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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chris Chazmo

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    		             Walkthrough/FAQ for
                           Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                By: (ChrisChazmo)                   Email: Chrischazmo@aol.com
                Last Updated: 3/29                  Version: 0.5
    This is my first fact that hopefully will prove useful to you. I know that
    there are no other facts out and this is a game that you need one most in.
    First thing is first. I made this document, so please do not copy it and say it
    is yours. I do not mind if you just copy it for your own personal use if your 
    playing the game and don't want to use the internet. If you want to put this 
    walkthrough on a webpage, no problem, just email me to get premission first.
    This rule also applies if you want to translte  this FAQ into another language.
    I'm not that strict, just as long as you get my premission. If you have any
    questions just email me.
    This brings me to my second point. I don't mind for emailing me, but please
    don't unless you have a big problem about the game or this walkthrough. I will
    definently be willing to take information that you see I don't have on the FAQ
    or that I should have. But please, DO NOT EMAIL ME SPAM. It will be filtered
    out and not get accepted anyway.
    That is pretty much it, besides that I want to thank UBISOFT for developing
    such a great game.
    1.     My Imput
    2.     Characters
    3.     Controls
    4.     Story
    5.     Walkthrough
             A. Level 1
             B. Level 2
             C. Level 3
             D. Level 4: Train
             E. Level 5
             F. Level 6
    6.     Credits
    Main Characters:
    Sam Fisher:
    Our hero from the first Splinter Cell and the character that you play
    throughout the whole game. Sam has been in the spy business for the past
    decades and has much experience. He is currently on the Third Echelon Team.
    Irving Lambert:
    This is the guy that you mostly hear on your communincation com. He gives you
    your objectives, some (but very little) hints of what to do, and links you
    between other members of the Third Echelon Team.
    Demort P. Brunton:
    Demort is recently new to the team, but does help give you ways to finish your
    missions. Like Lambert, he will communicate through the subdermal microchip in
    your ear.
    Anna Grimsdottir:
    Also a member of your team, she is the person that will be hacking into
    computer components and helping you out on missions via microchip.
    Suhadi Sadono:
    As a military fighter for Indonesia, he has now become the leader of the Darah
    Dan Doa. This is your major bad guy in the game.
    Norman Soth:
    Not quite sure about this guy. He is a member of the CIA, but it is possible
    that he is betraying the US. Keep an eye out on him.
    Dahlia Tal:
    Like Soth, not sure if she is good or bad. She is a Shin Bet Agent, but later
    in the game you are questioned if she is evil.
    These are the controls for the game. There are not many differences from the
    first Splinter Cell.
    Left control stick: Move/ aim. Press in when by a wall to cling on to it.
    Right control stick: Change camera angles/ use binoculars when pressed in.
    Control pad/D-pad: Left: Night vision goggles.
                       Right: Thermal Vision goggles.
    (press these again to return to normal view.)
                       Up/Down: Switch weapen/item
    Right trigger:     Main Fire
    Left trigger:      Secondary Fire
    Back button:       Get to Opset menu.
    Start button:      Get to Game menu.
    A button:          Ineract button. (hold and use control stick to select)
    B button:          Crouch down/ Roll when moving
    Y button:          Jump/ split jump by two parallel walls
    X button:          Get weapon out/ aim
    Black Button:      Whistle
    White Button:      Item's menu. (Hold it down and select item.)
    Suhadi Sadono has attacked a U.S. base in Jakarta and has taken civilian
    and military hostages. Now the Third Echelon Team and you, Sam Fisher, must
    destroy the top-secret documantations in the embassy before Suhadi's men access
    Now what you have been waiting for:
    Mission One:
    Now this is the first and probably easiest mission, but I will go over it
    anyway if anyone has got stuck here.
    First (after watching the pretty cutscene), go forward to and press the y
    button on the edge of the ledge and press forward to go up. Then, run, take a
    left, and go up the ladder. Climb on the zip line by pressing y again and go
    across. If you happen to fall you can U-turn back and jump, and go back to the
    ladder. If you can't find out what to do when you get across, this is what you
    do. Find the pole that is hanghing right were the zip line ends. Jump by
    pressing y and move toward the building, left of the line. now you have to
    press y again when you get to the fence that is blocking you to crouch on the
    pole and proceed forword. Drop down by pressing B and turn the the right, then
    left, then another left to the door.
    If my memory is correct (please Email me if I'm wrong) you go into a room where
    you need to either lock pick the door or have to go up a pole and slide into a
    hole in the floor. Either way, you will have to do both. When you get out the
    door, go down the stairs and in the upper-right corner there will be a passage
    to go into. When in the new area, don't go up the stairs, but go to the left of
    them and cling onto the wall by pressing the right control stick in. Go left
    and hit A on the end of it to flip to the other wall, where you can get off.
    Now, slowly go to the guy on the box and when close enough, hit A and knock him
    out with the right trigger.
    Proceed on until you get a message from Lambert telling you to use the creek.
    Climb down the pole and slowly, and I mean slowly go into the stream or you
    will make to much noise. Go right, avoiding the spot lights and put on your
    night vision goggles. There is a guy to the right that spot me once, so wait
    until he passes. Go under the bridge, heading toward a watermill, and turn
    right out of the water when the coast is clear.
    Lambert will now tell you to interage a guy. So, go over to him and press A
    behind him, then go into the shadows. (Press A to make the conversation to go
    faster.) Now knock him out and someone else will come out. Wait until he goes
    back in and open the door slowly moving and press A behind him. Once again,
    knock him out. Go forward and turn a right. Split jump by pressing Y twice and
    lean against the right side of the wall, then jump again, proceed forward and
    finish the level. Easy, right?
    Mission Two:
    This one I'm going to go through quick since you should know the control setup
    by now. First, go left, climb the ladder, climb the other ladder, go forward,
    left, try not to step on the glass (but when I attempt to I do), so go back,
    knock you the guy if you have to but do not shot him. Proceed forward, wait in
    the dark corner when Lambert tells you to, then go forward, look left and grab
    onto the pole, then go up. Grab onto the roof, go right, try not to get cought,
    drop down on the platform, then press A to the right to go to the other side of
    the building. This is where I normally get cought. Slowly go to the left into
    the doorway and knock out the guy. Save. 
    Now slowly go through the door on the right, sneak to the balcony and knock out
    the guy. You can go to a room down the hall and unlock the door to get healed.
    Now ther is a room with hostages, but don't bother going their. So, go down the
    stairs, then at the base of the stairs, wait until a guard comes to the pillar
    infront of you and knock him out. Now, you can do one of to things. There are
    two guys playing cards. One, you can go and wistle by hitting the black button
    to get one to come to you. Go back to the stairs and wait for an oppertunity to
    hit him. Do the same for the second one. Or try using the bottle on the table
    to get their attaintion. Either way, run past, turn two rights and left through
    a door.
    This is fun. You actually have to go in the light to not be seen. So just go
    and fallow in the light of the moving light to get to the other side. Now go
    left to the door, up the stairs, using the med kit if you need it, then slowly
    take out the guard on the balcony. Go to the door on the left and talk to the
    person. Now retrace your steps back to the bottom to the stairs.
    Merry Christmas indeed! Now that you can shoot anyone you see, this should be
    easy. Go left, then right, shot the guy, go up and turn off the spot light with
    the power switch on top of the ladder, then repeat the process to the left
    (but watch out for the guard). Now turn one more left, then right, go across
    the dock, and into the boat. Another mission down, 6 more to go.
    Mission 3:
    Sorry, there is a mission that I forgot about before the train. In this one,
    you are at a train station. Start by going forward and down the ladder. Now
    with your new gun, snipe the guy by the train. Turn left, then stay in the
    shadows and aim while sniping down the hall. A guy will come out at start
    taking to another guy. I think you know what to do, snipe him. Now the security
    will go up a level but that's ok. Snipe the other guy that comes runing down
    the hall and proceed forward, after hiding their bodies. Fallow the hall with
    the flaming trash cans and now you will see a fire. After waiting a while,
    Lambert will tell you to shoot the pipe above the flames and you can proceed
    forward. Keep going through the rooms until you find a door with a copying 
    machine by it. Use the switch to turn off the lights, then go on.
    Now you are in a room where a guy will come and say the basement is clear. I
    just waited until he got to the side of the room with the door you came out of
    and shot him, then killed the other two guards that come. Now when down the
    hall the security will be back to normal. Shot both of the guys it this room,
    then go through the door on the right. Now turn left, then another left, and
    you will be asked to save the computers. Go through the door and let one of the
    guards notice you. Then crouch down and shot him when he comes out the door.
    For the second one, just take him out however you want. Go to the computer at
    the top right corner of the room and press A. 
    Ok. This part is alittle blurry for me since I did it a while ago, but it
    should still help you. You have to take out a bomb alittle way down the hall in
    a time limit of about 40 seconds to a minute. So shot any guard you see while
    going down the hall and go through the door on the left. The bomb will be
    hooked up to a machine in the boiler room, so just press A to disarm it. Go out
    of the room and down the hall some more and up the stairs, but go slow since
    there is an alarm that I think detects motion.
    When out of the door turn left, wait for an opertunity to knock out the guard,
    and go through the double doors. Turn left and go through the door on the left.
    Freeze. There are a lot of security cameras in this room. So shoot the one on
    your right, the middle, and another one to your right. Go to the computer on
    the right and press A.
    Got it so far. Hope so, because now you have to try to find some brians. That's
    right, brians. So go back out of the door you came from and then out the door
    on your left. turn off the giant light and turn on your night vision goggles. A
    guy will come in, so just knock him out and take the sticky shockers and air
    rings. Go out the door on the left and then take another left. Go up the stairs
    on the right and shoot the camera. Once again, go very slowly to not trigger
    off the alarm.
    Go forward and shoot the two guards in the main lobby. From where you came in,
    take a U-turn to the other hallway. Now I'm sorry to say that I do not know
    where I got the code for this door, but it was either from one of the two
    guards or from just waiting a while. Once in, save. Go through the door on the
    right and turn on your thermal goggles. Go left and turn off the turret with
    the switch box. Keep going down and knock out the guard on the right side of
    the room, then proceed to the door on the left.
    Now, I wish I found out this earlier but you can jump on the sides of platform
    that you are on and shimmy down the platform. However, watch out for the smoke.
    Now you can shoot the two guards. Go in that door, and if you want to, you can
    disarm the bomb by pressing A when the moment when it turns green and then get
    health if you need it. 
    I was stuck here for a long time not knowing what to do, so don't be mad if you
    are. In the room to the left, turn a right and climb on top of the shelf up to
    the hole in the vents. You will here some guys who want to blow the place up.
    Turn to your first left and take to the guy with the phone that you need. Now,
    just wait here away from the walls for 40 seconds until the place blows up. Now
    go back up the vent and turn a left to continue down the vent to the exit.
    Lambert will tell you that your a phyco for letting that man die, but at least
    there is some good news once you continue down the hall, You Beat The Level.
    Now for the train.
    Mission 4: The Train
    Now for some reason everbody is having a hard time with this level but I think
    the last mission was harder. Anyway this is a great level design and fun to
    play for the most part.
    Start by going down one of the two holes on the train car to a room with a dog
    in it. Go forward through the door and knock out the guard by going in a circle
    behind him around the room. Go in the center of the room and then down the
    hole. You are now on the bottom of the train. Keep going and save, then go into
    the hole. Now hit the switch in the corner of the room and try to quitely go
    left and out the door, then press A so you are on the side of the train. Now,
    there are windows with guys by them, so you have to wait until they are not
    looking at the window, then go past. Some people have been stuck on one guard
    that will spot you but just don't get in site of the window. When back in the
    train, go forward and save.
    Now you have to find Mr. Soth, so wait until the servant talking about ear
    plugs to go away. Then, I believe it is the third door to the right that has
    Soth in it (It's the one with the number 18, right after the red door). Talk to
    him and hide by the computer when he has a phone call. Access the Computer. I
    had a problem finding out what to do on the next part but I figured it out. You
    can't voice microphone the guy from that room. You have to go out, then turn
    right and go down the hall. When you are in the same room that he is in, take
    it out by pressing X and aim it toward the green zone.
    When thats done, wait for the guards to leave and knock out the one at the bar.
    Go to the next room and you will trigger off the alarm, but that's ok. Turn a
    quick right and go up the ladder. Head forward and then there should be gun
    shots around you, don't worry, it should not hurt you. Now when you have the
    chance, hit the A button by the rope and you have finished the mission. Easy?
    right? Ok, maybe not.
    Mission 5:
    Ok. This mission was very hard for me, expecially at the middle and end of the
    level. First, go forward and turn on your night vision goggles, then go up the
    stairs. Turn a sharp right and wait for a person to come out from the corner.
    When he's gone, avoid the light by the door to your left and continue down the
    alley. Hide in the dark waiting for another guy to pass and then go left. Shoot
    out the swinging light to your left and go through the passage. Wait in the
    corner to your left and hide. Keeping to that wall on your left, carefully go
    to the corner on the other side of the area. The guard has ran into me here but
    I have never got caught. Turn right and go down the hall when the guard is
    Now, turn a left and shoot out the lights in this alley. When the guard has
    gone right, go left. Hide behind the giant garbage box and wait for an
    oppertunity to knock out the guard. Stay on the outside walls and in the
    shadows, then when all the way down the area, turn right.
    This part is fun. You have to save the arms dealer from two bandits. So, grab
    the one closest to you and you have a good old fashoned shot out. Aim for the
    other bandits head and shoot him (not hurting the arms dealer). Now you will
    get your nice big gun back. The dealer will now show you a spot to test it out
    with, but only fallow him until you can turn left down the alley that the guard
    patrolled. Now, climb the roof to your right and then grapple down on the end
    with your rope.
    Now that you have a new friend, fallow her slowly. This is where I start to
    hate this level. She will wait for you, however, if you fall behind. Talk to
    her when she stops, and then she will keep on going. Go very slow here. 
    If you didn't get caught, then their is a save point of where she stops the
    second time, telling you to find a way to get to the roof. This is a hard part,
    but I found out a good method. Fallow her to the passage way and then wait for
    a guard to come, knock him out. Now, whistle, a guy will come, hit him with a
    sticky shocker or air rings. go out of the passage and to the left, and go
    around the inside of the wall until you reach a small alley at the other end.
    If you encounter any other guys on the way, knock them out or hit them with a
    sticky shocker or air rings. Unlock the gate to your left down the ally and
    turn right to the second door, in a kitchenish area. Turn left and you will see
    an elevator, but make sure you don't go in it until Dahlia Tal comes. I gotten
    stuck in the elevator once before and not been able to get out and having to
    restart from the last save point.
    Lambert will ask you to shoot Dahlia Now, I'm not sure if there is a difference
    in this level (I know it changes the story) if you shoot her or not. I tried
    to, but I had to reload first and the elevator already went down before I could
    shoot. So just be nice and don't shoot her. If you already did, I'm not sure if
    the level is the same. (Please email me if you have information)
    Now when down the elevator, shoot the first guy you see, and then the second.
    Wait a while, then go left and shoot that quy. Turn a right, then another
    right, then down the stairs. Stay to the left wall in the dark and wait for two
    guys to come. one will stay in the corner and the other will walk along the
    hall. First, wait for a good head shot for the guy in the corner, then shoot
    the other. Keep going down that hall and shout the guy to the left to get three
    more guards to come out. Run back to the dark wall and then shoot and sticky
    shoot the guys like crazy. Go back out to where you shot the guy in the left
    hall and turn another left. When going forward, you will see a table with ammo,
    accessories, and a med kit on the wall.
    Turn right out of that caged room and then right out of the main room. Knock
    out the guy you see down the hall and do not go in the bright light room yet.
    Throw a grenade across the hall at the two guys at the end to the new hall. One
    or two more guys will come, so just shout them. Now that it is safe you can go
    in the bright light room up the mini stairs. Go to the right of the room and
    pick up what you needed to complete the mission. Save.
    Go to the hall where you throw the grenade and turn left, you should see an
    elevator. Go in it. Now this part confused me for a long time because it seemed
    like invisible people kept on shouting me and that it was a glich in the game.
    But, I realized the gunshot sounded like a sniper rifle. So, shoot out all of
    the lights in the new hallway and when sniping, look very closly at the windows
    infront of you with night vision. There is a guy at the top window. Wait, then
    there will be another guy there. Now, turn left and snipe at the top window
    over there. Way down the area to the right, there is one more sniper, take him
    out. Go left and find an alley and you have completed the mission. Hopefully
    another mission complete. This one was hard, but luckily, the next one is
    pretty selfexplainitory so you should get through it.
    Mission 6:
    This is pretty easy once you get use to it. First, fallow the trail until you
    find a guy. To the right of him is a zip line. Use it and go forward until you
    reach the first checkpoint. Go right and stay in the shadows of the tent on
    your left. A guard will come out from the tent to your right. Wait until he
    circles around and sits down. This is the time to grab him and knock him out.
    Stay in the shadows and go to your left. Shout out the next guard you see, then
    go left again. Down here, two guards will talk for a while and then one will
    blow himself up. Shout the other guy.
    Now, you have to go down the path and watch out for laser traps. To do this,
    get the camera to a top position and turn on your night vision goggles, then go
    slowly. To deactivate them, just go to the side of them and hit the A button.
    Just stay to the sides and you should only run in by one or two traps. When
    across, shoot the guard to your right, then go left.
    You are now by the airplane. Sneak in the doorway and into the shadows to your
    right. Two guards will be there, but one will go away, the perfect time to
    knock him out. Just use a sticky shocker for the other guard. Try to make a
    distraction, like whistling, to get one more guard to come in, then shout him.
    Plant the bomb on the nose of the plane and head out the door on the other side
    of the room. Now, in the new area, wait until the guys stop talking and go
    inside the fenced area. Knock out the first guard you see, and then turn left
    to a booth and knock out this guard. Turn on the switch in the booth to open
    the gate, then go through it. Go forward.
    More Coming Soon.
    This FAQ was mostly done by me (Chris Chazmo) but I would also like to thank my
    friend Ivan Ripley for helping me figure out some of the game, and Ubisoft for
    making the game and some references to the guide for controls, but mostly for
    making such a great game!!!
    I also want to thank GameFAQs for posting my guide, and the message boards for
    inspiring me to create it.
    Copywrite 2004

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