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    Enchantable Reagent FAQ by Devistater

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     Dungeon Siege 2
    The Enchantable Reagent FAQ
    by Devistater
    Last updated September 23, 2005
    Version 1.1
    This FAQ may not be posted on any websites without my express permission. 
    Currently the websites that have my permission are:
    Any other websites than www.gamefaqs.com may or may not have the latest 
    version. I only personally update the FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com so other sites 
    in the allowed list take care of their updates.
    This FAQ may not be used for commercial gain without my express permission. 
    If you plan to use the information herein for a general FAQ (or similar 
    informational document) of your own, it must be properly credited, and I'd 
    like for you to please ask me first before using the information here. Thanks!
    -------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------------
    Table of Contents
    Version History
    Reagent Ranting
    Effectiveness List
    Reagent Pricing
    Enchanting Cost
    Submissions, credits, etc
    ---------------------------Version History------------------------------------
    Version 1.0 First public release
    Version 1.1 Corrected the level of enchantable rings thanks to TemjinRed
    This FAQ is intended to be your guide to enchanting and reagents (the 
    ingredients used for enchanting) and enchantable items and everything about 
    them. It includes a complete list of all reagents in the game along with all 
    the statistics including the size of each reagent. Some reagents are only 
    dropped from particular quests, that information is noted as well. If you see 
    any mistakes or corrections or additions, please let me know. Game effecting 
    typos in the game logic .gas files for reagents are also covered.
    For the majority of the info in this FAQ, I used a program called Game 
    Extractor to extract the rgt_reagents.gas file and the reagents.gas file from 
    the Logic.ds2res file in the Resources folder. The rest of the info so far is 
    mostly from the game itself. Some info may be from submissions, the credits 
    section notes the particulars.
    When a size is mentioned such as 3x2, this means three spaces across 
    (horizontal) and 2 spaces up/down (vertical).
    Some basic information on enchanting is covered in game in Lesson 28 of the 
    handbook in your journal. 
    Enchanting is the act of taking various ingredients (reagents) and paying the 
    enchanter to put them into an enchantable item. Enchantable items have a 
    limited capacity for reagents, and it depends on their quality. As well, each 
    reagent has a certain size, the better ones are larger and take up more slots.
    Good items have a 2x2 space reagent capacity.
    Great items have a 3x2 space reagent capacity.
    Exceptional items have a 3x3 space reagent capacity.
    Legendary items have a 4x4 space reagent capacity.
    To enchant, you need an enchantable item and reagent(s).
    You can buy or find enchantable items. You find them on various 
    monster/treasure drops, or you can buy them at various merchants. You can buy 
    enchantable weapons at the weapons merchant, enchantable armor/shields at the 
    armor merchant, and enchantable rings/amulets/spellbooks at the Potion 
    The reagents are available as monster/treasure drops or from the Reagent 
    merchant (he has the little green emerald icon above his head).
    Click on an enchanter (any merchant with a HAND icon above them) and tell them 
    that you want to enchant an item. Put the enchantable item into the item slot 
    on the right. Depending on the quality of the item, spaces will open up for 
    you to put reagents into. Put whatever reagents you wish into the available 
    space, check the "cost to enchant" and click the "ENCHANT ITEM!" button.
    You now have a new item that has been enchanted to your specifications.
    I've found that while enchantable items may not do as good of a multipurpose 
    job as some set/unique items, they do a great single purpose job. For 
    instance, you can get up to 70% damage reflect (plus a little room left over) 
    in a piece of armor. Or you can get up to +120% to Find Magic Items in a 
    single ring/amulet. So if you want to go on an item hunting expedition, load 
    up with those magic find rings and you will find tons of stuff.
    --------------------------------Reagent Ranting-------------------------------
                   (or how to make the most of the space available)
    Don't ask me why the reagent vendors carry such a small selection. I've tried 
    for an hour before to find a certain reagent that was well below my level and 
    could not find it. It sucks. So if you want to stock up on a certain type that 
    you plan on using in the future, make sure to buy it every time you see it.
    If someone could make a mod to have reagent vendors carry 2 or 3 times as much 
    stock as normal that would encourage more people to do enchanting, because it 
    is a very underutilized feature of the game. 
    Also, don't ask me why there are 2 separate lines of reagents for adding 
    elemental damage to fighter or ranged weapons when they are exactly the same 
    size, exactly the same dimensions and have nearly the same damage. I could 
    understand if they were different sizes, like ranged was 1x2 and melee was 
    2x1, but they aren't! If you ask me, someone should make a mod that changes 
    the sapphire/ruby/crystal/jet to elemental damage for all weapons and use the 
    coral/amber items/diamond/onyx graphics to make up some new better 
    And while they are at it, it would be nice for a mod that allows the viperclaw 
    to be made more than ONCE from that arrow shooting person. 
    And also don't ask me why the low end Death damage reagents and mid range 
    reagents take up exactly the same amount of space. If they followed previous 
    patterns the low end reagents would be smaller physically than the mid range 
    Also don't ask me why the high end thorns is such a low level requirement and 
    mid range thorns are so close in item level to the low end thorns. 
    AND AND AND don't ask me why the highest level of all reagents for elemental 
    damage resistance takes up so much space (3x2 or 2x3 for 6 spaces adding 15% 
    resistance) that you can fit three of the mid level ones into same space (1x2 
    or 2x1 for 2 spaces adding 7% resistance each) and get 1.4 times the total 
    resistance. This makes NO sense at all. It is similar between lowest level and 
    mid level.  
    Almost the exact same situations for the Aegis Symbol vs. the Azunai Insignia. 
    The lower level Aegis Symbol has about +0.75% of melee resistance for each 
    space it takes up, while the upper level one has only +0.66% of melee 
    resistance per space.
    From all these issues, I think that the enchanting isn't very well balanced 
    currently. Many item level requirements are not spread out very well over the 
    various qualities of items. Many upper end ones in the groups with 3 reagents 
    should be moved to requirements later in the game so that you will find them 
    when playing the hardest difficulty (i.e. level 60ish). They probably ran out 
    of time while testing the game (remember for the 2.1 patch the devs mentioned 
    that the game was shipped while they were still working on that gamespy patch) 
    and figured that the enchanting was good enough.
    Summary: Go primarily by effectiveness column in the price list section in 
    order to squeeze the maximum bonuses out of enchanting when choosing items of 
    different qualities that have the same type of bonus. 
    +xx to Damage increases both Max and Min damages by the amount stated
    xx% Phys Dmg Reflec to Enemy     =  xx% of Physical Damage Reflected to Enemy
    +xx% Block Melee/Ranged Attack   =  +xx% Chance to Block Melee/Ranged Attack
    +xx% Find Magic Items            =  +xx% Chance to Find Magic Items
    SB=Spell Books
    AW=All weapons, RW=Ranged weapons, FW=Fighter Weapons, MW=Mage Weapons,
    AA=All Armor, MA=Mage Armor RA=Ranged Armor FA=Fighter Armor
    The Lvl column shows the reagent item level. This affects when you can see it 
    in stores and what level of monsters it can drop from. Note that this is not 
    an absolute number of when you might see it, the store can show things far 
    below your level and I believe a bit above it too.
    The size field refers to the size of the reagent, (horizontal) x (vertical) 
    size in number of spaces taken up by one reagent of its type.
    Reagent name             Effect                      Can enchant     Lvl  Size
    Pine Splinter        +3 Strength                     AW,AA,S,R,A       5   1x1
    Oak Branch           +7 Strength                     AW,AA,S,R,A      38   2x1
    Ironwood Timber      +18 Strength                    AW,AA,S,R,A      65   3x1
    Dryad Bead           +3 Dexterity                    AW,AA,S,R,A       7   1x1
    Elven Oil            +7 Dexterity                    AW,AA,S,R,A      34   2x1
    Quicksilver Oil      +18 Dexterity                   AW,AA,S,R,A      58   3x1
    Gral Eye             +2 Intelligence                 AW,AA,S,R,A,SB    6   1x1
    Malachite Powder     +5 Intelligence                 AW,AA,S,R,A,SB   30   1x2
    Spectral Dust        +12 Intelligence                AW,AA,S,R,A,SB   50   1x3
    Nettle Cluster       +6 Health                       AA,S,R,A,SB       5   1x1
    Mandrake Root        +14 Health                      AA,S,R,A,SB      21   1x2
    Ash Leaves           +34 Health                      AA,S,R,A,SB      36   1x3
    Rowan Leaves         +70 Health                      AA,S,R,A,SB      54   2x2
    Angelica Root        +130 Health                     AA,S,R,A,SB      76   2x3
    Henbane Leaves       +8 Mana                         MW,MA,R,A,SB      6   1x1
    Gardenia Leaves      +22 Mana                        MW,MA,R,A,SB     16   2x1
    Valerian Root        +50 Mana                        MW,MA,R,A,SB     31   3x1
    Wormwood Essence     +85 Mana                        MW,MA,R,A,SB     46   2x2
    Verbena Flowers      +150 Mana                       MW,MA,R,A,SB     70   3x2
    Raptor Tooth         +2 Max Damage                   FW                4   1x1
    Rhinock Horn         +8 Max Damage                   FW               26   2x1
    Trilisk Fang         +50 Max Damage                  FW               77   3x2
    Jagged Arrowheads    +2 Max Damage                   RW                5   1x1
    Serrated Arrowheads  +7 Max Damage                   RW               32   1x2
    Keen Arrowheads      +50 Max Damage                  RW               80   2x3
    Whetstone            +2 Damage                       FW               10   1x1
    Mythril Alloy        +5 Damage                       FW               35   1x2
    Meteoric Alloy       +25 Damage                      FW               71   1x4
    Hawk Feather         +1 Damage                       RW                8   1x1
    Griffon Feather      +3 Damage                       RW               23   2x1
    Phoenix Feather      +22 Damage                      RW               58   4x1
    Sapphire Splinter    Adds 2 to 3 Ice Damage          FW               20   1x1
    Sapphire Pommelstone Adds 4 to 6 Ice Damage          FW               35   1x2
    Sapphire Ornament    Adds 19 to 31 Ice Damage        FW               75   2x2
    Coral Fragment       Adds 2 to 3 Ice Damage          RW               18   1x1
    Coral Spangle        Adds 5 to 8 Ice Damage          RW               38   1x2
    Coral Filament       Adds 15 to 25 Ice Damage        RW               73   2x2
    Ruby Splinter        Adds 2 to 3 Fire Damage         FW               12   1x1
    Ruby Pommelstone     Adds 3 to 5 Fire Damage         FW               30   1x2
    Ruby Ornament        Adds 18 to 22 Fire Damage       FW               60   2x2
    Amber Fragment       Adds 2 to 3 Fire Damage         RW               14   1x1
    Amber Spangle        Adds 2 to 6 Fire Damage         RW               27   1x2
    Amber Filament       Adds 16 to 20 Fire Damage       RW               63   2x2
    Crystal Splinter     Adds 1 to 3 Lightning Damage    FW               16   1x1
    Crystal Pommelstone  Adds 3 to 8 Lightning Damage    FW               33   2x1
    Crystal Ornament     Adds 11 to 33 Lightning Damage  FW               66   2x2
    Diamond Fragment     Adds 1 to 2 Lightning Damage    RW               11   1x1
    Diamond Spangle      Adds 2 to 6 Lightning Damage    RW               32   2x1
    Diamond Filament     Adds 8 to 23 Lightning Damage   RW               69   2x2
    Jet Splinter         Adds 3 to 5 Death Damage        FW               25   2x1
    Jet Pommelstone      Adds 5 to 8 Death Damage        FW               36   2x1
    Jet Ornament         Adds 23 to 38 Death Damage      FW               80   2x2
    Onyx Fragment        Adds 3 to 5 Death Damage        RW               29   2x1
    Onyx Spangle         Adds 5 to 8 Death Damage        RW               39   2x1
    Onyx Filament        Adds 18 to 30 Death Damage      RW               80   2x2
    Ivory Thorns         8% Phys Dmg Reflec to Enemy     AA,S              9   2x1
    Diamond Thorns       15% Phys Dmg Reflec to Enemy    AA,S             19   3x1
    Ensorcelled Thorns   35% Phys Dmg Reflec to Enemy    AA,S             38   3x2
    Wolf Jaw             3% Health Steal                 AW               11   2x1
    Vampire Jaw          4% Health Steal                 AW               28   3x1
    Demon Jaw            6% Health Steal                 AW               51   2x2
    Eagle Talon          3% Mana Steal                   AW                8   2x1
    Raven Talon          4% Mana Steal                   AW               22   3x1
    Owl Talon            6% Mana Steal                   AW               44   2x2
    Betony Salve         +5% Health Regeneration         FA,RA,S,R,A       6   2x1
    Sandalvine Tincture  +12% Health Regeneration        FA,RA,S,R,A      25   2x2
    Yarrow Balm          +5% Mana Regeneration           MA,R,A,SB         9   1x2
    Sage Liniment        +12% Mana Regeneration          MA,R,A,SB        33   2x2
    Hide Fragment        +3 Armor                        AA,S              4   1x1
    Tanned Skin          +4 Armor                        AA,S             12   1x1
    Patterned Shell      +10 Armor                       AA,S             21   1x2
    Carved Carapace      +12 Armor                       AA,S             30   1x2
    Etched Chrysalis     +18 Armor                       AA,S             39   1x3
    Scarab Husk          +24 Armor                       AA,S             52   1x4
    Engraved Plating     +32 Armor                       AA,S             65   1x4
    Dragon Scale         +40 Armor                       AA,S             80   2x2
    Cobalt Bead          +4% Ice Resistance              AA,S,R,A,SB       8   1x1
    Frost Charm          +7% Ice Resistance              AA,S,R,A,SB      25   2x1
    Icicle Talisman      +15% Ice Resistance             AA,S,R,A,SB      46   3x2
    Branded Rune         +4% Fire Resistance             AA,S,R,A,SB      12   1x1
    Smoldering Rune      +7% Fire Resistance             AA,S,R,A,SB      30   1x2
    Igneous Rune         +15% Fire Resistance            AA,S,R,A,SB      44   2x3
    Yellow Strand        +4% Lightning Resistance        AA,S,R,A,SB       4   1x1
    Amber Thread         +7% Lightning Resistance        AA,S,R,A,SB      36   2x1
    Gold Ribbon          +15% Lightning Resistance       AA,S,R,A,SB      48   3x2
    Skull Fragment       +4% Death Resistance            AA,S,R,A,SB      18   1x1
    Vai'kesh Figurine**  +7% Death Resistance            AA,S,R,A,SB       3   1x2
    Korven Fetish        +15% Death Resistance           AA,S,R,A,SB      50   2x3
    Aegis Symbol         +3% Melee Resistance            AA,S             25   2x2
    Azunite Insignia     +4% Melee Resistance            AA,S             34   2x3
    Half-Giant Pennant   +4% Ranged Resistance           AA,S             15   3x1
    Agallan Standard     +6% Ranged Resistance           AA,S             29   2x2
    Stag Crest           +6% Block Melee Attack          S                26   2x2
    Lion Crest           +10% Block Melee Attack         S                38   2x2
    Griffon Crest        +8% Block Ranged Attack         S                22   2x2
    Phoenix Crest        +12% Block Ranged Attack        S                36   2x2
    Rainbow Trinket      +5% Find Magic Items            R,A,SB           20   1x1
    Prismatic Bauble     +15% Find Magic Items           R,A,SB           41   2x1
    Lumilla's Salve*     +10 Health                      FA,RA,S,R,A      12   2x1
                         +4%/5% Health Regeneration***
    Viperclaw*           +15 Min Damage                  RW               32   3x2
                         +15 Max Damage
                         Adds 8 to 12 Death Damage
    **Note!! I believe this is a typo in the rgt_reagents.gas file. The level 
    requirement for the mid level death resistance reagent with 7% resistance, was 
    probably meant to have level of 30. Otherwise it's rather silly to have the 
    low level death resistance item (skull fragment) have a higher item level 18 
    and add only 4% death resistance.
    ***Note!! There is a typo in the reagents.gas file which makes this item only 
    give +4% health regeneration despite the description saying +5% health 
    *Note: that these last 2 reagents are quest rewards. 
    Lumilla's Salve can be obtained by collecting (or buying) 4 nettle clusters 
    and then letting the enchanting merchant in Act I make the salve. It is better 
    than the Betony Salve. This is part of the Lumilla's Salve secondary quest. 
    You can give her 4 nettle clusters any time you wish and repeat this as many 
    times as you wish. 
    The viperclaw can be obtained by giving Eumanidie in Act II the ingrediants 
    she requests as part of the Viperclaw secondary quest. She is south of the 
    shrine in the city of Aman'lu and northeast of the pet shop. You will hear her 
    doing archery practice. You can only do this ONCE per game unlike the Salve. 
    However you don't have to worry so much about saving this item up for an uber 
    bow, since the + max and +min are exactly what the +damage stat is, +damage 
    combines both min and max. So this item only adds +15 damage and some death 
    damage, both of which you could do better in the same amount of space by using 
    some higher level items. This is discussed in a little more detail at the end 
    of the effectiveness list. 
    -----------------------------Effectiveness List--------------------------------
    These are the prices for buying the reagents from merchants, and the 
    The effectiveness column lists the amount of reagent bonus per space that the 
    item takes up. For instance if the item takes up 3x2 spaces (total of 6) and 
    it has a +12% to a stat, that means that it's effectiveness is 12%/6 or 2% per 
    space. This stat will help in buying decisions in trying to pack the most 
    amount of stat boosting into an enchantable item. A higher effectiveness means 
    that you should be able to get a higher + to a stat in the amount of space you 
    have by using more of that item when enchanting (there are some exceptions if 
    some items wont fit into the available space). If the enchanting part of the 
    game had been properly play balanced (see rant section) this stat should have 
    been moot, since the higher level items should ALWAYS win out in effectiveness 
    over the lower end items. If effectiveness is the same between two qualities 
    of item, then you can use the lower one to be able to pack it in easier with 
    other things and to save money. 
    Reagent name                                              Effectiveness
                                                                (# per space)
    Pine Splinter                                                   3.00
    Oak Branch                                                      3.50
    Ironwood Timber                                                 6.00
    Dryad Bead                                                      3.00
    Elven Oil                                                       3.50
    Quicksilver Oil                                                 6.00
    Gral Eye                                                        2.00
    Malachite Powder                                                2.50
    Spectral Dust                                                   4.00
    Nettle Cluster                                                  6.00
    Mandrake Root                                                   7.00
    Ash Leaves                                                     11.33
    Rowan Leaves                                                   17.50
    Angelica Root                                                  26.67
    Henbane Leaves                                                  8.00
    Gardenia Leaves                                                11.00
    Valerian Root                                                  16.67
    Wormwood Essence                                               21.25
    Verbena Flowers                                                25.00
    Raptor Tooth                                                    2.00
    Rhinock Horn                                                    4.00
    Trilisk Fang                                                    8.33
    Jagged Arrowheads                                               2.00
    Serrated Arrowheads                                             3.50
    Keen Arrowheads                                                 8.33
    Whetstone                                                       2.00
    Mythril Alloy                                                   2.50
    Meteoric Alloy                                                  6.25
    Hawk Feather                                                    1.00
    Griffon Feather                                                 1.50
    Phoenix Feather                                                 5.50
    Sapphire Splinter                                               2.00 to 3.00
    Sapphire Pommelstone                                            2.00 to 3.00
    Sapphire Ornament                                               4.75 to 7.75
    Coral Fragment                                                  2.00 to 3.00
    Coral Spangle                                                   2.50 to 4.00
    Coral Filament                                                  3.75 to 6.25
    Ruby Splinter                                                   2.00 to 3.00
    Ruby Pommelstone                                                1.50 to 2.50
    Ruby Ornament                                                   4.50 to 5.50
    Amber Fragment                                                  2.00 to 3.00
    Amber Spangle                                                   1.00 to 3.00
    Amber Filament                                                  4.00 to 5.00
    Crystal Splinter                                                1.00 to 3.00
    Crystal Pommelstone                                             1.50 to 4.00
    Crystal Ornament                                                2.75 to 8.25
    Diamond Fragment                                                1.00 to 2.00
    Diamond Spangle                                                 1.00 to 3.00
    Diamond Filament                                                2.00 to 5.75
    Jet Splinter                                                    1.50 to 2.50
    Jet Pommelstone                                                 2.50 to 4.00
    Jet Ornament                                                    5.75 to 9.50
    Onyx Fragment                                                   1.50 to 2.50
    Onyx Spangle                                                    2.50 to 4.00
    Onyx Filament                                                   4.50 to 7.50
    Ivory Thorns                                                    4.00
    Diamond Thorns                                                  5.00
    Ensorcelled Thorns                                              5.83
    Wolf Jaw                                                        1.50
    Vampire Jaw                                                     1.33
    Demon Jaw                                                       1.50
    Eagle Talon                                                     1.50
    Raven Talon                                                     1.33
    Owl Talon                                                       1.50
    Betony Salve                                                    2.50
    Sandalvine Tincture                                             3.00
    Yarrow Balm                                                     2.50
    Sage Liniment                                                   3.00
    Hide Fragment                                                   3.00
    Tanned Skin                                                     4.00
    Patterned Shell                                                 5.00
    Carved Carapace                                                 6.00
    Etched Chrysalis                                                6.00
    Scarab Husk                                                     6.00
    Engraved Plating                                                8.00
    Dragon Scale                                                   10.00
    Cobalt Bead                                                     4.00
    Frost Charm                                                     3.50
    Icicle Talisman                                                 2.50
    Branded Rune                                                    4.00
    Smoldering Rune                                                 3.50
    Igneous Rune                                                    2.50
    Yellow Strand                                                   4.00
    Amber Thread                                                    3.50
    Gold Ribbon                                                     2.50
    Skull Fragment                                                  4.00
    Vai'kesh Figurine                                               3.50
    Korven Fetish                                                   2.50
    Aegis Symbol                                                    0.75
    Azunite Insignia                                                0.67
    Half-Giant Pennant                                              1.33
    Agallan Standard                                                1.50
    Stag Crest                                                      1.50
    Lion Crest                                                      2.50
    Griffon Crest                                                   2.00
    Phoenix Crest                                                   3.00
    Rainbow Trinket                                                 5.00
    Prismatic Bauble                                                7.50
    Lumilla's Salve                                                 *
    Viperclaw                                                       *
    *Note: These are special cases since they have multiple enhancements. 
    Lumillia's Salve has 5.00 health points per space effectiveness added to 2.00 
    health regeneration per space(supposed to be 2.50 see note on type in reagent 
    list). Combined this is probably a better deal at the lower levels than using 
    pure health and health regen reagents. But in the upper levels you can reach 
    as high as 26.67 health per space effectiveness so it probably makes more 
    sense to go with a pure health boost enchantment in the later levels.
    The Viperclaw has 2.50 damage per space added to 1.33 to 2.00 death damage per 
    space effectiveness for a total combined damage effectiveness of 3.83 to 4.50. 
    Probably only "Keen Arrowheads" and the top level of elemental damage reagents 
    are more effective than this great reagent. Too bad there's only 1 of them per 
    -----------------------------Reagent Pricing----------------------------------
    The base value (the value you will get if you sell an item to vendor) of a 
    reagent item is calculated as follows (from the pcontent.skrit file):
    [1 + 2.5 * (reagent level)] * [1 + 0.2 * (reagent level)]
    Note that to find the price that reagent merchant sells an item for, just 
    multiply by 4. The reagent merchants have a factor 4 markup.
    Example: The Prismatic Bauble with +15% Magic Find is level 41.
    Prismatic Bauble base value = [ 1 + 102.5 ] * [ 1 + 8.2 ] = 952
    The merchant sell price would be 4 times this, or 3808
    ------------------------------Enchanting Cost---------------------------------
    The formula for enchanting price is in the pcontent.skrit file under the
    int calc_enchanted_gold_price$()
    There are 2 formulas, one for 4 or less reagents, one for more than 4.
    For 4 or less reagents:
    Cost = 2 * [(enchantable item level) + 2.5 ] * 
           [ 0.6 * (sum of reagent item levels) + 1.0 ] 
    So for example, if I have 3 reagents levels 20, 25, 30, and a ring of level 40 
    to enchant the cost would be:
    2 * [40 + 2.5] * [0.6 * (20+25+30) + 1] or 3910
    For more than 4 reagents the following formula is multiplied by the total from 
    the formula for 4 reagents:
             * [ 1.0 + .75 * ((number of reagents) - 4.0 ) ]
    So for example, if you have a level 46 legendary enchantable silver ring, and 
    eight Prismatic Bauble (level 41 reagents that add +15% to magic find each, so 
    total of this enchantment would be +120$ magic find). The cost would be:
    2 * [46 + 2.5] * [0.6 * (41*8) + 1] * [1 + .75 * (8 - 4) ]
    = 2 * 48.5 * 197.8 * 4
    = 76746 gold pieces for a +120% magic find ring.
    -----------------------Submissions, credits, etc------------------------------
    Submissions/corrections: If you want to submit some information for my guide, 
    send an email to the address below. If you find any incorrect information 
    please let me know so I can fix it. 
    Comments, suggestions, etc feel free to email me at: 
    Credits: All of this (except the items mentioned otherwise) is my own work 
    from playing with the game. I did not take any information in the current 
    version of the guide from any other person (except the items mentioned 
    Corrected the level of enchantable rings thanks to TemjinRed
    Dungeon Siege 2 is copyright of its respective owners

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