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    Walkthrough by Ofisil

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/16/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    `\____)(_) (_)(____/'(_) (_)(_) (_)(_) (_)(____/'(_____)by Ofisil for GameFaqs
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    [                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS                           ]
    About The Game..................[GAME]
    Legal Info......................[LGLI]
       Part 1: Escape...............[PA01]
          Skeleton Puzzle...........[CH01]
       Part 2: Rebellion............[PA02]
          Break The Chains..........[CH05]
          Steal The Treasurer.......[CH07]
       Part 3: Carthage.............[PA03]
          Get Equipment.............[CH09]
          Infiltrate Carthage.......[CH10]
       Part 4: The Zaimph...........[PA04]
          Find Hannon...............[CH11]
          The Temple................[CH12]
          Memory Puzzle.............[CH13]
          Number Puzzle.............[CH14]
          Steal The Zaimph..........[CH15]
       Part 5: The Waterworks.......[PA05]
          Hatchet Mountain Pass.....[CH16]
          Temple Puzzle.............[CH17]
          Sacred Couple Puzzle......[CH18]
          Destroy The Waterworks....[CH19]
       Part 6: War!.................[PA06]
          Battle Preparations.......[CH20]
          Battle 1..................[CH21]
          War Machine...............[CH22]
       Part 7: Battle For Carthage..[PA07]
          Siege Of Carthage.........[CH26]
    I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                  [INTR]
    Hello world, this is my first Guide and I strongly believe that it will be
    long before I'll make another one. After this I've come to admire the various
    dedicated Guide authors out there and wonder about the free time they have
    on their hands. I don't have enough time, not for this anyway. Being the stupid
    perfectionist I am, the first version of the guide was meant to be a complete
    one, with all the dialogues and text from cutscenes and such. After completing
    half the walkthrough, (yes, I'm an idiot), I got lazy and said to myself,
    "WTH!!!" and choose to just make a simple walkthrough and nothing more.
    A B O U T  T H E  G A M E                                                [GAME]
    Salammbo: Battle for Carthage is a typical point & click first person
    adventure game that has the unique style of the French innovator of comics,
    Philippe Druillet.
    You move around using the mouse, using the left button for interaction with
    the environment and the right button to open your inventory.
    The game is relatively easy. The only parts players have some problem are some
    mini games in Salammbo like the pig hunting. When having a problem with some
    "Action" puzzles just press F8 to cheat.
    L E G A L  I N F O                                                       [LGLI]
    You can read this FAQ, print it and sell it along with lemonade, get jiggy
    with it, eat it, say that it is yours... I don't freaking care. I'm not so
    naive to believe that in the age of digital piracy you'll spare my foible FAQ
    and to say the truth I don't mind, I never expected to make money out of it
    W A L K T H R O U G H                                                    [WLKT]
    PART 1: Escape                                                           [PA01]
    Skeleton Puzzle:                                                         [CH01]
    The guards have thrown you in a hole. In order to escape you have to gather
    4 kinds of bones in front of you. Then with all 4 acquired put the Very Solid
    Bones in the middle of the room, then on top of them the Solid bones, do the
    same with the bones and then climb up.
    Escape Puzzle:                                                           [CH02]
    You see a guard a few steps far from you and 3 cell doors on his right. Enter
    the one close to you. Take the rope and exit the room. Go behind the guard
    and hit him with the large tibia. Take his keys and enter the next room with
    them. Take the stool inside, exit and enter the final room with your keys.
    Here there is a man on a torture machine, release the rope from his feet
    and then place the stool under the window on the right. Use your rope on the
    released rope and then use the combined ropes in the window. Finally use
    the level of the torture machine in order to break the window. Go out...
    Salammbo:                                                                [CH03]
    You're now in the main courtyard, go out in the only way you can go. You'll
    meet Salammbo the Priestess of the Goddess Tanith and speak with her. Tell her
    your name, ask her what she wants and then accept her proposal. Of course you
    can see all other dialogue options. You now have a statuette and the mission
    to give it to Matho, one of the mercenaries chiefs. Enter the bags near the
    mounts and see a logbook comic strip.
    PART 2: Rebellion                                                        [PA02]
    Matho:                                                                   [CH04]
    You're near the Treasure's Tent. If you follow the road near the mount that
    drinks water you'll meet a soldier that guards it and... die. If you
    go in the middle of the gathering you'll be captured by Hannon, so go in the
    only road that remains until you see a red flag ahead. Then go down the road.
    On your left is Carthage's gate and guards, so if you want to live
    avoid it. Go right until you meet a soldier. Tell him your name and that you
    want to give Matho a woman's gift. You're now with Matho in his tent, give him
    the broken statuette, then tell him about Salammbo and then ask him to remove
    your chains. He'll tell you to find Autharite.
    Break The Chains:                                                        [CH05]
    Take the map behind you, (in tent). Exit the door and since the guard won't
    leave you go back, you can either go left or right from the tent. Go left, then
    on the road with the soldier, keep movin until you reach a white flag.
    Go in the camp. If you go past the tent you'll find the Village of the Pariahs.
    In the right of the Pariahs Village is a guard that will kill you. For now
    stay in the camp and enter the tent near you. There try using the tools on
    the table. Autharite will come in and you'll speak with him. Talk to
    him in order to start a game where you have to throw helmets on a moving
    shield. The trick is to throw the helmet right before the shield comes near
    your crosshair. If you gain 0-3 points Autharite will send you to Carthage.
    If you win you'll hurt his ego, so tell him that it was just luck. Now play
    with less points than him. (take a helmet from the floor).
    Statuette:                                                               [CH06]
    Autharite breaks your chains. Talk to him if you wish, he won't even raise a
    finger to help you! Go out and search the camp, (just before entering the
    Pariahs Village), to find a pottery workshop. Give him the broken statuette
    and he'll give you some glue. Use the glue on the statuette in front of you
    and receive the repaired statuette. Go to Matho's tent and give him the
    Steal The Treasurer:                                                     [CH07]
    Ask him to let you leave the tent, (and move freely everywhere). Now go right
    from his tent. Upon reaching the camp turn right in a yellow lit shop. You'll
    meet a Numidian, ask him to give you some wine. Now go in the middle of
    the tent and talk to Narr'Havas. Speak to him until he gives you a
    dagger. Go back to the Numidian who is now asleep. Take the empty bottle. Now
    use the blue bottle on the big plate 2 times, add 1 part red, add 1 part black
    and now use the jag on the plate to create the Elephant's Wine. Now go to the
    tent you where at first near Hannon. You can talk to Hannon, but to avoid
    dying go near the mount. Throw the wine in the water of the mount to drive it
    crazy. The guard will chase it and you'll enter a timed mode so you have to be
    fast and not any mistakes. Go near the tent that the guard was near before.
    Use the dagger on the shadow, then use it in the ropes that close the opening
    of the tent, (If you had enter it without killing the man inside you
    would die). Enter the tent, steal the money and RUN! See the logbook entry.
    After that you'll see Autharite, talk to him and agree to give him the money.
    See a logbook entry...
    PART 3: Carthage                                                         [PA03]
    Hamilcar:                                                                [CH08]
    You are in Matho's tent along with the other mercenary chiefs and Hamilcar.
    Talk to Hamilcar or Matho to start the meeting. You have to choose the correct
    words in order to stay alive. Say "nothing strange" then "Hannon's flight" then
    "We shouldn't have to" then "It's not the mercenaries'" and finally "That
    would be unfortunate". See a Logbook entry and then speak to Matho again. Say
    "You're invincible!", then "Destroy the city", then, "Carthage takes", "Let's
    put together" and finally "I'll go alone" and see a Logbook entry.
    Get Equipment:                                                           [CH09]
    You now need to get equipment in order to enter Carthage's waterworks. Go to
    Narr'Havas and ask him a way to Enter Carthage, he won't help you, so tell him
    about the risk you take on behalf of all, he'll give you a bow. Go to
    Autharite's tent and talk to him. Ask him how can you enter Carthage and since
    he won't help you either ask him to give you equipment and he'll give you a
    iron bar and crampons for climbing... poor Spendius, what would you
    do without him???
    Infiltrate Carthage:                                                     [CH10]
    Now go straight to the Pariahs' village and ask them to enter. They'll refuse
    and will ask you to kill some pigs, so say that you have a bow and enter. You
    will talk with the leader of the village and then agree to kill some pigs. So
    take out your bow and kill them. The trick is to shoot an arrow just before
    the pig comes close to your cursor, of course if you are bored you can just
    press F8 to cheat! No need to mention that you must not kill the Pariah
    that runs along with the pigs or else... After 3 pigs you can exit the
    village and go right from it in the waterworks wall. Climb the vines with the
    crampons and kill the guard from a distance with your bow. Go near him, turn
    his shield upside down and take its strap. Open the manhole with the iron bar
    and enter it. On your left there is a ladder that you can use in order to go up
    but I guess that we have what we need right now. So keep moving on your left.
    The road is blocked by a large obstacle made of iron bars. Look in the bottom
    left, some bars are a bit rusty, use the strap on them, then the iron bar on
    the strap and then use it to break the bars. Enter from the gap and move on
    until you see some stair. Climb them to enter Carthage.
    PART 4: The Zaimph                                                       [PA04]
    Find Hannon:                                                             [CH11]
    You are now in Carthage! In front of you there is a small object that is in
    fact a map of the city. This map won't appear in your map, but don't worry
    every 2-4 steps there is another one that shows you where you are, (not that
    the city is too hard to memorize). So go in the only road there is in order
    to meet 2 servants of a Senator, [S018], talk to them if you want. Now there
    are 2 paths, take the one going down and take the cloth near the pig. Go back
    and now take the path that goes up. and talk to the man that with the broom
    [S019]. After talking to him for a bit go in the opposite direction, (go up
    some stairs and look around, you'll find a road leading up, a map, and a pig.
    Near the pig is a ladder, take it and go back to the shop owner. He has 
    finished his work and is now home, if he is still out, talk to him, go away and
    back again. Use his doorknob in order to be thrown some stuff from a nice
    Carthaginian lady! Among the things thrown at you is a cage, take it and then
    use the ladder in a place right of the door in order to climb on the house.
    Take the Incense, Pimento and Pepper and the bag of grain, then go down. Now
    you need to talk to 2 NPCs in order for Hannon to be found. First go right from
    the shop and then right again. A conversation with the servant of Hannon will
    start, [S020]. Talk to him if you want, the only thing needed here was just
    to find him. Keep moving up until you came upon a large circular spot with 2
    guards on your left and 2 big skulls in the front. Avoid the guards and go
    right. Follow the long path ahead of you until you see a lady who isn't afraid
    of the night breeze from the looks of it. Her name is... Night Breeze... talk
    to her in order for the final NPC needed to appear, [S021].
    Enter The Temple:                                                        [CH12]
    Go back to the long path where you came from. In the middle of the road is a
    man that knows a lot about you somehow, [S022]. Ask him how he can help you, he
    will say that he will only help a friend of the birds so give him the bag of
    grain. Then he will ask you a cage, so give him the one you've got. He will
    give you a female bird and then tell you a little poem. Now go where Night
    Breeze was and you'll see that some people have gathered, (only after you have
    given the blind man the cage). There are 2 people on the bar, one soldier in
    the back and one soldier with a girl in the right. The one with the babe can
    give you some advice, [S023], if you win at a game of Cottage, (by using the
    helmets next to him), but that's not needed. Go in the back of the bar until
    you find a drinking soldier. If you look around you will see some sausages
    and some bells that restrain sausage thefts! Use the cloth on the bells to
    remove them and take the sausages. Go again in the long road where the old
    beggar was and keep moving until you find some 2 pairs of soldiers. Talk to the
    right ones, [S024], and ask them what's the news. He'll tell you that they can
    buy meat, so give them the sausages to get some money. Go to the bar again and
    give the money to the Bar keeper, (you can talk to them, [S025], but that's not
    needed). He will give you some wine. Now create the elephant wine in the plate
    in front of you like before, (2 blue, 1 black, 1 red and the wine). Take the
    wine and go in the soldier in the back. He is drinking alone and guards
    Hannon's tent. Talk to him, [S026], and say that you can drink with him and
    then put the wine in his cup. He'll sleep so you can get past him towards
    Hannon's tent. Hannon is drinking wine from a large cap, so spill some wine
    there too and then enter the tent. Take the insignia that are in the floor in
    the right side of the tent and then take a look at the symbols on Hannon's arm.
    Wear the insignia, by opening the character menu and placing them on you. Now
    go to the place where the guards where but now talk to the left ones, [S027].
    If you wear the insignia while near them they'll see you and you will
    die... [D010]. They will now let you pass...
    Memory Puzzle:                                                           [CH13]
    When inside the temple avoid going back in the main city because Hannon is
    there and you will be killed, [D011]. Follow the only path available to the
    place you where at your first escape. Go up the stairs, a guard is there
    informing you that you are late for a meeting, [S028]. Tell him that you
    where advised too late or else he will check your name and you'll be thrown
    into Moloch's fiery mouth... [D012]. Proceed through the only path available
    and you will see a dragon that sleeps near a door. Go into that door because
    the right one is closed. Enjoy a new logbook entry [L007]. Proceed forward and
    you will come upon a wall with some buttons, an easy memory puzzle. What you
    need to do is to find the pairs of the same sound. Here is the solution:
    |(1) (2) (1) (3) (4)|
    |                   |
    |(5) (4) (6) (2) (7)|
    |                   |
    |(8) (9) (X) (5) (9)|
    |                   |
    |(8) (7) (X) (3) (6)|
    Number Puzzle:                                                           [CH14]
    After soling the puzzle move on and enter a room with the next puzzle. First of
    all pick the tinder box and the keys from the careless priestess in the floor.
    Go to the left side of the column in front of you. Pick the hammer and then
    use the tinder box to light a fire in the cup. What you need to do here is to
    hit the buttons in front of the column with the hammer. The code you must
    hit is the one that was found in the tattooed arm of Hannon. If you go in the
    back of the column there are some scrolls that show you what the various
    symbols mean and also that the Carthaginians read from bottom to the top and
    from right to left. The password is 4213 and here are the correct spots you
    must hit:
    |( ) ( ) ( )|
    |           |
    |( ) ( ) (4)|
    |           |
    |(3) (2) (1)|
    Now some parts of the wall have opened up. Go to the left wall and pick the
    3rd treasure, (the one near the genie statue). Check the scroll there to
    unlock the last part of the map and then take the thin papyrus. Now leave the
    treasure back in its place or else you will die in the next step. Now light
    up the papyrus in the fire and go exactly in front of the genie. Turn around
    and use the papyrus's fire in the pedestal. The wall will rotate leaving you
    in a new area.
    Steal The Zaimph:                                                        [CH15]
    Move on ahead until you reach the gardens. Exit through the door in front of
    you and you will see some, (hard to see), branches, one high one low. Use
    the bird in the low one, the glue in the high one and then use the female
    bird to lure the male bicephalus one. Finally capture the male with the empty
    cage. Move on up ahead climb the stairs and go left until you see a dragon
    and some birds and monkeys. Look around and you will see some colorful
    flowers. Pick them up and go back to first room of the garden. There is a box
    there that has inside a pestle and a mask. Put the 3 flowers in the plate next
    to the box and then use the pestle in the plate and pick up the result! Now go
    back in the gardens until you enter a small temple, (don't worry you won't be
    lost). You will hear a nice, (and short), song from a priestess, [S029]. You
    can talk with her, [S030], (and die if too cocky, [D013]), but that's not
    needed. Use the flower powder in the burning coals to create sleeping gas,
    BUT before that wear your mask if you don't want to get caught [D014].
    Move on ahead until you reach the magnificent statues of Tanith and Salammbo
    that guard the Zaimph! But snakes guard the stairs. You need to use the male
    bird in the branch near the snakes and then click on the bird to make the
    snakes go away. Don't reach the Zaimph yet because you'll die. You need to
    deactivate the force field. Go in the base of the structure, in front of the
    statues, (not up). You'll see some square slots in the wall and the cards
    needed in a basket next to the slots. Based on the song heard before use the
    cards from right to left in this order: Galley, Sea, Mountains, Shepherd,
    Star and Crescent in the bottom. Take the Zaimph and WEAR IT NOW!!! Go in the
    circular area up ahead and you will meet Salammbo for the last time, [S031].
    Talk to her and avoid giving her the Zaimph at all costs to stay alive [D014].
    When the talking ends take the glowing apple near Salammbo and try to escape.
    A monkey will appear, quickly give him the apple to make him go and then go
    through the door to get out end and the chapter.
    PART 5: The Waterworks                                                   [PA05]
    Hatchet Mountain Pass:                                                   [CH16]
    You're once again in Matho's tent. Talk with anybody to trigger the
    conversation and talking for a while tell Matho that you accept the mission.
    Go out and go left from the tent. You'll see a soldier on the road with a
    beast besides him. Ask him to give you a mount since he now cannot refuse you
    one. You can go to Hatchet Mountain Pass and Solitude Mountains, for now go to
    the Mountain Pass. Move on straight ahead, you'll see a strange beehive, for
    now ignore that. Up ahead you'll see some cacti. You can cut them with the
    dagger and eat them but ignore them for now. Go left from the cacti until
    a dragon comes forward. The following sequence is timed so be fast if you
    want your life. Go where the beehive is and climb the small platform next to
    the hive. You're safe for now. Take the skeleton skull and then move on and
    take the rocks on the floor. Throw one on the hive and see a mighty dragon
    dissappear. Go down but don't even think of going where the dragon has gone.
    Near the hives there is a spot with green saliva, take it in your bottle and
    move on where you've met the dragon. There is an opening in the rock. Go in
    and you will see a large temple. Go in and find the puzzle in the column.
    Temple Puzzle:                                                           [CH17]
    Looking upon the strange scripture in the bottom you will see something about
    mapping the city precict. If you look at your map you'll see that the towers
    in Carthage have some names, (when the cursor is upon them). What you need to
    do it to put the cards representing the names in the right order, (bottom to
    top of course), and on top the cards of Tanith, (moon), and Moloch (planet).
    |(Star)      |
    |(Bull)      |
    |(Drag)      |
    |(Serp)      |
    A door will open and you can now proceed to the "Sacred Couple", a room with
    both statues of Carthage's Gods.
    Sacred Couple Puzzle:                                                    [CH18]
    Go in the side of Tanith and put the papyrus on the scroll placeholder.
    This will give you the clues to do what is needed here. Go in the side of
    Moloch and put the skull in the Moloch Card on the table. Pour saliva in the
    skull and Moloch will open his eye, so take it with the dagger. Before you go
    to Tanith again look the horns around the table, you'll see one that has a
    different angle from the rest, use it and take the Demon key. Now in Tanith
    look into her eyes and you will see the planet of Moloch and the Moon of
    Tanith flying around and some symbols behind them. What you need to do is to
    stop the movement of the planets with the control on the bottom in the exact
    moment where the Moon is on the Planet and the symbol behind is the dragon,
    use the cheat, (F8), if needed. If done correctly a door will open.
    Destroy The Waterworks:                                                  [CH19]
    Move on up ahead. You'll see some stairs leading into a stone wall. Go right
    until you reach the waterworks. Throw the eye of Moloch in the water and run
    back to avoid certain and fiery death.
    PART 6: War!                                                             [PA06]
    Battle Preparations:                                                     [CH20]
    The wall on the stairs is now destroyed so you can get out. In the next room
    is a strange red hole, ignore it for now and follow the next path. When you
    reach a dead end look a strange symbol on the right wall and use the Demon Key
    on it to open a path. You're now in the solitude Mountains. Follow the only
    path available until you meet your old buddies. Leave the conversation and keep
    moving on ahead until you find Autharite and a small lake. Fill your bottle
    with water and go back to the room with the red hole mentioned before, (Don't
    forget that you use the Demon Key to open the cave entrance. Throw the water
    on the hole and turn around quick and just make one step forward in order to
    stay alive and kicking. Go back to the Mercenary Chief and talk to him. He will
    ask you some questions in order for you to prove that you're capable of
    commanding soldiers into their doom, err... I mean into WAR!:
    |	Question	|	Answer        |
    |Morning Or Afternoon?	|	Morning	      |
    |Lunar Eclipse?		|	Good Omen     |
    |Birds Of Prey?		|	Attack!       |
    |Cavalry?		|	On The Plains |
    |Leave An Opening?	|	Yes           |
    |Day's End Or Morning?	|	Day's End     |
    Battle 1:                                                                [CH21]
    This is a small "strategy battle" where you must put your forces in the right
    place and then start the battle. The right order is:
    Put pigs in the front
    Cavalry on the Left side
    Heavy Infantry in the center
    and finally the Slingers on the right side
    War Machine:                                                             [CH22]
    Matho needs you to go help his jerks adjust one of their war machines.
    So get out, turn right, go past the numidian camp and into the open fields.
    There you'll meet a soldier who will tell you about the hellepolis which can
    be seen in the distance. So go there and climb the ladder. Now go in the left
    where a wheel is, use it to see a basket with arrows inside. Take the arrows
    and place them in a place in the right of the ballista which is in the other
    side of the hellepolis. Take one arrow from the row and set it on fire from
    the small fire near you. Place it in the ballista and now all you need to do
    is adjusting the three movable parts. First rotate the left part of the
    machine until the clock shows 1 o'clock and 1-2 lines more. Rotate the central
    lever in the base of the ballista so that the clock shows 3 o'clock and finally
    the right lever until it is 3 o'clock and 1-2 more lines. Then shoot the
    ballista with the level in its rear. If ballista shoots the flag you're done.
    If not try being more precise with the clocks.
    Traitor:                                                                 [CH23]
    Now an important note: Don't go down using the ladder. The friendly lad you've
    met before is waiting to backstab you, so go in the basket and lower it with
    the level near it. Use the rope, go behind the man and kill him with your
    dagger. Go back to Matho but avoid going through the center of the Numidian
    camp since their leader is the one who wants you dead, instead go from the
    right. Go to Matho, tell him that Narr'Havas is a traitor and because Matho is
    an idiot convince him by telling him about Salammbo. Then go to Autharite,
    tell him to prepare and then go the Pariah's leader and convince him to join
    you by telling him that Hamilcar will be delivered to them after the battle as
    a little snack. Go back to Matho and see the cutscene.
    PART 7: Battle For Carthage                                              [PA07]
    Trapped:                                                                 [CH24]
    Stop talking with that idiot and look around you. There is a sandal in the
    ground which will be used as food! Notice the bar in the HUD, that's your life.
    Each time you move from scene to scene it gets lower so you must stay alive
    by eating sandals and later mice!!! Now, go out of the cave and go to the place
    where the Cacti where, along the road gather 3 sandals. Then cut the last
    cactus and refuse to give it to the soldier. Keep moving until you reach the
    beehive. Go up again, take a stone and throw it on the bird in the floor.
    Go down take the bird and run to the temple inside the cave. Go in the back of
    the temple and talk with the Pariah that tells you that he needs some fresh
    meat. Give him the bird and he will give you some items. You KNOW what to do
    with them don't you. After using them in the column behind you a door will
    open again, run inside grabbing mice in the floor and feeding your character,
    (open the character menu and drag and drop the food to him). Go forth until
    you see the place with the Demon keyhole. Open it with the Demon Key and get
    Chaos:                                                                   [CH25]
    Now, go near the gate, in the boxes and find a rope in the right corner of the
    box. Place one end of the rope on the head of the beast and the other in the
    gate next to you. Use the rope to open the gate. Next go into the tent near
    you and take the apples to fill your health once and for all. Take the armor
    in the back and wear it. Go out and close to the guard in the distance. He will
    tell you to go to your post near the general's tent. Go there and watch a small
    scene. Now take a burning log from the fire and throw it where the mount is
    having his lunch, CHAOS!!!
    Siege Of Carthage:                                                       [CH26]
    For the last battle of the game place the units in the right order:
    The Pariahs on the front lines
    The Elephants in the left side
    the Heavy infantry in the center 
    And finally the Slingers in the right.
    Congratulations!!! You're so lame that you've completed such an easy game
    using an even lamer guide :)
    Thanx for reading...
    *-----------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------*

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