Review by JoepvanDeutekom

"Overhyped? - Yes, Bad Game - No"

Hello, this ismy review for Unreal Tournament 2004. I think this game is VERY, VERY overhyped. Everybody says that Unreal Tournament is perfect. IT ISN'T! Sure, Unreal Tournament is a good game, but it doesn't deserve the succes it got. Now, this was a short introduction for my review.

Gameplay Multiplayer - 9

The gameplay in this game is pretty good. You can compete to 32 people. There are many modes for this game. The best are Onslaught and Assault. Sure, you have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and capture the flag. (Capture the flag is a VERY, VERY dissapointing mode in this game, for exemple: In Halo CTF is by far the coolest mode in the game, i always enjoy it. Here its just very boring) But i think assault and onslaught are the best. Onslaught is a copy of battle field 1942. Its just to take bases over and take destroy the enemy main camp. Assault you have to finish a few mission objects to win. One team has to defend, while the other one has to attack. By the way, there are now 8 vihecles in the game, only 8 but still a good expansion. All in all, the multiplayer mode in UT2004 is very great!

Gameplay Singleplayer - 5

HAHAHA, this is one of the most stupid single player campains i have ever played. Please, dont waste your time playing singleplayer, just play multiplayer :) Because there isnt a story and the difficulty is toooo easy....

Graphics - 7

Good graphics!??!?!?! Look at halo, Starwars, Morrowind... etc. These are BAD graphics for a new FPS. There really isnt much to say about it... Sure, it isnt ugly but it could have bean MUCH better!

Sound - 7

AUGH, AHHHH, OUGH!!! BOOOOOOOOOOM!! That kind of sounds you hear, not much more.

Music - 10

This is the best point of the game. The music is just adrennaline-pomping and you just like to shoot peoples had down with this music. The music is a very good thing in UT2004. Normally i do sound and music in 1 thing. But theres a diffrence in this game (music-sound)

Story - 1

SAVE THE WORLD! yeah, its what you like...

Replay - 8

Singleplayer - No replay at all
Multiplayer - pretty good replay

Rent or Buy / ?

Buy if you like the UT series or if you like FPS. Rent at first and then if it is at a lower price buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/12/04

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