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    Awards FAQ by iviv

    Version: 0.81 | Updated: 09/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    _     _      ____  _____ ____  _    
    / \ /\/ \  /|/  __\/  __//  _ \/ \
    | | ||| |\ |||  \/||  \  | / \|| |
    | \_/|| | \|||    /|  /_ | |-||| |_/\
    \____/\_/  \|\_/\_\\____\\_/ \|\____/
     _____ ____  _     ____  _      ____  _      _____ _      _____ 
    /__ __|  _ \/ \ /\/  __\/ \  /|/  _ \/ \__/|/  __// \  /|/__ __\
      / \ | / \|| | |||  \/|| |\ ||| / \|| |\/|||  \  | |\ ||  / \  
      | | | \_/|| \_/||    /| | \||| |-||| |  |||  /_ | | \||  | |  
      \_/ \____/\____/\_/\_\\_/  \|\_/ \|\_/  \|\____\\_/  \|  \_/  
     ____  ____  ____     _ 
    /_   \/  _ \/  _ \/\ / |     _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _  
     /   /| / \|| / \|\_\| |    / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    /   /_| \_/|| \_/|   | |   ( A | w | a | r | d | s ) ( G | u | i | d | e )
    \____/\____/\____/   \_|    \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
    			1: Copyright Information
    This walkthrough is Copyright 2004 William Upton
    Terms of use:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This guide may be displayed on the following websites:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by there
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Contact Information: Email me at iviv66-at-hotmail-dot-com
    with any questions, comments or complaints if you have any, or if you want to
    join my clan.
    			    2: Contents
    1. Copyright Information
    2. Contents
    3. Information
    4. Version History
    5. Special Awards
    6. Other Awards
    7. Mods and Conversions
    7.1 Frag.Ops
    7.2 Alien Swarm
    8. Daredevil
    9. Daredevil Hall of Fame
    10. Coming Soon
    11. Thanks/contributors
    12. Cool Mods, Mutators and Conversions
    			    3: Information
    This is my second FAQ I have written, although this is more in-depth than my
    last one. I decided to write this FAQ because I was curious as to the different
    awards you could be given in-game. As there will probably be many I have not
    included, feel free to e-mail me. My address is given at the top of the guide,
    and again at the bottom.
    I will be listing how to get each award, and how you know if you get it.
    As for me, I go to King Edward VI school, in Stratford, England. It is the
    school where William Shakespeare was taught. I have just finished my GCSEs,
    and have 10 weeks before I have to go back to school. I enjoy playing squash,
    sonic games on my megadrive, and strategy/FPS games on my computer. I have
    gone off UT slightly, now roaming around on Maple Story. Catch me on Scania 
    or Kaede servers. On both, my name is iviv.
    That￾fs enough from me, though. On with the guide.
    			   4: Version History
    V0.81 9/9/04 Not much here. Mainly moaning about someone claiming low gravity
    wasn't a cheat, then threating to hack me. 
    V0.8 28/8/04 Wow, over a year since my last update. I lost my account during
    the gamefaqs upgrade thing in December, and never really did anything about it
    :/  Then I got two emails about it, so I finally got around to updating it.
    Added loads of daredevil scores, and corrected 'Flawless victory' definition.
    V0.7 26/8/04 Added lots of daredevil scores. Spellchecked again. Must be almost
    finished now.
    V0.65 29/7/04 Some feedback. Added people to the hall of fame.
    V0.6 28/7/04 Finally up. Added some more info generally. Finished Alien Swarm
    V0.5 21/7/04 Spell checked guide again, finished Frag.Ops section, started Alien
    Swarm section. Will finish it when I have finished downloading it.
    Lots of feedback from the forum. Included it all, will check later.
    V0.4 19/7/04 Added Frag Ops awards, and other contributed stuff. Sent off to
    gamefaqs again.
    V0.3 15/7/04 Original was disallowed by gamefaqs for lack of content. updated
    it, added lots more stuff.
    V0.2 10/7/04 With two hours of racking my brain, and double checking facts, I
    have churned out this FAQ. Was not good enough.
    			   5. Special Awards
    These are the awards you get, which will show up on the F3 menu.
    You are on a spree once you kill five enemies without dying yourself. The
    instruction manual lists the first two, and they carry on going, up to a total
    of 6 levels. They are accompanied with a voice announcement, and all the other
    players are told of your achievement.
    Killing Spree   - Kill 5 enemies without dying
    Rampage         - Kill 10 enemies without dying
    Dominating      - Kill 15 enemies without dying
    Unstoppable     - Kill 20 enemies without dying
    Godlike         - Kill 25 enemies without dying
    Wicked Sick     - Kill 30 enemies without dying
    '<blank> kills'
    You get these if you kill two or more people within a short space of time.
    Double kill         - Kill 2 people in quick succession
    Multi kill          - Kill 3 people in quick succession
    Mega kill           - Kill 4 people in quick succession
    Ultra kill          - Kill 5 people in quick succession
    M O N S T E R kill  - Kill 6 people in quick succession
    LUDICROUS           - Kill 7 people in quick succession
    HOLY SHIT!          - Kill 8 or more people in quick succession
    Note: the 'Holy Shit' award will not be displayed it mature taunts are turned
    off in the audio menu, instead Ludicrous kill will be repeated.
    You have somewhere between three and four seconds to kill the next person, or
    you break your chain, at normal speed.
    With this award, the F3 menu will only show the highest award, i.e. you kill two
    people together, and press F3, there is a Double Kill X1 , kill another person
    before the time is up, for a mega kill, and press F3, the Double kill X1 will
    have gone, and been replaced with a Multi kill X1.
    'First Blood'
    This is awarded to the first person to kill an enemy. It is accompanied by a
    voice announcement, and all the other players are told.
    'Weapon specifics'
    These are awarded for getting a lots of kills with a certain weapon. You will
    hear a voice announcement, but no one else will. You can die between kills.
    Flack Monkey  - 15 kills with a flack cannon
    Head Hunter   - 15 Head shots
    Combo Whore   - 15 kills with shock combos
    Note: the head shots can be done with the sniper rifle, lightning gun, or a
    combination of them both.
    You must use the primary fire on the flack cannon to get the 'Flack Monkey'
    Capture three flags in one game, or score three goals in bombing run. You will
    get a voice announcement.
    			       6. Other Awards
    This is a section for awards which you are told either verbally, of it flashes
    up on your screen, or both.
    Flawless Victory
    In regular gametypes where you just have to kill the other players, you have to
    win without dying once. This will be told when you win the game.
    In CTF and BR, your whole team will get this award if you manage to win the
    game without the other team scoring.
    Destroy three or more mission specific vehicles. These are and found in assault
    mode, you don't get it for killing vehicles in any other game type.
    The vehicles you can destroy are:
    Goliath:         AS-Robotfactory
    Hellbender:      AS-Junkyard
    Ion Plasma Tank  AS-Glacier
    Top Gun
    I am not sure how to get this one. On AS-Mothership, I think you have to kill
    an enemy fighter with missiles, but I am not sure. This is my most hated level
    on UT 2004.
    Vehicle Awards
    These are awards for doing things in vehicles, mainly on onslaught maps, as
    these are where the vehicles are.
    Eagle Eye - kill an enemy Raptor with the goliath main gun.
    Fender Bender - ram into the front of an enemy vehicle. You must be going
    quite quickly, although you can do it with a goliath.
    Hit and Run - Run someone over while travelling straight, and fast.
    Pancake - Land on top of an enemy soldier, squashing him. Easiest to do in a
    manta, but possible in any vehicle if you can land on them.
    down and land on an enemy. This is one of the harder ones.
    Road Rage - Run someone over while going slowly or turning? Not sure on this
    Top Gun - Kill an enemy Raptor with a raptor missile.
    Vehicular Manslaughter - Run someone over while going quite slowly, or turning.
    Road Rampage - run 15 people over. You can't use the Scorpions blades.
    		          7. Mods and Conversions
    OK. This was suggested on the forum: give a guide to the awards for the
    various mods and conversions which have been made for UT2004.
    Soon I will download Alien Swarm, and start looking at awards for that.
    7.1 Frag.Ops
    This is a nice little conversion which makes UT a bit like counterstrike. You
    have one life, and when you start, there is a short time where you can't move,
    and you buy better weapons and armour. You get cash for kills, and you get
    awards for doing special things. The conversion has also split the body into
    different parts, so you can see how much damage different parts of your body
    have taken. Anyway, on with the awards or, in this game, Medals.
    You only know you have got an medal after the round, but after that, if you
    have any medals, press F1 and it will show all the players, and underneath
    will be the medals they have. At the bottom will be pictures of your medals
    Pistol Novice (Marksman) - One pistol Kill, 33% headshot accuracy   *$200*
    Advanced Pistol - Two pistol kills, 50% headshot accuracy   *$300*
    Pistol Expert (Sharpshooter) - Two pistol kills, 90% headshot accuracy  *$500*
    *Golden Eagle unlocked*
    Purple Heart - Last Surviving member on your team  *$300*
    Army Cross - Kill 75% of the opposing team   *$350*   *1AP bonus*
    Silver Star - Kill 90% of the opposing Team   *$500*
    7.2 Alien Swarm
    I am not sure about this mod. I am not over keen on overhead games, especially
    Turn based squad games. Although this isn't turn based, it isn't my favourite
    mod, but I am happy to play it.
    Like Frag.Ops you aren't told you have an award until after the mission, but
    this guide will show you how to get them.
    These medals will give you bonuses:
    Perfect - Do not loose any health during the mission   *+1 movement*
    IAF Combat Honours (Tier 1) - Kill over 100 bugs unassisted over the campaign
    *+1 Accuracy*
    Silver Halo - Heal your team mates for a total of 500HP *+1 Special. Medic
    Blood Halo - Heal your team mates for over 250 Damage  *+1 Special. Medic
    Gunfighter - Kill 20 Aliens with pistol   *Akimbo Pistols*
    Iron Hammer - Kill over 100 Aliens in one mission   *+1 accuracy*
    Iron Sword - Kill 50 Aliens unassisted in one mission  *+1 accuracy*
    These medals do not have any bonuses.
    Blood Heart - Finish the mission with your last bit of health
    Iron Fist - Kill 50 Aliens unassisted
    Iron Dagger - Kill 25 Aliens unassisted
    IAF Battle Honors (Tier 2) - 250 kills in entire campaign
    IAF Battle Honors (Tier 3) - 500 kills in entire campaign
    			       8. Daredevil
    This is a special award you get for doing crazy jumps and spins in vehicles.
    on the first line, you are given a level, as a multiple of 10, and the distance
    travelled while in the air. On the second line, there is spin. This is how far
    you have spun in the flat axis, i.e. turning a circle on the floor would be on 
    he 'flat' axis. Next is flip. This is the car rotating on its front axle, like
    doing a forward roll. Thirdly is roll. This is how far the car went in the last
    axis. Imagine drawing a line from the front to the back of a car. Then rotate
    it on the line, and that￾fs roll. Lastly is the time you were in the air for, in
    seconds. Spin flip and roll are all measured in degrees, with 360 being a full
    circle, and the vehicle ending up as it was before. you can easily get a
    negative value, the negative value just shows you that you turned one way, and
    a positive number for the other.
    When you get the award, you will get a verbal announcement, and the stats will
    appear in red in the bottom half of the screen. You must be in a wheeled vehicle
    to get this award, and the easiest vehicle to get them in is the scorpion,
    because it is so light.
    You must land on the wheels when you hit the floor to get the award, otherwise
    you are automatically ejected out of the vehicle, and don't get the award. You
    can also see your total daredevil score by pressing F3.
    You can get daredevils in:
    leviathan (what? are you crazy?)
    Note: in the Clone Bandits mod, you don't get daredevil awards, but in the
    Barracuda you will instead get extra Nitro￾fs. These will only stay with the
    vehicle: i.e. if you get into a different Barracuda, you don't keep your
    Daredevil Glitches
    Posted by Green Goo
    "If you are falling from a GREAT distance (i.e. from a raptor) and you enter
    a vehicle before hitting the ground AS THE VEHICLE IS SPAWNING, you can get a
    massive daredevil. The level is some obscene number, upwards of 80,000. 
    It is ridiculously hard to reproduce, as you must enter the vehicle before the
    "spawn lines" have gone away and while it is still falling from the spawn
    I think this would probably happen, because the vehicle spawns off the ground,
    and it would count your falling through the air in calculating the
    daredevil award. You will also have to land in one of the vehicles it is
    possible to get the award in.
    Posted by (MD)Specter
    -Enter a Scorpion, or make sure it is your team's.
    -Get out
    -Charge your Bio Rifle with alternate fire
    -Shoot UNDER the car
    -Quickly get in
    If good it'll make a jump which is lower then the average double jump on foot
    :) yet it will give a massive daredevil, 30,000 level or more (I got 36,000
    If wrong :) the vehicle will explode killing you :P
    This trick is good in maps where scorpions have more armor :) but I did this
    once in Torlan when the admin loaded me.
    Hope this helps :) and good luck doing this
    			       9. Hall of Fame
    This is an idea I just had. When you get a high daredevil score, press the
    print screen button on you keyboard, or use any screen capture software you
    have, such as hypersnap, and e-mail me the image, preferably as a jpeg, as they
    are small files. The 10 highest daredevil scores will go here, along with your
    name so others can bask in your glory.
    My highest was 1040, although I will not submit this because it was because of
    a glitch, I was in a hellbender, which got caught, giving a massive total for
    air time.
    For those who don't know how to get a copy of your screen, here is a simple
    1. While the score is still on the screen, press the 'print screen' button. On
    most keyboards, this is found in the top right hand corner, in a group of three
    buttons, the other ones being 'Scroll Lock' and 'pause/break'. Don't worry
    if there is something else written on the 'print screen' button, mine has 
    'SysRq' but this doesn't do anything.
    2. When you press the 'print screen', the computer will save a copy of what
    you see on your monitor onto the clipboard.
    3. Pause the game, and minimise UT2004. You can do this in a number of ways, 
    although the easiest is to press the windows key.
    4. Open up an image editing program. For the example I will use paint, because
    everyone has it. You can get to it by Start>All Programs>Accessories
    5. In paint, go to the edit menu, and click paste. You picture should appear.
    Check to see that everything is there.
    6. Save it as a JPEG file. Go to File>Save as. Name it as the daredevil score
    you have, then go to save as type, then JPEG. Save it.
    7. E-mail the picture to me. My e-mail address is at the top and bottom of this
    Or simply press F9 in-game. This will save the screen in
    They are saved as .bmp files -the devils picture file. These each take up
    2.25MB which is a stupidly large value, especially on lower end PCs. Then you:
    1. Open up an image editing program. For the example I will use paint, because
    everyone has it. You can get to it by Start>All Programs>Accessories
    2.Go to File>open. Use the dropdown menu and go to ,blank:\ut2004\screenshots
    and open the picture you want.
    3. Save it as a JPEG file. Go to File>Save as. Name it as the daredevil score
    you have, then go to save as type, then JPEG. Save it.
    4. E-mail the picture to me. My e-mail address is at the top and bottom of this
    Do not try to doctor pictures because I will notice. Or at least I hope I
    Do not use cheats such as God mode. Low gravity counts as a cheat.
    You may use the 'stunt vehicles' mutator.
    You may only do it on 'official' maps. These are the maps which were released
    with the game, on either of the CBPs, or on ONS-Icarus i.e.- the maps on the
    community>ownage maps section of the game.
    You may also use the maps released on the Windows XP map pack.
    When E-mailing, also include the name of the map, so I can confirm the picture.
    Please also include the name you want to have next to your score, or i will
    just use part of your email.
    My decision is final.
    Threatening to 'hack' me results in your email address being displayed below.
    People, feel free to do with this as you feel.
    And now, on with the Hall of Fame!
    Daredevil Hall of Fame
    1.  Mog                200
    2.  Mike Frankovic     170
    3.  Crahzz             160
    4.  Tomhall            150
    5=  <GKS>Timo_rules    120
    5=  Jeremy             120
    7=  Lachlan McMullin   90
    7=  [TLF]iviv          90
    9.  Kyuubi             80
    10. Archangel          60
    Lachlan McMullin has also glitched a 420 score by getting it stuck on the edge
    of a cliff, and so was in the air for 24.72 seconds. I give him/her credit for
    this, but sorry i can't put this on the scoreboard.
    			     10: Coming Soon
    I will add more awards when I find them, and update the Hall of fame when
    people send in pictures. Contact me with the pictures or information at
    I am also looking for someone who can describe roll, spin, and flip better
    than I can.
    I am looking for more Conversions to FAQ. At the moment I have done Frag.Ops,
    and Alien swarm has been recommended to me. Any other conversions with awards,
    e-mail me them as well.
                                  11: Thanks/contributors
    Epic for making another great game, Mysterial for making the UT2004RPG mod,
    which has hooked me even more to the game, and my clan, for starting the UT
    section, being supportive in general, and hosting this FAQ until gamefaqs
    accept it.
    Cobra1 for pointing out that the 'Flawless victory' is objective based as well
    Bovis for pointing out the 'Combo Whore' award, and reminding me of the 'hat
    trick' award
    Green Goo for the massive daredevil score glitch
    Decarb for linking me to the Frag Ops awards.
    ScorchedSilverBullet for the idea of including other conversions' awards
    Salvatore for pointing out that it only says Ludicrous, not Ludicrous kill, and
    correcting me on the pancake award.
    UnrealSolaris for info on Road rage and road rampage
    Carth for linking me to the Alien Swarm medals
    Darkus for writing the FAQ I got the alien swarm awards info from
                         12: Cool Mods, Mutators and Conversions
    Frag.Ops Conversion
    Like counterstrike in UT
    Alien Swarm Conversion
    An overhead view tactical squad based shooter
    UT2004 RPG Mutator
    Adds a Level up element into an already great game, and adds lots of abilities.
    I love this.
    Monkey Matrix Moves
    Lets you go into bullet time with duel assault rifles while doing a flip in the
    air, all the while you are shooting, and you get the cool bullet effects. This
    is great.
    Clone Bandits
    Rather Strange, but pretty good mod. Shame about there only being one map.

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