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"Everything that 2k3 was, and more(literally)"

Ok, just incase someone out there doesn't know what Unreal Tournament is, it's a multiplayer oriented first person shooter.

Now that I have that out of the way, this game is SWEET!

Even just the sheer amount of content incldued is amazing. Now a lot of people whined when they heard it was 6 cds, or that they had to get a dvd drive for the SE version. Well, considering that the game includes all of the models, sounds, mutators, levels, characters, skins, gameplay modes. music, etc from UT 2003, it isnt very hard to imagine why the game takes up so much space. And even though the game shipped with over 100 well designed levels, the developers even had a new official map for people to play the day the game launched. Now is that support for the community or what?

The game comes in two retail packages, regular, and Special Edition(SE). The regular package comes with the game on 6 cds. However the SE version is where it gets interesting. For the same cost of the regular, you get the game on 1 dvd, and a bonus dvd including tutorials on mod making and level editing(as usual the game comes with all of the editing tools), as well as a logitech internet chat headset to take advantage of the game's voice chat features.

Graphics don't make a game, and they can break a game, and in this case they can make the game awesome. Now if you can turn up the detail all the way on your system, you'll be treated to tons of highly detailed textures(no repetitive wall or floor textures) and a lot of the effects such as shadows and dynamic lighting that we've come to expect in modern games.

The sound is the same hard hitting nitty gritty loud wonderful audio you should expect from an unreal series game. Explosions sound huge, lightning sounds like lighting, and vehicles sound like they could drive right through your room.

Wait, did I just mention vehicles?

Yes I did. Vehicles are a long awaited feature in the Unreal series of games, and when combined with the karma physics engine, they become fun to drive. There's everything from tanks, dunebuggys, aerial fighters, even space fighters. Plus there's all sorts of neat turrets too.

The vehicles not only come in handy for the new ''Onslaught'' game mode, but make an excelletn edition for the return of the ''Assault'' mode that was removed from UT2k3. Vehicles with good physics that are fun to use, just make the game even more complete.

ANd of courase having all of the mutators from UT2k3 and a whole bunch of new ones, there's also a nice variety of gameplay modes. There's deathmatch, team dm, last man standing, invasion, onslaught, assault, double domination, capture the flag, and with the amount of supprot the develoeprs are giving to the community, you can expect a lot more soon.

It would be nice if developers and publishers would always reward their customers as the people behind UT2k4 have doen this time around.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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