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    Trophy Guide by MrPaladin

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                T H E   W I T C H E R
                                   -Trophy Guide-
                                By: MrPaladin
                             Email: Shahabetemadian@hotmail.com
                           Version: 1.4 (2/2/08)
       C O N T E N T S
    1 - Intro
    2 - Trophies
      2.1 - Chapter I
      2.2 - Chapter II
      2.3 - Chapter III
      2.4 - Chapter IV
      2.5 - Chapter V
    3 - Rewards
    4 - Outro
    1 - Intro
    This Guide is for the game "The Witcher" for PC which is based on
    the book series of a Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Just making sure
    you're in the right place.
    This guide was written with the patch 1.2 which is the latest patch at
    the moment.
    I highly recommend using the latest patch while playing.
    You can always find the link for patch from the launchers "check
    for updates" option or from the following link:
    Even though it's just a guide for trophies, there might be some spoilers
    here for people who have not end the game yet. Just a warning in advance,
    so don't say I didnt warn you.
    2 - Trophies
    The Witcher has in each Chapter two mini boss like monsters which can be
    killed and their head will be used as a proof that you've slain the monster.
    These heads can be sold to certain npc's (depending from the Chapter) for a
    nice amount of orens and experience points and some other stuff they give
    for the effort (runic stones)
    However these Monsters can be pretty tough so be well prepared before going
    to hunt them and since each Chapter has two of them, don't kill them both if
    you still have the first ones head hanging on your hook, because you can't
    carry more than one at a time. There's overall 10 Throphies so make sure
    you've dealt with both of the monsters before advancing to next chapter.
    These Monster don't look much different from the other monsters, other than
    being much bigger and having unique names.
    2.1 - Chapter I
    Chapter I is in the outskirts of Vizima. When you exit the gates which are
    guarded by the mercenaries, follow the road west and you will soon see a man
    called "Royal Huntsman" by the fireplace. Talk to him and he tells you about
    2 deadly monsters in the Outskirts. First one is some lake monster which is
    located past the old mill near the lake, and second one's a ghoul which can
    be found deep inside the crypt (there's only one Crypt in this Chapter) where
    you must go at one point for the main quest.
    Name: Nadir
    Type: Drowner
    Reward: 200 Orens
    This is the Drowner which the Royal Huntsman wanted dead. It's located past
    the old mill and spawns only after dark (midnight is your best bet).
    However if you have done the quest for Haren Brogg called "Strangers in the
    Night" but not completed it by talking to Haren and earning your reward,
    no Drowners will spawn anywhere near the lake. After completing the quest
    and receiving your reward, Drowners start spawning around the lake again.
    Anyway, Nadir is surrounded by loads of other Drowners and is easy to spot
    from the crowd because of it's size and unique name. You can either just
    charge in rambo style and use group style to kill Nadir and all the other
    drowners at same time, or go in slowly and kill one or two drowners
    at a time untill you reach Nadir. Easiest way is to just use Aard sign to
    knock it down and finish it off.
    Take its head to the Royal Huntsman and receive your reward.
    Name: Ozzrel
    Type: Ghoul
    Reward: 200 Orens
    On my first walkthrough I didn't find this bastard even though I searched the
    whole crypt. Well, when you enter the crypt for first time to kill the ghouls
    for Mikul and find the young girls body, you won't have access to all parts
    of the crypt yet. After doing the quest for Mikul and telling him about it
    and receiving your reward, Mikul tells you that the other guards wanted to go
    search for treasure there. Now go enter the Crypt again and you'll notice
    that the tunnel which was blocked by rocks is clear now but has 2 dead bodies
    lying there. Follow the path till the end and kill any ghouls you see untill
    you reach a breakable wall which leads to a larger room where Ozzrel is.
    It's little harder than what Nadir was so be carefull for he hits pretty hard.
    I had swallow potion on while fighting it and used Igni to push it back if it
    got too many hits on me.
    Take its head to the Royal Huntsman and receive your reward.
    2.2 - Chapter II
    Chapter II begings in Vizima's Temple Quarter. It starts from you being
    in Prison. After some mini games and dialog you will be thrown in the city
    sewers to kill a deadly Cockatrice there, which happens to be first monster
    of chapter II which gives a trophy.
    Second one is echinops which is located at the swamp and has couple of spawn
    points, but is still rather easy to find.
    Trophies obtained from these monsters should be taken to Vincent Meis who is
    captain of the city watch. He's located in the city dungeon or outside it
    at the guard barracks where the guards are training.
    Name: Greater Cockatrice
    Type: Cockatrice
    Reward: 400 Orens
    After being thrown in the city sewers with your new silver sword, you have
    to check from map for a Cockatrice nest. On your way there a knight will
    offer his help to you since he's after this Cockatrice as well.
    Taking him with you or not you will either way receive the Cockatrice head.
    It's not very tough monster either other than all the knockdowns she does
    when at low vitality, which can get annoying. Just use fast style and keep
    the combo going untill she's dead.
    Take her head to Vincent Meis and receive your reward.
    Name: Coccacidium
    Type: Echinops
    Reward: 400 Orens
    This Echinops can be a real challenge. The swamp itself is pretty
    dangerous overall so it's good to enter the swamp when you've done most
    other quests in temple quarter and gained levels. This monster can often
    be found near the road to east from the pits which you have to clear from
    drowners for Vaska. I've heard it can spawn in other places too but I tried to
    do some scouting around the swamps and it always spawned for me at the roads
    near the pits. Maybe depending on day time it can spawn in other places.
    I try to confirm this as soon as possible.
    When it spawns near you make sure you run next to it and start attacking,
    if you just click on it from distance, Geralt will stand few yards away from
    the echinops and won't attack it. So make sure you run next to it. Use Igni
    sign  since echinops are weak against fire and incineration. If you have the
    talent for Igni that it has chance to incinerate, then it will make this
    monster much easier. Use Strong Style and cast Igni when you have the
    endurance and you shouldn't have much problems against it, swallow potion
    would be nice too if you notice it doing too much damage on you.
    If you're having serious problems against it you can take your Order or
    Scoia'tael army during the quest "Force Recon" and take it down with them
    before heading to Golem Cemetery.
    Take its head to Vincent Meis and receive your reward.
    2.3 - Chapter III
    Chapter III takes place in Trade Quarter but also Temple Quarter and Swamp.
    Both of the Beasts which give a throphy are loacted at the Swamp. But this 
    time the monsters roaming around there are little more dangerous than last
    time. First Monster is a female Wyvern, which is located north of the map on
    a small island called Wyvern island, only Wyverns allowed there!
    And second beast is a Wolf which is located at the Golem Cemetery. It patrols
    around there and is leading a small pack of wolves.
    You will meet the Royal Huntsman again in the Trade Quarter, day times he's
    near the guard barracks and he seems to want these two beasts dead.
    Name: Moa
    Type: Royal Wyvern
    Reward: 600 Orens
    Mrs Moa can be found in the swamp. It's little hard to give any accurate
    description of the location, it's way up north, easiest way to get there is to
    go north from Golem cemetery just keep on going north untill you see island
    full of wyverns. When you spotted them, don't charge in... they'll surround
    you and kill you pretty fast. Better move in slowly, when one or two of the
    Wyverns attack, just run back a little and finish them off there so you wont
    get more and more Wyverns attacking you. When you're against Moa use strong
    style and don't break your combo, just keep it going untill she's dead.
    Moa's very easy when alone, but if she has two or more wyverns helping her,
    it'll be very hard. Swallow was only potion I had active during this fight.
    Take her head to the Royal huntsman and receive your reward.
    Name: Voref
    Type: Wolf
    Reward: 600 Orens
    Voref is easy to find, It's around the golem cemetery with small pack of
    wolves, it may not always be found right middle of the cemetery but many
    times I've seen it walking around the swamp there.
    I've also never seen Voref there in mornings or at noon but always during
    dusk and night. Anyway, it's very easy fight, the pack of wolves die very fast
    with group style, after the smaller wolves are dead change to strong style
    against voref and it should die pretty fast. Now unlike other normal wolves
    who seem to die faster with steel sword than a Silver sword, Voref takes much
    more damage from a silver sword.
    Take its head to the Royal Huntsman and receive your reward.
    2.4 - Chapter IV
    Chapter IV is located in beautiful Murky Waters. The place is more dangerous
    than It looks. There's a nice little village which has it's own chief called
    Tobias Hoffman. Tobias has his own hut in the village where he spends most of
    his time. He tells you about two monsters which he wants dead. First one's
    some Fish Man located in fields near the ruined mill and Second one's a
    Cemetaur in the field crypt.
    Name: Teyu
    Type: Vodyanoi Priest
    Reward: 800
    Teyu is located south from the ruined mill in fields, he should be walking
    around a small pond there with 2 Dagon Worshippers.
    When you attack him better get rid of the Worshippers first since they die
    much faster than Teyu. If you use group style, you might get lucky and kill
    one of the worshippers before Teyu starts healing everyone to full health.
    Remember to use Igni sign, specially if it can incinerate as they are
    extremely weak to it.
    When the worshippers are dead, use Strong style and steel sword and rest
    should be easy. His heals are pretty powerful and it can get annoying when
    he keeps healing himself to full health, but he doesn't have much vitality
    and incineration really hurts him.
    Take his head to Tobias Hoffman and receive your reward.
    Name: Ureus
    Type: Cemetaur
    Reward: 800 orens
    Ureus lives inside the crypt in fields. The Crypt is swarming by all sorts of
    undead, so I recommend using some necrophage oil on your silver sword, there's
    also some alps and fleders but they shouldn't cause much trouble. Ureus is in
    a small room deep inside the crypt. I've heard that many people haven't found
    it even after searching the whole crypt. So, when you enter inside, there's
    a breakable wall which you destroy with Aard. Then turn right and you'll enter
    a large room, back of the room is a small little passage which you may not
    notice unless checking from map, enter the passage and kill any undead you
    see. When you're near the end of the tunnel, there's a breakable wall, behind
    that wall is a small room where Ureus is waiting.
    Ureus is huge and hits pretty hard, but if you have necrophage oil on your
    weapon, it should be very easy fight. Silver Sword and Strong style is most
    effective against it.
    Take its head to Tobias Hoffman and receive your reward.
    2.5 - Chapter V
    Chapter V is very chaotic, it was hard to take your time in that chapter like
    in the previous ones. Most of your time you'll be spending on slaying hordes
    of drowners which never leave you alone and won't let you enter the caves
    since they keep you in combat. And they're all over the swamp cemetery >_<
    Anyway, Vesper and Lilly are this chapters wanted monsters, they can both
    only be found at nighttime, and are very close to each other. They're both
    on the cemetery island (same place as Striga's Crypt) in Swamp Cemetery.
    Their heads can be taken to the good old Royal Huntsman who is spending his
    time in the Druid's Cave (also in Swamp Cemetery).
    Name: Vesper
    Type: Garkain
    Reward: 1000 Orens
    Garkains freak me out, they're damn ugly and their huge brain bust out of
    their head, being too smart can cause that.
    Vesper is on the small cemetery island where striga's crypt is, but he'll be
    there only at nighttimes.
    It's standing at the road when you enter the island so you won't need to look
    far to find it. Vesper is pretty easy alone but the thing is,
    It has four garkains and four Wraiths around it. You can try to walk in slowly
    and pull couple of them outside the island and finish them off there so you
    won't pull more and more monsters and get killed. Or you can do it same way
    as me, just apply some vampire oil on your silver sword and go kill them all
    at same time, it's the easiest way, also black blood is handy if they manage
    to stun and drink your blood.
    And be careful, behind the garkains is Lilly and six Bruxa. So yes,
    at nighttime that Cemetery is the meetings spot of all the undead.
    Just make sure you wont pull too many monsters when you run in, unless you
    sure you can handle them all, and you don't want to kill Lilly and Vesper at
    same time since you can carry only 1 head at a time.
    Take its head to the Royal Huntsman and receive your reward.
    Name: Lilly
    Type: BRuxa
    Reward: 1000 Orens
    This group can be tricky, six Bruxa and Lilly. But Vampire oil works wonders!
    If you don't have vampire oil, it's okay, you should still manage.
    Use Silver Sword of course and just charge in, this group is hard to kill in
    small packs since they're pretty much hugging each other.
    Use Group style and get rid of them all at the same time, they might manage to
    get couple of nice hits on you but they die fast. Lilly alone was suprisingly
    weak actually.
    Take her head to the Royal Huntsman and receive your reward.
    3 - Rewards
    Once you've slain three monsters and brought the trophies as proof, you will
    be rewarded with a Svarog Rune Stone.
    Once you've slain five monsters and brought the trophies as proof, you will
    be rewarded with a Perun Rune Stone.
    If you managed to gather all ten trophies, when you bring last head to the
    Huntsman in Druid's cave, talk to him again and he'll thank you for your help
    and will reward you with two very powerful swords. Steel and Silver Sword,
    but you can only choose one.
                    Mahakaman Rune Sihill
                        Damage 100%
                  Penetrates opponent armor
                        Steel Sword
                        Damage 100%
                        Silver Sword
    They're both unique looking and very powerful, choose wisely ;)
    Though I must say, Moonblade can only be obtained this way. So much better to
    take it over the Mahakamn Rune Sihill. Because you can get the Rune Sihill in
    few other ways as well.
    When you complete the quest "Won't Hurt a Bit",  Zahin will in the end reward
    you with a Mahakaman Rune Sihill.
    Another option would be the quest called "Mud and Velvet", When you've found
    one or two of the cousins, go see Captain Jean Pierre and tell him you found
    only two cousins, He'll reward you with some bombs and wants you to give him
    the remaining 300 Orens. If you refuse he'll attack you, and is wielding
    a Mahakaman Rune Sihill. Be careful though, he hits like a truck.
    The Rune Sihill can also be found in Fields during Chapter IV, it's next to
    a corpse there but this was patched so it can be found there only in
    unpatched game.
    4 - Outro
    For any corrections, questions, suggestions or any feedback.. please contact
    me at shahabetemadian@hotmail.com
    And if you mail me, please put "The Witcher" or "Trophy guide" as subject or
    I might delete it mistaking it as spam.
    Also, if you notice any errors in my english language, forgive me as it's not
    my mother's langauge.
    Copyright (c) 2007-2008 MrPaladin
    You are not allowed to copy or edit this faq for anything but
    your private use.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
    is strictly forbidden without my permission.
    If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me.

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