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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Radnorak

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    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
                                   Demo Walkthrough V1.50
                              Copyright 2004 Steven Cunningham
          02/03/2004 Version 1.00 Public Release
          10/04/2004 Version 1.50 Complete Rewrite of walkthrough
                                  (stealthier methods)
    This document is Copyright 2004 Steven Cunningham (Radnorak)
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    As this is a FAQ for the Demo I will not be accepting any contributions
    whatsoever. If you have anything you want to add, wait for my FAQ for the
    full version.
    The demo for Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow contains the complete train level
    and a short level from the Indonesia Mission. 
    MISSION 01 Paris-Nice Train
    You start off on the roof of the train, either go through either trapdoor and
    then out the door at the end of the carriage or simply walk to the end of the
    roof and drop down. As you enter the next carriage you will see a conductor in
    a well lighted room, just on the other side of the storage rack in the middle
    of the carriage is the (well lighted) trapdoor that you need to get to. Either
    time your movements so the conductor can't see you (very difficult) or lure him
    into the dark end of the carriage by whistling and KO him. Go through the
    trapdoor and pull yourself along under the train.
    Use the optic cable to check that the guard has left the room before you pull
    yourself up into the next area. Shoot out the light in this room and them you
    have a choice as to how to proceed. 
    Staying inside the train:
    Exit the room and use the control panel in front of you to turn off the lights
    in the cabin. Go into the cabin and hide behind the seat on the right hand side
    until you can KO the passenger who gets up to turn the lights back on. Move down
    the cabin avoiding the pools of light until you reach the door to the next cabin.
    Going outside:
    Use the controls in the room to unlock the side doors, go out the door turn left
    and then left again, open the side door and choose the 'climb out' option. If you
    don't have a 'climb out' option, use the door on the other side of the carriage.
    At the first window you come to there will be a passenger walking around, wait
    until he sits down to read his book before going past. At the next window a woman
    is staring out, wait until she turns away and goes to sleep, then go past. The
    rest of the windows can only be passed by timing your movements so that you aren't
    in front of a window when the train passes a light (there are approx 5 second gaps
    between lights, just enough time to get past a window). When you get to the door
    open it and climb in.
    Before you enter the next carriage Lambert will chime in with some information
    about how to identify Poindexter (Soth), apparantly he has a prosthetic right leg.
    Wait for the conductor to finish talking to a passenger and move off down the hall
    before entering the carriage. Use the SWAT turn to get past the first open door,
    but wait a few seconds so the passenger inside the compartment has settled down to
    read. (peek around the corner and press the use/interact button, SPACE by default
    to perform the SWAT turn). You can use the optic camera to identify which carriage
    Soth is travelling (18). Go inside and wake him up, when he leaves to take his call
    use the laptop in his compartment and then follow him down the hall into the Bar
    Carriage, go into the darkened bar on the right and laser mic his call, (you will
    need to stand up). After it finishes wait for both Soth and the guard who came to
    fetch him to go back past before proceeding. As you go through the door to the next
    carriage Soth will alert his guards to your presence. RUN to the ladder halfway down
    the carriage and quickly climb uo onto the roof, ignore the helicopter on your left.
    Simply run down the roof to the rope hanging from the Osprey and either grab it to
    finish the mission, or watch the Osprey shoot down the helicopter and then grab the
    rope to finish the mission.
    MISSION 02 Abandoned Shipyard, Indonesia
    You start this mission in long grass, that guards can't see through. As long as you
    stay crouched you are effectively invisible. Up ahead are both a guard and an 
    automated turret, to avoid both simply stick to the right hand edge of this area.
    Following the edge around you will come to a rusted truck, and it looks like the
    turret might be able to see you. As long as you stay hard against the right wall,
    crouched and move slowly you won't be. You might be tempted to disable the IFF on
    the turret and have it kill the guard, but don't. Doing so would most likely cause
    an alarm. 
    Switch on your thermal vision before going through this passage. See that tripwire,
    the mine it is attatched to is against the left hand wall of the passage. You will
    enter an abandoned hut that is missing a roof, stay against the right hand wall and
    move toward the door until you can see a lantern hanging on the wall of the next area.
    Use the scope on the SC-20K to shoot it out. Then follow the wall it was hanging on 
    around (you will need to follow behind the guard to get by without KO-ing him). In
    this small gap between the wall and a hut to your left you need to use the half-split
    jump (perform a split jump, shift your weight to the right, and then jump again) to get
    into the hut on the left. As long as you move slowly through the door on the right the
    guard through the door straight ahead won't see you.
    In this next area you will see two guards sitting at a table, ignore them but don't get
    too far away from the wall or it will become bright enough for them to see you. Looking
    directly at the guards there is a hut to your right, get into it and stay as far to the
    left as possible so the guards won't see you. Move Quietly theugh, there is a sleeping
    guard just past the divider. Ignore him and go out the door to your left. Turn right and
    follow the wall around until you get to the door to the next area. Mission Accomplished!
    This document is Copyright 2004 Steven Cunningham.

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