2D ArtistFrank Lunnebach
2D ArtistRalph Roder
3D ArtistDirk Schumacher
Additional GraphicsHelmut Dunkel
Additional GraphicsAnca Finta
Additional GraphicsOgan Kandemiroglu
Additional Item BalancingMark Kieschke
Additional Level DesignGabriel Hacker
Additional Level DesignAndreas Jurksch
Additional ProgrammingLutz Eisenmenger
Additional ProgrammingMarco Laser
Additional Sound EffectsMarkus Mohr
Additional Sound EffectsMatthias Steinwachs
Additional VoiceAnca Finta
Additional VoiceRoger Swindells
Additional VoiceAlan Wild
Additional VoiceMirko Worsley
Additional VoicePete Worsley
Additional VoiceLiane Worsley
Art DirectorCelal Kandemiroglu
Character AnimationRalf Angerbauer
Character ArtistCosmin Bulau
Character Texture ArtistFrederike Stradal
Cinematic DesignNorbert Beckers
Cinematic DesignDr. Michael Bhatty
Cinematic DesignHolger Breitback
Cinematic DesignMark Kulker
ConverterMarkus Boltersdorf
Executive ProducerHans-Arno Wegner
Graphics ArtistTobias Franz
Graphics ArtistStefan Hoffman
Lead Game DesignerDr. Michael Bhatty
Lead Game DesignerAarne Jungerberg
Lead ProgrammerRoger Boerdijk
Level DesignerMarkus Haublein
Level DesignerMarc Oberhauser
Music ProductionDag Winderlich
ProducerHolger Flottmann
ProgrammerIngo Biermann
ProgrammerLars Hammer
ProgrammerSteve Manekeller
ProgrammerAndreas Muller
Project LeadFranz Stradal
Quest ScriptsMichel Dumont
Quest ScriptsRaphael Dumont
Sound DesignHenrik Hobein
Speech Recording DirectorPhil Morris
Voice ActingTom Clarke-Hill
Voice ActingLynda Hayes
Voice ActingCorey Johnson
Voice ActingBrad Lavelle
Voice ActingLaurel Lefkow
Voice ActingNoah Margetts
Voice ActingEric Meyers
Voice ActingJohn Moraitis
Voice ActingPatricia Rodriguez
Voice ActingRandall Lee Rose
Voice ActingDan Russell
Voice ActingKerry Shale


Data and credits for this game contributed by Guard Master and LordAndrew.

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