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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Meriane

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger
    Version 1.0
    Copyright 2003 Meriane Norton
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Characters
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Good day. Welcome to Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger. By your reading this
    guide I assume you've never played the game before, so I'm starting on Juniour
    Detective. As time permits, possibly I might uncover the secrets to Seniour and
    Master detective. But we'll leave it at that. Always optional is the "call your
    friends" thing. You never have to unless I tell you so, and true, Bess and
    George can get pretty annoying at times. So I'll include a tiny note at the end
    of the section reminding you to call your friends, and what they say when you
    do, just in case it's something important (again, it usually isn't). Also,
    there are many different ways to do an adventure game, my strategy being one of
    them. If you accidentally miss something, don't get your panties in a wad. Just
    go back and do it.
    Since the Nancy Drew series is HARD (at least I think so) even with the 10 year
    old age thing, I again assume that you are either over the age of 12 or you are
    a really, really smart little lady (or... dude...) and therefore will have no
    problem not getting offended at some things I say. I warn you in advance about
    my sarcasm. I really do love this game series.
    Any questions and/or suggestions for the guide should be emailed to
    2. Characters
    Nancy Drew: You play as Nancy Drew. Blonde hair, perfect size. Either a
    beautiful role model for 7 year olds, or an object of hate for us older, more
    experienced women out there.
    Rick Arlen: Sexist pig. Quite annoying. After the first few times to visit him,
    you begin to notice a pattern. He's sex hungry. For you. Not a good
    combination, as you're focused on business. By the third visit, I was ready to
    hit him in the (wow) with a sledge hammer.
    Mattie Jensen: Now this one I can live with. She's caring, considerate, and
    genuine. Overreacts a bit sometimes, but still. You can live with her.
    Millie Strathorn: In a word, eccentric. That doesn't stop her from being
    incredibly sweet, however. One lady I'd like to have on my side.
    Lillian Weiss: Ugh. Can you say MEAN PERSON? lol She eventually tones down.
    VERY eventually.
    William Pappas: You don't see too much of him in the game. Not enough to tell
    whether he's good or bad. Mainly you hear what he's saying through doors, and
    once on the phone. The dude that played him gave him a terrible monotone, I'll
    admit that.
    Fat Security Dude: This guy is cool. lol Yeah, I know. Not really a charcter.
    But he's too blooming sexxay not to include.
    3. Walkthrough
    New users click on tutorial to find out how the controls work in the game. If
    you've played Nancy Drew before, just click on Juniour Detective. Listen to the
    opening scene to find out some details of the case you're working on. When this
    is finished, you come to a screen of a map. Since Mattie's house is the only
    place to go, click on her address. Click on her door and go in.
    Mattie's House
    Click on the note on the desk. Pick up the phone to see your address book; whom
    you can call throughtout the game to get hints. Don't call anyone. See the
    stairs? When you want to change the time of day, click on the,. Look at the
    clickable pictures in the hall. They are of Mattie with different people you
    don't know. Go into the living room and talk to Mattie. She says she'll get you
    a pass so that you can visit the studio. She also gives you a set of her house
    keys before she leaves. Look at everything in this room, especially the
    magazine on the coffeetable by a couch and the chest thing on an end-chair
    below the window. Open the chest to get a remote, which you'll need soon, and
    look at the magazine inside. Notice that the desk in this room has a drawer
    which Nancy says is locked. You can't get into it. I've read other walkthroughs
    and they've said the same thing.
    Optional: Go into the lobby now and call your friends. Bess isn't home, George
    is, though she doesn't say too much. Call Ned, just because of Mattie's note.
    You should get this out of the way, anyhow.
    Worldwride Broadcasting
    Click on Worldwide Broadcasting. You can explore a bit while you're outside if
    you want. To the left is a private door. Don't worry about it. You'll get into
    this later, and it doesn't really go anywhere important anyhow. Go inside.
    Check out the lobby, look at the magazines and see that they're missing
    letters. Check with the fat man at the desk. He gives you your pass. Sign
    in--click the bottom line--and look at the picture of Millie Strathorn. She's
    the founder of the company. Then to the right in the hall to do some more
    exploring. See the door of Lillian Weiss? She isn't there when you knock, so
    click on the prop room door. Millie yells to come in, so do. Odd, isn't she? Oh
    well. Go back to the front (where you saw those big grey doors) and keep going.
    Listen to the conversation at William Pappas' door. Kill? Kill who? Click on
    Mattie's door. She tells you that she and Rick used to date, but if you looked
    at the pictures in her living room, you already knew that! ;) Look around her
    room. Note the lipstick on the counter. Don't ask me why, just do it. Now look
    at where the sink is, to the left of the room. Look in the cabinet at the top.
    OH MY GOD look at how much perfume this woman has! Take a bath, chick! There's
    a puzzle in her dressing cabinet to the side of the room. It's a torn up note,
    or something. I just now found this as I was writing, so I don't know what to
    do with it. I've certainly made it out without reading the thing. If you want
    to work it, go ahead. Leave me out of it. I hate puzzles. There's a sort of
    medallion thing on a hope box on her cabinet. Text around it reads "A mask of
    sweet sincerity. A cloak of loving kindness. Meant to sway the heart to trust,
    and fill the eyes with blindness." Curious, no? Look at the note by the chair
    on the nightstand. It's in French. Note this until a few minutes from now. Go
    out, and enter the studio by swiping your pass card through the grey doors you
    saw when you first came in. Watch the scene. Aw, she loves him! How sad. OH MY
    GOD THE LIGHT FELL! Oh well. Look around this room now that you're alone. On
    the set, turn straight around while looking at the couch to see the
    teleprompter. Go to the workbench and pick up a screwdriver. Now, (did you see
    everything?) go out and click on Lillian Weiss' door. She takes away your pass.
    Who forgot to take her Midol, Ms. Weiss? Go and talk to Mattie again. She
    freaks out and leaves you alone. Well, almost. Click on Rick's door (it's right
    by Mattie's) and he speaks--in French! (Pig...) Do you see why I hate him so
    much? Now look around THIS room. (Sorry. Once you finish looking around all
    these rooms, you won't have to anymore.) Now exit the room and the building. If
    you're like me and have spent the whole day in here, go out the side door.
    Mattie's House
    Click on Mattie's house. Use the keys on the door to get in. If it's after
    dark, Mattie isn't there. She will be during the day, however, so you can go up
    the stairs and wait for day.
    When it's day again, talk to Mattie. She talks about you seeing her agent,
    Dwayne Powers, about a job working as an extra so that you can stay on the set.
    Call your friends: Ned helps the most, Bess isn't home when you get up in the
    morning, George really doesn't say too much.
    Dwayne's Office
    Click on Dwayne's Office, noting the number. You can call this number later on
    if you write it down. You can't go inside the door. Check the box to the right
    of the door. Click buttons until you get to his. Some are quite funny,
    actually. At first, Dwayne tells you to go away. Click it again. He tones down
    a bit. Go inside. You can't look at anything but the hall, so go on down. Knock
    on the door. Dwayne says he can get you a job and expresses his disgust about
    Rick. He throws you out. Darn. I so wanted to search his room, too. Hah. Go on
    out and call your friends if you want, though they don't say anything.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Go see Mattie and let her know that you are there. She tells you some things
    about Dwayne. Now, go and see Millie, stopping by Lillian's office first. She
    stuns me how cold she is, lol... Anyway, now go see Millie. She tells you that
    to get inside the prop room, you need to answer a riddle. I'm not sure if they
    are random or not... These are the ones I got.
    I run all day and never walk. I tell you something, but I do not talk. What am
    A clock
    When you look at my face it's easy to see, you're looking at you when you're
    looking at me. What am I?
    A mirror
    Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry, the wetter I'll be.
    What am I?
    (It took me FOREVER to get this one. I was on my way to find the answer in a
    guide when I go "A TOWEL YOU FOOL!!! A TOWEL!" harhar)
    Unpowder? Crazy woman. Anyway. This is the prop room. Look at everything VERY
    carefully. I've missed something every time I play the game. Turn right. See
    the chest? Open it. It's a puzzle. You have to get the rings on the left to the
    pole on the right. It's harder than it looks. Here's my solution:
    You get a--key? Uh-uh. It's the other hand to the clock from the set. Grab the
    hand and keep it for a while. Just above that is a map on a stool. Look at it.
    Words around the sides read "When gates are locked and paths are blocked, then
    look for other ways. The answer lies beneathe your eyes to this perplexing
    maze." Curious. Put the map down and click the bottom right corner of the map.
    Get the wire cutters. These are ESSENTIAL. How many times have I died because I
    missed them? On the piano is a sheet of music. Some notes are lighted blue.
    I'll translate: CAGEABADDGGACECAECAGEABADDGGACE. Does that make any sense?
    Nope, not to me. Seriously. I see "cage" there... maybe in reference to the
    thingy on the other side of the room? If anybody can help, please do. Now go
    and get a doorknob from a crate next to the chest. Get behind Millie's desk
    before you do anything else. Look at the log book. There's a code. Quite
    simple, really. Substitute numbers for letter. I've used the sort of thing in
    my journals before. Here's a translation:
    Many pages come before this,
    In the log book with a clue.
    But nothing comes after this,
    Unless it's written in the glue.
    Puzzling. Check the right upper corner of the book. Peel it back to find
    "Millie WWB1958". This is a code word for a computer that you'll need to get
    into later on. Click on the typewriter. It drops its "y", just like on the
    letters in Rick's room. Check out the shelves now. Not too much here, except...
    a gargoyle... smoking... ookie... You can go now. Go to the set and look at the
    hand for the clock. Put the hand on the 11:00 position and you'll get a key.
    (Use that key to get into the cabinet you couldn't open earlier. It's by the
    chairs and tables to the left of the set.) You can't do anything with that
    cabinet yet. Head out. Go to Mattie's house to call your friends.
    Mattie's House
    There's a package on the chair in the lobby. Pick it up and open it. Inside is
    a videotape. Don't bother with calling anyone yet. Put the tape in the
    television in the living room and use your remote to play it. Watch the video.
    (This woman annoys me.)
    Call your friends: Talk to Bess, who's finally home.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Change back to day and go to the studio. Talk to Mattie, she tells you that
    Rick and Lillian dated, and some details of their breakup. Talk to Millie. Odd
    one, she is. Lillian has an interesting anecdote as well. Ok. Done? Now go to
    Rick's room and knock on the door. It will open. Enter the room, and walk up to
    the counter where the *lipstick!* reads "Die Rick". A note on the tape recorder
    says play me. Do. A voice will tell you that there is a bomb in the room. DON'T
    PANIC! Click on the tape recorder's speaker and unscrew the lid. A clock will
    begin ticking down and you only have a limited time to save the studio. Cut the
    wires in this order:
    Mattie's House
    Talk to Wooly Bill Pappas. Ask him every question you can, even if it doesn't
    seem pertinent.
    Call your friends: Bess gives hints you don't really need. George isn't home,
    and Ned gives a hint. This one's totally optional.
    Back away from the phone. There is a letter on the desk. Read it. It's the
    security code for the door to the left of the studio's entrance. Now you can
    get in at night! The code is 3689. Try it out now. Change to night and go to
    the studio.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Enter the code and go in. Move fast, or Mr Fat Man will catch you. Head
    straight to Lillian's office. You don't have a key, but you have a card. Ever
    broken and entered? Use the pass card on the door knob. Look at everything in
    this room except the computer. A code on her desk reads "Life is like a box of
    chocolates". Now go to the computer. Oh, whatzzat?!
    "Thorns and petals of demise
    Are as it te (don't ask me lol).
    Reflections of one's envy and despise."
    Type Millie for user name and WWB1958 for pass code.
    Look at everything you can. Click the printer and it will print something.
    Don't look at it yet. Write down the pass code for the control room: ACTOR.
    When you finish, get off and click on the "brain" of the computer. Put your
    disk in there and reenter the computer screen. Read a letter to Rick from...
    someone who loves him. Now go and see what the thing printed out. Go out when
    you're finished.
    Oh, I almost forgot. There's a decoder you'll need to get inside the control
    room. It's under the television in Lillian's office. On a clipboard, on the
    second page. Use the 3D glasses to see it.
    	|	|
    	|	|
       C	|   F	|   I
    	|	|
       B	|   E	|   H
    	|	|
       A	|   D	|   G
    	|	|
    	|	|
    \          /
     \        /
      \   L  /
       \    /
        \  /
     M   /\   K
        /  \
       /    \
      /  J   \
     /        \
    /          \
    	|	|
        P	|   S	|   V
          .	|   .	| .
    	|	|
        O .	|   R 	| . U
        	|   .	|
          .	|   .	|.
        N	|   Q	|   T
       	|    	|
    	|	|
    \          /
     \   Y    /
      \  .   /
       \    /
        \  /
     Z  ./\ .  X
        / .\
       /    \
      /   W  \
     /        \
    /          \
    So the code to get into the control panel is
    ________		 _________  _________    ________
    	|  	    |   |                    |  |	 |
    	|	    |   | .                . |  |	 |
    	|	    |   | 		     |	|    .   |
    	|  _________|   |           _________|  |________|	
    Call your friends: You can, if you want. I'd just go into the set and up the
    stairs to the control panel.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Go to the set and up the winding stairs to the right. Enter the password and go
    in. There's an audio mixer to you right. Insert the tape and mix a bit. Turn
    the fourth button from the left up. The message plays. Push the sixth one all
    the way up. Street noise? Where could you hear street noise? Get a video
    cassette from the shelf behind you, then turn to the wall with a box that says
    High Voltage. Open it using the key that you got from the clock. Turn the power
    on and close the door. Go out and look at that cabinet that you couldn't open
    earlier. Remember? It's to the left of the set. Open it and you see a
    mechanical thingy. Follow my directions:
    Bottom:Three times
    Push the yellow button.
    This opens up a trap door on the set. Click on an area next to the clock and
    see the floor. Click the thing and pull the lever. Go forward through the
    tunnel. Go down the other elevator. You're inside Millie's cage! Look at the
    stuff in the corner, writing down "Owen W. Spayder, 318-67-2001". Go back out.
    Talk to Mattie, Rick (the guy I hate), Millie, and Lillian.
    Mattie's House
    Watch the security video. It's the one with the red label.
    Call your friends: It doesn't do much good.
    Change to night and go back to Lillian's office.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Look in the computer and click the cabinet icon. Type 318672001 twice.
    Dwayne's Office
    Dwayne isn't there, but someone else is. Click Hess Grumbly, and he lets you
    in. Look at EVERYTHING in this room, and I mean EVERYTHING. Just to make sure
    you see it all, here's a list:
    Movie ticket
    Pictures on wall
    Fax from Mattie's mother (bleh)
    Plane ticket
    Fortune cookie (Even though revenge should be sweet, jealous acts will end in
    There's everything you can look at before the briefcase. Click on the briefcase
    and enter these numbers: 4377, 6630. It opens. Look at everything here. Notice
    of eviction, 120 past due, check from Mattie, bank account. Walk over to the
    filing drawers and use the silver keys. Read Owen's, Mattie's, Rick's, and
    Nancy's. You can go now.
    Call your friends: You can if you want. You have to go to Mattie's house
    Mattie's House
    The phone rings. A voice tells you to go to the studio. Do.
    Worldwide Broadcasting
    Go into the set. You meet Lillian! She asks you who you think did it. Say
    anyone. It doesn't matter. The culprit comes out and grabs Lillian. She screams
    for help. Hurry. Turn to your right and pull the fire alarm. Turn when it goes
    off and push the red button. A puzzle comes up.This is different everytime, so
    I can't help you there. You have to make every button light up. It's timed, so
    hurry. You've won! Fat Raplh knocks the bad guy over the head. Watch the end
    4. Credits
    I'd like to thank me, myself, and I. Me, for getting the idea in my head to
    write this thing. Myself, for sticking to it. And I, for not killing myself
    while I did it. These things are harder to write than you'd think. At least
    it's not Zelda, Ocarina of Time Master's Quest. Painful thoughts....
    Copyright 2003 Meriane Norton "Da Gangsta Mizz"

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