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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Meriane

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    Secrets Can Kill
    Meriane Norton
    14 July, 2003
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Characters
    3. Settings (Locations)
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Extra Stuff
    6. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Good day mate. I'll be your tour guide for this afternoon. Welcome to Nancy
    Drew: Secrets Can Kill walkthrough. Secrets Can Kill is an adventure game
    created by Her Interactive (herinteractive.com) and marketed by Dream Catcher
    Games (dreamcatchergames.com).
    Everything in this game is CRUCIAL to its outcome. You have to read and/or look
    at everything. If you don't, 1. The game will freeze and you'll have to start
    over, or 2. You'll get stuck and can't figure how to get out. I'll make a list
    of what you'll be looking at when you get there.
    Ready to go? Take a bit at the characters and scenery, then on to the game.
    2. Characters
    Nancy Drew: You play as this lady. Intuitive, and smarter than I, she has a
    magnet for attracting friends. However, all her friends aren't so honest as
    Eloise Drew: Your aunt. You'll be staying at her house while you solve this
    mystery. She isn't home at the moment, but she begs you to make yourself
    welcome and have a look around.
    Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: *bangs head against keyboard* I hate this guy. You'll
    see why soon.
    Connie Porter: A nice girl. A bit suspicious at times, however. I would be too.
    Nancy does ask a multitude of questions.
    Hal Tanaka: An exchange student from Japan. A bit overworked and--but you'll
    see what I mean in a moment.
    Daryl Gray: He's helpful, cute and sweet. But guys that flirt so much just turn
    me off. Sorry then.
    Jake Rogers: Not exactly a character, but I couldn't leave him out. He's the
    guy that's been killed.
    3. Settings (Loacations)
    Aunt Eloise's House: Not too much to do here but for the start of the game.
    There's a television that comes in quite handy later on.
    High School: This is where the main characters gather, and is also the scene of
    the crime.
    Maxine's Diner: Where Daryl works. Not much to do here but for a time.
    Pharmacy: You might wonder what a pharmacy is doing in a murder mystery. You'll
    4. Walkthrough
    Click on Juniour Detective. Watch the opening scene.
    Aunt Eloise's House
    Walk over to read the note on the desk. Open a drawer on the desk and pick up
    the phone card. Walk into the living room. Look at the book next to the big
    chair. "Hidden Clues are Everywhere" reads MITCH in bright green letters. Turn
    around and read one book to the right of the television (it's in the cabinet).
    Inside is a key. Take it and use it to open the chest to your right. Get a
    quarter. Open a drawer on the table and get a remote to the telly. You can't
    use it yet. Read a letter in the same drawer. Letters at the top spell
    something like GOKS. Go back into the foyer and click on a tapestry in the
    corner. Open it and a safe comes up. Enter GOKS or whatever. Inside is the key
    to the library, and there's a puzzle. Try the puzzle if you want. I can't open
    it. The UHS help file (linked to by Gamefaqs.com) says that inside the box when
    you open it is the pass code for a computer in the high school.
    User name: Eloise Drew
    Password: O WISE ELDER
    That's all there is to do here, so save your game and exit the house via the
    big double doors.
    High School
    Look at all the decorations in the foyer. Turn to the right and go down the
    hall. Turn around slowly until you're facing a bulletin board and a note on the
    floor. There's a number on the note. 555-DRUG. Remember that. Look at the
    bulletin board. Turn around and look at another board. A code says "SEARCH
    BELOW DANGER SIGN IN KITCHEN". Click on a telephone symbol out in the hall. On
    the floow in this room is a library card. Read some magazines. Walk over to the
    phones and touch the phone book. Part of a page has been ripped out. I think
    it's time to call that number now. Insert your phone card and dial 555-DRUG.
    "Unforeseen depletions"? Fascinating. Read another bulletin board. Now you can
    talk to the girl. Ask her everything you can. You might have to talk to her
    again to get all of it. Go out of the room and turn right. Read the board in
    this room.
    "Jake's locker combo
    Was part of his fame.
    Just find a phone
    To decode his name."
    Talk to Hall Talk to him again after he says goodbye and you can ask him about
    Connie. Go out and look at the art and boards. Double doors lead to the
    library. Don't go there yet. One board reads
    "When things go astray
    Tonight at Vandelay
    It will not help to run
    So you must grab the gun!"
    Another says
    "There's more than one way
    To remove a chain so thick
    Aside from the combination
    Mel's bolt cutter can do the trick."
    Continue down the hall and another board says
    "In the face of danger
    Against a killer if you dare
    A very unlikely couple
    Could be a helpful pair."
    Another board on down the hall reads
    "Find the morning edition
    And discover another crime.
    The answer is in black and white
    To who will do the time."
    Go to Jake's locker. It's the one with yellow tape. The ombination is 5253, or
    JAKE on a phone. Read "Judo Today" and pick up the empty tape holder. Read
    English Essays. Click on Jake's jacket to go down. Pick up the knife and read
    the paper. Go then to the gym and read the board.
    "Nowhere to turn to,
    Nowhere to hide.
    Let the books in the library
    Be your answer guide."
    "A symbol of Kanji
    Worn with great pride
    Reflects a big secret
    That someone must hide."
    "He did what it took
    To make his grade
    Even if it meant cheating
    To keep up his charade."
    An eye-examining chart on the walls says (backwards)
    "If you can read this, make no mistake
    A genuine first-class detective you'll make."
    Talk to Hulk. Talk to him again. Talk until he's angry, or, rather, "not into
    pushy girls". Now go back and talk to Connie and Hal. Talk until they're
    silent. Then go to the library. Use the silver key to get in. This is like the
    bulletin boards. Everything is critical! So here's a list of what you need to
    look at:
    SAT Preparation (sabatoge should cause concern, but with the gloves, you will
    not burn)
    Kanji book
    Morse code book (tape, VCR, find)
    Braile book
    Maps (the bolt cutter you must take, or you could be the next Jake!)
    call cards
    Magazines (ESSENTIAL!!)
    Various books
    Dream symbols book (don't run Nancy)
    Don't forget upstairs too!
    A notepad with a code I'm too lazy to decipher
    Various books
    Go out and talk to the others. Go out side and click on the high school again.
    Walk right until you see a window. Use the knife on the window to get into the
    teacher's lounge. Despite the scary music, you will not get caught in here. So
    take your time. Click on the computer and type your user name and password.
    Look at everything and copy down the passcode to the maintenence room: NOTE.
    Check out the administration board. The letters going down say "Tanaka Cheats".
    A map on the wall says
    "A trophy was not the only prize
    But also money of a greater size."
    Check out the student files, the one for Hal Tanaka. Go back inside the school
    and confront Hal for cheating.
    Finally, save your game and leave.
    Maxine's Diner
    Look at the menu in front of you. Red letter spell "soupl ladle, bolt cutter".
    Turn to your right and put a quarter into the juke box. Notice the song titles.
    haha. Go into the kitchen, A cutting board under a knife says "Watch out". Get
    a soup ladle from a box on the sink. Click below the knife to see a pair of
    bolt cutters holding up a pipe. Grab them and replace them with the ladle if
    you do not want to die a horrible death. Go out and talk to Daryl. He tells you
    some important things about Jake's murder. Talk to him again. He tells you
    there is a note for you. Click on the counter beside Daryl. Save your game and
    go out.
    High School
    Go inside and check out a door that says "Maitenence Room". Its lock is in
     0  0	0	  0
        0	   0	0 0   0
    0	0	0	 0
    Go in.
    You're facing an elevator. Click the button. In the boiler room, read
    "Emergency instructions" to the left. Click on a box and get gloves. Use the
    bolt cutters on the chains binding the boiler valves. Once you do that, there's
    a timed bomb set off. Grab the gloves to put them on. You have to make the
    valves under the levers match those of the wall. One click on the left lever
    makes the middle one work. Two click on the left lever and one on the middle
    makes the right on move. Good luck!
    When you have it, turn to go out. The elevator's broken! To the boiler's right,
    hidden in the shadows, is a ventilation shaft. Go through it. Pick up the tape.
    Aunt Eloise's House
    Click on the television with the remote. Put the tape in. Tach Jake's video of
    his classmates. Save your game and go to the high school.
    High School
    Talk to the others, making them confess. Hal won't confess, because he already
    told you he had been cheating.
    Maxine's Diner
    Talk to Daryl. He says he'll help you catch Mitch. Go to the high school.
    High School
    Talk to them, trying to get their help. Sexist pigs. Nobody cares. Go back out.
    You get there and Daryl and Mitch are fighting. Mitch pulls out a gun. Connie
    jumps in and hits Mitch, making him drop the gun. You automatically pick it up.
    Really fast, point it at Mitch's back and use it. You might have to do it a
    couple of times. When you get it right, the cops come. You've won! Watch the
    end sequence.
    The game she's talking about is "Stay Tuned for Danger". I have an FAQ for that
    as well on Gamefaqs.com.
    5. Extra Stuff
    The book you get the key from is entitled "Secrets Can Kill", and reads like
    the end sequence.
    Fifteen Magazine.
    Neopolitan magazine.
    Some numbers you can call to get a funny reply.
    555-5253 (Jake's locker)
    POPSI in the soda machine lol
    There are several famous paintings hanging in the library.
    "The Story of Her Interactive, and the Making of Nancy Drew" in the library.
    Various Nancy Drew books make cameos in the library, under the author name of
    several people involved in the production of "Secrets Can Kill".
    You can mess around with the pinball table in the diner using your quarter.
    6. Credits
    Amen and holla back. I'd like to thank that dude that wrote the UHS help file,
    otherwise I'd still be stuck in that boiler room. *screams inwardly*

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