Review by Muk1000

Reviewed: 04/04/04

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

The perpetual war of the Battlefield series moves onto Vietnam, one of the most loathed and horrible wars. The transition causes a number of changes, such as better technology, new terrain, new soldiers, and, most importantly, a whole new experience.

Graphics: 8

In order to make the game run smoothly, I had to set the graphics to the lowest possible settings, and it still looks as good - if not better - than Battlefield 1942. Unfortunately, when in a large games with a high ping, the graphics can get jumpy, annoying, and, in the worst cases, totally unplayable. Luckily, this is very rare, and you can just leave that server and find a good one.

Gameplay: 9

New weapons, vehicles, jobs, the ability to choose different faces for your character, moving spawn points, new maps... for newbies and Battlefield vets alike, there will be much to do. The little things are what matter, though. The news guns are, of course, better than their old versions, which means they're more powerful and more accurate. Same with vehicles (did I mention they added a helicopter?). It's a double-edged sword; you can kill your enemies faster, but they'll be ripping you to shreds when you least expect it as well. Finally, the new maps a very different. Tall grass, shrubs, trees, and rivers all add a huge level of strategy and stealth to the game. What it usually comes down to is who sees who first. The online community is still pretty bad, however (no one works together, everyone is cussing, etc.), and the connection problems are back in full force. Plus, I kinda miss the campaign mode in single player. Now all you get is Instant Battle.

Controls: 10

Almost no changes have been made to the Battlefield formula, and if you aren't familiar with it, you should pick it up pretty fast (parachute is 9, remember that). I can't think of a better control setup for this game than the one they give you, and if you have a joystick for planes and helicopters, then it's even better.

Sound: 9

In the previous games, all was silent except for radio transmissions and the sounds of gunfire. In Vietnam, you'll hear crickets (and other noises), Vietnamese intimidation methods (''Your country has abandoned you'' and so forth... it gets a little annoying, actually, but that's the only one that does), and best of all, music. No, not all the time. Helicopters will sometimes be playing songs from that era, or you may hear music in a building. It really is amazing to be aiming a mounted gun on the side of a helicopter down at scampering soldiers while hearing Edwin Starr's ''War'' playing.

Overall: 9

I haven't decided whether this surpasses Battlefield 1942 or not, but if it doesn't it gets insanely close. It's exhilarating to be creeping through the bushes and grass, knowing at any second an enemy soldier could run past and see you. This game is definitely worth the money for that feeling alone. Just be prepared to deal with the games minor problems and you'll have a great time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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