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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JaggedJim

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 08/01/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          |   Beyond Divinity Walkthrough    |
                          |          By: JaggedJim           |
                          |       Date: August 1, 2004       |
                          |           Version: 0.3           |
     This is my walkthrough for Beyond Divinity. You can find the latest version
     of this walkthrough at:
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||E-mail Notice|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     If you have any questions, comments, or you have something you want added to
     this guide then feel free to email me at “jagged_jim@yahoo.com” (without the
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    -I am notoriously bad at checking email. (...and even worse at answering it)
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    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Table of Contents|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Version History [#001]
    Introduction [#002]
    Character Guide [#003]
    Battlefields [#004]
    Skills [#005]
    Hints and Tips [#006]
    Walkthrough [#007]
       -Act I: Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand! [#007.1]
       -Act II: Imprunner [#007.2]
    Frequently Asked Questions [#008]
    Miscellaneous [#009]
    Contributors [#010]
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Version History [#001]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    0.1 – 5/15/04
    0.3 – 8/1/04 – After rushing through Act II I went back through it more
                   thoroughly this time and added a bunch of stuff I missed. I
                   also filled in the skill section detailing who to use Alchemy
                   and Enchanting. Unfortunately, This will probably by my last
                   update of this guide for a while, due to some personal reasons.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Introduction [#002]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     Beyond Divinity is the follow up to Divine Divinity, (or just Divinity, as
     it’s affectionately known) a great RPG that was sadly overlooked by far too
     many people. This game uses the same engine that Divinity does but with
     various improvements. (Like the 3d character models) It also continues
     Divinity’s tradition of deep game play to go along with fast-paced combat. In
     Beyond Divinity the game play takes a turn toward more Ultima-style depth,
     focusing more on puzzles and quality of opponents over “how many enemies can
     you kill in a minute.” So if you are just looking for a mindless
     hack-and-slash action game, go elsewhere.
     There are three different retail versions of Beyond Divinity floating around
     out there. All three versions contain the same game, but you can get some
     neat extras depending on where you purchase Beyond Divinity. The first
     version contains a sixty page novella entitled “Child of the Chaos,” sold
     exclusively at Best Buy outlets. This novella covers the events that happen
     in between Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity. The second version has the
     Full Version of Divine Divinity, which is sold at Electronics Boutique and
     Game Stop outlets. (I’ve also heard that you can purchase this version at
     Fry’s Electronics, but I can’t verify that because there isn’t a Fry’s
     Electronics outlet in my area) Finally there is a version without any extras
     sold pretty much everywhere else. (Note that this only applies to the US
     release of Beyond Divinity. I don’t have a clue how this is handled outside
     the US or by online retailers.) There will be a sticker on the box telling
     what extras (if any) you get.
     One interesting thing to note is that although this game is rated M (17+)
     here in the US, the violence level is at the exact same level as it was in
     Divinity. (...which was rated Teen) The only reason that I can think of for
     this rating boost are the various dismembered corpses that are in the
     background of certain areas.
    ===========|Differences between Beyond Divinity and Divine Divinity|===========
     This is a list of the things I noticed that were different between the games.
    -You have an actual party now. The addition of the Death Knight (and to a
     lesser extent, the Summoning Dolls) adds a whole new dynamic to the game.
     (Especially since its Game Over if only one of you dies...)
    -New Statistics. There is now Survival (Adds to elemental resistances and
     regeneration rate) and Speed (raises evasion and... uh... speed) to go along
     with Strength, Agility, Constitution, and Intelligence.
    -New Elemental types. Joining the old standbys Fire, Poison, and Spiritual
     this time is Air, Water, Earth, and the more exotic Ethereal, Shadow, and
     Bone Elements.
    -Vitality and Mana regenerate. In Divinity the only way restore Vitality or
     Mana was to drink a potion or rest.
    -You need food to be able to rest. 
    -Battlefields. These are randomly generated areas that will give you a chance
     for more experience and goodies.
    -A totally redone skill system. Before you can use a skill it must either be
     found in a Skill Book or purchased from a trainer. You also don’t have to
     worry as much about wasted skill points, as you can remove unused or weaker
     skills and get the skill points you spent back.
    -There are a LOT more puzzles out there this time around.
    -The difficulty of battles has been bumped up significantly. Most fights will
     require the use of strategy (GASP!) and tactics (SHOCK!) to win.
    -Summoning Dolls. When you acquire a Summoning Doll you can use it at any time
     to summon an extra member to your party. These summoned characters have their
     own inventories, equipment and statistics.
    -The Inventory, Equipment, and Statistic windows have all been combined into a
     single super-window. Although it’s nice to have all of your character
     information in one place, the window does tend to obscure the screen.
    -The Crystal Bag. When you find this Bag early in the game you can place
     crystals inside to raise the resistances of whoever is carrying the bag.
    -In a bit of a strange design decision, charms and crystals do NOT list what
     bonuses they give when applied. The only way to figure out what a charm or
     crystal does now is to apply it and see what changes. (Well, at least you
     don’t need to waste skill points to be able to apply charms now...)
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Character Guide [#003]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    It’s a character guide...
    ===================================|The Hero|==================================
     This is you, a servant of the Divine One who get captured and bound to a
     Deathknight for all eternity. Beyond Divinity uses a class-less system, so
     start by choosing the appearance of your avatar. (These choices are just for
     aesthetics, so don’t worry about them too much.) After this you need to
     allocate stat points, you can use one of the templates or allocate them
     yourself. Now just select a starting skill and your set.
    ===============================|The Death Knight|==============================
     Fortunately, the death Knight you have been bonded to isn’t exactly thrilled
     with the prospect of spending eternity bound to you either. Well, anyways,
     the Death Knight is more or less created just like the Hero is, but you can’t
     change his appearance. (...or name) Also, if he selects same starting skill
     as hero does then you get some bonus skills.
     When you are playing remember that the ONLY equipment that Death Knight can
     use are: weapons, amulets, rings, and belts. To compensate for this Death
     Knight gets a natural armor bonus that increases as he gains levels, but this
     bonus is usually smaller than what he would get if he could wear a full suit
     of the best armor available.
     You want to build Death Knight so he complements Hero’s skills well. So if
     Hero is a Melee character then have Death Knight be a Mage, and if Hero is an
     Archer than have Deathknight be a Melee character.
    ===============================|Summoning Dolls|===============================
     Finally, if you find a Summoning Doll in your travels you can use it at any
     time to summon a temporary party member. These Dolls will function exactly
     like a third party while they are summoned, with their own inventories,
     equipment, and statistics. There are four Summoning Dolls scattered
     throughout the game, one per act.
     To summon a doll, just click on it in your inventory and the Doll will be
     summoned. The Doll will stay around until it dies or you leave the area it
     was summoned in. You can also click on the Doll again to un-summon it if you
     When Summoning Dolls are killed (or un-summoned, or if it goes too far away
     from the area where it was summoned) it will suffer a respawn penalty for
     about 15-30 seconds afterwards. If you summon the Doll before this penalty is
     up it will have reduced stats.
     Summoning Dolls do NOT level up like the Hero and Death Knight do, instead
     you must first spend skill points on the [Summoning Doll>Upgrades>Level
     Upgrade] skill. Then go to the Doll’s inventory screen and you will see a
     button next to its level, click on this button to raise the Doll’s level.
    _____________________________Act I Doll (Skeleton)_____________________________
    -Found: Complete the Poisoned Imp quest. Horex will unlock a hatch that has
            this doll in it.
    -Starting Stats:
         -Strength:     2
         -Agility:      2
         -Constitution: 1
         -Intelligence: 2
         -Survival:     2
         -Speed:        2
    ______________________________Act II Doll (Demon)______________________________
    -Found: Kill the Spider Queen in the Forest to the northeast of the Imp
            Village and she will drop this doll.
    -Starting Stats:
         -Strength:     16
         -Agility:      12
         -Constitution: 12
         -Intelligence:  6
         -Survival:      6
         -Speed:         8
    -Note: This doll can only equip Amulets, Rings, and Belts.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Battlefields [#004]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     Another new addition to Beyond Divinity is the randomly-generated
     Battlefields. After you have found a Battlefield Key you can warp to the
     Battlefield at any time by selecting the “Enter Battlefield” option under
     Secondary skills.
     When you enter a Battlefield you will start in a small encampment with
     merchants that you can sell to. They will also give you some simple quests.
     (Kill X monster and/or find Y item)
    -WARNING: There have been reports of a bug that prevents you from leaving a
              Battlefield. The latest patch will fix this, IF you reload to a save
              that was made before you encountered this bug. (It won’t fix this if
              the save was made after you have encountered this bug)
    -WARNING: The Battlefields are reset whenever you enter a new Act. Anything
              left behind in the battlefield will be deleted, so make sure you
              don’t leave anything you want behind when you change Acts.
    ==========================|Battlefield Key Locations|==========================
     Of course, if you want to be able to do anything in the Battlefields you will
     need to find the various Battlefield Keys. Each key you find will open a
     single dungeon in the Battlefield. (...and you won’t be able to even access
     the Battlefield until you find your first Battlefield Key) Each Key will also
     unlock all of the previous dungeons in a Battlefield, so don’t worry too much
     about missing a Key.
    -Note: You do NOT need to take the keys with you, just clicking on the key
           once and getting the message that a new Battlefield dungeon has been
           opened is sufficient.
     And so, here is the list.
    _____________________________________Act I_____________________________________
     -Level 1 Key: Inside a locked chest in the prison area where you start the
                   game. The key to this chest is found inside the arena on the
                   Prison level.
                   It is just sitting out there in the open in the room
                   immediately after exiting the Maze level.
     -Level 2 Key: Inside a small side room in the Deathknight patrol area of the
                   Citadel Training Grounds. The key is hidden behind some debris,
                   so use the Alt key to find it.
     -Level 3 Key: Inside the east treasure room in Samuel’s Lair.
    _____________________________________Act II____________________________________
     -Level 1 Key: Dropped by a Prison Beast in the Prison where you rescue the
                   Chieftain’s Son.
     -Level 2 Key: Inside a chest that is in the Pit where you rescued the Female
                   Imp’s Brother.
     -Level 3 Key: Lying out in the open in the Northwestern Forest.
     -Level 5 Key: Inside a cocoon to the west of the Spider Queen’s Lair in the
                   Northeastern Forest.
                   Inside a hidden room in the Lich Cave in the Southwestern
     -Level 6 Key: Inside a cave that can be only reached by using your Teleporter
                   Stones in the Southeastern Lava Fields.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Skills [#005]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    ============================|Alchemy and Enchanting|===========================
     The Alchemy skill in Beyond Divinity works differently than it did in
     Divinity. Rather than drag and dropping Empty Flasks onto mushrooms, you use
     Alchemy Plants to make potions. Alchemy Plants come in seven different
     colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow. You also need to
     have skill points in the [Survival>Alchemy>Extract] skill.
     To make a potion you need to have the person with the Alchemy skill selected
     as the leader, (It will only work if the leader is selected) then right click
     on one of the Alchemy Plants (it doesn’t matter which one) and you will open
     the Alchemy Laboratory window. Select the strength of the potion, then just
     select what type of potion you want to make and the potion will be made. The
     types of alchemy plants that need to make each potion are:
      -Vitality:     Blue + Red
      -Mana:         Green + Purple
      -Stamina:      Orange + Grey
      -Strength:     Blue + Red + Yellow
      -Agility:      Green + Grey + Orange
      -Constitution: Orange + Purple + Yellow
      -Intelligence: Green + Grey + Purple
      -Survival:     Blue + Green + Red
      -Speed:        Orange + Grey + Yellow
    -Note: Making a potion will use up a single Alchemy Plant of each type
           regardless of the strength of the potion. For this reason you want to
           make your potions as strong as possible.
     During your travels you will come across Holy Water now and then, it is also
     (rarely) sold by the Battlefield merchants. These will allow you to make
     Permanent potions regardless of your Alchemy level. You still need the proper
     alchemy plants to do this, and the Holy Water is consumed when you make the
       Combining Potions
    When you put skill points into the [Survival>Alchemy>Combine] skill
     To enchant a piece of equipment you will need to have some charms and a piece
     of equipment that can be enchanted. (It will have “Charm Quality: #” in the
     item description) Unlike in Divine Divinity, you do NOT need to have a skill
     to be able to apply charms, so you can apply charms as soon as you find some
     charms. Make sure that the item you want to apply charms is equipped, and
     then click on the item to open the Charm Window. Make sure the Charm Window
     is next to the inventory window (so that it doesn’t get obscured when you
     click on the inventory window) and drag and drop charms from your inventory
     to the charm window.
    -WARNING: You can NOT remove charms once they are placed!
       Charm List
     “So, what the heck do these charms do?” For some reason charms in Beyond
     Divinity don’t list the bonuses they give when applied. To figure out what a
     charm does look at the name of the charm. The first phrase (and the color)
     tells the strength of the charm, while the second phrase tells what stat is
     raised. The chart below tells the effect of every single charm in the game. 
                    |    Uru    |    Ser     |    Min     |    Pag     |    Yit
                    |  (Green)  |  (Cobalt)  |  (Bronze)  |  (Silver)  |   (Gold)
          Umn       |    +20    |    +40     |    +60     |    +80     |   +100
       (Vitality)   | Vitality  |  Vitality  |  Vitality  |  Vitality  | Vitality
         Iceri      |    +20    |    +40     |    +60     |    +80     |   +100
         (Mana)     |   Mana    |    Mana    |    Mana    |    Mana    |   Mana
          Ydra      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
       (Strength)   | Strength  |  Strength  |  Strength  |  Strength  | Strength
          Joph      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
        (Agility)   |  Agility  |  Agility   |  Agility   |  Agility   |  Agility
          Vorr      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
     (Constitution) |   Con.    |    Con.    |    Con.    |    Con.    |   Con.
          Koor      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
     (Intelligence) |   Int.    |    Int.    |    Int.    |    Int.    |   Int.
          Zand      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
       (Survival)   | Survival  |  Survival  |  Survival  |  Survival  | Survival
          Ook       |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
     (Regeneration) |   Reg.    |    Reg.    |    Reg.    |    Reg.    |   Reg.
          Ustr      |    +1     |     +2     |     +3     |     +4     |    +5
        (Evasion)   |  Evasion  |  Evasion   |  Evasion   |  Evasion   |  Evasion
          Isos      |    +5     |    +10     |    +15     |    +20     |   +25
      (Durability)  | Durability| Durability | Durability | Durability | Durability
    -Note: The Isos charm is different than the other because it will raise the
           Maximum Durability of the item it is placed rather than giving your
           character any kind of stat boost.
       Crystal Bag
     The Crystal Bag you find during Act I allows you to place elemental crystals
     inside that will raise your resistances. The bag can hold up to five crystals
     at a time, just drag and drop the crystals into the bag and you’re good to
     go. Since the name of the crystal says what resistance the crystal raises in
     its name I won’t bother to list them.
      -Small Crystal:    +2 to Resistance
      -Medium Crystal:   +4 to Resistance
      -Large Crystal:    +6 to Resistance
      -Larger Crystal:   +8 to Resistance
      -Huge Crystal:     +12 to Resistance
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Hints and Tips [#006]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    -Always keep the Automap on. The Automap is an invaluable tool for exploring,
     as it not only shows the surrounding areas but all nearby creatures too,
     whether they are friend or foe.
    -The developers of this game gave you a pause key, USE IT!
    -Save often, and also keep backup saves. I always try to keep one backup save
     from the beginning of an Act, (or right at the end of the previous Act) and
     one save whenever you enter a new area. This reduces the chance of screwing
     something up and needing to restart.
    -Keep an eye on the enemy’s resistances. If you don’t seem to be doing any
     damage to your opponent try switching to a weapon or spell that does a
     different damage type. (This is why you want to keep a variety of weapon and
     spell types handy.)
    -Battlefields are a fantastic source of the holy trinity of RPGs. (money,
     experience, and STUFF!) Be sure to take the time to clear them out after you
     unlock them.
    -Remember that you can unlearn skills. If you are unhappy with how a skill is
     working or you want to free up skill points for a better skill then you can
     delete it and get the back the skill points you spent on the skill. (It does
     cost money to do this, however)
    -Even if you don’t bother to upgrade your summoning dolls they can still be
     useful pack mules. (...and if you’re feeling mean, as trap-springers...)
    -PAY ATTENTION when people are talking. They will often give you clues on what
     to do next or how to complete a quest. And part of being a good Riftrunner is
     being able to follow directions.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Walkthrough [#007]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     Since this game is more linear than Divine Divinity was this walkthrough will
     be a bit more hand-holding than my Divinity guide was. All of the directions
     I give are based on the directions on a compass. (North means to the top of
     the screen, South to the bottom, West and East means to the left and right of
     the screen, respectively.) For the most part, I won’t tell you about enemy
     locations or how to fight them. You will just have to figure them out on your
     own. Also note that whenever I say Death Knight, I mean the Deathknight you
     have been Soul Forged to, while Deathknight refers any other Deathknight you
     encounter on your journey.
    -Note: You will NOT be able to return to an Act after you complete it. Make
           sure you do whatever you need to do before you move on to a new Act.
    SPOILER NOTE: Although I won’t try to tell you every little detail that
                  happens in the plot, I will NOT go out of my way to avoid
                  spoilers. I will give brief summaries of a couple important
                  scenes and dialogs in this guide so if you are trying to avoid
                  spoilers, don’t read ahead of the spot you need help in. You
                  have been warned.
    ===============|Act I: Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand! [#007.1]|===============
    Every story needs a beginning, and here’s this story’s beginning.
    ______________________________Citadel Prison Level_____________________________
     You start the game alone inside a prison cell with no items. Just sit tight
     for a few seconds and Death Knight will come and open your cell and start a
     conversation where he explains a little about what is going on around here.
     After you are done talking leave the cell and head south until you find a
     dead guard. (Presumably killed by Death Knight when he got out of his cell)
     Take the club lying on the floor (and give it to Hero so he has a weapon)
     then search his body to find four keys. These keys will unlock some of the
     prison cells in this area. (but not all of them...) Continue on to the south
     and west until you find another guard. Kill him and he will drop two keys
     that will unlock the rest of the cells here. (There is also a locked chest
     nearby which you won’t be able to open, yet.) If you search the cells in this
     area you will find:
     -Far Northeastern Cell: You start the game here. There is a bed to rest in.
     -Far Eastern Cell: Death Knight’s cell. There’s nothing special here.
     -Far Southeastern Cell: A Skeleton attacks you when you enter.
     -Middle Eastern Cell: A Minor Healing Potion is hidden behind some skulls.
     -Middle Western Cell: A Ghost attacks you here. Open a crack in the wall to
                           find a passage that leads to Edmond.
     -Far Northwestern Cell: A Mad Prisoner who thinks that you are Demons.
     -Far Western Cell: A Skeleton and a Bow with some Arrows.
     -Far Southwestern Cell: Move the Blanket here to find a hole.
     Go down the hole under the blanket in the Far Southwestern Cell ands follow
     the passage to the south. Be sure to loot the body of the Dead Imp for a
     piece of rope. When you reach the end of the passage Death Knight will ask
     you what you want to do now. Choose to use the rope from the Dead Imp to hang
     it up and then climb up to a new area.
     You come out in a small room. In the hallway beyond this room if you go to
     the north you will find a switch that will open a gate back to the prison
     area. The door to the east is locked so go south. In this room if you click
     on the Strange Skull sitting on a table here it will talk to you and ask you
     to kill Fergus in the next room. Agree to do this (you’re going to have kill
     him anyways, so why not?) and after killing him return to the skull for some
     experience and a helmet that increases luck. In the room to the west you will
     find Fergus yelling at an Imp for letting a prisoner die. (...too soon) When
     he sees you he will attack you, He can be tricky, as he is rather strong and
     you are still pretty weak. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do here
     other than go toe-to-toe with him and hope you can outlast him. After he dies
     take the Skill Book, ([Warrior>Craftsmanship>Identify>Equipment]) and the key
     he drops. Examine the painting in this room to open a passage to a room with
     a chest with a potion that adds a point to your Survival stat permanently,
     along with a Health and Mana Shrine. (You might also want to grab the barrel
     of coal that is sitting next to the painting while you are here; you are
     going to need it later.)
     Use the key that Fergus dropped to unlock the door to the west. Go to the
     room with the levers in it. Ignore the lever on the western wall for now and
     flip the four levers on the northern wall in this order: second from the
     left, far right, far left, second to the right. This will open the door to
     the next area. Now flip the lever on the western wall to disable a trap that
     was in the door you just opened. (Thanks to Wade Heisen for pointing out what
     the western lever does.)
     Go through the door you just opened (a trap will be sprung as you enter the
     door if you didn’t flip the lever on the western wall, so watch out) and
     continue on to the east until you run into some guards who will lock the door
     to the east before attacking. After you kill them the door to the east is
     still locked, so take the key that one of the guards dropped (this key
     doesn’t work on the eastern door, by the way) and retrace your steps until
     you reach the room with two locked doors.
     Use the key to unlock the door to the south and then in the next room flip
     the right lever to unlock the eastern door. (The left lever unlocks the
     western door which leads to the kitchen.) Through the door you will run into
     a group of guards who will attack you. Kill them all and take the key that
     one of them drops and return to the room with the locked door to the north.
     Go through the door and follow the hallway, you can open the first two cells
     with the levers on the wall, the third one is unlocked, (but you get ambushed
     by a Guard when you enter) and the other three need keys to open. (One is
     hidden under a barrel, one is dropped by a nearby Guard, and one is found on
     a table.) Continue on to the Arena, you can fight the spiders (*shudder*)
     here if you want, or just jump down the Pit to reach the second level of the
     Citadel. Before you jump, you can take the key you found in one of the spider
     pens and use it to unlock the treasure chest located in the Prison area where
     you started the game in to find some minor treasure and a Level 1 Battlefield
     Key. (You don’t have to backtrack just to get the Battlefield Key if you
     don’t want to, as you will find another Level 1 key as you progress through
     the Act.) There is a also a book here that is partially obscured by the
     Haystack here that is a part of a future quest, so you may want to grab it
     now to avoid having to backtrack.
    -Note: Once you jump down the hole you won’t be able to return to this level
           for a while, so be sure to take care of whatever you need to do before
           you leave.
       A Digging Ghost
     In the Middle Western Cell in the prison area there are some cracks in the
     northern wall that you can click on to create a hole. Go through the hole to
     reach an area with a ghost named Edmond wandering around. Edmond was trying
     to escape his cell by digging his way out. Unfortunately he died while he was
     digging, but he doesn’t realize that he is dead. Talk to Edmond and when you
     tell him he’s dead he will want proof, which you don’t have. You can get him
     to train you if you want, ([Wizard>Elemental Attack>Focused>Missile] (Level:
     5) 10 gold, and [Wizard>Elemental Defense>Individual>Resistance] (Level: 5)
     50 gold) then leave the hole.
     Go to the Middle Eastern Cell and there is a rat inside that Death Knight
     will arbitrarily attack. After you kill the poor thing it will drop a leg
     bone, (which is bigger than its body!) take the bone back to Edmond and he
     will finally realize that he is dead and vanish, leaving behind a Minor
     Healing Potion. (Be sure to get his training before you show him the bone, as
     you can’t do it after he vanishes.)
       The Thirsty Prisoner
     In one of the cells near the arena you will find a Prisoner who is half-dead
     from thirst. Offer to bring him some water, and then retrace your steps back
     to the kitchen area. Take the Bottle of Water sitting on one of the tables.
     (It looks different than the other Bottles of Water out there.) Take this
     bottle of water back to the prisoner for some experience and a skill book.
     [Survivor>Traps>Trap Detection]
    -WARNING: Do NOT drink the Bottle of Water you need to give to the prisoner,
              as you won’t be able to complete this quest. He won’t take any of
              the other bottles or mugs of water you find.
    ______________________________Citadel Lower Levels_____________________________
     This is a pretty straight-forward level. Be sure to search the area near
     where you enter thoroughly, as there is some great stuff here. To the north
     of the room you start in there is a chest with a Bedroll in it, (the key to
     this chest is hidden under a pillow on the nearby bed) which lets you rest
     whenever you use it. To the east of here is a room with a Skill Book
     ([Wizard>Body Magic>Defensive>Individual]) and some potions in it. In the
     easternmost room you will find the first Raanaar Language book, and if you
     move the packages in the northwest corner you will find a hidden lever that
     will move the giant statue, revealing a hidden passageway. Take the book
     (which I believe gives +50 max Vitality to whoever takes it) inside the
     passage and leave.
     When you’re done here make your way south until you reach the end of this
     path. Flip the switch here to open the door, then continue on and flip
     another switch to open the way to the stairs down to the Citadel Maze. You
     can’t open the door to the east just yet, so we’ll save that for later. There
     is also a key inside the table (That’s inside the table, not on the table)
     that will open the door to the nearby training grounds with some enemies to
     kill and treasure to find.
       The Poisoned Imp
     Near where you enter this level you will find an Imp named Horex who will beg
     you to help his brother Odox who has been poisoned. Horex tells you that he
     needs a tooth of the creature that poisoned Odox to be able to cure him.
     Horex is also the game’s first (non-battlefield) merchant, so be sure to sell
     any junk that you have picked up to him.
     In the center of the map you will find a small room with two exits and two
     switches on either side. When you flip either lever it will cause one of the
     doors to open, but will cause the other to close. To get through this room
     you will have send your characters through one at a time. Start by sending
     one character into the room while the second operates the lever. Once the
     first character is through the room have him operate the lever on his side so
     the second character can get through.
     Once you are past that mischief, continue on and you will find a locked door
     in the easternmost room. To unlock this door you will need to extinguish the
     lit torch to the north of the door. Inside you will be attacked by the “Bony
     Monster,” (a Giant Spider (*shudder*)) kill it and take the Poisonous Tooth
     that it drops.
     Leave this area the same way you came in and return to Horex. He will use the
     Tooth to cure Odox, then as a reward he will unlock a hatch. Inside the hatch
     you will find some gold along with your first Summoning Doll. Also, if you
     talk to Odox he will offer to train you. ([Warrior>Warrior Talents>Feign
     Death] (Level: 5) 400 Gold, [Summoning Dolls>Upgrades] (Level: 3) 400 gold)
    __________________________________Citadel Maze_________________________________
     When you first enter this level you will have a dialog with the Imp
     “Adventurer” Taxlehix. Get some training from him ([Survival>Thieving
     Skills>Pickpocket] (Level: 10) 900 Gold, [Survival>Thieving Skills>Lockpick]
     (Level: 10) 900 Gold, [Survival>Thieving Skills>Sneak] (Level: 10) 900 gold,
     [Survival>Thieving Skills>Poison] (Level: 10) 900 gold) then end the
     conversation and talk to him again. He will offer to play a game with you.
     Agree to his game and he will give you a riddle, answer “The middle one” for
     some experience.
    -Note: Immediately after playing his game Taxlehix will vanish, so be sure to
           take care of any business with him while you can.
     When you reach the eastern end of this you will see three exits, take the
     middle one (The other two have traps in them) and continue on to the hallway.
     Follow this hallway north (If you take the southern path you will end up at a
     dead end where you will be ambushed by a pair of Stone Gargoyles) and follow
     this hallway until you reach to a large room. The door is locked, but the
     lever to open it is located in the far northeastern corner of the room.
     Continue on and when you reach a locked door with two levers on the side flip
     the left one to open the door. Through the door you will find two more
     levers, flip the right one this time to open the next door. Go through the
     door and enter the portal here.
     You come out in a wooded area with a single building in the center. Before
     you can do anything a woman will come up and talk to you. After she is done
     talking take a look around if you want, then follow her inside the building
     and you will be ambushed by a group of skeletons. Kill them all, but keep in
     mind that the instant you strike the final blow you will be teleported to a
     new area. (So if you want to grab any loot you will have to leave a skeleton
     You end up in a very small room. There is not much to do here other than rest
     in one of the beds here and grab the hidden Yit-Iceri charm then flip the
     lever on the west wall to open the door to another portal.
     You are teleported to a small hallway. Follow this hallway to the north and
     west until you come to a room with a Skeleton Boss who after a brief
     conversation will attack you. After you kill him continue on until you enter
     a room where the door behind you will lock, trapping you inside while the
     room starts to fill with poisonous gas. (Fortunately, the gas doesn’t do a
     lot of damage.) Press up against the southern wall until you find an
     illusionary section of wall that you can pass through. Go through the
     illusionary wall and flip the lever here to turn off the gas and open the
     locked doors. (Also, if you break one of the poison barrels in the northeast
     corner of this room your character will actually get sick and start to vomit!
     Useless, but cool.)
     Continue on and follow the hallway until you reach the end. Here you will
     find the (blocked) exit surrounded by several Chained Skeletons. Talk to one
     of the Chained Skeletons and when you are given a dialog choice, choose to
     insult and threaten them and they will open the exit for you.
     When you go through the exit you come to a small room with a large book on a
     pedestal and another Level 1 Battlefield Key. Read the book if you want and
     then go up the stairs and you will reach another small room with six smaller
     side rooms and a statue blocking the stairs. To continue on you need to flip
     the levers in each of the six side rooms. If you flip the levers in this
     order: Northeast, East, Southeast, Southwest, West, and Northwest (basically,
     clockwise from the statue that blocks the stairs) you will cause the boulder
     in the center of the main room to vanish, revealing a hidden passageway. The
     passageway leads to a small room with several treasure chests and a lever
     that will cause the Statue blocking the way to disappear. (Thanks to Wade
     Heisen for the proper sequence) If you flip the switches in the incorrect
     order you will be ambushed by a Stone Gargoyle every time you flip a switch,
     and the statue will turn into an Earth Elemental and attack when all six are
     Take the now unblocked stairs up and you will come to yet another small room.
     Take the Crystal Bag here and then the center Key (if you take either of the
     other keys you will be attacked by a Stone Gargoyle) and a Teleport Stone
     (Which you can’t take with you, by the way...) will appear. Click on the
     Teleport Stone and you will be warped all the way back to the Citadel Lower
     You are teleported near where you entered the Citadel Maze. Use the key you
     just grabbed to open the door that you couldn’t before. Through the door are
     the stairs up to the Citadel Prison. Here you can flip a lever that will
     unlock the door that those guards blocked so long ago and allow you to access
     the prison level again. Climb the stairs up to reach the Citadel Training
    ____________________________Citadel Training Grounds___________________________
     When you first enter this level you will be attacked by a guard. Kill him and
     Death Knight will explain that it would be a good idea to avoid combat here.
     He will also give directions to some of the more important places on this
    -Note: Be sure to keep the Citadel Guard armor that this guy will (probably)
           drop. If you wear this armor then most guards on this level won’t
           attack you. This walkthrough will assume that you are wearing Citadel
           Guard armor for this next section.
     When you enter the hallway to the west Death Knight will warn you that you
     are entering a Deathknight Patrol area. As you go through this area you will
     be randomly attacked by a Deathknight Patrollers. This isn’t quite as dire as
     Death Knight makes it out to be, because although they are rather strong,
     they will only come at you one at a time so you should be able to handle
     them. If you use the Sneak skill in this area you will avoid being attacked.
     Death Knight will warn you every time you enter/leave the Deathknight Patrol
     Follow the hallway west, then take the first path north, and take the first
     path east. Duck into the small side room here, you are safe from the
     Deathknight patrols here and there is the Level 2 Battlefield Key buried
     under some debris. (Use the Alt key to find it.) Continue on to the north
     until you reach another side room, this one has three levers on the northern
     wall, flip the right, left, and then the center levers in that order to open
     the locked door up ahead. Continue on to the east and through the door you
     just opened to leave the Deathknight Patrol area.
     There are a couple of things to do here. First you can talk to the Military
     Instructor to get some (slightly skewed) information on the Raanaar, (Who he
     calls Riftrunners) and get some training. ([Warrior>Defensive Specialties>]
     (Level: 5) 210 gold) Then go to the Weapons Officer to “rent” some equipment
     (you can’t get all that wonderful loot he has piled up in the back of the
     room, sorry) and get some more training. ([Warrior>Craftsmanship>Repair]
     (Level: 5) 300 gold, [Warrior>Craftsmanship>Sharpen Weapon] (Level: 5) 300
     gold, [Warrior>Craftsmanship>Recover Arrows] (Level: 5) 300 gold,
     [Warrior>Craftsmanship>Identify] (Level: 5) 300 gold) Finally, in the
     southern room you will see an Altar with four Scribe Scrolls arranged around
     it. Click on all four (and ignore Death Knight’s protests) and you will
     release a Ghost who will attack. (There might be more to this, but I don’t
     When you are done here retrace your steps back to the room with the
     Battlefield key. Go west from here this time take the western route to reach
     the main training ground.
     As you wander around here you will be stopped by a Drill Instructor who will
     ask who recruited you. Answer “Chaos led me,” (If you choose any of the other
     responses he will attack) and you can also get him to train you if you want.
     ([Warrior>Melee Specialties>Two Handed>Slashing] (Level: 5) 500 gold,
     [Warrior>Melee Specialties>Two Handed>Piercing] (Level: 5) 500 gold,
     [Warrior>Melee Specialties>Two Handed>Crushing] (Level: 5) 500 gold)
     Go to the far northeastern corner of this room and flip a lever to open a
     door to the east that leads to the area with the infirmary. (You could have
     reached this area by taking the northern route in the Deathknight Patrol
     area, but this door can’t be opened from the other side, so you would have
     had to come back through the Patrol area to continue on.)
     To open the door to the west you will have to flip the four levers that are
     each located in small rooms at each of the four corners of this area. When
     they are flipped each lever will say a single word. Start with the lever in
     the northwestern room, (“Beware”) then the one in the southwestern room,
     (“Of”) next go to the one in the northeastern, (“The”) and finally the one in
     the southeastern room. (“Traps”)
     Go through the newly opened door to the west (There several rather nasty
     traps in this hallway, so tread carefully) until you reach another room. When
     you enter the center area here one of the soldiers will recognize you and
     attack. Kill the Lieutenant and his flunkies and the key that they drop. Use
     the key to open a locked door and flip the lever there to open a passage to
     the east. When you go through the passage you just opened you will be stopped
     by a guard who will attack. You come to a room with five levers in it. If you
     flip the far right switch you will be attacked by a Stone Gargoyle, so leave
     that one alone while you flip each of the other four levers twice to unlock a
     door to the west. Go back to the room you came from and continue on to the
     west and you will be stopped by another guard who will attack. Kill him and
     open the door you just unlocked to reach the stairs that lead up to the
     Citadel Barracks.
       The Parcours
     In one of the side rooms in the Deathknight Patrol area you will find a
     Hiding Soldier who will babble something about the Parcours before attacking
     you. After he is dead Death Knight will tell you a bit about these Parcours,
     it is a trap-filled maze that soldiers are thrown into as punishment, but
     sometimes they can try to make through for a prize if they are successful.
     Continue on to the main training grounds and talk to Laurel, he will offer
     you a chance to run through the Parcours. Say you will try and he will open a
     nearby door, go through it to enter the Parcours. Despite what you might have
     heard about this place it’s not that dangerous, you just have to keep an eye
     on your health and you should make it through just fine. When you make it out
     talk to Laurel again for some experience and gold.
       The Archery Champion
     In the southwestern part of the main training area you will come across the
     Archery Champion boasting about his l33t archery skillz. After he is done
     talk to Rupert and he will tell you that he thinks that the Archery Champion
     is cheating but he can’t prove it. Agree to help him out then talk to the Imp
     standing next the Archery targets. Accuse him of helping the Archery Champion
     and when he denies it, threaten to tell his master and he will admit to
     moving the targets. Go back to Rupert and tell him about the imp for
     experience and some money. You can also get training from Rupert.
     ([Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Bow] (Level: 5) 300 gold)
    -Note: After getting the Imp to confess you could instead go to the Archery
           champion and blackmail him into giving you some money. This will also
           complete the quest.
     Talk to the merchant who is located next to the Infirmary and he will ask you
     to help him out. Of course he won’t tell you exactly what he wants you to do
     until you agree to help him. He wants you to get back a book he sold to
     General Bram.
     Go up to the Citadel Barracks and near the entrance to Samuel’s Lair you will
     find Kegan who is guarding the door to Bram’s Quarters. He won’t let you
     pass, but he does mention something about bringing him some White Rum. You
     can find some White Rum in the room near the Recruit’s Bunks, where you
     solved the chess puzzle. Take the rum back to Kegan and he will drop the key
     to Bram’s Quarters on the ground. Pick up the key and enter Bram’s Quarters.
     Move the packages on the western wall to unblock a secret door and go down a
     hatch on the other side to enter General Bram’s Private Dungeon. Inside the
     far eastern cell you will find the book that you are looking for, but when
     you try to take it you will inadvertently release three of General Bram’s
     Victims who will attack you. When they are dead take the book and the Skill
     Book [Summoning Dolls>Upgrades] that the one of the ghosts drop. Go all the
     way back to the merchant who gave you this quest and he will give you a Two
     Handed Sword as a reward.
       The Laughing Guard
     Near where the merchant you brought the book to is located you can find a
     guard who will tell you about how he’s not allowed to laugh. Now you can
     either leave him alone or you can tell a joke to him. Either way you get
     experience, but if you told him a joke he will give some money to you to make
     you go away.
       The... uh... “Friendly” Medic
     After you talk to the medic at the Infirmary he will ask if you could find a
     book he lost. The book is located back on the Prison level, partially
     obscured by a Haystack in one of the Arena’s spider pens. (I wonder how it
     got there...) Take the book back to the medic and he will give a key to you
     that will open his dresser, inside are some potions and a Skill Book.
     ([Survival>Alchemy], [Wizard>Elemental Attack>Spread>Missile],
     [Wizard>Elemental Defense>Individual>Reflective], [Wizard>Elemental
     Defense>Individual>Resistance], [Wizard>Elemental Curses>Focused]) Also, be
     sure to grab the Sulfur that’s located on a table in the doctor’s office, as
     you will need it later.
    ________________________________Citadel Barracks_______________________________
     When you enter this level Death Knight will talk to you again about the
     Barracks level, giving you directions to certain areas on this level. You
     start out in the Officer’s Quarters, Go through the north hallway until you
     come to an intersection. Death Knight will warn you that there is another
     Deathknight patrol working up here, but it is not quite as bad as in the
     Training Grounds since there is only the single Deathknight Patroller
     wandering around.
     If you go to the north or to the east you will end up at the Forge, but the
     door is locked. Death Knight will tell you that Samuel has the key to the
     forge, so we’ll have to come back later.
     Go west and you will come to The Recruit’s Bunks, loot the area then continue
     to the south and you will reach the Kitchen and Bathrooms. You will run into
     a pair of guards who will stop you, then attack. Continue on until you reach
     the General’s Quarters, you will be stopped by another pair of guards, but
     you can bribe your way past them.
     Flip a nearby lever to open a door to the east. In the far eastern room there
     are four Guards who will attack you, but if you ring the Alarm Gong you will
     draw three of the guards into the gong room. You can then quickly circle
     around to the north and you will only have to fight the single guard that
     stays behind. The stairs in this room lead to Samuel’s Lair and the end of
     Act I.
       The Chess Maniac
     Near the Recruit’s Bunks you will find a soldier who will challenge you to
     solve a chess puzzle. Take a look at the chessboard, then talk to the soldier
     and he will ask what move you should make, answer “Knight d3 to e5” to solve
     the puzzle.
       Pest Control
     When you talk the Military Cook inside the kitchen he will complain about the
     rats that have gotten into the storeroom. He will say that he has sent out
     his Imp Rashax to exterminate the pests, but the coward has run off. He asks
     you to convince Rashax to do his duty. You can find Rashax hiding out in one
     of the bathrooms to the south of the kitchen. Try to convince him to kill the
     rats, but it won’t work, he is just too scared of the rats. He will finally
     ask you to take care of the rats for him. Agree to help him out and he will
     give you a key to the storeroom. Use the key that Rashax gave you to open the
     storeroom and kill the rats inside, (feel free to raid the storeroom while
     you are here) and return to the cook for experience. (Also be sure to grab
     the Barrel of Salt that is in the kitchen while you are here, it will be
     needed later.)
    __________________________________Act I Finale_________________________________
     When you enter Samuel’s Lair you will confront Samuel, but that confrontation
     is cut short when he is summoned away by a Necromancer, leaving you to deal
     with four elite Deathknights. Two of them will attack with Melee weapons,
     while the other two will stand back and pelt you with arrows. (They use Fire
     Arrows, so be sure to place any Fire Crystals you have into your Crystal
     Bag.) When all four are dead, take the keys that two of them dropped and use
     them to open the treasure vaults to the east and west. In the eastern vault
     you will find a sapphire key, (along with the Level 3 Battlefield key) and in
     the western vault is another key, take both keys and leave Samuel’s Lair.
     Use the Sapphire Key from the eastern vault to open a nearby locked door.
     There is a set of stairs in this room that will lead out of the Citadel and
     end Act I when you take them.
     There is another way to end the act, but first you will need to find three
     items: a Barrel of Coal, a Barrel of Salt, and some Sulfur.
     -Barrel of Coal: Inside the room where you fought Fergus on the Prison level.
     -Barrel of Salt: Inside the Kitchen on the Barracks level.
     -Sulfur: On a table inside the Doctor’s office in the Training Grounds.
     Take the Salt and drag and drop it onto the Coal to mix them together, then
     drag and drop the Sulfur onto the Salt and Coal mixture to make some
     In the far northern area of the Barracks there is a locked door leading to a
     Forge. Use the key you found in the western treasure vault of Samuel’s Lair
     to open the door. Inside you will be attacked by the Smith, kill him and
     Death Knight will mention that if you destroy the forge it will cause the
     entire Citadel to be flooded with lava. Drag and drop the Explosives you just
     made onto the Forge to get some experience and end Act I.
    -Note: There is no difference between taking the stairs and destroying the
           Forge other than the experience you get for destroying the Forge.
    ==========================|Act II: Imprunner [#007.2]|=========================
     After a narrow escape from Samuel and his Citadel, Hero and Death Knight both
     resolve to get as far away from this place as possible.
    __________________________________Citadel Isle_________________________________
     You start the Act standing outside of Samuel’s Citadel, on a small island in
     a lake of lava. Feel free to explore around a bit.
     To the northwest of your starting position you will find a pair of drunken
     soldiers. You can get training from one of them if you wish. ([Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>One Handed>Slashing] (Level: 10) 600 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>One Handed>Piercing] (Level: 10) 600 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>One Handed>Crushing] (Level: 10) 600 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>One Handed>Shadow] (Level: 5) 1200 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>One Handed>Bone] (Level: 5) 1200 gold)
     To the south of your starting position you will find Muro, The Tibar Hunter.
     You can talk to him and get some training, ([Survival>Traps>Convert
     Traps>Scorpion] (Level: 5) 750 gold, [Survival>Traps>Convert Traps>Explosive]
     (Level: 5) 750 gold, [Survival>Traps>Convert Traps>Trail Bombs] (Level: 5)
     750 gold, [Survival>Traps>Trap Detection] (Level: 10) 900 gold) but that’s
     about it.
     When you’ve finished looking around, go to the building to the southwest of
     your starting position and enter another Prison. (How many Prisons does one
     Arch Demon need, anyways?)
     When you first enter this level you are stopped by a Prison Guard who will
     mistake you for deserters and attack. (“We’re not deserters, we’re escapees,
     dammit!”) Take the key he drops and use it to unlock the far northeastern
     cell. Inside you will run into the Imp “Adventurer” Taxlehix again who will
     ask you to rescue another Imp that is locked up here before leaving.
     Take the key on the table in the western part of the map and use it to unlock
     the far southwestern cell. Inside the cell is the Chieftain’s Son who will
     Before you go, make sure to grab the key in the far southeastern cell and use
     it to unlock the cell next to it. Kill the Prison Beast inside and it will
     drop the Level 1 Battlefield Key.
     Leave the Prison and Taxlehix will show the way off the island, leading you
     to the Imp Village.
    __________________________________Imp Village__________________________________
     After you make it across the lava Taxlehix will run off, and the Chieftain’s
     Son will take you to see his father. After the rather chilly reception from
     the Imp Chieftain leave his house and talk to the Chieftain’s Son again and
     he will tell you about some of the problems the Imp Village is having. Ask
     him if there is a way to escape from this world and he’ll say that he will
     help you if you can cure the mysterious illness that is going around. This
     will be the main quest of Act II.
     You are now free to wander around the village. Unfortunately, the first time
     you try to leave the village in any direction you will suddenly be teleported
     You are teleported to the lair of a Necromancer, in fact the same one who
     sent you to Nemesis in the first place. He will explain that he has summoned
     you to find several crystal fragments for him. You also can buy stuff from
     him and get some training from him. ([Summoning Dolls>Upgrades>Level Upgrade]
     (Level: 6) 800 gold, [Summoning Dolls>Upgrades>Resistance Upgrade] (Level: 6)
     800 gold, [Summoning Dolls>Specials] (Level: 6) 800 gold) When you tell him
     you are ready and he will teleport you to the location of the first Crystal
     Fragment, which is inside an Abbey.
    ___________________________________The Abbey___________________________________
     After you are teleported here a Witch in a cell will talk to you. She will
     tell you that there is something amiss with the Paladins that are based in
     the Abbey. Get some training from her ([Wizard>Shaman Magic>Weather
     Magic>Lightning Storm] (Level: 5) 2500 gold) and leave her. To get out of the
     prison area flip the lever then send both characters into the next room and
     flip the lever there to continue on. You are confronted by an insane Paladin
     who will attack. After defeating him continue on and find the stairs in the
     northeastern corner of this map.
     You come up in the west wing of the Abby. Leave the west wing and cut across
     the courtyard to the east wing of the Abby. Inside the east wing, go north
     and take the key sitting on the table and use it to unlock the western door.
     You will find the Crystal Fragment sitting on the altar here.
     After clicking on the crystal fragment it will disappear. Sir Achim will then
     approach and ask what you are doing. Explain to him that the Crystal is bad
     news. You will be interrupted by a Paladin who will inform you that the Witch
     you met when you first came here has broken out of her cell and is causing
     havoc. Offer to help Sir Achim and get some training from him ([Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>Two Handed>Slashing] (Level: 10) 1000 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>Two Handed>Piercing] (Level: 10) 1000 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>Two Handed>Crushing] (Level: 10) 1000 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>Two Handed>Shadow] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>Two Handed>Bone] (Level: 5) 1100 gold) and head back down to the
     basement of the Abbey.
     Make your way back to the room where you fought the first Paladin and you
     will find the Witch. She will attack you, kill her and then report back to
     Sir Achim. When you are done talking to him you will automatically be
     teleported back to the Necromancer.
    -Note: You won’t be coming back to the Abbey. Make sure you have done what you
           wanted to do before you talk to Sir Achim.
     The Necromancer will thank you for helping you and you have one last chance
     to trade and train with him before he sends you back to the Imp Village.
    ______________________________Back in Imp Village______________________________
     Okay, now that we are back in the Imp Village we can get back to solving
     those quests we always seem to accumulate whenever we visit these populated
     To find a cure for the illness we must first find the cause of the illness.
     Visit the houses in the northwest of the village until you find the house of
     an Imp named Altoflix. He will say that that he’s been able to avoid becoming
     sick by avoiding the stench of the nearby Flooge Farms. When you leave
     Altoflix’s house you have a short conversation with Death Knight where you
     both agree that the Flooges are the cause of the plague. Go back to the
     Chieftain’s Son with your findings and he will say that the Village Alchemist
     could probably make a cure, but he has been banished by the Shaman. (hmm...)
     The Alchemist can be found in the Lava Fields to the southwest, and I’ll
     continue on when we reach there, but now its side quest time.
       Flooge Killer
     The Flooge Herder in the northwestern corner of the village is definitely
     having a rough time of things lately, as not only are his Flooges making
     everyone sick, but there is also something out there that is killing his
     Flooges too. Agree to help him find whatever is killing his Flooges then
     leave his house and go to the forest to the northwest.
     In the northeastern part of the forest you will see a cave with several dead
     Flooges outside, go into the cave and inside you will find the Flooge Killer,
     a Black Spider. (*shudder*) Kill it and return to the Flooge Herder for a
     Min-Joph charm.
       The Lost Key
     Just to the west of the Chieftain’s house you will come upon a scene where
     Tatourix will tell some collectors that he can’t pay them because his entire
     life savings are locked in a chest and he lost his key. After they leave talk
     to Tatourix and he will ask if you could help him find the key. Agree to do
     this and go to the Southwestern Forest.
     In the Southwestern forest you will find a Mutant who will say that he found
     a “Shiny” as will take it to its master. It will then run into a nearby cave,
     so follow it inside. You will find a Lich in the northwestern, northeastern,
     and southwestern rooms of this cave. When you talk to them they will say that
     they are not the Master, if you tell them that you don’t believe them they
     will attack.
    -Note: The Lich in the Northeastern room will drop a potion that permanently
           raises Intelligence by six points when defeated.
     In the southeastern room you will find several pedestals, what you need to do
     to continue on is find the three statues scattered around the cave and put
     them on the open pedestals. (The order doesn’t seem to matter) When all three
     are placed the doorway to the south will open and you can continue on to the
     sanctuary of the Master.
     When you reach the Master’s sanctuary he will offer you a truce, he will
     allow you to take the key the Mutant found and leave without anymore
     violence. When you take the key, however, he will change his mind and attack
     you anyways. Kill him (He doesn’t seem to be any stronger than the other
     Liches in the cave) and return to the Imp Village. Give the key back to
     Tatourix for a reward.
    -Note: Instead of giving back the key you could use it to open and loot
           Tatourix’s treasure chest yourself. If you do this you obviously can’t
           give the key back to Tatourix and the quest will fail.
       The Imp Ghost
     In the western part of the Imp Village there is a graveyard. Inside the
     graveyard is the tombstone of the first plague victim. When you click on the
     tombstone the ghost of the Imp will be summoned. You can get training from
     him, ([Wizard>Body Magic>Offensive>Focused>Disease] (Level: 5) 1100 gold,
     [Wizard>Body Magic>Offensive>Focused>Polymorph] (Level: 5) 1100 gold,
     [Wizard>Body Magic>Offensive>Focused>Slow] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Body
     Magic>Offensive>Focused>Blind] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Body
     Magic>Offensive>Focused>Paralyze] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Body
     Magic>Offensive>Focused>Pacify] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Body
     Magic>Offensive>Focused>Extra Duration] (Level: 5) 1100 gold) and when you
     ask him about what is wrong with him, he will tell you that he died because
     the Alchemist caused the plague and he wants you to get revenge on the
     Alchemist for him. If you have figured out the cause of the plague is really
     the Flooge frogs you will tell him that he is mistaken. He will realize that
     he is wrong and he will give you a Bone Amulet as thanks for putting his soul
     to rest.
       Too Much of a Good Thing
     Also in the Imp Village Cemetery you will find another Imp Ghost. He will
     tell you that he was murdered by one of two sisters whom he loved, but isn’t
     too sure which one did the deed. You can go to the Sister’s and talk to them
     if you wish, but they won’t be too helpful. Go instead to the Lich Caves in
     the Southwestern Forest (See “The Lost Key” above for more info about them)
     and inside the Master Lich’s lair read his diary and it will say that he sold
     a death potion to Parrixa. Go back to the Imp ghost and he will give you a
     Bone Ring as thanks. If you go to Azarnarixa and tell her that her sister was
     the murderer she will kill Parrixa and then herself.
       The Imp Merchant’s Box
     There are two merchants in the village who are located right next to each
     other. If you talk to the western merchant and he will ask you to steal a Box
     from the merchant next to him. You can get training from him.
     ([Survival>Traps>Convert Trap>Spikes] (Level: 5) 1000 gold,
     [Survival>Traps>Convert Trap>Elemental Trap] (Level: 5) 1000 gold,
     [Survival>Traps>Convert Trap>Paralyzing Trap] (Level: 5) 2000 gold,
     [Survival>Traps>Trap Disarming] (Level: 5) 1500 gold)
     Go to the house of the eastern merchant. You can also get training from him.
     ([Survival>Survivor Talents>Backstab] (Level: 5) 650 gold, [Survival>Survivor
     Talents>Trading] (Level: 10) 800 gold, [Survival>Survivor Talents>Luck]
     (Level: 5) 650 gold, [Survival>Survivor Talents>Wisdom] (Level: 5) 650 gold,
     [Survival>Survivor Talents>Embellish Equipment] (Level: 5) 650 gold,
     [Survival>Survivor Talents>Tracking] (Level: 5) 650 gold) Try to operate the
     lever here and he will stop you. If you talk to him after trying the lever
     there is a dialog option saying that there is something going on outside and
     he should check it out. He will leave, and then operate the lever again to
     open a hatch, go down the hatch to enter the Imp Merchant’s Basement.
    -Note: After you try to operate the lever the Imp Merchant will stop offering
           to train you.
     To get to the room with the Box you will need to split up your characters to
     use the switches and open a path to the treasure. Unfortunately after I got
     through this the first time I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it
     since... Anyway, when/if you get through it you will find the Box and a
     Min-Iceri charm, take the box and go back to the western merchant to complete
     the quest.
    -WARNING: If you open the box it will have the rather unexpected effect of
              turning Death Knight PINK! This change is permanent and can NOT be
       Lost Spider
     When you talk to the Spider Ranger he will tell you that one of his spiders
     that has escaped from his pen. He will ask if you can help him in corralling
     the beast. When you agree to help him he will tell you that you should try to
     get rid of your smell before you try to find the Spider and also give you
     directions on how to subdue it when you find it. If you talk to him some more
     he will also mention that he also tends to mix up which way is left and
     right. (...just like I do... -_-)
     Before you go out looking for the Escaped Spider you should go to the
     Alchemist’s house. As you approach the house you will be stopped by a guard,
     tell him that you are searching for a cure for the plague and that the
     Chieftain’s Son said you could enter the Alchemist’s house and he will let
     you pass. Inside the Alchemist’s house you will find four Unknown Creams
     sitting out on a counter. If you click on one of the creams you have the
     option of applying it. What the Creams do when applied are:
     -Grey Cream: It sounds like it would give Hero a nasty rash...
     -Blue Cream: The description says that it makes you feel more agile, but I
                  never noticed any change in your stats.
     -Yellow Cream: You get attacked by a LOT of rats.
     -White Cream: Using this will remove your smell.
     Apply the White cream and go to the far western edge of the town. You will
     find the Escaped Spider (*shudder*) wandering around here. If you did
     everything correctly then it should not be hostile and a dialog will start up
     as you approach it. Choose to tickle between the second and third legs on the
     LEFT side. (Not on the right side.) When you do this the spider will start to
     follow you, take the spider back to the Spider Ranger and he will give you a
     Poisonous Dagger as a reward.
    -WARNING: If you get too close to the Escaped Spider without visiting the
              Alchemist’s House and removing your Smell or if you tickle the wrong
              spot it will attack you, forcing you to kill it. Killing the Escaped
              Spider will cause this mission to fail.
       In Search of Mushrooms
     Talk to the Mushroom Farmer in the northwestern part of the Imp Village and
     he will tell you that he wants you to find a Rare Mushroom. Agree to help him
     and go to the Northwestern Forest.
    -Note: there are actually two different Mushroom Farmers, one inside a house
           and one outside. The one that you want is the one outside.
     In the southwestern part of the Northwestern Forest you will find a rather
     unusual Imp that seems to think that he is an Elf who is guarding the
     mushroom. As you get close to him he will beg you to leave his Rare Mushroom
     alone.  You can either attack him, or lie to him about some dwarves that up
     to some mischief nearby. If you lie to him you can get some training from him
     ([Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Bow] (Level: 5) 350 gold, [Warrior>Ranged
     Specialties>Crossbow] (Level: 5) 500 gold) before he runs off to defend his
     mushrooms from the imaginary invaders. You are then free to take the Rare
     Mushroom. Go back to the Mushroom Farmer and he will give you 5 Medium
     Stamina Potions as a reward.
       Husband Fetching
     In one of the houses in the western part of the Village is the wife of an Imp
     Hero. She will ask you to bring her wayward husband back to their house. She
     says that he’s probably out somewhere bragging about his accomplishments. You
     can find this “Hero” in the Northeastern Forest.
     In the western edge of the forest you will find the Imp “Hero” wandering
     around. When you talk to him he will say that he bragged to his buddies that
     he was going to kill a spider, unfortunately his cowardly nature overtook him
     before he could complete the deed, so he wants you to kill the spider for
     him. One of the Spiders to the north of the Imp will drop a Spider Leg when
     defeated, take this leg back to the Imp and he will give you a Mace for your
     After you do this, return to the Imp Village and you will find that the
     “Hero” is now telling the (slightly edited) story of his recent battle with
     the Spider to an assembled throng. Tell him that his wife is looking for him
     and he will run off. Return to the Wife and she will give you two Bottles as
     a reward.
       The Imp in the Hole
     In the southwestern corner of the Imp Village there is a Female Imp who will
     beg for you to help her brother who has fallen into a nearby Pit. Agree to
     help her and go into the pit. You find her unconscious brother lying right
     next to the entrance to the pit. Talk to him to wake him up and he will leave
     the Pit. While you are here loot the place and find the Level 2 Battlefield
     Key in a treasure chest in the back. Leave the Pit and get your reward, a new
     girlfriend for Death Knight! (Death Knight and Female Imp sitting in a tree,
    ____________________________The Northwestern Forest____________________________
     This is a rather small area to the Northwest of the Imp Village. There isn’t
     a lot going on here, but there is one (well, two) very important items that
     you will want to get here. You can also find the Level 3 Battlefield Key out
     in the open in the southwestern corner of the map.
       The Teleporter Stones
     Near the entrance of the forest you will see a chest. As you approach it you
     will fall into a Pit Trap. An Imp will demand that you give him 500 gold and
     he will free you. Refuse to give him any money (He will just walk away
     anyways if you do) and after he leaves an Imp Historian will suddenly show up
     and ask if you want a Teleporter Stone (YES!) that he “Found.” (On an
     “Adventure,” no doubt...) take the stone and use it (while its still in your
     inventory) to be warped outside the pit to the location of its twin. If you
     go back to where you fell into the pit you will find that Imp that first
     offered to help you still hanging around. You can get your money back from
     him now.
    -Note: To pick up a Teleporter Stone you need to drag and drop it into your
           inventory. (Just like in Divinity...) Don’t just click on it because
           doing that will teleport you.
       The Talking Mushroom
     In the center of this forest there is a mushroom that will suddenly start
     talking to as you approach. It will demand that you give it some gold or it
     will use its deadly spores on you. Refuse this threat and you will realize
     that the “Talking” Mushroom was really an Imp that was hiding behind the
     mushroom. If you gave it gold then the Imp will grab the gold and run off
     before you can do anything.
    ____________________________The Northeastern Forest____________________________
     This is a large forest to the northeast of the Imp Village with lots and lots
     of Spiders (*shudder*) in it. Remember that the Black Spiders like to use
     Feign Death, so be sure that they are really dead before continuing on.
       The Imp Hermit
     Near the entrance to the forest there is a cave with an Imp Hermit inside. He
     will ask you to retrieve an amulet from a nearby cave for him. You can also
     get some training from him if you want. ([Wizard>Shaman Magic>Nature
     Magic>Insect Swarm] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Shaman Magic>Nature
     Magic>Spikes] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Shaman Magic>Nature
     Magic>Earthquake] (Level: 5) 1100 gold, [Wizard>Shaman Magic>Nature
     Magic>Hammer] (Level: 5) 1100 gold) The cave with the amulet is to the
     northeast of the Hermit’s Cave. Inside you will find a treasure chest with a
     Spider Amulet inside, take the amulet back to the Hermit and he will give you
     some Holy Water for your troubles.
       The Vandal Spiders
     In the southern part of the area you will find an Old Spider that you can
     talk to. He will say that he is trying to build a monumental web, but these
     kids today keep on vandalizing his work. He asks you to take care of the
     vandals so he can continue his work in peace. To the southeast of the Old
     Spider you will find the vandals plotting their next assault on the Old
     Spider’s web, when you get close they will attack you, kill them and go back
     to the Old Spider and he will give you a Min-Koor charm.
       The Imp Patrol
     Near the center of the forest you will stumble upon a group of Imps
     patrolling the forest. They will ask you to rescue one the patrollers from
     the lair of a Spider Queen. They will give you an antidote for the spider’s
     poison (that only works on Imps...) and send you on your way. Go to the north
     and you will eventually find the Spider Queen’s lair. Inside you will find
     the missing patrol member badly poisoned. Kill the Queen and she will drop
     the Antidote, give him the antidote and he will run off.
     Back in the Imp Village you can find Stiginix, The Imp patrol member you just
     rescued. He will offer to give you either some gold, or a secret. 
       The Exiled Spider
     In the southeastern corner of the map you will find an Exiled Spider. When
     you talk to him he will tell that a Spider Priest has banished him and he
     would like you to kill the Priest for him. You can find the Spider Priest and
     his servants close by, in the ruins to the northwest. Kill the Priest and
     return to the Exiled Spider and he will give you a Chain Helmet as a reward.
    -Note: There are two different Spider Priests in the forest, one nearby and
           one in the far northwestern corner of the forest. The one you need to
           kill is the one nearby.
    ______________________________Southwestern Forest______________________________
     This is just another side area with Earth Elementals to fight and treasure to
     In the far southwest of this area you will find a Demon guarding a chest.
     Inside the chest is a mushroom that will raise your luck by five when eaten.
     In the center of this map there are a group of mushrooms that “flicker.”
     (You’ll see what I mean when you get there) In the center of this group is a
     pillar, and inside it is a Skill Book. ([Wizard>Elemental
     Attack>Focused>Instant] [Wizard>Elemental Attack>Spread>Missile]
     [Wizard>Elemental Defense>Individual>Reflective] [Wizard>Elemental
     Defense>Party>Resistance] [Wizard>Elemental Curses>Focused])
       The Kidnapped Wife
     In the southeastern corner of the area you will find a lone Imp Farmer. He
     will tell you that his wife has been kidnapped and he’s feeling rather
     lonely. (...and hungry) Go south and little west and you will run into a pair
     of ghosts who have kidnapped the Farmer’s Wife and about to drain her life
     force when you arrive. Kill them both and the Farmer’s Wife will slip away
     and run back to the farm in the confusion. Go back to the Farmer and he will
     give you a Medium Air Crystal as a reward.
       Find an Antidote for the Mushroom’s Spores
     In the southwestern corner of the area you will see a giant Green Mushroom
     with several unconscious Imps around it. A nearby note will tell you that the
     mushroom’s spores are causing the Imps to become paralyzed and that to cure
     the Paralysis you will need to find a Queen Spider’s Web and some Mushroom
     Extract. The Queen Spider’s Web can be found inside the Queen Spider’s Lair
     in the Northeastern Forest, and the Mushroom Extract is found inside the
     Mushroom Farmer’s house in the Imp Village. Combine the two and you will get
     a Spore Antidote. Go back to the Green Mushroom and use the antidote on all
     six Imps to complete the quest.
       The Ghost’s Ring
     In the Northeastern corner of the area you will meet an Imp who will rather
     forcefully give you a Strange Ring. Continue on and you will run into a pair
     of ghosts who will demand that you give the Strange Ring back to them. Give
     the ring to them and they will leave peacefully. Or, you could refuse and
     they will attack.
    ____________________________Southeastern Lava Fields___________________________
     When you first enter the Fields to the southwest of the Imp Village you will
     be attacked by one of Samuel’s Hunters. There are a lot of Fire Elemental and
     Fire Demons wandering around here, so it is a wise idea to raise your
     character’s Fire Resistance.
     In the center of this area and you will find a cave entrance. Inside the cave
     you will find the Alchemist. He will say that he was framed, and that he has
     been trying to find a cure for the plague, but doesn’t know where to start
     since he hasn’t been able to find the cause of the cure yet. Tell him that
     the Flooge are the cause of the illness and he will be initially suspicious
     of your conclusion, but when you tell him about Altoflix you will convince
     him. He will tell you that he can make an antidote if he had a Blue Larakiri
     Root, a Grey Quisirisi Fruit, and a Yellow Bafflimiri Mushroom. MAKE SURE
     able to continue on until you do! You can also trade and get some training
     from him. ([Survival>Alchemy] (Level: 2) 2500 gold, [Wizard>Elemental
     Attack>Spread>Missile] (Level: 5) 300 gold, [Wizard>Elemental
     Defense>Individual>Reflective] (Level: 5) 600 gold, [Wizard>Elemental
     Defense>Individual>Resistance] (Level: 5) 1200 gold, [Wizard>Elemental
     Curses>Focused] (Level: 5) 1200 gold)
     The Blue Larakiri Root can be found to the southwest of the Alchemist’s
     hideout. It blends in with scenery rather nicely so be sure to use the Alt
     key to find it. The Grey Quisirisi Fruit is located at the end of a peninsula
     to the northeast of the Alchemist’s Hideout. It looks like a pumpkin, so it
     should be easy to spot. Finally, the cave with the Yellow Bafflimiri Mushroom
     is located under a boulder to the southeast of the Alchemist’s Hideout. As
     you approach the boulder there will be a dialog where you have the option of
     moving the boulder, do so and enter the cave that is revealed.
    -Note: You will NOT get the dialog to move the boulder unless you have agreed
           to find the ingredients for the Alchemist.
    -WARNING: I’ve heard reports that taking the alchemy ingredients before you
              get the quest to collect them can cause a glitch that will prevent
              you from ever getting the dialog to move the boulder. To prevent
              this from happening don’t pick up the ingredients before you need
              them. (Or at least drop them onto the ground when you advance the
              story) I think the latest patch fixes this, but it’s better to be
              safe than sorry.
       Treasure Cave
     In the far southeastern corner of the Lava Fields there is a cave that is
     blocked off by a crevasse, and the only way to get to it is to throw a
     Teleporter Stone over to the entrance. Inside the cave you will find a trail
     of diamonds left in the cave. At the end of the trail you will find an Imp
     who was leaving the trail behind so he could find his way back to the
     treasure he hid, unfortunately he took a wrong turn somewhere and is
     completely lost. You will find the treasure located in one of the
     northeastern tunnels. (And you can find the Level 6 Battlefield Key in one of
     the southwestern tunnels.) When you approach the treasure the Imp you met
     earlier will run up and try to defend his treasure. You can either fight him,
     or offer to split the treasure. If you offer to split the treasure he will
     agree, taking the contents of one of the treasure chests with him while
     leaving the other one and a skill book ([Warrior>Melee Specialties>With
     Shield>Slashing], [Warrior>Melee Specialties>With Shield>Piercing],
     [Warrior>Melee Specialties>With Shield>Crushing], [Warrior>Melee
     Specialties>With Shield>Shadow], [Warrior>Melee Specialties>With
     Shield>Bone]) behind. To get back you will need to use the Teleporter stones
       The Cave of the Yellow Bafflimiri Mushroom
     Inside the cave go north and continue to the north until you reach the stairs
     down. The stairs will collapse after you use them, blocking your way back.
     The Yellow Bafflimiri Mushroom can be found in the far southern room. Take it
     and then go to the far western room and you will find another crystal
     fragment. Click on it and you will be summoned by the Necromancer again.
     He will say that he has found another Crystal Fragment at the Pickled Herring
     Inn and will send you there when you are ready.
    ______________________________Pickled Herring Inn______________________________
     Enter the Inn and Pickle the Innkeeper will mistake you for Sir Patrick, a
     VIP from Verdistis. (You met him in Divinity, by the way...) Tell him that
     you would like to go to your room and he will give you the key. Go upstairs
     and look around your room, then head back downstairs. In the western part of
     the tavern there are three Tavern Guests that as you approach them they will
     reveal themselves as brigands and attack. After they are dead Death Knight
     will say that you should inform Pickle about the attack. 
     Talk to Pickle and there will be a new dialog option asking about the
     crystal. He won’t know anything about it, so go talk to Lady Moreena, the
     only surviving guest at the tavern. When you ask her about the crystal she
     will give her room key to you so she can... comfort you after such a
     traumatic event. (...or something) Go back upstairs and you will be ambushed
     by several ghosts. Kill them and unlock Lady Moreena’s room and then open the
     treasure chest in her room. Inside the chest is the Crystal Fragment along
     with several gems. When you try to take the gems, however, the Ghost of Sir
     Patrick appears and demands that you give the gems back to him. You can
     either hand them over and the ghost will leave peaceably, or refuse and Sir
     Patrick will attack. Either way click on the Crystal Fragment and then head
     for the Stairs back down, you are teleported back to the Necromancer. You
     have one last chance to trade/train with him before he sends you back.
    ________________________________Back on Nemisis________________________________
     You end up inside the Mushroom cave in a small room with a lever and a ladder
     leading up to the first level. Flip the lever to unlock the nearby doors then
     take the ladder up. On the first level flip another lever to open the door
     blocking your way and make your way out of the dungeon.
     Go back to the Alchemist and give him the three Ingredients. He will make the
     Cure, but is unsure that it will work since he can’t test it out. You will
     convince him that he needs to return to the village. He will say that he
     knows of a secret way in that goes through the Shaman’s Cellar. 
    -WARNING: Once you agree to sneak into the Imp Village with the Alchemist you
              will start on a series of events that will take you straight to the
              finale of Act II. You will NOT get another chance to finish up any
              open quests afterwards, so make sure that you are ready.
     When you tell him that you are ready the Alchemist will take you through the
     passage and into the Shaman’s Cellars. Unfortunately the Shaman happens to be
     inside the cellars at the time, the Alchemist will run ahead to administer
     the cure while you stay behind to take care of the Shaman. He will attack
     you, (Don’t use Shadow or Bone weapons against him, as he is immune to them.
     He also has a weakness to Ethereal damage) but just as you are about to
     strike the final blow the Chieftain’s Son will run in to stop the fight. The
     Shaman will then take the opportunity to teleport you into his personal
     dungeon so he can finish you off. 
    ________________________________Shaman’s Dungeon_______________________________
     Follow the single winding tunnel until you reach the Shaman, he will attack
     you again. Kill him and take the key he drops and use it to unlock the
     southern door. Take the key in the room and use it to unlock the western
     door. Continue on and when you reach another locked door, flip the nearby
     lever to open the southern door. Inside you will find the Imp Sage, who was
     being held prisoner by the Shaman. He will open another door, so follow him
     to the east until you find yet another Crystal Fragment. Click on the Crystal
     Fragment and the Sage will teleport you back to the Shaman’s Cellar.
     Back in the cellar you see that the Chieftain, the Chieftain’s Son, and the
     Alchemist are there waiting for you. They will tell you that the Alchemist’s
     cure worked and the Chieftain’s Son will tell you that to get off this world
     you need to find the Raanaar and the Temple of Raan. After you are done
     talking you are summoned yet again by the Necromancer. He has found another
     crystal fragment. This one is located in a remote village.
    _____________________________The Children’s Village____________________________
     Follow the road to the northwest until you reach the village. Inside the
     village you will find only kids with their parents are nowhere to be found.
     Search the buildings if you want, there is a Skill Book hidden behind a
     screen in the northwestern house. ([Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Fire Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow Proficiency>Water
     Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow Proficiency>Air Arrow],
     [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow Proficiency>Earth Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged
     Specialties>Arrow Proficiency>Poison Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged
     Specialties>Arrow Proficiency>Bone Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Shadow Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Spiritual Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Ethereal Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Explosive Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Splitting Arrow], [Warrior>Ranged Specialties>Arrow
     Proficiency>Power Arrow] *whew*) When you get close to the well, all of the
     children in the village will suddenly jump into the well. Follow them into
     the well and kill the Mutant that attacks. It will drop the Crystal Fragment
     you have been searching for. When you click on the Fragment, one of the kids,
     Little Arnie will talk to you and explain that the Crystal Fragment had
     turned all of the Adults in the village into children, and now everyone in
     the village has been kidnapped by monsters. After he is done talking take the
     stairs in the western part of the well down. To rescue the children you need
     to talk to them inside their cells. Return to the village and talk to the
     rescued townspeople if you wish, then leave the Village and you will return
     to the Necromancer’s Lair. When you are done with him he will send you back
     to the Imp Village.
    _________________________________Act II Finale_________________________________
     When you get back you are greeted by the corpses of several dead Imps.
     Taxlehix (who miraculously survived...) will tell you that while you were
     gone Samuel came and destroyed the village. When you ask him how to get to
     the Temple of Raan he will offer to show the way. Tell him that you are ready
     and he will take you to the path that leads to the Temple. As you reach the
     entrance, however, Taxlehix will hear someone approaching and run off. You
     will then be approached by a messenger of the Arch Demon Asmodheus. He will
     extend an invitation for an audience with Asmodheus. Accept his invitation
     and end Act II.
    -WARNING: If you refuse the messenger you might get stuck here, as the
              messenger will leave and you won’t be able to get Taxlehix to show
              you the way to the Temple. You might be able to find the messenger
              again but I’m not sure.
     To be continued...
    |||||||||||||||||||||||Frequently Asked Questions [#008]|||||||||||||||||||||||
    -Q: Does this game have a multiplayer mode?
     A: No, it doesn’t.
    -Q: My game crashes whenever I go to a new act!
     A: This is a bug that happens when you play Beyond Divinity on a Windows 98
        machine at a high resolution. To get around this you will have to set your
        resolution to 640x480 (the lowest one) whenever you switch acts.
    -Q: This Battlefield Dungeon is completely empty!
     A: This is a bug in the Battlefield generation code that causes a Battlefield
        Dungeon to be completely devoid of enemies. (This bug most commonly occurs
        at the Act I: Level 2 dungeon.) This has (hopefully) been fixed with the
        latest patch.
    -Q: Where do I get a second Crystal Bag?
     A: You don’t. There is only one Crystal Bag in the entire game.
    -Q: How do I return to an Act once I completed it?
     A: There is no way to return to an Act once it has been completed.
    -Q: Is there some kind of bonus for completing an armor set?
     A: No. You will find a couple of items in Act II that have “so-and-so Set” in
        their names, these are just normal items with a fancy label to make them
        appear valuable. This is probably a jab at the current crop of Rogue-like
        games’ infatuation with Set Items.
    -Q: How do I move the boulder that is blocking the final ingredient that the
        Alchemist wants?
     A: As you approach the boulder there should be a dialog that starts up that
        will move the boulder out of the way. If this dialog doesn’t occur then
        you probably skipped a step in the Find a Cure for the Imps quest. Make
        sure that you have told the alchemist that you will get the ingredients
        for him.
    -Q: How do I kill that blasted Shaman!?
     A: The first thing to remember about the Shaman is that he is totally immune
        to Shadow and Bone damage, so using Shadow and/or Bone weapons/spells
        against him is a bad idea. Also if he summons Spikes or an Insect Swarm,
        MOVE! Also try to space out your characters so he can’t hit more than one
        character at once with his magic.
    -Q: My Deathknight turned PINK! What happened to him? How do I turn him back?
     A: If you open the Box that the Imp Merchant in Act II wants it will turn the
        Death Knight pink. There is no way to turn the Death Knight back to his
        normal color again.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Miscellaneous [#009]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
       Beyond Divinity Maps
     If you want to find out where exactly something is then check out these maps
     made by HellFighter. This site has complete maps of every area in the game.
       The Larian Forums
     The official forums of the Developers of the Divinity games are quite simply
     the best resource on the net for anything you could want to know about Beyond
     Divinity or Divine Divinity. 
       The Latest Patch
     You can always find the latest patch for the English version of Beyond
     Divinity at this location.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Contributors [#010]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    -All the wonderful people on the Larian.com Beyond Divinity forums for being a
     near limitless source of information on this game.
    -Wade Heisen who told me what a certain lever does and also the solution to a
     puzzle in Act I. 
     Love, Luck, and Lollipops.
     Please don’t put this walkthrough up on any website without my permission.
     This document is Copyright 2004 James “JaggedJim” Ramsey.
                                   In loving memory
                                 Mae Vanek: 1930-2002

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