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"If you like glitches, you'll love this game!"


Dungeon lords is a rushed title, it has little depth and is glitchly beyond any sane persons enjoyment. It is based in a mythical kingdom with goblins, magic and leprocourns wearing funny hats!

Game play 4/10:

The controls are stiff and annoying it has that delayed movement feeling you get if your system can't run a game properly. You can equip weapons and armour and your skills affect how well you can use items. As you kill things you gain experience points so you can level up your skills. When you die you can revive your self at the cost of your spare skill points.

So your walking along and some goblins jump out at you (this is the exciting part) you draw your dagger and click to swing... and click. Click until they are dead. Wow. You can use right click to block with a shield or change to a bow and shoot the monsters form a distance. You can use items such as chests, pick up stuff that enemies drop and use switches.

Because you can revive yourself the game has no challenge. You die, get revived, die and never have to re-load or use any tactics to kill enemies. The game restricts the use of tactics since major glitches stop it, like arrows travel through walls so you can dodge them and your bow has auto aim.

Story 1/10:

Save the princess, defend the castle and kill infidels! Overused fantasy story line

Graphics 1/10:

I'm giving graphics a one because the models look quite good, however, the other graphics are painful and rushed. For example when you bring up the inventory screen around enemies their current animation loops so they stand there, walking of hitting you while the game is paused.

Even worse when you jump you don't bend your knees when you land or jump. The attack animation for the main character might have been motion captured from an action man! Doesn't matter what your top half does your bottom stays perfectly still. the worst glitch is when you die your body rotates to face the direction your looking!

Sound 7:
To my surprise this was the one part of the game that was up to standard! The sounds have no real problems though some variation might have been nice.

Playtime 1:

You could use this as torture making some one play through this, after 2 hours they would be begging for the cow prod!

This game is fun for 5 minutes and goes for around 2-4 hours, depending how many times you bang you head on the table as relief, as you might have guessed you probably won't play it again.

Final recommendation:

Worse game I've ever played, not worth buying or renting and if some one gives it to you as a gift ask for the receipt.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/28/06

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