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"Hot Multiplayer Action"

The title of the game says the entire concept right off the bat- it is an Unreal Tournament.

When I popped this into my computer and the startup screen came on, I was instantly hooked. A minigun going off and a spider exploding? What more could you ask for from the first 10 seconds?


Yes, a perfect score. UT2004 delivers when it comes to addicting action that will have you coming back for more. Numerous character classes and types to pick from, so many awesome weapons, huge environments and maps to play on, and all the different combat modes such as capture the flag, assault, onslaught, and deathmatch make this game a flawless victory when it comes to gameplay.

Although the single-player mode is a tad disappointing, the online aspect completely makes up for it. Imagine 32-player carnage on a vast level with so many vehicles to roam with, so many sniper points, even strategic nuking spots. Yes, NUKING.
The Onslaught mode of battle is easily the best, with nodes that you take control of by capturing and protecting, or attacking the opponents controlled nodes. I have played UT2004 for hundreds of hours, and I still pop it in every day just to feel the feeling I get when I win an onslaught match.

Unreal Tournament gives an odd satisfaction that you receive from knowing you helped win a match somehow, some way, even from the smallest thing as killing one guy when he was about to somehow change the match.


At the release point of the game, the graphics were godly when combined with a good graphics card. Even by today's standards, you need pretty good hardware to play the game on max resolution and texture detail settings. The characters are a little cartoony, but the terrain, and especially the weapons, are very detailed. I'm amazed each time when I see the shock rifle.

Explosions are very nice, with fantastic detailed particle effects. Physics also play a good role in the game, mainly consisting of rag-doll type. Explosions knock a person in the direction away from an explosion, down a hill, limbs rolling. Even detachable limbs, down to good detail.


I almost NEVER give a game a perfect score when it comes to sound, but Unreal Tournament 2004 has some of the most memorable tracks to play to ever in a game. Each track has a similar feel, but each is very distinguishable. Every level has an epic feeling, similar to war games, I suppose. This game delivers on music, folks. For each level, there is a different soundtrack. And the weapons effects are highly realistic. Hours of songs and FX will keep you quite occupied.

REPLAY VALUE- I would call it EXTREMELY high

You will be popping in this game forever, as there is no end to the fun. You will be yearning for more headshots and more explosions each passing day. GO BUY THIS GAME.


There is a demo version of Ut2004 which you can download from the official website. In the demo, you can play certain levels online for free, forever. You get all but 2 weapons, around 7 levels, most gameplay modes. It is a good way to try the game before buying it. I really suggest doing that, as it is only 250 megabytes to get.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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