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"Your favorite online FPS just got alot better..."

Can you remember the good old days of Unreal Tournament 1? That game sure was fun, huh? Then remember that horrid 2003 version that took out almost every single aspect you like from the first version? Well good news, Unreal Tournament 2004 has taken the great aspects of both 99 and 03 to create a game that will be remembered for the ages.

Graphics 9/10 -

It seems that Graphics are always the hype of a game now a days, huh? Well then I guess that its a good thing Unreal Tournament's graphics are plain awesome. The Graphics are really just a bit better then 2003, but 03 was pretty darn good to begin with anyways.

Gameplay 10/10 -

Epic Games really out did themselves this time. Unreal Tournament 2004 features classics Such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, plus a few new ones as well. Fans of 99 will be very happy to know that Assult has returned. As good as it sounds to have Assult mode back, it is most deffinitly not the star of the show. The best mode would have to be the brand new ''Onslaught'' mode. Onslaught mode is quit similar to that mode in Battlefield 1942 where you capture enemy bases, however it works much better in the Unreal universe. here is a basic rundown of the types of play

Deathmatch -

The cult classic. You run around a small map fragging (Killing to those who are new to Unreal) the hell out of the other players. When you die you respawn somewhere on the map and continue to blow each other to bits. Although simple, its very, very fun.

Instagib -

This is just a different version of Deathmatch, but I figured I would include it. All charecters are only equiped with a shockrifle that cant alt fire. The ammo is unlimited, and one hit will kill a charecter. This makes for a game of Agility and Accuracy. Some players will apreciate this mode, other will hate it.

Last Man Standing -

Instead of having umlimited lives like deathmatch, in this you only have a set amount. You start out with every weapon, and has the name says, the last man standing is the winner.

Mutant -

I must admit, I have not played this type yet, so you'll have to try it yourself!

Team Deathmatch -

This is exactly the same, except you form teams and share your frag count.

Capture the Flag -

Each player has a small base. In this base is your flag. Capture the enemys flag and bring to to your base.

Bombing Run -
Think capture the flag, except with a goal at each base, and only one flag, wich is a ball, that you throw. You cant use weapons when carrying the ball, meaning you'll need a good defense from your team

Assult Mode -

Back from 99, in Assult mode one team attacks and the other defends. The Attacking team goes through simple objectives throughout the map. The Defensive team will do everything they can to stall this from happening. Once the Attackers win, the teams switch and it is the Deffenders turn to attack. Whover wins in the Attack mode quickest is the winner.

Onslaught -

In Onslaught, each player has a base. There are smaller neutral bases in between the 2. You steal the bases and try to form a line of bases that connects to the enemys base. Once you do this, there base is deactivated and you can attack it. This mode introduces Vehicles, which are very very cool. There are a few tanks, a helicopter-like thing, a hover vehicle, a car that resembles the Warthog from Halo, a Truck, and 2 spaceships. Vehicles put a new spin on things, and make the match very interesting. I think that Epic did a great job balencing the vehicles to the infiltry.

Invision -

This is about as close to a co-op mode as Unreal gets. All the human players join forces to fight a horde of monsters. when you die, you must wait to respawn when all the monsters are killed. Once all monsters are destroyed, a second wave approaches. If all humans are killed, its the end of the match. This is a good way to train for TDM.

Sound - 7/10

The music to me was crude. Think about the music from Sonic Adventure 2. Now ad 15 electric guitars. I gave this a 7 instead of a 3 because I felt that the sound effects themselves were impressive.

The Online Experience 10/10 -

I found that the servers loaded quite fast, and that there was close to no lag. I think that the voice chat was a nice feature, but that it was quite in annoyance to have to hold the f button to talk. It sure did beat typing though.

Replay Value - Extremley High

The online experience helps this games replay value greatly, because you never really know how your opponant will react. I found that whenever I got sick of one mode, I could always find a different type that sparked my interest

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/04/04

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