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"This is a great game!"

Me being the little UT fanboy, I want to share my word about this game.

Short: It has a extremely, under the average single player, but it makes up for it where the multiplayer gets a score of 10,000 on a scale of 10!

In long..


Doesn't need any hussle, you get in a server where you get in a huge chaotic battle, rockets and shrapnel everywhere, did I mention the mixture of taunts and dying people while fighting is hilarious?

Team Deathmatch:
Yet again, doesn't need any hussle, two teams kill eachother with even more rockets and shrapnel, only diffrence between TDM and DM is that you'll feel a better company surrounded by you, did I mention running in huge packs of people shooting down single opponents? Yet again more people crying in the mic cuz' they got killed.

Capture the Flag:
Simple run and retrieve, fun if you have a good team of players, otherwise it'd be a bad gamemode to play, but apart from that its just UT doing its thing.

Bombing Run:
I played this gamemode to death on UT03 servers, its just a soccergame with weapons, if you guys happen to play Soccer on Counter-Strike source, and wish you had some extremely overpowered rockets and shotguns to play with, this gamemode is for you.

Cinematic kinda Mad-Max game, this is interesting, I didn't really like the Assault on the originial UT, but this is the second best gamemode, note how I love the strategy and teamplay in this gamemode, especially as defender you can hop on turrets (aka Convoy map) to shoot people that try to hop from car to car, just to see how they fall down, and see their ragdoll effects collide with the ground at high speed.


This gamemode has me in its grips for about two years now, MASSIVE CHAOS, LOTSA JEEPS, TANKS, HOVERCRAFTS AND JETS, did I mention chaos?

The great thing of Onslaugh is the co-orperation, you'll always go in teams since you can't get powernodes up alone, everybody does its bit while others terrorize the opponents with tanks, hovercrafts and stuff.

Imagine your in your base, your core is attackable, your whole team is at their base on turret guns, in jets that are swirling above your base waiting for a enemy attack, and there they come, in a huge distance you see about twenty opponents by foot or by something else, shooting the crap out of them, it rocks that badly.

Announcer is back, with a new sexy woman announcer voice to, they have some new words like PANCAKE (when you squashe somebody with a Manta or Raptor) or DAREDEVIL (when you perform a stunt) and the UT voices are solid, like always, did I mention the background music boosts you up so badly, hearing taunts of somebody else that they need help at ___.

Great engine, texture is great to, even at old computers or even LABTOPS the game runs smoothly, the game doesn't earn a best graphics of the yer award, but they still are good!

There are ALWAYS servers, seeing the game being among the best FPS today it isn't suprising, the forums is also active, everyday you can download new maps, skins and even jeeps or tanks and jets to try out, in other words: HOURS OF FUN.

Replay value:
Gets a Eleven out a scale of ten, Onslaugh and assault is great, I dare to say its even better then Garry's mod!

Why you should buy UT04?

Even if you had a burning passion to ram a metal pipe thru somebody's skull who liked UT03 (I liked UT03) you should give it a try, UT04 is changing everything you disliked, you'll be amazed at the sheer awesomeness of this game, if you like CHAOS, RAMPAGE with humoristic elements you want to play UT04, without a doubt.

ECE: With this ECE edition you buy of UT04, it will include some mods and vehicles that won the Make Something Unreal contest, that will include some maps, mods and.. yeah: Vehicles and fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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