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    Glossary File by Kizor Nerdbringer

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 10/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Evil Genius glossary file, v 0.9/28.10.2004
    "Author" Miikka Ryökäs/Kizor, Moosedance@gmail.com.
    Thanks to Pete for help in transportation.
    This file contains the entire help files of the PC game Evil Genius,
    painstakingly extracted from the game's data files themselves and formatted to
    be readable in .txt format. Tell me how to format a text file to a specific
    width without having to go through every line that goes over the limit pressing
    enter, and get a gmail invite.
    Why? Bugs. Some people can't access the in-game help, which is quite necessary
    in properly getting a grip on things and enjoying the game.
    This is a somewhat early version and while all the data's here, it hasn't been
    sorted to the in-game categories. As there's demand, I decided on getting this
    out first and fine-tuning it later; the end result's the same, but the file is
    accessible earlier on. Furthermore, the sorting is a secondary priority as
    using text search is more suited for finding things. In-game hyperlinks are
    denoted by asterisks (*), while entry headings are accompanied by plus signs
    to help searches.
    +Social Training Equipment+
    School Chair: The *valet*'s* job isn't the most challenging in the world, but
    it takes a certain amount of flair to be the best, and there are a number of
    tricks of the trade to learn. A valet can confide his knowledge to a
    *construction worker* with nothing other than the humble school chair.
    [Construction Worker->Valet]
    TV Studio: *spin doctor* has to be cool under pressure, with the ability to
    tell barefaced lies even with the knowledge that thousands of people may be
    watching him. Valets are already used to being obsequious and giving false
    compliments, so advancing to spin doctor is not a huge leap. The TV Studio
    can give the potential spin doctor valuable experience in manipulation.
    [Valet->Spin Doctor]
    Diplomat Trainer: This piece of equipment uses automatons to simulate a high-
    class reception, so that a spin doctor can practice his wining and dining
    skills and become a *diplomat*.
    [Spin Doctor->Diplomat]
    Playboy Trainer: With a bit of coaching in how to be smooth and seductive, a
    spin doctor can become a *playboy*.
    [Spin Doctor->Playboy]
    +Proximity Mine+
    When an agent or inattentive minion steps on a proximity mine, they will be
    blown sky high. Proximity mines are single-use only items.
    +Henchmen Experience+
    Each of your Henchmen has access to special abilities. To gain these abilities
    the Henchman must perform evil deeds in order to acrue experience points.
    Experience points can be gained by taking part in Acts of Infamy on the World
    Domination map or by killing enemy agents. The more dangerous the Act of Infamy
    or the agent is, the more experience points your Henchman will gain. Note that
    the Henchman must deliver the killing blow to gain the experience points. When
    your Henchman delivers a killing blow a sparkle effect (right) will indicate
    that they have gained some experience points.
    The Henchman's Properties pane keeps a track of how many Experience Points your
    Henchman has gained. Locked abilities are shown in green with a progress bar
    showing how far the Henchman has gone to gaining each available ability. When
    the bar is filled up, a message will flash on the message bar saying that your
    Henchman can learn a new ability. At this point you may choose to have them
    learn this ability by simply left-clicking on the ability on Henchman Property
    pane. You could also choose to continue gaining Experience Points for the more
    expensive ability; it's up to you. You can gain the Henchman's abilities in the
    order that you choose.
    +Egg Chair+
    The small egg chair is a budget-conscious choice for restoring (*minion
    properties*) attention to distracted minions. Although stylish, it's not the
    most practical of designs, and minions will take a while to to fully recover
    because of the discomfort.
    +Outdoors Cameras+
    The outdoors camera can be placed outside the mountain to allow tagged
    characters to be detected before they've even entered the base. This camera
    has a higher *heat* rating than a standard indoor (*security camera*) camera
    because it arouses suspicion about the island even before the hidden base has
    been discovered.
    The disguised camera is cleverly concealed inside an innocuous looking host
    object, which varies depending on the terrain. This can be placed outside
    without arousing the suspicion of agents.
    +Gas Traps+
    When a hapless agent triggers this trap, a cage falls from the ceiling and
    imprisons the luckless character. Gas is then pumped in, drastically reducing
    whichever stat the gas is designed to target.
    Initially only one type of gas trap is availabe - poison gas. Later on in the
    game, further gas traps may become available through research. The gas traps
    available are as follows, each is color coded according to which stat it
    Red: Poison Gas, drains health
    Blue: Hallucinogen Gas, drains loyalty
    Yellow: Nerve Gas, drains smarts
    Purple: Laughing Gas, drains attention
    Green: Knockout Gas, drains endurance.
    +Body Bag+
    When an agent or tourist is killed, they are automatically turned into body
    bags. Body bags have an area of effect that drains the (*minion properties*)
    loyalty and attention of any minions in the vicinity. They are also evidence
    of your wrong doing, and if an investigative agent should stumble upon a body
    bag, they will gain *heat*. If a *freezer* has been built, body bags will
    automatically be carried there, where their area of effect will be cancelled.
    If there is no freezer, body bags will remain where they lie unless you order
    them to be moved elsewhere.
    +Crash Test Dummy+
    Not strictly speaking a trap; however, if you want to test your trap system
    out, the crash test dummy is an essential one-off purchase. Point the crate
    in the right direction, and a limited number of automatons will march out at
    regular intervals, tripping any sensors that they pass through. This way you
    can see how a trap system will work out in advance and tweak it in preparation
    for the agents.
    +Saboteurs & Infiltrators+
    Saboteurs and Infiltrators are specialists at destroying and disabling elements
    and objects in your evil lair. They are sent in to specifically target objects
    that pose a threat in your base. If many agents have been beaten by a
    nefarious trap system, then you will undoubtedly find yourself under attack by
    these specialist agents of justice.
    There are four levels of both Saboteurs & Infiltrators; Pathetic, Poor, Good,
    Exceptional. The more threat that your base poses to the forces of justice,
    the more skilled the agents sent against you will be.
    Evil scheming is an excellent way to hone the intellect, but sadly the same
    can't be said of dealing with the minutiae of evil base maintenance. Minions
    are basically doing the drudge work, and it saps their (*minion porperties*)
    smarts. At the beginning of a shift, a minion may be capable of attempting a
    cryptic crossword, but by the end they can barely read a tabloid. The archives
    is the solution, providing (*microfilm table*) microfilm viewers and *reading
    table*s that can be used by the minions to raise their smarts back up to
    acceptable levels. The archives are also the home of a sinister set of
    (*bookcases*) bookshelves...
    Guards are your basic military minions, trained in combat but not yet
    proficient. Their combat training is reflected in their higher levels of
    health and endurance when compared to the construction worker. Their crash
    course in becoming a muscle-bound meathead does have a detrimental effect on
    their smarts and attention, unfortunately, and their base loyalty is also
    slightly lower because they think themselves more employable with their new
    skills. Little do they know that you'd probably terminate them yourself rather
    than let them defect.
    The main benefit of having guards is the firepower they can handle, if you
    supply it. Guards can wield rifles if you build an *armory* and equip it with
    the relevant *gun rack*. Setting the base to yellow or red alert will prompt
    guards to arm themselves.
    +High Density Capacitor+
    The high density capacitor is a refined version of the (*capacitor*) standard
    capacitor. It works in exactly the same way, storing power like an giant
    battery in case of emergency, but it has more energy cells and hence a higher
    storage potential.
    The *mess hall* needs a counter, from which to serve food. A minion is always
    needed to man the counter and prepare the food; other minions will seat
    themselves at the counter and consume food to replenish their (*minion
    properties*) endurance. A *time clock* can be used to control mess hall
    staffing more precisely.
    The mixer counter is used to prepare food for minions in the same way. It also
    has an industrial sized food mixer attachment that looks like it could give
    pretty much anything a good whisking...
    +Hotel Lobby+
    The lobby welcomes tourists into the (*hotel hub*) hotel, and provides access
    to *hotel room*s. Often the first room to be built, the lobby is a very model
    of opulence and comfort, but it's not a particularly thrilling place, and
    won't attract tourists during the day. At night, however, tourists will flock
    to the lobby, as long as there are hotel rooms built.
    +Power Generator+
    Power Generators provide fifteen units of power, which is enough to sustain a
    medium sized *control room* and a few traps. They are rather delicate pieces
    of equipment, and may be the target of saboteurs, in addition to wearing down
    naturally if they are constantly running at near maximum capacity (the power
    bar will turn yellow to warn of this situation). Generators may also explode
    if they are forced to run above their maximum capacity (the power bar turns
    red to warn of this situation). Generators slowly charge up any *capacitor*s
    in your base.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: It turns yellow! Red means a power outage.]
    +Control Panel+
    Control panels monitor all global communications channels, and decode the
    encrypted data to bring you detailed information about the different regions.
    If you have at least one minion in a region, and enough control panels, you
    can breach the info threshold and gain access to useful information that will
    help in the quest for world domination. Some regions have higher info
    thresholds than others, and will require more control panels in order to see
    the regional information.
    A control panel only contributes to information gathering when it is active
    and manned. Without *memory bank*s information will be lost as soon as the
    control panel becomes unattended.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think minion presence is necessary for a breach.]
    +Memory Bank+
    Memory banks work in conjunction with *control panels*. Control panels gather
    information about regions but they cannot store it, and if the control panel is
    left unattended, the information will be lost. Memory banks provide a
    temporary repository for this information so that it is not lost during shift
    changes. However, even memory banks cannot store information indefinitely, so
    ensure that your control room is staffed around the clock.
    Positioned as it is on a paradise island retreat, you will notice that tourists
    can often be seen wandering around. Typical of tourists, the beach and simple
    pleasures of island life will often only hold their attention for a short
    period of time, at which point they will begin to wander, usually poking their
    noses in places best left alone and may get themselves into trouble.
    If a tourist witnesses untoward activity, violence, body bags, traps and so on
    then they will become panicked and run around in a state of hysteria. Panicked
    tourists will attempt to leave the island at the earliest opportunity; allowing
    this to happen will generate *heat*.
    Using psychological attacks to reduce one of their (*tourist properties*) stats
    to zero will calm a tourist down, or alternately build a (*hotel hub*) hotel to
    keep them occupied.
    Voodoo is a religion and a way of life for the spiritual people of Haiti, a
    magical way of communing with the ancestral past. To the outsider, the
    principles and rituals of voodoo seem dark and sinister, but generally they
    are not. 
    In the case of Montezuma, however, they certainly are. Montezuma raises zombies
    for fun, has a cottage industry in voodoo doll creation, and has been known to
    hex people just for smirking at his top hat. He also cooks a really mean gumbo,
    but for some reason he tends not to have many visitors to his mountain retreat.
    Montezuma is not averse to leaving his Haitian lair, as his propensity for
    placing curses on people has left the local population somewhat ravaged.
    Special Abilities
    Voodoo Puppetry: Montezuma can work his magic on an agent, making them think 
    that their comrades are enemies, and vice versa. This ability may fail if the
    target has high smarts.
    Voodoo Mind Fog: Any agents enveloped in this cloud of confusion will forget
    any evidence they have seen and leave the island immediately. This ability may
    fail if the target has high smarts.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the *Henchmen
    Experience* page.
    +Venus Man Trap+
    The Venus Man Trap is a genetically-modified version of its smaller,
    fly-catching brother. Anyone passing too close to the Venus Man Trap risks
    being enveloped by its gaping maw and partially digested.
    +Disguised Rifle Rack+
    The disguised rifle rack serves the same purpose as a normal (*gun racks*)
    rifle rack, but it has a negligible *heat* rating. 
    Notoriety is what every Evil Genius craves more than anything. It is primarily
    increased through completing Acts of Infamy on the world domination screen,
    although small amounts of notoriety can be gained through other activities
    such as gloating. Make your presence felt in the world to increase your global
    notoriety levels and unlock new evil opportunities.
    +Schematics Station+
    A Schematics Station is a very useful piece of hardware, loaded up with
    schematics and database of troubleshooting hints for all the objects in your
    evil lair, it'll help your Technicians to work far more efficiently in their
    day-to-day repair work, which in turn will keep your base running more smoothly
    and better able to protect you from those dastardly agents forever trying to
    thwart your plans.	
    +Monkey-Inna-Box Trap+
    A cheeky little monkey can be coerced into performing your evil bidding by
    equipping it with a cerebral-controller helmet. When the monkey is released,
    he will charm the agents with his cuteness before catching them off-guard and
    administering a loyalty-draining attack.
    +Kill Tag+
    You can issue a kill tag from a character's properties pane. By tagging a
    character with the kill tag, you are issuing orders for all combat trained
    minions and henchmen to eliminate the tagged character.
    Only construction workers and military minions will respond to a kill tag and
    attempt to kill a character. Be careful with the kill tag. Once a tagged
    character has been attacked, they may respond differently to your forces even
    if the attack is called off. Also, be aware that once in combat, minions and
    henchmen will not stop even if you remove the kill tag, although it may
    prevent more minions from joining in.
    If you tag your own minions, then a green tag will be issued so that you can
    differentiate them from enemy agents in the heat of battle.
    +Hotel Hub+
    For an island so remote, a surprising number of *tourist*s make their way to
    it, seeking thrills and adventure. Left to their own devices, it's all too
    likely that some of the inquisitive visitors will stumble upon the secret lair
    and return home with stories that might interest the agencies of justice. Keep
    the tourists busy by building a hotel to entertain them. The cost may be high,
    but if the tourists are corralled safely in the hotel, you'll know they aren't
    poking around and causing mischief. There are three different rooms available
    to build in the hotel: (*hotel lobby*) lobby, (*hotel casino*) casino and
    (*hotel lounge*) lounge, each of which attracts tourists at different times of
    day. This means it is necessary to build all of them if the island's tourists
    are to be kept busy at all hours. Hotel extensions can be built to accommodate
    these rooms by purchasing an additional *hotel wing*.
    The cabinet is a luxury piece of furniture that can be bought to make
    the Evil Genius's dwelling even more opulent.
    +Brain Washer+
    The brain washer is the ideal tool for restoring (*minion properties*) smarts
    to befuddled minions. As long as they're not squeamish, that is. This
    remarkable device sucks the minion's brain out of their ear, then washes it in
    a special preparation of ionized fluid that repairs broken neural synapses
    before firing the lump of grey matter back into their skull.
    +Research Panel+
    Research is based on a process of combining existing base objects with
    laboratory research equipment to create brand new objects. Your science
    minions will help make this straightforward for you by walking around the
    base, observing all the objects you have built and making a note of any
    objects which have the potential to be researched further.
    You must have a laboratory equipped with a research machine, databank and at
    least one piece of research equipment before you can start researching. Once
    these requirements are met, click the research button on the main interface
    bar to access the research panel. 
    The research panel displays laboratory research equipment on the left side of
    the main pane, and researchable objects on the right. To perform an experiment,
     simply select one object to research, and one or more pieces of research
    equipment to use, then press 'GO' to start the research experiment. Once
    research has been ordered, science minions will carry out the experiment
    automatically. Other experiments in progress are shown on the far right.
    Jubei was born into a life of servitude, working at a prestigious Tokyo dojo
    he longed to emulate the young scions who attended the school. He admired their
    graceful combat from afar as he swept the floors. Desperate to prove himself,
    Jubei began to train alone. After he had finished his cleaning duties at the
    dojo, Jubei's broom swept through an altogether more deadly dance. He quickly
    discovered that he was a natural and was accepted into the dojo as a proper
    Everything went smoothly for Jubei for the first few years, until the time came
    for him to finish his novice training and progress to the more advanced levels.
    He was summoned before the dojo council, and told that although he was skilled
    in combat, he did not have the inner harmony to continue at the dojo. Incensed
    by this scandalous slur on his character, Jubei unsheathed his katana and
    proceeded to strike down the entire council. Pausing only to reflect that they
    might have had a point, Jubei fled the dojo to seek his fortune as a
    rogue ronin.
    Special Abilities
    Samurai Evisceration: Jubei can channel the anger of his ancestors through his
    katana to deliver a critical strike attack which deals massive damage.
    Wind Walk: The ways of the Samurai are shrowded in mystery, Jubei can harness
    the power of the wind spirits to teleport himself. When you activate this
    ability, the cursor will turn into a target - right click where you want Jubei
    to teleport to.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the *Henchmen
    Experience* page.
    +Holding Cell+
    If agents are to be taken alive, for gloating or interrogation purposes, a
    holding cell will be needed to incarcerate the captured intruder. Holding
    cells have very high *heat* ratings, and are not infallible - a sufficiently
    skilled agent will eventually manage to break out. Be careful not to be
    complacent about captured agents, because if they manage to break out and
    escape the island, the penalty will be a large rise in heat from the relevant
    +Giant Magnet Trap+
    The giant magnet trap consists of an incredibly strong magnet capable of
    attracting the iron contained in hemoglobin. Anyone caught by the field will
    be inexorably drawn towards the magnet, where they will either hit the wall at
    speed, suffering health damage, or else be sucked into another trap.
    +Hotel Doors+
    Hotels can be equipped with doors in exactly the same way as your base, albeit
    the more flashy plate glass ones. Note that the doors on your hotel have
    security settings exactly like normal security doors:
    Level 1: Anyone may pass through.
    Level 2: All Minions may pass through.
    Level 3: Only the Evil Genius may pass through.
    Level 4: Only the Evil Genius may pass through. Minions and henchmen will try
    and stand guard outside the door.
    So, don't forget to set your hotel door to level 1, otherwise none of the
    tourists will be able to get into your plush hotel complex.
    +Lord Kane+
    Lord Kane is an almost mythic figure in the criminal underworld. Many urban
    legends hold Lord Kane responsible for pretty much every major crime or
    disaster this century, from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to
    the Hindenburg. Unlike most urban legends, they are actually true in this
    case, although Lord Kane is of course meticulous in ensuring that no evidence
    can ever link him to his deeds. He insists to this day that his biggest crime
    was simply the result of a deaf lackey who misheard his order of "A bit of
    light panic, I think, eh?" as "The ship Titanic, sink her."
    With the European aristocracy wrapped around his little finger and the
    unwashed masses quaking in fear at his very name, Lord Kane is both a master
    manipulator and deadly combatant.
    Special Abilities
    Psychic Terror: Lord Kane's imposing presence can reduce an agent to panic if
    he concentrates hard enough. This ability may fail if the target has high
    Smooth Operator: Lord Kane can use his beguiling charm to convince them that
    nothing amiss. If they succumb to this, they will lose all heat. This ability
    may fail if the target has high smarts.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the *Henchmen
    Experience* page.
    +Nut Rupture Flash Bang Trap+
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Only in the World Domination Starter Kit version. Sorry.]
    This delightful palm tree houses some particularly deadly fruits; well
    poisonous coconuts to be precise. When triggered, the toxin-laden coconuts
    are launched high into the air, raining the area with a dreadfully toxic gas.
    Anyone caught in the nauseous cloud will suffer the harmful effects, becoming
    confused as their attention is sapped away.
    The Nut Rupture Flash Bang Trap is a bonus trap that is only
    available in this Special Edition of Evil Genius. 
    The dreadmill is a fiendish piece of equipment from some infernal gymnasium.
    When an agent is caught by it, they'll have to run like the clappers to keep
    up. If the dreadmill speeds up even more, they'll be flung off backwards; if
    it stops dead, they'll be flung forwards.
    +Henchmen Properties+
    Henchman are powerful characters that choose to join your evil cause. As your
    Notoriety grows more Henchman will become available on the World Domination
    map. This properties pane shows you all of the important information
    concerning your selected Henchman.
    LIVES: Each Henchman has three lives. 
    HEALTH: how much physical damage (RED) can be absorbed before death occurs. 
    LOYALTY: how much dissatisfaction damage (BLUE) can be absorbed before
    desertion can occur.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Never seen this happen. Haven't tried much, though.]
    ATTENTION: how much distraction damage (PURPLE) can be absorbed before a
    vegetative state occurs.	
    SMARTS: how much confusion damage (YELLOW) can be absorbed before a vegetative
    state occurs.	
    ENDURANCE: how much non-lethal damage (GREEN) can be absorbed before a
    comatose state occurs.
    Henchmen can be tagged just like agents - the tags section contains four
    toggle buttons, representing IGNORE, KILL, CAPTURE and WEAKEN.
    Henchmen have special abilities and experience points. Unlocked abilities are
    shown in white.
    For further details of how Henchmen gain experience points and new abilities
    go to the *Henchmen Experience* page.
    The status bar gives a brief description of the henchmen's current activity.
    +Mess Hall+
    They say that an army marches on its stomach and the same is true of your
    minions. Without sustenance their (*minion properties*) endurance will drop
    and they will keel over. The Mess Hall allows you to build a *counter* to
    provide food that will keep your evil forces fighting fit. A *time clock* is
    useful to control room staffing more precisely. Minions will gather in the 
    mess hall during lunchtime, so it is a good idea to take advantage of the
    minion congregation by equipping it with a *loudspeaker* to broadcast intruder
    +Multi Gym+
    Any minions pumping iron at the multi gym will replenish their (*minion
    properties*) endurance. Unlike the*bunk bed*s, the multi-gym can be used at
    any time of the day.
    The centrifuge is an advanced piece of laboratory research equipment used for
    developing new objects. When in action, it spins around at a dizzying speed...
    +Fire Extinguisher+
    Fires can be started by certain traps and by damaged or sabotaged equipment
    exploding. Fire spreads, so it is important to put out fires as soon as
    possible to minimize losses. Place fire extinguishers in useful locations
    (such as near combustible objects like the *generator*), but remember that
    only *valet*s can operate them.
    Body bags and other unsavory objects will sap your minions' morale if they
    see them lying around the base. These items have an area of effect that can be
    seen by clicking on the object in question - if a minion enters this area, 
    they will suffer a drop in (*minion properties*) loyalty and attention. Build
    a freezer to store these incriminating objects and prevent your minions
    experiencing pangs of doubt about their evil vocation. Body bags stored in a
    freezer will not decay, but their stat-draining area of effect is cancelled.
    Body bags are automatically carried to the freezer once it has been built,
    unless you order them to be taken elsewhere. A well-stocked freezer will carry
    a large *heat* rating, so be careful to make it as secure as possible.
    Defending your base from enemy agents is likely to leave your minions needing
    some medical attention. An Infirmary can help keep your minions in peak
    physical condition. Minions visiting the infirmary can replenish their
    (*minion properties*) health at a *Pharmacy Booth*. 
    A *time clock* may be used to control room staffing more precisely.
    +Research Machine+
    All new projects begin with the research machine. It is the hub of all
    experiments and new technology creation, and no research can be performed
    without one. When a research experiment has been ordered, a science minion
    will take a canister from the research machine and then take a sample from
    the research subject, before performing experiments upon the sample and
    returning it to the research machine for analysis.
    The research machine is one of the most expensive objects available as well
    as being essential for research, so be sure not to let anything happen to it.
    Diplomats are at home in high society, forever being spoiled with expensive 
    chocolates at ambassadors' parties - when they aren't serving you, that is.
    Diplomats are experts at greasing political wheels, and find that money is the
    best lubricant. Even skilled agents will find their loyalty wavering and 
    dropping should one of your diplomats use their bribery skill to (*weaken tag*)
    weaken them.
    Diplomats also perform common social minion duties such as staffing the
    (*hotel hub*) hotel and its diversions.
    +Do-Not-Press Trap+
    All agents are naturally curious - it's what drives them to incessantly poke
    around the base, after all. The do-not-press trap plays on this instinct to 
    meddle, and when agents press the inviting big red button they'll suffer one
    of many annoying effects that whittle away their attention.
    High in the Peruvian mountains, the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu lay 
    undisturbed for many hundreds of years. Upon its rediscovery early in the
    twentieth century, tombs were violated and sacred grounds desecrated by
    treasure hunters and archeologist. Amidst this gold rush, a supernatural
    guardian by the name of Moko crept, unseen from the shadows of the crypts.
    With a divine mandate to wash the ziggurats with the blood if the despoilers,
    Moko wrought his vengeance.
    With justice served in Machu Picchu, Moko wandered throughout his native Peru
    in a daze, shocked by the new and unfamiliar world he found himself in. Upon
    learning of the atrocities visited upon his Incan people by the Spanish
    Conquistadors, Moko's mind became addled with rage. He relinquished his role
    as divine protector and defender, and in doing so became mortal, adopting a
    nomadic existence fuelled by a desire for retribution against the civilised
    Special Abilities
    Feral Roar: When Moko unleashes this wall of sound, any minions in the radius
    will be alerted to any tagged agents in the area of effect.
    Monkey Pound: By slamming his huge fists into the ground, Moko can produce
    shockwaves that knock anyone in the radius to the ground, stunning them for
    a short period and damaging them slightly.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the *Henchmen
    Experience* page.
    +Pressure Pad Sensor+
    When an agent or inattentive minion steps on the pressure pad,
    whichever trap the sensor is linked to will be triggered.
    Corridors are the basic building blocks for your base, they are the cheapest
    room to build and allow you to connect up the many rooms in your base.
    Corridors are also the only rooms that can be equipped with *Fire
    Extinguisher*s, a vital object if your minions are to effectively quell any
    blazes in your base. Lastly corridors can be used to great effect to create
    deadly trap zones, use your imagination to channel enemy agents and lure them
    toward areas set with traps.
    +The Matron+
    The Matron used to be a well-disposed old dear called Elsa Krabb. Elsa worked
    at a Swiss mental institute, working to restore the sanity of her patient's
    and comforted those that were beyond her talents; that was until an
    unfortunate mix-up at the pharmacy. Instead of her usual sedative, Elsa
    swallowed some experimental psychosis drugs. The effect on her personality was
    quite shocking to say the least. She took to calling herself 'The Matron'; and
    quickly instituted a harsh regimen of ritual humilation, and prolonged
    electro-shock therapy.
    The Matron lost her right hand after a vicious bite from a patient. But even
    this proved to be blessing, gone was her athritis riddled hand and in its
    place a state-of-the-art prosthetic that could operate the electro-shock
    machines in a ceaseless parade of agony and torture. Her sadistic methods
    were only uncovered when the Swiss electricity board decided to investigate
    just why a small village in the mountains was consuming more power than Zurich.
    Special Abilities
    Motherly Love: The Matron's caring side shows through with her ability to
    target another henchmen to temporarily increase the recharge rate of their
    special abilities.
    Electro-Shock Treatment: The Matron can adminster her own brand of therapy to
    enemies using a hand attachment, draining their smarts.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the *Henchmen
    Experience* page.
    +Mariana Mamba - S.M.A.S.H. Super Agent+
    Mariana Mamba - a sultry seductive super spy. It is unclear exactly how she
    even became an operative for S.M.A.S.H. but she has risen through the ranks to
    become their finest spy. Mamba grew up deep in the rainforests of the Amazon,
    until her early teens she had learned to hunt and survive the Amazonian way.
    It is quite likely that if it wasn't for a badly coordinated aerial strike by
    drug enforcement officers on a local drug baron's headquarters, Mamba would
    have remained a feral savage roaming the rainforest. But with her home
    scorched and most of her tribe dead, Mamba was picked up by S.M.A.S.H. With
    natural hunting skills and an exotic beauty that men seem to find utterly
    irresistable, Mariana had everything for a glittering career as a secret agent.
    Special Abilities
    Savage Alure: Mariana has an exotic beauty that many find irresistable.
    Minions close to her presence find their loyalty to your evil cause sapped
    out of them and may in fact leave your service almost immediately.
    Indomitable: Mariana Mamba is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal
    circumstances. She needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover
    Mariana's weakness before you can defeat her.
    Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they
    are so skilled that they are given two. Mamba will attempt to sabotage your
    base like a Saboteur, and also recover loot items like a Thief.
    +Link Mode+
    Traps must be linked to sensors in order to function properly. Clicking on a
    trap or sensor takes you into link mode, where you can connect different
    objects up to create a working trap system.
    In link mode, every trap and sensor component is symbolised by a blue ring
    above the object. Left-click on a ring - you will notice that an arrow coming
    from the ring is now attached to the cursor. Simply left-click on another
    ring to connect the two objects. This same method can be used to disconnect
    two linked objects. Right-clicking on a linked object will remove all links to
    and from that particular object. Clicking anywhere else in the world other
    than a link ring will take you out of link mode. If you have correctly linked
    a sensor to a trap, the trap will be triggered if a careless agent trips the
    sensor. Multiple traps can be linked to a single sensor. 
    With some imaginative trap and sensor placement, it's possible to chain traps
    together in a large system and rack up combo bonuses if characters are
    propelled from one trap to another in quick succession.
    +Inner Sanctum TV Studio+
    When the time comes to issue an ultimatum to the world leaders, you'll need a
    broadcasting network composed of *transmitter aerial*s and a fully connected
    TV studio (the one in the training room is just a set). Once everything is in
    place, make the Evil Genius interact with the inner sanctum TV studio to issue
    the ultimatum.
    +Pinball Machine+
    A blast on the staffroom pinball machine is a quick way to restore a minion's
    (*minion properties*) attention. Their reaction times and general alertness
    will quickly increase after a few minutes of entranced button bashing.
    Pinball machines can also be pressed into service keeping tourists busy in
    the Casino. In this case they will simply keep those pesky beach-combers busy
    instead of them poking their noses where they shouldn't.
    +Martial Artist+
    The top tier military minions are the martial artist and the *marksman*, and
    the two serve two different functions. While the marksman excels at picking
    enemies off from a distance, the martial artist likes to get in close and put
    his outstanding melee skills to use. With fists of steel, the martial artist
    is a formidable opponent in a brawl.
    +Security Doors+
    Agents will quite happily wander around the base as if they own the place if
    there aren't any doors to hinder them. Individual doors can be set to one of
    four security levels by double-clicking the door to access the security
    Level 1: Anyone may pass through.
    Level 2: All Minions may pass through.
    Level 3: Only the Evil Genius may pass through.
    Level 4: Only the Evil Genius may pass through. Minions and henchmen will try
    and stand guard outside the door.
    Agents have the ability to bypass door security. The lower the security rating,
    the higher the chance that an agent will break the door's security mechanism.
    This chance is also heavily influenced by the skill of the agent. Once a
    security door has been breached, it remains inoperable for a short amount of
    time, before resuming it's original security level.
    As you advance, stronger versions of the basic security door will become
    available. You can also get an external door that you can use to secure your
    topside shacks. Later on in the game you will be able to build more external
    +Avatar Combat+
    Take care of your Evil Genius! This person represents YOU in the game. Evil
    Geniuses are very poor fighters (they don't like to get their fingernails
    dirty) and if they die, the GAME IS OVER!
    Remember that you have direct control over your Evil Genius. Select them and
    use the right-click command to make them walk to different locations. Try to
    keep track of where your Evil Genius is at all times, so you can move them out
    of harm's way should your base be infiltrated.
    +Deleting Objects+
    The Delete button (wrecking-ball icon) can be accessed either through the
    context-sensitive right-click menu, or through the *object properties panel*.
    When an object has been tagged for deletion, a minion will be ordered to
    dismantle the object. Be careful with object deletion, as you will not receive
    a refund on the object's value. Note that some objects cannot be deleted.
    When Alexis' father died, bequeathing his multi-million dollar fortune and
    media empire to her, it would have been easy for her to conform to the
    traditional young heiress template, frittering the money away on wining,
    dining, and generally living the high life. Despite being spoiled rotten,
    however, Alexis was also highly motivated and intelligent, with a sharp
    awareness of the way the world worked. Her hard work and piercing intellect 
    saw her take the helm of her father's media empire with aplomb, and global
    revenues soon quadrupled under her shrewd leadership.
    Alexis was not without vices, however. Years of being daddy's little princess
    gave her a colossal ego and a need for constant adoration. After a brief few
    years of contentment, the sycophantic praise she received from the flunkies in
    her company was no longer enough. Seeking a wider audience to worship her, she
    moved in front of the cameras and soon became America's darling, gainin
    widespread acclaim for her TV and film roles. All too soon, the glamour faded.
    Alexis wanted more: more adulation, more wealth, more power. Alexis wanted...
    the world.
    Alexis' beautiful prescense and alluring personality commands unswerving
    devotion from her minions. If you play as Alexis your minion's loyalty drain
    rate will be reduced.
    +Conference Table+
    No man (or woman) is an island, and it's occasionally necessary to hold talks
    with people from the outside world. The conference table is the ideal
    diplomatic tool, especially if a show of power is needed...
    The conference table will also recharge the Evil Genius's stats if they are
    made to interact with it.
    Experimental Apparatus
    Experimental Apparatus covers a variety of pieces of laboratory equipment that
    Science minions can use to see if they can discover new items. Each object
    that your Science minions declare worthy of research can be experimented on by
    each piece of Experimental Apparatus. However, only certain combinations will
    result in discovering new objects. You will have to experiment to discover
    which combos work best. More experimental apparatus will come available
    through research.
    +Disguised Holding Cell+
    Disguised holding cells serve the same purpose as normal *holding cell*s, but
    they are not as obvious. Agents are fooled into thinking that they are filing
    cabinets, so won't gather any heat from them.
    Mercenaries have two loves: money and guns. They are suprisingly loyal, no
    doubt because although you don't pay them any wages, they're happy to stay
    just for the really big guns. Similar to *guard*s in terms of stats,
    mercenaries really come into their own when given access to heavy rifles.
    Build an *armory* and the relevant (*gun racks*) gunrack and mercenaries will
    equip themselves with heavy rifles when the base is set to yellow or red alert.
    A heavy rifle wielding mercenary is a deadly opponent, and any unprepared
    agents will quickly succumb as the air becomes thick with flying bullets.
    +Prometheus's Revenge Trap+
    It's doubtful that Prometheus had this trap in mind when he stole fire from
    the gods, but who knows. With an incendiary gout of flame, this trap is
    capable of rapidly creating a pleasing dish of agent flambe. Just be careful
    where you place it!
    +Building Objects+
    To place objects in a room begin by right-clicking on the room and select the
    object symbol. This will open the Object list (left). Use the up and down
    arrows or the mousewheel to scroll up and down the list of objects. Left-click
    the object that you wish to place.
    If you move the cursor back in the playing area, you'll notice it now has a
    copy of the object attacthed to it. If the box enclosing the object is green
    then you can place the object, if it is red, this means the object is
    obstructed, or may not be placed there. Left-click to place the object.
    Objects have 'hot-spots' these are indicated by the green footprint symbols.
    This is where your minions will interact with the object. Hollow footprints
    are optional 'hot-spots', these may be obstructed and the object will still
    work. Solid footprints are compulsory, they may not be blocked.
    +Drinks Machine+
    Minions who find their (*minion properties*) attention wandering will head for
    the drinks machine, for a sugar and caffeine-loaded soda that perks them up no
    +Lounge Bar+
    Stocked to the gills with liquor, the bar dishes out tropical cocktails to
    eager tourists, getting them tipsy and just generally wasting their time. Only
    social minions have the requisite banter and charm to keep the tourists
    +Impressive Desk+
    No Inner Sanctum is complete without a luxurious desk from which the Evil
    Genius can monitor the base's activities in the relative safety of your
    retreat. The classic designer high-backed chair offers tremendous support,
    while allowing one to impart a sense of drama upon guests to your lair. When
    your Evil Genius sits at their desk, it allows you to replenish your avatar's
    stats, making it a handy retreat after a nasty scrape with the forces of
    +Roulette Table+
    Roulette is the perennial favorite of casual gamblers, probably because any
    idiot in a loud shirt can place a bet with no skill or judgement required.
    The constant spinning of the roulette wheel has a hypnotic quality,
    encouraging tourists to stay and place bets; and if they're betting, they're
    not causing trouble.
    +Reclining Chair+
    The Lay-Z-Minion reclining chair is the height of comfort, allowing any minion
    who uses it to relax and gather their thoughts, rapidly boosting their
    (*minion properties*) attention and making them fit to work again.
    The Reclining Chair is a bonus henchmen only included in the World Domination
    Starter Kit. 
    Welcome to Evil Genius!
    This is the Evil Genius glossary. As you progress through the game, performing
    new actions and accessing new features will unlock the relevant pages in the
    glossary. Every character, object and room also has a page of information that
    can be accessed by clicking on question marks in properties panels and on
    purchasing panels.
    Be sure to check the glossary if you're unsure of an object's purpose, or just
    want some additional information. Enjoy the game!
    +Disguised Power Generator+
    The standard *power generator* is fine for keeping the base ticking over, but
    it's also a liability, as investigators will use it as evidence of your evil
    scheming, and saboteurs will try to blow it up if they get the chance. The
    disguised power generator is an altogether safer option. Able to generate
    fifteen units of power like its normal counterpart, it is cunningly disguised
    so as to fool even the most astute of agents. 
    +Satan's Chimney Trap+
    For an evil barbecue with agents as the main course, Satan's Chimney is the
    only choice. After plummeting through a trapdoor, agents are then spewed back
    up in a fountain of flames. If they survive, their health will be very low.
    +Interrogation Chair+
    This chair is an interrogation device. To extract information from someone
    (or to be just downright malevolent), double-click on the (*holding cell*)
    cell containing the prisoner and order them to an interrogation device. The
    interrogation chair is the only object that is solely for this purpose, but
    there are many other objects in the base that double up as interrogation
    devices, just waiting to be discovered...
    +Gold Enhancer+
    Using sophisticated alchemical processes, the gold enhancer increases the
    value of your income by a small percentage. Only one gold enhancer can be 
    built at any one time.
    Depots are autonomous structures with dual purposes: entry/exit point for the
    island, and warehouse. There are two depots on the island - the helipad and
    seaport, and both act in exactly the same way. Tourists, agents and your own
    minions will arrive on and leave the island via these depots. The depots also
    store supplies for use in base building - when you build a room or object,
    your minions will take gold to the depot to buy dynamite and supply crates.
    Further information is available for the (*building progress*) room building
    and (*object building*) furniture buying processes.
    +Bunk Bed+
    Minions are pitiful lackeys, but even they won't sleep on the cold, hard
    floor. Bunk beds are needed in the *barracks* to allow the minions to sleep at
    night and replenish their (*minion properties*) endurance.
    +Burglars and Thieves+
    Burglars and Thieves are sent to you base to recover stolen loot items. They
    specialise in moving through doors and trap systems and spiriting away your
    hard-won valuables. If a Burglar or Thief manages to leave the island with a
    piece of loot then your Notoriety will drop as word of this embarassing
    incident travels around the globe.
    There are four levels of both Thieves and Burglars; Pathetic, Poor, Good, 
    Exceptional. The bigger and more ostentatious loot items you steal from the
    World Domination screen the better skilled the agents will be.
    +Communications Array+
    The communications array is a powerful piece of equipment, capable of jacking
    into the forces of justice's secure networks and scrambling all communications.
    The net result of this interference is that some agents won't receive their
    assignments at all, and so agent activity on the island will be reduced. Only
    one communications array can be built.
    Scientific research is an important element of your evil empire, and scientists
    are the main minions used for core research purposes. Other science minions
    may have more specialised duties, but the scientist has a broader role. These
    boffins work hard in the *laboratory* to develop new research paths and
    technologies for you. As well as working in the labs, scientists will also
    wander around your base, taking note of the objects you have built there and
    identifying possible research paths based on these items.
    +Fake Research Machine+
    When you first steal the research machine, the alliances aren't going to let
    you get away with it that easily - they'll be determined to retrieve their
    valuable equipment. You can throw them off the scent by building a fake
    research machine and letting them steal it back, fooling them into thinking 
    that you no longer have the research technology.
    +AI Supercomputer+
    Artificial intelligence reaches new heights in the form of TIM (Truly
    Intelligent Machine). Billions of artificial neural synapses fire within TIM's
    circuit boards, blessing him with the ability to analyze data with the
    lightning speed of a machine, and cogitate and understand it like a human
    being. TIM has an eerily human personality, and woe betide anyone who should
    get in his bad books...
    Technicians are the lowest level science minions, and the handymen of the
    lair. Whenever something mechanical goes wrong in the base, technicians will
    automatically go to repair it. Most damage is a result of sabotage, but the
    *generator* will sustain damage naturally if it is operating to close to
    maximum capacity. Agents will bypass (*security doors*) door security if they
    are skillful enough, and if they succeed the door is rendered inactive,
    allowing anyone to wander in. Technicians will repair broken doors to working
    +Main Interface Bar+
    The main interface bar runs along the bottom of the screen;
    its functions are as follows:
    A. OPTIONS: Click this to go back to the main front screen.
    B. MINI-MAP: Shows a schematic of your base.
    C. POWER: Displays your base's power consumption. See the *Power Plant*
    for more details. 
    D. OBJECTIVES: View your current and completed objectives.
    E. EMPIRE STATS: View a number of statistics about your current status and
    F. The center of the interface displays the following (clockwise from top):
    your funds; number of henchman; toggle through henchmen; go to your Evil
    Genius; and number of minions.
    G. MESSAGE BAR: Displays events as they happen. 
    H. MINION MANAGEMENT: Recruit construction workers, and order minions to be
    trained up.
    I. RESEARCH: Control the activities of your science minions.
    J. ALERTS: Set the Alert status of your base with these buttons. 
    K. WORLD DOMINATION: Click to go to the World Domination screen.
    L. GLOSSARY: Click this to access the Glossary.
    +Number Two+
    The delightful, the delectable and utterly indispensable Samantha De Roquefort,
    more commonly known as Number Two; Maximilian's long-time personal assistant
    and right-hand woman. It's hard to imagine how Maximilian would cope without
    her by his side; however, since his forced exile following his previous
    aborted attempt to rule the world by turning all the world's oil into bright
    yellow emulsion paint he has become suspicious that she may in fact be a spy! 
    Every evil genius loves gold, and it's not hard to see why. Gold has been the
    standard that has propped up all the major economies in the world and no
    self-respecting Evil Genius would consider embarking on a plan of evil world
    domination without a decent stack of the glittering bars. A Strongroom is
    essential to store your loot and keep it safe. The gold pile in the strongroom
    is a visible representation of your resources - the more cash you have, the
    larger the pile of gold.
    The strongroom acts as a hub for all purchases. Whenever you order something
    to be built, your minions will rush to the Strongroom to get the gold needed
    to fund your scheme. Clearly it isn't good to be doing business with minions
    carry gold bars around, therefore it is a good idea to also build some 
    *Briefcase Rack*s to allow your minions to make clandestine purchases. Lastly,
    the strongroom is likely to be a ta rget for thieves once your Notoriety has
    risen, so guard it well.   
    +Table Tennis Table+
    Even the most distracted minion will soon find their concentration returning
    after a few rounds of table tennis. Quick wits and reactions are needed to
    whack the little ball back and forth, replenishing minion's
    (*minion properties*) attention* the longer they play.
    +Pharmacy Booth+
    The pharmacy booth must be staffed by a minion who will dispense
    (*minion properties*) health restoring prescription drugs to ailing minions.
    +Cloning Chamber+
    Clones are useful decoys - getting one killed by the right sort of person
    might result in a loss of heat, as the alliances will think you're dead. To
    create a clone, simply make the Evil Genius interact with the cloning chamber,
    then wait while a hapless minion has his DNA changed to create a clone. You
    can have a maximum of 5 clones at any one time.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Insert obligatory weak joke about Alexis here.]
    +Flamethrower Rack+
    Turn the heat up on malingering agents with the flamethrower rack. Mercenaries
    will use this deadly, if indiscriminate, weapon if the base is set to yellow
    or red alert.
    +Surveillance Network+
    A surveillance network is essential for good base security and
    automating your base's response to threats. A surveillance network
    consists of three separate components, outlined below. You can have
    up to 8 separate surveillance networks.
    1. *Security camera*s sweep the area in front of them and monitor for
    intruders that you have tagged. Agents who enter this zone of coverage
    will be detected. Cameras should be placed in locations where intruders are 
    ikely, such as base entrances, and near high security locations.
    2. If a tagged enemy is detected by a camera, this information is sent to the
    *security desk* in the *armory*. If the security desk is staffed at the time
    of the detection, the security officer will issue an intruder alert message.
    You can build up to 8 desks - each new desk is assigned a different number and
    colour, and only cameras and loudspeakers with the same identification will be 
    part of that desk's network.
    3. The intruder alert is broadcast to all *loudspeaker*s connected to the
    security desk. Any minions within earshot of the loudspeaker at the time of
    broadcast will immediately rush to the intruder's last known location.
    Loudspeakers should be placed in areas where minions are likely to congregate,
    such as the *barracks* or *mess hall*.
    +Topside Shack+
    Keeping your lair safe and secure is a never ending task. The Forces of
    Justice often seem to have an unending stream of agents poking around your
    evil lair. Topside shacks allow you to construct an outer ring of defenses.
    Each Topside Shack is a seperate room that can be built where there is
    available room on your island.
    You can build any rooms inside a topside shack, but they are most useful if
    used to construct rooms that your minions interact with on a day-to-day basis.
    This ensures that you have some of your forces patrolling your shores.
    Experiment with different combinations; barracks, armories, staff rooms and
    more can be built into topside shacks.
    +Personal Bodyguards+
    As you become more notorious you will attract the attention of a special type
    of minion - personal bodyguards. These characters are attracted to thrills and
    dangers of fast living; they love wealth and oppulence and as such they won't
    offer their very personal bodyguard services to just any old loser. You do not
    have any control over personal bodyguards; however, they will remain close to
    your Evil Genius at all times. When there is no danger they will spend their
    time primping and pampering you, offering praise to your evil dominion and
    generally acting like a true sycophant. Should your Evil Genius come under
    attack, they will prove themselves as deadly combatants, doing their utmost
    to protect you, their cherished boss from harm.
    Your Evil Genius can have up to two personal bodyguards. Each will arrive
    automatically once a certain Notoriety level has been reached. If you play as 
    Shen Yu or Maximilian then you will receive female bodyguards, while Alexis
    will receive male guards. 
    +Security Desk+
    The *armory*'s security desk acts as the hub of the base's
    *surveillance network*, and must be manned at all times if security breaches
    are to be detected and reported. Acting as a relay between detection and
    response, the minion staffing the security desk receives intruder alerts from
    security cameras, then sends a security alert out over the loudspeakers.
    Capacitors are essentially very large batteries, used to provide emergency
    power if the main generator becomes overloaded. This situation arises if
    power-consuming objects in the base like *control room* objects and traps are
    draining more power than the *generator* can provide. Without capacitors, the
    base will suffer a blackout in these circumstances, during which all
    power-consuming objects shut down, and the generator has a chance of
    exploding. Capacitors provide red emergency lighting and temporarily power
    objects if the generator is overloaded, and prevent it from exploding.
    Capacitor power slowly drains in a blackout situation - double-clicking on a
    capacitor shows how much power is left in the battery. They are not a
    permanent power solution, but provide enough back-up power to keep the base
    running until the generator can be fixed, or a new one built.
    The databank is essential to the research process. It is a repository of
    equipment information, and the research panel will list no sampling options
    without a databank present. When science minions wander around the base, they
    assess various objects around the base. If an object can be researched, they
    will return to the databank and input their findings; the object will then
    become available for experimentation.
    +Evil Empire Stats+
    The Evil Empire stats page contains a statistical appraisal of your progress
    so far in the game. A variety of charts, graphs and pie charts cover
    everything from your minion stats, your gold reserves to your friends and your
    foes. Quite what purpose this serves - who could possibly tell? However, it is
    sometimes quite soothing to take a small moment from your evil machinations
    and gaze malevolently at the throbbing heart of your evil operations.
    +Examination Chair+
    Injured minions can only be healed in the *infirmary*, in which the principle
    method of (*minion properties*) health restoration is surgery in the
    examination chair. Admittedly, examination also entails unnecessary surgery,
    but it seems to do the trick.
    +Jet Chan - A.N.V.I.L. Super Agent+
    Jet Chan is a martial arts supremo, his feet and hands are deadlier than most
    guns. The A.N.V.I.L. champion of justice, his most notable victory was
    defeating the Evil Confucian Master - Xing Ho. The evil Mandarin had tunneled
    into the Great Wall of China and constructed a lair within the wall itself. He
    planned to hypnotize all the people of China and get them to jump up on the
    spot at once, causing a massive earth tremor that would send seismic shocks
    rippling around the globe, destroying the civilized world. 
    The unique linear configuration of Xing Ho's base played into Jet Chan's
    hands - he infiltrated the secret lair and moving corridor-by-corridor,
    singlehandedly defeated every one of Xing Ho's minions in hand-to-hand combat,
    before striking down the Confucian Master in his Inner Sanctum.
    Special Abilities
    Preternatural Speed: Jet Chan senses are honed by years of training, he is at
    one with his surroundings; able to dodge attacks from all sides.
    Indomitable: Jet Chan is a Super Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances.
    He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover Jet Chan's
    weakness before you can defeat him.
    Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they
    are so skilled that they are given two. Jet Chan will assault your base like a
    Soldier, and also recover loot items like a Thief.
    +Inner Sanctum+
    It would be most unseemly for an Evil Genius to mingle with the minions,
    unless making a morale-boosting appearance. The inner sanctum is the temple
    of tranquillity within the hive of villainy, and the personal domain of the
    Evil Genius, unsullied by mere minions. Valuable artefacts looted during Acts
    of Infamy are given pride of place in the inner sanctum, making it a prime
    target for thieves and agents alike. Care should be taken to restrict access
    to the inner sanctum, given the likelihood of it containing notorious objects
    with a high *heat* rating. A *conference table* may be needed for those
    important meetings with evil associates.
    +Pit Punisher Trap+
    Anyone triggering the pit punisher will fall through the trap door into a dark
    oblivion. As if this wasn't enough, the poor unfortunate victim finds
    themselves sucked down a vast pneumatic system, whereupon they are spat back 
    out at some speed; often incurring considerable damage to themselves, not to
    mention acute claustrophobia.
    +Nuclear Power Generator+
    The nuclear power generator serves the same purpose as the standard
    *power generator* but provides more power. Even though it takes up less
    space, its is capable of pumping out a massive thirty-five units of power.
    Just be careful not to let the island paradise become another Chernobyl or
    Three Mile Island.
    *Arcade Cabinet*
    The science team has developed a version of one of those new-fangled
    "computer games" for use in the *staff room*. They're probably just a passing
    fad. When minions use the machine they will receive a significant boost to
    their (*minion properties*) attention.
    *Training Room*
    At the start of the game you will only have *construction workers*. These are
    satisfactory for general low-level evil activities, but as your evil schemes
    progress, more advanced minions will be needed.  To gain advanced minions your
    constructions workers must be trained up and to do this you will need a
    training room. A training room can hold a great variety of objects useful for
    training minions.
    Advanced minions come in three different types: Miltary, Social and Science.
    To gain an advance minion type first one of your minions will have to discover
    the knowledge of how to do that particular role. This is done by taking a
    Hostage in the World Domination Screen. One of your loyal minions will be able
    to torture their specialist knowledge out of them and become an advanced 
    minion, and in turn will be able to train up more of your minions if the
    correctly equipped training room exists.
    Further information on the different types of minions and what training
    equipment you need can be found at these pages:
    *Military training equipment*
    *Social training equipment*
    *Science training equipment*
    +Wind Machine Trap+
    The wind machine has a variety of uses. It can be used to simply keep agents
    away from a sensitive area, to damage them directly by blasting them into a
    wall, or as part of a trap system - blowing enemies into nasty things like
    sawblades, pit traps or similar. The jet of wind has a limited range, so it
    cannot blow people all the way down long corridors.
    +Impact Stress Analyzer+
    By subjecting certain samples to a series of punishing blows, some interesting
    research results can be yielded. Just be careful not to operate this device
    while tired or drowsy - the results would no doubt be messy if anyone were to
    get caught up in the machinery...
    +Control Room+
    The control room is the hub of all evil operations, and the base's link to the
    outside world. Thanks to fancy new satellite communication technology, the
    entire world is at your fingertips, and, potentially, at your mercy. A
    *time clock* may be used to control room staffing more precisely. Once a
    control room is built, the *world domination screen* can be accessed by
    clicking on the globe icon on the far right of the HUD.
    World domination activities can be attempted without control room equipment,
    but it is not recommended. Information is crucial to making intelligent
    decisions about what do do in each region, and about how dangerous each Act
    of Infamy will be. A region's info threshold must be breached if you wish to
    see details such as Justice Presence and Cash Potential, and see how long each
    Act of Infamy will take, and how risky each is.
    *Control panel*s are the only way to raise information levels. You will need
    a lot of active control panels to breach the info thresholds of the most
    secretive regions. Control panels will only raise information levels if they
    are manned and active - the information will be lost unless there are active
    *memory bank*s to store it.
    +Social Loudspeakers+
    Social loudspeakers operate in the same way as standard *loudspeaker*s, but
    they only summon a particular social minion.
    Loudspeakers are a part of the *surveillance network*. When an intruder alert
    is issued, any minions within earshot will rush to the intruder's last known
    +Eli Barracuda+
    Eli was born in the slums of New York City, a place where larceny and murder
    are as common as really big hair. For a child growing up in this lawless
    social depravity, there were only two possible career choices: cadaver or
    ghetto bad-ass. Eli chose the latter. It became clear to those around him that
    he was going to be something special in the criminal underworld when, aged
    just nine, he ran his first protection racket at his school.
    Eli quickly became the uncontested local crime lord, ruling his den of
    iniquity with an iron fist. Within a few years Eli was widely regarded to be
    the unofficial King of New York City. Eli has all the cronies down at City
    Hall in his pocket. That was until one fateful day the mayor spilled coffee on
    Eli's prized cream suit; Eli blew his top, and then proceeded to blow the top
    off the mayor. Even Eli couldn't cover this one up, and has been forced to
    retreat into the murky shadows of the underworld as his criminal organisation
    has been exposed to an intense federal investigation.
    Special Abilities
    Super Headshot: Taking careful aim with his revolver, Eli can deal some
    serious damage with one shot.
    Ghetto Posse: Eli's ghetto blaster pumps out a funky sound with encoded
    hypnotic beats, making agents involuntarily dance along and follow Eli.
    This ability may fail if the target has high loyalty.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the
    *Henchmen Experience* page.
    +Shen Yu+
    Shen Yu's criminal career began on the streets of Hong Kong, and none of his
    street urchin peers could possibly have predicted that this humble pickpocket
    would eventually rise to become one of the most powerful criminal masterminds
    in the world. As a teenager, Shen Yu joined a local Triad gang and quickly
    rose up the ranks. Despite his rapid elevation, he would never have risen any
    further were it not for a fortuitous encounter with a pair of A.N.V.I.L.
    agents. Shen Yu was arrested immediately for his multiple homicides. They gave
    him a simple choice: be an A.N.V.I.L. mole, or be executed.
    A.N.V.I.L. implanted a communications chip inside Shen Yu's brain so that they
    could spy on Triad activity, but they underestimated the resources of the
    Triad. After performing yet more brain surgery on him, the Triads were able to
    reverse the chip's wiring and access the operational systems at A.N.V.I.L.
    Desperate to avoid more meddling with his grey matter, Shen Yu defected and
    used the knowledge his chip provided to build up his own criminal empire. With
    advance knowledge of every move A.N.V.I.L. made, he was untouchable, and soon
    found himself in a position to bid for world domination...
    Shen Yu's nefarious international network of spies and conspirators are
    constantly at work, misdirecting information and gathering intelligence. If
    you play as Shen Yu it takes a longer time for agents to arrive on the island
    in response to your actions in the game.
    +Reading Table+
    The *archive*s have an extensive collection of books, from technical manuals
    to classic novels. Minions are free to borrow any of these and browse at the
    reading table. A perusing session, whether of schematics or bodice-rippers,
    will replenish a minion's (*minion properties*) smarts.
    +Military Training Equipment+
    Training Punchbag: The training punchbag allows *guard*s to give
    *construction worker*s a crash course in combat, and train them up to their
    [Construction Worker->Guard]
    Heavy Shooting Range: Guards are handy with a rifle, but aren't comfortable
    wielding heavier weaponry. They'll need a *mercenary* to give them some
    lessons in heavy machinegun technique if they're to advance themselves.
    Shooting Range: The long-distance shooting range requires accuracy and
    finesse, and it's the *marksman's* job to teach this sniping discipline
    to the gung-ho mercenaries.
    Dojo: By undergoing a strenuous course under the tutelage of the
    *martial artist*, mercenaries can improve their physical strength
    and mental discipline to become adept at unarmed mortal combat.
    [Mercenary->Martial Artist]
    +Moving Objects+
    The Move button (four-pronged arrow icon) can be accessed either through
    the context-sensitive right-click menu, or through the *object properties
    panel*. Click the button and reposition the object by placing down the ghost
    image in the desired new location. Minions will then attempt to crate the
    object up and move it to the new destination, where they will unpack it. 
    +Minion Properties+
    This properties pane shows you all of the important information concerning
    your selected minion.
    The statistics section has five entries:
    HEALTH: how much physical damage (RED) can be absorbed before death occurs. 
    LOYALTY: how much dissatisfaction damage (BLUE) can be absorbed before
    desertion can occur.	
    ATTENTION: how much distraction damage (PURPLE) can be absorbed before a
    vegetative state occurs.	
    SMARTS: how much confusion damage (YELLOW) can be absorbed before a
    vegetative state occurs.	
    ENDURANCE: how much non-lethal damage (GREEN) can be absorbed before a
    comatose state occurs.
    Minions can be tagged just like agents - the tags section contains four
    toggle buttons, representing IGNORE, KILL, CAPTURE and WEAKEN.
    The training section contains the minion's current advance scheme, and shows
    what (if any) training has occured towards gaining a new advancement. As a
    minion trains, the target advance scheme box slowly fills up with a brighter
    version of its colour. When the box is full, the advancement occurs.
    The status bar gives a brief description of the minion's current activity.
    +Overhead Projector+
    The overhead projector is a useful piece of equipment that makes all training
    more efficient. It displays interesting information that increases the
    attention levels of all minions within its area of effect, which is useful
    because training is an intensive activity that tends to drain the trainee's
    attention. The area of effect can be seen by clicking on the overhead
    projector once built.
    +Red Ivan+
    Red Ivan, a former general of the Russian secret service; fled the Motherland
    after being set up by his superiors. Ivan's unit was renown for its kidnapping
    and torture; political opponents and dissident leaders carried off in the dead
    of night, never to be seen again was a specialty. However, Ivan's sadistic
    glee that he illicited from interrogation sessions was too much even for his
    despicable colleagues and they chose to set him up. He was convicted, and 
    sentenced to serve ninety years hard-labor in a Siberian salt mine. He escaped
    after only one month.
    Now Ivan has a grudge! His hatred for both the capitalist pig-dogs and for his
    Soviet betrayers has left his mind an ideological mess; his loyalties confused,
    motivated only by blind psychosis, and a lust for bloody vengeance. Ivan's
    disillusionment with the superpowers makes him the ideal henchman utterly
    loyal to the evil cause, and with a sense of ethics even thinner than his
    patience. His physical presence is second to none - built like a T-34 tank
    and just as unstoppable.
    Special Abilities
    Cossack Grenade Jig: Ivan's speciality is a piece of Cossack heritage that
    few live to talk about. As he dances, Ivan lobs grenades in all directions,
    causing utter carnage.
    Minefield: Ivan also has the ability to lay down a minefield in a specified
    location. This minefield is devastating if an agent is unfortunate enough to
    set it off, but only one can be placed at a time.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the 
    *Henchmen Experience* page.
    +Microfilm Table+
    Any evil enterprise would be well advised to keep up to date with current
    affairs - you can't hope to take over the world without an intimate knowledge
    of global politics. To that end, copies of the daily broadsheets are stored on
    microfilm in the *archive*s, and any minion who uses the microfilm table will
    have their (*minion properties*) smarts replenished.
    This innocent-looking bookcase hide a more sinister purpose. Whoever said that
    'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me' had
    clearly never seen this bookcase, because these words hurt. A pneumatic
    mechanism forces the central stacks together with force, crushing any person
    unfortunate enough to be caught in between. These fiendish bookcases make a
    fine torture device.
    +Monkey in a Box+
    It's a cute monkey in a box. Heaven knows what purpose this could serve, but
    the science minions seem very keen to conduct some dastardly experiments on
    the cute little scamp. Are you evil enough to hand the poor beggar over to
    their tender ministrations? Of course you are!
    +Zoom Lens Camera+
    The zoom lens camera performs the same function as the standard
    (*security camera*) camera, but it has a larger range.
    Starting a fight is easy in Evil Genius, sometimes a little too easy. Minions
    will automatically attack any character that you place a CAPTURE or KILL tag
    on. Most characters will also fight back when attacked, though weaker
    characters may decide to run away instead. Agents tend to attack characters
    based on their personality and mission objectives, but this is modified by how
    threatened or angry they feel - hide those guns and nasty henchman if you want
    to avoid starting a fracas!
    All characters can fight hand-to-hand, and many characters have various ranged
    weapons. When trying to CAPTURE enemies, your minions will always use
    hand-to-hand attacks to avoid accidentally killing the target. Remember that
    your minions cannot use ranged attacks if they have no guns - make sure you
    have some weapons cabinets for them to use.
    Minions will try to put away their weapons when the base is on GREEN ALERT.
    On YELLOW ALERT, they will try and arm themselves if the appropriate weapon
    racks have been built. On RED ALERT, they will try to make sure that they are
    armed, run everywhere and attack enemy agents on sight.
    +Hotel Wing+
    Expand your hospitality complex with the hotel wing building. Align the
    blueprint alongside the existing hotel building in a valid position to enable
    more diversions to be placed, keeping the tourists busy.
    +Giant Laser+
    No self-respecting *laboratory* can be without a giant laser of indiscernible
    purpose. Even if they have no practical use, they just look damn cool. In this
    case, the laser does have a function, as it is a valuable component necessary
    for combining with other objects to create new technologies.
    +Lobby Counter+
    When tourists enter the hotel, they will check in at the lobby counter. This
    ties up some of their time on the island, but the counter must be staffed by
    a social minion for it to be used by tourists.
    +Electroshock Cannon Trap+
    The electroshock cannon is a devastating trap, capable of firing out crackling
    bolts of high voltage electricity. The dancing lightning bolts can leap from
    agent to agent, potentially harming many targets. The downside is that it has
    a long charge time, so it is slow to fire at first. However, once it gets
    going it's effects can be lethal. Experiment with the distance between sensors
    and traps to get the best effect.
    +Control Station+
    Control stations are the science team's refined version of the *control panel*.
    They perform equally as efficiently, but they take up less space and only
    need to be manned by one minion, rather than two.
    +Dr Neurocide+
    Before a tragic accident changed the course of her life, Dr Valerie Neurocide
    was an accomplished scientist in two separate fields: biochemical weapon
    research and cosmetics. With hindsight, researching both products in the same 
    lab was an accident waiting to happen, but at the time it made good financial
    sense, as the lucrative cosmetics sideline funded the more experimental
    biochemical research.
    One morning, after a sleepless night of research, Dr Neurocide absent-mindedly
    applied her foundation. Unfortunately, what she thought was her make-up was
    in fact a petri dish of an experimental compound, codenamed 'Evil Juice'. As
    the chemical seeped into her pores, her neural synapses began to change
    configuration. With her evil transformation complete, Dr Neurocide merged her
    two interests and now devotes her time to developing a sophisticated range of
    evil cosmetics.
    Special Abilities
    Hallucinogen Powder: A powder puff of proprietary hallucinogen; allows Dr
    Neurocide to disguise incriminating evidence by messing with the mind of
    anyone in the area.
    Poisonous Parfum por Homme: Dr Neurocide keeps a deadly toxin of her own
    creation in a perfume bottle - one spray is enough to make the immediate area 
    a no-go zone for a short while, dealing endurance damage to anyone caught in
    the aftermath.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the
    *Henchmen Experience* page.
    +The Great Mesmero+
    Stanley Trotter was born into a working class family from the East End of
    London, at the age of thirty is stilled lived at home and spent his day
    working in his parents pie shop, serving pies and jellied eels to the local
    cockneys. Utterly unremarkable in every sense of the word, Stanley was a
    mummy's boy through and though. It was widely accepted that the Trotters
    had been cursed with a genetic aberration for a son. 
    A chance find in an attic lead to Stanley discovering an ancient tome entitled
    'The Art of Hynosis' and Stanley's life suddenly had purpose. As Stanley read
    the dark word written within the archaic tome, he realised that the better
    part of his life had passed him by, he was twisted with bitterness and became
    that most feared of stage performers - the arch hypnotist, The Great Mesmero.
    Special Abilities
    Telepathic Mind Control: Using his hypnotic skills, Mesmero can physically 
    take control of an agent and manipulate their actions. This ability may fail
    if the target has high smarts.
    Willpower Drain: Mesmero can sap the loyalty of enemy agents by casting a
    hypnotic miasma that makes all nearby agents believe that their own agency was
    behind the death of their favourite pet.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the
    *Henchmen Experience* page.
    Certain choices must be made regarding divergent research paths - depending on
    the choice of research equipment, certain areas of technology can be devloped
    at the exclusion of other areas. Building the *bio-tanks* will take research
    down a biological path, where toxic mutations and various goopy materials are
    the staple areas of interest.
    Biochemists are vital to the success of this research path, as only they,
    ensconced in their protective hazard suits, can safely mess about with the 
    angerous chemicals at hand. Biochemists have very high (*minion properties*)
    smarts and attention - they have to be alert when handling toxic materials,
    after all.
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Biochemists do the advanced goopy stuff, I don't think their
    presence shuts out anything. 'Sides, who'd want to be without Freaks?]
    +Capture Tag+
    You can issue a capture tag from a character's properties pane. By tagging a
    character with the capture tag, you are issuing orders for all combat trained
    minions and henchmen to incarcerate the tagged character in a holding cell.
    Only construction workers, military minions and henchmen can attempt to
    capture a character. When doing so, they will always attempt to engage the
    target in hand-to-hand combat, inflicting endurance damage to their victim.
    Once a victim's endurance has been reduced to zero, they will collapse, and
    will be carried to the nearest holding cell.
    If you do not possess a free holding cell, characters tagged for capture will
    still be accosted and beaten up, but will then be left unconscious on the
    floor until a holding cell becomes available. Beware! These characters may
    recover if left too long.
    If you tag your own minions, then a green tag will be issued so that you can
    differentiate them from enemy agents in the heat of battle.
    *Construction Worker*
    Your yellow jump-suited construction workers are your basic minion units,
    poorly skilled and hence expendable. Although it would be foolhardy to entrust
    the long term success of your evil operations to these goons, they are
    indispensible because they are the only minions capable of constructing new
    rooms. Without construction workers, base expansion cannot take place.
    Construction workers are also very important simply because they are so
    expendable, which is a very useful property when creating a squad to take on
    a mission. Advanced minions have a lot of time invested in them through the
    training process, and hence are not to be sacrificed lightly. Construction
    workers, on the other hand, can be continually hired for a negligible sum of
    money, making them useful as disposable pawns in your evil game.
    +Gun Racks+
    If you have supplied the *armory* with gun racks, minions will swarm there
    when the base is set to yellow or red alert, and arm themselves. Minions have
    different levels of combat training, and must be trained up to use more
    advanced weaponry.
    *Marksmen* always carry their sniper rifles with them, and *martial artists*
    are trained in unarmed combat, so neither needs to equip themselves at gun
    A dancefloor brings out the extrovert in all the tourists, and when they're
    strutting their funky stuff, they're too preoccupied to accidentally cause
    any trouble to your evil operations.
    +Death Cubicle+
    The death cubicle is an advanced version of the (*holding cell*) cell. When a
    prisoner in a death cubicle is given an execution order, they will
    automatically be disposed of by the built-in mangle, rather than having to
    wait for a minion to execute them.
    +X-Ray Machine+
    By bombarding minions with a dose of radiation, their (*minion properties*)
    health can be boosted back up. There are probably long-term consequences to
    this sort of treatment, but it's a moot point as none of these minions will
    survive to pensionable age anyway.
    +Research Process+
    Research takes place in the laboratory and requires some key objects before
    your science minions can begin. These are a Research Machine, Databanks and
    at least one piece of Experimental Apparatus. Once you have these the,
    Research panel button will be unlocked. The Reseach button will access the
    Research screen, from here you will be able to order your Science Minions to 
    perform research to gain access to powerful new objects.
    The process of researching an item is quite straightforward. First, a science
    minion will go to the research machine and collect an empty specimen container.
    Then they will go to the object which is being researched, and take specimens
    until their container is full. The science minion will then return to the
    laboratory and perform experiments on the container with one of the pieces of
    experimental apparatus. Only certain combinations of objects and experimental
    apparatus will yield a successful result. You will have to 'experiment' to
    find these combos to get new evil gadgets and equipment for your base.
    Click (*research panel*) here for a breakdown of how you can use the Research
    screen to order your Science Minions to perform research.
    +Baccarat Table+
    Baccarat is generally the choice of the high rollers, a simple, refined game
    relying on good judgement as much as good luck of the draw. High stakes and a
    fair chance of beating the house ensure that tourists playing baccarat will be
    in it for the long haul, which of course means they aren't uncovering your
    secrets and misdemeanors.
    +Cryogenic Chamber+
    The cryogenic chamber is an advanced piece of equipment designed to replenish 
    a minion's (*minion properties*) endurance as quickly as possible. When a
    minion enters the chamber, they are placed in a state of suspended animation
    while nanobots repair the effects of physical fatigue. This process is very
    fast and efficient at revitalising minions, and essentially eliminates the
    need for old-fashioned sleeping.
    Sophisticated new technology is vital to the success of any evil enterprise,
    and the laboratory is where all the science happens. A laboratory allows you
    to build a *Research Machine* and *Experimental Apparatus*, which enables your
    Science minions to conduct research and discover new objects that you can use
    in your base.
    Click (*research progress*) here to learn more about the research process. 
    +The Butcher+
    Dr Ethan Asia was a brilliant young medical student. Graduating at the head of
    his class, everyone foresaw a glittering future, at the very top of his
    profession. To his tutor's shock, Ethan snubbed all the prestigious clinics
    that offered him places, choosing instead to travel to Papua New Guinea to
    help the poor and the needy.
    One day, Ethan was tending to the village invalids, when a catastrophe struck.
    The native Ethan was tending to, suffered a heart attack, and Ethan's own
    pancreas burst. In excruciating agony, Ethan did the only thing he could
    think of - he transplanted the dead man's pancreas into himself. Ethan passed
    out many times during the operation, but he managed to complete it and survive.
    There was a drawback; however, the deceased was a cannibal, and the pancreas
    was cursed! The new pancreas granted Ethan extended life, but it also turned
    him into a monstrous butcher with a hankering for human flesh.
    Special Abilities
    Facade of Normality: The Butcher's bedside manner is second to none. The
    Butcher can use this disguise to get close to enemies, then unleash a vicious
    flurry of blows.
    Terror Tactics: The Butcher can use his intimidating presence to coerce nearby
    minions into working through their pain barriers. While the Surgeon is using
    this ability minions will remain resilient, ignoring all stat drains except
    those inflicted in direct combat.
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities go to the
    *Henchmen Experience* page.
    +Building Process+
    When you order a room, or an object to be built, you'll notice that it does
    not appear immediately.
    If you right-click on the build order tag and click the head icon, the view
    will snap to the minion that has been assigned to the build order. The object
    or room is built as follows:
    Firstly, the assigned minion will visit a strongroom to pick up the funds for
    that build order and take them to the depot. This may take several minions or
    several trips.
    Once all the funds are at the depot, your minions will be able to complete the
    order. In the case of an object, they will deliver a crate. For a room,
    bundles of dynamite will be needed to blast out the room.
    Finally, for objects, the minion unpacks the crate, which transforms into your
    object. For rooms, the required bundles of dynamite are delivered, the room is
    blasted out, and a tarpaulin erected. After a short period this will vanish
    and your room is ready.
    Only *construction worker*s can carry out build orders, so try not to expend
    them too needlessly.
    +World Domination+
    The world is divided up into five geo-political alliances, each of which is
    further sub-divided into four regions. Performing evil deeds in an alliance
    will raise your global notoriety, but will also raise your heat with that
    particular alliance. The higher your heat gets with an alliance, the more
    dangerous the agents they send will be.
    From the World Domination screen you can send minions and henchmen out into
    the world to perform a variety of evil deeds. Plotting: ordering minions to
    plot will uncover Acts of Infamy in the region. Stealing: ordering minions to
    steal from a region will cause them to periodically bring money back to the
    island. Hiding: Orders your minions to hide from the Forces of Justice. Hidden
    minions cannot be killed, but then they can't do anything else.
    Acts of Infamy: these are evil plots that can be undertaken to provide a
    reward, which could be a henchman, item of loot, advanced minion trainer,
    or a notoriety boost.
    Without a well-equipped control room, some information about the regions and
    Acts of Infamy will be hidden. Control Panels and Memory Banks must be built
    and staffed to access this information.
    +Multimedia Educational Zone+
    The Multimedia Educational Zone enables multiple minions to replenish their
    (*minion properties*) smarts at the same time. The educational broadcast makes
    learning fun! Possibly.
    +Staff Room+
    The daily grind of evil chores tends to wear minions down, gradually lowering
    their vital statistics. A staff room is required if (*minion properties*)
    attention is to be replenished, and the minions kept happy. Or if not happy,
    at least non-suicidal.
    The staff room is the minion's sanctuary, where they can play some (*table
    tennis table*) table-tennis or (*pinball machine*) pinball, have a drink from
    the *vending machine*, or just crash out on a (*egg chair*) chair and relax.
    Your evil sponsored meddling in the lab has finally paid dividends, you have
    created a Freak - an utter abomination of complete devilishness! Freaks are
    the result of some highly specialist research. Now that this option is
    unlocked you can create Freaks; simply order your minions to move a body-bag
    into the Bio-tank experimental apparatus. Freaks are like your minions, you
    have no direct control over them, they will lumber around your base at random,
    trying to make themselves useful. Freaks will attack any enemies they see,
    regardless of whether they are tagged or not. Freaks are unable to regenerate
    any of their stats, once their artifical life essence has drained out of them,
    they will die and you will have to make some more in the lab. However, it is
    worth noting that you can only have a limited number of Freaks alive at any
    one time.
    +Agent Properties+
    This properties pane shows you all of the important information concerning the
    selected agent.
    HEALTH: how much physical damage (RED) can be absorbed before death occurs. 
    LOYALTY: how much dissatisfaction damage (BLUE) can be absorbed before an
    agent defects. An agent whose loyalty is reduced to zero, will behave like a
    ATTENTION: how much distraction damage (PURPLE) can be absorbed before a
    vegetative state occurs.
    SMARTS: how much confusion damage (YELLOW) can be absorbed before a vegetative
    state occurs.
    ENDURANCE: how much non-lethal damage (GREEN) can be absorbed before a
    comatose state occurs.
    Henchmen can be tagged just like agents - the tags section contains four
    toggle buttons, representing IGNORE, KILL, CAPTURE and WEAKEN.
    STATUS: The status bar gives a brief description of the agent's current
    HEAT: Agents have a heat indicator (see left). If this ring is blue then the
    agent hasn't discovered anything. If the agent witnesses anything untoward
    then they will gain heat; the blue ring with be replaced with a red segment.
    Each agent can get up to four of segment, indicating how much heat they hav
    discovered. If this agent leaves the island, then this heat will be added to
    your global heat level. 
    MISSION: There are lots of agents types; Investigators & Agents, Burglars &
    Thieves, Infiltrators & Saboteurs, and Soldiers. Each of the agent types has
    different mission to complete. They will have a certain amount of time to
    complete this mission, depending upon the level of the agent. Once the time
    has expired, the mission will be over and they will attempt to leave the
    island, giving you one last chance to eliminate or neutralize the agent.	
    +Freezer Rack+
    If a *freezer* is built, minions will automatically store *body bag*s there.
    Buying a freezer rack will allow more body bags to be stored in a relatively
    small space.
    The greenhouse is home to some particularly vicious carnivorous plants that
    can be experimented upon to produce some interesting research results. Keep a
    safe distance though - these plants have a short temper and long tendrils...
    +Weaken Tag+
    You can issue a weaken tag from a character's properties pane. By tagging a
    character with the weaken tag, you are issuing orders for all social trained
    minions and henchmen to make psychological attacks against it. Although not
    strictly speaking combat, these attacks can be very effective at keeping
    agents from discovering your dark designs.
    Only Social minions can attempt to weaken characters. Each type of social
    minion uses a different type of attack. Some confuse their prey, others might
    try bribery. The different attacks reduce the target's smarts, attention and
    loyalty depending on their type.
    It is possible through the use of weaken attacks to induce characters to a
    state of temporary incapacitation. Each agent has limited time to spend on
    your island, so incapacitating agents leaves them useless and is effectively
    wasting their time, leaving less chance of them discovering something amiss.
    Alternatively, the weaken tag can be used as a prelude to more aggressive
    action - it will be easier to kill or capture an incapacitated agent than one
    that fights back or runs away. Be warned however, each time an agent is
    subjected to a weaken attack, it increases his anger slightly.
    If you tag your own minions, then a green tag will be issued so that you can
    differentiate them from enemy agents in the heat of battle.
    +Transmitter Aerial+
    Transmitter aerials are needed to broadcast the Evil Ultimatum to the world
    leaders. If any saboteurs see them, they may well try to blow them up and
    prevent you communicating with the alliances.
    +Building Rooms+
    To begin with right-click on unmined rock to bring up the room list (left),
    and choose which room you wish to build. Once a room has been chosen, you are
    now in the blueprint phase. 
    In the blueprint phase, you can mark out the size and shape of the room you
    wish to build. Left click to add a tile to the blueprint and right click
    removes a tile. By holding down and dragging you can mark out, or delete
    several tiles at once. Your room will show up as a blueprint; invalid tiles
    will be shown in red.
    The total cost of your current planned room is shown in the Room Build pane
    (shown left). Once you are happy with your room, hit the arrow key to proceed.
    If you wish to cancel the room hit the Cancel icon.
    Once you have proceeded, a new menu is summoned that allows to further
    customize the room. You have the option to return to the blueprint phase;
    cancel the room build; or order the room to be built. You can also equip the
    room with furniture, traps and sensors at this stage. Once the room has been
    ordered, it must be built by *construction worker*s.
    +Catwalk Console+
    A catwalk console must be built to test the rocket engines in the cavern.
    Once built, make the Evil Genius interact with the console to initiate the
    engine test.
    +Motion Detector+
    When an agent enters the motion detector's area of sensitivity, whichever
    trap the sensor is linked to will be triggered.
    Motion detectors can be built inside or outside.
    +Quantum Physicist+
    To understand the intricacies of quarks and gluons, it's essential to have a
    team of quantum physicists to quickly unravel the scientific mysteries that
    might baffle lesser minds. Because of their superior intellect, quantum
    physicists are more efficient at all aspects of research.
    +Explosive Palm Tree Trap+
    This innocuous looking palm tree houses high explosives rather than coconuts.
    When triggered, the explosives are launched and land around the tree to
    devastating effect. Anyone in the blast radius will be blown sky high, but the
    explosives also have a habit of setting fire to anything in the immediate area,
    so be sure to have fire extinguishers and valets at hand.
    +Saw Blades Trap+
    The saw blades remain hidden in the floor while dormant, but when they are
    triggered, huge rotating blades erupt from their slots to slice and dice
    anyone unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    +Dirk Masters - P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Super Agent+
    Dirk Masters is the bulging P.A.T.R.I.O.T. super-spy.  A trained Special
    Forces operative and veteran of numerous conflicts; he soon found he had the
    skills to be a brilliant secret agent. Dirk's methods are none too subtle;
    he's a no-nonsense, gum chewing Yank, whose motto is 'shoot first, and then
    shoot some more'. 
    Since foiling a nefarious plot to turn the Great Pyramids into a gigantic
    nuclear missile, Masters has officially been retired. However, each year
    something inevitably crops up and the army helicopter carrying his old war
    buddy Colonel Chase hovers into view at the Masters Ranch in Minneapolis and
    before you know it Dirk Masters is back, undertaking one last mission for his 
    Special Abilities
    Suppression Fire: Dirk Masters' huge bulk lets him carry a phenomonal amount
    of firepower; this is never more obvious than when he is letting rip with his
    dual M60 machine guns.
    Indomitable: Dirk Masters is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal
    circumstances. He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover
    Dirk's weakness before you can defeat him.
    Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they
    are so skilled that they are given two. Dirk Masters will assault your base 
    like a Soldier, and sabotage objects like a Saboteur.
    +Hotel Casino+
    Welcoming casual gamblers and high rollers alike, the casino provides the
    evening entertainment on the island, attracting all the nearby tourists with
    its bright lights and promises of untold riches. Entranced by all the various
    ways to lose money quickly, tourists will happily gamble like addicts until
    closing time at night. The (*roulette table*) roulette, (*baccarat table*)
    baccarat and (*craps table*) craps tables must be staffed by social minions,
    the only minions capable of acting as croupiers. A *time clock* may be used to
    control croupiers more precisely.
    +Time Clock+
    The time clock is a piece of equipment which can be used to control staffing
    in the following rooms: *mess hall*, *control room*, *armory*, *infirmary*,
    *hotel casino*, *hotel lounge* and *hotel lobby*. Rooms will automatically be
    turned on if there is no time clock present, but building one gives greater
    control over staffing levels.
    Once built, double-clicking the time clock brings up the room staffing control
    bar. The slider is set to yellow (on) by default, which means that minions
    will work in the room, but only when they are needed. Moving the slider down
    to red (off) causes all minions to cease work. This can be extremely useful
    if all minions are needed to perform other tasks, if power is low (in the case
    of power-hungry rooms like the control room), or if you simply want to give
    your minions time to replenish their stats.
    Staffing a room causes minions' stats to drain, and they will abandon their
    position to recuperate when they drop too low. This can mean that vital
    equipment is left unmanned while fresh minions make their way to the room in
    question to do a shift. This can be avoided by moving the slider into the
    green segments, which causes spare minions to loiter in the room, ready to
    immediately replace drained minions. The negative effect of this is that they
    are effectively inactive and useless while they are waiting.
    Raised in rural Austria by foster parents, Maximilian did not have the
    happiest of childhoods. Already the bully's favorite because of his stockiness
    and squint, the young Maximilian became even more isolated from his peers when
    he developed chronic stress-related alopecia after a weekend-long ritual
    beating from his foster father, incurred for the crime of looking at him askew.
    Such early setbacks might have deterred lesser men, but it only made Maximilian
    stronger, and he went on to found an extremely lucrative industrial empire,
    fuelled by a desire to prove his worth to the world. Yet even with his riches,
    Maximilian found himself rejected by the friends and beautiful women he thought
    he could buy. Spurned once more, he turned to misanthropy, and began to plot
    his revenge. If he could not make the world like him, he would have to make
    the world fear him...
    Maximilian's industrialist background means he has a strong interest in
    scientific research. If you play as Maximilian, you will get a reduction to
    any cash incentive payments used during the research process.
    +Colonel Blackheart+
    Colonel Blackheart is an arrogant, nasty, colonial big game hunter. For
    Blackheart the hunt is everything and he views life as just one big hunt.
    Blackheart's philosophy is a simple one, you are either a hunter or the
    hunted. Only those that are true to his jungle principles of survival and
    supremacy earn his respect; all others are prey, to be tracked down, caught
    and killed. Such is the fate of those below him on the food chain. Blackheart
    himself has had a few scrapes, most notably losing his leg to a Bengal tiger
    that he ended up killing with his bare hands. Rumor has it that he cooked the 
    beast with the remnants of his leg in a marmalade of tomatoes and local spices
    - a true hunter's stew in honor of such a magnificent and worthy opponent.
    Colonel Blackheart is a bonus henchmen only included
    in the World Domination Starter Kit.  
    Special Abilities
    Mantraps: Colonel Blackheart is a master of trapping. Blackheart may plant one
    area of traps, agents caught will struggle for vital seconds allowing
    Blackheart to close in for the kill.
    Pendragon: Blackheart's only friend is a bad tempered and vindictive monkey
    called Pendragon. Blackheart can launch the monkey at nearby enemies,
    whereupon he becomes a fury of swirling claws, sending those nearby into blind
    For details of gaining experience points and new abilities
    go to the *Henchmen Experience* page.
    +Damned Damsel+
    Agents are relentless do-gooders, always looking out for opportunities to be
    virtuous. This trap is a great device for exploiting their chivalrous nature -
    their instincts are honed to automatically respond to a damsel in distress.
    When they realise that it's just a mannequin, the resultant confusion saps
    their smarts.
    They may have to wear ridiculous uniforms, but valets should not be
    underestimated - their social skills make them valuable minions in many
    different capacities. Only social minions like valets are capable of staffing
    the (*hotel hub*) hotel and its diversions, and only valets themselves are
    able to handle *fire extinguisher*s and put out fires.
    Valets are there to care for your other minions. If any minions collapse
    through exhaustion (manning the *control room* is a particularly stressful
    job), valets will carry the prone minion to the *barracks* and tuck them in
    to bed. Valets can also be used to (*weaken tag*) weaken enemy agents - if
    ordered to weaken a target, valets will distract them by brushing down their
    clothes and polishing their shoes, thus lowering their attention levels.
    +John Steele - S.A.B.R.E. Super Agent+
    John Steele is arguably the world's finest secret agent. Charming and urbane,
    his methods are many, all of them equally sophisticated and very deadly. His
    commendations and decorations are too many to mention here, but over the last
    decade in service of S.A.B.R.E. he has foiled plots ranging from using robot-
    controlled sharks to deliver deadly toxins, to halting nefarious schemes by
    mad industrialists to build secret bases on the Moon. Often the first sign of
    his approach is an empty cocktail glass at the bar of the nearby Casino, by
    which time it is far, far too late. 
    Special Abilities
    Base Mayhem: John Steele makes many preparations before infiltrating an evil
    lair: systems are hacked into, charges are set, all timed to confuse and
    befuddle while Steele slips into the Inner Sanctum unnoticed.  
    Indomitable: John Steele is a Super Agent and cannot die in normal
    circumstances. He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover
    John Steele's weakness before you can defeat him.
    Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they
    are so skilled that they are given two. John Steele will investigate your base
    like an Investigator, and also sabotage objects like a Saboteur.
    The bio-tanks are an advanced set of laboratory research equipment used for
    developing new objects. Constantly bubbling and belching out toxic fumes,
    close contact with them surely can't be healthy...
    +Lounge Table+
    The lounge table is where the tourists sit, drink and chat. The more they sit
    and drink the less likely they are to stumble blindly into your evil lair.
    Even minions have personal possessions, and they will be unwilling to work for
    you if they have nowhere to keep their belongings safe. Lockers enable you to
    recruit more minions into your evil organization.
    +Investigators & Agents+
    Agents & Investigators are sent to recconoitre your island. It is very likely
    that investigators will be the first type of enemy agent that you see; the
    forces of justice having got wind that something untoward might be afoot will
    send in these agents to see if they can find more evidence. Investigators
    gather evidence of suspicious activity, bodybags, security cameras, trap
    systems and acts of violence will all increase the agent's *Heat* level. Once
    a certain threshold has been reached, the agent will attempt to leave the
    island. If they esape, evidence will get back to the forces of justice, which
    in turn will increase your global *heat* levels even further.
    There are four levels of both Investigators & Agents; Pathetic, Poor, Good,
    and Exceptional. The higher the level of investigator, the more tenacious they
    will be at gathering evidence of your evil doings.
    +Lobby Bench+
    A beautifully crafted bench that the tourists use to rest on when they are not
    playing in the casino or drinking "Depth Charges" in the lounge bar. Placing
    the bench will give the tourists one more place to hang out and may prevent
    them from wandering into your evil lair.
    +Monkey Trap+
    The monkey trap can be used to ensnare one of the cheeky little simians that
    populate the jungle island. Once captured, they can be considered for research.
    When a piece of furniture is caught in the blast radius of an explosion, it
    will catch on fire. Burning furniture will start to smoke. Flames will begin
    to appear around it, growing in intensity. Finally, if left unchecked, the
    furniture will be destroyed.
    Burning objects take health damage constantly until the fire is put out. The
    visual look of the fire gives an indication of the amount of health the
    furniture has left - the bigger the flames, the closer to destruction the
    furniture is. When fire destroys a piece of furniture it may itself explode
    as it is destroyed, potentially causing nearby objects to catch on fire as
    Valet minions can put out fires as long as you have placed down at least one
    fire extinguisher locker. Once the fire is out, the furniture does not get
    back its health until it has been reparied by a technician.
    Minions will not be able to use furniture while it is burning - the smoke gets
    in their eyes.
    +Widescreen TV+
    Minions are the very definition of 'lowest common denominator', so the
    widescreen TV is ideal for grabbing their interest with its endless re-runs of
    trashy TV soap operas. It can replenish the (*minion properties*) attention of
    multiple minions at the same time, and doesn't take up much space.
    +Auto Surgeon+
    The *infirmary chair* does a good job of healing injured minions, but it must
    be manned to be of any use. The autosurgeon incorporates advanced AI routines
    that scan for injuries and heal them without the need for a doctor, making
    (*minion properties*) health replenishment a much more efficient process.
    +Hotel Room+
    Hotel rooms provide tourists with cosy little pods in which to rest, ensuring
    that the inquisitive visitors are tucked up tightly overnight, and not engaged
    in any nocturnal snooping.
    +Beehive Trap+
    Full of genetically-altered smart bees, the beehive must be approached with
    caution. If the bees are disturbed, they will swarm over the nearest character,
    relentlessly stinging them. There are different beehives for attacking each of
    the five statistics; they can be identified by the coloured spot on the roof
    of the hive as follows:
    Red: These bees drain health
    Blue: These bees drain loyalty
    Yellow: These bees drain smarts
    Purple: These bees drain attention
    Green: These bees drain endurance
    Beehive traps can be built both inside and outside the base.
    +Sentry Guns+
    Sentry guns automatically lock onto and attack any tagged characters who move
    into range. They come equipped with bullets and tranquillizer darts to deal
    both (*agent properties*) health and endurance damage.
    The disguised sentry gun is equally effective, but has a lower *heat* rating,
    and so will not arouse suspicion quite as readily as the standard model. The
    sentry gun disguise varies according to the terrain.
    +Money Madness Trap+
    This trap is a sham-ATM stuffed with counterfeit money. When a passing agent
    triggers the trap, the ATM starts spitting out wads of fake cash, which the
    gullible agent believes to be real. As they fill their pockets with the filthy
    lucre, they'll be swayed by the lavishness of the evil lifestyle and suffer a
    severe decrease in loyalty. 
    There are Money Madness traps can be built inside your base and also peppered
    around the island, you'll have to experiment to find the best locations for
    these. Just remember if your minion's attention drops then they will fall prey
    to them too.
    +Equipment Storage Rack+
    The equipment storage rack is an advanced version of the *locker*, allowing
    more minions to be recruited for a smaller space premium.
    +Power Plant+
    An evil lair makes be a considerable power demands, and even if the antiquated
    substation on your typical tropical islands could muster the gigawatts, the
    drain would be a dead giveaway to the forces of justice. So every base needs
    its own power plant to maintain vital functions like the *control room* and
    The power bar on the main interface bar allows you to see the current energy
    surplus/deficit situation at a glance:
    Green: *Generator*s are providing sufficient power to comfortably maintain
    Yellow: Generators are operating at near maximum capacity (90-100%).
    Generators will wear out very quickly, if your *technician*s can't repair them
    quick enough, the situation may become critical.
    Red: There is a power deficit, objects are draining more power than is being
    produced. If this is allowed to happen, the base will suffer a blackout: all
    power-consuming objects will turn off.
    *Capacitor*s provide emergency power in the event of a power deficit.
    Capacitors hold a limited amount of power, if the power deficit isn't
    rectified before they run out then the base will plunged into a blackout.
    +Evil Base Entrance+
    No matter how secret your lair, you are going to have to allow your minions to
    access. Every base has to have at least one entrance, although it can have
    more. Entrances are built around the outside, edge of the buildable area of
    your base. They can only be built in certain places, where the mineable rock
    touches the outside edge of the base building area. You cannot build an
    entrance where there is the darker coloured unminable rock. Once your
    entrance is built you can begin adding extra rooms and constructing your base
    in earnest. 
    The entrance to your base could be a natural soft spot and vulnerable to enemy
    attack. It'll attract attention from prying eyes and even wandering tourists.
    Later on your minions may discover means of camouflaging your entrance, either
    disguising as a desert shack or a jungle hut depending upon your location. 
    +Tourist Properties+
    Tourists have stats in a similar fashion to minions and henchmen; however,
    with tourists they work a little differently. If a tourist witnesses anything
    untoward; they will become panicked, causing them to run around the island in
    blind hysteria. If they leave the island in such a state then they will
    increase your Heat. A tourist's state can be returned to normal if you reduce
    either their smarts, attention or endurance to zero. If their Health is
    reduced to zero, then they will die. Tourists always have a loyalty of zero as
    they aren't affiliated to any organisations.
    The statistics section has five entries:
    HEALTH: how much physical damage (RED) can be absorbed before death occurs. 
    LOYALTY: Tourist always have zero loyalty (BLUE).	
    ATTENTION: If a tourist is panicked, reducing their attention (PURPLE) to zero
    will restore them to normality.		
    SMARTS: If a tourist is panicked, reducing their smarts (YELLOW) to zero will
    restore them to normality.
    ENDURANCE: If a tourist is panicked, reducing their endurance (GREEN) to zero
    will restore them to normality.	
    Tourists can be tagged just like agents - the tags section contains four toggle
    buttons, representing IGNORE, KILL, CAPTURE and WEAKEN.
    The status bar gives a brief description of the tourist's current activity.
    +Big Screen+
    Placing a big screen in the *control room* has a positive effect on minion's
    (*minion properties*) attention, as the all the fresh data flying in keeps
    them on their toes. Clicking on the big screen shows the area of effect.
    +Soothing Atrium+
    The life of an Evil Genius is never easy. No matter how despicable, even
    megalomaniacs need some time to rest and gather their thoughts. What better
    place for a good ponder than within earshot of the soft and gentle lapping
    sound of this soothing water feature.
    The automat is a useful addition to any *mess hall*. It doesn't need to be
    staffed like the *counter*, but provides a better rate of (*minion properties*)
    endurance replenishment than the *salad bar*.
    During the course of the game you will have the opportunity to amass valuable
    items of Loot to adorn your base with. These items aren't just great
    decorations, they are beneficial because their prescence can help boost the
    stats of your minions. After successfully completing an Act of Infamy that
    gives you an item of Loot, the loot will arrive at your base a short time
    The Loot item has an area of effect as indicated when you left click on the
    item. Any minions within this area will receive a boost to one of their stats.
    Therefore its worth positioning Loot items in area where minions gather,
    messhalls, training rooms and so on. However, be advised, the forces of
    Justice will attempt to steal their valuable items so you will have to temper
    this with keeping your loot in a safer place, such as your Inner Sanctum. 
    Uber Loot are powerful loot items that you will have an opportunity to
    collect at some point in the game, they are treated exactly like Loot items,
    except they are more powerful; their theft gains you more Notoriety and
    naturally attracts more attention from the Forces of Justice. 
    +Misdirection Trap+
    The misdirection trap bamboozles agents by pointing them in a series of
    conflicting directions. By the time the trap's finished with them, their
    attention will be so low that they can barely recall where they wanted to go
    in the first place.
    Marksmen are skilled in the art of the sniper, able to pick targets off from a
    distance. Calmness and composure are essential if a marksman is to steady his
    sights enough for an accurate shot, and this is reflected in the marksman's
    higher base (*minion properties*) attention levels. Other than his ability to
    engage enemies from afar, the marksman's other admirable characteristic is
    that he carries his rifle with him at all times, meaning he is always battle
    ready, and has no need to equip himself at the *armory* as other military
    minions must.
    +Confusing Pop-Up Trap+
    When triggered, a confusing cardboard cut-out springs out, startling the
    victim and sapping their smarts as they fire blindly at the target, trying
    to work out just what's going on.
    Tight security is paramount if the evil lair is to avoid being over-run by
    irritating agents of justice. A well connected surveillance network is vital
    for the detection of interlopers, and the *security desk* is the hub of this
    network. A minion must be seated at the security desk if intruder alerts are
    to be broadcast. A *time clock* may be used to control room staffing more
    precisely. Once a threat has been detected, the intruder must be dealt with,
    and this commonly means either termination or capture. If elimination is the
    goal, the *gun rack*s provide your minions with that killer edge. Capturing
    enemies requires the *holding cell* - without it, hapless intruders who fall
    into your clutches cannot be detained. Once an enemy has been put in a cell,
    they can be tortured in one of many torture devices. The armory's
    *interrogation chair* is one such device, but others are not as obvious.
    The playboy is incredibly suave and sophisticated, adept at psychologically
    manipulating people in a variety of different ways. If he were on the side of
    justice, he'd be an idol; as it is, he's a cad, and proud of it. The playboy's
    psychological weakening attack is a charm offensive that throws the target off
    guard, reducing all of their stats by a fraction.
    +Mouse Maze+
    The mouse maze is a curious device, no one exactly knows how or why it works,
    but it seems a few minutes watching the cute little rodents scurrying around
    the maze has a beneficial effect on nearby Minions. A mouse maze may be built
    in a training room and increases the (*minion properties*) attention of nearby
    +Laser Trip Beams+
    When an agent or inattentive minion walks through the beams, whichever trap
    the sensor is linked to will be triggered.
    +Salad Bar+
    Minions can stuff themselves with limp lettuce to their heart's content at
    the *mess hall*'s salad bar. Their (*minion properties* endurance will be
    replenished at a slower rate than if they used the *counter*, but the salad
    bar does not have to be staffed.
    +Craps Table+
    Craps is a high-octane dice game that tends to be very popular among gamblers,
    drawing large crowds to the tables. As long as the tourists are shooting craps,
    they're not stumbling upon dark secrets in your base.
    Welcome to Evil Genius!
    This is the Evil Genius glossary. As you progress through the game, performing
    new actions and accessing new features will unlock the relevant pages in the
    glossary. Every character, object and room also has a page of information that
    can be accessed by clicking on question marks in properties panels and on
    purchasing panels.
    Be sure to check the glossary if you're unsure of an object's purpose, or just
    want some additional information. Enjoy the game!
    +Science Training Equipment+
    Basic Training Worktop: *Technician*s can give *construction worker*s some
    simple lessons in mechanical principles by using this laboratory worktop to
    perform a few elementary experiments.
    [Construction Worker->Technician]
    Chalkboard: Technicians have a solid knowledge of mechanics, but a more basic
    grasp of science. If a technician is to become a *scientist*, he needs an
    existing scientist to teach him the core theorems and formulae on a chalkboard.
    Biochemical Training Worktop: A scientist can become a *biochemist* if they're
    taught all about dangerous, toxic substances at this worktop.
    Electron Microscope: For a scientist to become a *quantum physicist*, this
    piece of equipment is needed to teach the student about sub-atomic particles.
    [Scientist->Quantum Physicist]
    +Spin Doctor+
    Spin doctors are the masters of manipulation, adept at spinning lies and webs
    of intrigue. In practical terms, this set of skills allows spin doctors to
    *weaken* enemies by using a paparazzi media smear campaign to baffle and
    confuse the hapless agent, reducing their smarts.
    Spin doctors also perform common social minion duties such as staffing the
    *hotel* and its diversions.
    +Katerina Frostonova - H.A.M.M.E.R. Super Agent+
    Katerina Frostonova has been trained and molded by her masters at H.A.M.M.E.R.
    from an early age. As a toddler she witnessed her parents being gunned down as
    dissidents in a bungled KGB raid, and so it was her fate to be schooled at the
    Soviet State Orphanage for Heroes of the Republic. This academy, notorious for
    creating a long line of deadly assassins, only takes on pupils during their
    early childhood. Frostonova fitted in like a well-tailored opera glove, excel
    ing in all her classes, and it soon became apparent that she had the necessary
    detachment from normal human emotions to carry out certain less than savory
    duties. She has since gone on to become the greatest living assassin and the
    finest agent in the H.A.M.M.E.R. arsenal.
    Special Abilities
    Cold Assassin: Frostonova is the deadly assassin, she has an uncanny knack to
    move through enemy bases as if invisible, striking at the very heart of an
    operation in much the same way that her stiletto knife unerringly finds the
    heart of its target.
    Indomitable: Frostonova is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal
    circumstances. She needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover
    Frostonova's weakness before you can defeat her.
    Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they
    are so skilled that they are given two. Frostonova will assault your base
    like a Soldier, and also investigate for further evidence of your misdeeds.
    +Inner Sanctum Chair+
    The inner sanctum chair is a luxury piece of furniture that can be bought to
    make the Evil Genius's dwelling even more opulent.
    +Hotel Lounge+
    The island has many fine beaches to visit and much exotic wildlife to watch,
    yet, given the choice, most tourists would rather loiter at the *bar* and sip
    exotic cocktails with paper umbrellas in, or go for a twirl on the
    *dancefloor*. As long as the tourists are relaxing in the lounge, they won't
    have the time or inclination to snoop around the island. The lounge is only
    open during the day, and must be staffed with social minions. A *time clock*
    may be used to control room staffing more precisely.
    +Object Properties+
    Double-clicking on an object brings up its properties pane, which displays
    information and actions regarding the object.
    The (*moving objects*) Move and (*deleting objects*) Delete buttons can be
    used to manipulate objects once they have been placed.
    The health section shows how much physical damage can be sustained before
    destruction occurs. Most damage occurs as a result of enemy saboteur actions,
    but some objects can sustain damage naturally, particularly the generator if
    it is overstretched. Some objects are considered to be suspicious by agents,
    and will give them heat if they see them. The amount of heat that an object
    will give is shown here. Some objects are power providers or power consumers
    - the amount of power they generate/consume is also shown here.
    Some objects have specialised functions that can be accessed through their
    properties pane: (*security doors*) Doors have configurable security settings.
    (*time clock*) Timeclocks allow you to fine-tune room staffing.
    If a *cell* has a prisoner in it, you can choose how to deal with them.
    *Capacitor*s display how much stored power they have left.
    +Security Camera+
    Security cameras are a part of the *surveillance network*. They sweep the area
    in front of them and monitor for intruders that you have tagged - clicking on
    the camera shows its line-of-sight. Agents who enter this zone of coverage
    will be detected. Cameras should be placed in locations where intruders are
    likely, such as base entrances, and near high security locations.
    +The Doomsday Device+
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Those on the first island may want to stop reading.]
    No plan for world domination is complete without a Doomsday device! Your
    minions have all been working toward construction of just such a device. The
    Doomsday device is assembled in the Rocket Silo, it consists of a multistage
    rocket, rocket engines and a payload. 
    The rocket engines. These must be test fired before you can complete work on
    your Doomdsay Device.
    There are five stages to the rocket, each one must be built by your minions
    in the rocket silo.
    The payload consists of a satellite that will be launched into space by the
    rocket. Depending upon the choices as to which Mercenary scientists available,
    will affect the exact purpose and nature of this device. There are three
    possible satellites to build.
    Once all the elements are built, the Doomsday device will begin to assemble
    itself, ready for launch. Be careful though, those pesky forces of Justice
    will stop at nothing to thwart your plans.
    +Piranha Tank Trap+
    The quintessential evil trap. No base would be complete without a tank of
    these notoriously ravenous fish to dunk unexpecting agents into. If they
    manage to survive the acquatic mauling, they're going to be pretty low on
    +Brainiac Machine+
    The *archives* provide a number of ways for minions to replenish their
    (*Minion Properties*) smarts, but it requires time and effort to fully take
    in a book or newspaper. The brainiac machine is the answer for all those
    impatient dimwits - using hypnotherapeutic images, the machine can help
    minions to quickly raise their smarts back up to normal levels.
    +Stock Market Watchdog+
    The stock market watchdog helps maximise profits from your minion's global
    stealing activities. With a stock watchdog in the control room, deliveries of
    filthy lucre will be more frequent.
    +Radio Loudspeakers+
    Radio loudspeakers are advanced versions of standard *loudspeaker*s. Their
    range is not affected by solid structures, so they can alert minions even
    through walls.
    +Heavy Duty Loudspeakers+
    Heavy duty loudspeakers have a larger range than their standard counterparts.
    +Briefcase Rack+
    Visitors to the island would no doubt become suspicious to see minions
    carrying ingots of gold around the place, so they carry them in briefcases
    when making purchases from the *depot*. The briefcase rack is indestructible,
    so you will always have at least one, but having more than one in your lair
    may increase the efficiency of your building procedure if you are purchasing
    lots of things at the same time. Thieves may well steal briefcases from the
    rack should they be able to gain access to the *strongroom*, so guard it well.
    +Building the Rocket Silo+
    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Those on the first island may want to stop reading.]
    The main reason for moving to the second island, is that it possesses a unique
    geological feature - a vast cavern within which all sorts of untold devilish
    schemes can be constructed away from the prying eyes of the forces of justice.
    Before any building can begin you must allow your minions access to the cavern.
    You must connect the cavern to the main base by building rooms up to the
    cavern access points. These are indicated by the very dark oblongs around the
    edge of the cavern.
    If you build rooms up to the accesspoints, you will notice a little access
    door in the side - this allows your minions to travel down to the cavern floor
    below. Once this achieved you will be able to begin the foundations for the
    rocket silo.
    Next, the Silo Foundations can be built. This is done in the normal way; right
    clicking in the cavern; select the Silo Foundations; it will place itself
    automatically. The tarpaulin will appear; it's very large so ensure you have
    plenty of access and willing minions ready.
    Finally you can build catwalks, spanning across the silo, to allow your
    minions to take shortcuts across this cavernous space, or even providing a
    useful vantage point for your Evil Genius to spy upon his Doomsday preceedings.
    Soldiers are sent to attack your base in numbers. These military trained
    agents attack in squads of between one and eight. They are not only trained
    to target your minions, but also to destroy vital parts of your base. Once a
    soldier's *Heat* level has risen they will have got a taste for battle and
    will go on an all-out assault, killing minions and destroying objects
    There are four levels of soliders; Pathetic, Poor, Good, Exceptional. The
    higher your global *heat* level, the better trained the agents sent against
    you will be.
    +Environment Chamber+
    The environment chamber is an advanced piece of laboratory research equipment
    used for developing new objects. It's a dangerous piece of kit - if anyone is
    inside when the machine is started, they're in for a rough ride...
    Following your evil orders all day leaves minions exhausted and drains their
    (*Minion Properties*) endurance. Minions sink into a vegetative state when
    their endurance is low, so they must rest in the barracks to replenish it.
    Minions can't work around the clock, so they will decamp to the barracks to
    sleep at night. Because the barracks are likely to be full at night, it is a
    good idea to take advantage of the minion congregation by placing the barracks
    near a base entrance and equipping it with a *loudspeaker* to broadcast
    intruder alerts. If any night time intruders are picked up on the security
    network, the barracks will awaken into action and intercept them.
    The barracks needs to be furnished with *bunk bed*s, and *locker*s will also
    be required to increase the number of minions who can be hired.

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