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"A new twist for sim game lovers."

Gameplay 10

Fast Food Tycoon is a interesting twist on your normal sim game.
Instead of building vast cities or global train stations you instead run small, medium, or large pizza parlors.
Each size parlor can hold more customers and ingredients, but cost more rent each month.
But if you make enough of a profit off your pizzas you can always buy the building instead of renting it.
There is several ''missions'' with set goals.
Such as gaining a set amount of customers or running your opponents out of business.
There is also free type missions where you can choose how many AI pizza parlors and how much money each player starts with.
The game is also very deep despite it's cartoonish look.
Rival pizza parlor taking your customers? Place some moldy cheese in his ingredients.. the Health Department sure won't like what they find!
Feel like being a bad, bad, man(or women)? Join or start your own Mafia and raid your rivals warehouses.
Need a little extra cash to help pay your Mafia bills? Force your rivals to pay a little ''protection'' fee.
Need a lot of extra cash fast? Hey, rob a bank!
You can also buy various weapons for your gang, such as sub machine guns, pistols, and bombs.
Want to be law following? Build a few extra police stations to make sure your rivals don't try anything funny.
One thing that can be VERY addicting is the create a pizza mode.
In this mode you get to choose what and how each topping is put on your pizza.
Want apple and maggots? Go for it!
Want cheese and snakes? Make it!
There is a unlimited amount of possible combos you can make, but be warned, not everyone likes maggots and ants (Who does?)
You can also hire waiters, cooks, managers, guards, and temps to staff your parlors.
Each worker you hire has different skills that can help or hurt his job.
The skills are on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.
The skills are: cooking, service, management, and speed.
You can also create your pizza chain owner and choose his skills.
In short the gameplay here is very, VERY, deep.

Story 5

There isn't really much of a story.. You are a pizza parlor owner who wants to make it big.
To make it big you will have to beat your rivals in what ever city you choose to start your reign of pizza power terror in.

Audio 6

The audio is pretty average in this game..
You can hear your customers eating and your staff talking.
Also, you can hear normal city sounds such as cars running ans police sirens.
The music fits in pretty well with the whole pizza theme, but it is nothing special.

Graphics 5

The graphics in this game are very cartoonish, not that it hurts the game.
This is a very light hearted game, don't expect to see mind blowing graphics here.
They could be a lot better.. but with such great game play there is really no need.

Replayability 10

You can play, replay, and play this game over and over again and it will turn out different each time.
If you want a game you can keep playing this is it!
With all the different free type missions you can keep making new endless missions each time.

Overall 8

Overall this is a very fun game to play if you are looking for something new.
However, if you need big graphics and mind blowing sound to enjoy a game, avoid this at all costs.
For the rest of us who enjoy deep game play, this is a very cool game to buy.
You can find this game most times for around $19.
So if you have a little extra cash and want a new game to help pass time, GET IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/04/01, Updated 10/04/01

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