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    FAQ by MaddogELC

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    UT2004 guide created by MaddogELC on January 22nd, 2005
    Version of UT2004: 3339
    Copyright 2005 Eddie Carrasco
    Email: maddogelc@yahoo.com
     I - Intro
    Hello everyone! This is MaddogELC's first FAQ for UT2004... or any game,
    actually. You can just call me Ed if you email me or something. I look foward
    to completing this during the weekend, I WILL get a whole lot done by Janurary
    23rd, which is a few days. I'll probably get it done by the weekend. I hope you
    like the guide.
    Note that this will be my second submitting to GameFAQ's since my last one was
    denied. And to everyone, including the judge, I have made it better by putting
    more detail into all of the peices of info like the weapons, and also I have
    finished the Vehicles section. I assume it wasn't accepted because of the
    Weapons section and the lack of Vehicles section and Game types section. Also I
    have deleted all the smart remarks on the subsections one the table of contents.
     II - Version history
    1.2 - Everything. Its not 1.0 since this is my second submitting of this guild.
    My other one was too short, too dull, and just not enough to satisfy anyone.
     III - Table of Contents
    I - Intro - My intro! No touchy! Just a little about me and my writing of this
    guide, that's all.
    II - Version history - All the version crap I'm not good at >.<
    III - Table of Contents - Gee, I wonder where that is...
    IV - Tips - Info if you lose too much online!
     a) Basic Controlling
     b) Firing and shooting
     c) What combos to use
     d) Fighting as a team
    V - Main menu - What you see when you start the game.
     a) Single player
     b) Join game/host game
     c) Instant action
     d) Community
     e) Settings
    VI - Game types in order from easiest to most complicated in my point of view.
     a) Deathmatch
     b) Team Deathmatch
     c) Last man standing
     d) Capture the flag
     e) Mutant
     f) Invasion
     g) Double Domination
     h) Bombing run
     i) Assault
     j) Onslaught
    VII - Weapons - You pull the trigger, wonderful things happen. Like screaming.
    VIII - Vehicles - Get in one, turn the ignition, push forward, run over that
    dude over there, repeat. All there is to it. Even more screaming.
    IX - Closing - B0oho0! I g075z 2 go!
    X - Questions & comments - Will build up as I get more email's, of course!
    XI - Credits - Free cookie.
     IV - Tips
    A few tips and controls if you find yourself being slaughtered too much, even
    if it is against bots. You might find a couple of these useful
    The == <message> == tells you the default key(s); how do preform the move.
    Basic controlling
    Everyone should know pretty much the basics right now. ==For noobs I recommend
    Using the W, A, S, D keys,== because you dont want to have your left hand all
    the way to the right and have no room for the other important stuff. Use the
    mouse to aim, and if you skip straight to the advanced game types, learn to use
    USE (E by default) to enter and exit vehicles. Use the left mouse button to use
    primary fire and right mouse to use secondary fire. Use the scrolling to select
    different weapons (when you get 'em), and if you don't have a scroller/center
    mouse button, then use the number keys to select weapons.
    Everyone should be using this, weather on foot or in a vehicle that strafes.
    ==You strafe by pushing A and D.== Noobs should practice this but for only a
    short time. Useful by getting somewhere and covering yourself from side attacks
    at the same time.But you probably want to make this move more efficient, right?
    RIGHT? Then try something more complex! (Not THAT much more complex..)
    Double strafing
    Now, we are somewhere different. This is simply double-tapping any movement
    button twice, instead of the lame regualar strafe. You can also tap the up
    movement key twice to get you somewhere faster. Or you can tap down if you are
    trying to retreat. However, theres an even more USEFUL move down 3 moves down.
    But read Jumping and double jumping first. Remember, DO NOT try this uphill or
    stairs. It just will not work.
    Don't use this one often unless you are just ******* around. It's way too low
    and never gets you anywhere. If you are going to do a jump, then you'll
    probably wanna do a Double jump just in case. ==Anyways, just use the spacebar
    for this tactic.== IMO this is useful for suicide jumps.
    Double Jumping
    Now to make jumping useful. ==Simply press the Jump button (space) at the top
    of a normal jump in order to make this one work.== Easier than it sounds.
    This is good for confusing the enemy while dodging his rockets while moving
    toward him with a shield gun fully powered and kabooming him to peices! It is
    also useful for getting to a bit of higher places that you couldn't get with a
    normal jump.
    Double Strafe-Jump
    Ahhh - the fresh breeze of getting your head out of your arse. It's self-
    explanitory, ==but this is basically tapping the strafe button twice followed
    by the jump button.== Kinda simple, yes, but useful. This combines the skill of 
    jumping with the skill of strafing. So pretty much its both. Its useful for
    dodging - err... more enemy fire. You can also use the foward key and you'll
    be zooming through the map. Well, not exactly, but you will go faster. You can
    also use it to jump over the enemy, turn around and blow him to peices. You
    can use it to cross gaps more efficiently. Have fun.
    Driving (Onslaught, Assault, certain mutators)
    No driving license required, but keep your ******* eyes on the road! If
    friendly-fire is on, watch out and don't run over your team. Stupid. And don't
    run into an open warzone. Dummy. Unless you are firing at an enemy and have
    to get somewhere at the same time, always keep your eyes on the road. If you
    can't handle a vehicle, get the hell out and let someone else drive. Also, if
    you haven't set the number keys to anything else, and the vehicle has more than
    one seat, then push different numbers to take over different seats. This isn't
    recommended however, since you will not be able to drive in heat of a battle.
    To go foward, push W, and to go backward, push S. To turn/strafe, use A & D
    Firing and shoosting
    Yes, everyone MUST know how to shoot something. Same with vehicles stated
    above, if you can't handle it, use the throw weapon button and give to a team
    member if you are playing a team game. If you know you are not good at using a
    redeemer and you know someone who can, and all of a sudden you come across a
    hidden redeemer, by all means give it to someone.
    Firing modes - primary and secondary
    Its pretty simple if you keep the controls the same. ==Basically, just push the
    left mouse button for primary fire and the right mouse button for secondary. If
    you actually plan on winning, then you'll probably need to know this. Get 2 + 2
    out of your head so you can learn this one. You can switch the two buttons in
    the controls options in the Settings >> Input menu. If you want switching for
    only one weapon, go to Settings >> Weapons, select the weapon to invert, and
    check the box that says something like "switch firing modes". I prefer it for
    the minigun since I'm a secondary-firemode fan of it :P
    Learn to aim
    Yes thats right, people! Cheese IS the best! Wait, wrong subject... err--
    anyways, everyone needs to know how to aim properly. Get a clean mouse. Get a 
    big, durable mousepad. Get more mouse space. Then go kick other ppl's arse. And
    your own if you're really that brilliant. If you have an automatic weapon or
    a splash weapon, etc, aim whatever, where ever, just be able to hit your prey,
    Lead your foe
    Alot of weapons need time to reach its target if they are moving. So you might
    need to do a little split second math. The distance between you and your foe
    times the distance per second from the projectile divided by the speed in which
    the foe is moving equals the distance ahead of you foe you should shoot. So
    type ~ and type in slomo .000000000000001 and do some math for when you are
    sniping. Or, you can make life easier and just predict when its going to hit
    and when they are going to meet, which is easier than it sounds. Sorry if I
    made you flip out.
    What combos to use
    These are the variety of combos that you can use throughout the game using
    adrenaline. Of course, you have to have 100 adrenaline to use the combos. They
    aren't saved to your character, so thats why they are easy to get, because you
    get adrenaline by killing foes and picking up the actual item. To start using
    adrenaline combos, gather 100 adrenaline and push a combo listed below that
    consist of four movement buttons. There are 6 in all, 2 are for screwing around
    and require a mutator. When you use adrenaline combos, your adrenaline starts
    draining until it reaches 0, in which the combo stops working and picking up
    more adrenaline wont come into effect much durning the combo. When you enter a
    vehicle while the combo is activated, the effect will stop and the adrenaline
    will stop draining, and you have to get back to 100 before using a combo again.
    Speed - Up x4
    Perhaps if you are running from someone if you are under heavy fire, and you
    are too scared of the other team/players getting another mere point (like me),
    then you should use this combo. Although it uses alot of adrenaline per second,
    it is very useful for getting places faster. If you are playing capture the fag
    or other games like that,
    Booster - Down x4
    If you AREN'T scared of the other team or players gaining a point, but want a
    small advantage, use this one. Doesn't use the adrenaline as fast but when you
    use it, it will heal you until either you run out of adrenaline or you get
    199 health and 150 armor. Be warned, though, if it reaches max health and armor
    it will still drain adrenaline.
    Invisibility - Right x2, Left x2
    Perhaps a little predator mode will satisfy your taste? Then use this combo!
    It will turn you invisible for a short period of time, useful for sneaking
    under a crapload of noses in Capture the flag or Onslaught, or even Assault,
    but its just about useful in any game mode. Although not COMPLETELY invisible.
    The other players will still see your silhoutte(sp), and it is useless against
    the bots, if any.
    Berserk - Upx2, Downx2
    Or maybe you prefer shooting a lot faster than your foes, while burning a lot
    less adrenaline from you than other combos. Others will get the notice that you
    are using berserker when they see you surrounded with this red, rotating
    sphere that you can see in front of you as well.
    I'm not going into depth with the two others that you can screw around with,
    since if you know how to get the mutator, then you know where to look to
    get the information - at the bottom of the mutator screen.
    If you are playing Onslaught, CTF, or any other form of team games, you're
    gonna wanna learn to communicate and cooperate with your team, whether it be
    bots or humans. Humans are easier to work with. They are easy, but not much
    easier than working with bots. So pretty much its all good and easy. Just be
    sure to (manually) type through teamtalk if you are playing online. If you do
    not have a mic or don't feel like using it cause you dont want your voice heard
    or yall think its a stupid idea, don't sweat. You can teamtalk or you can use
    various voice commands to boss your teammates around, which is pretty useful.
    Selecting a commander (optional)
    Before you start an online game, one useful and fun thing you can do is select
    someone as commander for the team. They commander's job is to order the team
    to complete certain tasks that benefit the team and their victory. As another
    two options, 1) You can vote on who is commander, and 2) You could have players
    don't do anything at all unless they are ordered to do so or enemies cruise in
    on your team.
    Commanding - If you are the commander, you must either be a fast typer, or set
    voice shortcuts and learn them. If you set voice shortcuts, are playing online,
    and you want certain people to do certain things, then push the voice shortcut
    key and then push Teamsay button, and type in the people you want to do the
    command you just put out.
    Following - If you are not a commander, you should listen to your commander,
    cause they probably know whats happening. If the commander tells you to hang
    around and defend in Assault(defense) and CTF and ONS, dont go attacking the
    other base. Thats just about all.
    If you are ambushed, but it is not completely hopeless (you have more than
    about 80 health) or a node/objective is being attacked, then call for help.
    Use a voice shortcut, as in "I need some backup," or "I'm hit" and people
    should come to help. If you have low health and you are alone in an open
    battlefield, don't be afraid to die, unless the gametype is Team Deathmatch. If
    it is not Team Deathmatch, then your death will prove nothing and count as no
    point for the opposing team. The only thing you lose is the glory of attacking
    as soon as desired, and probably a streak. Just don't suicide if you are on a
    streak - you still have a chance to keep it and either run away or fight until
    you can respawn. If you Team talk to your teammates, a good tip is to type in
    peace. This means do not start typing to your teammates in the middle of a
    Unless you are a bonebrain. If you are a bonebrain then by all means
    start typing while getting slaughtered! If you ARE in the middle of a gunfight
    and MUST type, either sacrifice yourself and do it or run away. In TDM and
    Invasion your best choice is to run away, unless you are not scared by the
    opposing team getting a mere point on there scoreboard.
    Loading up vehicles (Onslaught, Assault, etc.)
    Before a game of AS or ONS starts, know what vehicle your going to get. But if
    you see someone heading for a big vehicle, then you should take up the second
    and third (etc.) seat. Especially if its a hellbender. In my opinion when you
    are attacking a core or node/destroyable objective, load up a leviathan at any
    given oppurtunity. If you are playing big teams, there should combinations
    of many vehicles. A fully-loaded Leviathan + 2 Fully loaded Goliaths + 1 Raptor
    equals one undefeatable army of 10. Other combos are 3 or 4 goliaths with some
    other vehicle, a Leviathan with 4 mantas, or a few hellbenders, or maybe you
    like 2 Goliaths with a few flying raptors/mantas ... the possibilties are
    endless... I think. Of course you have to add the vehicles in the mutators and
    in the UT2004 updates, and make a whole nother set of possibilities, whether
    the mutator leaves the Leviathon alone or not.
     V -The main menu
    Single player
    I don't recommend it much but its where you play the actual tournament, with
    only bots. A little too complicated, and if you want something better, try
    instant action, or especially Join/host game.
    Now you get somewhere. This is where you can play with thousands of people via
    the internet, no phone numbers required.(yay!) You can also chat if you are not
    in a game, and also you can look for updates from UT2004.
    Instant action
    This is where you can get a lot of practice with bots, and also where you can
    use cheats if you still suck at that. If you find yourself using cheats in
    instant action then you should lower the skill level of the bots in the game
    rules. Also you can set the bot # to 0 to be by yourself and explore the arenas
    by actually entering the game, but in solitude and see what each arena is like.
    This is where you can DL more maps, activate user mod's, watch different built-
    in movies including tutorials. And, oddly enough, you can watch demos that you
    record by using the "demorec/demostop" command during or just before a game.
    The same thing on the ESC menu, the settings lets you configure elements of the
    game to get a better gameplay, audio, controls, etc. I recommend changing the
    controls for a bit of better play.
    Exit game
    Push this, and click yes and you are immediately sent One hundred octrillion
    dollars in exactly 23 hrs and 59 minutes and 59 seconds and 99 milliseconds
    after the exact millisecond you push Yes. Either that or it exits the game.
    It has a 99.999999% chance of it exiting, rather than giving you
    $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. (One hundred octrillion)
     IV -Gametypes
    These are the gametypes that you will play online and on botmatch. Umm...
    Basic Gametypes
    These are quick gametypes if you are not looking foward to a long game and just
    want to play a little Unreal Tournament 2004. Nothing really that special.
    In this mode, you either kick someones arse or get your arse kicked. Your
    choice. This mode is free-for-all, and anything goes. Except pulling out a
    You will get banned from the game immediately and the game will shut down and
    become unplayable by your computer for life. Its best to keep on fragging so
    you don't become in last place right under your nose because other people are
    fragging each other and you are not involved.
    Team Deathmatch
    In this mode, you either kick the opposing teams arses, get your arse kicked,
    or kick your teammates arse. You're choice. This mode is team based, but
    anything goes. Except eating sludge. Well actually, you can do that, if you had
    the bio-rifle. You cannot pull out a snickers bar while playing game of UT2004.
    Your computer will shut down forever. Pretty much nothing much of a tip for
    this one except for sticking together and fight as a team.
    Last man standing
    In this mode, you have a set number of lives and when you get kicked in the
    arse that many times, you are eliminated from the game until a new match
    starts. Easy as that. Be the last man making camp in the middle of a
    battlefield -- well, you get the picture. One useful advantage will be to hang
    around somewhere where others are not (keep on moving!) and when others are
    down to 2 or 3 lives, go and kill the others.
    Capture the flag
    Pretty much a simple scenario, this consist of having a few people going out
    to get the flag, and bring it back, while others stay and defend. Oddly enough,
    the flag carrier can still use weapons. All except the translocator. If the
    carrier translocates, he will immediately drop the flag whereever he
    translocated from and have to go back to pick it up. Also, it is NOT wise to
    throw a Translator chip in the enemy base and Capture the flag, since the enemy
    can destroy it just to where its broken and undeployable. If you do, however,
    switch to your translocater, and push the Switch-to-translocator key, which
    lets you view from its camera, and then switch to 3rd person to see if its
    broken or not. If it is (sparks flying out), wait for it to disappear to use
    it again. If it is still active, then you may translocate. Be sure to turn
    back to 1st person.
    Intermediate gametypes
    These require a little more skill and the games might be a bit longer than the
    basic types. One exception is invasion, if you are really that good! But trust
    me you aren't. :P
    Gets boring quickly, but if your looking for a short gun of some extra fun play
    this one. It starts out free-for-all, and the one who draws first blood mutates
    into a mutant, teleports to another location, and technically has all the
    adrenaline combos activated without the use of adrenaline. The mutant also has
    all weapons. The mutant has one disadvantage however. Superpowers as the mutant
    may have, the mutant is like a vampire. It needs to kill to live. The mutant's
    health drains and it replenishes when you kill someone. If it reaches 0, it
    turns back into free-for-all until another ounce of blood is shed. Basically,
    when someone is mutant, everyone else is on a team, but still against each
    other. Also, as an optional twist, you can have the player with the lowest
    score be the "bottom feeder" which goes around killing others, mutant or not.
    In this mode, you have 10 seconds to prepare for each wave of oncoming monsters
    with two additional disadvantage twists. For one, you can only have 2 bots with
    you if you are playing Instant action. For two, if you die, you are OOT! You
    are eliminated from the game until your fellows decide "Hey, lets kill some
    monsters! Wow good idea!" and then a new wave starts. If all players die, its
    game over. To make things more competetive, you still get points for killing
    A tip is to learn the map, figure out its sniping and hiding secrets,
    preferably with the translocator. Then start an invasion game and get to the
    sniping/hiding point whenever it gets to about the 13th wave.
    Double Domination
    This is where it needs real teamwork. There are two points on the map, point
    Alpha and point Bravo. Your team's job is to activate both points with your
    color, while defending them from the other team so that they dont steal them.
    You'll probably want half a team defending/attacking point A and one half
    defending/attacking point B.
    Bombing run
    Basically this one is just like basketball, except it is not a flat open
    basketball court. Its a regular arena with a ball in the middle and two hoops
    at each end of the arena. The objective of this game is to get the ball through
    the hoop. Who would have guessed that! If you are playing Instant action, dont
    expect many efficient passes. When you have the ball, your health regenerates,
    but you cannot use weapons. You are supplied with a Ball Launcher, that uses
    Primary fire to shoots and Secondary to make a pass. The scoring system is
    fairly simple: Shooting the ball through gets you 3 points and jumping through
    the hoop with the ball gets you 7. If you jump through your own hoop with or
    without the ball, you die. So don't try it.
    If you are ganged up on by a whole bunch of enemies and no backup, a useful
    thing to do is to try to throw the ball straight up in the air, hold them back
    for a second or two or call for backup -- your choice -- and catch the ball.
    Advanced gametypes
    These require the most skill and shooting tactics to succeed in these game
    types. Here, games are very long and are not for people who are in to a quick
    What is an average first person shooter without actual missions to complete?
    Well this game pretty much puts the missions in one gametype! Even better, you
    can play with other people and bots, which try to stop you from doing the
    missions. Also after you do the missions, fail or succeed, you get to defend
    the missions. Or maybe you will defend first. I wouldn't know. In this mode,
    you have a few vehicles to aid you in these quests. There are not much, but
    there mostly turrets, like minigun turrets. People should go in groups when
    attacking to get the objectives done more efficiently. You should have one
    group doing this objective while another is the nearest they can be to the next
    The most complicated, but most fun, gametype was, of course, saved for the
    last. This one acts as a bigger cousin to Assault and requires a bit more skill
    than Assault. You start at your base and the first and only thing you can do is
    go and obtain a power node (small metal base on the ground that must be linked
    up to your power core to be active on your side.) After that, you must repeat
    until your node is linked to enemy powernodes. Once you've destroyed each of
    the enemy nodes linked to the power cores and you have got them on your side,
    you can now attack the power core. Like Assault, this also has vehicles, but
    it doesn't have only one or two like Assault. This one has many vehicles, but
    not as many turrets. Each vehicles only spawns at a base controlled by the team
    that is linked to it. If one team controls a vehicles, the other team cannot
    steal the vehicle unless the enemy has been in it.
    You can heal your own vehicles and power nodes with the Link gun's secondary
    fire, but you cannot heal your power core, so defend it at all costs. Remember
    that you can't attack an enemy power node or power core unless you are linked
    to it.
     VII - Weapons
    This is the list of all the weapons that you will find in UT2004. I've listed
    each of them along with a rating from 1 to 10, 10 being the best.
    This is basically a teleporter used to teleport to hard to reach places or
    places too far to reach on foot. The ammo is rechargable, but don't use it too
    much or you'll run out and probably hit the ground hard. You can also telefrag
    the enemy, but chances are it will bounce off before you teleport.
    Primary fire: Deploys/Undeploys the chip
    Secondary fire: Teleports to chip location/telefrags enemies.
    Translocator selecter button: View from deployed chip's internal camera.
    Ammo: 6 (rechargable)
    Shield gun(8)
    A very powerful melee tool that you can use as a shield or instagib someone
    close by. Hold the primary fire to recharge and get close to an enemy and fire
    away and instagib them! You can also use secondary fire for a shield which
    will block most everything without a splash.
    Primary fire: Hold to charge up for more damage from the melee weapon.
    Secondary fire: Use as a sheild, which uses up your ammo.
    Best used against: Infantry
    Assault gun(3)
    A very weak gun, although it is an automatic. If you want to lose a battle then
    this is a great weapon to start with. If you want to win then I suggest a
    better weapon. This is your basic machine gun that you start with.
    Primary fire: Fires a spray of useless bullets
    Secondary fire: Lobs a useless grenade.
    Best used against: Infantry
    Bio Rifle(4)
    This gun is green and slimy. It contains a house of many slimeballs that are
    either waiting to be deployed immediately, waiting to multiply after it's
    deployed, or waiting to increase in size for an instagib.
    Primary fire: Fires a small blob of radioactive boogers.
    Secondary fire: Builds up the radioactive snot until it is completely fatal.
    Best used against: Infantry
    Shock Rifle(3)
    Great. Its purple AND useless. The only advantage of this thing is its infinity
    range. It does barely any damage and even its strong fire mode is only good if
    you hit the targer. I bet you $5 you'll miss your foe with the secondary fire.
    Primary fire: Infinity range, but wheres my damage? Shoots a purple laser beam
    capable of making an ant squeal.
    Secondary fire: Lots of damage, but wheres my momentum? Shoots a ball that does
    damage, but its too friggen slow. Capable of making a dog squeal.
    Shock combo: First shoot the secondary ball then detonate it by shooting with a
    primary shot. You'll die before you shoot the ball.
    Best used against: Infantry
    Link gun(5)
    Oh wow. Get hooked up with your teammates (literally) and fire green stuff.
    Very useful if you don't have a stronger weapon. To make things worse, each
    primary fire shot will use up two ammo per green dart.
    Primary fire: Fire green stuff. Uses two ammo per shot.
    Secondary fire: Get hooked up to make your attacks stronger. Still weak. But
    only use this to heal vehicles in ONS and AS.
    Best used against: Team vehicles
    Ahh! NOWW, we're getting somewhere! This one fires an inaccurate, but strong
    and fast, spray of bullets whereever you aim. You can take out enemies and
    redeemer missles in a matter of seconds.kaboomboomboomboomboomboomboom. That's
    the minigun 
    Primary fire: Sprays fast bullets.
    Secondary fire: Sprays strong bullets.
    Best used against: Infantry
    Flak Cannon(8)
    A great close quarter weapon. Good for getting foes out of your face or
    confusing manned vehicles. Completely useless for long range because of its
    lack of speed, and the wideness of each shot with no excessive amount of
    projectile pershot.
    Primary fire: Fires a big spray of dog crap, or flaks*, that's on fire. So
    basically this thing is a Dog-crap cannon.
    Secondary fire: Fires a HUGE dog crap that explodes into little peices of dog
    Best used against: Manta, Scorpion, and Infantry
    *Be right back, my dog just took a flak...
    Rocket Launcher(10)
    So far so evil! What's next? Its a Rocket launcher! And look! It even launches
    rockets! It has a good use for long range and you can even lock on to foes by
    keeping your crosshair on them! Don't try it in crammed spaces or you might die
    or something of that sort...
    Primary fire: Fires a rocket. It goes fairy fase and it is very strong...
    Secondary fire: Loads up and fires three rockets. Do not miss. If you do i kill
    you. Too late.
    Best used against: Everything.
    Lightning gun(7)
    This little useful sniper gun is the little brother of the famous sniper rifle.
    Although most people use it at close quarters, you can also take the roof and
    zoom in and snipe from there!
    Primary fire: Fires a bolt of electricity. Keep moving cause they're gonna see
    you if you don't manage to take their head off.
    Secondary fire: Zooms in for sniping
    Best used against: Infantry
    Onslaught weapons
    Mine layer(10)
    Remember that spider you killed years ago when you were about three? It's
    family has finally arrived for revenge! This is A little mini-military base for
    a whole buncha technology spiders that explode when foes get near. Useful for
    defending nodes, the core, or objectives.
    Primary fire: Fires up to eight spiders, which is a total of 64 legs.
    Secondary fire: Shoots a laser ordering the deployed spiders where you want
    them to go.
    Best used against: Vehicles
    Grenade Launcher(9)
    Its a launcher that launches grenades. But they stick. Weird. Very useful for
    sneaking in to enemy bases or nodes, put 2 grenades on a manta, 3 on a raptor
    and the rest on perhaps a hellbender or scorpion. And stand back and when
    filled by an amount that satisfy you, kaboom them to death. The grenades stick
    forever until you die, in which they will explode anyway.
    Primary fire: Fires up to eight grenades that stick onto people and vehicles.
    Secondary fire: Detonates each grenades with a kaboom. Hear that? kaboom.
    Best used against: Vehicles
    A Vicious Rocket in ... umm... Luck? Nah. Actually, it stands for Anti-Vehicle
    Rocket Launcher, which is weird because it doesn't have anything that "i"
    stands for. Anyways, this gun fires a big ol rocket. These rocket lock onto
    vehicles with a powerful punch, as long as you have your crosshair on them.
    Useless against infantry since it goes so slow. A tip is to purposely miss,
    aiming just above it, or to the left or right. When the rocket gets near,
    lock on to the vehicle. Muahaha? Yes, muahahah.
    Primary fire: Fires a rocket that homes in on vehicles as long as the crosshair
    is on it.
    Secondary fire: When locked on, this will zoom in and stay on the target, but
    with a line of sight with the AVRiL
    Damage: Moderate
    Best used against (and ONLY should be used against): Vehicles.
    Sniper rifle(10)
    My personal favorite. Acting as a bigger brother to the lighting gun, it has a
    clearer scope so you can see people's big heads better so you can land a head
    shot. Keep on the move, though, because once you fire, smoke emerges from your
    rifle for other snipers to notice and snipe you out of the skies (or the
    grounds). However, it barely does squat to vehicles.
    Primary fire: Fires a bullet. Woot! It can kill an enemy in two shots if
    not aimed at the shoes. One hit will take out the head.
    Secondary fire: Zooms in. The Sniper rifle doesn't get any worse than if it
    didn't have a zoom on it.
    Damage: Kills in 2 hits.
    Best used against: Heads.
    Super weapons
    Ion Painter(9)
    Useful little tool. Just hold the trigger, and wait. See all the colors of
    purple. What it does is create a target patch onto the ground to where the
    laser points and then three fast, purple missles come down and meet directly on
    the ground, creating a powerful (purple) explosion that will instagib anyone
    who gets in the way of the gigantic blast radius.
    Primary fire: Fires the "laser" that will emit from the painter, marking the
    target for the incoming purple missles.
    Secondary fire: Zooms in. Sometimes, you might want to see detail in which you
    are aiming.
    Damage: Instagib
    Best used against: All vehicles, all infantry.
    Target Painter(7)
    I could never get this one to work, but I think it only works in ONS mode. Ive
    been using the ONS weapon mutators. Once again, it emits a purple laser that
    targets a spot for an unmanned but computerized phenonix bomber to air-strike
    the place. When the target is set, the computer yells "Warning - Incoming Air
    Strike" and then a pheonix bomber comes either straight toward you head-on from
    where you were facing, or come from right behind. Either way, you might wanna
    take a side step or two before the bombs reach you.
    Primary fire: Fires the "laser" that will emit from the painter, marking the
    target for the incoming Air-Strike
    Secondary fire: Zoom in.
    Damage: Instagib
    Best used against: All vehicles, all infantry.
    Best weapon in game. Period. Big rocket. Huge explosion. Basically its a huge
    rocket-launcher that, like the Ion Painter and Targer Painter, only has the
    capacity of one single ammo. Be careful where you shoot, because like the Ion
    and Target Painter, you could be effected by the huge blast. Also, like the
    Target Painter, The missle can be shot down.
    Primary fire: Fire the "missle!" This will simply shoot the missle straight to
    where you are aiming. It has its advantage over Secondary fire because you can
    move around directly after shooting.
    Secondary fire: Now you get to guide the missle with the rocket-eye view while
    assuming altogether that you wont get slaughtered back at where you fired it.
    This is useful when you are attacking the enemy base in Onslaught, you get
    killed in the process, so you respawn where you know a redeemer is, grab it,
    and use secondary fire to get the missle to the opposite base.
    Damage: Instagib
    Best used against: The dragonfly over there.
     VIII - Vehicles
    Not a good vehicle to use for defense, or attacking if you are planning to use
    the weapons. This one is strafable, which means the mouse turns you as you aim
    at people. Basically it looks like a roach with circular wings.
           Speed(10) - Super fast!! Will get from point A to B in a flash.
           Attack(2) - Will hurt a fly, but not that effective.
           Armour(3) - A single AVRiL rocket or a couple of Flaks. All it takes to
    bring this one down.
           VS. Vehicles(2) - Effective when flying around a big monster annoying
    the enemy. But it takes too long to destroy a strong vehicle, such as a Goli.
           VS. Infanty(4) - Just use the crouch button while flying full speed at
    'em! If it were not as vurnerable to strong weapons, this is more like an 8.
           Overall(4.2) - It sucks, but a useful transportation tip is to carry
    your teammates on the winges that have the triblades on them.
    Quite a bit better than the Manta, has plasma darts, just like the Manta, and
    it has a missle which locks onto enemy Mantas and Raptors. This one is also
    strafable, and looks like a roach with wings in the back. And to make things
    even MORE realistic, it has doors!
           Speed(10) - Super fast, but in the air, which makes it useful for hiding
    amongst the heavens.
           Attack(3) - Better than the manta, but still can't exactly hurt a wasp.
           Armour(4) - a Goliath's cannon or two AVRiL missles can take it out
           VS. Vehicles(5) - Just like the Manta, but it can hide in the sky while
    taking out a Goliath or a Leviathan in seige mode.
           VS. Infantry(3) - Just steer clear of AVRiL and the Goli's minigun.
           Overall(5) A small amount better than the Manta, and more effective,
    too, especially if they've got a deployed Leviathan, which is when it is weaker
    in armour.
    Finally! An actual four-wheeler, and with a plasma string launcher than can
    tie up a handful of infantry or quickly cut down vehicles. The string launcher
    is deadly when powered up to about three fourths to seven eights. If it is
    fully powered it might be too long and catch onto walls or your own team. It
    is non-strafable, which means your aim will always face the same way. Its
    secondary fire releases two sharp blades from either side of the Scorpion,
    which will be an instagib to infantry, and instagib to your blades if you hit
    anything else with it.
           Speed(8) - Quite a fast car, will get from A to B in a good amount of
    time, and if your teammates have skilled enough balance, they can get on top
    and snipe or get transportation.
           Attack(5) - Pretty nasty on the weapons, you can tie up your enemies to
    the pole or tie them together, while exploding to peices a few seconds later,
    or you can tie up a vehicles, or you can go up to infantry and pull out your
    blades and slice 'em up!
           Armour(5) - Not much for armour, but not too bad - Better than the manta
    and the Raptor.
           VS. Vehicles(7) - Better if you can get behind them and then tie
    them up and then back away so they'll explode.
           VS. Infantry(9) - Run 'em over or use your blades, your choice of
    becoming a killer.
           Overall(6.5) - A little below average, but still a good vehicle to have
    if you are in danger and there is no stronger vehicles.
    Another four wheeler that is not strafable, and also this will be your first
    multi-seater. This means that you can have more than one person in the same
    vehicles! In this case, there can be three people, and one can drive, and
    others have turrets. However, what makes this multi-seat different than the
    others is that the driver has access to no weapons. But you can still camp out
    in the hellbender while pushing 2 or 3 and hide and shoot enemies. They wont
    know that you are in the hellbender and you can just get the turret and
    suddenly blow their head off. I would prefer the rear turret, which is the
    third seat. The second seat side turret is more complex.
           Speed(6) - It goes a little fast, but this is like a monster truck, so
    it will get you places.
           Attack(8) - Good if you have it fully loaded, or otherwise this is more
    like a 2.
           Armour(7) - Won't exactly resist a redeemer missle, but it is pretty
    decent armour incase you try to escape in one of these.
           VS. Vehicles(7) - Good if you have it fully loaded, or otherwise this is
    more like a 2.
           VS. Infantry(9) - Good if you have it fully loaded, or otherwise this is
    more like a 6.
           Overall(7.4) About average.
    Yes, where is a good vehicular game without tanks in it?! I dunno I haven't
    played all the others >.> Anyways, this is a two-seater, non-strafing goliath
    tank that has a big ol' cannon on the that does a crapload of damage and a
    .50 calibar machinegun for air protection against raptors and mantas. Not
    very speedy but not absolutely the worst. This is a decent one to use for
    defending since its likely you will get jumped at the enemy base.
           Speed(3) - Bah... you and infantry could play tag with this...
           Attack(9) - Haha! Bring it sucka!
           Armour(9) - If you have someone to shoot the machine guns for you, this
    is more like a 10.
           VS. Vehicles(8) This can knock out most vehicles in a couple seconds
           VS. Infantry(10) - You pull the trigger... and the cannon-- the cannon
    goes boom..... and it goes boom, and... you see dude flying in the air... and
    then they land head first (but already dead) into the earth.
    Simply the best of vehicles in this game. This one is a five-seater,
    non-strafer huge tank-truck thing that the driver uses a big rocketlauncher
    in primary fire, and the four passengers gave control over four link turrets
    on each corner. The driver also can use secondary to toggle seige mode (it
    takes a few seconds to get into/get out of seige mode) before moving to
    'deploy' the Leviathan. When the Leviathan is deployed, it cannot move at all
    and it is more vurnerable to attacks, and the passengers still have the same
    link turrets, which I believe they can fire while it is changing to seige mode.
    However, the driver has access to a very powerful ion cannon that can take
    a powercore in about 4 hits! But even in non-seigemode your vehicle is so
    friggin slow!
            Speed(1) Ehh..... If its deployed then its more like a 0.
            Attack(10) Aggresive machinegun-rocket launcher, even more powerful Ion
            Armour(10)Do not try to take on a leviathan at home. It has friggin
    6000 Hitpoints!
            VS. Vehicles(10) You pull the trigger and the cannon goes boom and you
    see vehicle flying in the air and then they land headfirst (but already dead)
    into the earth. Actually, don't use the ion cannon. Wastes time.
            VS. Infantry(10) No need for ion cannon for this. Just givem a couple
    rockets. Yes those are rockets from the RocketLauncher. Just a different shape.
     IX - Closing
    Well, thats it for now, That's the best I can for now. Pretty good for a
    starter eh? I submitted, it failed, I revised it, I submitted again. In order
    to succeed you must fail... sometimes. I hope you liked the guide and would
    appreciate questions or comments to maddogelc@yahoo.com. Thanks!
     X - Questions & Comments
    None yet :(
     XI - Credits
    Credits go for Me for making the guide,
    CJay for creating the website,
    My parents for creating me,
     a) my dad for getting me this computer,
    God for creating the earth,
    Epic for making UT2004......
    Nichola Tesla for discovering electricity (No it was not Ben Franklin, believe
    it or not! Let this be a history/science lesson to you! Ben Franklin took his
    idea before Nichola could get a patent.)
    ETC. ETC.

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