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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ratchet12345

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     TTT  H   H E      SS      I   M M M P   P S     O   O NN  N S
     TTT  H   H E         SS   I   M   M P         S O   O N  NN     S
    HH HH   I     T    AA AA NN  N D  D   RR RR U   U NN  N
    HHHHH   I     T    AAAAA N N N D   D  RRRRR U   U N N N
    HH HH   I     T    AA AA N  NN D  D   RRRR  U   U N  NN
    For The PlayStation 2 Console.
    Written by Ratchet12345.
    Start Date: Wednesday, 13th April 2005
    Last Updated: Tuesday, 5th June 2007
    Version History:
    1.00 01/11/06
    Finished guide.
    1.01 05/06/07
    Added E-mail information.
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    contact me (see E-mail section for more info).
    I: Introduction
    II: Controls
    III: Things You'll Want to Know About This Game
    IV: Characters
    V: Menus & Options
    VI: Local Man Ruins Hot Dog Contest
    V1: The Cola Caper
    V2: S-M-R-T
    V3: Petty Theft Homer
    V4: Office Spaced
    V5: Blind Big Brother
    V6: Flowers By Irene
    V7: Bonestorm Storm
    V8: The Fat And Furious
    V9: This Old Shanty
    VII: Low Level Employee Harasses Millionaire, Hounds Released
    VI1: Detention Deficit Disorder
    VI2: Weapons Of Mass Delinquency
    VI3: Vox Nerduli
    VI4: Bart 'n' Frink
    VI5: Better Than Beef
    VI6: Monkey See Monkey D'oh
    VI7: Cell-Outs
    VI8: Dial B For Blood
    VIII: Bart Simpson Disappears In Bright Light
    VII1: Nerd Race Queen
    VII2: Clueless
    VII3: Bonfire of the Manatees
    VII4: Operation Hellfish 
    VII5: Slithery Sleuthing
    VII6: Fishy Deals
    VII7: The Old Pirate And The Sea
    VII8: Princi-Pal
    IX: Mysterious Shape Found In Field
    VIII1: For A Few Donuts More
    VIII2: Redneck Roundup
    VIII3: Ketchup Logic
    VIII4: Return Of The Nearly Dead
    VIII5: Wolves Stole My Pills
    VIII6: The Cola Wars
    VIII7: From Outer Space
    VIII8: Beached Love
    X: Exciting New Cola Gains Popularity
    IX1: Incriminating Caffeine
    IX2: ... And Baby Makes 8
    IX3: Eight Is Too Much
    IX4: This Little Piggy
    IX5: Never Trust A Snake
    IX6: Kwik Cash
    IX7: Curious Curator
    IX8: Kinky Frinky
    XI: Krusty At Squidport Today For Cola-Bration
    X1: Going To The 'Lu
    X2: Getting Down With The Clown
    X3: Lab Coat Caper
    X4: Duff For Me, Duff For You
    X5: Full Metal Jackass
    X6: Set To Kill
    X7: Kang And Kodos Strike Back
    X8: Milking The Pigs
    XII: Aliens Invade Springfield!
    XI1: Rigor Motors
    XI2: Long Black Probes
    XI3: Pocket Protector
    XI4: There's Something About Monty
    XI5: Alien "Auto"topsy Part I
    XI6: Alien "Auto"topsy Part II
    XI7: Alien "Auto"topsy Part III
    XI8: Flaming Tires
    XIII: Cheat Codes
    XIV: Vehicles
    XV: Races
    XVI: Collector Cards
    XVII: Wasp Cameras
    XVIII: Gags
    XIX: Bonus Game
    XX: E-Mail
    XXI: Disclaimer
    XXII: Credits
     I: Introduction
    If you've never heard of The Simpsons, you must be crazy. 
    And judging by the title of the game, it is obvious that 
    this game is all about The Simpsons. Hello, I'm Ratchet12345 and 
    this is the guide I've written myself for The Simpsons Hit And Run. 
    You will be able to interact with Springfield and it's characters. 
    And drive monster trucks (Level 5 or 100% completion of game with 
    cheat only). Anyway, lets get this reader reading!
     II: Controls
    ON FOOT:
    Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move.
    Right Analog Stick: Rotate camera.
    X: Jump (x2 is Double Jump).
    Square: Attack (after one jump is Jump Kick, and after two is 
    Body/But Slam)
    Circle: Sprint.
    Triangle: Get in nearest vehicle/enter interior (building).
    L1: Look up.
    R1: Zoom in.
    L/R 2: N/A.
    Start: Pause.
    Select: Change camera.
    R3 (Press down on right stick): Look behind.
    Left Analog Stick/D-Pad Left or Right: Steer.
    X/Right Analog Stick Up: Accelerate.
    Circle/Right Analog Stick Down: Brake and reverse.
    Triangle: Get out of vehicle (once stopped).
    L1: Look Up
    Square/R1: Handbrake (Also referred to as H-Brake, E-Brake and 
    Emergency Brake. Who knew one control could have so many names?)
    L2: Look left.
    R2: Look right.
    L2+R2: Look behind.
    Start: Pause.
    Select: Reset vehicle.
    L3 (Press down on left stick): Horn/siren (sirens are exclusive to 
    Police Car, Fire Engine and Ambulance).
     III: Things You Should Know About This Game
    Wanted Level
    Just like Grand Theft Auto, the police come after you if you cause 
    too much havoc in Springfield. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, your wanted 
    level is measured in a meter around the radar (bottom-left of play 
    screen) instead of stars, and once the cops are after you, they will 
    not shoot you, and the army and FBI will stay out of the chase. If 
    you are caught (stopped by the police), you'll be fined 50 coins.
     IV: Characters
    Homer Simpson:
    D'oh! Woohoo! Mmmmm, something. Do these commonly spoken lines from 
    The Simpsons remind you of who says them? Well it should. Homer 
    Simpson is not a smart person. Quite stupid. And he is very fat. But 
    by some coincidence, Homer has saved Springfield quite a lot of 
    times. You'll play as Homer in the 1st and 7th levels.
    Bart Simpson:
    Once again, America's bad boy is back. Bart just wants a copy of 
    Bonestorm 2, but the story doesn't like that idea. You'll play 
    as Bart in the 2nd and 6th levels
    Lisa Simpson:
    Bart's missing, and it's Lisa's job to find him. Why would you help a 
    sibling? Don't ask me; I have none! You'll play as Lisa in the 
    3rd level.
    Marge Simpson:
    She runs funny! She talks funny. But technically she ISN'T FUNNY! 
    Talk about confused! You'll play as Marge in the 4th level.
    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon:
    'Thank you, come again'. My favourite Indian running around town? I 
    thought he worked all the time! You'll play as Apu in the 5th level.
     V: Menus & Options.
    Here are all the menus in the game explained for your comfort and 
    ease/discomfort and un ease.
    Continue: Continue game.
    Mission Select: Go to different levels/missions.
    Level Progress: See how much you've completed the level you're 
    currently on.
    View Cards: View collector cards you've collected so far.
    Options: Change the games settings
    	Sound: Change audio options
    	Settings: Change settings for cameras, map and vibration.
    Save Game: Save your game.
    Quit Game: GO back to the main menu.
    Continue: See PAUSE MENU - NON MISSION.
    Restart Mission: Restart the mission you are currently doing.
    Cancel Mission: Cancel the mission you are currently doing.
     VI: Local Man Ruins Hotdog Eating Contest. 
    First you'll see the intro. If you saw the game intro (not this one, 
    the one with all those wasps), you'll find this scene links to it. 
    You'll see Homer holding a coin, one of the many you'll have to 
    collect during the course of this game. Then he'll look at the TV. 
    Krusty will come up. He'll talk about Buzz Cola, the NEW and IMPROVED 
    Buzz Cola. Then as any beverage on TV would, it seduces Homer and he 
    has to get some.
    Tutorial Mission : The Cola Caper
    Tasks: Drive to place, pick up item
    First, press square to turn Bart's tutorials off. Then talk to Marge. 
    She requests that you to go get some more ice cream with mini pies in 
    it. Once Marge is done, get into Homer's pink sedan (what happened to 
    the roof?). Now, drive through that glass with Krusty The Klown 
    holding a Buzz Cola can (this glass is called Krusty Glass). This is 
    one of the many shortcuts you'll have to take, so use it whenever you 
    can. See the yellow coin-looking things that appeared? They are coins 
    (duh), and you'll need a lot of them in the future. Follow the arrows 
    until you reach the Kwik-E-Mart. Enter, talk to Apu and pick up the 
    ice cream and cola. Mission Complete! After every first mission in 
    every level, explore the level.
    Mission 1: S-M-R-T
    Tasks: Race
    Talk to Marge, grab the science project and get in your sedan. Go 
    left towards the Krusty Glass (if it's not there, go towards there 
    anyway) but turn left just before you exit to discover another 
    shortcut. Go through and you'll see in the top left of the screen a 
    race icon, the position you are in and the number of racers including 
    yourself. Race Principal Skinner to Springfield Elementary, and if 
    you win, enter the school. Give Lisa her science project.
    Mission 2: Petty Theft Homer
    Tasks: Collect items
    Enter the Simpsons house and talk to Marge. She'll tell you that your 
    neighbour Ned Flanders seems 'miffed' and 'peeoed'. Now go to 
    Flanders' house and talk to Ned. He'll tell you that some of his 
    possessions have 'disappeared'. These objects were all borrowed by, 
    you guessed! If you didn't guess, Homer 'borrowed', more like stole, 
    all the items you have to collect in this mission. Get in your sedan 
    and follow the arrows to get the items. The tuxedo is near the inner 
    corner of the street to the right of the Simpsons house, the lawn 
    mower is near first entrance to the cemetery you pass, the cooler is 
    in Barney's clutches, so go to him and talk to him. To be honest, I 
    don't think Flanders would want it back, if Barney's been using it as 
    a toilet. Flanders' lawn chair is near the second entrance to the 
    cemetery, Flanders' family portrait is near the Krusty Glass that you 
    used going to the Kwik-E-Mart in your first mission, and when you 
    need to find Rod's inhaler, use the boxes on the Duff truck at the 
    Kwik-E-Mart to jump up (get on the boxes and double jump; no need to 
    press the button on the truck). Once you've found all six items, 
    return to Ned. Even though this mission is timed, the times are 
    ridiculous, so it doesn't matter.
    Mission 3: Office Spaced
    Tasks: Drive to place, talk to person, buy vehicle, destroy other car
    Talk to Marge inside the Simpsons house. She'll remind you that 
    today's your work place evaluation with Mr. Smithers, so leave and 
    get in your sedan. Drive to the Krusty Burger near the bridge and 
    talk to Lenny. He'll tell you that he saw Smithers at the Kwik-E 
    Mart. Homer thinks he needs a bigger car (could you believe Homer 
    thought of that?), so go talk to Barney. You must buy the Plow King 
    from Barney for 150 coins, so buy it and drive to the Kwik-E-Mart, 
    but use the cemetery shortcut. Once you're there, start pummelling 
    Smithers' limo. Smash it into other cars and walls for more damage. 
    This mission is so fun it'll be over before you know it, but you'll 
    know when it says Mission Complete anyway.
    Mission 4: Blind Big Brother
    Tasks: Destroy items
    Drive to the power plant and enter Homer's workstation. Now Homer 
    thinks sexy girls are watching him through the power of the Internet? 
    Anyway, go outside and destroy all the power couplings. Start by 
    going right from you workstation and just keep pushing the buttons as 
    you go along. Once you've got them all, return to your workstation 
    for a nap, or so we thought.
    Mission 5: Flowers By Irene
    Tasks: Chase
    Go inside the Simpsons house and watch TV. Watch the movie and exit 
    the house. Get in your sedan and follow the black van. Take all the 
    shortcuts it does, and any it doesn't. However, don't go too far in 
    front or the game will think you've lost the trail. It'll lead you to 
    Mr. Burns' mansion. Homer thinks Mr. Burns is spying on everybody 
    with the wasp cameras and black vans. Heh heh heh, Burns.
    Mission 6: Bonestorm Storm
    Tasks: Hit vehicle and collect items
    Drive to the grocery store and talk to Marge. She is worried that the 
    town's children will be ruined due to the release of Bonestorm 2, 
    sequel to Bonestorm, a video game like GTA with lots of violence. 
    Once she's done talking, you'll be in her Canyonero. Hit the 
    Bonestorm truck and collect the boxes of games. One hit equals one 
    box. Once you've got the ten, drive to the Simpsons house. Easy as 
    Mission 7: The Fat and Furious
    Tasks: Race
    Drive to the power plant in your sedan and talk to Karl. Now race 
    Smithers to Mr. Burns' mansion. I'll list all the shortcuts, and any 
    with asterisks are ones that pansy Smithers doesn't take:
    The cow barn
    Over the Tire Fire*
    Through the trailer park
    Through the cemetery*
    Krusty Glass near Simpsons' house
    Big ramp with Krusty Glass after bridge jump into 939 area code*
    Once you've won, you'll see a cut-scene. So the black vans are pizza 
    vans? Well, that doesn't explain the wasp cameras.
    Bonus Mission: This Old Shanty
    Tasks: Collect objects in time, drive to place, collect objects in 
    time, drive to place
    Vehicle Rewarded: Pickup Truck
    If you want to do this mission, talk to Cletus at his shack near the 
    bridge. Once the mission has started, you've to collect five 
    cardboard tubes for indoor pluming (he'd need a plumber eventually). 
    Follow the green arrows and you should get them all, but they're 
    not on the road. BUT, once you've got the tubes, bust a U-turn and 
    drive as quick as ya can to the tomacco field; just drive as quick as 
    ya can as if you were on your way to the power plant, and after the 
    cow barn shortcut, it'll be on your right. You must collect all the 
    tomacco. You'll probably end up with a Hit & Run, but it shouldn't 
    annoy you. Now drive back to Cletus' shack. Take the barn, Tire Fire 
    and trailer park shortcuts and you'll be there. The times for this 
    mission might get annoying, but once you get the hang of reckless 
    driving it'll be easy.
     VII: Low Level Employee Harasses Millionaire, Hounds Released.
    Mission 1: Detention Deficit Disorder
    Tasks: Drive to place, evade vehicle, drive to place.
    Talk to Milhouse and get in your Honour Roller. Drive up the dirt 
    ramp to enter a different area of town and Principal Skinner will 
    start chasing you. You must out-drive him. When you're at the trains, 
    turn right into the Krusty Glass and you'll definitely lose him. Now 
    drive to the Try-n-Save and talk to Jimbo. Games gone? Old lady? Four 
    finger discount?
    Mission 2: Weapons Of Mass Delinquency
    Tasks: Drive to and talk to people, collect item x4, outrun
    Drive to Herman's Military Antiques and talk to Kearney. He says that 
    video games are late 90s, and that illegal fireworks are the new 
    buzz. So get in your Honour Roller and drive to Moe's. Talk to Otto 
    and get his Chinese sky-candy, and then enter Moe's Tavern and talk 
    to Moe. He'll also leave some for you. Now leave and drive to the 
    Town Hall where you'll catch up with Snake. He'll give you some 
    works, and a warning not to blow your hand off, but quickly takes it 
    back. Now you've got to go to the police station. Drive there BUT, 
    once you're there, bust a U turn and drive your car back to the 
    tunnel and leave it there. Now patiently run to the police station. 
    You'll meet Ralph; he gives you no fireworks, but a warning that his 
    daddy's (being Chief Wiggum) gonna put you in prison. Well, if it 
    didn't let us get to our car before he started chasing us, then he 
    would have a chance, but Wiggum and his car won't budge until you get 
    in your vehicle. This is why I told you to put your carat the tunnel. 
    Once you get in, you might have a little evading to do, but not much 
    if so. Just be careful of the times, as they're getting shorter by 
    the mission.
    Mission 3: Vox Nerduli
    Tasks: Race
    OK, time for another race! But, you don't know who your opponent is? 
    Well, you'll find out in a matter of seconds, or minutes. Go talk to 
    Comic Book Guy at the Googoplex. As usual, he wants to complain about 
    something, in this case, the new McBain film. Anyway, we have to race 
    a nerd? This is weird. Our quest for Bonestorm 2 is turning into one 
    long chain of disappointment. Well, when we start, turn left 
    immediately to get a head start, and take the inner corner of the 
    underpass tunnel so it's quicker. When you begin to see buildings, go 
    left onto the grass, and cut through the Town Hall lawn, and head 
    straight through the turn in the street up ahead. Once you've done 
    all that, you'll see a cut-scene. Professor Frink? What's with all 
    the nerds?
    Mission 4: Bart 'n' Frink
    Tasks: Drive to place, drive to place, race.
    All right, lets start by driving to the stadium near the underpass 
    tunnel and talking to Professor Frink. Now we're on a quest for REAL 
    violence, and all done by a nerd! They're finally realising that you 
    don't live forever! And it's called a Truck-o-Saurus! WW2 
    Communication Radio and satellite, eh? Well, lets follow this black 
    van we see. It'll take us to Herman's Military Antiques. And guess 
    who we find? Chief Wiggum. He says Herman has been robbed by an 
    unknown identity who's face is clearly visible in the corner of the 
    screen, so lets go find that identity. Follow the arrows to find... 
    Snake? Bart will propose a race for the radio, and if we must race 
    for the radio, that's what we'll do for the radio! This is just 
    another race. Use the inner lanes for a quick win; just watch out for 
    traffic. Pick up the radio to complete the mission.
    Mission 5: Better Than Beef
    Tasks: Collect items, drive to place, outrun.
    Get over to the Krusty Burger near the construction site (where the 
    big dirt ramp) and talk to Cletus. We have to pick up road-kill? 
    Hmmmm. Anyway, git in and pick up the flatmeat! There are fourteen in 
    total, so just follow the arrows and you should be fine. The only one 
    you might not see is the one behind the moving train carriage. Once 
    you've got 'em all, bust a U-E and drive back to the Krusty Burger, 
    but don't stop yet! Now you must out-drive Apu, because he thinks 
    he's the only one that should sell road-kill, but how wrong he'll be 
    if you can evade him in the time limit. Step on it and drive through 
    as many shortcuts as possible, and you should lose him. Once you've 
    lost Apu's trail, git your but back to the Krusty Burger you started 
    at. Now Cletus will give you the satellite dish. Finally, a chance 
    you witness destruction in real life!
    Mission 6: Monkey See Monkey D'oh
    Tasks: Collect items, drive to place
    What? A blender? Jeez, talk about absolutely pathetic requirements 
    for a killing machine! But we still want to witness the destruction, 
    so we should go see a heavy drinker. Bart thinks of Dr. Nick Riviera, 
    so lets meet him at the Screaming Monkeys Research Center. Even 
    though Dr. Nick is a heavy drinker, he can't give us the blender we 
    need until we rescue the monkeys that escaped from his clutches 
    because, well, you'll find out after the mission. Anyway, we also 
    need Homer's Mr. Plow truck! So go see Homer if you haven't already 
    and buy it from him for 200 coins (if you already have, go to the 
    phone booth to access Mr. Plow). Once you've bought/accessed the car, 
    get ready for lots of collecting! Drive around the area and collect 
    all thirty monkeys you can see. If you are missing some and you can't 
    see any, use the radar to navigate. Once you've got all of them, 
    drive back to the Screaming Monkey Research Center. Now Dr. Nick 
    gives you the blender, and can get back to torturing the monkeys. 
    Yippee! We can see the Truck-o-Saurus! Or can we?
    Mission 7: Cell-Outs
    Tasks: Damage x4
    OK, before you start this mission, make sure that your toughest car 
    has no damage, as this mission requires that you destroy four 
    vehicles! Once you've talked to Professor Frink and discovered that 
    mobile phones will screw with the functioning of the Truck-o-Saurus, 
    get that car ready to bash! There are four cars to destroy, and you 
    destroy them one at a time. They'll all be in the Downtown area, and 
    you have an allocated time to destroy them all. Just use your regular 
    damage techniques and you should complete this mission quickly. Now 
    Professor Frink will tell you that everything is fine so he won't 
    witness any death, or so to say, and I quote, or I think I quote, 
    'now the Truck-o-Saurus will run smoothly so we'll steer clear of the 
    screaming and the sadness and the hosing the blood off the robot!' 
    Watch the cut scene and you'll find something's wrong!
    Bonus Mission: Dial B For Blood
    Tasks: Drive to place & collect item x3, drive to place
    Vehicle Rewarded: WWII Vehicle
    Drive to the Veterans Of Unpopular Wars and talk to Grandpa. He needs 
    blood? Well, that's Grandpa for you! OK, we'll start by driving to 
    the Springfield Plasma Center and picking up some blood. Now drive 
    through the car wash to get your car repaired, and turn right into 
    that street with all the potholes so you will end up at Moe's. Enter 
    Moe's and talk to Moe to collect some more blood. Now drive to the 
    Krusty Burger near the construction site to get some more blood. Now 
    get your ass all the way back to the Veterans Of Unpopular Wars and 
    talk to Grandpa. He'll reward our little punk with a WWII vehicle.
     VIII: Bart Simpson Disappears In Bright Light.
    Mission 1: Nerd Race Queen
    Tasks: Race, collect item, drive to place
    Awesome, another race! Go talk to Comic Book Guy in the Android's 
    Dungeon nearby. Lisa will ask Comic Book Guy if he's seen Bart, but 
    he really couldn't care less. He needs to get the new Itchy & 
    Scratchy comic before that pesky nerd does. So lets race! I'll list 
    the shortcuts below.
    1: The stairs with palm trees.
    2: Right after the stairs, turn right to enter the gasoline station. 
    Go through the hole near the truck.
    3: Through the alleyway near Barney's Bowl-a-Rama. Watch out for the 
    pin maker at the end, because it can really screw you up with severe 
    damage to your car, and the lifting and dropping of your car, costing 
    you time.
    4: The big ramp leading up to the Mr. Burns' Casino sign.
    The last shortcut will leave you at the entrance to the Squidport, 
    which is where the finish line is! Drive through and collect the 
    comic, bust a U-turn and drive back to Android's Dungeon as quick as 
    ya can! Remember to take the alleyway and stair shortcuts. Comic Book 
    Guy says he saw Bart at the Noiseland Arcade. How dare he say video 
    games are a waste of money! He's in one for crying out loud!
    Mission 2: Clueless
    Tasks: Drive to place & talk to person x3
    Go talk to Milhouse at the Noiseland Arcade. He'll say that he saw 
    Bart at Wall E. Weasels, so get in a car (this car being your Malibu 
    Stacey Car), and step on it (it being the acceleration pedal, which 
    is X or up on the Right Analog Stick). Once you're at Wall E. 
    Weasels, talk to... Milhouse? Hmmmm, I hope he's not stalking Lisa! 
    (Not as if he never did). Anyway, Milhouse said that he saw Bart at 
    the Planet Hype building, and that's all the way down at the 
    Squidport! So, after you've burned rubber, taking all shortcuts 
    available to you and have ended up at the Squidport, keep the rubber 
    burning until you are past the C-Spanker (the big ship after Planet 
    Hype, and I mean after it). Now get out of the car and run all the 
    way back to Milhouse. Once you've gone back and talked to him, run 
    all the way back to the car. Springfield Sign? Milhouse better not be 
    there! Drive there and talk to Milhouse (yes, he did follow Lisa 
    again, but what did you expect?)
    Mission 3: Bonfire Of The Manatees
    Tasks: Hit vehicle and collect items, drive to place
    So, now Lisa remembers that Bart liked to hang at the Kwik-E-Mart. 
    Lets go see Apu, I mean he practically lives there, I can't believe 
    he's actually available to talk to! Once you have, you'll realise two 
    things: For one thing this mission links to the mission Better Than 
    Beef, but you're on the other side, and two Apu doesn't give a crap 
    about Bart's disappearance. So, hit Cletus' car, collecting the road-
    kill as you do. Don't take too long though; you do need to go to the 
    Observatory afterwards. Here are three good ways to make Cletus drop 
    1: Smash his rear (a light tap does jack. You need to full on smash 
    his ass in order for road-kill to be dropped this way).
    2: Smash his side.
    3: Smash him oncoming.
    Mission 4: Operation Hellfish
    Tasks: Collect item, destroy car x3
    Purchase the School Bus from Otto if you haven't already or get it 
    from a phone if you have, and collect the red hat. Now chase after 
    and smash the first sedan head on. Then chase it and smash it as you 
    would. At the Springfield Dam, wait until he begins to turn then 
    smash him into the wall, then finish him off if need be. After he's 
    out, drive to the Aztec Theatre. Remember you've got infinite time, 
    so grab a wrench if you need to. Once you're there, give the next 
    sedan a nice oncoming crash, then chase it and smash it as you did 
    the last. There are some great side swiping opportunities at the 
    corners, so make use of them. After you destroy that sedan, the last 
    one will be at Planet Hype. Drive there and side swipe it, then do 
    what you have to do. Once it is gone, you've completed the mission. 
    Empty? What the...
    Mission 5: Slithery Sleuthing
    Tasks: Chase vehicle and collect items, drive to place.
    Go to Wiggum at the casino and talk to him. You have to help him get 
    three strikes on Snake to put him back in the cell he belongs in, and 
    maybe something else will come along at the end. Get in the car to 
    start. Chase Snake and pick up the items he drops. Here are the 
    approximate locations of the dropped items:
    1: Near casino (just after mission has started).
    2: At bottom of stair shortcut (near gas station shortcut).
    3: On Springfield Dam bridge (the broken bridge).
    After all three items have been collected, drive back to the casino 
    and get some nice info from Wiggum.
    Mission 6: Fishy Deals
    Tasks: Collect items.
    Drive to Captain McAllister's Chum 'n' Stuff. Speak to the Sea 
    Captain, and he'll tell you if you collect the fish, he'll tell you 
    where he thinks Bart may be. Well, get to it!. Get a fast car for 
    this one, OK? Just follow the path of fishes, collecting each one as 
    you go. Don't miss anymore than three; after that you've just screwed 
    up too much. Here are some important points:
    1: After the fish left of the lighthouse, reverse, do a 180 and 
    continue along the Squidport.
    2: When you have one fish to go, turn right to go over the broken 
    bridge. The last fish is in the middle of the two halves.
    Mission 7: The Old Pirate And The Sea
    Tasks: Destroy vehicle, talk to person, drive to place, talk to 
    Talk to the Sea Captain again. He says Bart is in a limo nearby. This 
    limo just happens to be right near them , so Lisa must take it out. 
    Get Mr. Plow for this part. Give the limo a big [insert name here] 
    welcome and smash into him oncoming then side swipe that limo's way 
    to KABOOM! Whoops, Bart was in there! Drive to the Sea Captain, and 
    he'll tell you he jumped out and boarded the C-Spanker (The Ship at 
    the Observatory end of the Squidport). Board it by going left of the 
    Chum 'n' Stuff (facing toward the ship itself), and going right. The 
    ramp is the entrance; just drive AFAYC (As Fast As You Can) and the 
    Globex sign will smash on impact. Drive up and stop at the top. Jump 
    onto the ship, go around the box top your left and talk to Bart. 
    Cola? Sedans? We're FINALLY getting somewhere!
    Bonus Mission: Princi-Pal
    Tasks: Drive to place, collect item (x3).
    Vehicle Rewarded: Sedan
    So, now Skinner wants us to run errands for him? How low can you 
    sink? Anyways, you must drive to the Right Fluff Laundromat. Drive 
    there and collect Skinner's Mother's laundry. It is to the right of 
    the Bowlarama. Collect the laundry and Skinner will blackmail you 
    into going to the Krusty Burger by Android's Dungeon to get some 
    food. Go there, talk to the Squeaky-voiced Teen and get the food. Now 
    get in the car and drive to the casino. After that, get out and talk 
    to Dr. Nick. He'll give you Skinner's Anti-Fungal Cream (eewwww). Now 
    get back in the car and speed to the Noiseland Arcade. Once you're 
    there, Skinner will give you his Sedan.
     IX: Mysterious Shape Found In Field.
    Mission 1: For A Few Donuts More
    Tasks: Chase vehicle, talk to person, hit vehicle to collect items, 
    talk to person.
    Talk to Bart. All you'll get is jiberish, and Marge thinks all the 
    strange things happening in Springfield are connected somehow. Maybe 
    the cops know something? Go outside and get in your very own 
    Canyanero! Follow Wiggum to Lard Lads (near the Kwik-E-mart) and talk 
    to him. He won't tell you nothing about crop circles until he gets 
    some donuts in his gut, so get back in the Canyanero and hit the 
    Donut truck to get donuts. Get ten, then go back to Wiggum. Then 
    he'll tell you it's at Cletus' shack.
    Mission 2: Redneck Roundup
    Tasks: Chase vehicle to collect items.
    Talk to Cletus at his shack. He'll tell you to nick off; he thinks 
    you're a New York magazine photographer! Chase his vehicle and 
    collect the items. The items will be dropped at:
    1: Cletus' shack/front of Trailer Park.
    2: At power plant sign.
    3: Under big rotating wheel in power plant.
    4: Just after Stonecutters tunnel.
    5: Near gas station.
    6: Near Krusty Burger (near school).
    7: Outside Retirement Castle.
    Mission 3: Ketchup Logic
    Tasks: Collect items, drive to place.
    Talk to Cletus again (this time he's at the gas station across form 
    the Retirement castle). He realises you're just Marge Simpson, but 
    won't speak a word of any crop circle until you help him 'harvest' 
    something. Marge is not doing such hard labour in the clothes she's 
    in, so you must purchase the Inmate clothing from Bart's room, the 
    Kwik-E-Mart or Springfield Elementary for 300 coins. Now go back to 
    Cletus and git your ass in the car! 
    Now just follow the trail of ketchup packets (hard labour my rear!). 
    You'll go over the wrecked vehicles, over a ramp after the bridge (go 
    over it turning left a little but so you don't waste time), through 
    Burns' mansion and over that spinning wheel in the power plant. Then 
    you must drive back to Cletus' shack, but as soon as you leave the 
    plant, a sedan will be on your ass. Just evade it like any other car; 
    use shortcuts, don't slow down too much, all that. Once you've lost 
    him, drive to Cletus' shack and that's the end! Of the mission, that 
    is. Cletus will tell you to go to the cemetery; he figures old people 
    will know about the crop circle.
    Mission 4: Return Of The Nearly-Dead
    Tasks: Race.
    This mission is so short it'll make you wonder why you even did it! 
    Get your fastest car ready, facing away from the Krusty Burger at the 
    entrance to the cemetery. Talk to Hans Moleman. He say's Abe (Grampa) 
    knows something, and that you should ask him. But the cops are gonna 
    lock the doors soon, so you must race Wiggum there. Take the blue 
    house and playground shortcuts, and all the rest, and you'll be fine. 
    You can also have your car facing the Krusty Glass to the left of 
    Hans if you're currently facing the cemetery itself.
    Mission 5: Wolves Stole My Pills
    Tasks: Drive to place, talk to person, chase car to collect items, 
    drive to place, talk to person, go to place, collect item, go to 
    Sounds like a BIG mission, but I've just spread it out a little, too, 
    much. Anyway, talk to Grampa. He says bullies have stolen his pills! 
    So get in your car (preferably a fast one) and drive to the school 
    playground. Talk to Nelson, and he'll tell you that he traded the 
    pills to people in a black car (hmmmmm) for some Playdudes (nice!). 
    This black sedan (cough cough) I mean black car, is parked outside 
    the school. Drive to the car and chase it. It will gradually drop 10 
    items, which are:
    1: Near school
    2: Near Krusty Burger (near school).
    At this point (maybe before) the sedan will do a u-turn.
    3: Outside school.
    4: Outside Community Centre
    5: After bridge.
    6: Outside gas station.
    7: On double lane road.
    8: Before roundabout
    9: On roundabout.
    10: In alley after roundabout (maybe after).
    After that, hightail it back to the Retirement Castle, or so you 
    thought! As soon as you wizz past the school, you must evade another 
    sedan! After you do, go and talk to Grampa, give him the pills... 
    he's fallen asleep! Jeez. Go to the Kwik-E-Mart, collect the caffeine 
    pills, go back to the Retirement Castle and watch! Nazi racoon?
    Mission 6: The Cola Wars
    Tasks: Collect items (on foot!)
    Go to Bart's room. He'll tell you all you need to know about the 
    cola, and Marge only cares about Bart's mental health. What did you 
    expect! You must buy the Police clothing from Bart's room, the Kwik-
    E-Mart or Springfield Elementary for 400 coins. Now you should hear 
    that cool music you heard in the mission Monkey see Monkey D'oh. Exit 
    Bart's room and follow the trail of cola cans. Once you get near the 
    Kwik-E-Mart, the cans will be everywhere. Some locations that should 
    be noted are:
    1: The roof of the Kwik-E-Mart.
    2: The Roof of the gas station.
    3: The roof of Lard Lad's.
    4: Krusty Burger.
    After you've collected all 30 coins, that's it.
    Mission 7: From Outer Space
    Tasks: Destroy vehicle x3, evade vehicle.
    Have the Canyanero ready outside the Kwik-E-Mart. Enter the Kwik-E-
    Mart and talk to Apu. After she realises, um, what she realises, she 
    says she's going to find the tucks and destroy them. One is at the 
    start of the mission, one is at Burns' mansion and the last is in the 
    power plant parking lot, and you have two minutes to destroy each 
    one. Just destroy the trucks one by one. After that, drive to the 
    Simpson's House. Wiggum won't be happy because you stole his cola, so 
    he will be on your ass. Evade him by taking the blue house shortcut, 
    then the playground shortcut. Then drive back to the Simpsons' house 
    to complete the mission.
    Bonus Mission: Beached Love
    Tasks: Drive to place, collect items, collect items (on foot), drive 
    to place, talk to person.
    Vehicle Rewarded: Kremlin
    Talk to Comic Book Guy near the cemetery. He says Skinner keeps 
    intercepting his gifts to Mother, therefore we must get the gifts 
    back. Creepy. Drive to the school playground. Four items are in the 
    playground, so drive into each of them. Now drive to the steam vent 
    near the building and get out. Jump on the vent, and you'll be on the 
    roof. Get the item up there. Now go towards the other side. Carefully 
    use the little platforms to make your way to the other side of the 
    roof; you'll get another item. Collect the item, then jump down in 
    front of the school and get the last item. Call your car over from 
    the phone and drive back to CBG. He'll give you his Kremlin as a 
     X: Exciting New Cola Gains Popularity.
    Mission 1: Incriminating Caffeine
    Tasks: Chase vehicle to collect items.
    Drive to the train station and into the shortcut. Investigate the 
    van. Now get in that car of yours. Just follow the van and collect 
    the items. Simple. The van will drop items:
    1: Near the DMV
    2: Near block part of expressway.
    At this point the truck will take the shortcut.
    3: After shortcut.
    4: In between the two large signs that say Downtown.
    5: Near alleyway.
    6: After fire engines.
    7: In underpass.
    8: Near Town Hall.
    9: Near GGG sign.
    At this point DO NOT take the shortcut; keep following the truck.
    10: Just after ramp shortcut
    11: Outside The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club
    Mission 2: ... And Baby Makes 8.
    Tasks: Evade vehicle x3.
    Talk to Louie at The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. He says to 
    keep your nose out of other people's business (how hypocritical). Now 
    you must drive to the hospital. But, before you get there, a Mafia 
    limo is on you. These limos are good, so watch out. Evade it, and try 
    to drive to the hospital again. Another limo will be on you. Evade 
    it, and drive to the hospital for the third time to complete the 
    Mission 3: Eight Is Too Much
    Tasks: Hit vehicle to collect items., drive to place, talk to person.
    Talk to Dr. Hibert. He says your babies need diapers, and fast. And 
    he also says the Shelbyville Nonuplets are buying the all! Go to 
    Homer near the hospital and buy The Car For Homer (doesn't that mean 
    Apu should let Homer drive?). Now drive to the hospital and start to 
    hit the Shelbyville Nonuplets van to get the diapers. You need 10. 
    Once you've got ten, drive to the hospital and talk to Dr. Hibert. 
    The end.
    Mission 4: This Little Piggy
    Tasks: Collect items, follow vehicle.
    Buy the American outfit from Moe's Tavern or the DMV for 425 coins. 
    Then look in the window at the Krusty Burger. Now get in a fast car 
    and follow the trail of donuts. They'll lead you through the 
    hospital, through the underpass and to the police station (well duh). 
    Now follow Wiggum to the DMV. He'll go around the block and through 
    the expressway to the DMV.
    Mission 5: Never Trust A Snake
    Tasks: Chase vehicle to collect items, collect items (on foot), drive 
    to place, collect item.
    The mission I hate the most. Have your fastest car ready. Talk to 
    Snake. He says if you do his community service for him he'll give you 
    a briefcase full of info. Get in your car and chase the garbage 
    truck. He'll drop garbage:
    1: Just after large sign that says Downtown.
    2: In shortcut.
    Don't take the shortcut that he goes in and out of.
    3: Just before reaching level road.
    4: In between corners of downhill.
    5: Just before monorail.
    At this point park your car under the monorail. The garbage will be 
    1: The monorail. Climb the stairs. Use green bar at end of platform 
    to jump onto the track, then jump onto the roof of the building. 
    Collect the garbage then jump off.
    2: The Sit & Rotate room. After jumping off get the four pieces of 
    garbage, then get a small car (compact or sports). If you can't find 
    one get in any car, but DON'T use the phone. Drive up the escalator.
    3: Near fire engines in alley. Drive to the alley. Collect the two 
    bits of garbage in the other alley then drive up the small ramp. Get 
    out and use the steam vents to get onto the roof of that building and
    collect the 4 bits of garbage. Jump off.
    4: The fire engines near the underpass. Go to the phone and get your 
    fastest vehicle. Drive up the ladder slowly and drive off. Get the 
    last two pieces of garbage and get onto the expressway. You'll see a 
    bit that is blocked by those wooden boards; go that way. Follow the 
    road and you'll go over a jump and go back onto the normal route. 
    Follow the arrows and once you get to the DMV, talk to Snake. He 
    say's the info's inside the DMV, so enter. Collect the briefcase. 
    Empty? Crap.
    Mission 6: Kwik Cash
    Tasks: Drive to place, evade vehicle, drive to place, destroy 
    vehicle, drive to place, evade vehicle, 
    drive to place.
    Talk to Snake at the DMV. He'll tell you to do some more 'community 
    service', then he'll give you the info. And just after we collected 
    all that bloody garbage! Start by driving to the Googolplex. But just 
    before the sign that says Downtown, Wiggum is waiting. Evade him and 
    continue to the Googolplex. When you get there, start to pummel the 
    armoured car. Because it takes so long, you're given infinite time to 
    destroy it. So once smoke comes out of your car, stop and head for 
    the nearest wrench. Once he's taken out, drive to Snakes hideout. 
    When you get there Wiggum will chase you again! Evade him using the 
    train shortcut(s) and return to Snakes hideout. So, the museum owns 
    the trucks?
    Mission 7: Curious Curator
    Tasks: Drive to place, evade vehicle, collect item, drive to place.
    Talk to Bart near the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. He say's 
    they've got to get to the museum before it closes, and that's in five 
    minutes! Bart's car is pretty sweet; just watch the smashing and the 
    crashing. Drive to the museum and then smash the living crap out of 
    the curator's car. It'll take a while, but once it's out get the keys 
    and drive straight back to the museum. This video is by far the 
    coolest yet!
    Bonus Mission: Kinky Frinky
    Tasks: Destroy vehicle, drive to place, talk to person.
    Vehicle Rewarded: Hover Car.
    Talk to Professor Frink at the Java Server. He says he's lost his 
    hover car, and he needs you to disable it. In other words, smash the 
    living crap out of it! Get a vehicle good in speed and toughness and 
    chase the hover car whilst smashing it. You have three minutes, so 
    spread it out if you can. Some good smashing points are: 
    1: Near the ramp; the hover car will go around the ramp, but you can 
    just drive towards the wall and you should hit it as it comes into 
    your view from the ramp.
    2: The train area.
    After it's dead, drive back to the java Server to unlock the car you 
    just killed! How ironic...
     XI: Krusty At Squidport Today For Cola-Bration.
    Mission 1: Going To The Lu'
    Tasks: Collect items, drive to place.
    Talk to Apu. He says he can't speak English (it never works, does 
    it?). He's obviously scared, so Bart goes to his good friend Otto. 
    Bart says he needs to go to Krustylu Studios, and that's where Otto's 
    going. After a little discussion, you'll be in the bus. Collect all 
    the kids. You'll go through the stairs, through the gas station 
    shortcut, through the alleyway near the Bowlarama, up the ramp and 
    through the hoops, and through the Squidport. Don't take any 
    shortcuts; just follow the trail of kids. Now drive up to Krustylu 
    Mission 2: Getting Down With The Clown.
    Tasks: Follow vehicle, talk to person, drive to place (smart way) or 
    race (dumb way).
    Talk to Barney at Krustylu Studios. Bart wants to find Krusty, and 
    Barney says he's at the Squidport promoting Buzz Cola. After he's 
    done, get in your Ferrini (red sporty car), and follow the Itchy And 
    Scratchy truck. It'll lead you to the Observatory. Have your car 
    facing the way you came, and talk to the limo driver. Or try to; he 
    drives off! Get in your car and drive to the entrance to the 
    Squidport AFAYC to win this 'race'.
    Mission 3: Lab Coat Caper
    Tasks: Follow vehicle.
    It may sound simple, but you're far from correct. Talk to Krusty at 
    the Squidport. He says he needs proof before he believes your crap 
    about aliens and laser guns. Bart wants someone who knows everything, 
    and who better than Professor John Frink! Get in your car and follow 
    his car. It really doesn't see like he's actually driving, but he is. 
    He'll backtrack a few times, but he'll eventually go to the 
    Observatory (well duh). Some important points:
    When he goes to the roundabout, stop, do a U-turn and drive slowly 
    till he drives past you.
    After he goes up the stairs, immediately do a U turn to save some 
    time, but DON'T go down the stairs 'till he's near you.
    Mission 4: Duff For Me, Duff For You
    Enter the Observatory and talk to Frink. He says he's intercepted an 
    alien message, and it says the aliens are hiding the laser guns in 
    Duff Trucks! get in your Ferrini and go to the brewery (get the 
    wrench at Ye Old Off Ramp Inn if need be). Once you're there start 
    chasing and hitting the truck and collect the items it drops. After 
    that, drive back to the brewery. When you're there, go left through 
    the Krusty glass to the Duff Blimp. Get the laser gun on the box and 
    that's it. 
    Mission 5: Full Metal Jackass
    Tasks: Destroy vehicle, collect item.
    Talk to Skinner at the Taffy Shop. He says it's against school policy 
    to bear a laser gun. Heard of the Constitution? Second line? 'The 
    right to bear arms?' Get a nice tough car and snap Skinner's car and 
    collect the laser gun he confiscated from you. Be sure to use the 
    surroundings to hurt his car more.
    Mission 6: Set To Kill
    Tasks: Collect items, drive to place, talk to person.
    Talk to Krusty at Krustylu Studios. Krusty now believes you, and he 
    says the aliens have set up stands everywhere giving away more laser 
    guns! If you don't have 600 coins, go get them. Once you do, talk to 
    Kearney at Krustylu Studios. Buy the Globex Super Villain Car. The 
    mission will begin. Follow the trail of stalls. They'll go right up 
    to the gas station. But, once you see the stall after the Bowlarama, 
    miss it and continue. Saves one hell of a lot of time later. Once 
    you've got all but one, drive through the gas station shortcut and 
    collect the last. Now drive to Krustylu Studios. You'll probably get 
    a Hit & Run (I got 2), but lose them god damn it! Once you're there, 
    talk to Krusty. Yeah Bart, why didn't you?
    Mission 7: Kang And Kodos Strike Back
    Tasks: Drive to place (smart way) or race (dumb way).
    Drive to the Krusty burger by Android's Dungeon and talk to Homer. 
    Now we're gonna use Homer's high school car to race a sedan! 
    Actually, you're gonna beat it the easy way. Once the race has 
    started, turn left into the double lane road. Drive to the brewery 
    AFAYC, and you'll flog them! These movies just get better and better!
    Bonus Mission: Milking The Pigs
    Tasks: Destroy vehicle, drive to place, talk to person, destroy 
    vehicle, drive to place, talk to person.
    Vehicle Rewarded: Bandit.
    Get a car that is good in speed and toughness for this one. Talk to 
    Snake just down the road from the gas station. He says if you clear 
    up some 'loose ends' for him, then he'll give you access to his car. 
    Cool! First, destroy Wiggum's car to get the evidence. You have 2 
    minutes, so just do it like you would anyway. Once it's out, get the 
    evidence and drive back to Snake. He now says that Fat Tony pays 
    people to destroy milk trucks (mmmmm, milk). Drive to the Bowlarama 
    and smash the milk truck head on (if you can see it). Then just beat 
    the hell out of it in three minutes. Then drive back to Snake and 
    he'll give you access to his Bandit!
     XII: Aliens Invade Springfield!
    Mission 1: Rigor Motors
    Tasks: Drive to place, talk to person, collect item, drive to place, 
    collect item, drive to place, talk to 
    person, collect item, drive to place.
    Talk to Lisa. She says you should get some anti-zombie supplies. 
    After Kent Brockman's brain is devoured, Homer decides to go. Get in 
    your car and drive all the way to Flanderseseses house. Talk to Ned 
    and collect the first-aid kit, then drive to Cletus' shack, get the 
    boards and drive to Moe's house (Moe has a house?). Talk to him, 
    collect the chainsaw and return to the Simpsons house. Something you 
    may have noticed is the cemetery is fully open. This is the best 
    shortcut if used correctly.
    Mission 2: Black Probes
    Tasks: Follow vehicle.
    Drive to the school playground and talk to CBG. He says that the 
    alien spaceship is using a tractor beam to suck vehicles up and 
    destroy them. he also says the black car Homer mentions is a 'probe' 
    for the 'mothership', whatever the hell those are. Anyways, buy the 
    Zombie Car from the zombie at the cemetery for 500 coins and drive to 
    the school playground. Once you have, thy mission will commence. 
    Follow the car. It will go all the way to the power plant.
    Mission 3: Pocket Protector
    Tasks: Collect item, drive to place.
    Talk to Frink at the power plant. After telling you about how to use 
    nuclear waste to destroy the ship, you'll be in the Hover Car. 
    Carefully, but not to carefully, drive to the school playground. Get 
    out, and ka-boom goes the Hover Car (you can still use it if you 
    completed 'Kinky Frinky' in level 5). If you do smash really bad, the 
    waste will fall off and explode, so BE CAREFUL GOD DAMN IT! Landing 
    from a jump will not screw you up unless you hit something in midair 
    or after you land, so use those shortcuts! Get familiar with them, 
    cause this level is impossible without them.
    Mission 4: There's Something About Monty
    Tasks: Drive to place, evade vehicle, drive to place, go to place.
    Talk to Lisa at the school. She'll tell you to find out where the 
    waste is buried, and who better to get that from then Charles 
    Montgomery Burns! Drive to the power plant. Before you get there, a 
    black car will be on you. Use the playground near the Simpson's house 
    to stuff him, and floor it to the plant. Once you're there, you'll 
    notice that the arrows point up. You must climb the wreckage to get 
    to Mr. Burn's office. Jump the bars, go around, jump the next bars, 
    and walk to Mr. Burn's office. 
    Mission 5: Alien "Auto"topsy Part I
    Tasks: Collect item x2, drive to place.
    Now we're up to the real hard stuff. Carefully make your way to Mr. 
    Burns. About half the floor is programmed breaks away when you step 
    on particular places. Once you've got to Mr. Burns, talk to him. 
    Collect the map, and make your way to your car. Get in, collect the 
    nuclear waste and go to the spaceship. Ka-blamo! And, for GOD'S sake, 
    Mission 6: Alien "Auto"topsy Part II
    Tasks: Drive to place, evade vehicle, collect item, drive to place.
    Talk to Snake in the school playground. Try to drive to the plant and 
    collect the waste, only to get a black car on your tail. Use the 
    playground again to stuff it, and make your way to the plant. Get the 
    waste, and speed to the school. Ka-Blam!
    Mission 7: Alien "Auto"topsy Part III
    Tasks: Drive to place, race, collect item, drive to place, evade 
    vehicle, drive to place.
    So here we are. Last story mission. Are we ready? No? Didn't think 
    so. Anyway, talk to Grampa in the school playground. He's totally 
    upgraded his old WWII jeep! Cool! Race the black car to the power 
    plant. Take the following shortcuts:
    1: Alleyway
    2: Playground
    3: Cemetery
    4: Trailer Park
    5: Cow Barn
    Now get the waste and FLOOR IT! Use the following shortcuts:
    1: Cow Barn
    2: Tire Fire
    3: Trailer Park
    4: Cemetery
    Once you get to the street the Simpsons live in PAUSE! This bit is 
    hell important! A black car is in the blue house shortcut. You must 
    avoid it and take the playground shortcut, then go to the school 
    playground. Un pause. Take the following shortcuts:
    1: Blue House
    2: Playground
    3: Fire Engines
    4: Church Parking Lot.
    Make your may into the playground, and pull into the beam. get out 
    and YOU'VE DONE IT!
    Well, you've semi-completed the game! Now get every little bonus like 
    I did to feel proud!
    Bonus Mission: Flaming Tires
    Tasks: Collect item (on foot), talk to person, collect item*, talk to 
    person (part in between asterisks x2).
    Vehicle Rewarded: Mr. Burns' Limo
    Talk to Smithers at the Spook/Kwik-E-Mart. He says he needs to get 
    some stuff for Mr Burns, zombies or no zombies. First up, the sock 
    garters. They're on top of the Spook/Kwik-E-Mart. Use the Duff truck 
    and the vent to get them then return to Smithers. Now you need to get 
    tooth powder. It's on top of the Krusty Burger nearby. Use the fire 
    engine to get it. If you miss, restart the mission; the times in this 
    one are tighter than a duck's ass (I don't know where that came 
    from). Return to Smithers after they're collected. Now he needs you 
    to get the 'Yes, We Have No Bananas' record. It's on top of the evil 
    Lard Lad's shoulder. Use the vent behind the Spook/Kwik-E-Mart to get 
    on top of Lard Lads, and then use the vent to get on the shoulder. 
    Return to Smithers and get Mr. Burns' Limo!
     XIII: Cheat Codes.
    This is for complete failures only! Thanks to GameFAQs and 
    contributors for the cheats.
    Hold L1 and R1 whilst entering the following codes to activate the 
    effect listed next to it.
    X= X (Duh)
    []= Square
    O = Circle
    /\= Triangle
    Code		Effect
    X, [], [], /\           |Alternate Audio During Credits
    O, O, O, X              |Alternate Camera Angles*
    /\, /\, [], []          |Blow Up Cars On Impact
    /\, (), /\, ()          |Blurry Vision
    O, X, O, /\             |Grid Mode
    /\, /\, /\, /\          |High Acceleration
    /\, X, /\, X            |Infinite Car Damage (Your Car)
    [], [], [], []          |No Top Speed
    [], [], [], /\          |Press L3 To Make Car Jump
    /\, /\, (), []          |Speedometer (On top Of Map)
    X, O, X, O              |Unlock All Vehicles** 
    O, O, /\, []            |Unlock Red Brick Car
    *: Includes Bonus Game
    ** Requires 100% Game Completion. In phone menu, press R1 to access 
    all cars, then just select it as you would normally.
     XIV: Vehicles.
    These are all the vehicles you can obtain. The stats are out of five.
    Level 1:
    Family Sedan
    Speed:        1
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Starting New Game
    Surveillance Van
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Bridge For 100 Coins
    Duff Truck
    Speed:        0.5
    Acceleration: 0.5
    Toughness:    4
    Handling:     1
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Bridge For 125 Coins
    Plow King
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 0.5
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     1.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Barney At The Gas Station Near The 
    Bridge For 150
    Pickup Truck
    Speed:        1
    Acceleration: 1
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     1
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'This Old Shanty'
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 2:
    Honor Roller
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 2
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     5
    Obtained By: Unlocking 2nd Level
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     2.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Roundabout For 150 Coins
    Fire Truck
    Speed:        3
    Acceleration: 0.5
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     1
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Bridge For 250 Coins
    Mr. Plow
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Homer Near The Hospital For 150
    WWII Vehicle
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Dial B For Blood'
    Sedan (Moe's Sedan)
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     3.5
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 3:
    Malibu Stacey Car
    Speed:        2.5
    Acceleration: 3
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     4.5
    Obtained By: Unlocking 3rd Level
    Donut Truck
    Speed:        0.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near C-Spanker For 250 Coins
    Nerd Car
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 2.5
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near C-Spanker For 250 Coins
    School Bus
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 1
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     2
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Otto At Kamp Krusty For 300 Coins
    Sedan (Principal Skinner's Sedan)
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 2
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Princi-pal'
    Book Burning Van
    Speed:        2
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     2.5
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 4:
    Speed:        2.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    4
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Unlocking 4th Level
    Speed:        2.5
    Acceleration: 3
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     4.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Bridge For 300 Coins
    Krusty's Limo
    Speed:        2.5
    Acceleration: 2
    Toughness:    4
    Handling:     2.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Bridge For 350 Coins
    Plow King
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 0.5
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     1.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Willy From The School Playground For 400 
    Speed:        2.5
    Acceleration: 2
    Toughness:    3
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Beached Love'
    Clown Car
    Speed:        3
    Acceleration: 3
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     5
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 5:
    Speed:        3.5
    Acceleration: 3.5
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     3.5
    Obtained By: Unlocking 5th Level
    Cola Truck
    Speed:        3
    Acceleration: 1
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     1
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Roundabout For 350 Coins
    Police Car
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 3.5
    Toughness:    3
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The Roundabout For 425 Coins
    Car Built For Homer
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 3.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Homer Near The Hospital For 500 Coins
    Hover Car
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 4
    Toughness:    1
    Handling:     3
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Kinky Frinky'
    NOTE: The car will go invisible (but you can still kind of see it) at 
    top speed!
    El Carro Loco
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 3
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     3.5
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 6:
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 4
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     5
    Obtained By: Unlocking 6th Level
    Armored Truck
    Speed:        1.5
    Acceleration: 1.5
    Toughness:    5
    Handling:     1.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The C-Spanker For 400 Coins
    Chase Sedan
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 4.5
    Toughness:    3
    Handling:     4.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near The C-Spanker For 500 Coins
    Globex Super Villain Car
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 4.5
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Kearney At Krustylu Studios For 600 
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 4
    Toughness:    2.5
    Handling:     4.5
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Milking The Pigs'
    36 Stutz Bearcat
    Speed:        4
    Acceleration: 2.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
    Level 7:
    70s Sports Car
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 4.5
    Toughness:    2
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Unlocking 7th Level
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 4.5
    Toughness:    3.5
    Handling:     4
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near Lard Lad's For 750 Coins
    Hover Bike
    Speed:        5
    Acceleration: 4.5
    Toughness:    1
    Handling:     3.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From Gil Near Lard Lad's For 1000 Coins
    Zombie Car
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 5
    Toughness:    1.5
    Handling:     4.5
    Obtained By: Purchasing From The Zombie Near The Cemetery For 500 
    Mr. Burns' Limo
    Speed:        4.5
    Acceleration: 3
    Toughness:    4.5
    Handling:     3.5
    Obtained By: Completing The Bonus Mission 'Flaming Tires'
    Open Wheel Race Car
    Speed:        5
    Acceleration: 5
    Toughness:    0.5
    Handling:     5
    Obtained By: Completing All 3 Street Races
     XV: Races.
    These races are held in the level you're in. There are three 
    different types of races:
    1: Time Trials (Milhouse)
    This is your basic time trial. Easiest to complete.
    2: Lap Race (Nelson)
    This is a normal race. You race against 1, 2 or 3 other drivers.
    3: Checkpoint Race (Ralph)
    This is like a Lap Race, except it is one lap, and the track doesn't 
    join up.
    4: Wager Race: Louie
    This is where you bet money, do a whole trip around the entire level, 
    and if you beat your best time,
    you get double what you bet.
    Level 1 Locations:
    Milhouse: In hick area
    Nelson: Gas station in 939 area code
    Ralph: In front of church
    Louie: In front of school
    Level 2 Locations:
    Milhouse: Krusty Burger (near police station)
    Nelson: Near Krusty Burger (near construction site)
    Ralph: Grass on road near town hall (underpass side)
    Louie: The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club
    Level 3 Locations:
    Milhouse: Across from C-Spanker (Planet Hype side)
    Nelson: Gas station shortcut
    Ralph: Across from Krustylu Studios sign (left of Krustylu Studios)
    Louie: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
    Level 4 Locations:
    Milhouse: Outside Burns' mansion's door closest to Stonecutters' 
    Nelson: In front of Chester's gold house
    Ralph: In the middle of Evergreen Terrace sign and locked cemetery 
    Louie: In front of school
    Level 5 Locations:
    Milhouse: Across from car wash (Moe's side)
    Nelson: Outside short alley (near fire engines)
    Ralph: Steps of County Courthouse
    Louie: Across from fire engines
    Level 6 Locations:
    Milhouse: Across from back of Mr. Burns' Casino
    Nelson: Outside Aztec Theatre
    Ralph: At steps to Observatory
    Louie: In Kamp Krusty
    Level 7 Locations:
    Zombie: Across from Kwik-E-Mart (entrance side) 
    Zombie: Outside remains of church
    Zombie: In front of school
    Louie: Near ramp in power plant
     XVI: Collector Cards.
    Collector cards are scattered all over the 7 levels of play. They are 
    mementos from Simpsons' episodes. There are seven in each level, and 
    each completed level set unlocks a new track in the bonus game. Once 
    all 49 have been found, you can talk to CBG in level 3 to get a 
    ticket to see the new Itchy & Scratchy episode at the Aztec Theatre, 
    then talk the Squeaky-Voiced Teen there, and you can see it.
    Level 1:
    Home Made Football (Episode 8F13: Homer at Bat)
    Go to the back of the Simpsons' house. Jump on the bucket, then the 
    light. Jump towards the card to get it.
    Crab Juice (Episode 4F22: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson)
    Jump onto the roof of the Duff truck at the Kwik-E-Mart. Use the 
    steam vent to jump to the roof. Go left and use the steam vent there 
    to get the card.
    Insanity Pepper (Episode 3F24: The Mysterious Voyage Of Homer)
    Go to the Simpsons' house. Face away from it, then run all the way to 
    the right. Once you're at the house, follow the coins into the 
    backyard. You'll find Ralph and the card. Use the items to get on top 
    of the shed, and jump off towards the card to get it.
    Spinemelter 2000 (Episode 8F23: Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes)
    Drive to the Stonecutters' tunnel. Now face it and go left, past the 
    roundabout, into the alley.
    Park where the two bins are and get out. The card is behind you. Turn 
    around 180 degrees and go left. You'll see the card as the camera 
    centres behind you.
    Parchment (Episode 2F09: Homer the Great)
    Go in the Stonecutters' tunnel, and stop where the gold box is. Get 
    out and use the items to jump 
    up onto one of the arches. Double jump towards the card to get it.
    Carbon Rod (Episode 1F13: Deep Space Homer)
    In the power plant, park near Homer's workstation. Go to the other 
    side. Use the vent to go up onto the platform. Keep going and jump 
    onto the next vent to get onto the elevator. Get off and carefully 
    jump onto a fan blade. Use the blades to jump onto the platform 
    bearing the card.
    Mr. Sparkle Box (Episode 4F18: In Marge We Trust)
    Drive slowly into the Trailer Park from the bridge. The card is on a 
    trailer to your right. Go around to the back of the trailer and use 
    the grey and red part to jump on top of the trailer and get the card.
    Level 2:
    Head Of Jebediah (Episode 7G07: The Telltale Head)
    Go to the park opposite the Springfield County Courthouse. Jump on a 
    corner of the statue, then jump onto the fox-looking thing below him. 
    Jump onto his arm, then his head, and then get the card.
    AM Radio Toy (Episode 8F11: Radio Bart)
    Wait until you're up to the mission 'Monkey See Monkey D'oh' to get 
    this card. You go where the card is in that mission, and if you've 
    done the mission, you might have it already. If you don't, and have 
    completed the mission, then here's how to get it. Go to the phone 
    opposite the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Centre. Get the Mr. 
    Plow. Climb to the roof of the Mr. Plow and jump onto the roof. Get 
    the card.
    Bonestorm Game (Episode 3F07: Marge Be Not Proud)
    Drive the Mr. Plow to the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. Go 
    right and you'll see stairs connected to the building. Park the car 
    at the bottom of the stairs. Use the car to get onto the stairs, and 
    go all the way up them. At the top is the roof of the club. Get the 
    "Big But Skinner" (Episode 2F11: Bart's Comet)
    Drive to the car wash and park on the train side. You'll see a little 
    round grey thing. Jump on it, then the thing next to it. Now jump 
    onto the black bar, and then use the wooden bar to get the card.
    Mr. Honeybunny (Episode 2F05: Lisa On Ice)
    Drive to the trains and stop near the stairs. Go up them, and onto 
    the carriage. There's a moving one too; when it comes to you, jump 
    onto it. It'll take you to the other side. Jump off and get the card.
    Drivers License (Episode 3F17: Bart On The Road)
    Go to the fire engines. Face towards the Krusty float and hold down 
    the R2 button. Slowly drive and you'll see an short alley and the 
    Pregnancy Test (Episode 9F13: (I Love Lisa)
    Drive to the stadium. You'll see a waterfall. Jump on top of it and 
    use the water to get the card.
    Level 3:
    Angel Skeleton (Episode 5F05: Lisa the Skeptic)
    Go into the alley near Android's Dungeon. Run all the way to the big 
    cat, and then use the vent to jump up to the roof of a nearby shop. 
    The card is on top of Android's Dungeon, so you should see it.
    Bart's Soul (Episode 3F02: Bart Sells His Soul)
    Drive to the parking lot of Krusty Burger (near the Bowlarama). Run 
    around until you're in front of the Bowlarama sign. There are three 
    beams. Jump onto the middle one and double jump towards the card to 
    get it. You may miss however, so try again if need be.
    Lisa Lionheart (Episode 1F12: Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey)
    Drive to the lighthouse and use the elevator to go to the top. Go 
    around and you'll see the card.
    Lisa's Valentine (Episode 9F13: I Love Lisa)
    Drive to the C-Spanker. Use either the wooden jump near Krustylu 
    Studios or the Globex jump to board it. Get out and jump up to the 
    platform if you need to. Go towards the crane and turn right. Keep 
    going and you'll see stairs. Go up them and jump onto the red edge of 
    the ship. Go around and you'll see the card.
    Lisa's Machine (Episode 2F19: The PTA Disbands)
    Drive to Krustylu Studios. You'll see red carpet; follow it into the 
    Krusty The Clown Show set. Jump up to the top of the ladder and jump 
    onto the wooden board. Jump onto the fan closest to the platform will 
    a railing. Use the fan to jump over the railing, then fall off the 
    railing into an area with two lights. Get the card.
    Evil Braces (Episode 9F15: Last Exit to Springfield)
    Drive to the Springfield Dam. You'll see a break in the railing; jump 
    over it down to the platform. Walk across the wooden beam and into 
    the water spray. It'll get you to the card. Exit using the elevator 
    by crossing the next beam.
    Soy Pop (Episode 2F15: Lisa's Wedding)
    Drive to the Springfield Dam. Drive over the jump so you land on the 
    broken section in the middle. Press L2 and you'll see the card. Jump 
    over the bar and jump onto the pillar to get the card.
    Level 4:
    Mr. Plow Jacket (Episode 9F07: Mr. Plow)
    Drive to the Kwik-E-Mart. You'll see a big sign with a green fish. 
    Use it to get on top of the gas station. Go to the edge where the 
    card is and jump towards it to get it.
    Burns Portrait (Episode 7F18: Brush With Greatness)
    Drive into Burns' mansion. Stop at the stairs. Get out and go up the 
    stairs. Follow the path until you end up in a room. Go all the way to 
    the window and you'll see a stone Burns' head. Press triangle near it 
    and the room will change. The card is where the portrait of Burns' 
    Love Letter (Episode 8F16: Bart The Lover)
    Drive to the bridge linking the hick area with the 636 area code. 
    Drive there from the hick area, and stop just before the white 
    stripes. Get out and you'll notice little platforms on the structure. 
    Use the railing to get on the platform, then go all the way to the 
    top. Follow the coins and slide down the other side to get the card.
    "Homer" Bowling Ball (Episode 7G11: Life on the Fast Lane)
    Drive to the jump linking the 636 and 939 area codes. Drive from the 
    636 area code, and stop at the stairs. Go all the way up the stairs, 
    and use the yellow flagpoles to get to the top. Use the vent to get 
    the card.
    Red Blazer (Episode 5F06: Reality Bites)
    Drive just past the jump that enters the 939 area code. Floor it over 
    the jump. Brake as hard as you can if you land on the brown roof, get 
    out and get the card.
    Boudoir Album (Episode AABF18: They Saved Lisa's Brain)
    Go into the Simpsons backyard to the treehouse. You can CLEARLY see 
    the card. Use the stick to get it.
    Pepper Spray (Episode 2F21: The Springfield Connection)
    Drive into the Royal King Trailer Park from the 636 area code. Stop 
    right at the end. The card is on a trailer to your right. Go to the 
    left side of it and you'll see a little grey round thing. Use your 
    vehicle to get on top of the trailer to get the card.
    Level 5:
    Apu's T-Shirt (Episode 3F03: Lisa the Vegetarian)
    Take the dirt ramp shortcut as soon as you land, get out and go back. 
    You'll see an elevator; get in and press the button to go up. Jump 
    where the wrench is/should be and rotate the camera 180 degrees. 
    You'll see a metal beam. Traverse it and jump onto the next beam when 
    you reach it. Use that beam to get the card.
    Pin Pals Shirt (Episode 3F10: Team Homer)
    Go to the Legitimate Business Social Club. Look for the sign that 
    says that, and go down the stairs. The card is there.
    Prop 24 Sign (Episode 3F20: Much Apu About Nothing)
    Get the Duff Truck or the Obliterator (see Vehicles for more info on 
    locations & prices) and drive it to Moe's. If you came from the 
    trains, reverse a little but, if from the construction site, go 
    forward a little bit. The card is on the roof of the building next to 
    Moe's. Use the truck to get on top of the building and get the card.
    Baby Feeder (Episode BABF03: Eight Misbehavin')
    This is hard, trust me. Drive to the trains and go up the stairs. 
    Jump onto the moving carriage, jump over the bar and jump onto one of 
    the pipes. Traverse the wood surrounding the water cooler and jump 
    onto the next carriage. Jump onto the carriage next to that one and 
    get the card.
    Ganesh Costume (Episode 5F04: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons)
    Drive to the monorail. Then drive onto the expressway. Take the first 
    right and stay all the way to your left. Keep going, and you should 
    get the card after the jump in mid-air.
    Chutney Squishee (Episode 8F21: The Otto Show)
    Drive to the fire engines in the alley. Use the vents to get up to 
    the roof (if you've already done the mission 'Never Trust A Snake 
    you'll know where and what I mean). Use the little steps to reach the 
    platforms. The second and fourth platforms drop once stepped on, so 
    jump over the second one, and jump off the fourth one very quickly to 
    get the card.
    Hot Dog (Episode 1F10: Homer and Apu)
    This one's also easier once 'Never Trust A Snake' has been completed. 
    Go up the stairs of the monorail. Use the little green bar at the end 
    of the platform to get onto the track, and then jump onto the roof of 
    the monorail station. Go to the other end of that and jump onto the 
    other end of the monorail track to get the card.
    Level 6:
    Radioactive Man#1 (Episode 7F21: Three Men and a Comic Book)
    Get an Itchy & Scratchy truck and drive it to the top of the palm 
    tree shortcut. Hold L1 to see the card, then position the truck so 
    the speakers are directly below the card. Get on top of the truck and 
    use the speakers to get the card.
    "Bort" Licence Plate (Episode 2F01: Itchy and Scratchy Land)
    Get a civilian car from the street (not a really slow one though, 
    like the Casino truck). Drive it up the big ramp where the hoops are 
    and you should get the card in mid air.
    Bart T-Shirt (Episode 1F11: Bart Gets Famous)
    Drive to the back of Planet Hype. Get on top of it then get onto the 
    rotating sign. Don't move and the sign will bring you below the card. 
    Double jump to get it. 
    Australia Boot (Episode 2F13)
    Drive to where Gil is. Go a bit further along and you'll see some 
    grey boxes. Jump on top of the higher one and wait for a platform to 
    come down. Get on it when it does and it'll take you onto the ship. 
    Jump off the platform onto the red edge of the ship and run around 
    the front of the ship on the red edge to the other side. Jump onto 
    the blue box to get the card.
    Itchy and Scratchy Cell (Episode 1F21: Lady Bouvier's Lover)
    Get either the Duff Truck or Itchy & Scratchy truck and drive to the 
    Duff Blimp. Park the vehicle underneath the card and use the vehicle 
    to get it.
    Gabbo Doll (Episode 9F19: Krusty gets Kancelled)
    Drive to Ye Old Off-Ramp Inn from the Squidport. Just before it, hold 
    R2. You'll see some boulders near the card. Get the card.
    Bart's Flying Hamster Science Project (Episode 9F14: Duffless)
    Start to drive towards the Observatory from Android's Dungeon. Drive 
    over the Springfield Dam with your car all the way to the left. You 
    should get the card in mid-air.
    Level 7:
    Soul Donut (Episode 1F04: The Devil and Homer Simpson)
    Go into Flanderseseses' backyard. The card is on top of his bomb 
    Krusty Doll (Episode 9F04: Clown Without Pity)
    Go to the playground near the Simpsons' house. Use the monkey bars to 
    jump onto the slide to get the 
    Human Cookbook (Episode 7F04: Hungry are the Damned)
    Go to the school playground. Use the bus to jump onto the slide to 
    get the card.
    Time Travel Toaster (Episode 2F03: Time and Punishment)
    Drive to the Lard Lad's near the Spook/Kwik-E-Mart. Use the vent 
    behind the Spook/Kwik-E-Mart to get onto the roof, then use the big 
    vent to get the card on top of Lard Lad's shoulder.
    Hell Toupee (Episode AABF01: Hell Toupee)
    Drive to the cemetery from the Simpsons' house and get out at the top 
    of the hill. Jump off the edge and you'll land on a platform. You'll 
    see floating coffins; jump on the one to your very right and when it 
    comes to you, jump on the moving one. When it stops at the other end 
    of it's trip, carefully jump onto the vertical coffin. Now jump onto 
    the next moving coffin when it comes to you. The card is on the last 
    coffin, and the moving one you're on takes you there. There's also 
    another way. Get a car and drive to the cemetery as normal from the 
    Simpsons' house. Go to the top of the hill, and go as left as 
    possible. Face the coffin with the card and drive towards it. You 
    should land on the coffin, getting the card. Your car will reset.
    Monkey's Paw (Episode 8F02: Lisa's Nightmare)
    Drive to the field at the cow barn. Use the hay to get to the roof, 
    and rotate the right stick left until you see the tall red tower. 
    There's a pipe coming off it; use it to get on top of the tower. Now 
    double jump towards the card to get it.
    "Smarch" Calender (Episode 3F04: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace)
    Drive to the power plant. Use the bars to get up to the 2nd storey of 
    the plant, then go around and use these bars to get up to Burns' 
    office. The card is to your left.
     XVII: Wasp Cameras.
    This section is yet to be completed.
    Level 1:
    Shots Fired: 1   Aggressiveness: Low   Shield: N
    Level 2:
    Shots Fired: 1   Aggressiveness: Low   Shield: N
    Level 3:
    Shots Fired: 1   Aggressiveness: Low   Shield: N
    Level 4:
    Shots Fired: 3   Aggressiveness: Medium   Shield: N
    Level 5:
    Shots Fired: 3   Aggressiveness: Medium   Shield: Y
    Level 6:
    Shots Fired: 3   Aggressiveness: High   Shield: Y
    Level 7:
    Shots Fired: 5   Aggressiveness: High   Shield: Y
     XVIII: Gags.
    This section is yet to be completed.
     XIX: Bonus Game.
    The Bonus Game is a 1-5 lap race on a track. You unlock the tracks by 
    collecting ALL the collector cards in at least one level. All the 
    tracks are different, and relate to the level they were unlocked in. 
    A message appears when all collector cards have been collected in a 
    level. You can choose to be Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge or Apu, you can 
    switch the direction of the race, change the number of laps and, most 
    importantly, choose your vehicle. All the vehicles you've unlocked in 
    the currently loaded save are available, and that also applies to 
    tracks; for example, say you have 2 saves. One had level ones track 
    unlocked; the other had level 2 unlocked. If you loaded the one with 
    level one's track unlocked, level 2's track wouldn't be available. 
    There's one track per level. Up to four people can play (Multitap 
    required for 3-4 players). Two extra camera angles are available when 
    one person is racing 3 computers: Spy Cam and Comedy Cam.
     XX: E-Mail
    Feel free to send me e-mail. Tips, suggestions, even hate mail, I'll
    read it. Just make sure it's got Hit & Run somewhere in the subject,
    and don't send me any attachments of any kind - your e-mail will be 
    instantly deleted. However, if you notify me in advance, I may let
    you. My adress is: ratchet[underscore]12345[at]hotmail[dot]com.
     XXI: Disclaimer
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     XXII: Credits
    Game Credits:
    Published By: Vivendi Universal Games
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    The Simpsons Copyrights: The Simpsons, The Simpsons logo, The 
    Simpsons characters and all other related media are copyright Matt 
    Groening 1987-2006.
    Guide Credits:
    Me: I did write this thing, so shouldn't I get SOME credit?
    My Computer: For not screwing up on me.
    My PS2: For helping me write this guide and get through life's 
    toughest moments (LADY: I think it's a boy! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MAN: 
    Just a moment honey, I'm nearly finished the 3rd level. Dam you limo 
    that won't get destroyed!)
    My parents: For my computer.
    Peoples who made this game and all the GTA games: Without you, well, 
    lets not go there, shall we, um, not?
    Me (again): For being hungry, tired and bored at just the right 
    Guide copyright Ratchet12345.
    Remember, an unread disclaimer leads to a lawsuit!
    Um, er, some guy said that. Looks kind of like me, except for the 
    hair; that part looks UGLY!

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