Review by Proteuspsi

Reviewed: 12/26/05

An RPG that truly falls short of what it could have been......

Let's start with the good points of the game.

The graphics are excellent and enough to make my old 128 mb ti4200 stutter on higher settings. The various creatures are very nicely rendered. The skeletons looked clear enough to remind me of the ones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The controls are pretty straight-forward and require little if any change on the part of the user. They could be a bit more sensitive though. The one real fallacy in the controls is the lack of clear explanation on what to press or click when you're trying to open one of the many treasure chests scattered around the maps.

While this isn't as important, I did find it interesting that the game came packed with no copy protection on it of any kind. It is playable without a cd which is unusual.

And now, we move on to the less favorable points of the game.

What is the core of EVERY decent rpg ever made for any system? A good plot and story that draws you in and keeps you interested in continuing to play the game. This game doesn't have that. They make it seem very grandiose and world-shaking. The done-to-death cliche of your character being "the one" is trotted out once more. They even bring out the whole damsel-in-distress bit.

The dialogue is weaker than lite beer. Your character's dialogue choices are all one-word questions. Apparently the game designers were in too much of a hurry to put in full sentences. I'll forgive the fact that your character doesn't get to talk on his own because that is still not too common in games even today. But one-word choices? Were they gearing this game towards D&D-oriented 2nd-graders?

Then there's the map setup. The maps are huge and beautifully detailed but severely repetitive in design. It takes forever to get across a map even while running. And apparently the game designers thought that no map should ever be clear of monsters no matter how many you kill. You'll finish killing over 40 monsters from a not-too-big dungeon area and still they keep spawning and spawning. You don't get a moment's peace. The only maps where you won't get attacked are in shops.

The combat part is the usual repetitive hack-and-slash. There is little to no attempt to modify or enhance the way it looks and feels.

In any RPG, there is always an equivalent or version of buried treasure. In this failure of a game, they scatter treasure chests like tic-tacs all over the place and make it nearly impossible for all but a rogue to open. That and frankly, treasure chests should not be remotely that common.

In general, I think the game designers tried too hard to make this as gothic an rpg as possible and fell short in plot, story, repetitive level design and combat.
If you're a serious RPG gamer and don't want something to just kill time, skip this failure.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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