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"To Hell with the single player, it's all about the multiplayer here baby!!!"

Ok, let me clear this up right away. If my review was solely on the multiplayer aspect of this game, then you'd be looking at a ten right now, but to be fair I had to look at the game as a whole. Sooooooo, to be honest the single player is what took away that one point, since it could've used a little more work(well a lot more work). But look on the bright side, the multiplayer of this game is so great that it completely overshadows the lackluster single player campaign. As you can tell, if you don't have an online connection(which you probably do since you're reading this review), then don't bother picking up this game. Also if you hate jerks online, then you may want to avoid this game(there are just as much here as there are in halo), or you can find a group of buddy's to play with who are a bit more politically correct. Now time to get down and dirty with the review.

Gameplay- 10 (sort've, if you ignore the single player)

Well there are 10 gameplay modes with over 100 maps, and if you don't like the default settings then you can customize the game settings down to a fine point to fit your personal taste. That in it's own right can keep you busy for months, but a shooting game isn't much of a shooting game without guns(and apparently vehicles, since every shooting game has them now). Luckily UT2004 has one of the most creative sets of weapons and vehicles to ever be presented in a shooting game, and amazingly they are all well balanced. All of them fit specific roles and none are over-powered or under-powered(as long as you act like the assault rifle doesn't exist). There are also nine vehicles that are just as impressive as the weapons are. And it seems that UT has been taking notes from it's competitors, since it has implemented a whole lot of team based modes this time around. In an age where shooting games have evolved to a turtle slow-pace focusing more on tedious team management, instead of simply blowing crap up you can see how much UT stands out like a sore thumb. There real acheivement of this game is the fact that it was able to add such an incredible level of depth and teamwork without sacrificing a single ounce of it's trigger-happy roots. The action is as fast pace and chaotic as ever before(no shooting game comes even close to the insanity presented in here). The controls and game mechanics have been polished to perfection. The only way you can not like this game is if it's not your typical style, but still you must at least have respect for what it has accomplish.

Graphics- 10 (remember this is back in 2004)

When this game released 2 years ago, it was a landmark in graphical prowess displaying the fullest potential of teh unreal engine 2. Even by todays standards it looks better than any game featured on any current gen consoles, and some next gen aswell. Graphics isn't a topic I can elaborate much on, so I leave it as that.

Sound- 8

Energy pumping music? Check. Heart pounding sound effects? Check? Corny voice acting with annoying taunts? Big Check. Hey, what else can I say?

So I basically just bull ****ed those numbers up there, but who cares really? I was never good at math anyways, just know that this is a must have multiplayer game, even if it's two years old. Just place it nicely along with Halo 2 and Gears of War, this should tide you over until Unreal Tournament 2007 rolls in.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/19/06

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