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First off, I'm one big, big fan of the original Unreal Tournament, and a fan, though not a huge one, of Unreal Tournament 2003. So of course, the first words out of my mouth for Unreal Tournament 2004 (hereon called UT2k4), was "Wow."

I mean, what can I say? Epic Games and Atari did what their fans wanted. They know they didn't do so well in 2003, and they've stepped it up, and rocked the world with UT2k4. Everything that disappointed the fans in UT2k3, they fixed up, and added even more! Looks like they sure listen to their fans. =)

Graphics - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Music - 10/10
Story/Plot - 1/10
Fun Factor/Replay Value - 8/10

When you first start up the game in Instant Action, and you look around the world... "Wow." Unreal Tournament 2003 was good, but they went even further and pumped it to the extreme. This game is one hell of an eye candy. Everything is so well modeled, and realistic, it easily left me stunned and staring for quite a while. There is no question of the beauty of the graphics here.

Now you might ask, what in the world did they add to make me sound like it's some god gifted game? Well, for starters, UT2k3 lacked new "stuff." It was the same old Unreal Tournament, with new characters, new weapons, upgraded graphics, and so on. But in UT2k4, they took it a step further... and then some more! They brought back one awesome game mode from the Original Unreal Tournament, and then one new game type, both of them, pretty much blew everyone way. Assault and Onslaught. Personally, I use to play UT and UT2k3 with my clan with "Instagib" (instant kill), and "Capture the Flag." Now? I've actually kind of veered off, and I play so much Onslaught and Assault, because they're... well.. revolutionary.

Assault, was one highly popular game mode in the original UT, and is basically defending and attack fortified bases. Onslaught is not simply another mode to shoot other guys up in. Instead, onslaught adds a bunch of vehicles, and aircrafts to a whole new style of playing UT. You start on one of the two teams, and the point of Onslaught is to take over strategic points for your team, to have more defense for your Power Core, and in the process, knocking down the other teams points, to get to their power core and blow it up. So what makes this so amazing? Well to start off, all those land and air vehicles you can go in are amazingly easy to use, challenging to master, to add so much fun to the game. Never before could you get run over by a vehicle and die. Never before could you take an aircraft to a high point, and snipe people from there. Never before did you have to watch not only your back and front, but also all the things flying above your head. Not only that, but they also have different spawn places in the map, when you take over strategic points (much like Battlefield 1942), and gives it a very cool military feel. It changed the whole UT game, to something new and fun. Ok, enough about Onslaught now. =)

So what else did they add? Well personally I found the UT2k3, fun and exciting, but many people seem to dislike it. So listening to their fans again, Epic has now included the options to change your announcer, AND they also included the Original UT, UT2k3, and Sexy Announcer (give this one a try for some good laughs. ^_^) all in the package with the new UT2k4 one. More characters, more maps, and more customization of the game as well. You can now add tracks as MP3's rather than OGG. =) Nifty feature if you ask me. I love Deathmatches with Paul Van Dyke playing. ^_^

Sure, there's not story for the single player, other than it's a tournament and you need to win, but Single Player isn't the game anyways. It's all about the multiplayer.

There's not much else for me to say, other than: If you like UT, or any shooter for that matter, Unreal Tournament 2004, will not disappoint you.

It failed to disappoint me, so it's definitely a must buy on my part.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/04

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