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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GeorgeKI

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    DUNGEON LORDS: A Kingdom Cracked.
    Author: GARR.
    This is an in-depth walkthrough of the main quest with several of the side
    quests either describedor mentioned.
    The game starts in a forested glade northeast of Fargrove.
    Talk to Simon the messenger on everything and receive a temple summons. East of
    Simon is achest behind a small piece of wall. Quite a bit farther east are two
    shacks guarded by severalgoblins. In each shack is a chest. Go back to Simon,
    and west of him is a sign pointing the way toFargrove. Travel south to the
    north gate of Fargrove. Talk on all options, then turn around. Agoblin comes
    out of the bushes and offers to show you a secret entrance. It's an ambush of
    Enter the tunnel and pull a wall lever, then enter the sewers. When you go
    forward, somepoisonous slimes attack from the right. Deal with them, or just
    run down the opposite waterpassage, but they'll probably follow. Continue down
    the water passage and bust several boxesand open chests on each side. At the
    end, on your right, is a lever that opens a gate back the otherway. Across from
    the switch is a door you can pick the lock if you're good enough.
    Go back the other way, through a waterway gate that the wall switch opened. As
    you turn thecorner, several bats attack. On past the bat area, three goblins
    wait up on some elevatedwalkways. On one end of the room is a ladder up. Climb,
    then go left twice and over the turningwater wheel. Jump in the water and climb
    onto the walkway. Go right, then left through thedoorway and fight several
    goblins that come down the stairs to you.
    Beyond the stairs, there's two goblin archers and a goblin with a large
    crossbow machine on theopposite side. Go quickly to the left and down stairs.
    Navigate the hallways, finding severalboxes and chests. Swim under a wall to
    find a key to open two gates in the first tunnel near thefirst switch wall
    switch. Back up and across in front of the three opposite goblins. Down
    morestairs to last room and get a key for the goblin bridge you just passed.
    You can activate the bridge and rush across to take out the dangerous balista
    shooter, then theother two goblin archers. After all the fighting, it would be
    smart to lower the bridge so nothingcan follow you. Up more stairs and bust
    through a stack of wooden crates. To straight ahead, thenleft, right, right,
    carefully left. The floor to the single chest will collapse if you step on it.
    Gothrough the door, then straight ahead and left through another door.
    Straight ahead, left, right, straight ahead and up steps to the end, go right,
    right, left, pass anelevator with no lever. Find another elevator with a lever
    that does nothing. In the corner is alever you can get. Go back to the first
    elevator, get on it, use the lever and go up. Go through thewest door and
    through the long hallway. The open doorway on the right has a loose brick.
    Ingame version 1.4 and earlier you can push this brick. If you can, push it.
    Go back down the elevator and straight west. On the map is a small room with
    three chests ifyour game version shows three yellow dots. In game version c1.5,
    you cannot push the loosebrick but the chests are still in the small secret
    room. If you know about hex editing, you canchange your location in the save to
    put you inside the room, then to get back out, hex edit yourlocation again, but
    only for locations inside the theater.Once you've had enough of the small room,
    go back up the elevator. Go back through the westhallway to the end and through
    the left door opposite the loose brick. Go up the stairs to theupper part of
    the theater. Below you are several goblins and an unchained beast. A goblin
    magehas the theater key. Once you have it, go through the east or west doorway
    of the theater floorand up the steps. Through the door up there is the last
    room with the theater exit door.
    Before going out to Fargrove, you might want to backtrack, opening what chests
    and boxes youcan locate. Once you've had enough of the theater, leave through
    the upper theater door toFargrove.
    Go generally west, past the two guards at the manor gate. Go towards the west
    gate and throughthe door on the right to the jail. Talk to Morgus the jailer.
    In version 1.4, you just have to wait tillhe opens the door to the cells, in
    version c1.5 you can ask Morgus to take you to the prisoner.Once you talk to
    Derlinger on everything, talk to Morgus again and bail out Derlinger. Once
    thejail cell is open, talk to Derlinger on everything, then let him leave the
    building before you. If yougo out before he does, it breaks the slums door
    guard quest.
    When you're ready, leave the jail and go back past the two manor gate guards.
    Continue aroundright and through the large doors go the town center. Continue
    around right on the road, thendirectly south to Frybone's door and enter. Kill
    the bandit and loot the large chest. Go out thenleft. Someone might be getting
    robbed. Help him out, then talk to him if you can before heleaves. At the Inn,
    talk to Gileah. In version c1.5 you can talk to someone at the fireplace and
    geta quest for a vampire witche's heart.
    Talk to Old Red Ghar and pay for a room, then get lots of information from him.
    Go up to yourroom for a few items and some better chest armor. Leave the inn
    and go directly south to the firstright. To the left is the south gate and the
    Armory. To the right, go down steps to the west.Bandits might attack. Mr.
    Gribbs is behind a small window in a door. Give him the password yougot from
    Derlinger. Enter the slums.
    In version c1.5, lots of bandits will attack. In the slums area, the vampire
    witch will often showup. When you damage her, she will disappear, then reappear
    in another location of the slums.Sometimes invisible. Fight her often enough
    and you eventually kill her. Pick up her heart.
    After entering the slums, go south to the end, then keep to your right and
    enter Deliah's curioshop. Talk to her on everything and agree to the Custard
    Mansion quest for the treasure map.Leave the shop and go back to the
    intersection and continue south to another area for some morefighting and
    possibly the vampire witch. Eventually you can kill her and pick up her heart
    inversion c1.5. Head back north to the intersection, then all the way east,
    then south to the DoorExotic and SAVE before entering.
    On entering, you get attacked from each side in version c1.5. Also in c1.5, all
    rooms have chests,some are mimics that attack you. And in c1.5, you get
    attacked after going up the stairs on eitherside. From the top of stairs
    intersection, go east to a room and jump across a gap. c1.5 getattacked again.
    In next room, 1.4 gives you a key. c1.5 gives you a candle and a switch
    behindthe table that opens a secret room behind you.
    If you got a candle, go to the two rooms at the top of the stairs and enter the
    east room. Use thecandle and kill the specter. Back down towards the exit, the
    east room north door gives lots offighting and a mimic chest that has the
    cellar key.
    If you're playing 1.4, go under the stairs and use the cellar key. Open the
    large treasure chest toUrgula's head and his body comes out of the south wall.
    Kill the beast and it drops the treasuremap. Esmeralda's ice specter also
    complicates matters. The south chest can only be opened inversion c1.5. In the
    west cubby hole, jump on top of the barrel, then jump on the wall ledge.
    Pushthe loose brick. Back out across the hallway in a secret room, version c1.5
    has a chest.
    Exit Custard Mansion, go north, then west all the way, then north and west back
    to the curioshop. Give Deliah the treasure map. If you've already joined
    another guild, sometimes if youagain ask about the Guild of Mystery, you can
    join, pay, and swear. Leave the slums district. Ifyou have the vampire witche's
    heart, return to the inn and give it to the person by the fireplace.Otherwise,
    head west from the inn and enter the Monastery District.
    Go south to the apothecary and buy whatever potions you want. Go back north and
    west. Goaround the right hand side of the temple and help a young woman being
    attacked by assassins.Then talk to her before she leaves. Now go enter the
    circene temple and talk to Seer Paulus toshow him the letter of summons. Exit
    the temple and go back out the monastery gate. Go aroundleft towards August's
    sanctuary and rats attack. SAVE before entering the sanctuary.
    Inside, watch out for the spirit. Stand in the path of the swirling objects and
    hit Shift till allexplosions stop. Place a candle on each of the four corner
    pedestals. Defeat the spirit, then talk toAugust on all. In version c1.5, you
    can open a door in one wall. Return to the circene temple, talkto Paulus and be
    sure to buy some time crystals. Follow him to where he opens a door. In c1.5,
    acouple of cabinets have treasures. In the other room talk to the Circene and
    you get a key.
    Exit the temple, go around to your right and maybe SAVE before entering the
    Catacombs on theside of the temple. Go down the winding stairs, go north and
    down again to the first left. Gothrough the north hallway and go around the
    boards in the floor. They collapse if you step onthem. Continue north to a
    large chamber and talk to the face on the south wall. Continue thenorth
    hallway, then east to a chamber, then east and south down a ladder.
    Turn around, go east and slightly left, down some stairs and kill the guardian
    beast to get thepasswords. Back south a little and west to the ladder and
    climb. South a little, west, south to thechamber and tell the wall face the
    password. Pick up Galdryn's Horn. You can search all thecatacombs if you wish.
    Lots of chests, boxes and caskets. At the intersection with the boards inthe
    middle, the west alcove has a loose brick to reveal a secret room right there.
    When you'reready, go back up to the temple, talk to Paulus and follow him to
    the Celestine and talk to her onany new options. Leave the monastery and go
    back to the town center. Head around east, past theInn to the next east on your
    Cross the bridge and straight ahead into the chained troll area. You can kill
    it for someexperience. At the small tent, talk to Old Hetta and get your
    fortune told, show all cards and youget a new heraldry. Go out, turn right and
    go to the next right. Down steps to the House ofDragon. Go in and talk to
    Ahn-Po on everything and learn the way of the dragon to get a questabout a
    dragon egg. Trade with him for some good armor.
    Sell any junk items, but be careful you don't sell any of your equipped items
    (outlined in yellow).And don't sell any quest items like swords and candles,
    staff for the Wiccan in the Devil'sMarsh, etc. You are allowed to disarm the
    cabinet chest.
    Exit and cross the next bridge. Fight four enemies that teleport in at the moon
    bridge. They dropsome pretty good shields. Enter the arcane emporium. Show Mage
    Aleister the letter, talk oneverything, then trade. Buy all the Blast Nova you
    can afford. Dragging the slider to the right youcan buy 10 at a time. Exit and
    go back across both bridges. Go north and enter the garrisondistrict. At the
    manor guard, show Aleister's letter and go through the gate.
    In version c1.5, the stable to the right has some barrels and boxes. Enter the
    castle and show theThrone Room Guard Aleister's letter. Enter the throne room
    and talk to Lord Davenmor, giveAleister's letter, show Galdryn's horn. Go
    through the door on the left of the throne. Go upstairs,straight ahead and
    enter room on the left. Talk to Sharia the maid on everything. Go back downand
    tell Lord Davenmor that his daughter escaped Fargrove.
    Exit the manor gates, go left and enter the town center gate. Visit the
    Fargrove Inn and talk toGileah on all new options. Go back to the garrison
    district, west past the manor guards, towardsthe west gate. SAVE, before
    showing Davenmor's orders to the gate guards, then go through thegate. Proceed
    to the intersection. If you have the staff for Wiccan in the Devil's Marsh, or
    acandle for the shrine, briefly head west, then due north on the road.
    At the next intersection, to the right is Devil's Marsh, directly west is the
    candle shrine tower.Once those are taken care of, head back due south on the
    road, past the Fargrove intersection, andcontinue due south on the road that
    eventually turns west. You come to an Elven fortress. Ingame version 1.4, just
    continue through.
    In version c1.5, the gates are closed. You need permission. To do that, there's
    a tower in thesmall lake north of the Elven fortress. You have to climb the
    tower, activate a shrine, and listento the spirit message. Return south to the
    Elven fortress and you can enter. You can climb a ropeladder, locate an elf who
    gives you a quest. It involves a location in the southeast most point ofthe
    swamp on the southeast shore of Lost Lake. You can do that quest when going
    north throughArindale.
    Once through the Elven fortress, continue due west along the road. In version
    c1.5, you might runinto Erlinmir who lost his flask. It's in a locked shack in
    the valley south of the western side ofLost Lake, and just north of the fire
    drake nests where you can get an egg for the house ofdragon. Continue along the
    road due north and eventually cross a bridge into Arindale. Rightaway you come
    to the Inn, where you should pay for a room that allows you upstairs.
    Up there, try talking to Narako Mesume. Exit the Inn and continue north. The
    Temple Empyreanis opposite the moon bridge. In the temple, talk to the guy on
    everything and get a heraldry if youplaced a candle in the shrine near Devil's
    Marsh. You can sell any useless items. Exit andcontinue north. Cross the east
    bridge to the House of the Tiger. Learn the ways of the tiger, andfollow the
    ways of the tiger. Talk on everything, then buy great equipment. Exit.
    Go west back across the bridge, continue north to the Hall of Weaponry on your
    left. If you handover the Sword of Striking, you get two choices of class if
    you want to quest for them. Exit thehall of weaponry and continue north through
    the trees and weeds to the Apothecary. Trade firstand buy some Liquid Air. Ten
    should be enough. Talk on everything. Exit and continue north.
    Make sure you have some Blast Nova handy in a quick slot. Swim north across
    Lost Lake to thenorthwest side of the large island and head southeast onto the
    island. Just walk around till amoon beast shows up. Kill it. Sometimes you have
    to kill two or three till a moon stone isdropped before you can pick it up. You
    only need one. Swim back around the island to thesoutheast side and head ashore
    to the swamp and to its southeast most point if you have a questfrom the elven
    Make your way northwest through the swamp, then west and cross the river. Head
    south a little,then west into the next valley, then south a bit. Flamebone's
    shack is in a small nook just north ofthe fire drakes. In version c1.5, fight
    him and his small army. Flamebone drops a key to theshack. In the shack is
    Erlinmir's flask. Continue south to the southern most cliff where at leasttwo
    of the three main nests there's an egg you need. If you're not powerful enough
    to fight offthe dragons, just run, grab an egg, and run back north.
    Continue north, then east to the river. To make matters easier, take the time
    to go back throughthe swamp to Talendor and to the north of it to activate the
    moon bridge there. Now return backthrough the swamp, cross the river, and back
    south into Arindale. Continue south and cross thebridge to the House of the
    tiger. Give the egg. Go west back across the bridge, continue south tothe
    Arindale moon bridge and activate it. Continue south to the Inn and talk to
    Narako Mesumeon everything.
    Exit the Inn and go all the way back north to the apothecary and talk on
    everything. Help in thefight. Jump back to the front side of the counter and
    talk to Elvithra on everything new. Exit andgo back south to the Hall of Lords
    and SAVE before entering.
    Tell the guards inside "I bring news of the Argalia", then say "Yes, I can find
    the Argalia" andthe gate opens. Go into the throne room and say to Lord
    Galebriand "I will quest to find theArgalia", then say "I request help of House
    Fathien". These two options gives you a specialheraldry after returning the
    In the first trial, jump on the end of the fallen column and climb on up. Jump
    to the columns toreach the enemy. You don't actually have to kill it, but
    that's best. If you make it into the area ofyour enemy, it disappears. Step on
    the pressure plate at the end of the area and jump to the nextcolumns to get to
    another pressure plate. There's three altogether.
    The second trial, go to the middle room on your right and get a blue stone from
    the chest.Continue west and activate the rune at the cage.Go down the north
    section to the middle room on your right and get another blue stone. Go southto
    the cage and activate the rune.Go down the west section to the last room on
    your right for another blue stone. East to the cageand activate the rune.Go
    down the south section to the middle room on your left for the final blue
    stone. Back to thecage and activate the rune to open the cage. In version c1.5
    you get a special item in the cage. Inversion 1.4 there's nothing but you still
    have to step into the middle of the cage. Now go south tothe next area.
    The third trial, has a walkway north and south. Each end has a pressure plate
    you must step on toraise the next section of the walkway to the east. If you
    get knocked into the water, there's anelevator under the water at the west end
    on the north side. It raises when you get over it. Oncethrough the east gate,
    SAVE before going into the fire spout room.
    Final trial. A specter is on the overhead platforms firing away at you. Other
    specters teleport inevery few seconds. Do not stand on any of the three
    platforms. That only prolongs the time tillthe north and south elevators lower.
    Try staying away from the overhead specter and kill off theones that teleport
    in. In version c1.5, there's a special item atop the south elevator, but you
    haveto jump back down. The exit is up the north elevator. Return to Lord
    Galebriand and he will sendyou to Ulm with a letter.
    Exit the Hall of Lords, go south down steps and past the moon bridge, continue
    south down moresteps, then head east across a bridge and follow the road to Ulm
    and House Fathien.
    House Fathien.Before going in, it's a good idea to SAVE, then have your most
    powerful spell, such as BlastNova, or scroll in quick slots because everyone in
    House Fathien tries to kill you. Show yourletter to the guards outside, then go
    in. Go straight through the next doors, then around thehallway to the audience
    chamber. Elder Demus Fathien talks, the slips through secret wall. Youare
    Fight your way up the nearby stairs, then head to your right to the end and
    down more stairs. Goaround right, follow the hallway north. Past the door where
    you first entered. Go up a stairwelland kill Mirus Fathien and get a key. At
    the bottom of the stairwell is a loose brick behind someboxes. Around hallway
    to room, around right to a secret room and two chests. Back in the room,through
    east doors, stairs room, south doors to audience chamber, up the stairs, go
    At top of stairs, beyond door is many guards and Demus Fathien who has another
    key you need.Back down to the audience chamber, through the west hallway, up
    winding stairs. Throughhallway to next room. Opposite a table is a loose brick.
    Around right from there is a secret roomand two chests. Go north, then east to
    the sleeping quarters and south to the weapons room.Continue around north to a
    chamber, east to another chamber and south to a room with brokencolumns instead
    of a floor. SAVE.
    Jump on the north ledge and at a very slight angle, run along the ledge,
    through the corner to theother side. Through the hallway, jump on the leaning
    bed and get the key. At one of the cells,release and talk to Vetrian Malvolin.
    Other cells have chests. Go back to the column room andSAVE again. Jump on the
    south ledge and carefully run to the other side. Back up all the stairs,then
    down to the audience chamber.
    Down the southeast stairs to next room, then the south doorway, then south and
    east to anelevator down. Go through the east barred door, many wolves, all the
    way around next hallway togate and pull lever to open it. A convenient escape
    route if you mess up elsewhere. Go back andjust as the hallway turns west,
    there's a large loose brick on your right. Up ahead in the secretroom, get a
    skull lever rod. Back at the elevator, open the south gate.
    Just as you enter the small room, to your right pull down the lever closest to
    the gate you justentered. Facing the other wall, pull down the lever next to
    the next locked gate. Swim straightahead to two empty lever slots. In the west
    slot, to your right, insert the lever and pull it. Gothrough to the long south
    waterway and swim west to the end. Open the door to lots of poisonslimes. In
    the room is a wall button.
    Go through to the room with the Argalia and get it. The door closes and a
    Fathien Wraith attacks.7 or eight un-dead also eventually teleport in. Once
    everything is dead, the door opens again.Swim back east in the long south
    waterway and back up the elevator. Go back to the front exitand leave Fathien
    Stronghold. Kill the two guards outside, then return to Arindale and enter
    theHall of Lords.
    Return the Argalia. Fathien speaks, click continue. Fighting starts, help out.
    Talk on the redoption, talk all continue and everything else. You get the Noble
    Heraldry and a magic mirror.Exit and go north to the apothecary to get reward
    from Elvithra if you rescued her son. Exit andgo south to the Inn. Talk to
    Narako for a reward. Back north and cross the bridge. In House ofTiger get a
    Exit and north across next bridge. SAVE before entering tower. In there, talk
    on all and your arerefused. Try to leave the front door and you get permission
    to see Emmindor. Talk to the guy andthe doors open. Get on the elevator up and
    put horn in a quick slot. The horn is in the invokesection of inventory. Talk
    to Emmindor on the red options, all continue, and everything else. Exittalk and
    hit quick number to invoke the horn.
    Talk to Emmindor again. You get the Ring of Talendor. Down the elevator, in
    version c1.5there's several cabinets with treasures. Teleport to Talendor and
    place the horn in the open handin the underground chamber. Talk and listen to
    all of Galdryn's visage. Teleport back to Arindaleand go inside the tower. Talk
    to the guy again all to make elevator work. Go up and talk toEmmindor again on
    all and the continue options.
    Teleport to Talendor again, then go SSE then south through the narrow pass.
    Head east to theroad and north through Bolen Fields to the north part and talk
    to Lord Graemare, red topic, allcontinue, and everything. Go back south to the
    Even if you didn't have a quest about Devil's Marsh, you can still visit Rianne
    the Wiccan for ataste of her brew and experience. Devil's Marsh is the swampy
    valley east of Bolen Fields. Oncethat's taken care of, continue south on the
    road to the intersection west of Fargrove. Go to theFargrove west gate and kill
    two guards. Enter Fargrove.
    The castle gate guards inform you that captain Okatta wants to see you. SAVE
    game beforegoing into the castle.
    If you are playing the collector's edition version c1.5, climb the wall either
    side of the gateguards and jump into the moat. Head through the moat and run
    into a thief. Quickly kill him orhe will get away. After killing the thief,
    pick up several items, including a special key that opensa secret gate in the
    castle dungeon. Climb up a ladder and open the gate with the switch. Go
    backaround and enter the gate and enter the castle. You're attacked by many
    rebel guards. Pick up akey.
    Go through the doors left of the throne, then upstairs and to the right to find
    Okatta in the largeupstairs room. Kill him and get his key. Back down to the
    opposite side of the throne and downto the dungeons fire pit. To the right is a
    door leading down to the mysterious gate, beyond whichare at least three of
    those huge walking poisonous gas spewing creatures, and a chest with somegreat
    items. Back up the stairs to the fire pit room, rescue some guards in the three
    Through the other doorway are more guards and Lord Davenmor. Be sure to check
    out all roomsupstairs and downstairs if you are playing version c1.5. There's
    lots of chests and cabinets. Inversion 1.4, the upstairs treasury 3 large
    chests can be opened. When you're ready to leave, go tothe Fargrove tavern and
    talk to Gileah about the Lost Eagle and new options. Go out the southgate and
    follow the road that soon swings roughly northeast.
    Continue quite a way to an intersection with two signs, head right (southeast),
    following the roadthat eventually swings south, then southwest along the river.
    Follow the mountain on your rightand cross a bridge heading west. Continue
    roughly southwest to the road and follow it due westtowards the Harrow Ruins.
    The road ends just east of the ruins. Help Mara defeat the assassins,then
    listen to her on all continue options and receive her letter.
    Go back along the road heading roughly east, then northeast and cross the
    bridge, next to themountain on your left. Then continue east and cross another
    bridge. Continue a little east, thensoutheast to the road and continue winding
    east to an intersection. Go right, continue southeaston the road and follow it
    quite a way to Sluldoon.
    Follow the path through town and keep watch for a huge building to your left.
    Enter and give anyVartugg documents you might have to Mundruff who's behind the
    tiny window. To the right, goaround the hallway, through the last doors and
    talk to Vartugg on everything and "Yes, I so vow"and all continue options. You
    get an empty vial.
    In version c1.5, there's a book you can push in to open the east door to a
    secret room. On thenorthwest side of Skuldoon is Feros Duul's hut where you can
    buy Nether spells.
    Go out Skuldoon's southwest gate, follow the road past the first intersection
    and continue to thesecond intersection. Head southeast, your left, off the road
    a good ways, and northeast up theadjacent valley to a moonbridge and activate
    it by clicking its icons to get the flash. If you did notdo it right, you might
    end up somewhere else. Head back south a short way, then southwest backto the
    road. Follow it back northwest to the intersection, then NNE to the other
    intersection, andhead roughly west, then eventually northwest along the road.
    When it briefly turns north, head NNE through the valley to Staroxia's tower at
    the northeast end.Talk to her on everything, including the top text in red.
    Leave the valley as you head southwest tothe road, and follow it roughly west
    to the Sagathian Moors. Head as far north as you can throughthe swampy moors,
    then go west, then south to the temple.
    Naga Temple.
    Don't go in yet. First make sure you have all armor, weapons, and jewelry with
    poison resistanceare equipped. Several passages in the temple have poisonous
    gas nozzles, on your way toeventually find the gas mask. Now SAVE before
    To your right (west) hallway to room with 2 or 3 naga guards. Back past the
    entrance, continueeast, south and down stairs. Continue west, south, to an
    intersection. West leads to a room. Backeast and south to a door, several naga
    guards. Down stairs, at bottom, around to your left, barrelsand a chest.
    Continue east, south, east, north to a large room. The gate behind you closes.
    Northgate, defeat the Colossus of Myrza.
    Through the cavern and up steps to a room. Continue through south door to a
    room with 4 exits.Through the east exit, pull the white lever to open the gate
    that closed behind you below. Pull theother levers and talk to the last guard
    on everything. Follow them and open the south door forthem.
    Go back up the bottom stairs and continue south to a room of axes. On the
    north, and on the eastwall, is a switch to open the south door. Once through
    the south door, take the first left (east). Inthe next room are several naga
    guards and a fire gazer. In the northwest room is another firegazer. After all
    the fighting, release the guards.
    Take the northeast hallway, first right (east) to a large room with no floor.
    With your back to thepit, there's 2 levers on each side of the door. From your
    left to right, they are 1, 2, 3, 4. Pull thelevers in this order, 3, 1, 4, 2.
    Back up in the doorway and run/bunny hop across the platforms.Another axe room.
    It's possible to jump over the two blades to the south stairs. Once there,
    yourun into more axes and spikes. Bunny hop across the burning floor to the
    south to a naga guard.
    At the intersection, go west and south to a treasure room. Go west, north, and
    east to a door. Twonaga guards. North doors, many naga guards. On the platform,
    get a gold key in a room. At thenorthern most cell, talk to the prisoner till
    he promises to tell you a secret. Release him with thenorth lever and follow
    him to underneath the platform. Try talking to him. Once he stops runningback
    and forth, he should give you the Demon key.
    Release the other two prisoners if you want. Go west in the hallway to the end.
    There's a lot ofaxes and a loose brick halfway along the east wall. In the room
    are 5 chests and a loose brick.Head south through a large room to an
    intersection. Go south and west and SAVE before a largefloor with some guards
    on the other side. Use your bow or spells to defeat them.
    Notice the yellow border line with circles on it. On the other side of it the
    floor is marked with awide grey line. Back up a few steps and tilt your view
    down. Run/jump just as you cross theyellow border with circles. You
    automatically grab the opposite ledge. Go up stairs and right tothe west
    hallway. Go down winding stairs and open the cell. Talk to Valdane on continues
    andthe two red options to get his blood.
    Back up all the stairs and across more stairs. Pull the lever to the chest room
    down the stairs.Through the north door, go west, north and to the end. Pull the
    lever and through the door. Thenext right and north to the axe room and out its
    west side. Around the hallway, past the water tothe first left. The south gate
    is now open. Step just through it and make these turns as you cometo them;
    right, left, left, left, left, and pull the lever.
    Now turn around to face back east and make the following turns as you come to
    them; right,right, left and to the end. Pull the lever. Go back to the
    intersection, then right, right to the end.Pull the lever.
    Back to the intersection and go right, left, on to intersection, then right and
    through axes to largeroom that's guarded. Get the mask from a chest and wear
    the mask. Pull the lever on the northwall.
    Go back to the intersection and continue east to another intersection. Go left,
    left to the axe roomand out the west door. Continue past the water to the west
    end of the hallway. North and up theleft steps to the room with four exits. Go
    out the west exit and step into a room full of columns.SAVE. Go right, then
    left to the second column with a hand icon button. Push it and hurrydirectly to
    the opposite wall to a tiny room and pull the lever.
    Go out the south exit and down winding stairs to a large room. Pull the lever
    on the south walland get the Eye of The Sigil in the cloud of gas. Back up the
    stairs and out the north exit to theroom with four exits. Go out the south
    door, south down stairs and continue south, then eastthrough the long hallway,
    past the water to the axe room, out the south door and continue southto the
    end. Go east to the next left.
    Go around the hallway, north through the large room and continue north to the
    end. East to theend and bunny hop south across the burning floor. At the
    intersection, go left to the next rightjust before the door. Start south
    through the long winding hallway of spouting gas, down stairs.Use the sigil and
    step on the pad to teleport.
    Naga Queen area.
    If you are playing version c1.5, you have to do a lot of jumping to find a key,
    then more jumpingto unlock a gate to the relic that sits on a platform above
    the water. If you're playing version 1.4,you can simply swim to the relic
    platform and climb up onto it. If you just wait around where youteleported in,
    the Naga Queen will show up. You must kill her, then swim under the water to
    gether sigil. Once that's done, following are the directions if you are playing
    version c1.5.
    From where you teleported into, get across the gap to the other platform. Up
    the steps, turn rightand up more steps. Jump the gap to east. Carefully walk
    down to bottom step of next steps. Hitforward and jump at the same time to
    safely get across. Head south to next gap and jump across.Go to end, turn right
    and jump across. Jump next gap to the north and pull the lever. Face left(west)
    and get to the original platform you first got on.
    Head north up the steps and continue down next steps to north. Jump the gap, go
    up steps andhead left (west). Jump southwest over to tower steps. Go on up and
    around left. Jump southacross next gap. Continue on around and south to next
    gap and SAVE. Make the big jump, get akey and gold from the chest, then drop
    down the hole. Exit north and head back a little east to theoriginal platform
    you jumped to.
    Up steps and straight north down next steps. Jump the gap, steps, turn right
    (east) and jump thegap to more tower steps. Go on up and face a long gap to the
    north. SAVE, then make the jump.Go on around and unlock the gate. Go get the
    Robe Relic, then swim back south to where youfirst arrived. Use the Sigil and
    step on the teleport pad back to the main temple area.
    Go back up the steps and through the long poisonous gas hallway to an
    intersection. Go left tonext right and bunny hop north across the burning floor
    to next left. Go through the long room,then south through a big room to an
    intersection. Go right, then left (west) to the next right andnorth to the axe
    room, and out the west door. Continue past the water to the end, then north
    anddown stairs to your right. Continue to the room with four exits.
    Go out the north door, and eventually up steps to final room and exit east door
    from the Dungeonof The Moors. Head north to the swampy area, then west till you
    can go south. When you areabout near where you first entered the moors, go west
    as far as you can, then south through anarrow passage to open ground. You'll
    soon come to a campfire. Just to the northwest is Mog'ssafe house through a
    narrow passage. It's related to the quest "Big bad Mog".
    If you got that quest, Mog is located to the far southeast in the next area of
    Forbidden Lands.South of the campfire is a chest. SSE of the chest is a narrow
    passage leading down to Sleth ifyou got that quest. Through a narrow passage,
    south of Sleth, is his safe house. East of Sleth is anarrow passage leading to
    the area where you want to go. Once there, head south and buy the"Totem of The
    Tree" from Warglaw for 10,000.
    Northeast from Warglaw is a cabin belonging to Minus Taw if you got the quest
    to rescue SirFalen. To the east from Falen, up between the big rocks, is Mog if
    you got that quest. Head northback to the road and go north back through
    Skuldoon. You have to go to the far north to theNorthern Steppes. Follow the
    road as it goes north, east, north and NW to the intersection west ofLake
    Dread. From the intersection, go NW to the mountain and follow it west and
    around to thebridge leading west and cross it.
    Go northeast on the road along the river and it eventually turns NW. Continue
    to the nextintersection and go right (north) to Lake Dire, then left and around
    the lake to the north side, thenhead north towards Grymlock's tower. In version
    1.4, he often wanders away from the tower.Once you meet him, talk on all
    options till everything is greyed out.
    From the tower, head roughly NW to the moonbridge, in the far NW corner, and
    just activate it.Don't go anywhere else yet. Your next destination is the Isle
    of the Damned to get a shadowcrystal. East of the moonbridge, on the other side
    of the mountain spur is Brimgulden, if you gotthat quest. He's in the area of
    the rune forge. Southeast from the rune forge is a narrow passageguarded by
    some trees. Talk to Wuldenfyr and give him the Totem Tree. Head up through
    thevalley to a couple of chests. Continue through the passage, to the Sea of
    Woe, and swim to theright hand side of the island and get on land.
    In version c1.5, there's a gazer at the altar. Get the shadow stone, then swim
    SSE toward the fog.Now's a good time to use a liquid air, if you bought any at
    the apothecary in Arindale. The fogwill take you under water. Just hold down
    your jump button and keep your mouse to angle youupwards. Keep your cursor
    headed SSW towards the Shadow Ruins and get on ground. Youmight have to jump a
    On the south side of the Shadow Ruins is a chest with good stuff. Stand on
    either side of the altaras you face east towards the cubby hole. SAVE before
    using the crystal. Once you do, go directlyto the portal, stand in it, and hit
    Shift. Once inside the ruins, DO NOT COME OUT till you atleast get the Rod
    Relic of Divinity.
    SHADOW RUINS. You can't do anything with the two guardians yet. Go east into
    the hallwayand try to go either north or south and the hallway is blocked. The
    two guardians are activated, sogo back and destroy them, then pull the lever on
    the north wall to open the hallway again. In thehallway, go north to a room and
    a shadow beast appears. Destroy it. On the east wall, push aloose tome to open
    a secret room on the west wall.
    Go through the north portal, kill the two knights and pick up the two shadow
    stones. Go back outto the main hallway and go south, stay away from the shadow
    portal, and continue east and northto a room. Use the two shadow stones to
    activate the statues and destroy them. To the right of theportal is a loose
    tome. Push it and a secret room just outside the room's south exit opens.
    Onceyou're ready, continue north through the portal and you soon find yourself
    in a room with twomoving platforms and four guards. SAVE!
    It's very doubtful that you have spells powerful enough to destroy the guards.
    Maybe in versionc1.5, but version 1.4 spells aren't up to it. You can do some
    damage with a good bow, but it takesforever. About the only thing you can do is
    try and jump onto a moving platform, then when it'sopposite the proper side
    room, jump into there.
    First, you have to get into the west room and get s shadow crystal. Then you
    have to get into theeast room and use the crystal altar. Then you have to get
    through the north portal that appears.Once you get through the north portal,
    you end up in a room with three statues. Go out the westportal to the shadow
    island. Go E, E, W, and get a stone from the chest.
    Go S, E, E, and destroy the south statue. Go out the east portal, then go E, E,
    E, and get a stonefrom the chest. Go N, N, W, destroy north statue.
    Go out north portal, then E, N, W, E, get stone from chest. Go N, S, S, S, S,
    destroy statue. Goout the south portal, activate the floor glyph, then go back
    through the portal. Turn around andthrough the portal and bunny hop across the
    platforms. If you fall, go E, E, N. On shadow island,go E, E, S, S and climb
    the tower by pushing a loose brick at each level. There are two secretrooms on
    the side of the tower.
    You can stand with your back to an edge, slowly back away till you drop, and
    quickly hit forwardto get into the two rooms.
    Once on top of the tower, activate the glyph. Now SAVE. You have to jump around
    theplatforms back to the exit portal. Once back in the hallway, go right and
    notice the five coloredfloor tiles. You can think of them as Diamond, 9, Y, Z,
    H, in that order. Jump to the top of thecolumns in that order to get across the
    room. If you fall, go E, E, N. Once across, face left (east)and go through the
    portal to a small room with murals of a knight and a beast.
    Continue east through one more portal, now go back west one portal, finally go
    east through fourportals to the shadow island. Now go W, S, N, S, E to the wind
    jumping room. At the firstcolumn on your right, jump to the blue column, then
    the Z at an angle to left, 7 at angle to left,then through the doorway.
    Activate the floor glyph. Go out and walk over the edge, thenbackwards through
    the porta, finally forwards through the portal.
    Continue straight through the west portal. You can talk to Lord Kingston if you
    want. Go throughthe south portal and get a shadow stone. Go back through the
    same portal to Kingston. Put aCrystal of Time in one of your quick slots. Now
    SAVE! Carefully read the following paragraphbefore trying it.
    Slowly approach the north portal and activate the time crystal. Go through the
    north portal, go toyour right to the wall and face directly north. Watch the
    farthest platform. As soon as it startsdown, run/jump and you land on first
    platform as it rises. Quickly angle from lower right toupper left corner and
    run jump to next column. Then angle back right to third column, then angleback
    left again to final column, the to the ledge and through the shadow gate. SAVE
    in the chessroom. Your trip across the acid was a zig-zagging route from corner
    to corner of the platforms.
    Think of the floor as a chess board and the statues as pieces. The A is on the
    north end and the Dis nearest you.
    Activate the shadow pedestal and step on D1, C1, D1 and a knight moves. Step on
    C1, C2, B2,A2 and get the Shadow Slayer sword. Equip it as the only weapon and
    turn off your quick menuso that you can only use the Shadow Slayer. Go through
    the shadow gate and destroy the shadowwraiths. Talk to Lord Kingston till all
    options are greyed out. Now you can equip your regularweapons. Finally, go
    through the south gate, turn to your right and activate the statue.
    Youautomatically place the Shadow Slayer from your inventory.
    When Kingston stops next to a shadow gate, go through it. At the fourth gate,
    Lord Kingston willsay "Find Me". Go through to the shadow island. Now go E, S,
    S, S, N. Don't activate the glyphyet. Stand on the south side of it and face
    north. Slowly back up to the south edge. Activate theglyph and drop backwards,
    quickly go forward and you bump the tower and get into a secretroom.
    Once you loot all you want, go through the portal and continue directly north
    through next portalto the four glyph portal and go through. Continue to the
    shadow island. Go E, S, W. Activate thestatue on your right and jump the gap.
    If you fall, go E, E, W. Activate the next statue on yourright and jump that
    gap. In the hallway intersection, go right (west) to the last room and
    destroythe shadow wraiths. Notice the floating crystal.
    Stand on either platform all the way in the corner and face the floating
    crystal. Time your moveand run/jump, keeping jump pressed, and start Shift
    grabbing for the crystal. You should be ableto get it in two or three tries.
    Once you have it, go back out to the main hallway and continue eastto the end
    room. Kill the Athena guard and get its crystal. At the main hallway large
    centralroom, use the crystals on the two corner altars.
    Go down the steps and through the portal to the shadow island. Go E, S, N, W,
    and SAVE. Thensouth to enter the star shaped room. DON'T use spells. ONLY use
    your best hand weapons. Eachtime you weaken the Shadow Lord enough, he will
    drop a shadow stone. Place it in the cornerstatue. After placing 5 stones, get
    the Rod of Divinity from the center of the room and equip itonly. It has enough
    energy for two or three blasts at the Shadow Lords. Just keep swinging away.
    When you finally kill him, be sure to pick up everything he dropped.
    In version c1.5, the Shadow Lord drops an amulet. Identify it, then equip it.
    Now look at yourquest log. Now use the Gate of Ascension. If you want to quest
    to get the Shadow Lord ability,return to Staroxia and she recognizes you have
    the amulet and offers you the quest. Accept it,then return to the Isle of The
    Damned, in the Sea of Woe. Stand at the altar and wait for thedragon to fly in.
    Defeat it, then return to Staroxia a final time to be granted the Shadow
    LordPower, provided of course if you have high enough certain stats.
    After leaving the Shadow Ruins, the next stop besides Staroxia in version c1.5,
    is Skuldoon totalk with Vartugg. After that, go to the valley east of Skuldoon
    and use the moonbridge andteleport to the Vale of Ruin. In the Vale, if you get
    stuck in a deep hole, hold your forward buttonand continuously tap the jump
    key. Sometimes it helps to face a different direction. Head northtill you can
    go west. Continue west, gradually swinging south to clear ground, then
    southeast toisland surrounded by a narrow band of water and three large
    boulders. At the Unholy Arc, SAVE.Then activate the arc with the vial of blood.
    Watch up to the northwest till Valkyra arrives. Talkto her and say "I wish to
    bargain with Voraatus", then say "I will pay the price". You get thepasswords.
    Now head back north through the Vale of Ruin, to the middle area and continue
    northto the Draedoth Temple and SAVE before going inside.
    Draedoth Temple.
    On entering, you're attacked from the left of the stairs. You're here to get
    the relic shield. Godown the hallway to your left and pull a lever. Continue
    and battle a couple of Succubus.Continue on to an elevator and battle some
    bats. Go down the elevator. Down the south hallway,pull a lever. Back the other
    way and continue north through a hallway, through a room, thensouth to a large
    room. Get a key from the chest, fight the tomb beast, and use the skull lock.
    Go back out and up the elevator. You can jump across the blood and open the
    gate to somechests. Back across the blood, return to the original entry hall
    and open the large gate. You'reattacked from the left and right. Go up stairs
    either side of the huge beast and wait. It comes tolife. Battle it. Go around
    the upper hallway and get another key from a chest. Battle a stargazer.Return
    to the ground floor entry and go down the east hallway.
    Operate the skull lock by the gate, then go back a few steps to the secret room
    on your left andpull the lever. Go through the north gate to a room of columns.
    Just inside the gate, pull a lever toyour left. Jump down and go to the left
    corner of the floor and pull another lever. Go climb backup and jump to the
    short column. Jump to the east column and pull the lever. Jump back to theshort
    column, then jump to the next higher column and pull the lever. Bats attack.
    Jump north to shorter column and pull lever. Jump back south to the previous
    column and turnaround. You can pull the lever with your back turned while
    facing the tall column. Jump to thenext higher column, then jump to the moving
    column and get into the next area with huge blocksthat move back and forward.
    SAVE. Now try to time your move and get past the three movingblocks. Straight
    ahead, a wizard has a demon stone to unlock a gate.
    On down the hallway, on the right use the round Claw of Khad on the wall.
    Continue north andstep on the teleport pad. Now SAVE.
    Draedoth broken walkways room.
    Here you must do a lot of jumping to find 4 demon stones, each in a different
    room, then on tothe final area where you use them to gain the shield relic and
    another demon stone to get back tothe exit area.
    From where you arrived, jump across straight ahead. Turn to your left (west)
    and jump the gap inthe stairs.TIP: It's really convenient to save, in the same
    slot, after every successful jump!
    Go on up and jump another gap in the stairs to west. At top, jump to next
    walkway and go left.Get first demon stone from the chest. Go out, left, then
    right up steps and jump north to anotherwalkway. Go left to a treasure chest.
    Go out and left to jump across north to another walkway. Go up left and get
    demon stone numbertwo from the chest. Out, left, right over stairs. The
    intersection collapses, so hurry north, thenback west over the walkway that
    will collapse. On west for demon stone number 3 from thechest.
    Jump back east and up the steps. SAVE! This is a tricky jump. The floor in
    front of the beast willcollapse. Try to weaken the beast with a good bow or
    spells. Back away from the edge thenrun/jump to the walkway and quickly go to
    the beast and finish him off. Pick up everything,including a key. Jump back
    across south, go down steps to south, go up steps to east, then jumpgap in
    steps to north. Get demon stone number 4 from the chest on east end of that
    Go back out to where you have a clear jump to the west and SAVE before jumping
    down to thewalkway, then jump the gap back north to where the beast was. Up the
    steps and open the gate tothe next hallway. SAVE again before going into the
    final area. In there, jump to the centralplatform and defeat Khad and pick up
    his demon stone.
    Around the platform there are four elevators that rise when you land on them.
    Each platform isguarded. When you ride an elevator up, use a demon stone on the
    Claw of Khad on that wall.After all four are activated, the Shield of
    Retribution, on the central platform, is freed so go get it.To the east and
    west, at the bottom, are some good treasure chests. When you're ready to
    leave,get on the central platform and jump to the north exit. Go use your
    remaining demon stone andstep on the teleport pad.
    Go straight and open the gate. Go around and down and pull another lever. From
    that gate, go leftand back to the main entrance area. Exit the south doors. Go
    back south to the moonbridge andteleport to the Northlands. Then south a little
    and southeast till you can head southwest to theTomb of Souls and SAVE before
    giving the password and going inside.
    Tomb of Souls.
    You just entered from the east side. The four caskets in the center of the room
    has succubus andbats, plus items. The northeast doorway leads to a sarcophagus
    with a decapitated beast anditems. Back out to the main room, go right (west)
    through the next doorway to a long room. Onthe east wall, press a button, hurry
    back past the entrance to a secret room with two chests and asarcophagus that
    spawns 7 times.
    Back out in the main room, head directly south to another long room. On the
    east end is a casketwith 3 or 4 spawns and items. The other casket is safe to
    open for items. On the west end is asarcophagus with a demonic guardian and a
    key. Back out in the main room, go right (east) toanother room. The north
    casket is safe, the south casket has 3 or 4 spawns.
    Back out to the main room, unlock the west gate, go through and around right.
    As you pass bythe north end, a secret room opens. Do some fighting and open any
    chests. Continue through thewest exit to the second area.
    Tomb of Souls: west.
    Go through the left (south) doorway to an intersection, then to your left to a
    chest. Go west to theother end of the hallway and south to a sepulcher that
    spawns. Continue south to anotherintersection and left (east) to a locked gate.
    If you got the demon key from Naga, go on in. TheTomb of Ghazbu yields over 1.7
    million experience. Back through the hallway to the west endand south into a
    room with 8 sepulchers. Approach the side of the Eye of Evil and turn
    around.Grab the eye while facing the room so you're not caught off guard.
    Go back out to the main room and activate the Enkhar of Evil. HINT: got any
    liquid oxygen left?Go through the west doorway, turn around and walk backwards
    across the platform. It falls,quickly open the chest and get a key. You might
    have to swim down to get it. The other twochests can be opened. Climb out to
    the south and go exit at the button.
    Return to the main room, continue north to a doorway before a room. In there
    you can see twostatues, that spit fire, and a lock on the northeast wall. Go
    open it and hurry left through the newdoorway. Talk to the watcher and say
    "bargain with Voraatus", then say "Yes, I'm ready".Destroy the four spawns,
    then go through the south doorway and push a button. Go back to themain room
    and across the now raised platform.
    You can try to bargain with Voraatus and guess his answers, that takes some of
    your points eachtime, or just go ahead and destroy him. Doing so also causes
    the two succubus to attack, good formore experience. Pick up Vartugg's eye. Go
    back to the main room, then north and around westto the watcher room, then
    north and talk to another watcher. Since you might already have someblast nova,
    you probably don't want to choose demon spell. It's a cataclysm which is a
    little morepowerful than the blast nova.
    Choosing the demon steel gets you the Angelic Destroyer which is really a
    powerful weapon.Now return to the main room and go out the east doorway. In the
    first area, go out the east exit tooutside the Tomb of Souls. Go east a little,
    then northeast, then northwest to the moonbridge andteleport to Talendor. Go to
    the underground chamber and place three more relics and listen to allthat
    Galdryn's visage has to say. Exit and go to the nearby moonbridge and teleport
    to theForbidden Lands.
    Head southwest to the road, then northwest, and northeast back to Skuldoon and
    give Vartugg hiseye and you get a password "Irynthabl". If you're playing
    version c1.5, did you push a loose tometo open the secret room behind Vartugg?
    Go outside and back out the southwest gate. Continuesouthwest to the second
    intersection, then left (southeast) to the Black Swamp. Continuesoutheast and
    tell the Council of Stones the password. Continue southeast a good way, then
    northquite a way to Irynthabl Maze and SAVE before entering.
    Irynthabl Maze.
    Time your move through the blades. Then go right to the next right. Then stay
    left around tomore blades and through. Continue around to a right and stay
    right to an area with a chest and getthe stone from the fire spitting statue.
    Go back south through the previous blades to the next rightand south through
    blades to an axe room around a turning fire spitting machine. The wheelrandomly
    stops and one side has an empty slot for the stone you got from the previous
    Once that's taken care of, go back north to the next left to an intersection.
    Go south, then west allthe way to the end. Then left and all the way west. Then
    slightly right, then left and south throughblades and get stone number two. Go
    back through the blades and right to an intersection.Slightly right, then left
    to next right. Go through more blades and place the second stone.
    Back out to the 4 way intersection, go left to intersection and north to end.
    Slightly left andcontinue north, going north at every chance to an
    intersection. Then slightly left and north tostone number 3. Go back out and
    continue west and through more blades to place the third stone.The east wall
    opens allowing you to go north to a large locked door with a lock on each
    side.Also there's an east and west door. There's a spawning platform on each
    side to the large door.
    Go through the east or west small door, fight off two hordes of minotaurs and
    get a key of death.Go use it at one of the locks of the large door. Go through
    the other small door and get anotherkey. Go use it in the other lock of the
    large door and go through to the upper level of IrynthablSanctum.
    The design in the floor spawns 6 different minotaurs. Go left (west) through
    the doorway andbear right. Make the next three lefts to see a floor design of
    an 8 on its side. Step on it.
    Go back out and cross the main room and through the east doorway. Bear right to
    the next left tosee a floor design that looks like 3 circles forming a
    triangle. Step on it.
    Go back west across the main room to the original doorway, bear right and go
    all the way aroundto see a floor design that looks like a quarter moon with a
    star. Step on it.
    Go back east across the main room, through the doorway, bear right all the way
    around to a gatenow open with the three glowing designs you stepped on.
    Continue on to a triangle shaped floordesign and step on it.
    Go back to the main room and through the north doorway and down the stairs. In
    a room, destroythree statues and some archers. Now's a good time to SAVE.
    In the final area, each of the four rooms to the north are occupied by a
    stargazer guarding a soulsphere. You must collect all four, stand on the edge
    of the fire pit and throw all four in to weakenthe witch. Then kill the witch
    and get her soul sphere and throw it into the fire pit. This releasesEllowyn
    Davenmor. Click all continues, and tell her "It is the day of days". You get a
    ring ofprotection. Equip it.
    Talk to Galdryn's Visage. You are sent to the Talendor moonbridge where now
    everybody isafter you. Make it to the underground chamber and place the ring.
    Listen to Volgar, then talk toGaldryn's Visage. You are sent to the demon realm.
    Demon Realm.
    Straight ahead is the first gate of many. There are spawns on each side of all
    gates. Go forwardand destroy till the gate opens and go through. There's two
    gates. Go to your right to therightmost gate. Fight your way through and step
    in the teleport device.
    Fight through the next gate, and again to the gate on your right. Fight your
    way through andteleport.
    Through the next gate, a flying creature on the other side. Head west, staying
    north as much aspossible, to a narrow passage leading west to a gate. Watch out
    for rear attacks. Through the gateand teleport to the final gate.
    Once you're through the gate, continue to the final area. Watch Volgar get
    killed. Quickly pickup the relics and equip them, including the ring of
    If you go to the containment crystal and invoke the horn, you can release
    Galdryn to help you.Once the fighting is over and Galdryn if free, talk on all
    continues. Watch the automatic ending.
    Author: GARR.

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