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"A Cute Little Game"

I purchased Fast Food Tycoon one day when I had a little extra money and a lot of time to kill. The price was right, it's usually sold very cheaply, and the Tycoon label appealed to me because I love Simulation games.

The first thing to take notice of, is that this game is not made by any of the makers of the more famous Tycoon games. This game is made by Activision. Knowing this when I bought it, I definitely wasn't expecting anything comparable to RollerCoaster Tycoon or Zoo Tycoon. But what I got was still a lot less than what I had expected.

For starters, there is no instruction booklet. Not even a ReadMe that I could find. This is OK for some games, but Fast Food Tycoon is a fairly complex game and a lot of things are very difficult to learn by just playing. The tutorials weren't much help either.

The interface is also atrocious. Just trying to figure out how to quit without hitting CTRL+ALT+DLT almost sent me into a paroxysm of rage. And I'm not an easily angered person, but this was ridiculous. I finally found it though, thanks to some website.

When you do finally get to play, after learning how to and learning the interface on your own, Fast Food Tycoon can be a fun little game. It's definitely something that can eat away a little time when you're bored.

You start your game by opening the first branch of your pizza place. You get to choose the set up and the furniture. Then you must hire employees, and you're lucky if you can find even one good one in the batch of choices. Then you must create a menu. You can use the default toppings, create your own, or a little bit of both. Now you open your pizza parlor and wait for the customers to arrive.

To make a successful restaurant, you must advertise. You also need to create toppings that people like at prices they can afford. You can find out how effective your advertising is, or how much they like your pizza, by polling the town's citizens. It's difficult to create one pizza that everyone will like, so you must have a diverse selection on your menu. To create your own pizza to offer to your customers, there are over 80 different ingredients you can choose and combine. You have the standards of cheese, ham, onion, and tomato sauce, but you also have some very unique ingredients like tuna, ants, cucumbers, and goat's cheese.

There is also an underworld you can participate in. I can't comment on it though, because even after hours logged playing this game, I never figured it out. I didn't try that hard too though.

Gameplay - 2/10 mainly because of the interface and lack of instructions, you have to spend so much time learning how to play that you won't have a lot of time left over to just play.

Story - n/a

Graphics/Sound - 4/10 They were ok but nothing spectacular.

Play Time/Replayability - 5/10 There are numerous scenarios and a freeform type of play but it gets boring after awhile.

Final Recommendation - Don't waste your time or money. If you really want to, rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/30/02, Updated 10/30/02

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