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"Makes UT and UT2003 look lame"

First off, don't misunderstand my title, I don't think the other UT games look lame. I first got UT when it came out, and UT2003 when it came out. I'm not much of a fan for FPS games, PC or otherwise. But UT was so amazing, so new from most FPS's, that I loved it and couldn't stop playing. When UT2003 hit stores, I immediately went in to buy it, and it, in my opinion, was even better than the original UT, exceeding my expectations in every way. But now, the 3rd in the UT series comes out, and, with all the things that are new as well as the greatest parts of the last two games combined, like I said before, it makes the last two UT games look lame.

First off, there's the 10 modes of gameplay. The many classics of the last two games like Death Match and Capture the Flag, the more unique and great modes like Bombing Run and the famous Assault, and now, in addition to the old game modes, we are blessed with 3 new modes: onslaught, invasion, and mutant. Invasion is defending your base from wave after wave of enemy attack, seeing how long you can hold off the enemy before they defeat your entire team in a single wave. Mutant, where one person plays a super being with all weapons and invisibility, killing opponents for points to win the match, but if killed, the murderer becomes the new mutant and you must kill them. And then there's the greatest new mode, onslaught. You must connect nodes to reach the enemy power core and destroy it. The greatest part of this mode, is the new vehicles that we all knew were coming to this game.

However, the modes aren't all that's new. There's the maps, bringing the old ones as well as new ones for over 100 maps in all. There's the old and new characters. And greatest, the old and new weapons. UT returns with all the great weapons of UT2003, as well as the return of the sniper rifle. We have the old Ion Painter as well as the new AVRiL, targeting a location for this plane to bomb the sh** out of. There's also the new gun turrets that you can just hop in on some levels and fire from there.

When you get down to it, new gameplay elements as well as the old classic UT items we know and love, UT2004 is a great game that will blow your mind way, and it rightfully deserves it's place on your game shelves and on you TOP 10 GAMES list.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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