss created the Gargoyle.
    WARNING: Not recommended for Tremere who want the item in the Tremere haven.
    +3 XP - Persuade or kill Gargoyle. Remember to get gargoyle charm from Strauss.
    A dish best served cold
    +2 XP - Convince Flayton to write bad report. After reading the report email
    from Lacroix, go to your mailbox to get 100$.
    Snuff is enough
    +2 XP - Get info about DMP from Flynn or his computer.
    +2 XP - Get tape.
    +2 XP - Watch snuff/porn tape with Issac.
    Going the way of kings - 6XP Item
    +6 XP - Beat Andrei.
    The epic of the Ankaran sarcophagus (part2) - 2XP
    +2 XP - Meet with Gary.
    Cover girl
    - To get this quest, you must upset Imalia, but not over upset her.
    NOTE: There's a poster of Imalia's mortal form on the wall in Carson's apartment
    in Santa Monica.
    +1 XP - Give Guy Magazine to Imalia.
    Model citizen
    +2 XP - Report to Imalia. Ask her for 400$.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Nosferatu Only - Get Computers 3.
    Missing data (Nosferatu Only)
    +1 XP - Give data disc to Bertram.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - Nosferatu Only - Bertram gives teaches you Computers
    4 when you return his data disc.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Nosferatu Only - As this is Computer 5 book, there is no
    need to sell and buy back as you only need one copy. This maxes out your
    computers and you only needed to pay 6 XP for it. :D If you aren't Nosferatu,
    then you probably had to pay 15 XP for Computers 3 and 4. Considering this is
    a pretty wasted skill because of the Password FAQ, I feel it's just a bad
    A tangled web (1st network hub - Megahurtz computing)
    +2 XP - Run schrecknet command.
    A tangled web (2nd network hub - Nocturne Theater)
    +2 XP - +2 XP - Run schrecknet command.
    A tangled web (3rd network hub - Metalhead Industries)
    +2 XP - +2 XP - Run schrecknet command.
    A tangled web (4rth network hub - Kamikaze Zen)
    +2 XP - +2 XP - Run schrecknet command. Remember to get 500$ in the vault.
    Gary's email - Prince is promoting you!
    Gary's email - Rocket launcher for sale
    Gary's email - Want to learn vicissitude?
    Gary's email - Cheat codes
    Chapter 4:
    I spy Barabus (part1)
    Gone fishin
    +2 XP - Get Ming Xiao to tell you about Hengeyokai.
    +2 XP - Set up meeting with Hengeyokai.
    +3 XP - Kill Hengeyokai.
    +4 XP - Free Kiki. There is 250$ in the far left room.
    +2 XP - Report to Wong Ho.
    Eye gouge hell
    +2 XP - Get eyes from corpse. Do not collect eyes prior to getting this quest
    as you will not get any XP for them.
    +2 XP - Report to Mr. Ox.
    Bad luck farmer
    +2 XP - Put talisman in locker.
    +3 XP - Report to Mr. Ox.
    +2 XP - Complete Mr. Ox quests.
    The hitman Impasse
    +6 XP - Persuade either old man to forgive.
    Original Gangster
    +3 XP - Talk to Zhao about Glaze club.
    +2 XP - Survive ambush. There are 3 car stereos and a morphine bottle.
    Dragon's tail - 5XP
    +5 XP - Kill Johnny.
    Come into my parlour
    +2 XP - Shatter windows.
    +2 XP - Kill Mandarin.
    +2 XP - Free Barbarus.
    I spy Barabus (part2-end) - 7XP(2/2/2)
    +3 XP - Rescue Barbarus. Melee book is in room with locked door.
    +2 XP - Talk to Gary.
    +2 XP - Learn location of Giovanni Mansion.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - As this is Melee 5 book, there is no need to sell and buy
    back as you only need one copy. This maxes out your Melee and you possibly
    needed to pay a total of 3 XP for the priviledge. :D
    Italian Dinner
    - Dodge book is in library. Giovanni book is in morgue.
    Saulocept is in 1st zombie room.
    +2 XP - Infiltrate Giovanni Stronghold.
    +1 XP - Tell Adam/Chris/Mira about Adam/Chris/Mira. Persuade 8/9 to discover.
    +1 XP - Tell same chosen about Adam/Chris/Mira.
    +1 XP - Helping Adam/Chris/Mira.
    +2 XP - Find Ankaran sarcophagus.
    +4 XP - Kill Changs.
    !!!USE XP!!! - Optional - Get Dodge 3. Get Dodge 4.
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Optional - As this is Dodge 5 book, there is no need to
     sell and buy back as you only need one copy. This maxes out your Dodge,
    though at 15 XP for Dodge 3 and 4 this can be a bit expensive.
    Chapter 5:
    The epic of the Ankaran sarcophagus (part3-end) - 2XP Clan based Bonus
    +2 XP - Report to Lacroix.
    !!!BENEFACTOR ALERT!!! - When you ask Beckett about himself and he turns the
    tables to ask you about yourself, you will have various available answers
    depending on your clan. I'm hoping to get out an FAQ on Beckett, so check
    Occultish personality (part2)
    +1 XP - Exchange GIOVANNI BOOK for KEY OF ALAMUT.
    Society of Preservation of Professors - 13XP(1/2/2/2/1/?) 
    - On top floor of the house is Firearms book. For the best armor, talk to
     Heather at your haven before reporting to Lacroix and Beckett.
    +1 XP - Free Ash
    +2 XP - Persuade Johansen for sarcophagus origin.
    Require Perception 4 + Persuade 9 or Dementation.
    +2 XP - Save Johansen.
    +2 XP - Report to Lacroix. Persuade him for 300$.
    +1 XP - Report to Beckett.
    +? XP - 
    !!!BOOK ALERT!!! - Optional - I mentionned this before. If you really want
    Firearms 5, do not spend 16 XP for Intelligence 5 to get a free Firearms 5
    that only costs 12 XP. Bad investment.
    Hell at the hotel Hallowbrook
    +4 XP - Find Andrei.
    +5 XP - Kill Andrei.
    +2 XP - Report to Lacroix for 800$.
    The enemy of my enemy
    +2 XP - Report to Damsel.
    +2 XP - Find Nines.
    +5 XP - Kill Werewolf with telescope doors.
    +5 XP - Take tram.
    Out for blood
    +9 XP - Talk to Caine the Cabdriver.
    Chapter 6:
    The Priestess must fall
    +11 XP - Kill Ming Xiao.
    Kill the Prince
    9. XP Cheats
    Nosferatu can use this FAQ and select any other History for it to work. The
    History "Boogeyman" reduces Potence to 0. When you start playing, you can
    select potence, and you will receive 10 XP but your potence discipline will
     vanish from your inventory forever.
    The other clan that has this option is Gangrel, though I don't recommend it.
    Anda Gangrel	-1 Animalism
    Insectoid	-1 Animalism
    Boogeyman	-1 Potence
    10. Copyright
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright. Although, you can print this guide out for 
    personal use only. Do not use this guide for profit or do anything illegal
    with it. If you want to post this guide on your website, you have to get
    permission from me first by asking me at rotschreck13@hotmail.com

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