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    Ghosts of Aranna FAQ by Devistater

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 09/02/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Dungeon Siege 2
    Ghosts of Aranna FAQ
    by Devistater
    Last updated September 2, 2005
    Version 1.8
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    -------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------------
    Table of Contents
    Version History
    Getting Started With Ghosts
    Spirits of Aranna
    A Servant's Haunt
    Arinth's Legendary Staff
    Rahvan's Curse
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Submissions, credits, etc
    ---------------------------Version History------------------------------------
    Version 1.1 First public release
    Version 1.2 Updated some minor things such as the endnote saying I hadn't 
    found all the ghosts, when I have. Updated the last updated date, it was 
    incorrect. Added a version history section. 
    Version 1.3 Added table of contents. Typo fixing. Clarified manual chant info 
    Version 1.4 Added neoseeker.com to list of allowed sites. Reworded some of the 
    items at top and bottom of FAQ
    Version 1.5 Added in some additional details regarding manually chanting the 
    speak to the dead chant before you learn it in game, thanks ATsue for the 
    email report with the details!
    Version 1.6 Added in character level requirement for the Ghostly Visions set 
    items. Clarified some info on the Dark Ohm secondary quest.
    Version 1.7 Added supercheats.com to list of websites allowed to host this FAQ.
    Version 1.8 Clarified some info on ghost #17, fixed a typo thanks to info from 
     You may have noticed while exploring the lands of Aranna that there are 
    ghostly spirits scattered around. This FAQ is all about the ghosts of the 
    game. It will tell you where they are, how to speak to them, and what Quests 
    they can help solve. Obviously this is full of spoilers.
    If you just want to know when you can start speaking to them and don't wish to 
    read any further, it will be in Act II. It may be possible to "cheat" and 
    speak to them earlier by manually typing in the chant. Let me know if this 
    works or not. 
    ---------------------Getting Started With Ghosts------------------------------
    		   (or "Dark Ohm" secondary quest)
    You've probably noticed that when you click a ghost to speak to it, it says to 
    Speak to Mage Lyssanore in Aman' Lu. You cannot do this until Act II. Once you 
    get to Act II you will need to find Mage Lyssanore (she is the Potion Merchant)
    Once you speak to her this starts the "Dark Ohm" secondary quest. The "Dark 
    Ohm" quest is the one you need to complete to gain access to the chant which 
    allows you to speak with the dead. Mage Lyssanore tells you to observe the 
    Vai' Kesh in one of their Rituals. 
    They perform this ritual in "A small Vai' Kesh Cave."  To get there, teleport 
    to "Vai' Kesh Forest South", then head along the path going East. Just before 
    you hit the bridge across the chasm, turn left (north) and enter the cave. 
    Listen to the ritual, and then defeat the boss if you like. Don't forget to 
    grab the loot and an additional chant (this is NOT the talk to ghosts chant) 
    in the chamber. Your journal will be updated when you have successfully 
    listened to the ritual. You dont have to actually step into the area where 
    they are holding the ritual (has a bunch of candles and stuff) in order to 
    hear it. You do NOT learn the speak to spirits chant here. You must return to 
    town after you observe the ritual and speak to Mage Lyssanore
    After this return to Mage Lyssanore and speak to her to learn the speak to 
    spirits chant. You will need to chant this at a shrine (lasts 300 
    seconds) in order to speak to ghosts. Full excruciating details on the chant 
    (including what to manually type in and and what will happen if you want to 
    try to talk with ghosts before this part of the game) are in the Frequently 
    Asked Questions section.
    Learning the chant from her will also accomplish the 2nd task of "A Servant's 
    Haunt" secondary quest (see the section about this quest group later in the 
    --------------------Spirits of Aranna Secondary Quest (Act II)---------------
    Once you speak to a ghost after this, it will probably trigger the "Spirits of 
    Aranna" Secondary quest if it's one of the 18 of them in this quest(I'm not 
    sure what happens if you speak to a different ghost first, let me know). This 
    is a list of 18 restless spirits that you need to talk to in order to put them 
    to rest. After putting one to rest they will usually drop some decent loot, 
    uniques, set items, rares, etc before disappearing.
    There's also a Ghostly Visions Set that consists of a few rings that you can 
    get from ghosts that leave parts of it behind in this quest. See the 
    Frequently Asked Questions section for more info on the loot that you can get 
    from doing ghost quests including details on the Ghostly Visions Set.
    Note that I've numbered the Ghost locations from the "Spirits of Aranna" quest 
    in the order they are listed in that quest. 
    Ghost locations for "Spirits of Aranna" secondary quest (you can receive this 
    quest from talking to any of the ghosts in this list):
    --#1-- This ghost is in the "Lost Valley of the Azunites." Take the teleporter 
    from Eirulan (act I town) to the valley. Then head south a ways along the road 
    until you see the shrine. The ghost is just northwest of the shrine. Use the 
    shrine right next to the ghost for the chant. 
    --#2-- This ghost is right after you take the moving platform to the Outpost 
    area in the "Northern Greilyn Jungle" just outside of the town of Eirulan 
    (from Act I). They are west of the shrine. You can use either of the two 
    entrances to the "The Hak'u Caves" Travel to back (western) part of the cave. 
    The ghost is next to the "clockwork bridge" that's described in the Tattered 
    Diary book that you find right there. This ghost dropped the "Spirit of Unrest"
    ring when leaving. You can use either the shrine at the entrance to the 
    outpost area, or use the shrine that's in the cave itself. 
    --#3-- This ghost is right next to the place where you defeated the bad Hak'u 
    leader. Take the teleporter from the town of Eurulan (from Act I) to "Western 
    Greilyn Jungle." Head due west past the shrine, past the two ruined stone 
    walls. The ghost is on the western most part of the area. Use the shrine that 
    you passed on the way here for your chant.
    --#4-- This ghost is just west of the portal on the "Eastern Greilyn Beach." 
    Easiest way to get there is take the teleporter from Eirulan (Act I town) to 
    the "Azunite Desert" area. Enter the nearby portal labeled "Greilyn Isle" just 
    to the east of where you arrived by teleporter which will take you to the 
    beach. Travel west and the ghost is just where the road begins to turn. The 
    easiest shrine to use is just past the ghost. 
    --#5-- This ghost is in the town of Eirulan (from Act I). From teleporter go 
    Northeast to the Inn. Then go Southeast to the Falls area. Follow path around 
    to an elevator, the ghost is on a bridge in front of the falls. The shrine for 
    this is right after the moving platform takes you from the inn area to the 
    falls area.
    --#6-- This ghost is inside the "Temple of Xeria." From the town of Eirulan 
    (act I) take the TP to the temple. Then go west then south to the shrine. 
    There's a hidden passage starting west from the shrine. Go through this 
    passage and then go south. The ghost is up on a ledge in this area. Use the 
    shrine that you passed on the way in for the chant.
    --#7-- This ghost is behind a waterfall. Use the teleporter from the town of 
    Eirulan (town in Act I) to go to "Northern Greilyn Jungle". Follow the path 
    towards the west. You will pass a shrine. After you walk through the burned 
    Morden tower, head west. You will see a waterfall, walk through it, there's "A 
    Tranquil Cave" just behind the waterfall. The ghost is inside this cave. You 
    can use the shrine that you passed on the way to do the chant. 
    --#8-- This ghost is inside the "Snowbrook Haven Servants' Quarters." From the 
    city of Aman'lu (Act II) take the teleporter to the "Eastern Face of Snowbrook 
    Mountain." Follow the road west until it enters the "Snowbrook Haven Servants' 
    Quarters." Keep going west past the door and follow the hallway as it turns 
    around to the north. Keep going north until it dead ends into a wall. Turn 
    left (west) through the door and use the shrine. Now go east through the door 
    and up the set of stairs. Go south through a door, then immediately turn east 
    and through the door. The ghost is here. The easiest shrine is the one you 
    passed to get here. 
    --#9-- This ghost is close to where you defeated the guy who stole the Death 
    Aegis. From the city of Aman'lu (Act II) take the teleporter to "Eastern End 
    of Arinth's Ravine." Follow the path east from the teleporter across the road 
    to the spot where you fought the guy who stole the aegis. The path turns north 
    and leads into "A Vai'Kesh Grotto". That cave has the ghost in it. The 
    necessary shrine is in "A Large Vai'Kesh Cavern" just west of the ghost cave, 
    make a stop there to chant before talking to the ghost.
    --#10-- This ghost is in the 2nd floor of the Inn in Aman' Lu city (Act II). 
    In my game she dropped the "Spirit of Rest" ring, part of the Ghostly Visions 
    set. Use the shrine in the city to speak to this one.
    --#11-- This ghost is in "A cellar beneath Aman' Lu" (City in Act II). The 
    exact location is under Tywlis's house, which is just north (past the ridge) 
    of the Alt'Orn Hall. Use the shrine in the city to speak to this one.
    --#12-- This ghost is in part of the burial grounds section. From the city of 
    Aman'Lu (Act II) take the teleporter to the underground "Azunite Burial 
    Grounds." From there go north until you see a set of steps leading down to the 
    west. Go down the steps, and go west until you hit the wall, follow the 
    western wall while walking north. You will find an exit from this area to "The 
    Garden of the Ancients" outside. From the exit to outside the ghost is almost 
    due east (as the crow flies) from both the exit to outside and the shrine, 
    look for the green dot on the radar. The shrine you need is just north of 
    where you exit the underground area to the outside "The Garden of the 
    --#13-- This ghost is east of the city of Kalrathia (Act III).	From the city 
    fortress of Kalrahia (Act III) teleport to the "Eastern Plain of Tears." You 
    can see this ghost on a hill just southeast of the teleporter. The shrine you 
    need is along the road a little further, almost due east (as the crow flies) 
    of the teleporter.
    --#14-- This ghost is in the southwest corner of Kalrathia (Act III) up on the 
    battlements. Just head up the stairs from the city teleporter and you will see 
    it. The shrine you need is just outside the north city exit, turn left (west) 
    after you exit the city into "The Northern Plain of Tears" to get to it.
    --#15--	 This ghost is in part of the mines of Kaderak. From the fortress city 
    of Kalrathia (Act III) take the teleporter to "Upper Mines of Kaderak (East)." 
    The ghost is in an upstairs room a tiny bit northwest (as the crow flies) of 
    the teleporter. Easiest way to get there from the teleporter is to head north 
    up some stairs, west up some more stairs, then south up some more stairs, pass 
    the bridge, then turn west, around and through the door to the north. Check 
    the radar if you are having trouble finding this one. The closest shrine is 
    across the little bridge just before you reach the ghost room, it leads to a 
    room with a shrine in it. 
    --#16-- This ghost is in the "City of Darthrul." From the city of Kalrathia 
    (Act III) take the teleporter to the "City of Darthrul." You will arrive at 
    the teleporter in the northwest corner of a town square. The ghost is located 
    on the southeast corner of this same square. There's a signpost nearby, the 
    part of the sign that points to the "The District of the Shield" points almost 
    directly to the ghost. Look for the green dot on the radar if necessary. For 
    the shrine you may want to use the shrine just outside "Kalrathia" before you 
    teleport in, or you can get to the part where you have the key to "The 
    District of the Crossbow" and use the shrine in Darthrul. 
    --#17-- This ghost is beneath the city fortress of Kalrathia (Act III). After 
    you are able to use the fountain elevator to go below the city (this happens 
    as part of the primary main quest line, its not optional and you cannot skip 
    it, so if you can't go down now, just wait until later), go down the elevator, 
    and talk to the projection of the azunite ancestor. He will give you a task to 
    turn on some water. Go down the passage he opens, and eventually it will end 
    through a door into the area where you turn on the water. Go through the door, 
    down the steps, and use the lever to open up the gate. Then go through and 
    turn on the water if you like, and step through the broken part of the 
    northern wall. You will enter a cave system. Follow the cave system until you 
    have a choice of going two ways, then go south. The ghost is in the 
    southwestern corner of the cave system. For the necessary shrine, travel a 
    little past the ghost, its just before the cave system joins back up to the 
    place where you turn on the water.
    --#18-- This last ghost is in part of Zaramoth's Horns fortress. From 
    Kilrathia (Act III) teleport to "Lower Zaramoth's Horns." From the teleporter 
    go north and follow the path until you get back outside into the open air 
    again. Once outside the ghost is west up a set of stairs. This last ghost 
    drops the "Spirit of Repose" amulet, the last item needed to complete the 
    "Ghostly Visions" set. The easiest shrine to use is west past the ghost a bit. 
    ---------"A Servant's Haunt" (part I and II, Act II) Secondary Quests--------- 
    "A Servant's Haunt" (Act II)
    --Received from--: Eldoriath Wilwarin located near Aman' Lu (after the bridge 
    is repaired travel south across it. Just past it head east, he is in a house 
    --Name--: Ghost of Threnith Wilwarin.
    --Ghost Location--: Take the teleporter to the "Southern Vai' Lutra Forest 
    (South)" location. Jog over to the shrine on the hill to the west that's right 
    next to teleporter and speak the necessary chant. Next, travel along the road 
    to the East until you see the "Levreth Estate" location.
    --1st Task--: There will be 2 elevators in a row, take these down. This 
    accomplishes the 1st task of the quest.
    --2nd Task--: Accomplished when you learned how to speak with the dead from 
    Mage Lyssanore.
    --3rd Task--: Speaking with the ghost will open a door for you and accomplish 
    the 3rd task of the quest. 
    --4th Task--: Enter the door and pick up the portrait as he requests. Then 
    speak with the ghost again. He will open a 2nd door. Enter that room, pick up 
    the lock of hair and speak to the ghost a 3rd time. He will open a 3rd door. 
    Pick up the letter inside and speak to the ghost a 4th time. This will 
    accomplish the 4th task of the quest.
    --5th Task--: The ghost will open a 4th passage, enter and get the jewels. 
    Before leaving you may want to explore around, there's at least a couple 
    secret passages, loot, etc.
    --6th Task--: Return to Eldoriath Wilwarin near the city of Aman' Lu. Speaking 
    with him accomplishes this quest and begins another one, "A Servant's Haunt 
    Part II" 
    "A Servant's Haunt Part II" (Act II)
    --Received from--: Ghost of Threnith Wilwarin.
    --Name--: Ghost of Threnith Wilwarin.
    --Ghost Location--: Immediately after finishing the 6th task of "A Servant's 
    Haunt" the ghost will appear next to Eldoriath. You can then speak to him and 
    receive this quest.
    --1st Task--: Travel to town of Eirulan and speak with Lady Levreth (located 
    in the Inn).
    --2nd Task--: Travel to city of Aman' Lu and speak Wethril the Guardian 
    Commander, he's in the Alt'Orn Hall.
    --3rd Task--: After finishing the 2nd task Wethril becomes hostile, beat him 
    to finish this task. Note that when I fought him on the easy difficulty he had 
    around 14,000 health, so he might take a while to beat. 
    --4th Task--: Speak to Celeb'Hel the Elder located in the same hall. This will 
    complete the task. The completion of this quest gives EVERY member of your 
    party a free skill point to allocate. The nicest reward of all the ghost 
    quests that I've seen.
    Note: Returning to the ghost again after completion this quest has no effect. 
    He just stays at Eldoriath's house and says that Lady Levreth is in the town 
    of Eirulan. So he unfortunately can't be laid to rest. Maybe this will be 
    changed in a future patch, ideally the ghost would give you a reward before 
    disappearing and thanking you. 
    ------------"Arinth's Legendary Staff" (Act II)-Secondary Quest---------------
    "Arinth's Legendary Staff" (Act II)
    --Received from--: Combat Mage Eolanda located in Amun' Lu. He is south of the 
    shrine in the city and northeast of the pet shop in the little building next 
    to where Eumanidie is doing archery target practice. 
    --Name--: Guardian of the Staff 
    Note: The logical order to retrieve the pieces would be task 1, 3, and 2.
    --1st Task and location--: The 1st piece of the staff, "Focusing Stone," can 
    be found by taking going to the town of Erulian (Act I) and taking the 
    teleporter to the "Western Cliffs of Azunai" location. Head east from here, 
    then south as the path turns. You will enter "Isteru's Caverns." The elevator 
    you want is almost due south, as the crow flies, of the teleport you arrived 
    in. You will have to follow a few turns and take a western side passage, but 
    eventually you will come upon an elevator with a hidden button that will take 
    you to "An Ancient Elven Reliquary." Don't forget to stop at the shrine that's 
    just east of the elevator for the speak to dead chant. The Guardian of the 
    Staff ghost will unlock the chest once you speak to him and you will receive 
    one of the pieces of the staff .
    --2nd Task and location--: The 2nd piece of the staff, the "Jeweled Shaft," 
    can be found in the "Snowbrook Valley." Take the teleporter from the Aman'Lu 
    city (Act II) to the "Snowbrook Valley." Then follow the road west a ways. 
    Pass over the bridge across the chasm, right after you cross the bridge, turn 
    north. There's a little area with a set of hard to spot steps leading down a 
    little, with another semi hidden elevator. Hit the button to go down into "An 
    Ancient Elven Reliquary." Don't forget to chant at the shrine a little past 
    the elevator on the road before you go down. The shrine is due west (as the 
    crow flies) of the elevator.
    --3rd Task and location--: The 3rd piece of the staff, "A carved Rod," can be 
    found in the Northern Vai' Lutra Forest. You will need to take the teleporter 
    from the city of "Aman' Lu" (Act II) to "Aman' Lu Hills" location. Then follow 
    the road north a fairly long distance. You will pass a shrine (don't forget to 
    do the speak with dead chant here). After passing the shrine, leave the road 
    and turn left (west). There's a cave nearby, that's not the place you want. 
    Where you want is just northeast of that, in the "Ancient Elven Reliquary." 
    It's somewhat hidden on a narrow path that goes downwards. You will find an 
    elevator that goes down to this location. Speaking to the Guardian of the 
    Staff ghost will unlock the chest and accomplish this task.
    --4th Task and location--: Return to Combat Mage Eolanda back in the city of 
    Aman'Lu (Act II). You will receive the unique Arinth's Staff which is quite 
    nice for a combat mage due to the plus to combat magic damage stat (highest 
    I've seen in the game so far). Full stats are below:
    Arinth's Staff
    (Unique Staff)
    Ar'I'me,A Tel'Palurin Silaya Deno'ro Ya Caela'I'Val
    - Arinth Tel'Edhel
    Slow Attack Speed
    Two Handed Weapon
     Damage: 21 to 36
    Requires Character Level 28
    Requires Combat Magic 23
     +10 Intelligence
     +20% Combat Magic Damage
     +2 to Devastation, Searing Flames, And Ignite
    -----------------"Rahvan's Curse" (Act II) Secondary Quest--------------------
    "Rahvan's Curse" (Act II)
    --Received from--: The ghost of Champion Rahvan. In order to activate this, 
    you'll need to accomplish the 2nd task of the "Princess Evangeline" primary 
    quest. Just make sure to get all four death masks (the primary quest only 
    requires three death masks to complete). Easiest way to get to the death masks 
    is to take the teleporter from the city of Aman'Lu (Act II) to the "Garden of 
    the Ancients (North)." The masks are nearby the teleporter up and down the 
    road on the southern side of it as Rahvan tells you. You'll see the stairs to 
    the crypts on the map. Note that it's not necessary to use the shrine and 
    chant to speak to Rahvan. 
    --Name--: Champion Rahvan
    --Ghost Location--: From the city of Aman'Lu (Act II) take the teleporter to 
    the "Garden of the Ancients (South)." He's right next to the teleporter, just 
    a tiny bit to the southwest. 
    --1st Task and location--: Enter the "Azunite Burial Grounds" just behind 
    Champion Rahvan. Proceed until you enter the "Azunite Catacombs" and you go 
    down the combination lock elevator. Head west first, then south as the path 
    curves around. Go to the white star on the map where you will see the death 
    symbol (a dead purple tree with a gold outline). Step on the symbol, hit 
    enter, and type the lich's name "Letiso" and press enter again, or find the 
    chant in your chant list, its on page 15. 
    --2nd Task and location--: After you chanted the lich's name, enter the 
    chamber and defeat him. Don't forget to grab the loot around the chamber 
    afterwards, there's a chant in there on a stand.
    --3rd Task and location--: Return to Champion Rahvan and give him the item 
    from the lich. If you want a fast way to travel, use the Teleporter nature 
    spell to go back to town, and then take the teleporter to "Garden of the 
    Ancients (South)" where Rahvan is. 
    Note: Doing this quest will get you a nice unique ring, these are the stats:
    Rahvan's Fist
    (Unique Gold Ring)
    Requires Character Level 30
     +10 Strength
     +10 Max Damage
     +12 Armor
     +8% Magic Damage Resistance
    -----------------------------Frequently Asked Questions-----------------------
    Q: How do I talk with ghosts?
    A: Finish the "Dark Ohm" secondary quest and you will learn a chant to speak 
    with them. 
    Q: When can I speak to ghosts?
    A: Not until during Act II after the "Dark Ohm" quest is complete. 
    Q: I can't find xxx ghost?!?
    A: Check the radar when you are in the vicinity. Ghosts show up as green dots 
    on the radar. Try zooming the radar/map in and out with the slider on the 
    bottom right of the screen.
    Q: Where is Mage Lyssanore?
    A: She is the potion merchant in Aman' Lu, the city in Act II.
    Q: I need more help about using a magical shrine and doing the chant, help me 
    A: Find a magical shrine and stand in it. You can either goto your journal and 
    the chant section and click the chant on page 5, then click the Recite Chant 
    button or you can do it manually. To manually do the chant, stand on a magical 
    shrine and hit enter when you see the message "The location where you now 
    stand seems to resonate with a magical harmonic echo." The exact chant you 
    type in is:
    Vox Mortem
    After you type this hit enter again. You will now gain the "Speak with the 
    Dead" ability. It lasts 300 seconds.
    Q: Can I type in this chant manually before I get to the part of the game 
    where I learn the chant?
    A: Thanks to an email report by ATsue, I now know more details about chanting 
    manually before actually learning a chant (any chant, not just the speak with 
    ghost chant). If this is your first time through and you are on the easy game 
    mode (mercenary), manually typing the chant doesn't do anything until you 
    learn it. If you have learned this chant in a previous game and now you are 
    playing on a higher difficulty, then manually typing the chant before you get 
    to that part in the more advanced game works because it considers you to have 
    learned it in your previous game already. 
    Q: Do I need to use a shrine and do the chant everytime I talk to a ghost?
    A: Not always. If you've already talked to a ghost before, you can usually 
    talk to the same ghost again without the chant. For example, the Ghost of 
    Threnith Wilrarin, you talk to him over half a dozen times, and I didn't have 
    the chant active except for first time. 
    Q: You didn't list the Ancestor of the Azunites!
    A: Yeah I know, but since you don't need the chant to speak with him, and he's 
    part of a few primary quests that you cannot skip, and there's nothing much 
    that can be said about speaking with him that the primary quest description 
    doesn't handle, I didn't see any reason to detail it. Oh also, he's not a 
    ghostly spirit, just a projection :)
    Q: You also didn't list the "Princess Evangeline" quest task about looking for 
    death masks so you can get past the ghost Rahvan guarding the tombs!
    A: Yeah, this is another primary quest. He tells you where all the tombs are 
    with the death masks and since you can't skip it and it's straightforward, I 
    decided not to cover it in detail. All the info you need for that primary 
    quest is in this answer, or obtained by asking Rehvan. However the secondary 
    quest "Rahvan's Curse" is covered in detail which also involves the death 
    masks and Champion Rahvan. If you are having trouble finding the death masks 
    check out the "Rahvan's Curse" info in this FAQ for some tips or talk to 
    Rahvan himself, he tells you pretty exactly where they are.
    Q: Ok, then what about the "Arinth the Mad" one? It's a secondary quest that 
    you can get after you do the "Arinth's Legendary Staff" one!
    A: But it doesn't involve ghosts :) I will mention this though, if you 
    complete the "Arinth the Mad" secondary quest, each member of your party will 
    gain TWO unassigned skill points as well as a pretty decent unique robe for a 
    combat mage.
    Q: WTF is a Reliquary?
    A: It's a place where people store sacred/religious artifacts. In real life 
    they are often stuff like glass jars that contain finger bones of supposed 
    saints in them. There's museums and stuff where you can look at these things. 
    Q: Is there any point to doing these silly ghost quests that have me 
    backtracking over areas I've already passed?
    A: Yes, there's a set of three rings called Ghostly Visions Set that I believe 
    you can only get from certain ghosts in the "Spirit's of Aranna" secondary 
    quest. Many others give item rewards like uniques, set items, rares. There's a 
    nice unique ring you get for doing "Rahvan's Curse" secondary quest. But 
    that's not the best part. You can also get a unique Staff that has a plus to 
    combat magic damage stat that is the highest I've ever seen (+20% Combat Magic 
    Damage) as part of the "Arinth's Legendary Staff" secondary quest.  One of the 
    quest groups, the "Servants Haunt" quests gives you one unallocated skill 
    point to each person in your party on completion. One of the nicest types of 
    rewards I've seen. As well the "Arinth the Mad" quest which is possible after 
    completing the "Arinth's Legendary Staff" quest gives you TWO unassigned skill 
    points to every person in your party. 
    Q: What are the stats on the Ghostly Visions set?
    Spirit of Rest
    (Ring from Ghostly Visions Set)
    Requires Character Level 26
     +35 Health
     +35 Mana
     +12% Mana Regeneration
     +12% Health Regeneration
    Spirit of Unrest
    (Ring from Ghostly Visions Set)
    Requires Character Level 26
     Adds 4 to 6 Weapon Damage
     5% Health Steal
     20% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy
     +15% Death Resistance
    Spirit of Repose
    (Amulet from Ghostly Visions Set)
    Requires Character Level 38
     +80 Health
     +80 Mana
     +3% Power Damage
     +6% Power Recharge Rage
    Set bonuses:
    1/3 = no bonus
    2/3 =
     +8% Health Regeneration
     +8% Mana Regeneration
     +8 Armor
     +4% Magic Damage Resistance
    3/3 =
     +15% Health Regeneration
     +15% Mana Regeneration
     +20 Armor
     +8% Magic Damage Resistance
    -----------------------Submissions, credits, etc------------------------------
    Submissions/corrections: If you want to submit some information for my guide, 
    send an email to the address below. If you find any incorrect information 
    please let me know so I can fix it.  
    Comments, suggestions, etc feel free to email me at: 
    Credits: All of this (except the items mentioned otherwise) is my own work 
    from playing with the game. I did not take any information in the current 
    version of the guide from any other person (except the items mentioned 
    Thanks to ATsue for the email report with details on manual chanting before 
    you learn a chant.
    Thanks to cryptical for correcting me and letting me know that the teleporter 
    near the Levreth estate was the (south) one, not the (north) one.
    Dungeon Siege 2 is copyright of its respective owners

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