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    Side Quest FAQ/Walkthrough by ICanHearTheHead

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    \  ()   __________ /
     \  __/       ___ / 
     /         __/   V 
    /  /   ___/  \       
    __/___/_ __\  \ _____  __________ ____________________ ____ 
    `. ____`\`. }  | /`.  \| `: ___ /`___ /. _______ :`.  \|  /
     { |   : || }\ | | { ^   :; :__v_:   V : {/   \} : { ^   :
     : |   : |{ }  | | : }\  }: :\   /__y\  \ \   / /  : }\  }
     ; |___/ |{  \_| | ; } : :|  \: : ___v   : \_/ :   ; } : :
     :    ._/\ \_    : : : : : \  : : :____/\ \   /    : : ; :
     #   / ___\__i__/ /__: :__\ \___/........}/...\   /__: :__\
     /...}/  __  /___\___\_________________   _________________
         :  /   v\   / ____ /  ___ /`___ /   \_      ___     _/
         |  ;____ :  : :    v  :__v_:   v      :   /   \    :
         {______ ::  : :__y\ : ;\   /__y\      :   :    :   :
               : ;|  |  ___v |  \: : ___v      |   |    |   |
               ; ||  | :_____/\  : : :_______/\|   }    {   |
               { }{  }   _____/\___/........___}   }    {   {
    \__________| :/__\__/ \   \               _:   \___/    :_ 
    \_____________\   \    \   \             /________________\
                       \    \   \
                        \    \   \
                         \    \   \
                          \    \   \
                           \    \   \
                            \    \   \
                             \    \   \
                              \        \  
                               \       /
    S I D E   Q U E S T   W A L K T H R O U G H  V 1.0           
    By John Walker
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    /__TABLE OF CONTENTS__________________________________/
    --2--Side Quest Notes----------------------------SQN01
    --3--Act 1 Side Quests---------------------------AC100
    ---------3.a....The Armorer's Apprentice---------AC101
    ---------3.b....Lumilla's Salve------------------AC102
    ---------3.c....Lelani's Sorrow------------------AC103
    ---------3.d....Secrets Of The Elven Shrine------AC104
    ---------3.e....The Kithraya Hive----------------AC105
    ---------3.f....The Hak'u Part 1-----------------AC106
    ---------3.g....The Hak'u Part 2-----------------AC107
    ---------3.h....Dire Wolf------------------------AC108
    ---------3.i....Taar's Investigation-------------AC109
    ---------3.j....Feldwyr The Blacksmith-----------AC110
    ---------3.k....The Imprisoned Half Giant--------AC111
    ---------3.l....The Missing Squadron-------------AC112
    ---------3.m....Secrets of Xeria's Temple--------AC113
    --4--Act 2 Side Quests---------------------------AC200
    ---------4.a....Tywlis' Broken Staff-------------AC201
    ---------4.b....A DARK OHM-----------------------AC203
    ---------4.c....SPIRITS OF ARANNA----------------AC204
    /__1 - INTRODUCTION________________________INT01___/
    Firstly, thank you for checking my Dungeon Siege 2 Side
    Quest faq.  I hope it is helpful to you and is in depth
    enough to point you in the right direction, without to
    much of a hassle.  A lot of faqs are kind of linear on
    the sidequests, and give you a roundabout way  of finding
    the necessary tools to complete them, so that is why I
    decided to do this guide, for the completist out there
    who want to go from point A to point B in the most
    productive fashion.  If you have any questions about
    my guide feel free to e-mail me, and I will help you as
    much as I can.
    /__2 - SIDE QUEST NOTES____________________SQN01__/
    You will find different side quests all throughout the
    different acts. They are not necessary to complete in
    order to finish the game, however just offer something
    different to do if you're bored or in the mood to explore.
    Some of the quests can give you new party members,pets,
    chants, awesome set or unique items, or just a few coins
    of gold. I find it best to beat the main act quests first,
    and then go back through for the side quests.  The reason
    being, is because it will be a lot easier to navigate and
    find them, after you have acquired all of the teleport
    locations.  I am writing this faq as if you have already
    located all of the teleport locations, so keep that in mind.
    Also, some of the quests require you to have a certain
    party member in your party to activate. NPCs with a green !
    over their head means they have a side quest, but can only
    be given if you have the correct member in your party. This
    will be covered in the necessary quests, of course.
    Also keep in mind that, just because you receive a
    certain quest in a certain act, doesn't mean that you
    can complete that quest in the same act.  Some quests
    can take well into act 2 or 3 to complete, such as
    Lelani's Sorrow (received in Act 1), or Spirits Of Aranna.
    (received in Act 2).  If you are playing the game
    fairly, which would be - no mods or cheats, completing
    some of these quests can help you immensely, giving you
    nice uniques and sets that can adequately improve your
    /__3 - ACT 1 SIDEQUESTS_____________________AC100__/
    3A - THE ARMORER'S APPRENTICE-----------------AC101
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    After being released from your prison, Celia will
    inform you that she needs some sharpening stones. Make
    your way east across the lifts to find Telinu in the
    shops. She will ask you a favor.  She can't remember the
    recipe for crafting dryad armor.  She explains that the
    recipe is in a tome, and can be found in the great hall.
    So head southeast and take the lift to the great hall.
    Find the glowing book entitled The Tome of Smithing inside
    of the hall.  Read the book to find the directions.
    Make your way back to the shops and talk to Telinu.
    Choose option 3.  Watch the small cut-scene of her
    "making" the armor, which consists of her just pounding
    on an anvil.  After her employer inspects and okay's
    the armor, she will tell Telinu to keep it for herself
    for a job well done.  She then gives it to you as a reward
    for your help.
    3B - LUMILLA'S SALVE----------------------------AC102
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Initiate this quest by speaking to Enchantress Lumilla in 
    the merchant shop in Eirulan. Ask her about this "special" 
    thing she can make. She will tell youthat in order to make 
    it, she needs a special reagent called Nettle Clusters which
    are scattered about the land of Act 1.  You can also 
    check the reagent vendors as well, as they too sell the 
    Locations for the Nettle Clusters:
    Take the Eastern Greilyn Jungle teleporter.  Head north,
    then west down the path, towards the Exile Colony.  Take
    the North Western path pastthe colony, and you will find
    an Incantation Shrine, and a cave.  To the left of the cave 
    will be a mana bush.  Near the mana bush is a Nettle Cluster.  
    Take the southern exit from Eirulan.  Take the path south east.
    Almost immediately there will be a path that leads south.
    Take the path south. Right before a cave entrance here, you
    will see a Nettle Cluster to your right.
    Take the Kithraya Valley Teleporter. Head north back into
    the cavern. And then take the path west.It will curve and
    bend, and eventually you will end up back outside. Keep going
    south when you arrive outside to find atower. To the immediate
    right of the tower is a nettle cluster.
    Take the Azunite Desert Teleporter. Then take the teleporter
    that leads back to Greilyn Isle to the east. Take the path
    west, and follow it untilyou see the Incantation Shrine.
    From the incantation shrine head down the small ramp to the
    east. Look to your left at the very northern edge of
    this area and you will see the nettle cluster.
    Take all four nettle clusters back to the Enchantress, 
    and you will receive Lumilla’s Salve. A reagent that 
    adds 10 to health and +5% health regeneration,a very 
    worthless reagent for your troubles. 
    3C - LELANI'S SORROW-----------------------------AC103
    Can be completed by Act 3:
    Initiate this quest by speaking to Lelani who is in a small 
    hut south west of the Pet Shop.  Talk to her, find out her 
    dilemma, and you will end up with a child's doll.  This quest
    takes well into act 3 to complete, and it is a vigorous 
    trading sequence, so be prepared.  
    Take the doll to Fenella in Eirulan.  She is in the first 
    house you have to pass through in the Terrace of Falls.  
    The falls is the eastern lift from the Inn. Talk to her,
    give her the DOLL for the FLASK OF ELVEN ALE
    Take the Azunite Desert Teleporter.  Go east past the Greiyln 
    Isle teleporter, and then south into the little grove where
    the Guards are hanging out to find Soldier Balamar.  Give 
    him the FLASK OF ALE for the SKATH CAT RIBS.
    Take the teleporter to Eirulan and make your way to the inn. 
    Go to the second floor, past the innkeeper and to the second 
    door on your left. Find Soldier Jordhan.  Give him the SKATH 
    Warp to Aman'lu.  Then warp to the Snowbrook Haven Living
    Quarters.  Make your way south, until you find the elevator.  
    Take it up, and then head south up the steps and make your 
    way to the Snowbrook Haven Courtyard.  Directly east is an 
    open door that leads into the Dining Hall. In the south eastern 
    section of the hall is Soldier Kiernan.  Give him the LUCKY 
    Warp back to Aman'lu.  Head south and over the bridge.  
    Directly west after you cross the bridge will be a broken 
    down house.  Inside of the house will be Alar'ithil (my 
    damn apostrophe finger hurts from all these weird ass names)
    Warp to Kalrathia.  Warp to Northern Plain of Tears.  Directly 
    south-west a bit from the teleporter, you will see a broken down 
    tower, with a lift in the middle.  The button to the lift is 
    hidden on the middle wall. Go down the lift to enter "Some 
    Crumbling Ruins."  In the south-east corner, you will find 
    Prospector Gareth.  Give him the ELVEN WATER and you will get 
    Warp to Kalrathia.  Go east down the steps from the teleporter
    location, and then east back up more steps that are directly 
    in front of you.  Go north up even more steps, and then west 
    across a plank.  North across another plank, and then north up
    the steps.  At the top of the steps, go directly north west 
    to the rampart to find Nalus.  Give him the BATTERED AGALLAN 
    Warp to Aman'lu. You are almost done.  Head towards the north 
    gate.  As you descend the second ramp-way, go east to find a 
    house.  Inside of the small house is Ithir'renne the Fletcher.  
    (who the hell named these dudes?)  give her the BUNDLE OF HARPY 
    FEATHERS to receive your final trade, the AMAN'LU ORCHID.  Take 
    the Orchid back to LeLani in Eirulan, (her hut is near the 
    pet-shop in case you forgot after all this.) to finally receive 
    your reward.  
    3D - SECRETS OF THE ELVEN SHRINE------------------AC104
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    To initiate this quest, go to the pet shop area in Eirulan.  
    Talk to Laenne who lives above the pet-shop in a large hut.  
    The path leading to her house, is to the right of the shop, 
    and will curve and bend up a large hill. Take the Elven Shrine 
    Teleporter.  Backtrack your way north through the Shrine, until 
    you get to the area with the large lift leading up.  On the 
    left wall, before the lift, is a button leading to the secret 
    area.  Press it and enter.  Pick up about 3 green life cubes, 
    and place one into the Green Life Cube Socket.  Take the lift 
    down.  After descending down, find another button the northern 
    wall.  Press it to find another secret area to the south.  
    Before heading in the secret room, grab about 2 or 3 yellow 
    cubes and then place it in the socket in the south room.  
    In this room, grab 2 or 3 red cubes.  Another lift will now be 
    available for you to take in the north room.  Take the lift
    down.  Press the hidden button the eastern wall.  This will 
    open the south room.  Place the red cube in the socket and 
    pick up about two of the purple cubes in this room.  Place 
    a cube in the purple socket back in the other room, to open 
    another secret passage. Go to this area and place the cubes 
    in this order.  Yellow, Red, and Purple.  This will activate 
    the lift to another secret area.  In this area, the Last 
    Sapphire of The Elves will be laying about, just asking for
    you to snatch it. Head back to Eirulan and talk to Laenne to 
    receive your reward.  
    3E - THE KITHRAYA HIVE----------------------------AC105
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Get this quest by finding Tamari in Eirulan who lives in a hut 
    in the falls. Follow the path all the way through the falls, 
    and right before you get to the lever to lower the wall, you 
    will find Tamari's hut on your right.  Teleport to Kithraya 
    Valley. Go south down the ramp, and then east into the Lower 
    Kithraya Caverns. Follow the path east through the caverns. 
    When you get to the intersection, right before the exit, take 
    the south passage. Follow the passage, killing MANY MANY enemies 
    on the way, and you will find the Queen. Kill her and return to 
    Tamari for your reward. 
    3F - THE HAK'U PART 1----------------------------AC106
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    On your travels through ACT 1, you will come across a dryad 
    lady being attacked, which is sparked by a short cut scene.  
    Talk to her, (if you missed talking to her, you can find her 
    again in the infirmary) to initiate this sidequest.  To find 
    the rear entrance to the Haku caves from the Northern Jungle 
    teleporter follow the path north.  Go past the morden tower 
    that you exploded.  Shortly after you pass it, you will get a 
    notice saying "Western Greiyln Jungle"  Take the path west 
    from here, and enter the Haku cave.  Follow the path here 
    towards the white star, and as you approach, a cut scene will 
    occur.  Teleport back to Eirulan, and speak to Hesla in the 
    3G - THE HAK'U PART 2----------------------------AC107
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Your task is to locate Hrawn.  He's located in a small cave 
    in the Eastern Jungle.  Take the Eastern Greilyn Jungle 
    teleporter.  Head north, then west down the path, towards the 
    Exile Colony.  Take the North Western path past the colony and 
    you will find an Incantation Shrine and a cave.  This cave 
    is where Hrawn is chilling out.  If you haven't already, you 
    can pick up the Nettle Cluster here by the mana bush near the 
    entrance to the cave.  Talk to him and choose to kill the Usurper.  
    Teleport to the Western Jungle and head straight west, away 
    from the path.  You will run into a crumbled looking building 
    at the western edge of the map.  Go to the door on the south 
    side of this area.  Fight and kill the Haku and Usurper here.  
    Return to Hesla for your reward.  You can also return to Hrawn's 
    cave and speak to the high priest and get a reward from him as 
    3H - DIRE WOLF-----------------------------------AC108
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    The dire wolf is a handy pet to have in your party.  He's 
    probably one of the most popular pets in the game, and is a 
    suitable substitute for a melee fighter.  To obtain the Dire 
    Wolf speak to the Pet Shop owner in Eirulan.  Ask her if she 
    has anything special, and she will inform you of the Dire Wolf, 
    and that Rokhar knows how to obtain one.  Your next task is to 
    speak with Rokhar, who is chatting away in the Great Hall.  
    After you speak with him, he will tell you to meet him at the 
    Rift Site.  Take the Southern Jungle teleporter.  Head east past 
    Razka's Ruins. Once past Razka Ruins, you'll be in the Eastern 
    Jungle. Almost immediately, head off the path towards the North.  
    Cross over the bridge over the small river, and into a nearby cave.  
    At the end of this cave is the Rift site.  Kill the brown wolves 
    that are making their way through the portal that Rokhar is 
    channeling.  Once all wolves are dead, a Dire Wolf will pop his 
    tiny head out.  Talk to Rokhar once more, and then to the pet-shop 
    owner back in Eirulan.  You will now be able to buy the Dire Wolf.
    3I - TAAR'S INVESTIGATION------------------------AC109
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Taar must be in your party to initiate this quest.  Talk to 
    Arianne in her little hut that's on the south/eastern side of 
    the Great Hall.  She is deathly afraid about something vicious 
    in the jungle that nearly killed her.  A cut scene will cue, 
    and you will see first hand the dynamic nature of this beast.  
    Okay, so with the quest given, teleport to the northern jungle.  
    Head northwest up the path and follow it up the bends, hills, and 
    curves.  Soon, you will see an awesome waterfall to your left.  
    Go NORTH up the hill from thewaterfall.  Go past the health 
    shrine and over a bridge.  In this small area, you will be at a 
    small Haku camp, which is where the Ceremonial Blade lies. Kill the 
    Haku here and grab the Ceremonial Blade.  Teleport back to town and 
    take the South exit.  Follow the south-east path, and take the 
    first path that breaks off to the south.  This path leads to A 
    Small Bone Filled Cave; home of the devastating creature
    Garganturax.  He can only be defeated by wielding the Ceremonial 
    Blade.  He has quite a bit of health for a little fellow, and can 
    be quite the pest.  Keep pounding away and use a Melee Fighter 
    if possible, that way you can use your Brutal Attack power with 
    the blade to deplete the creature's health more rapidly.  Once he's 
    dead, teleport back to town and talk to Arianne.  Have a laugh at 
    her expense, and then take your rewards.  
    3J - FELDWYR THE BLACKSMITH----------------------AC110
    Can be completed by: Act 1 (However it is wise to level up 
    quite a bit due to the difficulty of the mini-bosses) 
    Take the Eastern Greilyn Jungle Teleporter, and then head east.  
    When you get to the bridge towards the end of the map on the 
    south (Leads to the Valley) go north instead between two walls 
    to find a cave entrance.  Go through the doors here until you find 
    the Blacksmith.  He wants you to retrieve some of his items for 
    him. After he opens up the door, go east, and then through the 
    next door to the east. You'll come to an intersection where the 
    path goes north and south. Take the north way first. Fight your 
    way through the passageways killing the Haku. Take the south path 
    when you reach the eastern room. Then go east from here. Kill 
    the mini-boss here to receive the Anvil. Take the eastern door 
    here, and then the north door. Take the north door again, and 
    then the western door. Take the western door here and then the 
    south door. Proceed back to the intersection, this time taking the 
    south passage. At the bottom of the steps, kill the mini-boss 
    here and then proceed through the south door he was guarding. 
    Go through the left southern door to kill the mini-boss in this 
    room to receive the ore. Now return back to the Blacksmith. As 
    you approach, a cut scene will occur. Now his hammer has been 
    stolen. Ugh. Proceed North to the white star on your map. Kill 
    this final mini-boss here to receive the hammer and return to 
    the Blacksmith. Your reward will be sent to Arman’lu at the 
    blacksmiths shop. Go to the blacksmith in Aman’lu and go up the 
    steps behind him to find Fyrndolf. Trust me, it’s worth it, 
    the item is usually pretty decent. 
    3K - THE IMPRISONED HALF-GIANT--------------------AC111
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    As you progress through your main quest, you will come across 
    a section near the Windstone Fortress that has many guards 
    nearby.  In a small hole in the ground, is Sartan, the 
    Half-Giant in question.  Talk to him, and tell him you'll talk 
    to the guards about releasing him.  Talk to the guards, and once 
    Windstone Fortress is safe (part of your main quest) the guards 
    will blow a hole in the wall.  After this cut-scene talk to 
    Soldier Orayne and he will release Sartan.  He will now be 
    available to add to your party if you so desire.
    3L - THE MISSING SQUADRON-------------------------AC112
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Right near where you freed Sartan, there is another sidequest.  
    If you are going back to do the sidequest, take the Windstone 
    Fortress teleporter, and Squad Leader Taarth will be right by 
    you. He will reveal that some of his squadron is missing and 
    bestows it upon you to find them.  West from the teleporter, 
    you should see the entrance to the barracks.  Go west into the 
    barracks. Proceed west through the barracks, and at the very 
    western room, you will find Private Nolan.  Escort him to 
    Squad Leader Taarth.   From Taarth, head south until you reach 
    the end of the map here.  Then head West into another entrance, 
    which is The Western Fortress Gatehouse.  Proceed south and you
    will find Caiden in the southwestern corner.  Break the urns 
    around him to free him and then speak to him.  You can also grab 
    the lore book nearby if you want. Lead him back to Taar.  Two 
    down, one more left.  You may have already spotted the last one 
    on your way to the teleporter.  If not, here's how to get him.  
    Once again, head south until you can't proceed anymore.  Take 
    the EASTERN way this time into the The Eastern Fortress Gatehouse.  
    Proceed east, and then south when the path switches, then west.  
    In the southern room to your left, you will find Private Banos.  
    Escort him back to Taarth to receive a Dusty Vault Key for your 
    Wanna use the key?  Sweet.  From Taarth head east into the Outer 
    Vault. Proceed east, and then North into the next room.  Proceed 
    east again through the rooms, until you reach the Inner Vault.   
    When you cannot proceed east any further, look to the north and 
    use the key here.  You will find four purple death boxes.  The 
    cubes can be found in the room directly west from where you are.
    Place all four cubes in the boxes to open an area with a treasure 
    chest.  Collect your reward.  
    3M - SECRETS OF XERIA'S TEMPLE--------------------AC113
    Can be completed by: Act 1
    Get this quest by speaking to the Grizzled Bar Patron in the 
    Eirulan Inn. Sit through his boring story, and then teleport 
    to Xeria's Temple.  From the teleporter head west up the steps,
    and then south.  Proceed south past the Statue, and you'll
    enter the room with a yellow and green socket boxes.  In the 
    south eastern corner, up on the ledge above you is the green
    life stone.  Pick a few up and place one in the green socket.  
    This will open a secret doorto the west on the ledge. Enter the
    room to find the yellow cubes.  Grab a few and proceed back 
    to the center room with the two boxes.  Place the yellow cube
    in the box this time.  A secret room to the south now opens. In 
    this room, there will be a second yellow and green box.  Place 
    a cube in each to open morerooms.  Take the eastern room. Pick 
    up a few red stones.  Return to the south room that just newly 
    opened as well.  Place a red cube into the red socket. A room to 
    your north will now be open as well as a second red socket.  
    Place another cube into the socket to open a room to the south 
    which contains the purple death cubes.  Grab three of them and 
    proceed to the newly opened northern room.  Place the purple 
    cube in the socket and then proceed north to a second purple box. 
    Place another purple cube in this one and then proceed north 
    once again.  You will find a Red, Purple, Green, and Yellow box.
    Place the stones in each box to open a treasure room to the 
    west.  Open the chest to collect your riches.  Return to the 
    Grizzled Bar Patron and receive your reward, a unique ring. 
    /__4 - ACT 2 SIDEQUESTS_____________________AC200__/
    4A - TYWLIS' BROKEN STAFF------------------------AC201
    Can be completed by: Act 2
    Speak to Tywlis the Mage in her house just North of the Aman'lu 
    Alt'orn Hall, which is directly north from the town's teleporter.
    She will ask for your help to find a reagent for her grandfather's 
    staff.  The reagent is a Rainbow Trinket.  It's possible to find 
    these at vendors, or while questing during other quests.  If you 
    haven't managed to come across one yet you can find one in 
    Snowbrook Valley.  To get there, take the Snowbrook foothills 
    teleporter.  Go west down the path from the teleporter. The 
    grotto you need to go to, isn't to far away.  As you walk a bit
    you should see a cave opening to the south west.  This is the 
    Grotto, and here inlies the trinket you need. Inside, Follow 
    the path west, and then south when it bends, then will bend
    east. Follow the path a bit more east until it bends south.  
    Now You should be able to go east or west.  Go east again and
    follow the path. Keep going east and take the third passage
    way south, down some stairs.  Go down more steps and follow
    the path west through a hole in the wall.  In this room laying
    in plain view is the Rainbow Trinket.  Take it back to Tywlis
    and she will try to offer you some gold.  Take the gold if you 
    need it or refuse if you don't.  If you refuse the gold she
    will give you a nice unique ring instead.  
    4B - A Dark Ohm-----------------------------------AC202
    Can be completed by: Act 2
    Receive this quest by talking to Lyssanore in Aman'lu's
    magic shop.  She is the potion vendor.  Ask her about spirits.  
    You are asked to find a Vai'kesh ritual and listen to their 
    chants.  It is here that you will learn the Chant of The Dead.  
    To find the cave containing the ritual, head for the Vai'kesh 
    Forest (South) teleporter.  Directly North from this tele-
    porter is the cave you need to be at.  Go inside of the cave, 
    kill the Vai'kesh, and then open a door on the North side. 
    A cut scene cues. Kill the Vai'kesh if you want, otherwise 
    teleport back to town and talk to Lyssanore once again. 
    She will translate what you've heard, and will reward
    you with the Chant of The Dead, a chant that you must know
    to speak to the restless spirits you have no doubt seen
    on your journey.   
    4C - Spirits of Aranna---------------------------AC203
    Can be completed by: Act 3
    Note: You must complete "A Dar Ohm" first before even
    attempting to complete this quest.  This quest will take
    until Act 3 to complete, but it has nice rewards along the 
    way along with some ghostly set items. 
    (you can do these in any order)
    Ghost 1: Lost Valley Of The Azunites: Teleport to Eirulan.
    Take the Lost Valley Of The Azunites teleporter.  Head
    south along the path, quite a bit. Eventually you'll spot
    the Shrine. Speak the chant of the dead, and the ghost 
    is directly west from the shrine a hair, standing near a 
    large beat up wall. 
    Ghost 2: Northern Greilyn Jungle: This ghost resides in
    the Hak'u caves near the North exit of Eirulan. Teleport
    to Eirulan and then take the north Exit. Head north-west
    past the shrine here. (You can use the chant here on this
    shrine if you want) and then climb the small ramp way
    on the north-west to enter the cave. Keep going North
    and you will spot another shrine. Use the chant of the 
    dead on this one if you didn't earlier on the previous.
    Follow the path away from the Shrine which will lead 
    south up a ramp. Directly west of the camp fire here
    is the ghost. He is standing near the clock-bridge.
    Ghost 3: Western Greilyn Jungle:  Take the Western Jungle
    teleporter.  Go west directly from where you are to find
    the shrine. You may be familiar with this area, it's where
    you fought the Usurper. Use the shrine and then go west
    through two openings.  You'll find the ghost standing on
    the western ledge near a tent.
    Ghost 4: Eastern Greilyn Jungle: Teleport to the Azunite 
    Desert. Then take the Teleporter to the Greilyn Isles.  
    Follow the path to the Shrine. Speak the chant, and
    the ghost is just east of the shrine.
    Ghost 5: Go the falls of Eirulan (Eastern lift from the
    Inn.)  As soon as you are down, the shrine is to your right.
    Use the shrine if needed, and then follow the path to the
    bridge. On the bridge overlooking the waters, is the ghost.
    Ghost 6: Temple of Xeria: Teleport to Xeria.  Go west then
    North to find the shrine.  To the right of the shrine is a
    small statue.  Turn it to open a secret room to the west. 
    Follow the path south and you will spot the ghost on the
    ledge looking over the balcony. 
    Ghost 7: A tranquil Cave: Take the teleporter to the 
    Northern Jungle. Follow the path west to the shrine.
    From the shrine head south and then take the first 
    path west, through two spike-like fences.  You 
    should be in the water. To the south-west is a water 
    fall. Walk behind the water fall to find the cave, 
    and then go west inside to find the ghost.
    Ghost 8: Snowbrook Haven Living Quarters: Warp to Aman'lu
    then take the Eastern Face of Snowbrook Mountain teleporter.
    Go west here into the quarters. Keep going west inside, 
    and then go north. Go north until you reach the last
    western door.  Here is the shrine.  Now turn around and
    keep going east. Go east up the stairs and then go through
    the south door, and then to the very next door on the east.
    Here you will find the ghost.
    Ghost 9: Why the hell are there so many dead dudes? This is
    crap. It's not my fault they're dead...why is it up to me?
    Screw them you know what I mean?  Anyways, here's how to
    get to this dead guy.  Teleport to the Eastern End of Arinth's
    Ravine.  Head East, and then when it dead-ends head north 
    inside of a cave where you'll find the shrine. Leave the cave
    and go directly east to another cave.  In the middle eastern 
    section of this cave, is the ghost. Talk to his ass. Okay?
    Ghost 10: Why isn't anyone scared that there's VISIBLE
    ghosts JUST CHILLING EVERYWHERE?  Ok, so hell, this
    one is in Aman'lu Tavern.  Go to the town of Amanlu
    and find the Shrine in the north-east section.
    Go to the inn and go to the second floor.  When you get
    to the second floor head east and then north to find
    the ghost on the balcony. 
    Ghost 11: A Cellar Beneath Aman'lu.  Go to Tywlis the 
    Mage's house once again. (Just north of the Alt'orn Hall
    which is just west of the town's teleporter.) you will
    see a cellar underneath her house that you can access.
    Once down, you will be in a small room. On the north
    wall, there's a lamp.  Press it and then head down the 
    lift. Go west through the door and then west again to 
    find the shrine. From the shrine there is a button on 
    the north wall.  Press it and follow the path to find 
    the Ghost here on the steps.
    Ghost 12: Garden of The Ancients.  Take the Azunite 
    Burial Grounds teleporter.  Go North a bit, and then
    west when you see some steps leading down. Continue
    going west and you will eventually be outside in
    a secret area.  The shrine will be a bit west from 
    you and you will find the ghost on the eastern side
    Ghost 13: Eastern Plain of Tears: Take the Eastern 
    Plain of Tears Teleporter. Look south-east. You should 
    see the ghost chilling on the hill here. Follow the path
    east a bit and then north-east for the shrine.
    Ghost 14: Kalrathia: On the southwest side of
    Kalrathia (up on the top levels in the ramparts)is this
    ghost.  The incantation shrine is near the northern exit. 
    Ghost 15: Mines of Kaderak: Take the ACT 3 teleporter 
    to the upper Mines of Kaderak (east.) Head north from 
    the teleporter, and then hang a west...er..yeah.  Go 
    through the northern door. You'll see the ghost here.
    For the shrine you can spot it across the bridge from 
    Ghost 16: Darthrul.  Take the City of Darthrul 
    teleporter in act 3. In the southwest corner (The 
    district of the Crossbow) is the shrine. The ghost 
    is located in the south-east part of the courtyard. 
    Ghost 17: Agallan Chamber Beneath Kalrathia: In 
    order to free this restless spirit, you must have
    access to the elevator leading to the water systems 
    first.  It's part of the main quest, and will trigger 
    eventually if you haven't gotten there yet. Head to 
    the lifts, and go down.  Head west until you can no 
    longer head west and then go North.  Keep going north 
    down the steps and then finally go North through the 
    hole in the wall. Follow the path west and then take 
    the south path. You'll fnd the ghost in the south 
    western corner. For the shrine, just head a bit east 
    from the ghost.   
    Ghost 18: Zaramoth's Horns. Take the Lower Zaramoth's
    Horns teleporter Go north and keep going until you 
    are outside. Head towards the west up some steps to 
    see the ghost. The shrine is just to the west if you 
    need it.  
    Congrats, you found all the ghosts. I hope you got 
    some good items outta the deal...if not, damn that
    totally sucked huh?

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