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    Quest Guide by tleeb2

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Tom Brown
    Email: Wondrhampster@Live.com
    Quick little word.  I don't mind questions, and if sending me one regarding
    the witcher, be sure to put "The Witcher" as the subject or I'm liable to
    delete it thinking its junk mail.  Also, I'm not the fastest person when it
    comes to checking email.  I do it maybe three times a week.  So if you send
    me something and I don't get right back to you the very next day, its 
    probably because I haven't gotten around to looking, not because I'm singling
    you out as the person I want to torture this week.
    This is also the first FAQ I've done, so cut me some slack. Enjoy!
    Last updated on the 7th of May, 2008
    Version 1.1
    SPOILER ALERT!!!  This FAQ does at times give away information that otherwise
    would not have been known at the current juncture.
    About this FAQ:
    This guide was written based on Patch 1.3 and a mix of normal and hard
    difficulty settings.
    About Monster Hunts:
    During chapters 1 through 5, there are unique monsters that can be hunted for
    monetary rewards.  These monsters have their own name and are generally
    stronger than their generic counterparts.  When killed, a trophy can be taken
    from these creatures.  That trophy has its own space within the inventory and
    will appear on Geralt's waist in game.  There are also item rewards given when
    a certain number of unique monsters have been killed.  These item rewards are
    given when three trophies, five trophies, and ten trophies have been turned in.
    The first item reward at three trophies will be a Svarog Rune Stone which
    temporarily increases a weapon's chance at hitting and damage inflicted by 40%.
    The second reward at 5 monsters dead is a Perun stone which temporarily
    increases hit chance and damage by 60% and critical hit by 30%.
    The reward for all ten trophies turned in is a choice between:
    	A silver sword called Moonblade that has +100% damage.
    	A steel sword called Mahakaman Rune Sihill that has +100% damage and
    penetrates opponent armor.
    The prologue and epilogue do not have any unique monsters to hunt.
    All monster hunts will be the first quests listed under the chapter, because
    these are totally option accept for chapter 2 and can pretty much be done any
    time during the chapter, with the exception of Chapters 1, 2, and 5. One of the
    monsters for Chapter 1 is not accessible until after a specific quest.  One of
    the monsters in Chapter 2 has to be hunted right off the get go.  And the
    Chapter 5 monsters are in an area that isn't accessible at the start.
    About Quests:
    Some quests will carry through multiple chapters, and they will appear within
    this guide in each chapter with a note beside the quest name stated as (Ongoing
    Quest).  Also, there are a few quests that will or won't be available depending
    on which allegiance has been made or if neutral.  These will also be detailed as
    such in paranthesis beside the quest name.  There are other quests that will or
    won't be available simply based on decisions made and the times these quests are
    started. Any detriments will be pointed out as such.
    Quests enclosed with * have some weight on alliances within the game, while
    others can greatly affect who and what can be done.  Taking a choice in one
    path may make it impossible to do a certain quest, or it will alienate Geralt
    from other characters. So if uncertain about a given outcome, or if the need
    to give both paths a try is desired, save often and in different areas.
    Remember, The Witcher does autosave, but there are only so many created and
    the game will erase previous ones once it reaches about 4, so don't rely on
    autosaves as a backup.
    Quests are listed alphabetically by chapter and name as they appear in the
    Journal.  Its pretty much impossible to list them in the order they come
    because quest steps can be skipped, entire quests can be passed over, and
    depending on choices made there are some quests that simply aren't available.
    There is an invaluable tool when doing quests.  Open the Journal and choose
    Quests if on a different page such as Characters or Formulas.  Highlight a
    quest and in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, "Track Quest on Map"
    may be visible.  Most quests have this and I'll be refering to it as Quest
    Track throughout this guide.  It can lead to people and places needed, but it
    can only be used for one quest at a time.  The map can also be used and points
    of interest shown with dots can be located in the same manner by selecting the
    given point.  However, it is not possible to track a quest and a point of
    interest on the map at the same time.
    About Sex Cards:
    Throughout the game, certain females Geralt comes in contact with can be
    coerced into sex.  Some of them that are related to quests or can be bedded in 
    the duration of a quest are listed in the given area.  It is impossible to get
    them all in one game.  There are two in chapter 3 but only one of those two will
    sleep with you.  There are 3 in chapter 5, but once again, it is only possible
    to sleep with 1 because they are dependent on your alliance or neutrality.
    What should be a full list is included at the end of this FAQ.
    About Dice Poker:
    Dice poker is a great way to make money.  Its also a terrific way to lose
    money. A dice poker match is fairly simple.  It starts out with an opening bet,
    and depending on the opponent, the maximum bet can vary widely.  One player may
    only allow a maximum starting bet of ten, but another will allow a starting bet
    of 110.  After the opening roll, there is an option to raise.  The minumum
    amount that can be raised is 0 and the maximum widely varies based on opponent.
    And in some circumstances, the opponent can raise, at which point, three options
    are available.  First available is to meet the opponents raise, second is a
    medium raise, and last is a maximum raise, usually much higher than the medium.
    There is also the option to pass, which is the same as folding giving the win
    for that hand to the opponent.  After the raise, there's a chance to reroll
    anywhere from no dice (stand) to all five.  Naturally, the opponent also gets
    the same option.  The player that wins two out of three games takes the pot.
    The people available to play against have a limited amount of money on them at
    any given time.  So it may only be possible to win 300 orens against one
    particular opponent, but in order to win more, they'll need to be left alone.
    This can be done by entering a house or another area and then coming back.  If
    an opponent loses say 200 but they have a maximum of 300, then they can be
    played a second time directly afterwards in most instances, but the maximum
    raise allowed will be considerably lower.
    This is a run down of poker hands.  It runs in ascending order from nothing to
    the best possible, which is five of a kind.  I've placed the order below from
    worst to best with a description of the hand.  Why is there a description?
    Because even though some people may know what a flush is, there are others
    that don't. 
    >Nothing - Jumbled hand where nothing matches such as 6, 5, 3, 2, and 1
    >Pair - a hand with two like dice amounts and the rest a jumble such as
    6, 5, 5, 2, and 1
    >Two pair - a hand with two sets of like dice amounts and an off number such
    as 6, 6, 3, 2, and 3
    >Three of a kind - a hand with three like amounts and two off numbers such as
    5, 5, 4, 5, and 1
    >Five-high straight - a hand that runs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
    >Six-high straight - a hand that runs 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
    >Full house - a hand with a combination of three of a kind and a pair such
    as 3, 3, 3, 1, and 1
    >Four of a kind - four like amounts with an off number such as 4, 4, 4, 4
    and 2
    >Five of a kind - all dice are the same denomination such as 2, 2, 2, 2, and 2
    Just like normal card poker, a pair of 3's will lose to a pair of 5's.  The 
    same goes for three of a kind and the like.  If both players roll 2 pair, the
    person with the highest pair wins.  So even if one player rolls 5, 5, 4, 4, and
    1 while the other player rolls 6, 6, 1, 1, and 2, the player with the pair of
    6's wins.  If a five-high straight is rolled and the other player manages a six
    -high straight, the 5-high loses.  Also, if a full house with 2 three's and 3
    two's is rolled while the opponent manages a full house with 3 three's and 2
    two's, the win goes to the person with three 3's.  There may come a time when a
    draw occurs.  In the event that happens, neither player will get credit for the
    match and it will continue until someone wins two out of three games.  A draw
    does not happen often and will usually only be seen with a straight.
    Now for a little info on the AI poker player.  If the computer controlled
    opponent gets a straight or a full house, it is not likely they will reroll
    unless the opposing hand is better.  So on the opening hand, if the npc manages
    a five-high straight, but Geralt only has a pair, a six-high straight or better
    will be needed to win.  A five-high straight will tie him and neither player
    will get a point for the match.  If a pair of five's is rolled and the computer
    rolls a pair of six's, don't get frustrated.  Most often, they will reroll one
    of those comprising their pair.  If the computer rolls a five-high straight in
    their opening hand and something higher like a six-high straight is rolled, the
    AI will either reroll their entire hand or simply concede the hand completely.
    The same tends to go for a flush. If both players manage a flush on the opening
    roll, but the AI is lower, they will either reroll the entire hand or simply
    concede it.
    About Intoxication:
    The Witcher allows for many instances of drunken conduct. Usually, its more
    annoying than anything because on a few occasions, there is no way around
    getting hammered.  The reason its annoying is it blurs vision and Geralt
    staggers at about a quarter of the speed he normally moves at. So naturally it
    takes quite a long time to get anywhere. The walking problem can be somewhat
    counteracted by drawing a weapon if possible. This will put Geralt into combat
    speed regardless of his level of inebriation. But fighting drunk is not a good
    idea.  When drunk, a yellow icon will show below the witcher emblem. The chance
    to hit when drunk lowers dramatically and damage output also goes down.
    There is a limit to how drunk Geralt can be before passing out.  If Geralt does
    happen to pass out, he will wind up lying in the dirt somwhere.  That's not
    bad, what is bad is that his wallet will be dramatically lighter.  More than a
    1000 orens can be lost by passing out.  So before taking anyone on in some
    drinking, best to save first.
    There is a remedy to intoxication that can be picked up in Chapter 3. While at
    the New Narakort, talk to the waitress numerous times.  At some point, she is
    going to groan that she ruined some gloves.  Give her a pair of red gloves or
    100 orens and she'll give over the recipe for wive's tears which automatically
    cures all intoxication.  She may also ask if Geralt has had too much to drink.
    Go along with her dialogue and keep responding that she isn't boring. At the end
    of it, Geralt will have the wive's tears recipe.
    About potions:
    There are numerous choices for potion crafting when it comes to ingredients.
    The main thing that arises is figuring out what the ingredient means when it
    says something like Vermilion and then below that it says Albedo. This Albedo
    is a primary substance. Mixing potions together with a primary substance can
    yeild a potion that states something to the terms of: Contains albedo as its
    dominant substance. When that potion is imbibed, a secondary effect will occur
    along with the normal potion effect.  In order to get a dominant substance, a
    potion must be mixed with a primary substance contained in all of its reagents.
    Mixing 2 or 3 primary ingredients of differing kinds will yeild a standard
    Example:  The Swallow Potion requires 1 vitriol, 2 rebis, and 1 aether.  If
    mixing a vitriol containing albedo with 2 rebis of which both contain nigredo
    and an aether containing rubedo, a standard swallow potion will be yeilded.
    However, if mixing a vitriol containing rubedo, with 2 rebis that also contain
    rubedo followed by an aether containing rubedo, the result will be a swallow
    potion with the dominant substance rubedo.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that white gull can also be mixed to contain
    a dominant substance and it can be used as a potion base.  If it has a dominant
    substance, the rest of the ingredients need to match that or a normal potion
    will be yeilded.  If it contains no dominant substance while the rest of
    ingredients all contain say rubedo, then a potion containing rubedo will be
    There are 3 primary substances to ingredients.  Listed below are what they are
    and what they do in potions when dominant.
    Albedo - Reduces toxicity of consumed potions > lasts 1 hour
    Nigredo - Increases damage inflicted by 20% > lasts 4 hours
    Rubedo - Accelerates regeneration of Vitality > lasts 4 hours
    -Started by Vesemir after the labratory is ransacked.
    -First stop is upstairs at the kitchen where Lambert is.  After he gives
    instructions on the potion, go into the kitchen and out the rear door.  Quest
    Track will lead.  Head up the stairs killing any bandits in the way.  Once
    upstairs, slay all the bandits to update.  Now to loot all the rooms to get the
    required materials.  One of them is in the Evening Hall which is at the far end
    on the left.  The white gull is in a box in the room right past the Evening
    Hall.  Once those have been acquired, go back downstairs to the fireplace to
    talk to Lambert.
    -After chatting with Lambert, he'll give up the recipe for the potion along with
    a few ingredient definitions.  He'll instruct Geralt to see Vesemir, who may or
    may not be present.  If he isn't around, go toward the front door.  That's where
    he'll be coming from. Talk to him and he'll fork over one of the ingredients and
    say the other is on the frightener outside.  Selecting all his chat also opens
    up "Berengar's Secret".
    -After the heart to heart with Vesimir, run outside and open the dead frightener
    up. Loot the claw and the eye along with anything else lying around and then go
    back inside to talk to Vesemir again.  After asking where the others are and
    telling him the ingredients are ready, click the fireplace to begin meditation
    and then select the bottle off the top right to pull up the formula and
    combination window.  Select Potion for Triss.  It should be the only thing able
    to be made.  Highlight it and then select mix from the bottom right.
    -Geralt is required to meditate for an hour after an alchemy combine.  Once
    finished with the potion and meditation, take it up to Triss.  Quest Track will
    show the way but its upstairs through the kitchen on the second floor.  The door
    to her room is directly across the hall from the library.  Feel free to stop
    and talk to Eskel and Lambert in the Armory and Evening Hall respectively. Both
    have interesting things to say.
    -When ready to move on, head upstairs to Triss' room.  She'll be in bed nursing
    her wounds.  Click on her and a window with a little package that resembles a
    wrapped birthday gift opens at the bottom of the screen.  Select it to open the
    gift window and drag the potion from quest items to the hand or double click it.
    This will start a conversation with her and an opportunity for the first sex
    card arises.  When the option presents itself, select "I suppose we could...".
    Then choose the top option again about how she helped out.
    -This quest is now done.
    -This quest is started by Vesemir and it will progress through all chapters up
    till 5.
    -First quest and fairly easy.  If this is the first time playing and tutorial is
    on, the game will guide most of this.  But anyway, just follow everyone else for
    now.  Lambert will blast the rubble out of the way to advance.  Once at the top,
    its a loner mission and the opportunity to learn the combat styles of strong and
    -Head up the ramp and slay whatever is found along the way.  The objective is
    the very top of the wall.
    -Once around the top wall, there will be a group of archers and others next to a
    large pot off to the right, down a set of stairs.  Forget about them and head
    for the circular tower directly ahead.  This gives a cut-scene and seperates
    Geralt from those following.
    -Head to the right toward the gate.  Ignore the siege cauldrons and bell.
    There's nothing that can be done with those right now.  Slay the bandits in the
    way and push ahead for the gate.  After slaying all the bandits, operate the
    wench and start the next portion.
    -Follow Leo to the citadel entrance.  Leo is going to say to drink the
    thunderbolt potion and that must be done before the doors will open.  So suck
    it down and head inside.
    -Head straight back, dispatching the bandits.  Loot their bodies when possible
    and don't bother with the Kitchen yet.  Its locked.  Just follow Leo.  Once in
    the labratory, a cut-scene interrupts and then Leo leads to the first sign,
    Aard.  Touching the monolith a second time will give an affect that will
    bolster that particular sign, and then loot the trunk.  There is another trunk
    to loot along the wall, between the blocked portion of the lab and the magic
    circle.  Blast the collapsed wall and head upstairs.
    -The first choice in the game is coming.  Either go with Triss, or fight the
    	-If going with Triss, Geralt will be forced back inside the citadel.
    First boss fight with a mage is coming.  Drink the swallow potion if its still
    in inventory.  The mage is sort of annoying because he's linked to a few other
    bandits and they have to be killed before the mage can be hit.  He'll also
    teleport around once his barrier is down, breaking chain attacks.  Once he's
    dead, go around the corner to find Triss sprawled out on the floor. Go down to
    the lab for a tragic cut-scene.
    	-If the choice was to take on the frightener, things get interesting.
    Immediately take the tawny owl potion because Aard is going to play a big part
    of this fight.  Also suck down the swallow potion if its still in inventory.
    There will be a half a dozen bandits along with the frightener. Use group style
    attack if swarmed by more than 1 bandit, but stay away from the frightener.
    Once the bandits are dead, run to a siege cauldron and hit it with Aard.
    Immediately run to the other and hit it as well. Ring the little bell and the
    frightener should go into a daze. As soon as it does, open up on it with strong
    style. When the siege cauldrons stop ringing and the frightener comes out of
    its stupor, go hit the cauldrons again with Aard to daze it. Run back in and
    light it up with strong style again.  Do not take on the frightener without
    dazing it.  If it knocks Geralt down with bandits around, they will one shot
    kill. The frightener will also one shot kill if it gets Geralt down. It also
    hits pretty hard. After the frightener goes down, Geralt and Leo will
    immediately be transported to the labratory.  Watch the tragic little cut scene.
    -Once done meditating and dishing out any points, hit up the wardrobe for some
    swallow potions and head toward the stairs. Vesemir will give a new quest on
    the way out, "A Potion for Triss".
    -Next objective is to make sure everyone else is all right.  Actually can't
    accomplish this until finished with "A Potion for Triss" and its been given to
    her. So refer to that for now.
    -Eventually a prompt to meet Vesemir is given by Triss.  Question her about
    everything else first. If there was anything that caught some attention, do
    that now before meeting with him.  Once the meeting with Vesimir begins, a cut
    scene will play and this chapter finishes.
    chapter 1+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Couple things to do off the get-go. Take a Barghest skull and a beast tooth
    and go see the Innkeeper to store them.  Both are used in a quest later on in
    chapter 3 and barghest's are only available for their heads in this chapter.
    The beast teeth can be acquired from dogs, wolves, and a few other monsters
    later on, but its best to just store one in case of unforseen circumstances.
    Also, get herblism as soon as possible.  It will be needed for a quest and it
    comes in very useful later on for ingredients to make potions, bombs, and oils.
    And the last thing is to get the contracts from the Notice Board. The quests
    off the Notice Board should be one of the first things done every chapter. Read 
    them to get their quests and then drop them on the ground. Only the quest is
    needed and they'll eat up space they don't need to in inventory.
    	+Monster Hunts+
    	-Ozzrel can be found in the very back of the crypt on the right side
    after completing "Buried Memories".  A wall will need to be blown down with Aard
    to get to him.
    	-This guy can be nasty.  He hits very hard so come prepared with some
    swallow.  Tawny owl is another good idea to force him off with Aard and possibly
    score a knockdown for a one hit death.  If health is running low, back him off
    with Aard and then turn and run the other way.  Swallow should fill health up
    rather fast, so use hit and run tactics if need be with strong style.
    	-Once his head dangles from Geralt's waist, travel it over to the Royal
    Huntsman to collect a 200 oren fee.
    	-Nadir can be found just past the mill between the main Vizima gates.
    There is a very large group of drowners near him, but if careful, he can be
    pulled away from them becasue he tends to roam onto land opposed to the drowners
    that stay in the water.  Simply edge closer till the left side of the screen
    turns red showing combat has begun with Nadir and then move back.
    	-It doesn't take a lot to put Nadir down, but he does hit rather hard.
    Fast style is preferred for him because even though a few hits with strong may
    land, he'll dodge them more often than not.  Aard is also good, knocking him
    down and giving time to start a chain. Once his head has taken leave of his
    body, take it over to the Royal Huntsman for the 200 oren reward.  He can be
    found a little west of the Inn along the path or just use Quest Track.
    -This can be started a number of ways. The first way is by taking a Dice Box
    from a traveler killed during "Racists".  If no help was given to the dwarf, or
    simply haven't come to that part by some strange means, a dice box can also be
    acquired from a corpse in the crypt during "Buried Memories". The last and not
    so popular way is to completely skip it during this chapter. However, there is
    a forced match in chapter 2 so its best to just start now.  Besides, its a
    great way to earn cash for herb books, monster lore, weapons, and armor
    considering the first and only piece of armor available till chapter 5 costs
    5000 orens.
    -The first thing to do after getting a dice box is go to the Inn and talk to
    Zoltan Chivay about it.  It will start this quest that will run clear up till
    Chapter 5.
    -Talk to Zoltan and he'll play a game of dice.  Then talk to him again and ask
    if he can play for serious money.  He'll say that Odo, Mikul and Haren all
    -Now with the formalities out of the way, a minor choice needs to be made.
    There are 4 players available in this chapter, but only 3 need beat.  Its not
    much of a decision and money can be won from them all.  The players that can be
    challenged are: Zoltan, Mikul, Haren, and Odo.  Any three will suffice and
    complete this portion of the quest.  However, to play Mikul, Haren, and Odo the
    ring of eternal fire needs to be obtained from the Reverend by asking about
    -Once the three victims have been chosen and beaten, this quest is done till
    chapter 2.  Any dice playing done till next chapter is strictly for fun and
    personal gain, or possibly loss.
    BERENGAR'S SECRET (Ongoing Quest)
    -First update will come from the Reverend.
    -Starts from Mikul at Vizima gates.  Show him the signet of eternal fire the
    Reverend gave and offer some witcher services.
    -The crypt can be a nasty place. Lots of ghouls and very dark, so whip up a cat
    potion and swallow potion before going in.  Also, make sure to have ghoul entry
    in the bestiary.  It can be acquired in 3 different ways.  First, buy it from
    the antiquary that frequents the Inn.  Second, spend a bronze tablet on Monster
    Lore in the intelligence tree.  The last and cheapest way is to find the
    Drunkard at the Inn and challenge him to a drinking game.  He'll fork over a
    monster book for ghouls to read.  The reason for getting this is because
    Kalkstein wants ghoul parts and there's nowhere else that will have as many
    ghouls as the crypt.
    -Once inside, take the cat potion and a swallow potion.  There's a dead girl
    right at the entrance that seems to have drawn the ghouls. Take the potion vial
    next to her body.  It'll come in handy later and leads to plot development.
    -While fighting, its wise to pull the ghouls back a bit when encountered. They
    pop out of the ground, so as one is forced back with chain attacks, there is a
    possibility of getting a few more during the fight. Strong style works well
    against them.
    -There's not a lot to do in here, but the second sign, Igni, can be acquired.
    It is very handy for a quest later on. The dice box to start "A Game of Dice"
    can also be picked up from a corpse, though if Geralt already has one, there's
    no need to loot it.
    -When going back to Mikul for the turn in, several salamandra will show up at
    the bridge.  After killing them, depending on which path was taken at Kaer
    Morhen, one of two cut-scenes will show. Once back in control, loot the bodies.
    There will likely be 2 or 3 salamandra badges on them. Keep these, they'll be
    used later on. Talk to Mikul to inform him of the completed task. He'll say as
    a side thought that some of the boys planned to search for treasure. Now the
    place is open to search further back in because a couple guards took some pick-
    axes to the rubble that was blocking the path. This opens the way for "King of
    the Crypt" monster hunt.  He'll also ramble on about his love Ilsa. She's the
    dead girl that drew the ghouls.  And this quest is now done.
    -This quest starts from Declan Leuvaarden at the Inn.  He can be found inside
    during the day.
    -He wants a missing friend found. The cave he's talking about is to the left of
    the castle gates along the river.  Its a nasty place with several echinops
    inside.  Having Igni helps a great deal on them.  Save before entering.
    -The echinops are large plants that will smack and shoot.  Strong style works
    well on them as does Igni.  NOTE: If not running patch 1.3, then Geralt must be
    manually moved within striking distance.  Anything before 1.3 and clicking on
    the plant will do simply nothing as Geralt will be outside actual striking
    range.  So if he's not hitting them, manually move another step or two closer.
    -The goal is to find and kill the Sated Echinops. Move slow, because these
    things pop out of the ground.  They don't move, but can and will use ranged
    attacks.  The sated is roughly between the rock column and the pile of fallen
    -The sated echinops will hit a bit harder than the normal ones, but its still
    the same in terms of combat.  Get in close and use strong style.  If an attack
    chain breaks, toss out an Igni and start meleeing again.  Shouldn't take but a
    few seconds to kill it.  If there are two or three other echinops shooting and
    health is plummeting, run back to the entrance and take a rest.  Once its dead,
    loot the skull from it and head back to Declan at the Inn.
    -Declan refuses to pay because technically, the agreement isn't finished.  If
    his friend was found dead, the circumstances were to bury him.  So, now off to
    see the Reverend about getting Declan's good friend laid to rest in a more
    appropriate place than the belly of a plant.
    -After asking for permission to bury the body, head into the chapel and
    downstairs.  A nasty little surprise is waiting once the skull is put in the
    crypt.  This will be the first encounter with King of the Wild Hunt. It doesn't
    matter how he's answered.  Once he vanishes, a fight with a familiar ghost
    ensues. The ghost is nothing to worry about, just use fast style on him and
    he'll go down rather quickly.  Be sure to loot him after he's dead since he's
    carrying a piece of meteorite ore.
    -Head back to Declan at the Inn once the apparition has been put down like a
    lame horse.
    Dice Poker: The Novice
    -Starts when taking on Mikul, Haren, Odo, or Zoltan
    -Three of the four people listed need to be beaten in order to progress.
    -Starts by having a fight with Fat Fred at the Inn.  This quest runs clear
    through chapter 5 and is required for another quest.
    -Talk to Fat Fred and give up 25 orens. After beating him, there's a choice of:
    	-a ring > gold diamond ring that sells for 120 orens
    	-vodka and chaser
    	-cash > 100 orens plus the 25 wagered
    -After beating Fat Fred, this quest is done till the next chapter.
    -This quest can be gotten from Haren after finishing "Strangers in the Night".
    -The objective is to take a package to Coleman at the Hairy Bear Inn.  Nothing
    that can be done till the next chapter, so throw this on the back burner for
    -This quest starts at the beginning of the chapter.
    -Talk to the Reverend to progress. He is roughly on the opposite side of the
    -He gives the task of lighting the 5 fire shrines throughout the village. Quest
    Track will show the way to them and they can only be lit at night. Also, upon
    arriving at each one to light it, barghests will pop up, anywhere from 2 to 4.
    Once they're lit, head back to the Reverend. He can be found outside the church
    during the day or in his house at night which is right next to the church.
    -After lighting all the eternal fire altars and returning for the reward, the
    Reverend starts pointing the finger at Abigail. So time to go visit her to see
    what she has to say.
    -Abigail has no idea where the beast came from, but she thinks Alvin might. So
    now comes the part of harvesting plants. If unable to do so, go work on
    another quest to get a level and spend a bronze tablet in that ability from the
    intelligence line. 5 white myrtle petals are needed from the surrounding plant
    life.  On a side note, buy the specter oil from Abigail, or if Geralt has the
    oil making ability, make a vial or two. It'll come in handy for a fight at the
    end of the chapter.
    -After gathering the petals, giving them to Abigail and listening to Alvin go
    all demon-boy, head back to the Reverend. After the turn in to the Reverend,
    this is done for a while. At least until the tasks given by Odo, Haren, and
    Mikul are finished.
    -Once the end of the chapter draws near and the children are found in the
    caves, Geralt will run into Abigail. Turns out the town has decided to have a
    fire with Abigail as the kindling. During the talk with her, a choice to talk
    to the townspeople or get to know her better will come up.  Chose to know her
    better to recieve her sex card, which is a little frightening actually. This is
    the only time its possible to get her card. Before leaving the cave, apply some
    specter oil. Don't bother with drinking a tawny owl or a swallow potion yet. The
    game has a tendency to remove their effects between the cut scene.
    -Now comes the part that will effect other portions of the game. If siding
    with Abigail, the help of the villagers during the fight with the beast is
    lost and she'll show up later in the game. If siding with the townsfolk,
    Abigail is dead so she doesn't help during the fight with the beast, and her
    help much later in the game during the epilogue is lost. Not helping her can
    also affect a quest in chapter 4.
    	-Fighting the beast with Abigail can be a bit difficult at times even
    though she will periodically heal. As soon as the fight starts, two or three
    barghest are going to go after her.  Peel them off as quick as possible.  If she
    gets hit too much, she'll be knocked down and there will be no healing from her
    till she gets back up, which can take a long time.  So go group style until all
    the barghests are dead, leaving only the beast.  If Geralt's blade is treated
    with specter oil, they should go down in 2 or 3 swings.
    	-If fighting the beast with the villagers, they'll draw the attention of
    nearly all the barghests so Geralt can concentrate on the beast alone for a few.
    Be wary, unlike the fight with Abigail, it is possible to attack the villagers
    and if even 1 of them is attacked, they will all turn on Geralt.
    -Fighting the beast can be tricky.  He has a tendency to cause pain, which
    pretty much stuns and leaves Geralt defenseless. Also, running into the fire
    encircling everything will cause incineration which deals damage and leaves
    Geralt unable to move and completely vulnerable to the beast and barghests. If
    health becomes an issue, run in circles near the perimeter to allow swallow
    time to work its magic and fill vitality back up. Also, if some points have
    been spent in Aard, there's a good chance it will stun or knockdown the beast,
    allowing a one hit instant kill. When the beast dies, so do any other barghests
    running around.
    -When the beast is finally dead a few things can happen depending on choices
    	-If Abigail was left to the wicked ways of the villagers, the reverend
    comes to visit.  Now another choice comes.  Get the permit to enter the city
    from him willingly, or take it from his corpse.
    	-If Abigail was protected from the villagers, Odo, Haren, and the
    Reverend come for a friendly visit. Kill them all and take the permit from the
    priest's lifeless body.
    -Be sure to loot the beast's body for his hellhound soul that can be used in a
    potion.  After all choices have been made and bodies pile up like bricks, this
    quest finishes and the end of the chapter picks up with the quest "The
    Salamander's Tail".  Also, If Abigail was left to fend for herself, go back to
    the cave that's just down the road and loot some things from her remains
    -Starts by helping Zoltan Chivay when he's surrounded by 4 travelers.
    -Tell the travelers to move along and then kill them.
    -After killing the travelers and talking to Zoltan, who actually knows Geralt,
    this quest finishes.
    -This quest starts from Vesna.  Find her at the town sign just outside of the
    Inn fort at midnight. She'll be surrounded by bandits.  When prompted, answer
    with "You'll lose those shortly..." which leads to killing the entire group.
    Then agree to walk her home.  Use Quest Track to find it.
    -While taking her home, groups of barghests will pop up to impede the journey.
    Use group style to get rid of them and continue on.  Once back at her home,
    she'll ask how she can possibly say thanks.  If wanting her sex card, answer
    with meeting her again.  Wait till dusk of the next day and show up at the old
    mill with a bottle of wine.  Her sex scene is actually quite funny. Regardless
    of the choice, this quest will finish.
    -Starts from Haren Brogg after getting the ring of eternal fire from the
    -This quest can affect 2 other quests in Chapter 2.
    -Go out to the water next to Haren's hut where all the parcels, jars, and boxes
    are sitting next to the overturned boat at night. Kill off about a half a dozen
    -When the drowners are dead, Some elves will approach. Now if Geralt lets the
    elves take what they want, "Hot Potato" will be put on a trigger, as well
    as "The Rat" in chapter 2. Both quests need to be finished before speaking to
    Raymond otherwise the npc needed is killed.
    -After the decision is made to give the elves the goods or to kill them, head
    back in to give Haren the news and collect the reward. Then talk to him again
    about more work and he'll give the quest "Hot Potato".
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Abigail, the town witch, wants 10 barghest heads. These little critters pop up
    all over the place in town at night.
    -Once ten have been acquired, which should take no time at all, head over to her
    hut. She will also buy any and all barghest heads after turning this quest in.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The Reverend wants 3 drowner brains. They can be found at just about any body
    of water at night.
    -Once three are packed away, take them to the Reverend who is out front of the
    church in the day or in his house at night.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Kalkstein wants three vials of ghoul blood. Ghouls can be found in a number of
    places.  Sometimes they are roaming the villages near the Inn at night, a few
    can be found in abandoned huts, but the majority will be in the crypt where
    "Buried Memories" takes place.  Just remember, components for this quest cannot
    be secured from their bodies if the ghoul entry isn't in the bestiary. There
    are three ways to get it.  The first is by spending a bronze tablet in the
    intelligence tree for Monster Lore.  The second way is going to cost 250 gold
    and that is by buying it from the Antiquary at the Inn.  The third way is by
    outdrinking the Drunkard at the Inn.  Toussaint red works and upwards of 9 can
    be found while looting houses and such throughout the village. It should only
    take around 3 or 4 before he caves in.  Once the win is in the bag, he'll give
    The Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume 1.  Depending on which method was chosen,
    the antiquary can be found sitting around the tables at the inn about anytime
    during the day, and the drunkard is around in the evening.
    -Once the blood is collected, find Kalkstein at the Inn.  If this quest is done
    when going for the turn in to "Buried Memories", the reward can be collected
    from Kalkstien at the gate.
    -This quest starts at the beginning of the chapter.
    -Talk to the Reverend.  He is roughly on the opposite side of the map.
    -Updates to this come after helping Haren, Mikul, and Odo.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: When going to ask the Reverend about Salamandra after finishing
    the quests given by Odo, Haren, and Mikul, things will be sped along to end the
    chapter. So be sure everything else is done.  Go see Abigail and buy some
    specter oil, or if possible, make some. This will come in very handy when
    taking on the beast.  Its also a good idea to hunt the two unique monsters and
    to store a barghest head if they haven't been done.  Also, sell any other
    barghest heads to Abigail. This is the last chance before talking to the
    -Tell the Rev about the completed tasks done for the others and he'll say he
    isn't talking until the beast is dead.  Argue that wasn't part of the agreement,
    then he'll say Innkeeper Olaf supposedly has a key for the Salamandra base.
    -Once inside the Inn, cute little Shani is surrounded by men that mean to do all
    sorts of interesting and probably taboo things to her. So time to intervene
    and rescue the damsel in distress.
    -After violently imposing some authority upon the would-be rapists, go check out
    the cooling corpse of Olaf. He'll have a key that will point toward the
    salamander base.  Its roughly to the west. Very hard to miss because there
    will be 2 salamandra lackey's right out front. Drink a swallow potion before
    going into the hut because 4 more thugs will be waiting to swarm like bees.
    Group steel works well to thin their ranks. Aard can also give some breathing
    room and most likely, at least 1 will be stunned or knocked down for an instant
    -Once downstairs in the cave, fight some more salamandra goons that actually
    seem a bit afraid. Depending on what path was taken in Kaer Morhen, there may
    be some of the equipment from the lab sitting around.  "Berengar's Secret" will
    also update. Follow Alvin back once everything of value has been taken and
    blast the wall down with Aard.  At the back of the cave, the friendly
    neighborhood witch, Abigail, is waiting. Chose to know her better for her sex
    -After killing the beast, hellhound soul stored in inventory, and letter of safe
    conduct, go pick up Shani from the Inn.
    -Once she's in tow, run to the gate Mikul is guarding.
    -This quest is acquired from Odo after obtaining the eternal fire ring from the
    -Odo needs some echinops cleared from his garden. A simple enough task at first
    glance. The problem is, he gets Geralt drunk first in an attempt to lower the
    bill for weeding his garden. And being drunk decreases hit percentage, combat
    damage output, lowers walk speed, blurs vision, and is simply annoying overall.
    The walking can be easily fixed by simply drawing a weapon.  If Igni is
    available, the fight should be a bit simpler.  Use strong style and if missing
    two or three times, smack it with some fire. There's only two plants to clear
    and they are far enough away from one another that the second one won't be able
    to range hit while the other is being killed. Just remember that if not playing
    with patch 1.3, simply clicking to attack from a distance won't get Geralt close
    enough.  He'll need to be manually moved within striking distance.
    -Once the echinops are dead, stumble back inside where Odo will try and cheat
    Geralt! The nerve! Worry not though, he'll give up the full 100 orens.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Actually can't do anything with this quest yet.
    -This quest starts at the beginning of the chapter and progresses clear through
    to the Epilogue.
    -Talk to the most prominent members of the outskirts. The Reverend will be the
    first stop and he will tell of the other three to see.
    -After helping out Olaf, Mikul, and Haren, talk to the Reverend again and when
    he tells of the salamanders taking over the Inn, an update finally occurs.
    -Another update comes after talking to the Salamandra boss in the cave.
    chapter 2++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This starts on a down note with Geralt in jail.  In order to progress, have a
    chat with the Elven Convict and he'll give up a dice box and ask for a game of
    dice poker.  The most he has is about 30 orens. Now whether its a win or loss,
    the Jailer Vincent will come in and say in order to go free, gotta kill a
    cockatrice in the sewers.  The catch to it is that first the Muscleman needs a
    serious beat down in a fist fight. When finished speaking to Vincent, the
    quest "Prison Break" starts.
    	+Monster Hunts+
    	-The greater cockatrice is part of another quest, "Prison Break". It
    can be found in the sewers in the south-western portion.
    	-After entering the sewers, a knight by the name of Seigfreid will ask 
    to come along. Deny him and the order armorer can't be used but he'll let Geralt
    into the hospital free of charge. Allow him to tag along and the order armorer
    will sell to Geralt. Seigfreid will also get Geralt into the Dike free of charge
    but getting into the hospital will cost about 40 orens.
    	-Not a difficult fight thankfully because Geralt will have next to 
    nothing aside from his belt slot item. Use fast style on the cockatrice and
    after a few hits, smack it with Aard for a chance to either knock it down or
    possibly stun him for a one swing kill. Take his head back to Vincent who will
    either be in the dungeon or outside it for the reward of 400 orens.
    	-The target for this hunt is an archespore called Coccacidium.  It is
    a much stronger version of an echinops and hits much harder. It can be found
    in a number of places such as northwest of the clay pits in the swamp. Looking
    at the map, it is where the two paths from the village and claypits meet. It
    can also pop up outside of gramps' hut going toward the brickmaker village.
    There are other places for it to attack from, and it will continue to do so
    until its put down.
    	-The fight with Coccacidium is actually quite tough. This plant hits
    very hard and it can kill in a matter of moments if Geralt's health isn't
    watched. Strong style silver works best and Igni also does some good damage.
    Blizzard will help to cut down on damage taken as well. If a chain attack is
    broken, throw out an Igni and immediately start attacking again. If finding him
    to be troublesome, its possible to come back later with a few more levels or
    even more warriors once the quest "Force Recon" is started.
    	-Once the over-powered plant is chopped down like Lincoln's cherry
    tree, take its head/stalk back to Vincent for 400 orens.
    -Now the option of taking on other opponents presents itself, commence with the
    -Carmen, the Gardener, and Vaska can progress the quest if still on novice.
    -Munro Bruys or Thaler the fence will progress the quest if three novices were
    beaten during the last chapter. Whichever one is visited first will end "Dice
    Poker: The Novice" and start "Dice Poker: The Professional".
    -This quest starts from a Thug in the building directly across from the 
    warehouse near the Hairy Bear.
    -Once inside, it seems the house isn't haunted at all...at least not yet.
    There will be bodies shortly though.  So, after a little amusing dialogue, and
    the bodies hit the floor, chat with the half elf.  She doesn't speak so well,
    but the general idea gets across to visit her at home and this quest ends.
    -This quest doesn't affect allegiances, but it can affect several other quests
    as well as how major events within this chapter play out once completed. So
    its marked for that reason.
    -This quest starts from the gravedigger after Raymond has run off to throw
    salamandra from his trail and come back.
    -He'll inform that in order to get in to the cemetary, a pass from Vincent is
    needed, or get Thaler to clear his debts.
    -So, take a trip on over to see Thaler. Unfortunately, Thaler won't clear the
    debt or let it be bought off till he's proven innocent, which can't be done for 
    quite a while.
    	-If looking to get the debt cleared, perform the autopsy as normal.
    Afterwards, follow "Old Friend of Mine". Get Shani's sex card in order to clear
    Thaler if his innocence isn't proven during the autopsy.
    	-Go see Vincent if clearing the debt doesn't sound too favorable. By
    now, Geralt should be on his good side. If Vincent hasn't yet been cleared of
    any wrong doing, he won't give up the pass.
    -Once inside the cemetary, head to the crypt. It will to the left near the
    largest body of water. Lots of necrophages inside, so bring swallow potions,
    tawny owls, a cat potion and necrophage oil if its available.
    -Inside the crypt, the item needed to progress the quest is the first left.
    Not exactly a smoking gun, but it clears all suspects. After getting the update,
    search the rest of the crypt for loot, then go chat with the gravedigger.
    After telling him what was found, this quest finishes.
    	-Also, if the pass was obtained from Vincent, don't forget to head back
    and let him know what was found.
    -Starts from Yaren Bolt in the lumberjack clearing within the swamp forest after
    finishing "Flowers and Gold"
    -Yaren needs the road cleared and the vodyanoi dealt with. Put Quest Track on
    because there are three places that need cleared of monsters.
    -The first place is along the path just west of the cave.  There are 3
    bloedzuiger that want dead.
    -The second area is east along the path that runs past the altar of melitele.
    There are 3 drowners that require killing.
    -The third area is just past the drowners running east and 2 echinapse need to
    be trimmed.
    -After those areas are cleared, the map is going to point toward the vodyanoi
    shrine.  Don't go that way.  Go to Vaska's hut.
    -Chat it up with Vaska to learn of a more civil manner, then head back to the
    clearing and get Yaren's axe from him.  The axe will occupy the secondary sword
    slot. With the axe in hand, place it on the altar by the clay pits. Camp till
    midnight and then go back. A vodyanoi amulet will be waiting in place of the
    axe. Take the amulet back to Yaren Bolt for the 400 oren reward and quest
    -Started by Vaska in the swamp forest after finishing "Clay Pits"
    -Vaska wants one of their children that has gone missing found.  Being the
    superstitious fool that she is, she thinks the druids stole him to turn him
    into a dryad. So, druid grove in the northwestern portion is the first stop.
    -The druids won't talk at night, so come back during the day. They'll say they
    haven't seen the boy, but to talk to the dryad, Morenn.
    -Morenn states that only females are able to be dryads and males are only taken
    in to procreate. Now is the chance to get her sex card. She wants a wolf pelt
    as a test of strength. So fork one over.  If no wolf pelts populate inventory,
    make a trip to the cave or hunt around the druid grove for some. After giving
    her the pelt, she mentions that witcher's are sterile.  So now onto convincing
    her, which doesn't take much.  Answer with "Intimacy without procreation can be
    good." then answer with sex relieves stress.
    -Once her card is secure, head back to Vaska to finish this quest for the time
    being. It will pick back up in the next chapter.
    	-Also, go into Vaska's house when everyone is praying and talk to the
    men. One of them will offer 100 orens for looking for their missing boy.
    Refuse the money and he'll teach Geralt the recipe for Perfume.
    -Obtained from Conrad who can be found frequenting the Hairy Bear in the
    -He wants some one hundred year-old-wine in an abandoned house that happens to
    be guarded by Graviers. The house he's referring to is between Raymond's
    place and the Dike entrance.  Be wary, another quest entitled "The Rat" also
    takes place inside.  If "The Rat" is also active, 2 wraiths will be waiting just
    inside to take a nibble off any visitors.  If "The Rat" isn't active, there
    won't be anything upstairs when entering.
    -Head down to the basement to find 4 graviers. Slay them and take the 3 bottles
    of wine from the crate on the floor.  Now back to Conrad.
    -Good old Conrad doesn't have the cash to pay for it.  But for some strange
    reason, he still thinks it would be a good idea to fork a bottle over after
    risking death to obtain them. Obviously he's been drinking quite heavily. So
    the options run as:
    	-Give the lying lush a bottle.
    	-The second choice is no money, no wine.
    	-The last option is Geralt doesn't actually have them.
    -Any choice will work, but why give him wine when he promised gold?  Doesn't
    matter what option is selected, quest still finishes.  As a side note, the 
    wine sells to the waitress for 80 orens a pop, making a total of 240 orens. It
    doesn't have any other use aside from drinking it.
    -This starts from Kalkstein.  His house stands between Vivaldi's and Shani's.
    -First is to get 2 books for him, Ain Soph Aur and The Secret Gates.  There's
    only 1 way to obtain The Secret Gates, but there's 2 ways to get Ain Soph Aur.
    Regardless, first stop is the Antiquary.
    -The antiquary will point toward Vivaldi. He also eludes to a hermit in the
    swamp knowning something of Ain Soph Aur. So onward to Vivaldi.
    -Now there are two ways this can go when going to see Vivaldi.
    	-Just meet Vivaldi in his house and ask about the books, of which he has
    both.  The Secret Tower will run 100 orens while Ain Soph Aur will cost 300.
    Can buy them both from him, or wait and get Ain Soph Aur totally free once
    getting to the swamp. Breaks down to having the extra cash.
    	-There is the chance that Geralt will walk in on Vivaldi being arrested.
    If so, the quest will shift to breaking the little dwarf out. So, go to the
    dungeon and chat with the junkie-jailer Jethro.  He'll let Vivaldi out if the
    200 oren bail is posted.  Naturally, cough up the cash. As Vivaldi comes out
    of the cell, ask about the books.  He'll be so grateful, he'll give up both
    totally free.  Read them, then go see Kalkstein.
    -Kalkstein will rattle off about the obelisk's and hand over the Chocc'mah
    Sephirah. He'll make notes for Geralt in the Glossary under "Kalkstein's
    Notes". They'll tell about the Sephirah and where they can be found. Should
    already have Maal'kad which the greater cockatrice was carrying. Now knowing
    how to do this, head to Lebioda Hospital to pick up 3 more sephirah. Its quite
    possible to already have them though. Target is the Melitele statue.  There's
    a nun beside it that will give some information on how to make an offering.
    Give the statue some fruit to recieve Veen'ah, Ghe'vrath, and the 'Oth 
    -Now there are a few left to find.  One is held by Vaska, Kezath, who can be
    found in the swamp village.  Another, Tipperath, is held by Declan Leuvaarden.
    He can be found at the Dike and he's a bit on the greedy side.  Bring 500 orens
    when going to see him.  Y'esath can be found in a cave in the swamp.  Its near
    the back in vran's sarcophagus.  A wraith will be protecting it along with a
    bunch of wolves.  Neh'tza is also in the swamp, held at the golem burial ground
    by the frozen golem.  The last comes from an unlikely place...Detective Raymond.
    -So first stop is Declan on the Dike.  Give him 500 for Tipperath.  Afterwards,
    go see Vaska in the swamp.  She'll have a quest, "Clay Pits", that needs done
    and she gives the Kezath sephirah as a reward.  After Vaska forks over her 
    sephirot, hit up the cave.  Follow the zone wall to the west from the clay pits
    to run right into it. In the back of the cave, kill the wraith and loot Vran's
    Sarcophagus for the sephirot.
    -Now there's but one left and that is held by Raymond. "Vizima Confidential"
    will have to be advanced in order to obtain his. Once armed with all ten, head
    to the swamp forest and start placing them.  Follow the Quest Track from
    "Monoliths" if having problems finding the right locations.
    -After placing all the sephirot, the tower will be accessible.  Once inside,
    loot the trunk and read the tower mage book, then save. A nice little fight
    will commence once back outside.  Details for the fight are listed under
    "Vizima Confidential".  This quest is now over till chapter 3.
    A PILGRIMAGE (If "The Cannibal" has been started, this quest isn't possible)
    -This quest starts from Gramps in the swamp. He'll be near the docks and wants
    an escort to the Melitele shrine. Follow the Quest Track, but be wary because
    Coccacidium will most likely make an appearance during the trip.
    -Now there are a few different places that may be worth visiting while gramps is
    in tow which are:
    	-The clay pits.  He'll tell a few useful pieces of information about
    them so long as he doesn't get dragged clear into the pit while fighting
    	-Northwest of the clay pits is an area called three islands. Get him
    there while still on this quest and he'll give the recipe for the King and
    Queen bomb as well as the recipe for Maribor Forest.
    	-Dragging him clear up to the druid grove in the northwestern portion
    of the swamp forest will result in details about places of power.
    -After getting him to the melitele shrine, he'll give details on where to find
    his hut and this quest finishes.
    -Hildegard Zollstock begins this. She can be found wandering around in front
    of the cemetary around noon.
    -Seems that Hildegard's late husband has become a wraith and for more fun after
    life, he wanders around in front of the cemetary gates at night spouting things
    about the good widow. So after taking the job, find him at midnight in front
    of the cemetary. He can actually be spoken to, so listen to some fun things he
    has to say about his wife. Geralt will need to pull his blade to attack him
    and use fast style. He's just like any normal wraith.
    -After cutting down the husband, go back to the cemetary gates at noon to find
    Hildegard. The cheap old bitty wants to cheat Geralt, but in the end, she fails
    and the reward comes.
    -Take a trip over to see Shani. Must talk to Shani at home about doing the
    autopsy first, and then take a trip to the gravedigger.  He'll let the body go,
    but not for free. Seems he has a penchant for dwarven ale.  So snag the
    gravedigger his poison (Mahakaman Mead works just fine) and he'll agree to drop
    the body off at the hospital around 11.
    	-While talking to the gravedigger, ask him how to get into the cemetary
    and tell him Raymond seems untrustworthy.  He'll say he either needs Vincent
    Meis' permission, or clear his debt with Thaler.  This will open "A
    Gravedigger's Gratitude".
    -On the following night walk over to the hospital after 11 at night. Shani
    will be waiting in the back room with a rather messed up corpse. There is
    now a few ways in which the autopsy can go:
    	1. Comment on scavengers sucking the bone marrow out.  Then go with
    assassin's dagger.  Next go with the liver, then go with Kalkstein. This will
    finish the quest and point the finger at Kalkstein.
    	2. Comment on scavengers sucking the bone marrow out. Then go with
    assassin's dagger.  Then go with the heart and finish it up with indications
    pointing to Ramsmeat's men. This will finish the quest and implicate Ramsmeat.
    	3.Comment on scavengers, followed by something is wrong with his head.
    Then go to the liver. This will complete the quest and point the finger at 
    	4.Comment on scavengers, then move on to his neck muscles and palms
    look tense. Afterwards, move on to can it be confirmed.  The quest finishes
    pointing the finger at Kalkstein.
    	5.Comment on scavengers, followed by the neck muscles and palms looking
    tense.  Afterwards, choose that its too easy.  This will finish the quest with
    a most surprising outcome.
    -Now, the fifth choice listed is the best outcome in terms of quest progression
    if not doing "A Gravedigger's Gratitude".  It updates all "Suspect:" quests as
    well as "Vizima Confidential" and "What Lies Beneath".  If doing "A
    Gravedigger's Gratitude", implicating Kalkstein or Ramsmeat works better in the
    swing of quests, but do not speak to Raymond until "A Gravedigger's Gratitude"
    is done.  It could lead to some complicated circumstances.  Also, in order to
    get outcome 5, it may be necessary to buy the book about Zerikannian insects.
    -"Old Friend of Mine" updates regardless of the autopsy results.
    -Well, it looks like Berengar found a way into Vizima. So, time to have a look
    around for him while attempting other endeavours.
    -This will update when taking on the hunt for the cockatrice to win freedom from
    -Talk to Thaler about the blade and Berengar's equipment.  He'll point toward
    Coleman, provided he's alive.  Coleman won't talk about it. So talk to Ramsmeat
    instead.  He'll point toward the folks in the swamp, namely Vaska.
    -Vaska will point toward the clay pits. So head on over there and look for a
    Mutilated Corpse. There will be 2 bodies and one will have a salamandra broach
    that's split in two. Take it to update.
    -After "Force Recon", this will update that Berengar is alive and went willingly
    with salamandra.
    -This quest is started by Vaska in the swamp forest.
    -She wants the clay pits cleared of drowners.  Take the road toward the dock
    but hang a right when it branches.  There will be a whole mess of drowners
    around the pits. Go in with group style silver to mop them up. They shouldn't
    pose any real threat.
    -Once they've been dealt with, go back to Vaska to learn she lied. She has no
    money, but does give the Kezath sephirah, which is needed for "A Mysterious
    Tower". This quest is then finished.
    	-If running behind on this and still needing to beat a few people,
    those who count as novices are Carmen at the Eager Thighs Brothel, Gardener at
    Lebioda's hospital, and Vaska in the swamp forest.
    -Find Munro Bruys at the Hairy Bear, Thaler at his house by the dungeon, or
    Zoltan.  Ask them about dice once 3 novices have been beaten. In one manner or
    another, this quest will end and "Dice Poker: The Professional" will start.
    -This quest will open by speaking to Munro Bruys in the Hairy Bear, Thaler who
    lives near the dungeon, or Zoltan once three novice players have been beaten.
    -Naturally, both Munro and Thaler need to be trounced in order to progress this
    quest during the chapter.
    -There aren't anymore professionals to take on right now. So this quest will
    pick up in the next chapter.
    -This quest can also be done during the next chapter as well, so it will be
    listed there too. It can either be done now or later. Really doesn't matter.
    -Starts from Con Artist at the sewer entrance in Temple Quarter. He's only
    there in the morning about 2 hours before sunrise.
    -Enter the sewers and take the Bars right next to the Temple Quarter exit to
    access the crypt.
    -Take first 2 rights inside the crypt to get to the box with the ring. (Quest
    Tracking will lead right to it)
    -Return to the guy to find out, surprise surprise, the ring isn't a family
    heirloom.  Didn't see that coming from a con artist or anything.  If its still
    dangerous out, snatch the sword from its sheath, kill him and take the ring
    back. It will sell for about 120 orens.
    -With Fat Fred trounced, time for someone stronger. So off to the Hairy Bear
    -Inside, find Butterbean awaiting a good thrashing. The wager is 75 orens.
    He'll ask if Geralt has issues with fat people, say yes for some amusement.
    -Humiliate Butterbean and collect the reward which can be:
    	-1. two bottles of mandrake cordial
    	-2. gold necklace
    	-3. 150 orens plus the original wager of 75
    -This quest can be acquired by speaking with Yaren Bolt at the lumberjacks'
    glade in the swamp forest.
    -He suggests collecting 5 beggartick flowers and taking them to the ferryman.
    Beggartick can be found near the fallen tower. If foraging seems so tiring, talk
    to a druid in the grove and he'll point out that the Elder Druid sells them.
    Really though, one trip to the ruined tower will easily get the required 5.
    -Run to the ferryman who will give 400 gold for them. Now its time to settle up
    accounts with Yaren.
    -The option to keep all 400 is available or give 200 to Yaren since he's the
    one who mentioned it. Splitting it with him leads to everyone being happy. If
    keeping it all, he gets a little agitated and won't speak for a while.
    -Whichever is choosen, talk to him again to open up the next quest "A Long Way
    from Home".
    FORCE RECON (Dual-Faction Quest)
    -This quest can be obtained from either Siegfried or Yaevinn at their
    respective camps in the swamp forest after making the first turn in to
    Vivaldi for "Worth Its Weight in Gold".  If help is given to Siegfried, the
    order armorer becomes usable. This has no lasting effect on alliance thoughout
    the game nor will it effect future quests. And this quest can actually be
    completely skipped.
    	-If siding with Siegfried, be sure to turn in "Worth its Weight in
    Gold" first. If Siegfried's request is accepted while on that quest, failure
    will occur because Yaevinn won't be seen again this chapter. So after making
    sure of quests, visit Siegfried at the clearing between the lumberjack camp
    and the druid grove.  He'll complain about a thorn or something and ask Geralt
    to lead his knights.  Accept and head to the golem burial ground.  Its just a
    short jaunt to the east. Kill a half dozen or so scoia'tael. Very the steel
    sword styles depending on circumstance. After killing off the scoia'tael, head
    back to Siegfried for the reward and quest finish. He'll also give some
    information about Berengar.
    	-If helping Yaevinn, make sure to turn in "The Drowner Contract" to
    Siegfried first.  Yaevinn can be found at the non-human camp near the ruined
    tower.  Offer to lead his soldiers to the golem burial ground to kill the order
    scouts.  Its to the southwest and Quest Track can lead.  If going too fast, its
    possible to actually leave the scoia'tael regimen behind. Kill off about a
    half a dozen order soldiers once at the ruins.  Vary steel sword styles based
    on the situation.  After massacring the ill-prepared troops, head back to
    Yaevinn for the reward and quest finish.  Being the nice guy that Yaevinn is,
    he even looked into Berengar's dissappearance.
    -Regardless of who is chosen, it turns out Berengar went with salamandra
    willingly.  Weird!  "Berengar's Secret" will update.
    HOT POTATO (Ongoing Quest)
    -This starts from Haren in chapter 1 after finishing his first quest "Strangers
    in the Night".
    -Remember that package of Haren's?  Look in quest items after the cockatrice has
    been killed and items reclaimed from jail.  Notice how the parcel has gone
    missing.  So, time to have a little chat with Jethro about it, and strangely
    enough he seems to be sneezing a lot.
    -Well, apparently whatever was in the parcel seems to have made its way into
    Jethro's pockets...or nose.  So time to give Coleman the news. He can be found
    at the Hairy Bear, usually in the back room. Tell him the guards took it.  All
    is forgiven, quest finished.
    	-Now, if the scoia'tael were allowed to take the goods from Haren's
    place back in chapter 1, this quest must be finished before talking to Raymond.
    If its not, the scoia'tael that were allowed to walk off with the shipment in
    chapter 1 will have a drive by with Coleman as the target.
    -This quest starts once in the sewer with the shiny new silver sword. First
    objective is to find Thaler the fence after the cockatrice hunt. He has a
    sparse little pad near the dungeon.
    -After questioning him about the silver sword, "Suspect: Thaler" opens as well
    as an update to "Berengar's Secret".  Thaler said he got the sword from a
    famous gambler at the Hairy Bear.  So head over there during the day to find
    Gambler. Ask him about the blade and he'll say he won it from the gardener at
    Lebioda Hospital.
    -Hunt down captain green-thumb outside the hospital and he'll tell a sob story
    about how he was so certain he'd win the game and how he was friends with the
    person who owned the silver sword.  But he does point out Shani who knew the
    blade's deceased owner. Talk to her at home since she won't spill anything at
    the hospital.
    -She'll go on about the Battle of Brenna. Then she'll say Zoltan is supposedly
    a weapons expert. Time to track him down.  Sometimes he's at Vivaldi's house,
    sometimes he's at the Hairy Bear, and sometimes he's just wandering around town.
    -After finding him, ask about the sword. This quest finishes with Geralt having
    a true witcher's sword.
    -This quest begins one of two ways:  first it can start just by placing a
    sephirah into one of the stones scattered throughout the swamp forest.  The
    second and quest-friendly way is by advancing "Vizima Confidential" to the
    part of Raymond giving up the last sephirah.  Either way, its a straight
    forward quest.  Just run around the swamp using Quest Track and the map to
    place all 10 sephirot into their respective monoliths.  After they've been
    placed, this quest finishes and "A Mysterious Tower" updates.
    -Starts by talking to Shani in the hospital.
    -First objective, ask if she needs help.  At which point she'll say no, then
    she'll rattle off about celandine slowing the plague, so offer to get some.
    They can be found in the swamp forest if there aren't any left over from
    chapter 1. Either way, get them for her and then return to the hospital and
    have a chat. Doesn't matter which option is choosen on turn in, it all ends
    up the same way.
    -She'll explain where she lives if asked, so go visit her in the evening, just
    beware of the crazy old lady.  She will approach and rattle some nonsense off
    each time Geralt enters, and sometimes she'll throw him out for no good reason.
    Also, do not try to enter while drunk.  If she asks to have a drink, don't.
    She won't let Geralt in at all if he's drunk.
    	-There is a way to get around this nutty old bag.  First step is to
    beat Thaler in drinking.  In order to do that, go get 9 cups of weak alchohol
    like Viziman Champion. If medium or better alcohol is used, Geralt is going to
    wind up in the gutter with a hang over. Thaler will give a book after knocking
    back 9 drinks. Go find Bootblack near Detective Raymond's home. If its the first
    time visiting him, go through all of his dialogue and get a shoe shine. Talk to
    him again and a gift option will show.  Give him the book that Thaler forked
    over. He'll give Geralt a ring. Put the ring on and go see the old bat. She'll
    be very pleased to see Geralt when shown the ring and will let him pass.
    -After finally getting upstairs to talk to Shani, she'll comment about the
    crazy old broad downstairs. Really doesn't matter what choice is picked,
    though she does have a little problem with saying the old bag should die. Shani
    also doesn't have much to say until the question of the prisoner from "Vizima
    Confidential" comes up.
    -This quest will go on hold until after "Anatomy of a Crime". Once the autopsy
    is done, talk to Shani at home.  She wants to throw a party but first, she needs
    booze. Precisely, she wants Rose Wine, cherry Liquor and Temerian Rye Vodka.
    So head over to the waitress at the Harry Bear. Get some Cherry Spirit Cordial,
    Temerian Rye, and Mettina Rose.
    -Armed with the liquor, back to Shani. After giving her the refreshments,
    she'll say to bring a friend. Naturally, having amnesia doesn't lend itself
    to Geralt knowing too many people.  So there are 3 choices:
    	Carmen - Yes, Carmen can be invited...for 100 orens. Shani however
    doesn't exactly approve. If taking this path, Geralt will have to fetch
    Grandma's Diary from downstairs...a place that is not good to go while drunk.
    Anyway, once the diary is procured, head back to the party and talk to Carmen.
    There will be an interesting exchange between Carmen and Shani once Dandelion
    starts singing.
    	Zoltan - Zoltan will come for free so long as there is booze. If this
    path is chosen, Geralt will need to fetch Grandma's Pickles and Lard, and then
    talk to Zoltan again. Everyone gets along on this path.
    	Siegfried - Dandelion and Siegfried will get themselves into a nice
    little squabble taking this route. Eventually a bottle of Grandma's Cordial will
    be required. Siegfried will also sing...frightening.
    -After the party, bring Shani some red roses. She'll tell a neat story about
    Thaler that will solidify him as innocent if he isn't yet. Then she'll give her
    sex card.  Afterwards, this quest comes to a close.
    -Starts from Vincent Meis in the jail after playing the elf in dice poker.
    -The first order of business is to pound some stupid out of the Muscleman in a
    fistfight. Once that's done, have a chat with Vincent. He'll direct Geralt to
    the genius Jethro who screw's up and immediately blurts out where they
    confiscated a silver sword from, updating "Berengar's Secret".
    -Once down in the sewers, there will be a new quest "Memory of a Blade" and
    Geralt will be armed with a very handy silver sword. Nice little toy for
    dissecting monsters.
    -Now then, move forward just a bit and a knight named Siegfried will approach.
    He'll chat a while and then comes decision time.
    	-Let him tag along and he'll let Geralt into the Dike later on. Also,
    the Order Armorer can be used.  The downside is the guard will need to be paid
    off to get into the hospital.
    	-Deny his help by working alone, and go kill the cockatrice. Siegfried
    will allow Geralt into the hospital for no charge. The downside is the order
    armorer can't be used, and a guard will have to be paid off to get into the
    -After making the decision, the greater cockatrice can be found in the
    south western portion of the sewer. Not really a difficult fight. The main
    problem is it can hit pretty hard. Fast silver is the way to go on this guy.
    Once its dead, loot its body to get its head as a trophy, a square item called
    the Maal'kad Sephirah, a feather and possibly an ornithosaur's eye. The head
    goes to Vincent, while the sephirah will be used in a later quest in the swamp.
    The feather will also be used in a notice board quest in chapter 3, though its
    not necessary to save it since plenty will be found later.
    -Before leaving the sewers, have a look around. In the far southern end
    there's a small alcove. In that dark alcove, there's the body of a knight.
    He'll have a key and a note. Read the note, but don't go into the Lionhead
    Spider cult just yet. The silver sword won't do a lot of damage to humans.
    After retrieving the steel blade, come back. There are lots of goodies to
    loot inside.
    -Now with the cockatrice head dangling, follow Seigfried to the exit. Once
    there, a bout with some salamandra assassins will commence. After they're
    dead, Siegfried will tell of his friend who happens to be a detective. He'll
    also give up a key to get out of the sewers.
    -Head back to the dungeon and chat with Jethro for updates to "Witchers'
    Secrets", a new quest "Suspect: Vincent Meis", and naturally a finish to this
    -Started by talking to Zoltan Chivay who wanders about town and can sometimes
    be found at Vivaldi's house or the Hairy Bear.
    -Need to get access to the Dike.  If Siegfried was allowed to tag along on the
    kill for the cockatrice, he'll tell the guards to let Geralt through. Another
    option if Siefgried isn't helping out is pay the guards off. Sometimes
    Luevaarden can be found at the Antiquary during the day right around 6:30.
    -Once Luevaarden is found, ask him about the problem and an update to hunt down
    some drowners at the swamp forest dock will come.
    -Talk to the ferryman at the Dike for passage to the swamp forest. There will
    be a campfire next to a tree after getting off the boat. Either camp out till
    evening or come back and wait near the fire.  The drowners will pop up all
    around the dock. Just kill them as they come until this quest updates.
    -Once all the nasty little drowners are dead, head back to the Dike and tell
    Declan of the successful nature of the mission to recieve the reward and end
    this quest.
    -Starts after questioning the prisoner in Lebioda Hospital.
    -Time to have a chat with Ramsmeat about Salamandra. This can go several
    different ways and it really doesn't matter how it goes.
    -So after Ramsmeat rudely tells what he knows, case closed for now.
    -There are two possible paths for this. Clear Ramsmeat during the autopsy in
    "Anatomy of a Crime" or during "A Gravedigger's Gratitude". However, if he's
    implicated during the autopsy and "A Gravedigger's Gratitude" isn't done, he'll
    end up being killed.  And even if he isn't implicated during the autopsy but
    "A Gravedigger's Gratitude" isn't done, Raymond will pretty much order Geralt
    to kill Ramsmeat. So look to "Anatomy of a Crime" and "A Gravedigger's
    Gratitude" if wanting ways to avoid his death or if wanting to kill him.
    -It is possible to clear Ramsmeat before the autopsy is ever done, though its
    much simpler just to do it the other ways.
    -Starts after questioning the prisoner in Lebioda Hospital.
    -Need to have a chat with Kalkstein. Nothing is really learned from Kalkstein
    accept that he hired the salamandra prisoner to protect him from salamandra and
    to investigate some stuff in the swamp forest.
    -Kalkstein can be cleared during the autopsy in "Anatomy of a Crime" or by
    completing "A Gravedigger's Gratitude".
    -Once he's cleared of any wrong doing, talk to him about the little problem
    unconvered during the other two quests and he'll tell how to go about setting
    everything to Geralt's advantage.
    -Starts when Raymond is attacked and gives Geralt a note about possible suspects
    -Have a chat with Leuvaarden at the Dike. Naturally, no real proof of his
    involvement can be discerned at the time. It is also possible to find him at
    the antiquary around 6:30 in the evening on occasion.
    -This quest can be updated during the course of "Wanted" after bringing 3 badges
    to Declan. It will prove he's innocent. There is two other ways to prove he's
    innocent as well, and that is through "Anatomy of a Crime" and "A Gravedigger's
    -No matter what way his innocence is learned, go tell him he's clear to finish
    this quest and collect 500 orens.
    -Starts after having a chat with Thaler about Berengar's sword.  Don't really
    learn anything of value by talking to him though, so the case is closed for the
    time being.
    -There are three ways to clear Thaler of any involvement with salamandra. One
    way is with the autopsy from "Anatomy of a Crime". The second way is by
    following "Old Friend of Mine" and getting Shani's sex card, and the last way is
    by getting the pass to enter the cemetary from Vincent and completing "A
    Gravedigger's Gratitude".
    -This will start after the chat with Siegfried in the sewers.
    -First have a dialogue with Vincent concerning Salamandra.  He says to stay
    away from the warehouse at midnight. So what's the first thing a child does
    when told not to do something?  That's right, make a trip to the warehouse near
    the Hairy Bear Inn at midnight.
    -Once going inside, Vincent is having a friendly conversation with some
    salamandra goons. Either answer will work when pressed for a response, but
    choosing the first answer of "Right" is a bit on the humorous side and gets
    better results later. After slaughtering the goons, take a trip outside and
    then wait around till morning to go have a serious talk with Vincent.
    -Not a lot that can be done during the talk with him. Ask about Salamandra, but
    he won't give anything up.
    -If the scoia'tael were killed in chapter 1 at Haren's place, which allows
    Coleman to live, and "The Rat" from Coleman is active, go to the house he told
    you about and kill the cemetaur's in the basement. Coleman will show up on the
    Dike talking to a guard, giving proof that Vincent is innocent. So after the
    talk with Coleman on the Dike, go back and talk to Vincent. Ask him about
    Salamandra and then tell him there's irrefutable proof he's not involved.
    He'll give Geralt a city guard ring that will make the guards leave him alone.
    Depending on how his innocence was proved, he may or may not give up the ring.
    This quest finally finishes.
    -If Coleman is dead, "Anatomy of a Crime" or "A Gravedigger's Gratitude" will
    need to be done to prove Vincent vindicated.
    -Quest begins after asking Jethro why the Professor was released from jail.
    -Head on over to Vivaldi's place, which is near Kalkstein's lab.  It'll seem
    strange for someone that owns a bank to live so modestly.
    -With nothing to go on when questioned, this quest goes on hold.  Hunt down
    Zoltan and ask him about Vivaldi.  He has some interesting things to say.
    -After Zoltan's revelation, head back to Vivaldi to give him the news that he's
    definitely innocent.
    -Vivaldi will give a little information on Azar Javed's background. It will also
    end this quest.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Once again, Kalkstein manages to amaze with his strange requests.  He wants
    the fresh marrow of 3 alghouls.  Find them in the swamp forest lingering near
    the fallen tower in the evenings. They should be with some normal ghouls and
    feasting on corpses. They can also be found in the crypt of the cemetary if
    the key has been procured from the gravedigger.
    -After getting 3, head them back to Kalkstein in his lab.
    -This quest starts by getting close to the table in a Solitary Hut found in the
    north-eastern section of the swamp forest. If "A Pilgrimage" hasn't been done
    and this quest is started, the opportunity for that quest is lost. Afterwards,
    find the cannibal. And that happens to be an old man who favors the name Gramps.
    He is also the same person that asks to be escorted to the altar of melitele in
    "A Pilgrimage".  So if he isn't in the hut already, go to the docks and look
    around the path, he should be near.
    -Once confronted about his bizarre eating habits, a choice comes up.  Either
    kill him, or let him live.
    	-If allowed to live, he'll give up the recipe for Hanged Man's Venom.
    He will also allow meditation at anytime by talking to him.
    	-Now if deciding to wax gramps, he's going to run out the door and
    around the back of his shack. The old man somehow manages to cultivate himself
    an entire garden of echinapse and even an archespor! Run near the first plant
    and then quickly back off out of their firing range. Gramps will give chase,
    so he can be pulled away from the carnivorous garden.  He's a pretty standard
    fight and fast steel style works well.  The echinapse are another story. If
    choosing to take them on, drink a swallow potion and a tawny owl.  Run in and
    take out a plant on the edge with strong silver. Feel free to back off if need
    be, throwing an Igni beforehand and then run till out of range of them. When
    health refills, run back in again, rinse and repeat. Shouldn't take long to
    mow them all down, just be wary of the archespore.
    -The only thing lost by killing gramps is the Hanged Man's Venom which can be
    gotten later on, and a place to meditate.  But there's fireplaces scattered all
    around that can be lit at anytime with Igni rather than a flint, so its no big
    loss. Either choice works fine since gramps plays no part in any other quest
    aside from "A Pilgrimage" which can't be done if this quest is picked up first.
    -This quest opens after talking to Raymond, the detective.
    -First stop to make after this quest is having a chat with Vincent. Ask him
    about the prisoner. Jethro is the next person to talk to.
    -Ask Jethro about the prisoner and he'll say he isn't talking unless he's
    brought a little powder. So time to get some fisstech.  There are 3 ways to
    obtain it. Kill a couple salamander goons that tend to walk the streets at
    night or during the course of another quest. Buy fisstech from Coleman if he's
    alive.  Or it can actually be made using alchemy.  The recipe is 1 Vermilion, 1
    Quebirth, 3 Hydragenum and a high quality alcohol base.(Recipe acquired from
    Seorin's Alchemy Combination Guide)
    -With fisstech in hand, head back to Jethro and give it as a gift to the
    junkie. He'll say the prisoner was taken to Lebioda Hospital.  So, time for a
    trip to the hospital.  If Siegfried is out front, he'll let Geralt in without a
    problem.  If there's a normal guard out front, he'll have to be paid off.
    -If going to the hospital during the day, have a chat with Shani first.  Ask
    her about the prisoner and she'll suggest coming back in the evening. If
    trying to talk to him during the day, the guards will want a bribe, and then
    they still won't let Geralt talk to him, saying come back at night. So, wait
    till night.
    -When night finally comes, give the guard 10 orens.  At that point, the
    prisoner will mutter a few things, then everything is interrupted by some of
    Ramsmeat's men.  This will give "Suspect: Kalkstein" and "Suspect: Ramsmeat".
    -So, head on over and have a go with Raymond on the current situation.  After
    the conversation with him, this quest finishes and Raymond will point toward
    Kalkstein and "Vizima Confidential" will update.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The gravedigger wants six pots of dog tallow.  Not a difficult request. These
    can be procured from any stray dog, but only at night.  Have to draw a weapon
    and then attack the dog and kill it.  And Geralt can only draw his blade at
    night or when being attacked while in the city.  So spend an evening hunting
    them down.  Or just rummage through the houses in Temple Quarter. By the time
    all of them are gone through, there should easily be 6 jars of dog tallow or
    very near 6 jars.
    -Take them to the gravedigger in front of the cemetary during the day.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Siegfried wants some drowned dead terminated.  Bring him the tongues of ten as
    proof. They can be found all over the Swamp.  They pretty much infest the
    entire place.
    -Find Siegfried once 10 are secured. He can be in 1 of three places depending
    on how far the chapter has progressed. He can be in front of the hospital, in
    front of the order of the flaming rose, or he can even be in the swamp forest
    itself between the lumberjack clearing and the druid camp.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The gardener wants 3 echinapse root stalks. These little beasties can be
    found in the swamp forest.
    -Must have the echinapse bestiary entry to complete this. The book can be
    bought from the antiquary in town near Shani's house. The echinapse are
    scattered throughout the swamp.  There are two between the cave and the
    lumberjack glade along the path through the forest. There's a few more on the
    path around the fallen tower as well.  Kill gramps during "The Cannibal" and
    there will be an entire garden behind his house.
    -Head them back to the old gardener that will be tending flowers behind the
    hospital in the day.
    THE RAT (If Coleman is killed by the scoia'tael, naturally this quest won't
    be available)
    -Quest starts from Coleman in the Hairy Bear. Seems he wants to have some
    ghosts exorcised from a house. The place is near the sewer entrance, between
    the detective's house and the entrance to the Dike.
    -Be wary here. There are 2 wraiths inside. They like to inflict pain and can
    be very dangerous at low levels. Aard can score a knockdown on them and can at
    least back one off if being overwhelmed. Specter oil works well. Its a good
    idea to use fast silver, focusing on one and bringing it down as fast as
    possible. In the basement is four Gravier. In a crate on the floor is 3 very
    old wine. These are used in another quest, "A Most Uncommon Wine", which is
    obtained from Conrad at the Hairy Bear in the evening.
    -Now go back to the Hairy Bear to give Coleman the news about the dead wraiths
    and find that he's missing.  Talk to the innkeeper to get the low down.
    -With the knowledge that Coleman likes to frequent the Dike, head on over
    whenever the chance presents itself. The first sight upon entering will be
    Coleman having a nice chat with a city guard.
    -After talking to Coleman, there's a choice to make. Talk to the innkeeper and
    tell him Coleman was found.  After which, the opportunity to give him up or
    keep his secret is presented.
    	-To turn Coleman in for snitching, pick that he was seen informing.
    This option nets Geralt 500 orens.
    	-If wanting to keep Coleman around, say that he was found for the reward
    but lost track of him. Upside to keeping him around is that he's the only person
    that buys fisstech at about 20 oren a pop.
    -This is started by Vaska after asking her about the mage tower in the swamp.
    She'll give a card that needs to be taken to Kalkstein.
    -After Kalkstein's explanation, he'll give the Golem's Pith scroll and say to
    have a blacksmith make a lightning rod. The Order armorer will cost 70 orens and
    can be used regardless of alliances. The dwarven armorer will cost 50 orens,
    though he can't always be used depending on previous choices.
    -After getting the lightning rod, its time for a thunderstorm. Go back to the
    swamp forest and speak with the elder druid. Bring 500 orens. Apparently
    thunderstorms aren't cheap. If not wanting to pay, just wait till it starts
    raining and then place the rod.
    -It'll come to life and attack.  If still working with the base silver sword
    acquired at the start of the chapter, but the steel sword does have a percent
    to damage, use strong steel style.  If both swords are comparable in damage,
    go with strong silver. Once some damage has been dealt to the golem, touch 2 of
    the pylon's. Move to the last pylon and when the golem nears it, touch it to
    send a bolt of lightning down on it.  If it doesn't die from the first bolt,
    wail on him a bit more, then nail it again with another lightning bolt. The
    golem must be between the 3 pylons and Geralt must be outside them. If he isn't
    far enough outside the pylons, he'll get flattened by the lightning bolt too.
    Depending on health, the bolt can one-shot Geralt or at the very least, drop
    him to the point of near death.
    -Once the golem goes down, loot it for the sephirah and take its heart for a
    potion.  This quest now comes to an end.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Jean-Pierre wants 10 wolf pelts.  The wolves can be found in a cave between
    the clay pits and the lumberjack clearing. They also tend to roam by the druid
    -Once 10 pelts have been acquired, take them over to Jean-Pierre who will be
    standing at the swamp forest docks during the day.
    -This quest opens after speaking with Raymond, the detective.
    -The first step in this is to interrogate the witness.  To find out where that
    witness is, talk to Jethro.  He likes his fisstech, so bring him some before
    he'll cough up any details. Fisstech can be bought from Coleman if he's alive,
    or it can be looted from the carcasses of assassins running around town at
    night, or it can be made with alchemy using the recipe of: 1 Vermilion, 1
    Quebirth, 3 Hydragenum and a high quality alcohol base.(Recipe acquired from
    Seorin's Alchemy Combination Guide)
    -After questioning the prisoner at the hospital, two new leads will open in the
    form of "Suspect: Kalkstein" and "Suspect: Ramsmeat".  Return to Raymond first.
    -Raymond will suggest gaining Kalkstein's trust, so go have a chat with the
    good alchemist and then have a talk with Ramsmeat to further their respective
    suspect cases.  Also, go have a chat with Shani.  She has some interesting
    things to say after the escapades at the hospital.
    -Shani will say that the prisoner is being moved to a safe location.  After
    exhausting all of the current leads in the "Suspect:" quests, head back to
    Raymond. He should be surrounded by salamandra thugs. He'll then run off after
    saying to question Declan Leuvaarden who can be found at the Dike.
    -After talking to Declan, this quest will switch to waiting for contact from
    Raymond.  The next time entering the Temple Quarter's main streets, a child
    will say that Raymond is waiting at home.
    -Raymond wants more money for his expenses. After giving up the 200 orens for
    his doubled fees, he'll say the prisoner died and asks to have Shani do an
    autopsy, which opens the quest "Anatomy of a Crime".  The investigation goes on
    hold till after the autopsy.
    -Now, depending on how the autopsy went, Raymond will need to be left alone for
    a bit.  When returning, he'll say he has irrefutable proof that Ramsmeat is
    guilty. He won't say what that proof is, but he wants Ramsmeat dead. Depending
    on how the autopsy went and whether or not "A Gravedigger's Gratitude" was done,
    either kill Ramsmeat or tell Raymond that he's dead.
    	-Now if Ramsmeat needs to die, know this...he isn't alone.  His room
    will fill up with somewhere around a dozen men. Group style is preferred with
    this endeavour. When everyone is dead, loot the body and head back to Raymond.
    At this point, Geralt is going to be a little upset that there wasn't any
    evidence and the quest will progress with Raymond placating Geralt for now and
    giving over the last sephirah.
    	-If just telling Raymond that Ramsmeat is dead, then leave the house
    and go back in.  The quest will progress naturally and he'll give up the last
    sephirah and "Monoliths" will open.  Though if some of the sephirot have already
    been placed, "Monoliths" will have already began.
    -Once all 10 sephirah are in place, head to the tower. Raymond will be waiting
    WANTED (Ongoing Quest)
    -Talk to Jethro and he'll tell about a man that rewards for Salamandra badges.
    He spends his evenings at the Hairy Bear and goes by the discreet name of
    -On the first visit to this guy, tell him either 100 orens to talk or the other
    option of mangling him.  Now when talking to him the next time, any salamandra
    badges in inventory can be sold to him for 10 gold apiece. Or if looking to
    quickly progress, ask him to drink.  Toussaint Red works well and takes about 3.
    After he's hammered, ask him about getting work.  He'll say Declan has all
    kinds of jobs.
    -Go talk to Declan who will request proof in the form of 3 salamandra badges.
    -Once the badges are turned in, "Suspect: Leuvaarden" will update if the quest
    is still ongoing. There will also be a promise of help on crushing salamandra
    from Declan.
    -Quest starts after talking to Raymond, the detective.
    -need to look for leads. Not a lot to this one. Just follow the suspect quests
    and this will update along the way.
    -After exhausting the suspect quests, update this in two ways. Through
    "Anatomy of a Crime" or "A Gravedigger's Gratitude". Both are listed on how to
    get them.
    -Now if "A Gravedigger's Gratitude" is done or the fifth choice listed for
    "Anatomy of a Crime" is gotten, talk to Kalkstein and go through all of his
    dialogue about salamandra and Azar. This quest will finish up once Kalkstein
    has given a strategy.
    WITCHERS' SECRETS (Ongoing Quest)
    -Nothing that can be directly done with this so just continue normal quests
    and pay it little mind.
    -Starts from Carmen who will either be outside or inside of the Eager Thighs
    Brothel.  Its located near the Hairy Bear Inn.
    -She wants some thugs that are hassling her girls taken care of. The locations
    will show with Quest Track, but the first place to visit is right in front of
    the hospital.  The second place is in front of Vivaldi and Kalkstein's place.
    And the last girl to rescue is in front of Shani's house.  After helping them
    all out, head back to Carmen.  As usual, she will be standing outside of the
    Eager Thighs Brothel or if its night, she'll most likely be inside.
    -There is a choice of 2 rewards: 200 orens, or favors.  The favors is by giving
    flowers to any of the girls in return for some...stress relief.  However, even
    if taking the money, they'll still give a discount and it'll cost about 100
    orens for some quality time.
    -This quest comes from Yaevinn.  He can be found in the swamp forest hanging
    around the druid grove. He wants a letter delivered to Vivaldi.
    -Vivaldi will say to come back later for his answer regardless of the option
    chosen. So just head outside and come back in to get it. Then go back to the
    swamp forest to tell Yaevinn the not-so-good news.
    -Head to the druid grove and talk to any normal druid. He'll say that Yaevinn
    isn't around and he doesn't know where he went. Now head to the non-human camp.
    It can be found between the ruined tower and gramps' hut.  The scoia'tael in
    the camp should be seen from a distance. Quest Track will also lead to it.
    -Just tell Yaevinn that Vivaldi is bankrupt when he asks during turn in. Quest
    Chapter 3++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Chaper 3 opens in Triss' house in the Trade Quarter.  By the stairs will be a
    mirror.  This mirror can teleport to the mage tower in the swamp forest or
    Kalkstein's lab in the Temple Quarter.  Very handy.  Later, it can be used to
    teleport to the sewers as well.
    	+Monster Hunts+
    	-This monster is a wolf named Voref.  He wanders near the golem ruins
    in the swamp with 3 other wolves in tow.  If armed with some Samum bombs, he
    should be able to be stunned and killed fairly quickly. Just rush in with group
    style steel and attack him till all his little friends are dead, then go buck
    nutty in strong style.
    	-When the head is secured, go to Royal Huntsman in Trade Quarter for the
    600 oren reward.  He's seated near the watch tower right by the cemetary
    	-This monster is a wyvern named Moa and lingers in the wyvern islands
    in the north of the swamp.  He is surrounded by several other Royal Wyverns.
    Best option is to slowly pull the wyverns back till a clear path to him is open.
    Taking them all on is pretty much suicide, especially considering normal wyverns
    will drop out of nowhere and join the fray.  Strong silver should work well and
    he can be stunned.
    	-Once the head is taken, go back to the Royal Huntsman near the guard
    tower in Trade Quarter for 600 orens.
    	-Quick note: Take the wyvern eggs recieved from the royal wyverns and
    put them in storage. They'll be used for a notice board quest in the next
    A GAME OF DICE (Ongoing Quest)
    -Currently this should be up to "The First Few Games"
    -Professionals to play for progression are:
    -The Heirophant at the druid grove in the swamp forest and Velerad at the watch
    tower in the Trade Quarter.
    	-De Wett will play poker if Thaler is killed outside of the New Narakort
    after "A Posh Reception".
    -Only 2 need to be beaten if Thaler and Munro were taken on last chapter.  Also,
    there are more professionals next chapter if missing a few so it isn't necessary
    to kill Thaler if lagging behind.
    -Hunt down Zoltan Chivay in the Temple District.  He'll say to find some
    real sharpers to play. If Zoltan can't be located, this quest can be progressed
    during the next chapter, or by Koster in the back alley gambling house within
    the Trade Quarter. 
    A LOST LAMB (Continued from Chapter 2)
    -This quest can be updated during "Reaping Time".
    -The spiritually-touched little boy can finally be found in the cave in the
    swamp forest while freeing the brickmakers of Salamandra's reign of terror.
    He won't show up there until the quest "Reaping Time".
    -Head back to Vaska for the reward.
    A MYSTERIOUS TOWER (Continued from Chapter 2)
    -Now that the tower is open, there is a little clearing up to do.  Kalkstein
    offered a thousand gold to anyone that could get him in.  So, head back to the
    tower.  Kalkstein is inside and he's as giddy as a school girl with her first
    cell phone. Collect the 1000 oren reward and quest finished.
    -IMPORTANT NOTE:  If on the "Echoes of Yesterday" quest, finish it before doing
    this quest or echoes will be a failure.
    -Just show up at the New Narakort after 6.  The stairs will be open. There's a
    lot of talking to do.
    -When ready, head up the stairs and talk to Triss.
    -Go into the next room and talk to Declan, then talk to Velerad, Thaler, and
    Erkyn.  Get ready to throw a few back with Erkyn.  Get him good and drunk
    (Toussaint Red works well and takes 5).  He'll break his vow of silence and
    give a ring for House of the Night. Gets a discount on the girls and gets
    access upstairs without having to throw down with the bouncer.  Now suck down
    some wive's tears, or stagger on over to chat with Adda. Doesn't matter what
    choice is used for the first time speaking to her, but asking about the curse
    makes a little more sense when talking to Velerad the second time.
    -Now chat with Velerad again. Then have a go with Thaler ("Identity" will
    update during the talk with him). After them, head back over to potty mouth
    Adda. Eventually it'll get around to asking about the king and Adda refuses
    to answer unless she gets something she desires.
    	-Refuse Adda and she'll leave.
    	-Agree to find what she desires, and get her sex card. So time to have
    a talk with Velerad. He won't spill the beans until given some vodka. Have a
    chat with Thaler and he refuses to tell until Geralt goes to the next room and
    gets something out of a box.  Its the door right next to the stairs. As soon as
    the contents of the box are taken, a wealthy merchant interrupts. Say a
    superior drink was the target.  He'll naturally want some. There doesn't appear
    to be anything he actually likes, so whatever is handy. Head back to Thaler
    with the letter from the box, but not before reading it. He'll finally cough up
    what Adda likes and now its time to ask Velerad how its prepared. Once done with
    him, time to chat with Triss...who isn't very happy about it. After getting the
    dish, back to Adda. She wants to meet in the alcove. Same room those papers were
    just stolen from.
    	-Doesn't matter what the choice taken once in the alcove, it'll come
    down to her jumping on Geralt. There will also be a hint at her intentions.
    -Now regardless of whether the sex card was gotten or not, Triss says to have a
    chat with Declan and this completes "A Posh Reception" and opens "Lock and Key".
    The alchemy recipe for White Raffard's Decoction is also had in the deal.
    -Starts at the beginning of the chapter.
    -This will update immediately after leaving Triss' house when approached by a
    -After "A Posh Reception" head outside New Narakort to see a disturbance between
    De Wett and Thaler. There will be a choice of whether to kill Thaler or tell
    De Wett to go copulate with himself.
    	-Waxing Thaler isn't the ideal path to take. For some strange reason,
    after laying Thaler flat, De Wett wants to forget what's been done. He'll speak
    to Geralt in the watch tower and even play poker though. There is no real
    detriments from killing Thaler, aside from killing a completely innocent man.
    	-If letting Thaler live, have a walk over to New Narakort to talk to
    him and find out the royal edicts are royal fakes.
    -Next update will come during "Lock and Key".
    -After "Lock and Key", ask Triss at home to learn Radovid's location.
    -Take a jaunt over to Radovid's pad and listen to his long-winded spiel on
    political gain.  And he'll confirm that Thaler was telling the truth about the
    royal edicts being forgeries.
    -Starts with Carmen who is hanging around the landing in the swamp forest. She
    says her man is a werewolf and she wants to help him. Offer to go to the
    druids for her.
    -Talk to the Heirophant in the druid grove to learn of a rather foolish remedy
    and a very corny one.
    -Head back to Temple Quarter and find Carmen either in front of or inside Eager
    Thighs Brothel and tell her there is a rememdy...but she has to give up her man
    for it. She'll naturally refuse with Geralt being the monster slaying tyrant
    he is, and the quest goes on hold. Talk to her later to get her real name which
    she thinks is way too common for a hooker. And if paying attention and she was
    invited to Shani's party back in chapter 2, that whole "To Hela" comment she
    made actually makes sense.
    -Quest will naturally progress later in the chapter during "Lock and Key" and a
    rather important choice will come up.  Kill the werewolf, or let him go.
    	-If the decision is to kill the wolf, use strong silver. He really
    isn't much of a threat. Also, killing him is a BAD idea.  Not only is the
    abilty made from his fur pretty useless, his help later on in 2 places is lost,
    the quest is failed, and even Carmen vanishes, though she will reappear in the
    epilogue with some startling news about her life.
    -Now, if letting him go so he can do his superhero thing, head back to Carmen
    and give her 5 Fool's Parsely. Because nothing is simple, that remedy doesn't
    work.  So now to find another remedy.
    -Remember talking with the Heirophant the first time? Yup, a potion is the next
    step. So off to Kaulkstein who is violating himself in the swamp Mage Tower.
    Lucky thing is, he's still overjoyed at being in the tower, so free
    werewolf-curing juice.
    -Now the potion isn't done yet until a virgin's tear is added. And in a world
    where even a princess will sleep around if given some steak, where does a
    Witcher find a virgin's tear? Strangely, one of the brickmaker women claims to
    be a virgin. So have a chat with them inside their homes. Or better yet, a nun.
    So onward to the hospital in the Temple Quarter to have a chat with one of the
    nun nurses about her virtue.
    -After giving the completed potion over to Carmen, and finding out that super
    wolf still enjoys his roof-hopping lifestyle, tell her the last known cure of
    true love. Then give her a lecture on how being a werewolf isn't the biggest
    problem. She'll ask you to go set her man straight.
    -After giving the werewolf in human form the once over, head to Carmen to hear
    it finally worked. Quest finished and help is secured for later.
    -Should be at the step of Berengar is Alive!
    -Nothing to do directly this Chapter.
    -Starts with Patrick de Weyze at New Narakort
    -Talk to Carmen in Temple Quarter (this step can be skipped and go straight to
    the brothel in Trade Quarter)
    -Head to House of the Queen of the Night and talk to the Blue-eyed Lass. Choose
    to spend the night with her for 500 orens...if wearing the ring from "A Posh
    Reception" it'll only cost 300. She'll also take a saphire instead of money.
    This gets her sex card. Ask about the scar on her neck and tell her that her
    brother is looking for her.
    -Head back to New Narakort and talk to Patrick.  He'll say someone must be
    controlling her mind and its back to the House of Ill Repute.  Talk to the
    bouncer and show him the ring if wearing it, if not, beat him down with a
    -Talk to the Lady of the Night upstairs. She'll inform that the blue-eyed lass
    isn't under any spell and a choice comes up.
    	-Choose to kill the vampires which will really upset the blue-eyed lass.
    She takes off and when talking to her brother, no reward.
    	-Tell the Lady of the Night "You Win" and get the vampire sex card.
    Patrick will bust in afterwards. Tell him there was no mind control. Then
    slaughter him and his lackeys. The blue-eyed lass will be overjoyed. Just be
    sure the Lady of the Night doesn't die during the fight. Tends to ruin the whole
    moment. Still no monetary reward, but possibly a warm fuzzy in the gut.
    	-Kill them all by sleeping with the vampires and then telling them it
    has nothing to do with Geralt. That will pit everyone against Geralt. After
    the carnage, the blue-eyed lass is extremely disgusted and takes off.
    -This quest starts with Dandelion in New Narakort.
    -Ask him about his lute, but he won't tell until he's good and drunk. Toussaint
    Red works well and there should be plenty of it. Also, run through his other
    dialogue choices to hear of a character named Toruviel that will be met later
    on in Chapter 4.
    -After getting him toasted, head over to the merchants house. Just tell him
    whatever, it all leads to a fistfight. The brawl with him is fairly simple and
    no different from a normal Fistfight except he begs like a little girl after
    being trounced. Now upstairs to woo his pretty little daughter out of a lute.
    -A few steps away from the stairs and the naughty daughter will start some
    dialogue. Tell her by giving up the lute it shows she dumped Dandelion. She'll
    go off on a tangent about how he proposed and she turned him down. Tell her to
    stop at the marriage proposal, then get another choice. Either cheer her up, or
    simply get the lute. Choose to cheer her up, then answer her question that a
    Witcher's touch tingles. This will net her sex card. The lute is in a trunk in
    her room.
    -Return to Dandelion for the reward.
    -Those available to play this chapter are Heirophant in swamp forest, Velerad in
    the watchtower, Munro in the Hairy Bear if he hasn't been beaten yet, De Wett in
    the watchtower if Thaler is killed.
    -Play and beat the Heirophant at the druid grove in the swamp.
    -Play and beat Velerad at the guard tower in the Trade Quarter.
    	-If Thaler was killed outside the New Narakort, De Wett can be played
    for an update instead of 1 of the others.
    -Munro can be found at the Hairy Bear, though chances are he's already been
    -This quest can be started by Koster in a back alley gambling house in the
    Trade District.  To find it, run east along the back wall at the Maribor Gate.
    A merchant will be standing to the right and directly in front of him on the
    left is the door. Can't play Koster until "Dice Poker: The Professional" is
    -Once 3 professionals are beaten, it is possible to play Koster. He'll show up
    during the evening.
    -Quest starts from Vaska after finishing "Reaping Time". If Geralt has already
    killed Roland Bleinheim at the non-human camp, this quest will be finished.
    -Visit the Heirophant at the druid grove once this quest is started.
    -Go to the cave and get the Psilocybe mushroom. Its all the way in the back of
    the cave and looks just like any other harvestable cave plant.
    -After turning the mushroom over to the Heirophant, follow him to the meeting
    area, which happens to be the lumberjack's camp. He brings along a few wyverns
    to lend a hand. He also walks really slow.
    -Once the Heirophant gets to the meeting area, the fight will start with several
    salamanders, Roland, and 2 kikimore warriors. After Roland is dead, search his
    body then talk to the Heirophant again to finish the quest.
    -Finishing this quest also updates "Witchers' Secrets".
    -Starts from Yaevinn in the druid grove in the swamp forest. This quest becomes
    unavailable once "A Posh Reception" is done.
    -Enter the sewers from the Trade Quarter.  (Quest Track will show the way)
    -Talk to Ren Grouver, then cross the wood and into the hole in the wall. The
    target is a Bruxa.  There's also a nifty teleport here as well. Once the
    bruxa is dead, Yaevinn gives the 300 oren reward and Geralt is free to loot the
    next room and use the teleporter.
    -If this was done last chapter, it won't be available this chapter.
    -Starts from a Con Artist at the sewer entrance in Temple Quarter. He's only
    there in the morning about 2 hours before sunrise.
    -Enter the sewers and take the bars directly to the left to access the crypt.
    -Take the first 2 rights inside the crypt to get to the box with the ring.
    (Quest Track will lead right to it)
    -Return to the guy to find out, surprise surprise, they aren't family heirlooms.
    Its stolen goods.  Didn't see that coming from a con artist or anything. Now if
    its still considered dangerous out, draw the steel sword and kill him. Search
    his body and take back the ring which can then be sold.
    FISTFIGHT (ongoing quest)
    -Should now have Fat Fred and Butter Bean both beaten. The next chellenger
    awaits at the Hairy Bear Inn and it'll cost 200 orens to have a go with him.
    -Andrew Baglodda isn't difficult. Just block and swing like the last two. There
    is a chance of another fistfighter standing in the middle of the floor. If so,
    this fight could become troublesome. He'll get in the way of targeting and can
    stop Geralt's blows mid-swing making them not connect. If this happens, move
    Geralt away from the guy, though be careful not to move out of the cirlce of
    fighters or its a loss. After he's coughing up blood, a choice is given for:
    	-Meteorite steel and a runic stone > red meteorite with damage +15%
    and a svarog rune which temporarily increases hit and damage by 40% and critical
    hit by 5%.
    	-Magical sign and runic stone > earth rune with damage +10% and
    knockdown chance of 25% and a svarog rune which temporarily increases hit and
    damage by 40% and critical hit by 5%.
    	-Gold > 200 oren bet back plus 300 more
    -This quest is done until chapter 4.
    -Starts from the town junkie Jethro in the dungreon of Temple Quarter
    -Talk to Angus. He's standing on the corner before the door for the Hairy Bear
    -Follow Angus back to his house then unleash a sound beating upon him.
    -Read the note he drops then head to the sewers - though its a good idea to
    empty inventory into storage before heading there because the place is filled
    with explosive powder, food items, potion bases and numerous other things.
    (could also look at the quest journal at this point.  It mentions a word with
    the letters "th--n".  This is a password. The innkeaper of the New Narakort
    will also speak of it if paid.  The word is actually "Thorn")
    -There could be some rubish in the path to get to the salamandra drug ring if it
    wasn't cleared earlier. Just blast it away with the Aard Sign then talk to the
    guys at the door. Tell them Angus said it was a good place to score some
    fisstech, then give the password Thorn. This allows Geralt to walk in and loot
    the whole place first without any fights. Be sure to stop and talk to the head
    chemist asleep on a blanket. Tell him it'll be a secret that he was sleeping and
    he'll cough up Petri's Filter recipe.
    -After the place has been looted, follow the Quest Track to the box. Then fight
    back out to the beginning where Jethro will be waiting. Quest finishes and
    picks up with "The Viziman Connection".
    * GOLD RUSH *
    -This quest will become available after "A Posh Reception". A boy will approach
    Geralt and ask to be followed. He could pop up in a number of places during
    either the day or night and both the Temple and Trade Quarters. Turns out the
    bank is being robbed.
    -This quests dictates whether Geralt sides with the Order of the Flaming Rose or
    the Scoia'tael. The decision here affects events in chapter 4 that decide
    alliances in chapter 5 and ultimately 1 of the 3 endings.
    -Whether chosing to go in the front or use another entrance, it all ends up with
    the same decision. However, if needing fleder fangs, ask if there is another
    entrance and then go in through the warehouse where fleders can be found. If
    Seigfreid isn't at the bank yet, the decision will change slightly and Velerad
    will need to be told that Witcher's work alone to go in the warehouse entrance.
    -Once downstairs with Yaevinn, he'll ramble off a story and then the decision
    comes up. Tell Yaevinn witchers are neutral and Geralt sides with the Order. Or
    chose to help him and Geralt sides with the Scoia'tel. Or as expected, side with
    the Order and kill all the non-humans in the place.
    	-If siding with Yaevinn, get ready because there's 2 Kikimore warriors
    and 4 kikimore workers waiting in the sewer. One amusing drawback to siding
    with the non-humans is the hookers in Temple Quarter will want nothing to do
    with Geralt.
    	-If siding with the Order, chase the scoia'tael into the sewer and kill
    about a half a dozen of them.
    -Regardless of the decision, leave through the normal sewer exit, teleportation
    is down. If siding with Yaevinn, quest is finished. If siding with Siegfried,
    go talk to Velerad who is still hanging around outside the bank to finish up.
    -This quest is actually progressed by quest choices made in the rest of the
    -First update should come during "A Posh Reception" by speaking to Thaler.
    -Next update will come during "Gold Rush". After "Gold Rush", talk to Triss
    about identity to see the decision.
    -Following update will come after deciding whether to kill the werewolf or not.
    -Started after finishing "A Posh Reception"
    -This quest is part of 2 others. The first is "Following the Thread" and
    second is "Diplomacy and Hunting". "Following the Thread" is given by Jethro
    in Temple Quarter while "Diplomacy and Hunting" is given by Vaska after doing
    her other quest "Reaping Time".
    -When finished with the other quests, head back to Declan to give him the
    -After turning the papers over, he'll say to come back later. Just take a
    jaunt outside into the Trade Quarter and back.  He'll feel talkative then.
    -Now to destroy the last Salamandra cell in the Merchant District after finding
    the proper guard. However, before the guard will show up, Geralt must make a
    moron out of himself and talk to the 2 wandering guard officers. After finding
    the wandering officers, the proper officer shows up outside the House of the
    Queen of the Night (Ill Repute). Talk to him and he'll give details on the
    sewer excursion.
    -Now that the guard has stopped thinking he's funny, head down to the sewers
    around midnight. There's a fireplace right at the meeting area, so if the urge
    hits, impatience, ADHD, whatever, just go into the sewers early and camp till
    -After taking the latter and entering the house, head toward the back to start
    a cut scene and when it finishes, kill all the salamandra officers. Once they're
    dead go over to the mirror and give it a click to get some dialogue from the
    person that salamandra was asking help from.
    -After chatting with the mirror, which updates "All the King's Men", snag the
    stone and head downstairs. There's about 7 salamandra goons, but nothing
    serious. Group style steel makes short work of them.  After looting the place
    and heading back outside, time to have a meet and greet with a werewolf for
    "Beauty and the Beast".
    -Now head to Triss. Once done speaking to her, "All the King's Men" updates.
    -Talk to Triss again, finishing this quest and "The Unforgiven" starts.
    -This quest starts from Distressed Nurse standing beside the hospital in Temple
    Quarter. She only shows up around noon.
    -follow the Quest Track to the house. If going during the day, granny won't
    let Geralt have the run of the house. Go meditate till midnight or do some other
    quests and come back.
    -Kill the Fleder in the basement and then have a talk with granny. Crazy old
    bat is a little mad that her son was killed.
    -Head back to the Distressed Nurse at noon and listen to her tell of how kind
    Shanni thinks Geralt is and collect the 50 oren reward.
    -Starts from Vaska in the Swamp Forest.
    -Follow the Quest Track. First place is near the sunken tower north of the
    mage tower. Couple salamandra thugs with a few villagers. After the salamander
    forces are killed, the villagers will start a dialogue.
    -Follow the Quest Track to the second area which happens to be in the Caves. Now
    in the cave, after killing the salamandra thugs and the forced dialogue with the
    brickmakers, a little boy is going to be left there. He's the missing kid for
    "A Lost Lamb" that started in chapter 2. Also, lots of cockatrice's in the
    cave, so trek further in and nab those feathers for "The Cockatrice Contract"
    if that quest is still ongoing. There is also a quest item in the back called
    Psilocybe. It is used for "Diplomacy and Hunting" and will be needed if the
    Heirophant is going to be called in for help. If the nonhuman camp has already
    been cleared, don't bother with it.
    -Follow the Quest Track to the last area which is the Lumberjacks' Camp. Couple
    more salamandra stooges to finish.
    -Head back to Vaska for a reward. She gives the waterlord's blessing, oh my,
    and a nifty book called Hymns of Madness and Despair, which actually happens to
    be illegal in Vizima. Truly some spectacular reading material. This also opens
    up the quest, "Diplomacy and Hunting" after talking to Vaska if the nonhuman
    camp hasn't been obliterated yet.
    -Quest starts with Seigfried outside of the Order headquarters near the
    cemetary. He wants the cemetary checked out.
    -Head into the cemetary and in the center of the crumbling structure, there's a
    rather gluttonous ghoul that can talk. Once approached and conversation starts,
    a choice will come up to either let him go, or kill him.
    	-If letting him be, he'll say the real killers are the pointy-eared ones
    and then run off. Head over to the elves and dwarves standing next to the crypt
    entrance. There is another choice to make of chasing them when they run off, or
    rescue the people they left to the ghouls in the crypt. The trapped people are
    straight back in the last room on the right surrounded by ghouls and alghouls.
    Saving the people trapped inside will make the do-gooder Seigfriend nearly go
    teary-eyed over Geralt's valiant heroics and knightly choice. This also gets
    access to use the Order Armorer and a pay of 400 orens.
    	-If letting Vetala be, but chasing the elves, the people can't be
    saved. Returning to Siegfried also doesn't yeild a lot and he's rather upset
    that innocent people died when they could have been saved, so 100 orens is the
    	-If choosing to slay Vetala, there will also be a mix of ghouls,
    alghouls, and cemetaurs. About a half a dozen in total. Return to Seigreid
    for a 200 oren reward.
    -If going for money, let Vetala be and save the people in the crypt.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Find 3 vials of Archespore juice.
    -There are very few of these. 2 of them can be found near the mage tower
    during the evening and night. There are also 2 almost directly in the middle
    between the clay pits, altar of milintele, and the cave. Be careful not to use
    it by accident in alchemy.
    -Take the juice to Jethro for a reward.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Only place to find cockatrices is the cave in the swamp forest.
    -Take them to the scribe at town hall in Trade Quarter
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Fleders can be found in a few places. The cemetary will cough a couple up.
    Also, taking the warehouse entrance during "Gold Rush" will net the required
    -Take them to Velerad at the guard tower in Trade Quarter. Have to turn them
    in after "A Posh Reception".
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Ghouls are another group of monsters that are easy to find.  They run rampant
    in the cemetary, as well as in the evening near the fallen tower in the swamp
    -Take them to Velerad at the guard tower in Trade Quarter. Have to turn them
    in after "A Posh Reception".
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Graviers can be slightly more difficult to locate. Get them in the swamp near
    the fallen tower in the evenings. A few can also pop up in the cemetary.
    -Take them to Velerad at the guard tower in Trade Quarter. Can't turn them in
    until after "A Posh Reception".
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Kikimores are the easiest monster to find this chapter. They will pop up all
    over the place in the Trade Quarter during the evenings. They also now roam
    the swamp forest.
    -Take them to Velerad at the guard tower in Trade Quarter. Have to turn them
    in after "A Posh Reception".
    -Starts from a Distressed Merchant at the Dike. He wanders around the area
    throughout the day and wants a ring found.
    -Ring is on a corpse near the Shrine of Melintele in the swamp forest. Should
    be about a half a dozen bloedzuigers around the corpse holding the ring.
    -Take the ring back to the merchant.
    * THE SOURCE *
    Either Shani or Triss won't speak to Geralt in a friendly manner for the
    majority of the rest of the game after this quest.
    -Automatic quest given by Triss during the start of Chapter 3.
    -Place the three sensors with the help of the Quest Track. The first goes
    to the center of town where all the traders migrate. The second goes to the
    cemetary, and the last goes right by the sewer entrance in Temple Quarter.
    -Return to Triss and she'll say that little Alvin is the problem.
    -Go to the hospital in Temple District. Dandelion shows up once inside and says
    someone ran off with Alvin.
    -Follow Dandelion to the hideout and murder everyone inside. Afterwards,
    Dandelion is going to come in to get Alvin.  Now the choice comes. Either send
    Alvin to Triss, or send him to Shani.  Whichever one is choosen, the other girl
    is not going to like it at all and won't be pleasant with Geralt for the
    majority of the game. Whichever one is chosen will also help out during the
    Epilogue, will show up in "Identity", and a second sex card can be gotten from
    her. It will also slightly affect a quest in chapter 4.
    -After making the selection, Dandelion will usher Alvin out and more goons show
    up.  Slaughter them.
    -Go to whoever was chosen and they'll want the other girl told that Alvin is
    with them. Pretty much, they are using Alvin like a trophy saying whoever has
    him has Geralt and what better way to start a family with a sterile witcher
    than with a ready-made child.
    -Taking Triss will require telling Shani and then going back to Triss. After
    the dialogue with her, head downstairs to run into Dandelion. If Shani is the
    chosen girl, directly after asking her about Alvin, head downstairs to meet
    -Now both women will want a ring as a show of love. Dandelion will wisk Gerlat
    off to the bar with him and Zoltan. Either the Hairy Bear or New Narakort will
    be the drinking location depending on the choice of women. Then its time to
    decide whether to give them the ring or not.
    	=Shani wants a Silver Amber Ring as a show of love
    	=Triss wants a Gold Ruby Signet as a show of love
    	-Alvin may need to be talked to a few times before they'll accept the
    ring. Once they do take it, a second sex card will be had.  To know if Alvin
    has been spoken to in the right manner, talk to the girls. Shani will say
    something about how Alvin looks at Geralt like a father and Triss will say how
    good Geralt is with him. It could vary though. Simplest way is try giving them
    the ring.
    -Quest starts from Triss after finishing "Lock and Key".
    -Talk to Declan and he'll say to convince either Yaevinn or Seigfried to help.
    Remember the bank job?  Whatever side was helped then, time to call that favor
    -Yaevinn can be found at Vivaldi's house, while Seigfried is at the Order as
    IMPORTANT NOTE!  Past this is the point of no return. Once going ahead, the
    Chapter is going to run toward the end. So finish any quests that can be done
    now. Triss will also give a warning before continuing.
    -After talking to the chosen affiliate, head over and have a talk with Triss at
    home.  She's going to say that once the meeting starts, there may be no turning
    back, and she's right. This is the last opportunity to clear up any quests for
    this chapter.
    -When ready, tell Triss and then go to New Narakort. Also, if "The Source"
    hasn't been finished yet, she won't let Geralt go to the meeting.
    -Surprise, there's an ambush coming. If Vincent was saved, he'll be there to
    throw a little help. If he was killed, an ambush by guards accusing Geralt of
    murdering Vincent will be waiting!
    -After disposing of the ambush, head on upstairs to chat with Triss and get
    rushed off to the next destination. If Seigfried is the helper, there will be
    some rather comical chat. He isn't too enthusiastic about the whole
    teleportation thing.
    -Now once inside the Salamandra base, blast the roots apart with Aard and
    commence with the killing till meeting up with Seigfreid/Yaevinn again.
    -Time to activate the portal and let the order or nonhumans in.  The stone is
    actually right around the right wall.  If the large force directly ahead is
    approached, then there will be non-stop fighting and actually getting the portal
    open will be a huge hastle.  So snag the stone after killing the mage guarding
    it and get the portal open before taking on the force ahead.
    -Once the portal is open, fight over to Azar and the Professor. Once again,
    Geralt gets some alone time. Its short lived though because its Professor
    hunting season, and he doesn't have anywhere to run.
    -After chasing the professor down, there will be a nice battle with salamandra
    thugs, Professor, and even kikimore warriors. No problem though, just go group
    steel targeting Professor the whole time. Everything else will be eradicated
    in the process.
    -Now comes the fun part after the floor collapses and the kikimore queen
    finishes off Professor. Portions of the tunnel need to be collapsed behind
    Geralt using Aard to block the Kikimore Queen. Why? Because she kills in one
    hit. Be careful not to collapse the tunnel on Geralt.
    -If not moving fast enough, there's a chance of getting swarmed by Kikimores
    and dying. But the body to the left between the second and third set of beams
    to crumble on the way out really needs looted. It has a nice rune on it, that
    being the Moon Rune.  Grab it and take off to the right. Its sort of dangerous
    to use Aard at this juncture because the ceiling above needs to be collapsed
    onto the queen. Once out from underneath the area with the dozen beams, when
    the queen breaks into the large hall, let an Aard or 2 go and then back up. The
    ceiling will crumble on top of the queen killing her. Loot her body and head up
    the path. Now off to Chapter 4.
    	-There is a second, easier way to go about the tunnel collapse. Run past
    the first set of beams, but level the second set and stop. The queen won't
    attack until an invisible line has been crossed just past the third set of beams
    when the room opens up. The corpse can be looted at leisure and the kikimores
    can be obliterated for some extra experience. Once their ranks have been
    considerably thinned, head past the last set of beams and to the right. When the
    queen comes into the main hall, let an Aard or two go and then either roll back
    or turn and run back the tunnel a bit till the ceiling collapses on top of her.
    It won't actually come down until just before she reaches the tunnel.
    -This quest comes after finishing "Following the Thread"
    -This area is located in the sewers. Just use the map and Quest Track to find
    the location. Jethro gives the key to open the grate to access the area.
    -After laying down some authority on Gellert, time to travel back to Jethro at
    his normal location in the dungeon prison.
    -Finishing this quest also updates "Witchers' Secrets" and "Lock and Key".
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Innkeeper of New Narakort wants 3 portions of wyvern meat. They can be found
    near the druid grove in the Swamp. There will be plenty of them during the
    hunt for the unique monster Moa.
    -Turn in the meat to him to collect the reward.
    WANTED (Ongoing Quest from Chapter 1)
    -Should be up to the part of "A Reward for the Broaches"
    -This quest will update during encounters with Leuvaarden. Its pretty much
    just a quest that runs beside the others. No real attention is needed for it.
    It will finish up this chapter though right before the end.
    WITCHERS' SECRETS (Ongoing Quest from Chapter 1)
    -Should be up to Azar Javed portion with salamandra feeling at home in Vizima.
    -Updates by finishing "The Viziman Connection" - Will show as Salamandra in the
    -Updates by finishing "Diplomacy and Hunting" - Will show as The Salamandra Camp
    -When both of the other quests are finished, this will be at Destroyed Cells
    -After the confrontation with Professor and the kikimore queen, Geralt will be
    wisked off to the next chapter and this will update again.
    -This quest carries over into chapter 4 and can't be finished until chapter 5.
    -Starts from the dentist Zahin Schmartz that has taken up residence in Raymond's
    place. He can be found loitering around Shani's home in Temple Quarter during
    the day. The items he'll take are as follows:
    	-Barghest teeth > Pays 50 orens > Its actually the whole Barghest head.
    These are only available in Chapter 1 but fortunately, it isn't required to
    finish the quest.
    	-The Jaw > Pays 150 > This is an item from a Cemetaur. They are located
    in numerous places throughout chapter 3 and on. Easiest place to get them is
    the swamp forest in the evening near the toppled mage tower.
    	-Fleder Fangs > Pays 100 > Naturally, these come from Fleders found in
    different places throughout chapter 2 and on.
    	-The Beast's Teeth > Pays 25 orens > These are drops from numerous
    creatures including wolves and dogs. Can get them in just about any chapter.
    	-Alp Fangs > Pays 150 orens > These creatures do not show up before
    chapter 3.  And there's a possibly none will be seen during chapter 3 either. 1
    can be had during this chapter if the quest "Echoes of Yesterday" is not taken
    and Geralt sides with the Scoia'tael during "Gold Rush". The alp can be found
    in the adjacent room from the teleporter in the sewers.
    	-Devourer Teeth > Pays 125 orens > These cannot be found anywhere but
    chapter 4, so put one in storage till chapter 5.
    	-Zdenek's Tooth > Pays 250 orens > This is acquired from the fistfighter
    Zdenek in the swamp cemetary during chapter 5 after beating him twice. And in
    order to fight him, Geralt needs to be trouncing the local brawler during each
    chapter in "Fistfight".
    Chapter 4++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Note on this chapter.  The quest steps can get quite jumbled because there's
    many instances of forced dialogue.
    If the vodyanoi beastiary entry is still needed, talk to the female innkeeper.
    Ask her some questions and then run through them till there's a chance to ask
    her directly about the vodyanoi.  After the discussion, the beastiary entry for
    them will update saving a little cash and hastle of hunting the book down. And
    for some strange reason, the female innkeeper only charges 5 orens a night, but
    the male innkeeper charges 7.  Mind boggling.
    	+Monster Hunts+
    	-This creature, named Teyu, is found in the Fields a little north of the
    druid circle.  Comes with 2 other Vodyanoi.
    	-Careful with this guy. He heals the other 2 and himself, so it might
    be best to kill his friends first or just go with group steel style. The
    Vodyanoi are not sensitive to silver so the steel sword will dish out nearly
    twice the amount of a silver blade with the same damage. Switch to fast style
    once Teyu is alone. When his head is taken, return it to the town chief for the
    800 oren reward.
    	-This guy, Ureus, is inhabiting the crypt in the the Fields.
    	-He really isn't anything special.  Shouldn't give too much trouble.
    Just go with strong silver.
    	-After he's dead, take the head to the town chief for the 800 oren
    A GAME OF DICE (Ongoing Quest)
    -There is several people to play dice against during this chapter depending on
    which phase of dice poker is open.
    -Sharpers include Dandelion who can be found at the Inn, a wraith that can be
    found by clicking a skeleton at the storybook ruins. Its also possible to be
    forced into a game with the wraith if Alvin was sent to Triss in chapter 3.
    Finally there's Chireadan at the elf cave in Lakeside.
    -Professionals that can be played include the Hermit in the Feilds, Julian, and
    -Automatically get this quest on the first trip to Murky Water. Dandelion will
    be waiting at the entrance.
    -Find Alvin in town at Alina's house. Upon entering the house, there will be
    forced dialogue with her. It'll open the quest "The Heat of the Day".
    -Have a chat with Alvin and then speak with Julian at the Inn. Its possible to
    run across Dandelion first in a forced dialogue. He'll hand over a necklace to
    give to Alvin. There are 2 possible locations for Alvin to be at depending on
    whether he was sent to Triss or Shani in chapter 3.
    	-If sent with Triss, Alvin is off playing with a wraith at the storybook
    ruins.  Save the game before getting too close.  The wraith won't let him go
    unless beaten in a game of dice. The wraith also counts toward "Dice Poker:
    The Sharper".
    	-If the Shani path was taken, Alvin should be found near the river with
    a dog. Nothing special, just have to kill a devourer whether night or day.
    -Once Alvin is safe, he'll go into demon-boy mode and spout some garbage. "The
    Heat of the Day" should update.
    -When all 5 pieces of Alina's mirror are found, Alvin is going to force
    dialogue yet again. There is a choice of three things to tell him. The answer
    has no consequences.
    -The next update comes after killing Dagon. When going back to Lakeside, Alvin
    will be waiting. He'll talk about becoming a Witcher and Geralt can answer with
    a few things.
    -An update will come again after telling Lady of the Lake that Dagon is dead.
    -This quest has nothing more that can be done till the skirmish in the village
    between scoia'tael and the order.
    -This quest begins with Berengar when speaking to him at his fire after leaving
    the crypt. Make sure to get the piece of armor from the sarcophagus inside the
    -Also, this quest will carry over into the next chapter. The most that can be
    done is to get 1 piece of the armor from the crypt and a little information
    about it.
    -Have a chat with the elven craftsman and the blacksmith in town. After that,
    this quest goes on hold till Chapter 5.
    BERENGAR'S SECRET (Ongoing Quest)
    -This should be at Berengar is Alive
    -This time, a meeting with the fabled Berengar will occur. He is located in
    the crypt, and he'll tell of a nifty suit of armor that can be made in the next
    -After chatting with the Lady of the Lake during "The Path's of Destiny", head
    back to Berengar at his campfire.  When talking to him this time, he divulges
    that he actually cooperated with Salamandra for a nice payday.
    -The next update comes after killing Dagon and informing Lady of the Lake about
    the successful mission.  This quest then goes on hold till late in Chapter 5.
    -Quest starts from Toruviel in the elf cave.  Yep, same chick that gave
    Dandelion his lute.
    -Very simple quest. Just go snag five loaves of bread from town. She gives
    20 orens and it'll run 25, but that shouldn't be a problem. There are actually
    4 loaves of bread in the wardrobe inside the baker's house. Just buy 1 more for
    a total of 5 to get the favorable reply from her.
    -When returning, there's a choice of whether or not to give her 4 loaves or 5.
    Give only 4 and she'll call you greedy. Giving 5 gets the favorable reply.
    -Bring some chunks of meat when turning this quest in.  Its possible to feed
    all the elves if the desire hits after turning the bread in. They tend to get
    hostile if given fruit, fish, or candy.
    -Feed the elven woman in the cave to get her sex card.  She's also rather
    comical.  Give food to the other elves and most will tell of the mandrake root
    and han fiber.  Chances are they're already in the ingredients list so its
    pretty much just a whim to feed them.
    -Professionals that can be played include Julian, Tobias and the Hermit.
    -Julian and Tobias can only be played if needing at least 1 more win. Neither
    one will play Geralt if this quest is already finished.
    -The Hermit is doing his thing in the Feilds.  Julian is lounging around the
    Inn and Tobias is either in his house during the day, or Celina's at night.
    -There is 3 individuals to play in order to progress this quest: Dandelion, a
    Wraith, and Chireadan.
    -Dandelion can be found lounging around the Inn.
    -The wraith can be found at the storybook ruins. If Trish was taken as the love
    interest, the wraith can be played anytime after running into him during the
    quest, "Alvin".  If Shani was taken as the love interest, he can only be played
    at night, using the skeleton on the ground to summon him.
    -Ask Chireadan in the elf cave if he needs help.  This will open the dice poker
    option for him.
    FISTFIGHT (Ongoing Quest)
    -At this time, Fat Fred, Butter Bean, and Andrewe Gablodda should be beaten.
    -Head on over to the Inn and have a throw down with The Rock.  After beating
    him, he'll give a choice between meteorite steel, a rune, or gold.
    	meteorite steel = Yellow Meteorite > 20% damage and critical effects of
    pain, stun and precise hit +30%
    	rune = Sun Rune > Increases opponents sensitivity to silver
    	gold = 500 orens plus the original wager of 500
    -That's it for this chapter.  Quest can finally be completed next chapter.
    * FREE ELVES *
    Choices on this quest will decide alliances for the rest of the game and the
    ending.  And the choices possible are affected by the previous decision at the
    bank in Chapter 3.
    -White Rayla starts this quest after returning to Lakeside from slaying Dagon
    and telling Lady of the Lake about it.
    	-If the scoia'tael were chosen at the bank, the opportunity to side with
    them for the rest of the game is given as well as the chance to go neutral.
    	-If the order was chosen at the bank, the opportunity to side with them
    for the rest of the game is given as well as the chance to go neutral.
    -Upon entering Murky Water, there is a forced dialogue with Dandelion.  He'll
    say that Toruviel and the other elves have pretty much taken the village
    hostage, along with Alvin.  So now come the negotiations.  Head into town to
    chat with Toruviel.
    -Go into the center of the group of elves and approach Alvin to start things
    going.  During the conversation with him, three choices come up.  They really
    don't matter, but its best to go with the theme of Geralt's alliance.  It will
    also update "Alvin".  When finished with him, Toruviel makes an appearance and
    can now be spoken to.
    -When speaking to Toruviel, there comes a choice.  Selecting to tell them White
    Rayla wants them to lay down arms if the order has been sided with or telling
    them to let the hostages go if the scoia'tael were sided with will lead to a
    talk with Dandelion and also another choice:  Grab Alvin and run, or stay and
    help whichever side was chosen at the bank.  Choosing to grab Alvin and run
    makes enemies on both sides and its a battle royale with Geralt in the middle,
    putting Geralt at a neutral stance.  Chosing to help whichever side was selected
    during the bank heist will align Geralt with them and make an enemy of the other
    	Regardless of the choice, the available options and what needs doing in
    Chapter 5 will change depending on Geralt's stance.
    -Once everyone that needs to be is dead, head toward the boat at the Fisher
    King's place to progress.  Talk to White Rayla to learn she didn't go back on
    her word.  Trot over to the boat and give Dandelion the good news that Alvin has
    finally vanished and then head to the Dike.
    -After going to Vizima, Chapter 5 doesn't quite start, but to help clear up
    quest confusion and clutter, this guide skips to Chapter 5 once back at the
    -This quest is given by the Hermit in the fields. He'll also tell of the holy
    grail, which is part of the path to getting the sex card for Lady of the Lake.
    -Pick up the mandrake root from the barrow's.
    -Head over to the druid ruins at night. Just use the Quest Track.  To make the
    fight a lot easier, use specter oil on the silver sword and go with group style.
    This fight can suck a lot.  There's a chance the specters will nail Geralt 2 or
    3 times in a row with pain, so save before attempting it. They also have a
    tendency to dodge group style, especially if one is coming into being. And they
    must be killed in the druid circle.
    -Light the mandrake root on the druid lantern, then kill 3 wraiths.  When they
    die, light another mandrake root and kill the next 3.  Repeat till 9 are killed
    in total.
    -Go back to the Hermit for the reward which is 1 of 3 things.
    	-1. Book on vampires - chances are this is already in the beastiary. Its
    just a monster journal on alps, bruxae, fleders, and garkains.
    	-2. A very lovely little hut for some R&R right next to his. Not really
    any point to this one.  Becomes totally useless after this chapter and the time
    spent in the Feilds is short. The cabin does contain a centipede rattle, Rivian
    Program book, some stammelford's dust for bombs and a few other peices of
    worthless food.  Not really a great reward.
    	-3. Wreath of Immortelles > This is used at the end of "The Heat of the
    Day" to free Celina.  If going neutral and she's given this item, she will help
    out later during the Epilogue.
    -He also gives a Pouch of Salt (ring item) that wards off wraiths.
    IDENTITY (Ongoing Quest)
    -This quest is kind of impossible to track.  It all depends on choices
    throughout the game. Several more updates will come through conversations with
    Alvin and completion of other quests during this chapter.
    -Pick this quest up from Naiad, a water nymph. She looks just like the dryad
    -Follow the Quest Track to hunt down the drowners that swiped her necklace. The
    first group can be found near the elf cave.
    -Second group is located on Black Tern Island.  A stop is required at the house
    next to the river to get the Fisher King's approval to use his boat.  After he
    mumbles a response, head on over there.  Lady of the Lake inhabits the area so
    have a chat with her. And kill the basilisk's to the left of the Lady of the
    Lake. They're hiding behind a rock wall.  This is the only place in the entire
    chapter they can be found and the Basilisk Hide is needed for a notice board
    quest.  Not to mention, they're good for about 1400 exp a kill.
    -The last group is in Murky Waters between the village and the collapsed bridge.
    Once that group dies, Zephyr will pop up.  Kill him and loot the pendant.  He's
    really no different than a normal drowner aside from him being able to take a
    little extra abuse, and hit a bit harder. Fast silver will make short work of
    -Naiad can be found past the Lady of the Lake statue. 3 choices are given as a
    1. Book on the Vodyanoi - Just a bestiary of them
    2. Life-long healer - Not as good as it sounds.  She'll only heal vitality. She
    does nothing for toxcicity.
    3. Earth rune
    She'll also give an amulet (actually a ring slot item) to protect against
    drowners.  It just keeps them from swarming Geralt. If they are close, combat
    will still engage though they usually won't attack unless provoked.
    -Pick this quest up from the Vodyanoi Priest standing around the altar to Lady
    of the Lake or get it from Fisher King.
    -Head down to the crypt and finally come face to face with Berengar. "Berengar's
    Secret" will update and a new quest "The Paths of Destiny" will begin.
    -After following him to his campfire and running through the dialogue, he'll
    concede the quest he was hired for.  Now a chat with each of the factional
    leaders, Julian and the friendly little Vodyanoi Priest, is not required because
    the rewards they give are terrible in comparison to what the Lady of the Lake
    will give if her method is taken.
    So, Decision Time. Its a toss up of chosing Julian, the Vodyanoi, or Lady of the
    Lake to end the squabble between humans and fish people.  Listed are the
    options available, requirements, and rewards of the choices.
    	-Head on over to the priest for a talk.  If he's not there, wipe out
    the dagon worshippers by the fisher king's house and down by the elven cave.
    Then go into the fisher king's house and back out. He should be available now.
    He says to "dislove big blood cow" on the altar. Not a good idea to sacrifice
    the village's prize cow. But if taking this path, ask the priest about the cow
    and he'll say to use fruits and nuts.  If no fruits and nuts are onhand, go to
    village where they are scattered about in houses. Talk to Strawberry (the cow)
    and give her the fruits and nuts.  Then lead her over to the altar at Black Tern
    Island.  Once there, she can be killed.  For all this work, he gives the
    spectacular steel sword, Ceremonial Sword of Deithwen. It has -30% damage and
    critical chance of disarm by 60% and precise hit by 30%. A truly terrible sword.
    	-Take a walk over to see Julian.  He says to sacrifice Dagon's
    followers on the altar.  Not a bad idea and he offers a diamond for success. If
    going this route, simply go to Black Tern Island where a Dagon Acolyte is
    pacing around the altar. When he's attacked, 4 worshippers and a priest will
    spawn. As soon as the Acolyte dies, Dagon shows up whether the worshippers and
    priest are dead or not. If they are still alive, they'll slowly walk back to
    where they came from and vanish into the water. The reward for going this path
    is a Huge Diamond. Julian will buy it back for 300 orens while others will pay
    only 120.
    	-The Lady of the Lake offers a simpler, no slaying option. Get a trinket
    from the vodyanoi priest and another from Julian that symbolizes their wish for
    peace. Her statue explains the original exchange of gifts between the villagers
    and the vodyanoi. So from the priest get a golden bracelet. From Julian, get an
    alabaster figure. Once the items are retrieved, take them to her and she'll give
    a drop of her blood to place on the altar which will summon Dagon.  The reward
    for working with her is a Silver tablet to spend in Geralt's abilities.
    -Regardless of the choice, the fight with Dagon can be tricky because mortals
    can't kill gods. Like the beastiary says, his worshippers are his only weakness,
    so they need to die. It can be difficult to chain attacks depending on the
    camera angle. If problems persist, tap forward and leap over them or back them
    off with Aard. The fight itself isn't too terrible. Take a swallow and tawny
    owl potion before beginning. Applying diamond dust or hanged man's venom to the
    steel blade will speed the fight up as well as drinking down a wolverine potion.
    If looking to make it a lot easier, get a stack of Samum bombs. If Geralt is
    quick enough, 2 worshippers at a time can be slain with the use of one Samum
    bomb. It takes about a dozen dead worshippers before Dagon goes down. Another
    point to take into account is that group style will not work. If Dagon is
    within striking distance while using group, it immediately stops because he
    can't be hurt. At best, one swing can be achieved by knocking him down with
    Aard. Best to use fast steel. His followers really don't have that much health.
    -Depending on who's method of resolving the conflict was taken, this goes two
    ways. If Julian or the priest were taken, go talk to them. Afterwards, Geralt
    can ask if anyone was asking about him which should lead him to the Fisher King
    who will point back to Lady of the Lake.  She should now be wandering around
    Dagon's altar.
    -If the Lady of the Lake was told of Dagon's demise, she'll be in the same area
    as normal.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  After killing Dagon, regardless of the chosen method, if the
    Lady of the Lake is told of his demise, The end of the chapter begins and it
    won't be possible to speak to any villager and Lady of the Lake vanishes.
    Chapter 5 is much more linear and somewhat pushes to a conclusion more rapidly
    than other chapters. Storage is also cut off with only the chance at the very
    end of this chapter to use it. So now is a good opportunity to visit town and
    make up potions, finish quests, or whatever needs done before seeing Lady of the
    Lake and telling her of Dagon's untimely demise.
    -Once ready, return to Lady of the Lake and start the end of the chapter. There
    is also an update to "The Path of Destiny".
    -Starts with Mason Ham at the collapsed bridge.
    -He offers to trade services for figuring out a way to drive off Griggs, which
    sort of resemble keebler elves. He suggests visiting the witch for a method to
    get rid of them. Its possible to already have the harness, which will jump the
    quest to instructions on seeing a healer. Its also possible to already have the
    four-leaf clover which after visiting the healer, the quest will jump to giving
    it to Ham.
    -Either way, its off to the healer hut where instructions are given to find a
    cat harness in the crypt in the Fields. The cat harness is all the way in the
    back on a mini totem poll called a Santon. Return to the healer and she'll say
    to leave it at the Santon near the bridge as an offering. The Santon is
    surrounded by more keebler elves and is to the left of the bridge.
    -Now armed with the four-leaf clover, hand it over to Ham and take the choice
    of a book on specters, Ham's son, or 400 orens.
    -Starts with the blacksmith's wife.
    -Talk to the wife and she'll say that her husband is having a bit of fun with a
    succubus. She wants 9 shimmering dusts from noonwraiths. Her offer is the herb
    book, Plants of Barren Lands.
    -Now, talk to the blacksmith. Turns out he was eavesdropping and really doesn't
    want to stop frolicking with the succubus. He offers red meteorite steel or 500
    gold.  In return, he wants devourer shadow dust.
    -Taking the offer from the blacksmith cancels the contract with the wife. There
    is no detriment to chosing one over the other.
    -Both devourers and noonwraiths can be found in The Feilds. Noonwraiths during
    the day, and devourers at night.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Collect 5 Alp fangs and bring them to the village chief.  Alps can be found
    in the crypt with Berengar as well as the crypt in the Fields.
    -Take them to the village chief Tobias.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Collect 3 basilisk hides and take them to Julian at the Inn.  Basilisks can
    only be found on Black Tern Island to the left after crossing over to the main
    island.  They are near the circle of magic and can range from 2 to upwards of 6
    at any one time.
    -Run them to Julian at the Inn for the reward.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Collect 10 teeth. Devourer's sometimes waddle along the road in between the
    village and the broken bridge, but mostly get them in the Fields at night.
    -Take them to the healer's hut who is in a house directly next to the Inn.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -These annoying bugs can be found around the storybook ruins where Alvin was
    playing with a wraith if Triss was/is the love interest. Careful with them,
    they like to gang up in groups of three and can break chains by going into
    the ground. Strong silver works well.
    -Once 4 have tasted dirt for the last time, run the carapaces to the elf
    craftsman at the cave in Lakeside.
    -Started by Alina
    -Head over to the Inn where an arguement is taking place between Celina and
    Julian. When allowed, approach Celina and she'll go off on a rant. If she wasn't
    approached earlier, eventually she'll straight out proposition Geralt and ask
    for a ring. Give her any ring and she'll give up her sex card. Now have a chat
    with Julian who should be back inside the Inn.
    -If the quest "Alvin" isn't far enough along, this one goes on hold.  Follow
    "Alvin" until he rattles off a dream about Alina and then switches to the super
    scary Alvin voice and runs off.
    -Now that the annoyance of Alvin is out of the way...for now...head over to the
    Inn to chat with Julian who is a wee bit disturbed.  He should be outside.
    -Seems Alina went for a walk and hasn't shown back up.  For some fun, go find
    Adam in town and talk to him. Afterwards, journey to the Fields, where Alvin is
    going to follow like a stray mutt.  Get use to it. He's going to be doing
    annoying for the rest of the chapter.
    -After finding Alina in her psuedo human form, and watching Adam go middle ages
    on Celina, head back to the Inn to deliver the news to Julian. On the way there
    Adam will pop up and confess to killing Celina in a fit of anger.
    -While talking to Julian, there's an option to tell him how Celina died. Either
    turn Adam in, or just blow the question off.
    	-If the question is blown off, Adam's house remains open and he'll be
    sitting in the Fields. And this quest can take a completely different turn
    later on depending on whether Abigail was saved or not back in chapter 1.
    	-If he is turned in for killing Celina, he'll be arrested and his house
    gets locked.
    -Find someone with knowledge of curses.  Two guesses at who that is.  Nope, not
    the Hermit or the healer.  Its Dandelion.
    -After consulting with Dandelion, the Fields need to be scoured to find the
    broken pieces of the mirror. These are held by Midday Brides in a couple
    -First bride is on top the old mill. Take the stairs up and then there's a pile
    of barrels and boxes to walk up.
    -Second bride is hanging out around a campfire where the vodyan priest, Teyu is
    or was depending on if he's been hunted yet.
    -Third bride is kicking it at the druid circle where the wraiths for "Hunting
    the Wild Hunt" took place.
    -Fourth bride is standing around just outside the hermit's little homestead.
    -And the last bride is just standing around near the passage to Lakeside.
    -Now that the mirror portions have been collected, find a craftsman to put them
    together. Employ either the town's blacksmith or the elven craftsman. Both will
    assemble the mirror for 100 orens.
    -Armed with the mirror, go back to the tree at the rasberry patch in the Fields
    during the day. Have a chat with Alina and she'll remember who she is. Still
    doesn't understand that she's dead but she knows who she is. So back toward town
    to learn some folklore.
    -Talk with Berengar and he'll advise talking to Lady of the Lake or a diviner.
    Julian will also advise speaking with Lady of the Lake or a healer.
    	-If Adam wasn't turned in and Abigail was killed back in chapter 1, Lady
    of the Lake will say Geralt has slain an innocent. Guess Abigail really was the
    lesser evil. Lady will go on to say that only the dead can hear the dead. Head
    back over to the Fields and find Adam. Ask him if he wants to help Alina.
    Naturally he does, though his devotion is a bit frightening.
    	-Once the dialogue between Adam and Alina finishes, with the nice cut
    scene following that, head back to Julian to give him the news and finish the
    quest with a 400 oren reward.
    -If Adam is arrested or if Abigail is safe and sound, the quest will continue
    without suicide.  Go see the healer who will suggest a "poetic argument" or Lady
    of the Lake who will say that poetry will halt Alina long enough to see her
    damned sister. All in all, its unanimous that Dandelion finally has something to
    do other than providing comic relief. Also, this entire step can be skipped by
    going straight to Dandelion.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  If wanting to end this quest on the best possible outcome, go
    to the Hermit in the Fields and complete "Hunting the Wild Hunt". Take the
    Wreath of Immortelles at the end as the reward.
    -Now that Dandelion's skills have been employed for something more than bedding
    the local ladies, head over to the field before dusk.  Meditate at one of the
    campfires near the rasberry patch and roll the timer 1 hour back from dusk.
    Dandelion will come running right about 6:30. Talk to him and he'll start his
    poem that Geralt is now a part of. The answers to his questions are "The
    Deceased" and "A Ghost". It may be necessary to wait an entire day. Dandelion
    sometimes won't show up the same day he's propositioned for a poem.
    -Now that frees Alina, but there's still the question of Celina. If "Hunting the
    Wild Hunt" was completed and the wreath taken as reward, talk to the nightwraith
    (Celina) that will now be wandering at the tree.  Offer help and she'll notice
    the wreath, immediately asking to be crowned.  Give it to her and she vanishes.
    With both wraiths put down, go see Julian to finish the quest.
    -Quest starts after finding Berengar in the crypt at lakeside. Just follow him
    around the crypt for now.
    -After killing 3 groups of monsters, he'll finally say to come outside and sit
    by his fire to talk.  Be sure to loot the crypt first.  There's a piece of armor
    in a sarcophagus needed next chapter for some very nice gear.
    -Go outside and talk to Berengar at his fire.  Go through all the chat and there
    will be updates on "Alvin", "Ripples", "The Paths of Destiny", and opens a new
    quest "Armor". If "The Heat of the Day" isn't far enough along, the "Alvin"
    update may not come yet. The same goes for "Ripples".
    -The next step is to take a jaunt over to see Lady of the Lake.  Tell her she
    looks pensive to get the update.
    -Back to Berengar for a conversation about destiny.  This little heart to heart
    will also update "Berengar's Secret".
    -After playing the worlds smallest violin for Berengar, go back to the Lady of
    the Lake and let her know that he's about as useful as a bag full of toenail
    -The Lady of the Lake offers a reward later when the right time comes. And that
    time is after killing Dagon.  And that reward is the very useful Aerondight,
    which is quite possibly the best silver sword. And finally an update for "Alvin"
    as well.
    	=See "Ripples" for notes on fighting Dagon and information about the
    progression of this chapter.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  The choice on this next part will effect a major fight later in
    Chapter 5.
    -After killing Dagon and telling Lady of the Lake of it, she'll give Geralt his
    reward which is Aerondight, a silver sword with +60 damage, +10% attack, and
    +50% chance of critical effects: pain, blinding, incineration, and Precise Hit.
    On the way back to the boat to leave Black Tern Island, Berengar shows up.
    Decision time.
    	-If he's answered with the top choice both times, he'll fork over the
    Dagon Sap recipe, The Book of the Full Moon, and a letter. He'll also pop up at
    a most useful time later on in chapter 5!
    	-Now, if the bottom choice of calling him a traitor is selected, he'll
    take offense and a fight ensues.  Berengar is no slouch as he'll attack at the
    same time he's being attacked.  He is rather easy to stun with Aard or a Samum
    bomb and has very little health. Once he's dead, loot him to get his letter,
    the Dagon sap recipe, The Book of the Full Moon, and a nice chunk of change.
    Naturally, if he's killed, he won't be showing up in chapter 5.
    -Regardless of the choice, this quest will finish and "Berengar's Secret" will
    update. Whether killing him or not, his quest won't finish just yet. This quest,
    however, will complete after the choice is made.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The innkeeper wants some royal wyvern eggs.  If some were saved from hunting
    Moa on the last chapter, just pull them out of storage and hand them over.  If
    none were saved, head to Black Tern Island.  Many royals roaming around there.
    They can also be found in the Fields as well.
    -Once three are sitting in inventory, take them to the male innkeeper in Murky
    Water for a reward.
    WITCHERS' SECRETS (Ongoing Quest)
    -Should be at the phase: Second Wind
    -This quest will update during the course of other quests. No special attention
    is needed.
    WON'T HURT A BIT (Ongoing Quest)
    -There isn't anyway to turn in teeth this chapter, so just collect some. A
    devourer and alp tooth should be needed. Put them in storage so they aren't
    accidentally used up in alchemy or thrown away. Devourers don't appear anywhere
    but this chapter so if they get used up, tossed out, or whatever, the quest
    can't be finished and the easiest way to obtain the best steel sword is lost.
    Chapter 5+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    For the sake of confusion, this quest assumes chapter 5 has started immediately
    after landing at the Dike.  In reality, chapter 4 continues until the cut scene
    with King Foltest in Old Vizima.
    Once land is reached, Dandelion is going to offer to store items. This is the
    only time to use storage during chapter 5. So its best to pick up everything
    that will be needed now, such as the alp and devourer teeth for the sniffling
    dentist. The druids in the swamp cemetary will also trade items for potions.
    The item on the left is what they want and the item on the right is what they
    give in return.
    	white roses > white honey
    	fool's parsley > swallow potion
    For gemstones they want a few different kinds for which they reward based on the
    	Diamond > 3 De Vries extracts
    	Amber > 3 willow potions
    	Ruby > 3 white raffard's decoctions
    	Sapphire > 3 full moons
    Finally there's women's shawls.  Just like the precious stones, they'll reward
    a few different things:
    	A shawl > 3 blizzard potions
    	red kerchief (which is actually a red shawl) > 3 thunderbolts
    	gold kerchief (actually a silk shawl) > 3 cat potions
    Multiple items of the same kind can be turned in. So its possible to give 3
    amber gems to get 9 willow potions.
    As a note, if Vincent was saved during chapter 3 rather than slaughtered,
    Dandelion will go with him. However, if Vincent was killed, Dandelion supposedly
    gets arrested.
    A good idea is to sit at the campfire and pound out some potions, bombs, and
    blade grease while access to Dandelion is possible.  Its best to have 2 stacks
    of swallow, a stack of tawny owl; 2 stacks of tawny if a heavy magic user, a
    stack of white honey to get rid of toxin's because camping isn't readily
    available at all times like other chapters, some wolverine potions to help kill
    faster, Samum bombs or some king and queen bombs help to alleviate the stress of
    having multiple enemies swarming at one time, little vampire and necrophage
    grease for the monster hunts and crypt crawls is helpful as well.  Make some
    willow potions or bring some amber gems to give the druids for willow potions.
    Also make a few full moon potions and at least one golden oriole potion.  Its a
    lot, but it will help out in the long run later on and cut down on clutter in
    the inventory since raws can be cut back to make more room for other items. When
    ready, head toward the upper boardwalk to run into Zoltan.  Once again,
    depending on how the choices were made ealier, a new quest will open that can
    either be "Under a Fiery Sky"-neutrality quest, "Hope Burns Bright"-scoia'tael
    quest, or "The Flame That Cleanses"-order of the flaming rose.  "Sweet Revenge"
    will also start. At this point, if neutrality was chosen, Geralt is on his own.
    If siding with the scoia'tael, good ole Zoltan is going to ride shotgun, and if
    siding with the order, Zoltan is going to be a little upset. And it appears
    Shani isn't too keen on the Order either.
    After conversing with Zoltan and potions, bombs, oils, and needed items are
    squared away, head up to the boardwalk and fight through the enemy. This will
    either be the nonhumans, the knights, or both.  Work toward the Old Vizima door
    to progress. Enemies do not stop for long during this period and more will
    continue to come out of the doors. Scoia'tael come from the Old Vizima gate
    while Order soldiers come from the Temple Quarter gate.
    After the cutscene, Geralt will find himself in the castle speaking with
    Foltest. After the conversation, "Her Highness the Striga" starts.
    This chapter also allows for the creation of Raven's armor. The stats on it will
    change depending on Geralt's alliance. The order version focuses more on melee,
    the scoia'tael version focuses more on signs, and the neutral version is a happy
    medium between the two. Regardless of play style, it is a must have item.
    	+Monster Hunts+
    	-Vesper is the first target. This guy is found at the cemetary with
    the chapel in the swamp cemetary right on the path.  He is only encountered at
    night.  He's really not difficult, just draw the two garkains in front of him
    away and kill them seperately.  This fight is really no different than a normal
    garkain fight. Strong style silver will do quite a bit of damage to him.
    	-Once his head is dangling from Geralt's belt, take it to the Royal
    Huntsman that is in the druid cave for a 1000 oren reward.
    	- Lilly is found near the chapel in the swamp cemetary as well.  Just
    like Vesper, she's only available at night, but there are fireplaces directly
    at the bottom of the path to rest till nightfall.
    	-Be sure Vesper is dead first because Lilly is found behind him.  They
    are very close to one another and only one trophy can be carried at a time.
    She's actually easier than a normal bruxa, but she is surrounded by a bunch of
    them. Pull them away one at a time or go in group style silver and massacre the
    lot at one time. Vampire grease makes the fight stupidly easy. Once her head is
    squared away, take it to the Royal Huntsman in the druid cave for the 1000 oren
    	-After these 2 monsters, all 10 should be dead, so get ready for a
    nice reward.  Its a choice of two swords: Either the silver sword Moonblade
    that has +100 damage, or the steel sword Mahakaman Rune Sihill that has +100%
    damage and penetrates opponent armor. This is the only possible way to get the
    Moonblade.  Mahakaman Rune Sihill can be obtained with other methods. Look to
    "Mud and Velvet" and "Won't Hurt a Bit" for details on getting it. Remember,
    Geralt can only carry 1 silver sword, so a decision needs to be made. Chances
    are that he's using Aerondight. Moonblade has higher damage, but no detrimental
    effects on the enemy. So decide what's more important, an increase in damage or
    a chance to mess the enemy up in status effects.
    A GAME OF DICE (Ongoing Quest)
    -King Foltest is a dice player.  But there is only 1 single chance to play him,
    so save before going into his chambers in case of a loss.
    -First word of warning, the king bets HIGH. The pot can easily reach in the
    thousands with him if betting the maximum amount. Its fairly easy to lose
    upwards of 3000 oren against him.
    -Beat King Foltest and this quest finishes, leaving Geralt a dice poker legend.
    A GNOMISH DEVICE (Scoia'tael Alignment Specific)
    -This quest is only available from the dwarven armorer if running the scoia'tael
    path.  It is needed to create Raven's Armor.
    -Once in swamp cemetary, follow the Quest Track to a mine with a large pulley
    out front. Inside, follow the path till it opens up into a larger room,
    slaying the kikimores with strong silver along the way. A few fleders may pop
    up as well if going for the chests.  Once done looting everything, go to the
    wayfarer stone and use Igni, Igni, Aard to be transported to the crypt.
    -The crypt is inhabited by mainly alps and bruxa, with a fleder or 2 and a
    wraith.  The item needed is in the last room on the left.
    -Once its retrieved, head back to the wayfarer stone and hit it again with Igni,
    Igni, Aard to get out.  Then its back to the dwarven armorer or go acquire the
    other items from "Armor" if they haven't been gotten yet.
    A MAGIC FORMULA (Neutral Alignment Specific)
    -This quest is only available from Kalkstein if running the neutrality path. He
    will be the crafter of Raven's armor.
    -Throw up the Quest Track and head out in the swamp cemetary once access is
    -The piece needed for this is in the refugee cave with Cousin Ramerot for "Mud
    and Velvet" and Zdenek for "Fistfight". Use the magic recipe Kalkstein mentioned
    on the wayfarer's stone of Aard, Igni, Aard.  If a mess up occurs, cast another
    spell till Geralt says something about having to find a different combination
    and then start fresh.  As soon as the right combination is hit, Geralt will be
    ported to the crypt.  Its infested with a few basilisks, alghouls and cemetaurs.
    -Follow the Quest Track to find the box with the item in it.  Explore the rest
    of the crypt for the experience and loot, though it is fairly small. After that,
    return to wayfarer's stone and hit it with the same combination of magic that
    got Geralt in. Then head back to Kalkstein or continue with other quests in the
    -Turn this in and he'll request the rest of the materials from "Armor" if they
    haven't been retrieved yet.
    ARMOR (Ongoing Quest)
    -This can  finally be completed.  If neutral, talk to Triss and ask her about
    armor while in the castle. She'll point her thoughts toward Kalkstein. If either
    the order or the nonhumans were chosen, they each have an armorer that can tell
    everything once in Old Vizima.
    -Once free to move about Old Vizima, stop in on the person Geralt is aligned to
    and they'll update this quest and tell what's needed and where to find it.
    	-If nuetral,Kalkstein is the choice and he'll give "A Magic Formula".
    	-If scoia'teal, then the dwarven blacksmith in the makeshift forge is
    the choice and he'll give "A Gnomish Device".
    	-If with the order, the choice is the order armorer in the makeshift
    forge.  He'll give "Saint Gregory's Litany".
    -Regardless of which alignment, there's some exploring to do in the swamp
    cemetary. So head over that way once updated and know exactly what's needed.
    Quest track will lead to all the areas.
    -First stop is Raven's crypt. Fairly easy to find along the eastern wall near
    the old manor entrance.  Once inside, blast the crumbled pillars aside and find
    a trapped treasure hunter. He chatters on a bit and then runs off. Now blast
    the other stones away and start the search.  This crypt has fleders, wraiths,
    and a basilisk. If taking the right path from the entrance, a meteorite sword
    an a piece of armor (quest item) can be found. The left path leads toward the
    main item and Raven's sarcophagus.
    -Next stop is the chapel. Don't forget, there's also a striga in there and
    once inside, there's no coming out till she's dead or cured.  So if Geralt is
    up to snuff, head on over to the chapel.  The only monster found in this crypt
    is Adda. Details on fighting/curing her can be found in her quest "Her Highness
    the Striga".
    -The part needed from this crypt is the second left straight back from the
    entrance. Dig it out of the sarcophagus. Now head back to whoever is doing the
    armor and get some shiny new threads with 3 belt slots and 2 dagger/torch slots.
    -This quest will finish during the fight with Azar.
    FISTFIGHT (Ongoing Quest)
    -Can't actually do anything with this quest until access to the swamp cemetary
    is attained.
    -This guy is found in the cave with Cousin Ramerot for the "Mud and Velvet"
    quest.  He's all the way in the back and is named Zdenek.
    -He's really no more difficult than the others.  Use whatever tactic has worked
    well up till now, just know this guy has a tendency to dodge more often. After
    beating him, he'll tell that he's actually been beaten a few times, but never
    twice.  So, have to go back and have another fight with him.
    -The second time around, he gets a bit tougher.  He even has a windup punch.
    Beat him the second time and this quest finally comes to a close. The reward is
    one of his teeth.  Remember who likes teeth?  Zdenek is the last piece in the
    "Won't Hurt a Bit" quest.
    -This quest is started by Foltest. It seems dear old Adda has reverted to her
    beastial ways and is enjoying a menu of refugees.
    -Speak to Triss, Velerad and De Wett.
    	-Triss will have a choice of chosing to tell her whether you want to be
    with her or not if Alvin was sent with her in Chapter 3.  Doesn't really matter
    what is chosen.
    	-Talk to her about armor to get an update on that if neutrality is the
    aligned path.
    -Discuss Adda with her, then have a dialogue with Velerad.  He'll suggest that
    the king wants the curse broken rather than his little girl sleeping with the
    -so, onward to De Wett to hear what he has to say which can be two different
    things depending on alignment.
    	-If not with the order he has very little to say, but hints at a
    seperate reward aside from the one Foltest promised if she's killed.
    	-If aligned with the order he'll tell about the addition reward for
    killing Adda which is 5000 orens.  Not bad, though Geralt will likely never
    collect. He also mentions that Siegfried would be pleased if the king is kept
    from disbanding the flaming rose.  Insinuating that Geralt could call in a favor
    after dealing with Adda.
    -Now to have a chat with Foltest. He makes things pretty clear:  flat out kill
    Adda and there is neither gain nor loss, make her suffer and he'll turn Geralt's
    world into a living hell, or finally, lift the curse and get a nice reward.
    He'll also ask to play dice which can finish "A Game of Dice".  Once done with
    Foltest, talk to his Chamberlain to get a one-way trip to Old Vizima.
    -As soon as Geralt touches down, there will be an update to search the
    surrounding houses for Adda. Can't do that yet till after reaching the hospital.
    -After prompted at the hospital to follow the soldier, do so and he'll lead to
    a tower. Kill the creature there with fast style steel and afterwards Kalkstein
    will fill in all details, updating this quest, "Sweet Revenge", and whatever
    quest alignment has given.
    -The next part after killing the mutant says to consult friends. This is kind
    of tricky since there aren't many choices of people to consult. Kaulkstein has
    some interesting things to say and he's about it.
    -Once in the swamp cemetary, an update to find the striga near the old chapel at
    the cemetary will come.
    -Upon reaching the area with the chapel in the swamp cemetary, approach the
    desperate father and he'll tell about how Adda, the striga, attacked another.
    -Once ready, head into the chapel. There is a campfire inside, so its possible
    to go in during the day and camp till night. Doesn't really matter what time of
    night, so just camp till midnight for the sake of being punctual. There's a few
    ways to go about this depending on whether the plan is to kill her or save her.
    Regardless of which path, take a swallow to keep health up. If planning to kill
    her, suck down a wolverine potion if available and treat the silver blade with
    some diamond dust. If going for the knightly save, take a tawny owl so if she
    gets out of hand, its easy to put her in place with a few blasts from Aard. She
    has a tendency to use pain as a means of trashing chain attacks, so watch out
    for that.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If cured of her striga condition, Adda will help out a bit
    during the epilogue.
    	-If going in for the kill, hit her with strong silver style. If she's
    getting too many good hits in, blast her back with Aard and go in again or use
    Quen and drink a white raffard's decoction to get some health back. Just be
    mindful of toxcicity level.  Pain will be the greatest problem because she'll
    interrupt chains with it and it renders Geralt vulnerable for a few moments. 
    She has a lot of health and is immune to just about every status effect
    including knockdown, stun, and fear. The good part is she doesn't hit too hard.
    After killing her, head outside to talk to Velerad and claim a reward of
    absolutely nothing. Not only is there no reward, Velerad is quite disappointed.
    The only thing to walk away with is her heart for a potion.
    	-Now if going for the cure, focus on defense. Keep her on opposite sides
    of the sarcophagus if possible and use Aard to push her if she's crowding. There
    are 5 candles on her sarchophagus and day comes when the fifth one goes out,
    which takes roughly six minutes in total.  Each time a candle burns out, Geralt
    and Adda will be moved to a position where she can attack more easily. Use Aard
    and then take up position behind the sarcophagus. There's a good chance she'll
    hit with pain at least once, but its no worry.  She won't do enough damage to
    kill.  Just blow her back and take up a defensive position till the next candle
    goes out.  After they all burn out and she turns back to a human. Have a chat
    with her.
    -Whether she was saved or killed, loot her sarcophagus for Ostrit's Diary and
    give it a read to see someone was making notes on the binding. Head outside to
    chat with Velerad and if she was cured, recieve a brand new, very pretty steel
    sword called D'yaebl that has +30% damage, critical effect pain +50% and
    critical effect disarm +25%. If she was killed, get a let down speech from
    This quest will update and freedom to explore once again is given. This quest
    is now done till reaching the Old Manor. "Sweet Revenge" will also update.
    HOPE BURNS BRIGHT (Scoia'tael Alignment Specific)
    -Starts from Zoltan after reaching the Dike. This quest is only available if
    siding with the scoia'tael.
    -First is to break through the knight barricade and get to Old Vizima. Once
    hitting the door, this quest goes on hold till out of the castle and in Old
    -Once in Old Vizima, head to the bottom of the stairs and talk with Zoltan. He
    wants to escort 2 groups of refuges to Shani's hospital. Pull up Quest Track to
    find them.  Some of the funniest dialogue comes when finding the second group.
    Once they're in tow, head for the hospital in the center of town.  Once inside,
    Zoltan will give a tip on Raven's armor, saying talk to the dwarven blacksmith.
    After a quick chat with Shani, a knight will come in and ask Geralt to help slay
    the striga.  Head outside and follow him to the tower where a mutant, not a
    striga, is wreaking havoc.  Use fast steel to cut it down, then listen to
    Kalkstein and head back to the hospital.
    -After a quick talk with Shani, knighs will break in. Slaughter the knights and
    listen to Shani a bit more.  When her dialogue finishes, head out front to kill
    some more knights.
    -After the knights are dead, follow Toruviel to the scoia'tael hideout.  Once
    inside, an elf will chatter on.  When the opportunity arises, tell him "I must
    speak to Toruviel".  During the conversation with her, choose "I see"  and then
    "Your wish is my command" for her sex card.  Once done with Toruviel, go outside
    to run into Zoltan. Time to cut a path to the swamp cemetary.
    -Follow the Quest Track which leads to right in front of the order's base and
    slaughter the knights waiting there. Once they die, head to the right of the
    burning buildings and up a small alley. Blow the rubish out of the way with Aard
    and then go to the left.  Several knights have Toruviel surrounded, so pick em
    -Once Toruviel is free, head up and to the right, blowing the garbage out of the
    way with Aard.  More knights await some steel content for thier diet.  Many more
    knights this time around including 2 commanders and several archers. Group style
    tends to fail quite often, so just go with strong steel and switch between
    targets when the need arises.
    -After the cut-scene, Geralt will end up in the swamp cemetary with a whole
    bunch of bloedzuigers coming. Chop em down with group silver or strong silver,
    but remember to watch health. When they die, if too close, they'll take a chunk
    out with their alien-like acid explosion. After all the bloedzuigers are gone,
    the grand master will make an appearance.  This quest comes to an end.
    -While speaking with the King in his chambers, the girl chosen during chapter 3
    as a love interest comes up.  Depending on the answer, there will be an equal
    -This quest starts with Antoinette in the castle. She wants some cash delivered
    to her 3 cousins in the swamp cemetary.
    -Each cousin is in a different cave within the swamp cemetary. Use Quest Track
    to locate them easily.
    -Once they've all been tracked down, head back to Old Vizima to talk to
    Jean-Pierre.  Kind of a big choice coming.
    -There are two ways to turn this quest in. Telling Jean-Pierre all three
    cousins were found nets 3 Dragon's Dream bombs.  These are kind of dangerous
    because after they've been dropped, they need to be ignited with Igni. The other
    way is to tell him only two cousins were located which gets some devil's
    puffbombs and a fight if refusing to give back the gold. The benefit of the
    fight is he does have arguably the best steel sword in the game which is
    Mahakaman Rune Sihill that has +100% damage and penetrates opponent armor. The
    Sihill can be obtained other ways though. Its the reward for "Won't Hurt a Bit"
    and can also be chosen by killing all 10 trophy monsters and talking to the
    Royal Huntsman in the druid cave, who gives a choice between a steel or silver
    sword.  The steel sword from him is the Sihill sword.
    -Anyway, if planning to fight, there's an important piece of information about
    him.  He has a notice board quest.  Make sure its turned in before telling him
    of this quest.  Also, he hits like an atomic bomb.  Seriously, this guy is a
    freaking monster, so save before turn in cause there's a good chance he's going
    to win the first round. Strong steel works best and he can be stunned, but its
    short lived. Defeat him and claim the steel sword.
    SAINT GREGORY'S LITANY (Order of the Flaming Rose Alliance Quest)
    -This quest is only available if the order was taken as Geralt's alliance.
    -Access to the needed chamber is through a wayfarer stone in the chapel. It
    can be found in the very last room on the right. The letter from the armorer
    contains a riddle in order to find the 3 spells needed to gain access. The
    letter reads, "It is said the mob twice attacked Saint Gregory like a wailing
    wind".  This is Aard twice.  Then it says "Gregory sang the litany, summoning
    the Eternal Fire". This is Igni. So the proper combination is Aard, Aard, Igni.
    -Once inside, there's only 1 path to take so follow it back. Strangely, there
    shouldn't be anything but a basilisk at the very back and maybe a ghoul. Loot
    Gregory's tomb for the prayer and then head back out to face Adda if she's
    still a striga.
    -Take this back to the order armorer for turn in at the earliest convenience.
    -Time to hunt down Javed. The first update comes from the king in his chambers
    while in the castle.
    -The second update will come after dealing with Adda. It doesn't matter if
    she's killed or cured, the same basic update is still given which is the
    problem lies at the Old Manor.
    -Head to the old manor through the swamp cemetary when all other quests are
    done. There's going to be a lot of mutants, a nasty Koshchey, and Azar while
    there. So get ready with potions or other items.
    -Upon zoning in, De Wett will be there to roll out the welcoming mat. Guess
    what he wants?  Yup, he's itching to see if that white light story everyone
    talks about is really true. Kill him and his little lackey's to update this
    quest and "Her Highness the Striga". Switch to silver sword at this point and
    wade through the piles of drowners, bloedzuigers and drowned dead till land is
    reached. Switch to the steel sword and make for the path going to the right.
    There's nothing to see or do here so go straight for the hill.
    -Halfway up, there will be an encounter with Azar and a newly revived Mutant
    Rayla. Yup, he put her back together again just like humpty dumpty and she can
    be nasty. Azar will once again run off like a momma's boy with a bee sting and
    leave Rayla to fight for him. She's quick and likes to use blind. Fast steel is
    needed to hit her.
    -While ascending to the top, there will be an update just before running into
    the greater mutants. After killing the mutants, a friendly visitor shows up. If
    neutral, Triss will come to lend a hand. If scoia'tael, Yaevinn comes to help.
    And if aligned to the order, good old Siegfried shows up. After looting the
    trunk and barrels, chat with the helper to learn another way in. If its Triss,
    she'll lead to the catacombs. If its Yaevinn, he'll lead to the old well at the
    bottom where Geralt first came out of the water. If its Seigfried, he too uses
    an old well, but its around the back side right before where the fight with
    Rayla took place.
    -Regardless of how entrance is gained, it all leads to the same place eventually
    so push forward. When a room with steel bars becomes visible, stop outside them.
    There is going to be a nasty fight ahead with a Koschey.  Use a white honey to
    clear any toxins off or turn around and go to the left at the T to find a fire.
    If Siegfriend was the helper, there's a fire right where Geralt started after
    dropping down the well.  Get battle ready.  The Koschey hits hard and really
    likes to inflict bleeding.  So harden up with some tawny owl, swallow, wolverine
    if possible, and a few kiss potions. If possible, touch up the silver sword with
    diamond dust or some other damage enchancement. Aard is handy if a quick
    breather is needed and Quen is useful if a potion is needed during the fight.
    Try to keep attacks chained to do maximum damage as fast as possible with strong
    silver style.
    -Once the Koschey is dead, grab its heard, staunch any bleeding with a kiss
    potion and move on. If lacking a willow potion, run back to the fire and make
    one now. It will make an upcomming fight a lot easier. Once ready, move through
    the next room. A few armored dogs need to be fought off and then hang a right,
    or a left if Siegfried is the helper, at which point another set of bars is
    found. This time, take a swallow, tawny owl, wolverine, and willow potion and
    treat the steel blade with some damage augmentation. Some Greater Brothers are
    waiting and directly after they die, Azar himself. If toxcicity is a problem,
    clear it with a white honey and reapply all potions.
    	-Now there is a trunk, fire, and crate in this room.  If looting them is
    a priority, kill off one of the brothers. Then lure the other brother to the
    front of the room near the entrance Geralt came in. Either knock the brother
    down with Aard or stun him with some Samum bombs. Run to the back and the fight
    should break. Once the brothers die, there is no opportunity to do anything else
    before immediately being drawn into the fight with Azar.
    -Fighting Azar can be difficult. He hits hard and absolutely loves to knockdown,
    hence the willow potion. He also has a tendency to blind, but its minimal.
    	-If Berengar wasn't killed at Black Tern Island, he's going to jump in
    and help out.  Seems he doesn't like Azar all that much either. This will
    complete "Berengar's Secret". Berengar can die during the battle but whether he
    lives or dies makes no difference.
    	-If Berengar was killed...well...there's only one target for Azar to go
    after.  This will complete "Berengar's Secret".
    -Fighting Azar can be difficult, but using Yrden can severely weaken him. As
    stated previously, he really likes to use knockdown, so willow is a must.
    He may also blind once or twice, but its nothing to worry about. He's immune to
    knockdown effect and stun, so there won't be any one shot kills. Use strong
    steel and if a combo gets interrupted, knock him down with Aard or light him
    up with Igni and start again. The fight takes roughly 2 minutes if using the
    rune sihill blade. Do keep an eye on where he is as well. There is the
    possibility of actually knocking him off the platform when he dies which can
    make retrieving his body very difficult. And in order to progress, there is a
    quest item that must be taken from his corpse.
    -After he's dead, walk near the mirror to get a most unexpected surprise.
    "Witchers' Secrets" will update after the little chat with the mirror, then
    Geralt stereotypically breaks the mirror and will pop up back outside. Talk to
    the helper and then meet them at the docks when ready to leave. Time to go back
    to the Temple Quarter and so ends chapter 5 and the Epilogue begins.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The druids want 10 vials of bloedzuiger blood.  Plenty roam the swamp cemetary.
    -Once 10 vials are in hand, head over to the druid cave in the swamp cemetary.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -The mercenary captain, Jean-Pierre, that will be standing at the entrance to
    the swamp cemetary after Geralt has been there once, wants 6 bruxae blood. They
    can be found in some of the crypts during the Raven's armor hunt. Also, good
    many of them roaming near the chapel at night.
    -Once 6 have been maimed and drained, visit Jean-Pierre in Old Vizima.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Refugees in the swamp cemetary, sitting directly next to the chapel in the
    graveyard, want 5 cemetaur jaws.  Its their version of revenge for the cemetaurs
    eating their friends. If neutral, during the journey to take Shani to the Swamp
    Cemetary, many should bar the path.  If not, they can be found in the alley next
    to Kalkstein's place and in the crypts of the Swamp Cemetary.
    -Once all 5 have been nabbed, head over to the chapel to deliver the jaws and
    collect the bounty.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Kalkstein wants 2 saliva for who knows what.  Once again, if neutral, some
    can be found on the way to lead Shani to the swamp.  If not, they're in the
    crypts in the swamp cemetary, and near the chapel at night.
    -Once 2 have been slain, head over to franken-Kalkstein for the reward.
    THE FLAME THAT CLEANSES (Order of the Flaming Rose Allegiance Quest)
    -First order of business is to make sure the order isn't slaughtering civilians
    like Zoltan claims.  So up to the boardwalk to fight through some scoia'tael.
    -At the bottom of the stairs once reaching Old Vizima, White Rayla is waiting.
    Turns out she caught Toruviel and did some rather unpleasant things to her. She
    then makes a bet that Geralt can't kill more Soia'tael than her. So time to
    collect some tails on the way to the hospital. 20 are needed which can be a bit
    difficult to get with the scoia'tael constantly attacking. Just back off into
    an alley till out of combat and then go after bodies. Any nonhuman that Rayla
    fells won't have a tail on them.  But just about any other one killed by Geralt
    or a knight will have a tail.
    -After getting into the hospital, Rayla will throw a fit about how Geralt
    couldn't possibly have killed more squirrels than her and then she'll mention
    Raven's armor and point out their armorer. Now for some great fun in getting to
    watch Siegfried writhe a bit. when he's done whining, its Shani's turn, then
    time to follow a knight to a striga.
    -After dispatching the mutant, talk to Kalkstein and get updates to this quest
    as well as "Her Highness the Striga" and "Sweet Revenge".  Go back over to the
    hospital for a nice little chat with Shani, during which some scoia'tael will
    bust in. Kill them all and once able, head outside to back up Rayla.
    -After helping Rayla out front of the hospital, she'll lead to the Order's base
    of operations for a nice little cut scene.  A soldier will say to
    help with the barricade. Tell him in a minute and speak to Rayla. Choose the
    first option as saying she means herself and then choose the option to tame her
    another way to claim her sex card...which is rather disturbing.
    -After meditating, go outside for a cut scene with Siegfried.  He tells how
    Rayla is trapped at the barricade and to take the left path to reach her. After
    wiping out 2 groups of scoia'tael, potty mouth Rayla will show up. Continue
    along the same path with the little knights in tow trouncing anyone in the way.
    Once the barricade is reached, Rayla falls to an assassin's arrows.
    -Now finally in the swamp, mop up the bloedzuegers and then its freedom to do
    whatever for a while.  Might want to swing around and go back to the hospital to
    pick up the notice board quests. It would also be a good idea to visit the order
    armorer to get some details on Raven's gear. Taking a trip by the sniffling
    dentist to drop off teeth is another good idea so they don't accidentally get
    used in alchemy.  Now is also the best time to take care of all side quests and
    monster hunts.
    -Once everything is out of the way, head on over to the Old Manor and follow
    "Sweet Revenge" to progress.
    -Notice Board Quest
    -Once again, Kalkstein baffles with his strange requests. This time he wants 4
    death dusts from wraiths.  They can be found near the chapel at night.
    -After a few have been laid to rest, take a walk over to Kalkstein for some cash
    and experience.
    UNDER A FIERY SKY (Neutrality Quest)
    -This is only available if neutrality was chosen in Murky Water.
    -Zoltan says Shani is stuck at a field hospital in Old Vizima. So naturally,
    Geralt needs to break through the fighting and pull her out.
    -Head up the path and onto the boardwalk when ready to commence. Fight through
    the throngs of knights and nonhumans.  Once the door is reached, a cute little
    cutscene shows and strangely enough, off to the castle Geralt goes.
    -Once done in the castle and in Old Vizima, time to pick up and head toward the
    -Right after stepping onto soil from the stone wall, a nurse will approach.
    She'll ask to be escorted to the hospital.
    -First up, a group of scoia'teal and soldiers are going to halt progression.
    Kill them all till this quest updates and then talk to the nurses again to get
    them to move.  Most often, they will just stand around after the fight unless
    spoken to. Take them to the back entrance of the hospital where no one is
    fighting. Once inside, a soldier will come along after some forced dialogue
    with the nurses and Shani and say they've found Adda, updating "Her Highness the
    Striga".  No other option, so go deal with that immediately. Follow the soldier
    out the door. Careful on the way out.  Most likely will run directly into a
    fight outside the front door.
    -After coming to the tower, a cut scene will show with a creature, not Adda. It
    will jump down from the tower and engage in some wetwork. Fast style steel works
    well. After its dead, Kalkstein will explain about the nasty bugger.
    -With the mutant dead, go back to the hospital. On the way there, stop at the
    notice board if outside of fighting and pick up the quests. Once back inside,
    there will be a conversation with Shani.  Get ready though, a fight is about to
    break out. Some scoia'tael come to cause trouble.  Kill them all. Immediately
    afterward they're all dead, some knights come for a lesson in learning to knock
    before entering.
    -Follow Shani out the back and do away with a lot of necrophages. They shouldn't
    prove a problem though, so just truck on through the first crowd with group
    silver and then blow the carts out of the way with Aard.
    -Wipe out the next gaggle with group silver again and then blow the rubish
    blocking the path away and take on some more. Once again, group silver works
    very well.
    -Now after the third group, there's only 1 group left. Take a moment to get any
    health that's gone back and then carry on like the machine Geralt is. Once more,
    a cute little cut scene commences, this time involving White Rayla and then
    finally the swamp cemetary is open.
    -This quest finally finishes. Kill the bloedzuiger's that are coming and after
    they go down, get drawn into a conversation with the master of the flaming rose.
    After that, Shani leaves for the druid caves. Turn immediately around and go
    back to Old Vizima. There's a few things to finish. If some fun is on the
    itinerary, go back to the hospital and head upstairs. The front door is locked
    so enter through the back.  Remember the nurses?  They now have a special gift
    waiting with Shani out of the way. Talk to them for some strange conversation
    involving a hedgehog and then their sex card.
    WITCHERS' SECRETS (Ongoing Quest)
    -This quest will finish during the fight with Azar.
    WON'T HURT A BIT (Ongoing Quest)
    -Once the swamp cemetary is open, free reign is given, so go back to Old Vizima
    and locate the executioners tower. It should be right near the entrance to the
    swamp cemetary. The sniffling dentist is awaiting his teeth. Right now he
    should have:
    	Beasts Fangs > generic teeth found on dogs and other animals
    	Barghest teeth > comes from a barghest head from chapter 1 - Not
    required so don't sweat it if he doesn't have them.
    	Cemetaur teeth > comes from a cemetaur jaw
    	Fleder teeth > comes from a fleder fang
    -Hand over the alp fangs and the devourer teeth.  Nearly done.
    -The last tooth needed is from Zdenek, the fistfighter!  In order to get it,
    "Fistfight" must be finished.  For all of the gathering and saving and waiting,
    the reward is the Mahakaman Rune Sihill. A steel blade with 100% damage that
    penetrates opponent armor. Arguably the best steel blade in the game. And
    there's only 2 other ways to obtain it, this being the easiest.
    This chapter starts with only 3 quests, but another is picked up with the first
    dialogue. Allegiance will dicatate who is present as well as a helper for the
    first half. If neutral, it'll be a chat with Triss. The Order gets Siegfried,
    and the scoia'tael will get Yaevinn. Dandelion is also present, thinking about
    his next ballad.
    -Starts once Geralt reaches the Ice Plains.
    -Remember that white frost everyone was talking about? Here it is. This place is
    a straight shot so run forward. Depending on who the love interest was, either
    Triss or Shani will show up after the first encounter and explain that it isn't
    really the white frost, but a vision conjured up inside the grand master's head.
    Yeah, he's that crazy. She'll also tag along to give a hand during the fighting
    ahead. Once the dialogue is over, head forward to deal with some skullheads.
    Strong silver style works well on them.
    -Abigail will be the second person encountered.
    	-If she was helped in chapter 1 she'll throw some verbal abuse and
    depeding on how she's answered, 5 tawny owls and swallows will be up for grabs.
    	-Now if she was left to the mercy of the villagers, she's not going to
    be so friendly and will attack. After she dies, a half a dozen barghest will
    show up. Kill all of them and move forward.
    -After the encounter with her, just before entering the cave, more skullheads
    show up.  Once they're down, zip on in to the cave to have another chat with
    the grand master.  He loves hearing his own voice.
    -Inside the cave will be some Wild Hunt Wraiths.  At the end of the cave, if
    neutral and gave Celina the wreath of immortelles in chapter 4, she's got a
    little gift. Tell her its hard to act contrary to feelings and she'll give an
    effect that restores vitality with every kill.  Isn't she sweet?  Now if
    aligned with one of the factions, either Toruviel (scoia'tael) or White Rayla
    (order of flaming rose) will help out. Also, depending on the answer given to
    them, they may not follow but beef up Geralt's swords. Regardless of who shows
    up, head upwards and deal with the skullheads and wraiths switching between
    strong and quick silver styles. Yet another confrontation with the grand master.
    And just like before, all he wants to do is talk.
    -Now after the grand master leaves again, its mutant time. Switch up to fast
    steel style and push forward. Halfway up the hill, some old friends are going
    to pop up. If neutral, both Siegfried and Yaevinn along with a few knights of
    the order are going to bar the path. If aligned with the order, Yaevinn shows
    up with a few scoia'tael, meanwhile if aligned with Yaevinn, Siegfried is there
    with some knights. Once they're done, move onward.
    -After chopping down another mutant or two, Alvin shows up. He doesn't say
    anything and just vanishes after a moment.  Push onward some more and have
    another conversation with the grand master.  After a few more mutants, a bridge
    looms ahead.  If Adda was cured in chapter 5, she's going to lend a hand in
    striga form no less!  If Adda was killed, but Vincent was cured, he's going to
    help in werewolf form!  If both were killed, De Wett of all people shows up to
    help out.
    -Now after crossing the bridge there's a battle with an order commander that
    loves to stun and some greater brothers that use knockdown.  Drink down a full
    moon during the fight.  It will double health and leave vitality half filled.
    There's a reason for this being taken now. When all the enemies are finally
    dead, all of the helpers will part company and one last meditation session is
    given.  This is it, the final fight.  The reason for drinking the full moon was
    to allow health to completely replenish before the last fight.  Full moon also
    has a fairly high chunk of toxcicity attached to it, so meditating for a hour
    clears all toxcicity and the potion will still be active due to its long running
    -Once done meditating, throw on some wolverine, swallow, tawny owl, willow, coat
    both blades in a damage augmentation and prepare for a nasty fight.
    -The grand master is going to try to convice Geralt once more to side with him,
    so choose whatever answer catches the eye. When that finishes, the grand master
    is going to run off like a girl and leave the fighting to a group of mutants.
    Group steel works very well to thin their numbers and once down to a manageable
    state, switch up to fast and finish them off individualy. After the mutants are
    dead, its finally a face-to-face with the grand master and a bunch of ifrits.
    Best to swap out to fast silver to get the ifrits down. They'll become active
    1 at a time while the grand master is still pounding away. If two or more join
    the fray, don't bother switching to group silver. They have a high dodge rate.
    Simply focus on one ifrit at a time using Aard to push the grand master back.
    If focusing solely on the grand master, the ifrits will constantly break
    chains and possibly wittle health down far enough to kill. Also, do not get
    surrounded by the grand master and ifrits. If they are able to surround for any
    extended amount of time, they'll drain health fast. Once all the ifrits go down,
    if the grand master is still standing, switch out to strong steel and finish him
    off.  Alone, he's quite the pansy. At this point the Wild Hunt shows up.
    -There is a choice to make after listening to the Wild Hunt. Either turn the
    grand master over to the Wild Hunt, or don't.
    	-If refusing to give up the grand master, the Wild Hunt must be killed.
    For one reason or another, he's actually very easy. Use strong silver and pound
    away at him. The hits he gives should be few and far between. The only possible
    worry is that he summons wild hunt wraiths to help him. Ignore them if there's
    only 1, but if he gets 2, then switch to group silver. When they're dead, go
    back to strong style and finish him off. After that, its finally time to kill
    the fanatical grand master.
    	-If giving the grand master over to the Wild Hunt, Geralt still gets to
    kill him, but the Wild Hunt gives a little teaser about who the grand master
    really is. After the cut scene, Geralt is back at the order cloister with the
    grand master's lifeless body lying on the ground.
    -After the chat with Dandelion, loot the body to finish "Witchers' Secrets".
    Go to the door Dandelion is standing at to talk with him and learn something
    interesting.  Then there will be a choice from Dandelion and it really doesn't
    matter what is taken as the answer. Dandelion will give a narration of events
    that occur afterwards depending on which path of alignment/neutrality was taken
    and then a lovely little fmv cut-scene will play showing Geralt finally getting
    paid the 8 thousand gold and a teaser of things to come. Congratulations, Game
    -Its time to tell King Foltest about either killing or saving Adda.
    	-If she was saved, a lot of thanks come.  There will also be a nice
    cut-scene telling of how Witchers get more satisfaction from curing rather than
    	-If she was killed, Foltest is a bit on the mean side and Radovid is
    none to pleased either, but no dire consequences come from cutting her down
    aside from some political strife between Foltest and Radovid.
    -After speaking with Foltest this quest will close.
    IDENTITY (Ongoing Quest)
    -Right now there should be something concerning Triss or Shani depending on
    which one was selected as the love interest.
    -Walk toward Foltest to have a long chat.
    -After the talk, "Witchers' Secrets" will update along with this quest and "Her
    Highness the Striga" will finish.
    -The new mission is to kill the grand master. Walk over to Dandelion who will
    store things and when ready, go past Dandelion with helper in tow. Another
    option is presented at the corner.  
    	-If neutral, Siegfried is going to come along with some mutants. Chose
    the top option about turning civilians into food and he'll attack. Choose the
    other option and he'll let the civilians go and Geralt can pass without a fight.
    	-If aligned with the Scoia'tael, he's going to attack.
    	-If aligned with the order, there will be a couple knights and a greater
    brother that must be killed.
    -After the confrontation, head over to the Refugee and into the door to find
    some very familiar faces. Have a seat at the fire and make a Golden Oriole. A
    fight involving a creature that loves to poison is coming. After resting up,
    talking to everyone, and taking care of any potion or talent needs, head
    downstairs and loot the box for a key to the sewers and a recipe that will be
    used very soon.
    -Going through the door opens into another home with some wraiths and a bruxa.
    Do away with them using group style or fast style steel and head upstairs. The
    madman will point toward the window as the way out. Once outside, another
    encounter awaits.
    	-If neutral, Yaevinn will be waiting. The top option makes him attack.
    The bottom option keeps a fight at bay and he'll even help out on the next group
    of mutants that is coming quickly.
    	-If aligned with the order, Yaevinn spouts a few words about Toruviel
    and then attacks.
    	-If aligned with the scoia'tael, Vizima guards will be outside to give a
    short lived hand.
    -After the encounter, a wounded knight will be paused upon. Go check him and get
    a key to the sewers, then head into the door behind the pillar.
    -Remember that Golden Oriole potion? Its going to be used in the fight with the
    Zeugl. Go down the stairs and empty out into the sewers.  Whoever the helper is
    will have a few things to say.
    -Buff up with some wolverine, swallow, tawny owl and golden oriole. Treat the
    silver sword with some diamond dust if available. Now, in order to attack the
    Zuegl directly, its tentacles in the middle of the room have to be killed off.
    Once about a half dozen tentacles are cut off Zeugl will sprout his ugly head.
    Use strong style silver for both the tentacles and his head. If there happens to
    be three tentacles bunched together, go group style silver, but be sure to
    switch back to strong style when his head shows. It will take about three to
    five rounds of chopping up tenctacles before it dies. With the golden oriole
    making Geralt immune to poison, the fight is rather simple.
    -Once Zeugl is dead, move on toward the exit from the sewer. Stop at the
    campfire and whip up the zeugl venom into a potion before it eludes memory.
    There is only two or so more places to meditate before the end fight. When done,
    take the door out.  There's still a few greater brothers barring the path to the
    order cloister, but nothing serious. They go down rather fast with strong steel.
    -Once making it to the cloister doors, get ready to go at it alone. By one means
    or another, the helper is not coming with. Head inside the cloister and talk to
    the guards at the door. They'll of course deny entrance, so kindly stop their
    lives short for them. Take the key from either body.  There is a fireplace for
    meditation if any last needs arise.  There is only 1 more chance to meditate
    after this one and it can only be done once and is forced.  When ready, go
    through the doors for a very long cut-scene.
    -Once inside the Ice Plains, take a swallow if one isn't active and then move
    forward for a chat with the grand master. After he prattles on a bit, he'll
    run off like a little girl being bullied but leaves some ifrit's for Geralt to
    play with. This quest finishes and "Frozen Reflections" begins.
    WITCHERS' SECRETS (Ongoing Quest)
    -Kill the head hauncho in order to get everything back. Follow "The Ashes of
    Vizima" till reaching the ice plains, then follow "Frozen Reflections" to reach
    the last fight.
    -This quest will finally finish after killing the grand master of the order and
    looting his corpse.
    Sex Cards
    	Triss - When going to her room to give her the potion, choose the top 
    option both times.
    Chapter 1:
    	Abigail - Available at the very end of the chapter while in the cave.
    When speaking to her, offer to know her better.  If she's told the townspeople
    will be talked to, opportunity missed.
    	People of the Outskirts - Find a peasant woman wearing mostly green in
    the village before getting to the portion guarded by militia. She'll say how
    she likes travellers because the last one showered her with flowers.  Give her
    some tulips and tell her you want to go somewhere more befitting her beauty.
    	Vesna Hood - To get her, intervene outside of the fort surrounding the
    Inn at midnight. She'll be right in front of the sign post with men encirlcing
    her. Escort her home and when she gives her thanks, ask to meet her again. Go
    to the old mill at dusk with a bottle of wine. Her scene is actually quite
    Chapter 2:
    	Half-Elf - To get her card, do the quest "A Ghost Story" from the thug
    directly across from the warehouse near the Hairy Bear.  After finishing that
    quest, take a trip over to the non-human area.  Her house will show on the map.
    She'll talk about the elder language, so select to try it, then go with
    sunchild, and finish with no idea what she's said. She'll become embarrassed
    and then her card comes up.
    	Morenn - This little dryad can be found in the swamp forest at the druid
    grove.  In order to get her card, visit her during the quest "A Lost Lamb" given
    by Vaska. She'll tell of how only girls can be dryads and then she opens the
    door to obtaining her card. She wants a wolf pelt (actually looks like a head)
    to prove strength.  The pelt naturally comes from a wolf that can be found in
    the cave and sometimes around the druid grove. Once she gets the pelt, she
    mentions that witcher's are sterile. So now onto convincing her. Answer with
    "Intimacy without procreation can be good." then answer with "sex relieves
    stress..." to acquire her card.
    	Poor Townsfolk - There is a lady walking around by the name of Gossip.
    Keep asking her about the witcher in town.  Eventually Geralt will admit that
    the witcher she's talking about is him.  She'll ask for a gift to show her
    friends and the choice of a frock or a precious stone comes up.  If going with
    the frock, she wants a pair of gloves.  Either gold or red will work.  If going
    with the precious stone, she wants a diamond. After the gift, her card comes up.
    	Prostitutes - This includes the harbor whores, whores, prostitutes, and
    courtesans found throughout Temple Quarter and the Dike.  Simply pay them or if
    the quest "Working Girls" has been finished and the reward chosen was for favors
    instead of the gold, give them any flower.
    	Shani - After the party she puts together in "Old Friend of Mine", bring
    her red roses.
    Chapter 3:
    	Blue-eyed Girl - She can be found at the House of Ill Repute.  Simply
    pay her 500 gold or show her the signet ring obtained from Erkyl to lessen the
    amount to 300.  She will also accept a sapphire.
    	Clerks - Locate these mischievous girls upstairs in town hall. They go
    by the name Townclerk.  Talk to them until one doesn't go for the pickup line.
    Tell her she's a naughty girl and she'll say to bring her something.  Her only
    hint is "Guess what naughty, spoiled girls like?"  Give her a diamond to get the
    	Courtesan - Simply pay them the 500 gold or show them the signet ring
    obtained from Erkyl to lessen the amount to 300.  They'll also take diamonds as
    well as perfume. Their card is identical to the Blue-eyed Girl.
    	Merchants - A noblewoman in mostly red around Triss' house will ask for
    a part of a monster.  Give her a kikimore claw to get her card.
    	Shani - (Cannot be obtained if Alvin is sent to Triss) Send Alvin to
    her during "The Source".  She'll want a Silver Amber Ring.  Also, a few
    conversations with Alvin may be necessary before she accepts the ring.
    	Triss - (Cannot be obtained if Alvin is sent with Shani) Send Alvin to
    her during "The Source".  She wants a Gold Ruby Signet ring.  Like Shani, a
    few conversations with Alvin may be necessary before she accepts the ring
    	Vampiress - During the quest "Blue Eyes", while in the House of Ill
    Repute, agree to not kill them.
    	Townsfolk - Acquire this during "Dandelion's Lute" from Rozalind
    Pankiera in her home.  Tell her "You demonstrate that your..." followed by "If
    you give up..." continued with "I would stop short of..." and finish with "Can
    I cheer...".  She'll tell an interesting little bit of gossip she's heard and
    then answer her with it causes tingling to get her card.
    Chapter 4:
    	Celina - She can be encountered simply by going to the Inn during the
    quest "The Heat of the Day". She will be having an argument out front with
    Julian and then he'll leave her alone.  Just approach her and she'll flat out
    proposition Geralt.  Give her any ring to get the card.
    	Elves of Murky Water - Find the elf woman in the cave and give her food
    such as a chicken, mutton leg, etc. after finishing "Daily Bread".  If she's
    given fruit or fish, she'll get extremely mad.
    	Lady of the Lake - She takes a little time. First ask her what happened
    to the hosts of knights.  She'll tell of the holy grail.  Afterwards, take a
    trip over to the Fields and ask the Hermit there all about the grail.  Listen to
    his 3 stories on them, then go back to the Lady of the Lake and tell her of a
    quest of tantamount importance that must be undertaken. When she gives her stern
    warning, tell her it was just a jest. It'll lead to some rather amusing dialogue
    and her card. This needs to be done before killing Dagon.  Once Dagon dies and
    she's told of it, she vanishes.
    	People of Murky Water - One of the peasant women either wandering around
    town or listening to Dandelion play at the Inn will flat out proposition Geralt.
    She wants something sweet, so give her a sugar doll to get her card.
    Chapter 5:
    	Nurses - (Only available if neutral) After seeing Shani off in the swamp
    cemetary, head back to the hospital. Use the back door and go upstairs. Talk to
    the nurses for some strange conversation involving a hedgehog and then their
    sex card.
    	Toruviel - (Only available if aiding the scoia'tael) Wait until after
    the fight directly outside the hospital with her. She'll lead to the scoia'tael
    base.  An elf will immediately start to chatter once inside. When the
    opportunity arises, tell him "I must speak to Toruviel". During the conversation
    with her, choose "I see"  and then "Your wish is my command" for her sex card.
    	White Rayla - (Only available if aiding the order) After helping her
    outside the hospital, she'll lead to the order base.  Once inside, a knight will
    chatter on. When the opportunity comes up, tell him "I must speak to White
    Rayla". During her conversation, choose the first option as saying she means
    herself and then choose the option to tame her another way to claim her sex
    Credit Where Its Due++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Seorin's Alchemy Combination Guide - Fisstech recipe taken from this lovely
    Big error in "Hot Potato" pointed out by RbtMatrix. Thanks much to him!
    Update History++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    	Update 1.1:
    Couple grammatical errors corrected
    Numerous quests tweaked
    Major fix to "Hot Potato". Had the quest listed as impossible to finish if the
    scoia'tael are allowed to take the goods in chapter 1. This was wrong and is
    now correct.

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