Review by The Devils Son

"A great game, but the interface might make you cry."

Aah, Fast Food Tycoon. A game not even made by the people that made the other Tycoon games, but still, somehow, considered part of the series. This, I do have to admit, is a great idea for a game, and it’s pulled off reasonably well, but it’s nearly impossible to play with because of the interface! Of course, I will break down the game, and instead of using a 1-10 category system like I usually do, I will use a good/bad system, as it will allow better decisions with a game like this.

[+]The Good:

- Almost everything in the business is under your control. You choose where you want to set up shop, how you want the shop to be setup, what people you want on your staff, what kind of pizza you want to sell, hell you can even make your own pizza. Insanely in depth, but of course this is expected from a sim game nowadays.
- A nice little added feature where you can participate in crimes, getting yourself money, which, of course, has the fact that it was illegally acquired attached to it, allowing you to either take the risk and keep it all, or lose some of it by using the “money laundering” system.
- The graphics, while not the most stunning new 3D visuals, are cartoony and fun, and fit in well with the game’s overall theme.
- The sound, once again, is wonderful and fits in the with the game’s theme.
- Everything is at your control, this is the most important point.

[-]The Bad

-Everything is at your control BUT the menu system sucks royally. Instead of arranging things in a logical manner, or even better, using windows that are separate from the main display that can be brought up by buttons and arranged on the screen to make things easier, you have one main interface, and to get to most of the important things, you have to go through different parts of the interface, and sometimes you just end up giving up. It’s also quite hard to figure out how to do the simplest of tasks, like save or get out of the game without getting mad enough to take your PC and beat it with a hammer.
- If you are a person that loves great graphics and sound, stay away. There’s nothing for you here. Like I said, the graphics are nothing special, but they don’t need to be because this is a simulation game.
- Overall, it just has an icky feel to it.

This game might not be your cup of tea, but you may end up liking it, and with the fact that it’s a cheap, “jewel case” game, you might want to pick it up and see if you like it. To tell you the truth, once I managed to figure out the menu system, it was actually a fun little game, if not with the occasional annoyance.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/14/03

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