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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rob0

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    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough
    By Rob0
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Legal Stuff
    3.  Walkthrough
          3.1  Mission One - US Embassy
          3.2  Mission Two - Saulinier Cryogenics Lab
          3.3  Mission Three - Paris~Nice Train
          3.4  Mission Four - Jerusalem
          3.5  Mission Five - Kundang Camp
          3.6  Mission Six - Komodo Docks
          3.7  Mission Seven - TV Station
          3.8  Mission Eight - Los Angeles International Airport [LAX]
    >> 1
    Ok, this guide lacks the flair of other guides, but I don't care, it's here to
    help you get past parts of the game, not for aesthetic value.  Not even ASCII
    I wrote this guide for Splinter Cell Headquaters [www.splintercellhq.com] so I
    am most active there, and if you have a comment/query about the guide, go and
    ask me there.
    This is the only version of the guide I will write, unless there is huge demand
    for a change or addition.  Want something in the guide - ask me, but no
    promises I will do it.
    >> 2
    >Legal Stuff
    I hate legal stuff, which is why there's a lack of it here.
    Basically this guide is mine, so don't plagarise and take credit for it.  You
    may reproduce this guide in part or in whole so long as  A) You tell me, and B)
    You give me credit wherever it is reproduced.
    > Walkthrough
    >> 3.1
    Mission One - US Embassy - Dili, Timor
    All you need to do for the first few parts is follow the onscreen instructions
    (such as "Open the door" and basics like that).
    When you get to the first guard do what the instructions tell you to do, and
    shoot out the light.  You can now KO the guard like the instructions tell you
    to do, or you can sneak past him on to the next part.  To sneak past him, move
    in a crouch until he starts to stare at the light, then move as fast as you can
    while crouched under the deck infront of you, and round the corner.  Now stop.
    Dead stop.  Equip your thermal vision and you'll spot some mines (If you've
    played the first game like I told you to do, you'll know what to look for, but
    it's fairly obvious).  There's a box next to the house on your left, mantle it
    and jump to grab the ridge, and chimmy across until after the mines, then drop
    Round the corner and take a right down the alley.  Move quite far down, and do
    a half-split jump, then grab the ledge and pull up.  Go through the room to the
    pole, and slide down.
    Now be quiet and move slowly.  Move so you can see the light on the side of the
    bridge, and shoot it out.  The guard will move and have a look, using a torch
    [Flashlight] to check it out. (Players of SC ~ Same sort of light as the
    Chinese guards).  Now move through the river, making sure you're always in
    darkness, and you're moving as slow as possible.  Here's a tip; if you move
    through the reeds in the water, the birds will fly away, alerting the guard, so
    stick to open water, and the right hand bank of the river (near the guard).  Go
    back down into the river when you reach the bridge.  After the bridge, you'll
    notice that the path you have to take is on the left hand side.  It then
    crosses the width of the river, ending in a break in the grass on the right
    hand side.  Go through it.  Now keep to the center of the pavement, and after
    the patches of light from the lamp on the left end, go to the left.  Get close
    to the house, and you'll hear Grimsdottir, and then Lambert as you get closer
    to the guard.  Grab the guard sitting on the box, and take him back to the
    darkness in the corner outside of the house (on the far left side).
    Interrogate him then KO him.
    Wait for his friend to go back inside, then go across and climb the pipe up the
    Climb the ladders up to the balcony and move round.  When you get to the
    corner, press up against the wall in a crouch and move under the window.  When
    Lambert tells you to freeze, you don't have to, just move in slowest crouch to
    the wall with more windows and press up against it.  Move slowly so you're
    about under the window.  When Sadono goes, make sure the guard is looking to
    your left and up, and move slowly in a crouch across the light from the
    doorway, and as soon as you get to the other side, press up against the wall.
    Keep moving round until you get to the broken part of the balcony.  Move close
    to the pipes so you can use the option to climb out.  Then climb up, and chimmy
    across the ledge, then drop down and go through the window.  Grab the guard and
    KO him on the balcony, and grab his satchel.  Then go talk to Douglas.  Leave
    through the door closest to the balcony, and then grab and KO the guard on the
    balcony just outside the door.  If you've lost any health (you shouldn't have)
    use the health dispenser in the toilets through the nearest door.  Now go down
    the corridor.  Shoot out the light above the stairs (The big one, not the
    little ones) and you'll hear a guard say "The light broke", but he won't do
    anything.  Move slowly down the stairs and observe the guards.
    There's two guards studying a map at the far side of the room, and there's one
    guard patrolling.  This guard comes next to a pillar near the stairs, and then
    walks away, so you should move when he does this.  When he does, make sure he's
    a fair distance away, and shoot out the nearest light near the double doors (to
    the left) on of the map guards will come over.  Grab him and KO him near the
    flag.  Do the same when the patrolling guard comes back.  Shoot out the other
    light near the double doors and move along the wall near the 2nd map guard in a
    crouch.  Then KO him when you get near, and hide his body near the flag.  Now
    go past the map to the far wall, and turn left.
    Go out the double doors about half way down the second corridor, go towards the
    steps, and you'll see a movie play, and then you'll hear Lambert.  Do exactly
    what he says and stay in the search light (I'm using the left one).  When it
    comes towards the steps, go into it, and just stay in the middle of it as it
    moves around the courtyard.  Eventually you'll get to the other side.  Go
    through the door and grab the ammo on the table.  Go up the two flights of
    stairs and you'll see the guard.  You can either KO him or sneak past him.
    It's fairly easy to sneak past him though.  Go through the door near him and
    talk to Ingrid Karlthson.  You can now kill the guard if you want (I did - who
    likes terrorists?) and you can always pick up more ammo from the box at the
    bottom of the tower.
    Go through the door near the stairs on the bottom level.  There's a guard near
    the large wooden tower, you can do what you want with him, then climb the
    ladder and disable the search light.  Now wait until the guard further up turns
    around and walks away, and sneak through the shadows near the decking for the
    house into the larger shadows.  Wait for the guard and do what you want, then
    go and disable the searchlight and run to the end of the pier (the mission ends
    when you reach the dingy).
    NOTE: The reason I gave you the freedom with the guards at the end was because
    there was no one left to find them, and you less than a minute away from
    finishing the mission.
    Mission Two - Saulinier Cryogenics Lab - Paris, France
    Drop down the ladder and shoot out the lamp near the far wall with your pistol.
    When the guard gets close, grab him and KO him in the second small tunnel.
    Then move to the edge of the subway car and jump to grab the ladder.  Move
    along and drop through the roof.  Go near to the end of the car and crouch next
    to a solid panel, so a passing train won't illuminate you.  When the guards
    start walking, one will come in the car.  Let him pass, exit the car, and go
    through the hole blasted in the wall.  Shoot one of the valves on the overhead
    pipes to extinguish the flames.  Go through the door and jump to grab hold of
    the top of the shelves.  Climb up, and drop down, and go through the large gap
    at the end of the next row of shelves.  Watch out for the guard.  When he goes
    to look down the next row, go to the end of your row and turn round for the
    Open the door, go through, and let it close.  Now switch off the lights.  The
    guards will notice, but shouldn't do anything about it.  Make your way to the
    door, you can leave the guards alone.  Wait for the door to close and pick the
    lock on the next one.  Go through the door in this room as well.  Immediately
    climb the pipe to your left and pull your legs up when you reach the top.  Move
    across the room, and when you get just past the shelves drop down, and move
    quickly in a crouch through the next room, and through the door to your left.
    Be careful though - the guard nearest to the pipe might hear you if you move
    constantly past him.  Wait for him to move past you.
    When you get through the doors, quickly equip your rifle and kill the two mercs
    in the room, hide the bodies in the room slightly further down the corridor
    (and grab the ammo in there) and the come back to use the red computer.  After
    Grimsdottir tells you about the bomb [Note to SC players - always a friggin'
    bomb, eh?] quickly exit and look around the bend in the corridor at the two
    guards (If you only see one, the other will appear in a few seconds).  Take
    them out.  I prefer to use a smoke grenade as it's easy and will take out both
    at the same time.  Run up the corridor and disarm the bomb in the room on the
    left.  Hide the two bodies in the room you hid the other two bodies in.  Now go
    all the way up the corridor and through the door.
    Go up the stairs and move slowly past the motion sensor.  Open the door and
    move to the corner.  Watch the guards.  After they move away, one will stay
    behind and move around.  When he comes close and then turns, grab him and KO
    him.  Now pick the lock on the double doors, and go through the door on the
    left, and use the computer.  Now go back out and use the code in your notes to
    open the other door.
    Grab the two airfoils on the table, and switch off the light.  Now go into the
    corner on the left side of the door you just came through.  When the guard
    comes in and turns to switch the light back on, grab him, and KO him in the
    corner.  Grab the satchel, go out, sneak past the motion sensor, and open the
    door.  Shoot out the camera (I prefer to use the pistol, and shooting the
    camera is more efficient than shooting the lights).  Diffuse the wall-mine and
    head up the stairs.
    Open the door and move slightly to the right.  Wait for one of the guards to go
    through the double doors next to you.  You can leave him or KO him, it's your
    choice.  Now wait for the second guard to use the computer again.  When he
    does, KO him and use it.  Also pick up his satchel, then hide the body.
    Now go through the double doors and use the code stored in your notes to open
    the door.  Go through the next door and use your thermals to see where the
    turret and guard are.  Disable the turret and grab the guard.  KO him in the
    dark corner down the wall from the door where you came in and grab his satchel.
    Go across the room and pick the lock.  Go through and drop through the gap in
    the railing on the left, make sure you catch the ledge.  Chimmy along and
    you'll see two guards.  Don't worry, they can't see you.  Move into a position
    so you can pull yourself up through the next gap.  When the two guards walk
    into the fog (so you can't see them) pull yourself up and move through the
    door.  Go into the room on the left (don't bother trying to get the health at
    the end of the corridor - you won't need it) and climb onto the bookcase and
    pull yourself into the vent.  Go left and drop down.  Talk to the security
    Don't talk to him again - quickly get back into the air vent and shoot the
    valve on the right hand side of the guards (*Their* right hand side).  You can
    go back and talk to the security guard if you want, but you don't have to.
    When you're done exit through the air vent and meet Coen at the doors to end
    the mission.
    Mission Three - Train - Paris-Nice, France
    Move straight along the first car - don't bother dropping down, there's nothing
    you need in there.  As soon as you drop down the gap in between the cars, open
    the door, and move through.
    Shoot out the middle light on the left hand side, and move to the gap in the
    middle shelving that's covered with netting (stay more to the right side, or
    the guard might detect you.  When he's walking away, go after him and KO him.
    Hide his body somewhere, and then go back and open the trap-door on the right
    hand side.  Climb down and move along the undercarriage.  When you get to the
    end, pull up and use the green lights on one of the walls to unlock the side
    doors.  Now make sure you're crouched, and you're set to move and your fastest
    speed.  Open the main door, and go to the left, in the shadows.  A civilian
    will probably have seen you, so use the yellow lights on the wall to turn off
    the lights, and then go left through the glass door and open the side door on
    the left.  Climb out and up the poll, and chimmy along the ridge.
    This part is fairly straight forward, you just have to move along, while
    avoiding being seen by the people inside the train.  The first person you'll
    come to will be a girl in the third window.  Wait for her to lean back and then
    move across.  Now it's a civilian with a terrorist sitting opposite him.  You
    have to time this one so you move past just after you've past one of the bright
    lights on the right hand side of the tracks (the light's will have a a sort of
    ball of light round them, while the next light will be yellow, but dull, so
    look out for the bright ones).
    Now just move along to the door, and climb in.  Move through the glass door on
    the right hand side, and go through that short corridor into the next larger
    room.  Now get in a position where you can see down the next corridor without
    anyone seeing you from the corridor.  A conductor will walk up and talk to the
    inhabitant of the first cabin about some earplugs, and then he'll walk away.
    When he does, move through the door, then press yourself up against the wall (Q
    on PC) move towards the doorway and then do a swat-turn across it (SPACE by
    default on PC).  You can now come off the wall, and move down the corridor.
    Move down to door number 18 (it says on the door) and go inside.  Talk to Soth.
    When he tells you to stay hidden, just move back across the room slightly.  Him
    and a guard will talk for a while, and after Soth says "Ok, lets go to the bar
    car, I don't want to talk here" (Or something like that) hack the laptop.
    After, follow Soth and the guard, but stay a fair distance behind them.  A
    timer will appear - but don't worry about it.  Just follow them, and as soon as
    you get into the bar car, move across to the right, behind the bar.  Don't go
    all the way to the end, but just go as far so that you can see Soth clearly.
    Equip your laser-mic and aim it at Soth.
    After the conversation move back to the entrance of the bar part (the bit with
    the guard type part that comes down a bit).  After Soth leaves, one of the
    guards will leave, KO him and hide his body in the bar part.  Do the same to
    the other guard.  Now move through the doors at the end of the bar car.
    When you go through the second door, Soth will radio "We've got visitors, our
    cover's been blown, we're getting off the train now".  By visitors he means
    *YOU*.  But don't worry, you took care of the enemies that would chase after
    you by KO'ing those last two guards.
    Go through the door and move forward, when you see the first-aid box, opposite
    it is a ladder.  Climb it and run along the train towards the Osprey.  When you
    get close enough, there'll be an option to "Jump Rope".  Select it, and mission
    Mission Four - Jerusalem, Israel
    Run straight forward to the stairs, and when you reach them, crouch and keep
    moving forward.  When you get to about the fourth step (from the top) jump and
    grab the ledge on you right hand side.  Move right a bit, and then pull
    yourself up and over.  Still crouched (and at slowest speed) move into the
    alleyway and press yourself up against the left hand wall.  When you get to the
    first doorway, do a swat-turn and then keep going.  Move away from this wall,
    and onto the next one (so you'll keep moving down the alleyway) and press
    against it.  Move under the next window, and when you get to the end of this
    wall, stop.  When it's clear move to the right hand side of the alley and move
    behind the boxes.  Make sure it's clear (have the guard moving past you so he's
    behind you) and go right down to the end (down the few steps).
    Move through this area by staying in the shadows (there's like a path cut by
    them in the middle) and move around to an alleyway on the left.  Don't go into
    it, instead wait until a guard comes out, and then moves back in.  Now you know
    it's safe, go down the alley and then to the left.  Keep moving round and stay
    in the shadows near the two Rabbi's.  Wait until they sit down, and keep moving
    to the end of the shadows.  When you're sure the guard isn't looking, move
    crouched at fast speed through the light (or roll) and then climb up the pipe
    on the left.  Slide down the zip-wire and grab hold of the ledge.  Wait until a
    man blocks the window (He comes to look out, but instead blocks the light which
    would help him see you :p ) and then move past.
    You'll come to the end of the ledge, so drop down, and grab hold of the top of
    a sign about half-way up the wall.  Now  drop down again and land quietly [Soft
    landing].  Use swat-turns to get past the boxes.  Turn right at the end, into
    the shop, and go down the passage way on the right.  Go crouched at slightly
    increased speed and grab the closest thief.  Then drop the second thief
    (Between you and the man at the far end of the shop [Who is Saul]).  He should
    turn around and pause for a second or two just after you grab the first thief.
    He'll then try to grab Saul, so drop him while he's just turned around to look
    at you and the first thief.  KO the first thief and talk to Saul.[NOTE - You
    can kill the KO'd thief if you want]
    Grab the gun and accessories, and talk to Saul again.  Don't worry about the
    bodies, Saul will take care of them.  Follow him out of the shop.  This part's
    kind of annoying, since Saul can walk in the light, and you have to be slower
    and stay hidden, but fairly easy.  For the first part, simply do the reverse of
    what you did to get to the shop - move between the boxes when the guard isn't
    looking.  If the guard is looking away, you can also crouch-run through the
    light at the T-Junction of the alleyways as well.
    Further up, you'll see (and hear) a policeman talking to a man about the
    curfew, go up the alleyway to your left (make sure to go back the arch bit at
    the entrance) and do a half split-jump.  Wait for the policeman to walk beneath
    you, and then drop down (quiet landing) after he passes under you [Don't KO
    him!].  Now simply move in a crouch to the alleyway Saul went up (slightly
    further up the alley, and on the right).  When you get to the end of the
    alleyway turn left and go down the stairs.  Talk to Saul.
    Now, you don't have to do any of this stuff - it's just like an introduction to
    your F2000.  New players might wanna do this, but vets from SC probably won't.
    Anyway it's your choice, and I'm just going to carry on with the mission.
    Go back up the alleyway you came through, and when the guard comes towards you,
    stops, and turns right, grab him, KO him, and hide him in the alley where you
    had to do the half split-jump earlier.  Do a swat-turn across the door on the
    left hand side of the alley, and move down.  You should be able to crouch-run
    through most of the light, but a women will probably walk up towards the end,
    so be careful.
    Move down a bit, and you should see a pipe on the left hand side.  Climb up it,
    and move along the top.  When you get to the end, drop down and enter the room.
    When the two policemen stop talking and move off, drop back out of the first
    window.  I haven't had any luck with the other window in the room - I always
    get spotted by a civilian, so unless you want to risk it, use the first window.
    Go to the end of slope, and crouch run down the few stairs into the shadows on
    the right.  Keep moving down, until you reach an awning overhanging the street
    on the right hand side.  Jump up and grab it, and then jump across the to one
    on the left.  Drop off the far end of this one, but make sure you're fast
    enough to clear the light from the window.  Go down the alley on the right, and
    mantle the ledge of the church (it'll be on your left).  Keep moving round.
    [I've chosen to use this side as there's no stained glass to illuminate you,
    and there's no guards patrolling].  When you have to turn left (heading back
    towards the main alley) roll across the ledge, in front of the stained glass
    windows.  Move along to the end of the ledge, and look down the main alley (in
    the direction you'll have to go).  There'll be a large square light on the
    right hand side; shoot it out.  Now jump across to the the awning opposite the
    ledge (there are two of them, separated by a large wooden table block thingy).
    Jump up and grab the ledge.  Move around on the ledge, and drop down to another
    Drop off the awning, and start moving down the alleyway.  You should be able to
    crouch run all the way to the end.  Turn left and go towards the gate.
    There'll be a pipe on the right hand side.  Climb up it.  When you get to the
    top, stay as close to the wall as you can (on the right).  Move along the top
    until you get to a zip line.  Slide down it.  When you drop off, rappel down
    the wall.
    Move around and talk to Dahlia (stay on the other side of the fence).  She'll
    open a gate for you.  There's a large area of darkness in the middle, but shoot
    out the light on the pole (on the left) so you can proceed.  Follow Dahlia, and
    shoot the light above the small alleyway.  Wait while Dahlia talks to the
    police officer.  She'll distract him and he'll follow her.  He'll tell her to
    go on her way, and then walk back towards you.  Stay to the left hand side, and
    follow Dahlia down the thin alley.  Stay in the shadows for this part, and
    Dahlia will stop for a few seconds.  Work your way through the shadows to the
    far left, and then go down the gap in front of you.  You should see Dahlia
    appear ahead of you.  Keep to the left hand side and go down the stairs.  Use
    swat-turns to get across this part and follow Dahlia when you've past all the
    You should see a policeman in this next part, wait until he turns away, and
    then proceed behind him.  When you get to the archway, make sure the policeman
    has got his back turned to you, and then pull yourself up on the left hand side
    [Further away from the guard] and proceed ahead along the metal walkway.  There
    are some parts where you'll have to wait until both guards are facing away when
    you pass, because of lighting from underneath or from the other side.  You'll
    have to drop down before the end, but simply traverse the next part when the
    nearest guard is walking away from you.  A policeman will stop Dahlia and
    insist to walk her home, and she'll KO him.  Simply walk up to her and talk to
    her when she stops at the other end.  When she walks off, wait for her to move
    a fair way away.  Now move round to the right, and wait in the shadows.  Make
    sure you can see down the alleyway (to the right of the church).  There should
    be a guard walking towards you.  Let him go left past the arches before you
    move.  Crouch-run between the shadows, making sure it's clear.  Move towards
    the end of the alleyway, and another police officer should come round.  Let him
    move past you, and then move down that alleyway and up the pipe at the end.
    You'll go in through a window, and in the next room there will be two civilians
    watching TV [NOTE - On the TV there's some information about the game, but it's
    in french, and hard to read unless you're in a position where you can be seen
    by the civilians].  Move through the room, along the left hand side wall, and
    out the window.  Move in a crouch-run to the pipe on the right and climb it.
    Crouch-run between the stone slabs.  Move to the small chimney and rappel down
    the wall.  Don't do large jumps - just take the small steps, otherwise the
    guard will hear you.  When you get to the bottom, Dahlia will move off again.
    A policeman will come and talk to her, so grab him while you have the chance.
    KO and hide him in the dark alley to the right.  Open the door in the fence and
    go in the door on the right.  Grab the goodies on the box on the ground floor,
    on the middle window-sill on the first floor, and the boxes of ammo in one of
    the windows on the second (top) floor.  Now go in the other door and talk to
    Dahlia.  Go into the lift and talk to Dahlia.  The door will close.  Lambert
    will tell you to kill her.  Do it.  She betrayed you.
    Now, on the way down, back up into the back left corner.  This won't stop you
    being seen, but if you stay there and crouch, you have a better chance of
    survival.  Equip your pistol, and watch the floor of the elevator with thermal
    vision - you spot the glow of a human body in a short while.  When you do,
    switch to night vision, and get ready to take him out with a shot to the back
    of the head.  Another guard will more than likely come round, from the left
    side, take him out as well, and wait for a third.  Take him out, reload, and
    exit the elevator.  Follow the walkway round until you find the stairs.  As
    soon as you're at the bottom of them, go left, as it's darker.  Move forward a
    bit and two guards should come round.  One will go past you, the other will
    move to a certain point and stand still.  Try and sneak up on this one, but
    he'll usually hear you.  If so, just take him out with a headshot, and do the
    same to his buddy.  Move round a bit more, and you should see another guard.
    Take him out as well.  Hide the bodies and proceed through one of the archways
    near the last guard.
    Through one of them is some sort of lab, where the sample you have to retrieve
    is stored.  Wait at the begging of the stone alley part, and you will see a
    guard appear who will walk towards you.  When he turns around, grab him, KO him
    and hide the body.  Now look left for another guard.  This one moves around, so
    he might not be there.  If he isn't, and you don't see anything moving on
    thermals, head towards the lab, but drop down the sides of the ramped metal
    walkway so you are now underneath it.  Move to the other opposite corner, and
    there should be a gap where you can come up.  Don't.  Instead, wait until you
    see the guard walking down another alleyway towards you.  When he turns around,
    pull up, grab and KO him.  Hide the body underneath the lab.
    Enter the lab, and go to the right hand side.  Towards the end, on the desk
    towards the middle of the lab, you can interact with an "Object", pick it up.
    Now it's time to get out.
    Exit the lab, and turn left and keep going left until there's a right turn,
    take it and grab the guard.  Do the usual and hide the body underneath the
    walkway/lab.  Now move forward so you're close to the entrance.  Whistle, and
    move back a bit towards the lab.  When the guard comes, he'll look around, then
    turn around.  Grab, do the usual.  Now move out, and to the left, but keep in
    against the left hand wall.  Move up towards the columnts and whistle, and then
    move back (make sure you're still close to the wall).  When the guard comes
    around, wait until he stops, then pistol headshot him [I prefer to kill this
    one because it's fairly hard to grab him, or get close enough for a KO].  Hide
    his body, and then come back to the same place.
    Look through the columns again, and snipe the light.  Now roll across into the
    darkness.  Stay on the right hand side, and when the moving guard walks past
    you, take him out with your pistol.  You can leave the guard at the other end
    if you want.  Use the elevator.
    When you get out, crouch-run to the boxes on the right hand side.  When the
    patrolling guard turns, grab, KO, and hide him.  Pull the closest static guard
    away with a whistle, and KO him as well.  By now, one of the other guards
    should've moved up.  Either whistle or shoot out one of the lights on the left
    hand side to bring him near.  Do the same to him.  This just leaves one.  You
    should have loads of alternative ammo left, so do what you want (ie. shock).
    Now just run across into an alleyway on the far side.  Mission complete.
    Mission Five - Kundang Camp, Indonesia
    Go forward and talk to Shetland, he'll be slightly to the left.  After, go
    further to the left and rappel down the wall.  Move through the plants to the
    tent and move around it, staying in its shadow.  Go towards the bottles at the
    corner of the tent and sit there.  When the guard nearest to you goes back to
    sit down after walking around, sneak up to him, grab, KO and hide the body.
    For the next guard, when he comes near to you, you can either try to a) grab
    him when he walks away, b) shoot him or c) through a bottle at him and KO him
    with a headshot.  Anyway, when he's down and hidden, go and grab the airfoils
    in the guard shack.
    Move past the truck and stay on the right hand side in the shadows.  Keep
    moving up until you find a dark enough place to watch the two guards.  One
    guard will get blown up, and the other will come back to check on him [Yeah,
    check, even though he's dead].  While the second guard is trying to give the
    first one CPR, use one of the ring airfoils.  You can hide the bodies if you
    want, and after, move on up the path.  Use your thermal vision to check for the
    tripwires, and if you see one close to you, move up to one of the ends and
    select "Disable".  There's a guard up ahead as well, in the long grass.  You'll
    need to take care of him at some stage, and he'll see you if he's close, or if
    you move towards him while he's looking.  You won't have to hide his body
    though - the long grass provides sufficient cover.
    Eventually you'll get to another truck.  Crouch-run to the wall of the hanger,
    and press up against the wall.  You can swat-turn the door if you want to.
    There's two guards inside, and they'll both start moving around a bit in a
    while.  Ok, when the second guard talks to the first guard, move to the left
    and climb the ladder.  Use the control panel on the wall in front of you to
    switch off the lights.  The guards should walk around on the floor now, but you
    should be safe up above.  When they're on the far side of the plane, drop down
    and set the explosives on the plane.  You need to do it around the mid-section,
    just in front of the wing.  You can only set the explosives from this side
    [Facing the doorway].  Now climb the ladder again and move to the end of the
    platform.  Jump and grab the beam overhead.  DO NOT PULL UP YOUR LEGS.  It
    increases your chances of getting spotted in this part.  Move across the hanger
    and slide down the pole on the other side.  Wait for a guard to enter through a
    newly opened door.  Wait until he looks away then exit through that door.  Move
    up the outside wall of the hanger so that you're in darkness.
    Move through the gate across the yard and mantle the series of boxes on your
    right hand side.  Move to the large box before a step down to a smaller one.
    Wait for a guard to come next to the box to take a leak.  Simply stand up and
    step on his head.  Yep, just walk onto him.  Hide his body in the darkness, and
    move up to the guard shack.  Wait for the guard to look away, then cross the
    light coming through the doorway.  Wait for him to look at the door, look out
    of the side window, and then look fully away from the doorway.  When he looks
    fully away, go forward and grab him.  KO and hide him in the darkness.  Use the
    lever to open the gate.
    Crouch-run behind the metal sheeting on the left hand side.  Bring up your
    F2000 and snipe the dog.  The guard should turn back.  Now go to the right hand
    side, into the shadows.  Go into the open tent and wait for the guards to
    finish talking, and one will walk off.  Grab the one standing still and KO him
    in the tent.  Go outside, and move so that the tents left hand wall is on your
    right side, and look up at the lookout tower.  Get in a position so that you
    can see the lookout's head when he looks in your direction.  Snipe him and grab
    the 5.56mm ammo box inside the previous tent.  Move to the next open tent (on
    the right hand side) and grab the smoke grenade to the right of the door.  Go
    back and climb the lookout tower.  Jump and grab the zipline.
    Move forward to the far edge of the hut, and wait for Sadono to move out of
    sight.  Wait for a bit, and then draw the patrolling guard close to you by
    whistling.  Get behind him, KO and hide the body.  Fire a diversion-camera at
    the passage way that Sadono went through, and whistle to alert the guard.  When
    he comes near gas him.  Go get and hide the body.  Now go back down that
    passage way in a crouch.  You'll get to an opening on the left, and you should
    see a guard walking that way.  Drop off the edge and follow in the shadows.
    Proceed quietly through the next building, and when you get to the last door,
    stay inside as it's dark, and fire a sticky cam at the fence on the far side.
    Sadono will be the closest person on the left.  Aim the sticky cams view at him
    and wait for him to say the code.
    Go slightly outside after Sadono leaves, and pick up the sticky cam on the
    right of the doorway.  Now go into the small alleyway to the left of the
    doorway and do a half split-jump to reach the window.  Pull yourself inside and
    go through the door and down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs go into
    the room on the right and go through the window.  Go to the left and use your
    fibre optics on the door.  Make sure Sadono and his guard are far enough away,
    then open it and go inside.  Wait in one of the shadows until Sadono finishes
    talking, then shoot out the light in the room.  Go through the open doorway and
    immediately to the right and into the shadows.  When it's clear, dodge from
    shadow to shadow along that right hand wall until you get to the dark area just
    before the spotlight that's illuminating a pole.  Shoot out that light and
    immediately climb the pole and crouch.  Go along the walkway, again, dodging
    from shadow to shadow, until you get to the end.  Go to the edge of the large
    box on the next part, and make sure you're in the shadows.
    Grab the sticky cam on the box to the right, and wait for Sadono to disappear.
    Now get yourself aligned with the edge, so you can drop down as near to the
    bottom right corner as you can.  Drop down and go into the corner.  If the
    patrolling guard hasn't seen you, whistle and when he gets near, drop him with
    a ring-airfoil.  Hide his body in the corner, and proceed up the right hand
    wall to the top, and go behind the trucks so you end up behind the stationary
    guard.  KO the guard and hide him in the corner, then go inside the room and
    down the ladder in the trap-door.
    Wait for a guard to move in front of you, and then disappear again.  Go right
    around the corner, and under the fan.  Move across to the railings, mantle
    them, and drop off, grabbing the edge.  The bottom guard will look around, and
    when he moves away from you, drop down quietly.  Move under the stairs until
    both guards are back at their positions.  Open the door at the foot of the
    stairs and go right up the stairs immediately.  Go into the corner next to the
    light switch at the top.  Move in a slightly faster crouch up the middle path,
    making sure you stay as far away as possible from the drug workers.  Go right
    at the top, and you'll probably been seen by one of the drug workers.  Don't
    worry, it'll be something like "I think I see something".  Anyway, go through
    the door on the right, stand up, and press your back against the right hand
    wall.  Move across to the other side.  Move so you're about parallel with the
    gap between the two rectangle-shaped pieces of machinery and whistle.  One
    guard will come through, so move back towards the wall.  When he turns around,
    grab, KO, and hide him in a dark corner.  Press you back against the wall again
    and move back the wall you came, but going through the left hand open doorway.
    Move right through into the darkness.  The guard near the pilot might see you,
    and if he does, just let him go through the door, and grab him.  Hide him with
    the other guard.  If he doesn't see you, attract him with a whistle and KO him.
    Talk to the pilot and go through the keypad locked door [CODE = 0623].  Go up
    the ladder and wait by the doorway until all of the NPC's are out of sight.  Go
    up to the house, and wait until the guard stops complaining and the two walk
    off.  You can grab the flare by the barrel if you want, but you won't need it.
    Instead, climb up the pole to the right of the barrels and go across the wooded
    planks to the right.  Go right along the roof of the building and go through
    the trap door.  You'll grab hold of the beam, and pull your legs up.  Just go
    straight across, you won't be spotted.
    Drop down at the end of the beam, and just work your way in a crouch past the
    guard.  Keep going until you get to the door way to the outside.  Wait for the
    light coming through the door to move right over, and then you'll know it's
    dark enough to go outside.  Move at your slowest crouch speed to the left and
    and along the left hand side fence.  Using your night-vision goggles you'll be
    able to see a lighter patch on the ground, cross this patch when the patrolling
    guard is looking away.  Go up to the side of the guard hut and learn around the
    right hand corner.  When the guard walks away shoot out the nearest light and
    go through the hut (Don't bother picking up the ammo).  Go immediately right
    when you open the second door, and when the guard goes to have a look KO him
    and hide him in the corner.  Snipe the single light above the double doorway to
    house and wait for the guard to resume his normal patrol.  Sneak along the side
    of the guard hut towards the house and turn left and hide behind one of the
    blocks.  When the spot light is turned away, move to the next one.  Stand up
    and press against the side of the next block, and slowly move part-way down the
    gap.  Wait until the light has only just turned away from you and then move
    fully across, and crouch-run to the gap on the other side of the yard.  Hide on
    the back-left corner of this crate so the light can't get to you.  When the
    spot-light is facing away again move backwards, and towards the house so you
    are in a position looking at the decking which the guard moves back and forth
    When the guard has just gone left past you, pull yourself up and move towards
    the keypad lock on the door.  Enter the code and go through.  Immediately go to
    the right and press yourself against the wall with the next set of double
    doors.  When Sadono walks to the next french window, swat-turn across, and keep
    doing this until you get to the very end.  Sadono will walk out of the room.
    Go inside and snipe the security camera above the door, and then go and use the
    computer.  Go back outside of the room through the french windows, and go
    around to the right side.  Go along this thin corridor to the end, and keep
    going until you get to the door to the outside.  Open it and you'll be
    confronted with a group of guards.  A sniper will take out one, and they'll
    turn around shooting wildly.  Take all of them out with your F2000 and run to
    the Osprey.  Mission complete.
    Mission Six - Komodo Docks - Komodo, Indonesia
    As soon as you start, head backwards until you can go no further, and go right,
    sticking to the edge.  Just keep the edge right next to you on your right hand
    side, and just follow it round.  You'll get to a platform with a turret on it.
    Ignore it, mantle the platform, and start going down the alleyway slightly to
    your right.  Immediately use your thermal vision to spot a trip wire.  Disable
    it and keep moving.  Mantle the platform on the left at the end, then turn
    right and go out of the door.
    Wait until the guard is at the other side of the courtyard, and then shoot out
    the lamp on the right hand fence.  He'll start moving around, but just stay in
    a slow crouch and move along the right hand wall to the short alleyway at the
    end.  When the guard is turned away from you or out of sight, do a half
    split-jump and pull yourself through the gap in the hut.  Drop down quietly and
    move out the door to your right.
    Go down the alleyway, and stick to the fence.  Turn the corner, but keep the
    fence to your right hand side and move up it.  Move into the hut up ahead and
    stay to the left.  Move out the door up ahead on the left, and as soon as
    you're out of the door, drop off to the right hand side and move anti-clockwise
    around this next area, keeping the walls on your right.  Turn right down an
    alleyway thats on the far side of the yard from the hut.
    Move right down to the end and do a half split-jump and go into the opening in
    the building to your right.  Drop down to the floor on the left hand side, and
    go out of the small opening.  Wait for the guard to stop shooting and wall
    away, then press your back up against the left-most crate and do a swat-turn to
    the left.  Now move away from the wall, and move behind the piece of machinery
    to the left hand side.  Move to the end of the covered area, turn left, and
    climb the pole.  The guard shouldn't see you, but if you're worried, you can
    take him out and hide him; it's up to you.  When you get to the top, move
    across to the end and drop down.  Open up the trap door and turn on your
    thermal vision.
    This next part is very easy, despite how it looks.  Simply move into the first
    gap when the first laser moves up, the second when the second laser moves up,
    and move to the end when the third one moves up.  Simple.  Go down the ladder
    and use the elevator, when the doors open go to the left hand side and use the
    switch to switch off the lights.  Move sufficiently left enough so that you can
    see the guard leaving his desk and walking towards the switch.  When he turns
    around to switch the lights back on, KO him, and switch off the lights again if
    you need to.  Now go back so you can see the door, and wait for the next guard.
    He'll turn right, so just follow him and grab/KO when you get the chance.  Hide
    both of the bodies in a store room up the corridor, or the closet near to the
    elevator.  Shoot the bulb in either case.
    Go back and go through the double doors near the desk.  Leave the lights, go
    round and grab the technician.  Interrogate him and then use him on the
    computer.  DO NOT KNOCK OUT THE TECHNICIAN YET.  After the sub's been raised
    someone will come on the radio, asking why the sub was raised.  Sam'll tell the
    technician to answer him.  After you get the radio message "Copy that, thanks."
    you can KO the technician.  Hide him in a dark corner and leave the room.  Turn
    right and go up the corridor, and right again through a door.
    Go up to the door, and wait for the guard to move away before opening it.  Go
    to the right hand side of the door and press up against the wall.  When the
    guard comes back, KO him.  Just move the body to the end of the walkway.  Run
    the other way until you get to a movable...thingy...  Anyway, shoot out the
    light inside and select "Switch object" on the panel just outside it.  Get
    inside and crouch.  Equip your rifle.  Now for the next part, there's going to
    be lots of people shooting at you.  You should get hit, the thingy-majiggy
    should take most/all of the hits.  There's only two guards you *need* to take
    out - the one looking out of the window and the one on the walkway after him
    (both on the right hand side).  You don't have to worry about taking out all of
    the guards - only the two mentioned matter.  Take out the ones on the right
    hand side.  The thingy will come to a stop.  Reload, and move out.  Leave the
    guards body where it is and go to the right, and up the stairs.  You'll see the
    guard that was looking out of the window.  Grab the smoke grenade and 5.56 ammo
    on the crate to the right hand side.  Go back out and head across to the
    stairwell.  Go all the way down to the bottom.
    Go out, and don't take the first walkway, go to the next one.  Turn right, and
    right again, and watch the guard get out of the sub and move around.  He'll
    look in your direction, and then turn away.  When he does, move to the sub and
    go down the ladder.
    Turn around and go down another ladder, and move to the corner on the left hand
    side.  Wait for a guard to come.  He'll stop once, then move towards you, then
    turn around.  When he does, grab, KO, and hide him in the corner.  Now move
    forward, turn left, and then go to the end.  Go through the door, and make sure
    you're in slowest crouch.  Move past the bunks (there'll be a guard sleeping in
    the far right hand side one, against the right hand bulkhead) and towards
    another ladder.  Go down and press your back against the wall.  Swat-turn
    across the doorway and then move away from the wall switch off the lights, and
    then go into the room and down the right hand side, behind the counter.  While
    the guard is moving towards the light switch, head over to the top left of the
    room and through the door.  Head through the next door, and move over to the
    far wall and move yourself so that you can see through the window in the next
    door without having it open.  As soon as you see the colonel, move back into
    the far right corner.  When he comes into the room, grab him.  Go down the
    corridor and use him on the retinal scanner.  Move back into the previous room
    and KO the colonel in the corner left of the door.  Now move back into CIC
    [Combat Information Center, it's where you have to go to access the SISSIX >
    Check the data page of your OpSat].  Don't go into the corner on the left of
    the door, one of the guards will brush past you and notice you.  Instead, move
    to the terminal on the right hand side of the door.  Move right up to the first
    seat and put your back against the terminal.  When the guard moves past and out
    of the door, move around the room anti-clockwise until you get to the far right
    corner.  Go into the small room and use the computer.  Now exit the room by the
    same path, but turn right when you get to the door.  You now have a clear run
    out of the submarine.
    When you take the last ladder to the top, a boarding platform will unfold.
    *RUN* to the other side - you want to alert a guard.  Go into the stair well
    and look down.  When the guard comes up you can take him out how you like - but
    make sure you do it when he's on the left hand set of stairs, facing away from
    you.  After he's been dealt with, head down the stairs, you don't need to
    bother with the extra ammo on the crate.  Select your flash-bang and sprint
    (make sure you're standing) down the stairs, and press you back against the
    wall on the right hand side of the doorway.  Lean round the corner and through
    your flash at the two guards in front.  While they're blinded, shoot one of the
    barrels near them (with your pistol while leaning).  You should see a barrel
    further along, on the right hand side.  Shoot that as well.  These explosions
    will almost certainly have taken out all of the guards, so sprint down the side
    and climb down the ladder into the waiting dinghy.  Mission complete.
    Mission Seven - TV Station - Jakarta, Indonesia
    Go down the ladder to your left, and then move across and rappel down the wall.
    Drop of the ledge, and go over to the short wall.  Grab the top, climb over and
    drop down.  Move through the plants opposite to get to a pipe.  Climb it, and
    move along the roof to another pipe.  Climb the second one, not the first.
    When you get to the top, you'll grab hold of a horizontal bar.  Move across it
    and drop down to the ledge on the other side.  Move along it until you reach
    the slanted air vent.  Drop off the side and catch the edge, and chimmy past
    it.  Pull yourself up once past it, and grab hold of the pipe.  Slide down the
    pipe, and use your pistol to take out the hanging, swinging light.  You don't
    have to hit the bulb - just hit any part of the large bottom part.
    Wait until the guard has stopped looking around, and has returned to his usual
    patrol.  Drop down, and when the guard is far enough away move to the pipe in
    the alleyway and climb up it to about half way.  When the guard has just moved
    back into the previous street, climb down, and take out the large spot-light
    attached to a building on the right hand side with your pistol.  Climb the
    ladders on the left hand side up to the roof and go to the far side, and grab
    the zip-wire.  Pull your legs up, and when you get to the other side go inside,
    and literally run off the floor at the pole in the middle.  You'll grab it.
    Slide down, and move towards the doorway on the right.
    Listen to the conversation between the guards about nightvision.  Don't worry
    about it too much - the lightening effect is very short and isn't as bad as
    looking at a bright light.  Wait until the two guards finish talking, and one
    walks away.  Whistle to attract the guard.  He might not come inside, but he
    should definetly come towards the doorway.  When he turns around, grab him.
    Hide him somewhere dark and move across to the van.  The second guard walks up
    and down.  When he comes towards you, and then turns around, follow him.  Go
    into the covered booth just after the closed gates that lead to the parking lot
    (on the left).  When the guard walks past you, go out and turn left.  Go to the
    right hand fence, and to the last section.  You can climb the very last part.
    Climb it and turn right, and turn up the gap and then turn left.  Go right to
    the end.  This is an excellent spot to do your work from.  First, equip your
    F2000 (or pistol, if you think you have good enough aim) and snipe out the
    van's right headlight (further up the garden).  Then take out the large
    rectangle light further to the left.  Finally take out the lamp to the left and
    above of the rectangle light.  The guards should be walking around now.  Go to
    the gap in between the flower beds (or whatever they are) and turn left.  Move
    between the guards to where the rectangle light was.  You should be able to see
    a man-hole.  If not, move behind the flower bed thingy that contained the
    rectangle light.
    Climb down the ladder into the water at the bottom.  Press yourself against the
    wall (the one with the doorway) and swat-turn across.  Lean around the corner
    and wait for a guard to appear.  When he does, whistle and then move left, into
    the darkness by the pipe.  The guard will look at the position where you
    whistled from, then turn around.  Grab him, KO him near the pipe and grab the
    satchel.  Move through the doorway and down into the water on the other side.
    Move left down the sewer and when you get near to the next doorway, shoot out
    the light above.  Now press up against the wall, and lean into the doorway.
    Shoot the camera.  There's a large chance that a guard on the other side hear
    the shot.  Don't worry, this is good.  When he walks in to look around, cap
    him.  Hide the body and go out the other side (underneath the camera).  Go to
    the right and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up and sit still.
    This next part is fairly easy, and I'm going to try and guide you as much as I
    can, but you'll have to do a lot of work for yourself.  Turn on your thermals
    and look to your left.  You'll see the flashing indicators that mean mines.
    They're everywhere.  You can't go left because there's a pretty much solid line
    of them.  To the right there's still mines, but less of them, and spaces in
    between, so you can get round them.  The main idea for this part is to move
    between the mines to the next bit of cover, without being seen by the search
    lights and without stepping on any mines.  It's easier than it sounds, trust me.
    For the first set of mines, you'll have to veer left and then angle right.
    Press up against the back of the box, and use your thermals to check out the
    next set of mines.  You'll have to angle left between the two, and then right
    slightly to get behind the satellite dish.  Again, check out the position of
    the next set.  You'll have to veer right towards the back wall, and then left
    to get to the back of the box.  Press against it and use your thermals again.
    You'll notice there's two mines right near you.  You'll have to angle back and
    right to go between them, and come left to get behind the satellite dish.
    This next bit is fairly tricky, and may take you a few attempts, although it's
    very highly possible to do it on your first go.  You need to move as soon as
    the second spotlight (that hasn't bothered us much until now) moves away from
    being directed towards the fence on the right.  You need to go slightly to the
    left, and then to the right to get next to the fence, and then climb it and
    drop down, and quickly get behind one of the metal block thingys.  You need to
    make sure when you get to the fence you're at a part without barbed wire at the
    top - before you set out, plan your movements so you can arrive at a part
    without barbed wire.  When you get behind the metal blocks, wait until the
    spotlight comes to you, and as soon as it moves away, move towards the door.
    Pick the lock and open the door.  Don't go inside, but move to the left corner
    (Still outside).  Grab a can and through it around, and wait for the guard.
    When he comes out KO him in the corner.  Shoot out the light in this next room
    as one of the patrolling guards seems very sensitive to noise/movements in this
    room.  Wait until just after the lightning and grab the flare on the right hand
    side and the ring airfoils on the left.
    Go to the left hand side of the door and press up against it.  Watch the two
    guards in the parking lot until the one further left has just turned away from
    you, and is just walking across the front of the vehicle.  Now crouch run down
    the left hand wall, and jump and grab the wall at the end.  Wait until both
    guards are looking away, and go right along this ledge, past the steam, and
    left.  Again wait until both are looking away, then do a half split-jump and
    pull yourself up.  Go to the skylight and shoot out the cracked glass.  Rappel
    When you get to the bottom, move backwards, away from the pillar.  When you
    move back, you'll see you've moved into a darker area.  Move right, towards the
    next pillar.  Time your movements so that when the guard is looking away, you
    move across.  The guard will almost never spot you, and the many times I've
    employed this trick I've never been spotted.  When you reach the elevator area,
    use any of the panels to call any of the elevators and get in.  Use the
    controls and go up.
    Crouch and exit the elevator.  Go to the corner on the left hand wall.  Wait
    until the guard behind the doors at the end of the corridor moves away, and
    move around.  Wait for the shadow of the guard round the corner to move, and
    then move to the doors and move to the end of this room.  Go up to the metal
    grate lying on the floor.  Go into the gap to the right, and perform a half
    split jump.  Pull up to the right, and go into the vent.  Move along the vent
    and out onto the top of the seating area.  Go and grab the bottle.  Equip it
    and hold alt-fire [RMB on PC].  Move so that you're facing the guard rail (near
    the middle of the seating area).  Throw the bottle through the lower gap of the
    first part of this rail, and aim it down so that it smashes fairly low on the
    side of the opposite seating area.  Move back towards the vent, but drop down
    the side, onto the floor.  Move forward and use the switch.  Move slightly left
    and go through the curtain.  Move to the back of the stage, and go behind the
    speakers (in the middle).  Open the door, and head to the left one of the two
    doors on the opposite wall, KO the guard and hide him in a corner, then move to
    the door and use the optic cable.  Look to the right, and use thermal vision.
    Wait for the guard to open the door, and then walk out, and then wait for
    another guard to come near, then turn slightly away.  Open the door, and head
    left to the end of the corridor.  Open the door, and grab the sticky shocker
    underneath the light switch, and the 5.56mm ammo on the end of the desk if you
    need it.  Now go to Ingrid's room (you past the door on the way to the ammo
    Talk to Ingrid, and then follow her outside.  Look through the windows in the
    double doors to make sure it's clear before moving out into the short corridor.
    Head to the double doors.  Don't go through - instead, wait until the two
    guards start talking to Ingrid.  When they do, head over to the turret controls
    and disable it.  Head down the corridor to the left, and sneak up behind the
    guard.  KO him in the elevator.  Wait for Ingrid to turn up.
    As soon as the open go through and to the left.  Make sure you've got your
    F2000 selected with smoke grenades as alternate fire.  Wait for the two guards
    on the right to get in posistion (one will stop near to the far end, the other
    will come closer).  As soon as the one closest to the far end stops, snipe the
    one going to the doors you just came through.  The other one will start running
    towards Ingrid.  Snipe him.  If you miss, go back towards Ingrid and wait for
    him to come round the corner.  Kill him, and head back to the left hand path.
    Fire a smoke grenade at the right hand path, make sure you aim at the gap where
    the right hand path meets the other side (and high).  Now move to the end of
    the left hand path.  Stay in the darkness and use thermal vision.  I normally
    take out two of the guards with the smoke grenade, and one is left coughing,
    but will not succumb to the effects.  You should be able to distinguish if one
    [or more] of the guards is going to remain, as they'll stay up, instead of
    falling fairly early.  Shoot the remaining guard/guards and go and grab the
    satchel from one of the first two guards (You don't need it - it's only a
    datastick, but you can get it if you want).  Hide the bodies in the darkness of
    the left hand path, then talk to Ingrid.
    Go through the door and across into the corridor.  Shoot out the light tube on
    the left hand wall.  Shoot out the neon sign underneath the camera.  Shoot the
    bar light above the retinal scanner as well.  Wait for the colonel (Wearing a
    beret) to come and have a look.  Grab him, and use him on the retinal scanner.
    KO him in the corner under the camera.  If you have to take out the other
    guard, do so, but otherwise, go through the door you've just unlocked.  Go to
    the left, to the boxes.  Wait for the spotlight to go past you.  Make your way
    along the wall to the right and keep going until there's a junction to the
    right.  Go right, and wait in the darkness.
    Wait until Sadono's finished blabbing.  Wait until he comes near to you, and
    then grab him, you'll have to get between him and his following guard, but
    don't worry, just get close enough and then grab him.  You'll be able to take
    out the first 3 guards easily - they won't shoot, but sometimes the fourth and
    fifth will, but take them all out anyway.  DO NOT KO SADONO.  Just drag him
    back across the studio, into the far left corner.  Use him on the retinal
    scanner and go up the ramp.  Use him on the scanner again and go to Ingrid.
    After a conversation, the mission will end.  Mission completed.
    Mission Eight - Los Angeles Internation Airport (LAX), USA
    Climb over the gate, and go to the left hand wall.  Move up near to the
    entrance, and wait for the lorry to stop.  Climb in the back, and move to the
    boxes.  Wait until the lorry stops.
    Move close to the back of the lorry, and use thermal vision.  Look for the dog.
    When the dog is on the left most part of its patrol, snipe it.  The two guards
    (one of which is a terrorist) will look around, then go back to normal.  Wait
    until they do, and drop out of the truck to the left side.
    Move in the darkness towards the security booth, and then move around it.  Move
    to the back of it, and when the guard inside is looking away, switch off the
    light.  When the guard comes to switch them back on, headshot him with your
    pistol.  Grab his satchel and hide his body in a dark corner.  Go through the
    door.  Wait until the cleaner opens the door across the room, make sure the
    security guard on the left hand side of the room [in the office] has turned
    away and follow her.  Move behind her to the end toilet cubicle.  When she
    leaves, mantle the surface with the sink on, and jump to grab the vent.  Move
    through the vent.
    You'll get to an opening in the vent, and you'll hear two of the workers
    talking.  Don't go through this opening, go right down to the end and go
    through that one.  Drop down, and wait for the two to stop talking.  When the
    closest one walks into the darkess near the boxes on the left (he'll be heading
    to the other side of the room), headshot him.  That's the second terrorist down.
    Head to the left hand side of the room and grab the ring airfoil, and then move
    along the far wall.  Go to the plastic strips separating this area from the
    next.  Move to the left and grab the diversion camera.  Move along the wall to
    the left, and get behind the security guard.  Grab him, take him in between the
    pieces of machinery behind him, and KO him.  Then headshot him with your
    pistol.  Move back towards the plastic strips, but stay in this area and mantle
    the conveyor belt.  If you've timed it right, the second terrorist in this area
    should be moving towards you, to the gap between the conveyor belts.  He'll
    stop, and look to your left.  Go close to him, grab, KO, and pistol headshot
    Move along the wall, over the second conveyor belt, to the corner.  Grab the
    sticky shocker.  Move to the shelving and pull yourself up.  When the guard on
    the top moves away, jump and grab the next shelf.  Pull yourself up, and onto
    the catwalk.  When the guard comes back, grab him and KO him on the shelf.
    Equip your F2000 and zoom in on the terrorist at the far end of the room.  Wait
    until he gets to the left hand corner of the catwalk, and then snipe him.  Move
    across and hide his body between the servers near him (hide him on top of the
    dead security guard [That was obviously killed by one of the terrorists]).
    Grab the satchel.
    Go through the door and down the stairs.  Shoot out the light just before the
    over head walkway above the right hand conveyor belt.  Climb up the pole and
    chimmy along.  Pull yourself onto the catwalk and move to the end.  Drop down
    and move to the right, and then to the left.  Press up against the right hand
    wall and move as close as you can to the window.  Make sure you have your F2000
    with either sticky shockers or ring airfoils as your alternate fire.  If you
    feel you're good enough, use a ring airfoil on the guard, if not, use a sticky
    shocker.  And if you don't trust yourself to hit him with either, use brute
    force with a smoke grenade.  Anyway, this is how you do it:  Push away from the
    wall and equip your F2000.  You may have to keep moving forward slightly to
    keep the guard in view, without the window obstructing you.  Fire your chosen
    alternative projectile at him.  In the case of a smoke grenade, simply fire it
    into the room.  Be careful though - as the guard will move to check the
    computer behind him, so attack as soon as he's come to a stop, looking out of
    the window.  With the guard unconcious, move to the end of the conveyor, and
    grab the smoke grenade and 5.56mm ammo near the shelves.  Go out the door and
    up the stairs.
    Crouch and open the door.  When the door's opened, wait for the guard to move
    to the left.  Go to the left, and press up against the column thingys.  Swat
    turn the gaps until you get to a gap.  Push away and simply move to the next
    set of columns.  Swat turn to the end, and watch a guard come through the door,
    and then the terrorist will talk to the guard.  The terrorist will come to the
    door near you, as soon as he gets close, KO and shoot him, or simply shoot him.
    Hide him on the walkway thing you've just come across, and grab his satchel.
    Open the door with the code [5325] and go down.  Shoot out the lights with your
    pistol, and move down.  When the camera looks right, go left to the door.
    Open it, and go to the side of the cubicle on the left.  The terrorist will
    move in front of you and turn away.  Grab him and KO him.  Wait until the guy
    on the phone stops talking [To people on the phone].  Shoot out the light near
    the doorway you can through, and go grab, KO and hide the employee who was on
    the phone.  Go grab the terrorist and hide him near the plant in the corner,
    which is now in darkness because you shot out the light.  Shoot the terrorist.
    Go through the door opposite the door you came in from, not the one to the left
    of it [the one you came in from].  Press your back against the right hand wall,
    and move behind the projector screen.  Push away from the wall when you're past
    it, and if two of the people who were sitting at desks have already left, move
    up the patch of darkness in the middle towards the windows.  If not, wait for
    them to leave.  Move to the door on the right hand side, and go down the right
    hand side elevator.  Wait for the camera to look away, and then move past it.
    Keep going straight forward, and then left so you can look into the check in
    area.  Use your binoculars and thermal vision to spot Soth and his remaining
    terrorists.  Move to the open doorway and shoot out the paper cube lights with
    your pistol.  Also shoot out the light above the elevator you want to go into.
    Go into the elevator and shoot the emergency exit in the roof out.
    Use the controls and go up.  When the elevator stops go through the hole in the
    roof.  Climb up the pole until you mantle a ledge.  Simply re-grab the pole,
    and go up.  When you get past a sort of shelf/ledge thing that's next to the
    pole, with another pole next to it, drop backwards, with your back facing the
    other pole.  Slide down to the elevator car near you, and then go across to the
    hole to the maintenance area.  Grab the 5.72mm ammo and the sticky camera.
    For the next part, I haven't really found a really good and easy stealth
    strategy, so whatever.  What I do, is that I drop out of the vent, and press up
    against the wall.  Then I go right and climb up the ladder.  Now from here you
    should get a good shot on all three.  What I like to do is fire a diversion
    camera and use the gas to knock out at least one of them.  Snipe the rest, and
    then run around the corner, down the ladder, to the right, and then left,
    you'll spot another ladder, so go up it.  Keep going up the ladders until you
    get to the top, then drop off onto the terrorist walkway.  Use thermal vision
    to see if any are left, and then run to the ND133.
    Watch the cutscene, and voila, finished.
    Well done ;)
    Copyright 2004 Robert Wells

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