Review by Simplydoz

Reviewed: 07/20/06

This game hits a nice spot.

Ok, i have read all of the *sigh* 3 reviews, and I have to say, what is wrong with this game?

First of all there is the Graphical feature to the game. With all the settings all the way up, this game looks better then most on the market. Although the minimum requirements are not exactly right on the dot, its good enough. The character animation ( with a good connection) is splendid. The only problem I have is that items look to similar and enchantments on items visually are lacking, but the glow of your sword doesn't matter when your ramming it into the face of a vicious monster.

Which brings the next feature, game play. This game gets the multiplayer fashion, puts it on, and looks good. The quest and experience system is very unique. Unlike WoW ( I like it to don't get me wrong) or EQ you will not be spending hours getting enough experience to level to the next weak state, your character becomes useful very early.The combat system is like no other mmo's because its real time. Your not pressing macros while eating potato chips, your pressing your mouse like there's no tomorrow and hoping that the creature that your sword is cutting into wont call for help.

The next aspect of the game that needs to be mentioned is character creation.
Since character creation is a key part of most newer games it is important that there are a lot of options. In D&D there are not enough options. Honestly you can make a really good looking character and then meet him/her again in the game. Although the appearance of your character is mostly shown with items, so this isn't a big issue.

The last real aspect of the game that needs to be addressed is the MM in MMORPG. Multiplayer is the whole reason its called online and im tired of hearing people say *whinny voice*" Why is it so hard to solo", this sickens me because they are paying to play with others, monthly. The multiplayer in this game is wonderful, every server has a good number of people on it. The built in voice chat and looking for group systems are very well done. You can talk to anyone you want to without hassle, as long as you have a working mic. The community is very calming, you feel like you are actually getting help from people and most people are very kind.

Now when it comes to the D&D world before this game and how is fits into to this game, I am completely oblivious to it. I have heard left and right that they didn't get the rules correct or they didn't make the rules to 3.5 or whatever. I personally think this is ans excuse for that particular person dieing in the game or not having fun.

This game I HIGHLY recommend, the monthly fee is a little steep but to most mmorpg fans this wont be a factor. I love this game, so far I like it better then any other game on the market. It envelopes you with the feeling that your actually in a dungeon, warding off the kobolds and thwarting evil at its source.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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