Animation and CinematicsMichael Hoffman
Art DirectorAndreas Adamek
Concept and Game DesignHartwig Nieder-Gassel
Director/Executive ProducerHolger Kuchling
Graphic ArtistAndreas Adamek
Graphic ArtistChristine Adamek
Graphic ArtistStefan Anders
Graphic ArtistDaniel Hericks
Graphic ArtistMichael Hoffman
Graphic ArtistDaniel Mutlu
Graphic ArtistThomas Nowicki
Graphic ArtistStefan Swoboda
Graphic ArtistJorg Tobergte
Graphic ArtistArkadius Ziemlinski
Lead ArtistErsin Supke
Lead ProgrammerMatthias Klage
Lead ProgrammerAchim Koyen
Lead ProgrammerMichael Piepgras
Lead ProgrammerUwe Schmelich
Lead Scenario DesignerHartwig Nieder-Gassel
Lead Script ProgrammerAndreas Timmermann
Map DesignerKarolina Bartosz
Map DesignerSascha Hartmann
Map DesignerDaniel Hericks
Map DesignerAlexander Peters
Map DesignerAlexander Talmann
MusicKai Hartwig
MusicKai Walter
Scenario DesignerSascha Hartmann
Scenario DesignerAlexander Peters
Sound FXSteven Wendt


Data and credits for this game contributed by R351D3NT3V1L4 and lighty691.

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