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"From movies to game it keeps its epic feel"

This game is amazing. If you liked the movies than you feel like your in Middle-Earth. I tried the beta the day it came out and loved the feel and the story line. From the beta came me pre-ordering it and from there I bought the game. If you've play some MMO than the controls might be the same as others.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in the game are astounding. They may look bad to other people but considering its on-line and can't have that good of graphics or the game will lag than these are great. You can customize your guy down to the little of details. This game has more of a realistic sort of feel instead of a mythical theme. Every bush and tree look pretty well done. Every monster looks good too.

I don't know much about sounds in games and what is good music but I liked the soundtrack. The soundtrack is like the movies with the symphony play in and lots of composed music. If you don't like the music than make your own. Thats right, in the game you can buy a instrument and play it. So if you want make a band and make beautiful music together.

Controls: 7/10
The controls are like some other games on the market right now. They are similar to World of Warcraft and Asheron's Call. Its the same WASD is walk around. 12345678 are all attacks and skills you can use. Space bar is jump. there is a lot more controls to it but I won't name them all. The mouse points and talks to people. The whole keyboard is used practically. Why I gave it a 7 is because there are no new controls that separates this game for other MMO's.

Story: 10/10
The story is very immersing. You get real caught up in it. Whether you are one of the selectable races(Men, Dwarfs, Elves, and Hobbits) you have your own story to complete. All races start in different places. Some of these are close to the other races areas. You have an intro to the game that itself is a story which continues. There are many selectable classes to be too. Ranging from Hunters to Burglars. You also can finish other quests along your journey. They range from getting a item to just talking to someone. You can get different rewards from these quests to. From money to binding items. So try to do as many quests as possible. Another thing is that you can have names added to your name. An example might be your home land you choose. Other names can be obtained from major quests called Deeds. Deeds can also give you traits to add to you character. Yuo can also get a profession from Forester to Scholer. You have to get supplies to make stuff from your profession. Overall the best story in a MMo in a long time.

In conclusion this is a must have if your into MMOs. Its got the epic feel, the textured world, and a great story. You do have to pay monthly though but it will be worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/26/07

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