Review by spyguy999

Reviewed: 06/07/04

The King of FPS Has Reclaimed the Throne

This game is more than just a mere sequel to past Unreal games. It signifies a change in philosophy for the game makers, and more importantly, a better chance for users to experience some features long overdue. You need not fret if you’ve never experienced an Unreal game. As long as you look at the controls, this game isn’t very hard to understand or play; a great selling point.

To pick up on where I left off, you shouldn’t have to worry about elaborate controls with this game. Controls are simple for the most part, and as you progress you’ll understand the use and functions of the more complex features in this game. You may want to configure the controls to what suits you best because the default controls are not necessarily the best. Although the main reason to buy this game is for the incredible multiplayer action, there are single player missions to be played here, and quite frankly, they aren’t that bad.

The story line hasn’t changed much from other Unreal games when it comes to single player action. It’s still a shoot ‘em up sort of game, making your way through various terrain shooting both strategically and as fast as you can while avoiding hits. Don’t get me wrong- there are differences in this game. Most of these new features shine in multiplayer. With more and new characters, different assault vehicles available in some multiplayer games, and weapons, along with the more familiar items from previous versions, this is surely a knockout winner.

Graphics and Sound:
A wealth of eye pleasing graphics will make you want to explore each level in detail for both single and multiplayer games. The sheer variety of levels in multiplayer along with user-created levels will show you the true power of your computer. Bold colors, massive structure, and detailed environments all make you feel guilty when you happen to destroy them all with a rocket launcher- but that’s a good thing. There is also much to hear in this game. In true 5.1 Surround Sound, the sound is truly breathtaking. Excellent ambient noise, realistic sounding weapons and attacks, sometimes humorous taunts from other players, and the sometimes the real voice of other players using a microphone all help deliver a true gaming experience.

Play Time and Replayability:
Play time will vary from player to player in single player mode, and times for multiplayer will depend on the host’s preferences. Replayability is high for this game, especially for the multiplayer part of Unreal Tournament. I cannot stress how much you will want a broadband connection if you do not already have one because of this multiplayer action. The truly original levels and skilled opponents will keep you coming back to increase your ranks among fellow players. And with the newly added land and air vehicles, this version of Unreal is just brilliant. Wondering how it could possibly get any better? With multiplayer games such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Double Domination, Bombing Run, Last Man Standing, Invasion, Mutant, Assault, and finally, the favorite among the experienced and skilled, the highly enjoyable and strategic Onslaught.

Final Recommendation:
As I have said from the beginning, do not be intimidated by this game’s long standing history. Even if you have never played Unreal Tournament, the fast moving action will convince you not to give up. General knowledge of modern FPS games will give you an advantage, along with a basic understanding of the controls. This truly is a great addition to the Unreal dynasty, and even if you don’t have hours each day to spend playing this game, it can truly become a grab and play game for as long as you want to play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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