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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jessica888

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    Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill
    Jessica Chivers
    June 28th 2005
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    6)Legal Stuff
    1) Introduction
    Hey guys! I'm Jessica. I love the Nancy Drew games for PC so I
    decided to write a walkthrough for one of them! I will list
    everything you need to do to complete the game. If you have any
    questions, comments or suggestions, please email me at
    sunshine_sweetie_88@hotmail.com. Items listed with two stars (**)
    are from the UHSWeb Hint File.
    2) Characters
    Nancy Drew: You play this smart young lady! She's a great detective
    and can find a mystery in a paper bag!
    Eloise Drew: This is Nancy's aunt. You're staying with her but you never
    see her, since she's never home. She's the school's librarian.
    Hector "Hulk" Sanchez: This guy is just a big, annoying, football playing
    Connie Watson: She's alright but she can be a bit... suspicious at times.
    She makes it quite clear to you that she doesn't like Jake.
    Hal Tanaka: He's an exchange student from Japan, trying to get a
    scholarship. He is extremely over-worked......in fact, I don't think he
    ever stops working!
    Daryl Gray: He's the student body president and the one who found
    Jake dead. He works at Maxine's Diner. He's pretty helpful.
    Jake Rogers: This is the guy who was killed.
    3) Settings
    Aunt Eloise's House: There's bits of important stuff here, but not
    much. The t.v comes is pretty useful later on.
    Maxine's Diner: There's not much to do here except talk to Daryl. 
    High School: This is where most of the game takes place. You can
    speak to all the characters except Daryl here.
    Pharmacy: This isn't that important, but something was stolen from it.
    4. Walkthrough
    - Choose Junior, Senior, or Master detective. I chose Senior
    Aunt Eloise's House
    - Read the note in front of you from Aunt Eloise
    - Back up so you can see the whole desk
    - Look in the drawer on the right.
    - Take the phone card(it's white with a blue border and a picture of a
    phone on it. It says 555-1204)
    - Close the drawer and go into the living room(to the left)
    - Open the drawer of the small table to the right of the sofa
    - Take the remote control. It will come in handy later
    - In the same drawer, read the letter that is in the envelope. At the
    top, it says GOKS. That is the combination to the safe! 
    - There's a couple books you need to read
    - One is on the small table with a pile of books on it
    - The other two are on the large brown unit with some cupboards on it
    - In one of those books you'll get a key
    - Use it to open the chest to the right of the large brown unit
    - Take the quarter
    - Close the chest and go back to the foyer
    - Facing the desk, there is a large tapestry
    - Click on it, move it aside, and type in GOKS
    - Inside, take one of the keys hanging on the door
    - There is also a small box with a puzzle
    * * I'm really bad at that type of puzzle so I wasn't able to do it.
    However, all that is in it is Aunt Eloise's username and password for
    the school computers. It is:
    Aunt Eloise
    - Now go to the high school
    High School
    - Look at all the awards
    - Now go to right and go down the hall(do not turn at the end of the
    hall yet)
    - When you get to the end, slowly turn around until you see a small
    piece of paper on the ground. It says 555-DRUG
    - Now go to the bulletin board next to the Surf Club poster
    - Read the notice about yearbooks. See the underlined letters? It
    spells out "Search below danger sign in kitchen"
    - Now go into the room with the telephone sign 
    - In front of you under the bench, you'll see something. Click on it. It's
    a library card. It belongs to Hal Tanaka
    - Read some magazines
    - Click on the telephone with the telephone book. A corner is ripped
    out. It looks like the piece of paper with 555-DRUG was ripped out
    from there
    - Call 555-DRUG(using your phone card)....who would want the phone
    number for the pharmacy? Hmmmm......
    - Now talk to the girl. Her name is Connie Watson. Ask her whatever
    you'd like
    - Now go to the room that's right next to the room you're in(go into
    the hall and turn around until you can see it)
    - When you're in, read the bulletin board. Read the School News(next
    to the Help Wanted sign). There's another message. Starting at the
    top, read each line backwards. It says "Jake's locker combo was part
    of his fame, just find a phone to decode his name."
    - Now talk to Hal. After he says he has to go, talk to him again to find
    out about Connie.
    - Go down another hallway. It's NOT the one you came from(you can
    tell from the telephone sign)
    -A bulletin board says "There's more than one way to remove a chain so
    thick, Aside from the combination, Mel's bolt cutters can do the
    trick"(The spaces are in the wrong spots)
    - The other bulletin board says "When things go astray tonight at
    Vandelay, it will not help to  run, so you must grab the gun!"(the words
    are upside down and backwards)
    - Down the hall and to the left, another board says "In the face of
    danger against a killer if you dare, a very unlikely couple could be a
    helpful pair."(Words are upside down)
    - Now continue down that hall and turn right. Keep going until you reach
    Jake's locker(the one with bright yellow "Do Not Cross" tape on it"
    - Incase you didn't figure out his combination yet, it's 5253(JAKE on a
    - Open his locker and read the article in "Judo Today" called "Florida,
    Paseo Del Mar- Masked Marauder Flattens Foe".
    - Read English Essays Through the Ages
    -Look at the empty video case
    - Click on his jacket to go down
    - Pick up the pocket knife
    - Close his locker
    - Backup from his locker and spin around until you see a hallway with a
    prom banner. Go down that hall and turn right
    - Read the bulletin board
    - There are three piece of paper on it
    - One says "Nowhere to turn to, nowhere to hide. Let the books in the
    library be your answer guide."(the words are upside down)
    - Another one says "A symbol of Kanji worn with great pride, reflects a
    big secret that someone must hide." (The words are backwards)
    - The last one says "He did what it took to make his grade, even if it
    meant cheating to keep up his charade" (the words are backwards and
    upside down)
    - Now read the eye examining chart. It says "If you can read this then
    make no mistake, a genuine first class detective you'll make" (the
    words are backwards)
    - Now you can talk to Hulk. If he says bye, talk to him again until
    there's no more things to say.  
    - Before you leave the area where Hulk is, make sure to look at the
    Judo poster by the soda machines
    - Go back and talk to Connie and Hal until there's nothing left to say
    - Now go to the library. It's in the hall that's you can get to from the
    room Hal is in (with all the art)
    - Enter the library using the key you got at Aunt Eloise's house
    - There are some things that you MUST look at
    - On the first floor there's SAT Preparation forms(on the desk). The
    bold words say "Sabotage should cause concern, but with the gloves
    you will not burn." 
    - You need to read the magazines:
    Sports Today
    Wildlife Now
    Hiker's Guide
    - There are some books on the shelves on the first floor. They are:
    Palmistry For All
    Optical Illusions
    The Zodiac And You
    Dream Symbols And Their Meanings
    - There are some encyclopedias you need to read:
    The red set of books. Read B- Braille. **The highlighted letters are
    ACDGHIMNOPRSTU. Unscramble it. It spells "Mitch drops the gun"
    The purple set of books. Read F- Fingerprints
    The burgundy and white set of books. Read K- Kanji
    The green set of books. Read - Morse Code. **The highlighted letters
    are ACDEFINPRTV. Unscramble it. It spells "Find VCR tape"
    - You need to look at some maps in the map cabinet:
    **The drawer closest to the top has a word search. There's nothing
    really important. Just a bunch of main character's names and some
    place and items
    -The other drawer has a word puzzle. First read the blue letters, then
    the green letters. It says "The bolt cutter you must take! Or you could
    be the next Jake!"
    - Now look at the call card cabinet, next to the map cabinet. Read the
    card for "English Essays Through The Ages"
    - Now go halfway up the stairs
    ** Look at the memorial plaque. It says Robile Moor Rodo, 6-6-83.
    Unscramble the words. It spells "Boiler Room Door". 6-6-83 is the
    password. Remember how we decoded Jake's locker combination? Do
    the same thing here. 6-6-83 on a telephone spells NOTE. Now go back
    to the Braille book and spell NOTE in braille(you should write that
    down for later)
    - Go all the way upstairs
    - Read these books(on the shelves):
    A Sign Of Times
    Dictionary Of Handwriting Analysis
    Boiler Operations
    The Judo Handbook
    - Find a small table with an open book and a yellow pad of paper
    ** To decode the message you have to rearrange the alphabet. A is Z,
    B is Y, C is X, D is W, E is V, F is U, G is t, H is S, I is R, J is Q, K is P,
    L is O, M is N, N is M, O is L, P is K, Q is J, R is I, S is H, T is G, U is F,
    V is E, W is D, X is C, Y is B, Z is A.
    - The answer to it is "The one with the temper and the iron fist is
    more than a prime suspect on Jake's blackmail list."
    - Leave the library
    - Go talk to Hal, Connie and Hulk
    - Leave the school so you are looking at the map
    - Click on the school but don't go in
    - Go to the right until you're looking at the windows
    - Take Jake's knife and cut a hole in the window
    - The window opens
    - Go inside
    - Login in to the computer using Aunt Eloise's login name and password
    that you got at the beginning
    - Read the email, the passwords(even though you already have the
    maintenance room password) and click the printer
    ** There is a piece of pink paper to the right of the computer. It says
    "B-4  U  C  D  N-M-E  X-M-N  D  L-F-8-R" Just sound it all out. It
    reads "Before you see the enemy, examine the elevator" 
    - Go over to the printer and read the security report
    ** At the bottom of the report, it says "BR19LL5.K5YP14". To solve
    this, change the numbers to letters. 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C, etc. It says
    ** Look at the Periodic Table of Elements. Write down all the red
    highlighted boxes. It spells out "HCRAES". Backwards, that is
    "SEARCH". Now read the blue highlighted boxes. It says "BEHIND".
    Now read the green highlighted boxes. It says "BOILER". So it reads
    "Search Behind Boiler"  
    - Go to the filing cabinet and look in the Senior Final Essays drawer.
    Read Hal's essay. It's the exact same essay that was in the book
    "English Essays Through The Ages"!
    - Now look at the map. The words around it says "A trophy was not the
    only prize, but also money of a greater size."
    ** Go over to the bookshelf and open the book. You see a piece of
    paper with some sign language. What you do here is put the red signs in
    the red ovals and the black ones in the black ovals. If you translate it,
    it says "Connie Watson"
    - Now look at the wipe-board. Down the side it says "TANAKA
    - Now leave the Teacher's Lounge and talk to Hal
    - Leave the school and go to Maxine's Diner to talk to Daryl
    Maxine's Diner
    - When you enter, look at the menu on the wall. The red letters spell
    "Soup Ladle, Bolt Cutter"
    - Talk to Daryl. Make sure you get the note. If Daryl says bye, talk to
    him again.
    - Now go into the kitchen. It's to the left of the counter.
    - Now to your left, you will see a counter with a "Safety First. Clean up
    spills" sign above it. In the black box on that counter, take the soup
    - Go to the counter with the "Danger" sign. Remember that one
    message at the school? It said "Search below danger sign in kitchen."
    Look below and take the bolt cutters. Replace it with the soup ladle.
    - Go back up and look at the cutting board. It says "WATCH
    - Read the schedule. At the bottom there is a bunch of numbers.
    Replace the numbers with the corresponding letter(1-A, 2-B, 3-C etc.)
    It says "Jake's fate happened deliberately, gravity was not his worst
    - You can leave the diner now
    High School
    - Go to the Boiler Room
    - Go down the elevator
    - Click on the tool box to the left of the boiler
    - Take the gloves
    - Look at the Emergency Instructions on the wall
    - The boiler is ticking and hissing...never a good sign! You have to stop
    it or you'll be blown up! If you are blown up, just click Second Chance
    and try again
    - You need to get the valves on the boiler match up with the valves on
    the Emergency instruction sheet
    - First, cut the chain around the levers with the bolt cutter
    - Then click on the first lever twice, the last lever once, and the first
    lever once
    - Now turn around to go back up the elevator but **gasp** it's broken!
    - Go to the right of the boiler. Notice the air vent? Go through it
    - Make sure to pick up the tape!
    - Once you're out of the school, go back to Aunt Eloise's house
    - Now turn the t.v on using the t.v remote you picked up earlier
    - Put the tape into the VCR
    - Hmmm....so Hal(well, you already knew about him), Connie, Hulk and
    Daryl all have some dirty little secrets! Let's go back to the school.
    -Confront Hulk and Connie about the tape(you already talked to Hal so
    you don't need to talk to him)
    - Go to Maxine's Diner
    Maxine's Diner
    - Talk to Daryl about the tape. You guys find out that it's Mitch Dillon.
    Daryl says he'll help you catch Mitch.
    - Go back to the highschool to ask if anyone will help you
    -Talk to Hal, Connie and Hulk. None of them want to help you! Jerks!
    - Now go to the pharmacy 
    - When you get there Mitch and Daryl are in a fight!
    - When Mitch drops the gun, pick it up
    - When Mitch is about to hit Connie, hold the gun to his back
    - Yes! Mitch was caught!
    Congratulations! You won! You beat Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill!
    5) Credits
    I'd like to thank myself for writing this! Haha. I'd also like to thank the
    UHSWeb Hint File for some great tips!
    6) Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2005 Jessica Chivers
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
    guide on any other website or as a part of and public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 

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